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Best Sports App in HistoryThis app has so many good things about it. I personally only use it for the NBA, and I could still spend hours on it. It's a great way to talk to other passionate fans while watching the game myself. Not only this, but the devs have been so interactive with the whole community, not only on the discord server but in the app as well. This app has a promising future with lots of potential and I think it's heading in the right direction..Version: 2.5

Missing out if you don’t have itIn the same tier if not higher than than the NBA app and other sports apps. Easy and crazy amounts of access easy view of highlights updates of every shot, rebound, assist, game winner etc, easy to follow favourite players and teams and on top of all of this the interaction with others users on games and individual plays and players is next level 🔥.Version: 1.7

Tidy and efficientGives you fast coverage of what’s going on in the NBA in an easy format. Just the app you need if your an NBA fan.Version: 1.6

Must getThis app is better than ESPN. It it’s way easier to navigate and it has all you info in one place. It does not have stories but it gives you all the stats you ever need. It is incredibly fast updating so you could watch games. A couple of times I know what happens before it comes on the TV because it’s that fast. It also has a game system to it. You invest your “karma” (currency that you get from watching games and winning polls about the sport) into basically sports betting with fake money. Every 5k karma is 5 rax. Rax can help you get player cards which are cool to show off in ur profile and those player cards give you Rax as well. Overall it is a very useful sports app and I would recommend.Version: 9.15

This App is AmazingI used to just google stats and what nba games for are on but now I can just load into the app and it it all there and you can also get stats for nfl and college basketball this app is amazing.Version: 2.5

Best NBA appThis is a great news app that is very interactive with other fans and a great play by play game analysis..Version: 1.10

Real Sports 10/10Best sports app ever created. I can watch the live scores of any NBA game, with so many interactive features too. It is super simple and easy to use. I also use it for NBA players and team stats, because Real has so many unique stats that other apps and websites just don’t have..Version: 2.5

Totally worth itWhen I first downloaded this game I thought it wasn’t gonna be anything good but when you understand how it all works it’s awesome. The best part of it all is that I can watch nba live for eg when someone drops a 3 you get a live moment for when ur happened (DOWNLOAD THIS NOW!!).Version: 2.5

ReviewGreat app covers most of the major sports with quick updates as to what is happening in games.Version: 9.16

Amazing AppHonestly you’ll love it if you love sports.Version: 9.16

Great AppThis app is good for keeping up with American sports and seeing the clips of player moments..Version: 9.17

When the premier league update hits i will rate it 5 stars if i can figure out how to edit a reviewWrote the review part in the wrong section.Version: 9.16

BelterBest basketball app.Version: 2.5

Best NBA APPThis is hands down one of the easiest apps to use to get nba news and highlights 🙌.Version: 1.6

RealGood as app, great for tuning in to basketball or football games to check the score and so useful great app.👍.Version: 2.7

Amazing.I don’t write reviews but wow, this app is genuinely so good. For someone that lives in the United Kingdom and can’t watch all the NBA games because of time zones, this app really allows me to keep a close watch on every single game and their players ALL AT ONCE, whilst telling me extra information such as who was the best player today, best guard/forward/center, season highs and top plays etc. This is everything I could’ve asked for from a sports app. Only thing I would change is just the inclusion of more sports. I think fans of all sports should enjoy the fruits of the labour of this app as the features are so good so sports like football(soccer) etc. Other than that, 10/10 app..Version: 2.7

AmazingAmazing app with good in depth stats and up to date.Version: 9.16

YumIt’s a great app fun to watch games live and react with others. Has many sport leagues and are fun to watch..Version: 9.16

Great for sportsGives everything you could ever want for a sports app.Version: 9.16

Best Sports App Of All TimeBeen using this app for a week now and I hav ego say it’s the best sporting app I have ever used, layout is easy to understand and real time action is spot on, if your a sports enthusiast or basketball fan this app is a must. Challenges and daily information also make this app one of a kind. Best Sports App Of All Time!!.Version: 2.5

My Experience on RealThis app is something else. Is so unique and I feel like it’s exactly what the sports community needed. It even has multiple sports feedback and it blows my mind how fast it updates it’s score on games. I would love for this app to become big in the future and for it to see some success all while it improves over time. This app has some HUGE potential and I would love to see it put to work to create an amazing platform for score and updates on players. This app is unbelievable and it most definitely deserves a 5 ⭐️.Version: 2.5

⭐️Absolutely brilliant for keeping up with what’s going on in sports! Easy to use and such in depth information👏🏻🔥.Version: 2.5

The greatest sports app in the worldThis app is all I’ve needed there is so much you can do you, you can follow any player in any sport get any highlights with ease and not only that the karma system is genius and is almost like an incentive while using the app. It also helps if you like to have a little punt here and there and you can get all the stats and info you need to be able to study deeper into how teams are going who’s in/out. All in all I would recommend this app to anyone who likes sport this app is great!.Version: 1.8

Wow. This app is amazing!Honestly, I don’t even know where to start. Real provides live sports updates for your favorite teams! I mean, it can’t get any better than that, can it? If you’re out somewhere, not able to watch a game, just download Real and watch the live updates from there!! I love the many features inside of this app including comments, likes, and notifications when a big play happens. I really have nothing else to say other than this app is great. Go download it now!.Version: 2.11

Fantastic AppGreat app all around, has three different sports and are still looking to expand. You can see injuries, track stats, see fantasy points, monitor players and challenge other on stats as well as make little bets with non-monetary karma based on point spreads. If you’re looking for an app for finding a community for College Basketball, the NFL or the NBA look no further..Version: 2.5

Great appGreat app i do recommend.Version: 9.17

This app is ESPN on steroidsWhile they haven’t added all of the American sports leagues to their app yet, this might be the most exciting way to keep track of your teams when you are not able to watch games yourself. When your favorite team is tied with a rival with 5 seconds left, I would much rather see “_____ WITH THE GAME WINNING 27 FOOT BOMB” than “____ makes a 27 foot three pointer.” There user service is also unmatched, within a day of downloading the app I was messaged by the creator welcoming me to the app, since then I have gotten timely messages from him asking if I enjoy the app or if their is any thing that they could fix. Download this app..Version: 2.5

WealMakes watching sports much more fun, as it gives you opportunities to be more engaged and interactive with the players and what is happening. Awesome app!.Version: 9.16

The best App For BasketballHonestly the best app for keeping up to date with all the NBA games and the community is so amazing..Version: 1.14

Top NBA AppGreat app, best nba app out real interactive and engaging. real fam!!!!.Version: 1.11

Everything you’d ever want from an app like thisThis app is great for keeping up with your favorite team or player for sports like basketball and football with live updates on plays during live games of your choice. There is also notifications you can receive if certain plays happened that to choose for example game winning shots or buzzer beaters. The developers of this app also have great communication with their users. Personally for me John reached out to me to see how I was liking the app one of the co founders himself not a bot had a real one to one conversation with me. Overall 5/5 no complaints!.Version: 2.5

Best Sports Playback PlatformEasy to sign up and easy to find what your looking for has the best community and it just makes it so much easier to keep up with your favourite sports team.Version: 2.8

Real appThe Real app is a insane, fast, play by play, 3 sport news device with detailed stats never miss. In depth with 3 sports and many more to come. Cant wait for the future updates. Support team is nice, hardworking and great at explaining. Begs the question, is the Real app really real?.Version: 2.5

Life changingReal is crazy. So many things to do if you’re an avid sports fan. My favourite app of all time for sure..Version: 2.15

ESPN app on roidsThis is one of the best sports apps because not only do you get to check the scores of games, but also there is a live feed that instantly shows plays from the games and you can react and see how other people react to the plays with emojis or even comments! One of the app developers or moderators or whatever named “John” has been super helpful and supportive which is what I personally love to see when I’m trying to find really good sports apps like this. There is also a challenge system that you can compete in to win FREE NBA JERSEYS!! What more do I need to say?? JUST DOWNLOAD THE APP!.Version: 1.12

Very detailedHas so many interesting concepts built in it and it has a very appealing ui , 5/5 for me.Version: 1.12

Honestly best app I’ve ever hadThey done everything perfect end of..Version: 2.5

10/10John told me to leave a review.Version: 9.15

Man… real changed my lifeI love real so much… but imma be serious real is truly the best sports app out of them all. Being able to watch games live is amazing. Mistakes with the connection are very uncommon. Real also has real time updates with sports moves. Trades and other moves get posted on real. So do injuries so it’s easy to stay up to date with your teams. Notifications are also very customizable and you can pick what to be notified for. I can’t wait for real to continue to get updates and grow… W APP!!!.Version: 9.9

GoodEasy to use fun to talk to the community and challenge your friends.Version: 2.7

Apps a 10/10It’s really hard to put into words on how great this app really is, personally when i first started it it was confusing, but the community really helped out and taught me everything i needed to know, the app is fast with game accuracy, i always know what happening in games whether it’s football, baseball, basketball or hockey, i’ve used it for about 8 months now and love the app, there’s a lot more to do than just look at sports on the app with challenges, daily polls, communities with people who like the same team as you, etc. devs are always on top of glitches too, this app is genuinely great and before you knock it i’d say atleast give it a try!.Version: 9.9

REAL IS THE ONEI only downloaded to follow player stats at the beginning, But the continuous improvements and innovative ideas they introduce for the community of users to be able to compete again each other which adds another whole aspect! BIG UPZ TO BETTER TINGZ.Version: 2.7

Perfect sports appGives you play by play information of multiple sports and it’s usually faster than your tv. Next to no bugs and when there is, they’re fixed almost immediately.Version: 9.9

Great for sportsCrazy app. Has everything. Potential to be the best sports related app ever..Version: 9.17

This app is amazingIf you are a fan of an nba, nfl, mlb, CBB or WC you should use this app because it has all of those. There's a live scoreboard that instantly updates telling you the details of whatever happened. You can see teams records, there is a currency called Rax that you can use to buy game passes or team passes and player passes to support your favorite team sport or player. It shows you the players average and also holds events for Rax and you get something called karma that you can bet on to win Rax.Version: 2.14

WEALBest Sports app I have ever used. Watch all of the sports on here..Version: 9.17

ReviewVery good app and very easy to use and understand, has literally live feedback so feels like an nba game.Version: 2.7

New Jersey devilsLuke hughes is stunning this season.Version: 9.16

Real sports is good appReal sports shows the NBA scores and other sports in this app which means this app really good for checking scores and teams and a lot of stuff but this is a good app. I love it..Version: 9.17

RealNo doubt about getting this app it is amazing, it allows you to stay up to date with your favourite sports and plenty of games you can watch along whilst keeping track of the scores 10/10.Version: 2.5

Best Sports app out thereThis app is actually amazing. if u ain’t using real, u ain’t a real one.Version: 2.7

The Best Sports App!Once Real becomes fully fleshed out with adding all the sports that are on their website, this will clearly be the best sports app on the market. Pros: - Live, extremely fast, real-time data - Live chatting, reactions, and comments with other Real users - Comprehensive stats for the NBA, NHL, CBB, and NFL (more coming by the end of 2022) - Real score allows power rankings of the best performances of the day for each sport - Ability to gain karma and build your badges by challenging other Real users, viewing games, commenting, predicting polls and more - Ad free. Enough said. Cons: - It is a lesser-known app so sometimes the servers cannot keep up with the traffic Once again, once this app become more fleshed out and all sports are added, it will rival major sports apps such as ESPN, B/R, and others. But right now, it is a great download for the NBA and NHL playoffs and if you’re looking for a real-time, data driven, sports chat room..Version: 2.7

GoatedBest app.Version: 9.16

App ReviewIt’s kinda insane how fast the app updates you. This is the definition of live scoring. Great way to stay on top of your favorite teams/players even of you’re unable to watch it. Definitely recommend.Version: 2.5

Crazy appIf your into the nba, nfl or college ball then this is the app for you, its so much better than all the other espn or nba apps, 10/10 would recomend.Version: 2.5

RealLove the app notifies every time something big happens with any sport and if you have no where to watch the game you can read the game on real.Version: 9.16

Best Sports App Ever.Great community, developers & users. Updates are insanely fast and the way the app works is incredible. Thank you Wohn & Wouis!.Version: 2.9

The app is greatReal is not only reliant but the notifications on the game is so quick and not only that one of the co-owners of the app (John) is an absolute legend as he helps with any questions you may have about the app..Version: 2.8

Incredible AppReal is honestly already one of my favorite apps ever! As soon as I joined, I received a message from one of the founders of the app, which already developed a strong sense of community. The features are incredible: You can keep up with your favorite teams and players while live chatting with other fans, and it creates a truly engaging experience. You can even watch highlights right when they happen, and share your reaction with a comment or custom emojis! I’d strongly recommend this app to any NBA fans out there!.Version: 1.3

Real appAmazing love that app my new fav sports app.Version: 1.14

PerfectoApp is great!.Version: 2.7

Best sports app ever.Real app has a lot of sports and probably have the most accurate stats and has every nba game, every nfl game, every nhl game and even had the World Cup. I’d 1000% recommend it. Try downloading it and see how it goes..Version: 2.14

Real Fam 🙌🔥🔥Originally saw this app and was like “yeah, I’ll try this for a lil bit and try to engage in another form of an NBA community.” Boy was I wrong. Turned out to be one of the apps I check in the most during game times. Setting up challenges with friends and betting on games/score deficits create an addicting but fun experience for NBA fans. The constant chat going crazy about rumors, reactions, and predictions; sparking debates among other users, feels like home. Many times have I gotten in debates about sports (mainly others disrespecting Steph Curry 😂) through Instagram comments, but the toxicity over there threatening to report whenever backed down, makes it not fun or enjoyable to engage and friendly debates. Real is great for that because the community expects that. No one is commenting publicly not expecting a positive or negative response. John and the others are just making the app greater and greater over time. Can’t wait to see what’s next !!!.Version: 1.10

Great App, Better Community‼️At first I saw ads on bball ig for this app and avoided installing it because I didn’t think it would be worth my time, but after hearing that they were doing a jersey giveaway I was like, alright let’s give it a try. Fast Forward a week later and I can’t stop using this app. The concept is great and was executed perfectly, especially the challenge game mode. Not to mention that their updates are faster than the TV! Lastly the community is great, everyone I’ve met on the app has been incredible. I would HIGHLY recommend at least trying the app..Version: 1.14

This app is insaneThis app is way faster than espn and the owner of the app would always help if theres an issue and is probably the best owner for such a big app and i think this app has a lot of potential to become big.Version: 2.7

AmazingAn amazing app that keeps you up to date with all nba news. Definitely worth a download..Version: 1.4

Real is the bestGreat app better than TSN.Version: 9.17

Real is a must downloadAmazing app to see all sport games.Version: 9.17

Reals geniusReal is one of the best apps to ever exist It is quick to update, easy to use and all round just a really good app to watch any sports game Real will become the next ESPN and bigger and better. LOVE YOU JOHN.Version: 2.14

NiceI really enjoy using real it’s funny But I would like to be able to watch more NCAA games.Version: 2.7

The best NBA app I have ever used!Real has completely changed the way I have looked at NBA. Their app is so easy to use and gives you easy to read and quick stats whether it’s LeBron or Isaac Bonga. You can find it all on Real. Also they have such a unique thing called karma which is used as a “currency” in the app where you can bet it in polls which are the games of the night and you pick whose going to win. It’s just things like this that make me want to check my real app everyday. The best part about it on my opinion thought is that one of the producers of the app messages you personally on the app saying thanks for joining and makes you feel welcome in the Real community. He also takes any suggestions if you have ideas that could make Real even more dope. Real is hands down the best NBA player, game and league tracker I have ever used and I am so glad I was introduced to it. GET THIS APP! YOU WILL BE SO HAPPY!.Version: 1.8

Literally the best sports app out thereThis app is so revolutionary I don’t even know where to start. Not only is it faster than big name apps such as ESPN and CBSSports (by like 2 minutes sometimes), but it’s also got a very active community within the app. They’ve essentially combined social media with ESPN and optimized it. They also have karma (and now rax), which are in game currencies that one can earn just by watching the games or predicting things that occur in the game correctly. On top of that, there’s even trophies which can be earned for a players performance by predicting (or at least getting close to) their stat line for that game. And if you’re questioning getting this cause they only have basketball and football so far, they just added NHL, are planning to add MLB soon, and have plans for various soccer leagues and F1. Downloaded this game about 2 months ago and it literally changed my life through the people i’ve met and by greatly improving my experience with watching sports. Highly recommend you try it out..Version: 2.7

Best Sports AppI’ve watched this app grow from the very beginning when it only covered the NBA. This app has many special qualities that you don’t find on other sports coverage apps. For one the app is always growing, while it used to only cover the NBA now it also covers the NFL, MLB, NHL, the WC, and even college basketball! One other special thing about this app many others don’t seem to have is a sense of community with love chats on all games of every sports and little mini games to keep it interesting..Version: 2.14

Best app you can getI like this sports app way better than other sports apps one small reason is because the plays show in the feed quicker than they do in other sports apps. One huge thing that makes this app amazing is the in game chatting. This is cool because it lets me leave my opinion on plays and also talk about plays with fans of the same team of me. Another really cool part about this app is the karma aspect. It makes it fun because it is like betting or making your prediction but instead of paying money you can make it for free and then if you win you get karma and the more karma you have can give you bragging rights over your friends but to me the most important thing to the karma is getting rax, which you get 5 rax per 1,000 karma. With rax you can buy play cards of plays that actually happened and you can also buy player cards which give you more rax based on how those players perform. Overall this is just such an amazing app and I would recommend everyone to download this app..Version: 9.9

App is crazy goodSaw an add for this on Insta was super sus of it and thought you’d have to pay huge subscription fees but I’ve never been more happy to be wrong. This app is probably the best sports app I’ve ever used works well looks amazing and there is plenty more I highly recommend you get this and you are missing out if you don’t get it.Version: 2.5

Real SportsThe app makes it feel like your watching the game even if you aren’t it is perfect..Version: 9.9

Completely SurprisedI didn’t know what to expect downloading the Real app, I just thought it was another app that I could just check in on every once in a while to look at scores. But after having the app for 3 days I am already addicted. It is completely unique compared to all of the other sports apps. It gives you a chance to interact with other people interested in your interests. Not to mention that it has plenty of ways to keep you from getting bored with polls, live streams, and more. Not to mention I received a message from one of the creators welcoming me and giving me tips on how to use the app. I highly recommended this app to any NBA fans..Version: 1.5

Best Sports App Hands DownUpdates before my TV does🤣. Amazing support, super cool features like player/play cards, interactive sport events, and way too much more to pick and choose from..Version: 9.16

Real AppThis app is very easy to use, has everything you need in a sports app and you can access games and see what’s going on live. you can chat with other people. you can look at player performances, chose your favorite team and players. you get notifications for amazing plays and clips play highlights of that play. overall this app is amazing and i wish more people heard about it. this app is on top of nba app and espn.Version: 1.11

This app is goodI like this app because it helps me check the scores for the games when I’m on a rush doing something.Version: 9.16

Okay okay hear me out creatorsA common problem today is timing of broadcast, I’m super glad your app is very fast but now adays a lot of people watch the game at different times due to streaming be a little off. Offer a solution by implementing a section to put the in-game time. Match that in-game time to the app for the plays being displayed, responses may be a little late but it won’t spoil the game for people. Maybe something like “game a little late? No problem! Enter the live time now:” or something along those lines..Version: 2.7

Best Sports App Out ThereI’ve been using Real since before it was even on the market. As a Beta tester I knew that Real had great potential in the sports community but even now my greatest expectations have been exceeded. Not only does Real have lightning quick real-time updates for games, but it also has an engaging community of tens of thousands of members thanks to the interactive features Real provides. Real is my go-to app for whenever I can’t catch a game and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. I heavily recommend this app to any sports fan out there..Version: 2.7

Goat Tier AppI’ve been on Real for about 2 months now and it is the closest thing to watching a game live. A good community and a flawless app that rarely ever has any problems, 10/10 would recommend.Version: 1.11

Great 😁This app has really helped me to catch up with the NBA. All the trades, games and things are all included in this app. There are even leaderboards of players and teams! I definitely recommend this app to any basketball fan..Version: 2.9

One of the best sports apps out there hands down!Have had real for almost two years at this point and have recently started to get more competitive with the featured games with a karma and rax system which i think is very unique with what you can spend it on. Buying players and having them make you rax while also giving advanced stats is an amazing thing that most other apps can’t compete with, overall this app experience have been one of the best i’ve had with any sports app. Shoutout to John and all of the other developers..Version: 9.9

Game-changing sports appThis app combines everything fans want into one. Real has made an all-inclusive app featuring live score updates and feeds, sports betting (using free in app currency called karma), and game chat. As someone who’s utilized Real since it’s beta phase, I can report that I am pleased with the progress the app has made. They’ve continually added new content like the option to compete with other users in challenges by predicting statlines of a selected player and also the additions of other sports after initially only being an NBA app. John, Louis, and Jimmy… fantastic job..Version: 2.7

Amazing appAwesome app and community.Version: 9.17

AmazingThis is one of the most useful sports apps in the world and it has some of the nicest people you can meet on there as well.Version: 2.5

Real SportsReal sports is a really great app! It helps me check in on all my favourite sports and has lots of update that change it..Version: 2.7

AMAZING APPSuper easy to use faster than any other sports apps fun and interactive easy to talk to fans.Version: 2.7

ReviewBest American sports app out there. Deleted the ESPN because of this beauty. From England would love if there was any chance they could get football on here..Version: 2.5

Real sports.By far the best app personally, I love how they brought in the idea of reacting to plays. Overall highly recommend to any sports fans because it is really easy to use. The idea of player passes were extremely clever and I’ve seen nothing like it before..Version: 9.17

Amazing AppAwesome app fun and interactive way to watch almost every sport there is plays show up extremely quick even faster then my tv 😂 highly recommend this app for any sports lovers out there!.Version: 9.16

Best Sports appGot everything I need.Version: 2.5

Perfect for sports fansPerfect app for sports fans who love the play by play updates. It has an excitement feature for ones who are looking for just the big plays and you can add your favorites to get notifications about certain players or teams big plays. Very easy to navigate and puts ESPN in the ground for the updates and the stats feature in the app. Developers feedback and messaging is very quick and they are looking to put more sports in the app soon. Amazing app so glad I found it!.Version: 2.5

Top tier sports appProlly the most useful app for sports they’re always adding more to the app improving it and the variety of sports is awesome. Very useful when I’m unable to watch the games live.Version: 2.11

Real appAn amazing app with lots of ways showing how people scored unlike when you are watching the normal scores it just says the player, on real app it says (eg.) Alex Caruso 32ft walk off game winner. Great way to watch the stats whilst you cannot watch the game..Version: 2.5

Life ChangingThis is the best app for sports OF ALL TIME. I was watching the NBA and its the Mavs vs the Celtics. Game tied with 10 seconds left and the stream was delayed by a few minutes. I tried checking ESPN but it didnt say. I then checked this app and bang it showed lukas buzzer beater.Version: 2.5

The best app for sports.If you like any American sport this app is perfect for you. it shows the scores of every game in nba, nfl, nhl, college basketball and they will add mlb soon. Great community, and the score updates really fast. Like faster than tv fast..Version: 2.7

Not enough good things i can say about this appThis app is awesome, everything from the community and the guys that made it, to all the features and the ability to have all my favorite sports in 1 app. The play by play feature is something that you will never find anywhere else, and being able to talk to people about the sports I love and grow a community through it is something else. I cannot recommend this app to enough people. You should definitely get it!.Version: 9.9

Real appThis app helps me keep up with how my favourite Nba teams and college teams I really think this app can go places.Version: 2.5

The realest appThis app is genuinely better than any other sports app out there if u ain’t using real, what’re u doin?.Version: 9.16

This app is the best sports app everThis app has all the features you want in an app, there’s s much to do like challenge your friends to guess lebrons stat line, vote for who’s winning I love this app so much.Version: 2.7

AppOnly just started, it seems great though, easy to use, has great features, and simple to use.Version: 1.12

NEXT BIG SPORTS APPThis app has been so good. From the in depth play by play coverage to the highlights as well as the daily team polls have been awesome!!!!! Awesome app for hardcore NBA fans or even a casual fan to keep track of your fav team as well as individual players. If you love NBA you’ll love this app ‼️‼️.Version: 1.4

I’m Amazed (Not A Weird Bot)The Real App, Gives me real time stat lines for any team or player I want to see. They are accurate with what they say and everyone that I’ve met is nice. This is an honest review and I give it 5 stars..Version: 9.17

AmazingGreat, consistent, reliable, great feedback, overall an extraordinary app to use for sports. The karma points are also a great addition and add that extra touch to the app..Version: 2.8

Good NBA appI only use it for nba so I can’t speak for the other sports but this app is really good.Version: 9.16

5/5This app is outstanding. This app gives you so many scores from all the different games. Also it gives you play by play analysis on what happened in the game in seconds unlike the ESPN app. You can also chat with others about a play that happened and see others reactions. Finally there are so really funny emotes that you can use when let’s say your favorite team scores or your favorite team gets scored on. I love this app and I recommend it to all people who love keeping up with sports..Version: 2.5

So fast and addictingThe app is so fast and the card aspect is awesome the developers are even better though.Version: 9.16

This app is greatWhen living in the UK it’s hard to keep up with NBA basketball as it is not really talked about on sports channels so this app has really helped me when trying to get check scores and stats for my team.Version: 2.7

PhenomenalI’ve been seeing recommendations for the real app for a while now so I decided to give it a try and that was probably the best thing I could’ve done. This app is everything ESPN should be. It’s easier to navigate around than all of the bigger names sports apps, its more interactive, shows consistently updated highlights, etc. The app lets you pick what type of highlights you want to show up on your feed, shows you runs that teams are currently on, full stats of each player, players averages both for the full season and recent stretches, streaks teams/players are on, and a lot more. This app has everything you can ask for. The only complaint I have is probably the best complaint any company/app could want and it’s I want more! This app as of right now is only basketball related. I would love to see them under an NFL setting. If they branch out to other sports they will take over the game even more! Love this app, would definitely recommend.Version: 1.7

W AppEasy to use, overall good app.Version: 9.17

Best live sports appSo quick with every play, recommend this app..Version: 9.15

Best app for NBA everI love this app and i use it everyday and with friends and just helps to keep me up to date and love the community on there thank you 5 stars easy.Version: 2.7

Best Sports AppI have never recommended an app to anyone before real, for the casual fan it is just an easy way of checking scorers and play while also seeing how a player is doing with the very accurate “real” rating. For more diehard fans, you can join groups and discuss your favorite teams and players while also earning karma from watching games and interacting. There is fun polls and challenges for everybody as well. The creators are also on the app and will frequently respond to everybody who asks questions. I recommend trying this app out!.Version: 9.9

AmazingAmazing app for basketball and nfl stats are really good and so up to date.Version: 2.5

This App is the Best for SportsAs someone who plays a lot of fantasy, this app is honestly the easiest way to track teams and see what players are available..Version: 9.16

Hood oos appThis app is completely hood oos no question about it it keeps you up to date while the game is going and you get to do a bunch of stuff that I’m gonna be honest is completely hood oos lad!.Version: 1.12

GreatnessBest app to follow nba and your favorite team/player.Version: 1.6

Real - SportsThis is the greatest app idea ever. To have highlights, NBA scores, and being able to play against your mates in challenges where you can guess NBA player stats for the games, all in an Instagram format. It’s great, would highly suggest for NBA watchers..Version: 1.10

Best sports app i’ve ever downloadedThis app is history. When i say it’s the best sports app i have ever downloaded, I mean it. I’ve used tens upon tens of sports apps but one could compare to Real. Every time I wonder how a game is going, I can check Real. It is a revolutionary and amazing app and if you like sports you should already have this app downloaded and if you don’t, I don’t know what you are doing. Thank you to the developers of Real for making this app. I can check game scores between games in my basketball tournaments anytime which is amazing. I was one of the earlier people to download the app, and I don’t regret it. Again, thank you to the developers including John (i th ink that’s his name). Keep working hard!.Version: 9.7

Amazing app!!!Amazing app does everything it promises and more!!! I use it all the time to keep up with all the major sports!!! Recommended to anyone who loves sports!!!.Version: 9.17

Elite appStraight heat you can bet without spending money and it works so well W game.Version: 9.17

Amazing sports app would recommend it!This app is quite literally one of the best apps to keep up with sports. I have had it for quite some time and it’s easily my favorite. Quick real time updates are amazing and being able to interact and stay up to date with everything is great. In my opinion the best part is the community, watching a live feed of a game is great but I love seeing the real community and what they have to say. Also props to the creators of this app delivering one of the most enjoyable sports apps to use. The creators also comment and interact with the community which is dope. Once again it’s a very good app and I would highly recommend giving it a shot..Version: 2.14

GreatEasy to navigate and is exactly what you want from a sports app! Two thumbs up 👍👍.Version: 9.17

I don’t usually review but…This app is just so complete tbh. Sports data and live scores with a community. The addition of collecting cards makes it tuff too I’d definitely get this as your no.1 sports app..Version: 9.9

Impeccable, outstanding and sensationalApp has been well put together, nothing I would really change to improve it. You can tell they really took time to make sure everything is simple for the user. Great app would highly recommend ya digggg.Version: 2.5

Amazing App! Join NBA Stats!Best sports app out there. Amazingly interactive and provides the best stats and content to please everyone. The best feature is the ability to go head-to-head to predict stat lines and win trophies! Make sure you also join NBA Stats!.Version: 2.7

The Most Objective Sports ContentThis is the app you need if you are a gambler, fantasy player, or even just the causal fan who likes stats. This app is all objective sports content with a pretty hilarious community. Need to know the score of multiple games in different sports, use the apps sleek User Interface to find what you need. Wanna join in on commentary with local fans, click on a game and go to the comments and see real time posts like your actually in the bleachers. This app had a dedicated team that has fast updates, a kind feedback team that is very supportive, and tons of content. They currently have NFL, NBA, NHL, CBB, MLB (during season), FIFA for the World Cup, and much much more soon to come. I highly recommend this app. 5 stars..Version: 2.11

Fastest updates and best layout, love this app so muchYea.Version: 9.9

This is the best app sports I’ve ever usedAn active community, close to real time updates, every move given an accurate score through a cool algorithm and many different sports all being displayed at the one time. I mean what else could one need? This app made me even uninstall espn because it’s just so much better..Version: 2.8

Real is better than ESPN or any sports appReal is definitely the best sports app to use and here’s why: 1. It’s entertaining When you use other apps like ESPN, it can become boring to watch the score. Whereas when you use real, you can comment on a made shot or missed shot. You can also react by putting a emoji on a play. 2. It’s exciting to see the community grow Real has grown immensely and overtime no more and more people will enjoy the app 3. Regular updates With regular updates, real never gets boring.Version: 2.7

Best sports app I’ve ever used.Has all sports in one app, only thing missing is tennis in my opinion..Version: 9.17

Best sports appI use this app mostly for the NBA and it is amazing easy to use, they’ve added features so you don’t get bored, love everything about this app.Version: 2.8

RealWhat a unique app, so refreshing to have fun while checking stats playing challenges. Recommend to any sports fan..Version: 2.5

Best sports appIt has everything you need for any stats and is very interactive with great systems e.g karma. I also love the stats area when you can see the best from every section..Version: 9.9

Best sports app out thereLiterally has everything. I’m an nba fan, and it has trades, live game updates, box scores, fantasy- u name it it has it. Also not just an informative app there’s an actual community which is dope.Version: 2.10

App is great!After downloading Real, it has made watching sports 10x more fun. Everything about the app works great. I also love the social aspect to it. Also, John is an absolute G..Version: 9.17

WW App.Version: 9.9

Very goodInsanely fast update time, with specific details of the players’ performances I would definitely recommend this app for sports lovers.Version: 2.8

Very fun appBeautifully made app with a wonderful community of sports enjoyers.Version: 9.17

If your a sports fan you can’t go wrong with this appThis app is awesome from the community being lit at all times and making the experience of watching basketball more fun and even for those moments where you at work and you wanna quickly check the score the app works so well it keeps you up to date with the scores quicker than even the NBA’s own app 😂 all in all I’m enjoying this app and all the perks that come with it 5 stars for me would definitely recommend..Version: 2.5

AmazingOne the best sports app to get… perfect app to connect with other people and get live updates on games/players. Highly recommend to download 😇.Version: 2.5

Best multi sports app on the app store!I use Real for all NBA and NBA Finals games and it is amazing, really user friendly and the live updates in game is quick and loaded with info. Would highly recommend this app to anyone and everyone!.Version: 2.8

You Will Come AddictiveThis app is so good that I have become very addictive to it ! 🤘 I cannot wait for the future of this app !.Version: 2.8

Best sports appThis app is only so good! It is super easy to use and is 100% ad free with no in-app purchases. They give you play by play analysis and you can interact with friends and posts! My favourite app by far!.Version: 2.5

Best App for NBA FansSuch an amazing app! The fonts and colors are very easy to look at. Navigation is really easy. The games that are being played show up on the Home Tab and are easy to access. The play by play is a really nice feature too. There’s also tabs that show you team stats and player stats which is awesome. That’s just the beginning of a sports app though. It gets even better! There are polls and challenges that you can play and interact with. You can follow friends and interact/message them too. It’s a sports app and social media app all in one! Can’t wait to see the changes and upgrades they make in the future!.Version: 1.10

Best Sports AppReal is by far the best sports app. It’s overall amazing as it updates faster than the NBA app itself as well as many creative and enjoyable features such as the challenges. With new improvement occurring frequently this app is trending in the right direction. Highly recommend.Version: 1.7

This app so fireI’ve been here for a few months now and I’m really enjoying it, I love the competitive aspect of brawls and just the points system in general, the best part is that you can experience everything for free! No money is needed to buy player passes or anything just a little bit of hard work and boom you can own a cam Johnson player pass.Version: 2.14

My reviewThis app is amazing it keeps you up with all the nba stats how whatever team is playing. It is definitely my top 3 app for sports.Version: 2.8

Best sports app I’ve usedSo as an avid basketball fan who is also busy, I really don’t get the chance to watch every game live but I do like to keep up to date. This app has been amazing at providing that value as the user interface is seamless and it’s always so clean. Not only that, the fact that you can see other users posts makes this app so much funnier and engaging rather than other sports app where it’s just you watching the score alone. Pretty slept on app but not for long‼️.Version: 2.11

W game, give john a raiseW John.Version: 9.15

10/10 AppWow, just wow. That’s my first reaction to this app. It is so smooth, so much features and the community is top tier. I’ve only had it for a week and I already know it’s my source to all the nba/nfl/cbb games forever. You get to choose who and what you want to know about and it’s perfect for any fan of these sports. I definitely recommend this app and props to the creators, really is something different..Version: 2.5

YesThe layout was good and well everything bout it was great the speed, graphics and the ability to navigate.Version: 2.5

Best of the bestBest sports data app out there in the market rn..Version: 9.16

Amazing app!!Great app, this is fr my new fav sports app🙌.Version: 2.5

Goated appNuff said.Version: 9.17

Amazing App!This app is amazing. First, it’s as fast as your TV. I can be in the car, and know what’s happening in games in real time. It’s great for doing homework or any of that stuff, but you still wanna stay in the action. Second, they have a great community. There are groups you can join and talk with people all over the world. The app also has a great interface, along with a sleek field. It also has a karma system, similar to Reddit, where by commenting during the live games, predicting the spread and players stats, and overall having fun, gives you karma. You can also browse the best performances recently, and look at their highlights. Overall, this app is a masterpiece..Version: 2.5

GREAT APPI downloaded this app when my brother recommended it to me. BOY OH BOY am I sooo glad I got this app. Lets you interact with every single game. So far the app consists of nba and nfl, it will be branching out to other sports in the future. I love how you can interact with every single play within every game, do challenges where you predict player statlines, pick polls to see if teams cover their spread or not. ITS SUCH A GOOD APP 10/10 RECOMMEND. Can’t wait too see this app take off in the future!! Edit: App now has NHL and MLB, 2 sports i haven’t really watched but now am SUPER into. Cant stress how good this app is..Version: 2.8

Best nba app👍best sports app.Version: 2.7

Amazing appI have had this app for about 150 days and I must say this is an amazing app. BEST APP ON THE MARKET!! This app has everything a perfect basketball app needs, it shows scores highlights and even has a fun initiative KARMA making it fun and challenging and addictive. MUST RECOMMEND, BEST APP..Version: 1.14

Best app everBest sporting app ever I highly recommend you getting this app its great I ratted 5 stars.Version: 2.14

W appBest sports app (john didn’t tell me to say this).Version: 9.17

Great appBest app to get sport scores fast.Version: 9.17

Love the simplicityGreat app and a lovely interface I love to use it and track the sports/games I want to watch. It doesn’t make the things complicated and that’s great..Version: 2.4

Real - SportsThis app is excellent. I love the features and all the different technology that makes this app great. I use it for basketball and it is really great. All my friends watch the live play display during games and all love it. This app is great. 🙌.Version: 2.7

AMAZINGGreatest sports app I have ever used. As well as taking with others about the game, you can challenge each other to guess players statlines, and even win basketball jerseys. This also tells me who is playing and who’s birthday it is. Best app.Version: 1.12

Goat AppNo better app for live sports feeds.Version: 9.17

Best App For Bet TrackingI sports bet daily and I only use this app to track every sport. It updates faster than most sports books and websites, has live polls on over/unders, spreads, and player props, as well as player stats. Talk about everything in one place. I highly recommend this app if you gamble/care about sports. The live feed keeps you up to date all the time. Very satisfied so far and will continue to use this app until I have a reason not to! Download now if you haven’t!!!.Version: 9.7

W appThis app is amazingly good, updates are insanely fast, explained well, and you can talk about what happens freely, with sports being my favorite thing to do I realized this was the app for me, I honestly might be on the app to much but it’s good enough to be on it a lot. thanks to all the creators for an amazing app. Also the karma thing is a w because it helps you decide who you think will win, who will get an rbi and the over/under. So having a lot of karma is fun. The ability to react to plays is great as well cause you can see who is a fan of who..Version: 2.10

Very niceGood fast app would be great if there was more detail on each shot e.g like where it happened but over then that better then nba app and espn.Version: 2.14

The Next Big Sports App!As the real app grows more and more users everyday, the community grows too. The community on this app is unlike any other. Everybody is connected from one sport to the next. Whether your watching basketball football or hockey, the plays are almost always real time. Real is even faster then my TV! Real users will always welcome you, even if you don’t know anything about sports. The reason why i really think real will be the next big sports app is because the creators actually care about the app and users. With reals own betting currency (karma) it makes the app even better. I can bet on games without spending a single penny. The rax system is also brilliant! I cant imagine another sports app thats so diverse and unique as real, and thats why i believe its going to be the biggest sports app soon..Version: 2.14

Amazing appThe updates aren’t even a second late and they have such good features such as the points, emojis and the chat.Version: 2.8

WEALSo good app I love it.Version: 2.11

Best sports app available.I’ve been a Real user since it’s very early days, and it truly is a game changer. No other sports app I’ve had has even come close to Real, another review said this is the future of digital play-by-play, and they couldn’t be more correct. The plays show up as soon as they happen, sometimes sooner than my tv even shows, and you can instantly react and comment on plays and such. Not to mention there’s a trophy system, messaging system, it’s so deep that you really just have to download the app and see for yourself why it’s rated so highly..Version: 2.10

Best sports app out!This app is amazing, they have such a wide range of sports to watch and react to with others. The plays come up faster then my own TV and I can’t get enough of it! 5 stars!.Version: 2.7

Best sports appEverything you need in a sports app plus with an option to bet some points makes the app fun and engaging..Version: 9.17

Just download the damn app !!Nah for real this app is amazing, especially since I live in the Uk it acts as my news source as well as a fun interactive app where you can take part in Predicitons and polls, I’m not no A level English writer so I’m gonna leave it here and just say download the bloodclart app, Hopefully one day there will be more sports added but apart from that it’s perfect.Version: 2.8

Really nice appReally cool app if you can’t watch games on your tv or of your like away of smth..Version: 9.16

Sports twitter… kindaI have been using this app for a couple of weeks now and it’s okay. i think for how new it seems to the market, it has a high potential for sports apps. i find it fun and engaging, i like the features that ask your predictions (for example, “who will score the first basket in the second half) and such. one downfall, i find the notifications to be a bit much. i instantly had to turn them off. I think this “sports twitter” feel is cool, a feature like spaces (where people can talk freely) would be a nice addition. 8.5/10!.Version: 2.15

BrilliantThis app is the perfect app to properly discuss basketball amongst other enthused fans of the game and have in depth conversations whilst also enjoying a fun and charismatic and joking conversation with many others. It is the perfect app for anyone looking to take a deeper dive into their basketball fan journey and make friends along the way..Version: 1.10

If you ain’t using Real for sports idk what you doingThis is probably the most interactive sports app ever created. At first I was using all different apps to get my favorite teams latest info, news ect. As soon as I downloaded real, watching and connection with sports and fans around the world completely changed my way of getting my sports info. The fact that the app is almost faster then the actual game with the most quick info being sent to us fans makes me want to be on the app everyday. Being able to bet the Real karma (not real money) and climb the leaderboards to the the top real member with most karma Is a fun little way to compete and show how much you know about sports. I love real and you will too 💛 also John eats burritos every other day so that’s a plus 😂.Version: 2.9

Very GOODBeen using this app for ages and i have noticed 0 bugs and i love the karma system, i use it often to check the scores of my team and being able to favourite it has been very useful 10/10.Version: 2.7

Great appGreat app, up to date play by play.Version: 9.17

JOHN WI LOVE JOHN.Version: 2.8

The Perfect Sports App I’ve seen so farWhen it comes to NBA basketball apps, this app has the perfect layout. I don’t usually do reviews for apps, but this app is genuinely one of the most well put together apps for sport I have ever seen. Miles away from espn and nba official app..Version: 1.7

Amazing appReally good app and I love checking it for stats and scores but when I downloaded it I just wanted a app that’s kind of like a social media for sports but instead al everyone uses it for is trading cards. I’m not interested in that so maybe a separate chat for card trading and another on for strictly sports?.Version: 9.17

BEST APP EVEROriginally saw this app and was like "yeah, I'll try this for a lil bit and try to engage in another form of an NBA community." Boy was I wrong. Turned out to be one of the apps I check in the most during game times. Setting up challenges with friends and betting on games/score deficits create an addicting but fun experience for NBA fans. The constant chat going crazy about rumors, reactions, and predictions; sparking debates among other users, feels like home. Many times have I gotten in debates about sports (mainly others disrespecting Steph Curry ) through Instagram comments, but the toxicity over there threatening to report whenever backed down, makes it not fun or enjoyable to engage and friendly debates. Real is great for that because the community expects that. No one is commenting publicly not expecting a positive or negative response. John and the others are just making the app greater and greater over time. Can't wait to see what’s next!!!.Version: 2.15

RealBest sports app in the app store basically you can bet with no money and you can earn your favourite players and plays from your favourite teams.Version: 9.16

Best sports appReal is an amazing sports app that allows other players to chat and guess players stats. The app also does giveaways to whoever guesses the two players stat lines for a free jersey. Nothing I would change and you’re missing out if you don’t have it..Version: 1.14

Great appGreat app for sports viewing and great staff. 5/5.Version: 9.16

ReviewGreat app for American sports highly recommend.Version: 2.7

REALBest sports app not even close.Version: 9.16

10/10 appAs far as following MLB/NBA/NFL (they also do NHL but I don’t follow it so can’t give an informed opinion) games go this is the best way to follow along without actually watching the games themselves. Live play by play presentations of what happened and links to highlights as soon as they are available make this app ideal for people not willing to fork out however much it costs to watch all the games..Version: 9.9

Very Fun and Entertaining AppThis is a great app and I love the Real Ranking system. Betting with no money is also great. I love the feeling of placing a bet without the feeling of maybe losing all my money. I love the addition of the NHL also. A few things though. I would love to see MLB once the season rolls around. That would be awesome and there are a lot of in game poll options that you guys could look into. I think that you guys should add an optional time delay to the live feed. I love watching the game on my phone or TV and this app’s live feed. The only problem with doing that is that the app gives the plays faster than the TV. I would love to have a delay to where I could sync up my TV or phone with the live feed in this app. It would just be awesome to have that delay and be able to watch the plays in the app at the same time I see them on my TV or phone. Overall fun app though!!.Version: 2.5

Real is amazingReal is a amazing sports app. The creator John is very active and will respond to your messages and questions. You can join group chats about you favourite groups and players. It also has tons of sports, NBA, college ball, MLB, NFL, NHL..Version: 2.14

Soccer please!!!!First I want to say I love this app. I have used apps such as ESPN and bleacher report, and while both are good, this app is way better. The stats and play by play are so well presented and the “betting” with karma is a fun competition. I love everything about this app, but I just wish for one more thing: soccer. I know there is World Cup but that is only 1/4 years. I would love for there to be premier league or champions league. I think it would bring in so many international users and I would certainly love it. If not I understand, but if you would respond how you feel about this that would be awesome. Thanks for a great app either way..Version: 2.14

Best sports app itw1of1.Version: 9.16

10/10 best sports appI used to use ESPN and TheScore, but ever since I got this app, I’ve used it instead of the other apps. The plays come up right when they actually happen, so you’ll be up to date with what’s happening in the game at all times. Under every play, there’s a comment section for you to talk about the play, which ESPN doesn’t have, and TheScore only lets you comment on the game. This app deserves all the attention it can get. There’s polls that you can earn karma from. You can earn or buy “Rax” for player passes, team passes, and league passes. This is truly the best sports app..Version: 2.14

FantasticAbsolutely fantastic app, extremely quick and engaging with the notifications and the comments and all the extra things you can do. 10/10 app for sports fans..Version: 2.7

Incredible AppI’ve never written a review for any app but I absolutely have to for this! Normally whenever I want to check box scores or scores of games I have to go to safari and navigate to find it. With this app it shows all of that and then some. This app also gives you the ability to “follow” your favorite teams and players which makes tracking stats very easy. I would 10/10 recommend downloading this app even if you are a casual viewer like myself just for the simplicity of finding everything you could ever want. Thank you for reading this and I hope you download the app..Version: 1.11

The best app for sportsHonestly it has super fast, live sports updates and chats with the community. The Real Team check up on you consistently and perso my I like and involved owner. It has such high quality information in a super cool, sleek design. Super fun to be across all updates and new info in sports. SERIOUSLY RECOMMEND..Version: 2.9

Real appThis app is super cool and always up to speed with its updates. Highly recommend if you enjoy any type of sport.Version: 9.16

Great App!The best app for all basketball content. Easy access to all games and all the best highlights, the ability to interact with other fans, lots of cool interactive features like challenges and polls and a clean well designed interface. Super cool app!.Version: 1.10

FunThe real app is so fun while seeing your fav players from every sport compete.Version: 9.17

Such a good appThis is my favourite app by far and I use it for hours everyday I would recommend for all!.Version: 9.17

Good app realGood app super good.Version: 9.17

First week thoughtsSo I’ve been on this app for a week and about 2 days and I have to say it’s absolutely amazing!! One of my favorite things is that as soon as someone on the team of whatever gave you’re tuned into on the app scores, blocks a shot, makes a freethrow, or etc it shows up in literally 5 seconds or less and I think that’s really cool. Also another thing I like about the app is that you can chat with all types of fans from different countries of the world while you’re looking at the stats of the game live. Tbh I would’ve never knew about the app if it wasn’t for a TikTok I seen about 3 days before downloading it and it’s been a pretty smooth experience with it so far and that is also the reason I’m giving this app 5 ⭐️’s.Version: 2.5

Great appPerfect for keeping up with the scores of the games and always on point with ratings of players and teams.Version: 9.9

Real is the future of digital play-by-playAs a sports fan, there is quite a lot to keep up with in the sports world. Games often happen at the same time, and usually there are multiple games I want to keep track of usually going on at the same time. Another problem is the fact that I can’t simply flip to these games unless I pay money for all the league passes. Solution? Real App. Gives you detailed play-by-play of NBA, NFL, and NCAA Basketball games in REAL TIME! This has been my most used app and I find myself using other sports-news and play by play apps less and less because of it. Plus, it’s super fun. You can challenge your friends on stat lines, predict how games will turn out, and there are polls that update real-time in every game. Such a fun app, with great information, very useful for sports fans. Only thing that bugs me as of right now is the fact they don’t have other sports like NCAA Football, NHL, and MLB, but I know the developers of the app are working on bringing those sports plus non-US sports and events to the app, so I’m incredibly excited to see how the app grows..Version: 2.5

Quality appBrilliant sports app and really good support system aswell. best sports app out there.Version: 2.5

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