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Underdog Fantasy Sports App User Positive Comments 2023

Underdog Fantasy Sports app received 60 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about underdog fantasy sports?

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Underdog Fantasy Sports for Positive User Reviews

My Favorite Sports Betting AppI’ve been on probably every sports betting app you can possibly think of and this by far is the best way. Everything is simple and easy to use and navigate. You don’t receive your money right away usually takes 5-7 days but I’ve received a payout once or twice in less than 24 hours. I don’t even write reviews this is probably the first review I have ever written on something but I just felt like I had to write something for this one. THE BEST THING OF ALL ABOUT THIS APP is that I don’t ever feel like I’m being cheated like on FANDUEL and draft kings.Version: 1.20.1

Best fantasy sports app!!I’ve been playing fantasy sports since 1988. I’ve been a product manager in the software industry since 1996. Underdog has built the BEST product in the industry, in terms of ease of use, visual presentation, and quality of gaming. I initially was looking for a service that offered Best Ball contests. I’ve got over 20 entries going for the 2021 season. And then I learned they have more than just Best Ball. Everything is built perfectly for my Apple devices. Big and bold. The first minute I used it I knew I liked it. And as the contests started, and I saw how well they show the current scoring status for your player selections, I was hooked. And if you send their support team an email you will get a timely response from Etan. Keep up the great work, Underdog!.Version: 1.17.2

Incredible serviceNicole and the team at Underdog are extremely quick to respond, and provide top customer service in the industry. A+ on the app design too. A great overall experience! Thank you Nicole and Underdog!.Version: 1.19.4

Awesome App, but…I love Underdog! I really do, it’s super easy to use ADP is reasonable, and super fluid. BUT, some mechanism has to be applied to a “Slow Draft”. I’ve done a couple, and a week later we’re in Round 7. If players are timing out (and there are multiple offenders), they should go on auto-draft because that’s essentially what is occurring. Don’t penalize players who are engaged.Version: 1.14.1

Great best ball appWas looking for an app that did best ball like the old app Draft, which was bought out by FanDuel. This apps the one! The user interface is solid - still some room for improvement (for example, in NBA best ball, currently it only shows the points scored for the players who’s scores are counting towards your best ball total, which makes sense, but there’s no way to see how your other players are doing in the app) but overall I’ve enjoyed my experiences thus far. Excited for the season and for the app to continue to improve!.Version: 1.9.1

Blows draftkings out of the waterAs Ronaldo would say, this review is ‘FACTOS’.Version: 1.19.0

Good app!Woof Woof!.Version: 1.17.1

One problemIs there any way we can start just normally betting on the winner of games, not just player props, like have a pickems with 4 players and a team to win. otherwise great app.Version: 23.01.02

1st Time Best BallerI’m very pleased with the many options on draft rooms & cost differences.. That makes it affordable for everyone.. Take your pick high stakes or many $3 draft rooms.. Would appreciate if could show a possible calendar 📅 when draft events coming soon.. For example poodle 3 or The next Pomeranian event… excited about what you’re doing, I’m very pleased with everything so far.. Big concern of mine is… what keeps 12 team groups to jump in same time and take turns cheating to gain an advantage from all other groups.. Hope you police that very well!!!!Keep up the great work excited for what is coming next 👍.Version: 23.05.02

Great product! 5/5Was sad to see Draft go, but Underdog has done a great job bringing a new and improved product to the fantasy community..Version: 1.7.0

Great App So FarIt’s centered around best ball from what I can tell (Fantasy Football at least) but it offers great best ball lobbies and good payout structures. It’s a fun way to do multiple drafts but not worry about having to set lineups every week. This is the first App Store review I’ve left, I’m leaving it because I am happy with the app so far. There are little UI improvements they could make, but I’m sure they’ll come with time. For now, it functions really well for what it’s supposed to be. 5/5!.Version: 1.16.1

Only best ball app you needI’ve been using this app since the beginning and love it. Great drafting community, huge bestball tournaments, player pick’ems are fun and the app is a really well thought out and user friendly layout. Also, the underdog team is top notch and personable. Highly recommend this app. Use promo code Pete for free $25 on first deposit.Version: 1.14.1

Love this appMy favorite fantasy football app. The drafts are fast or slow and very cheap. You have tons of different options on league size, time, and money. There are giant leagues with giant prizes as well. Can’t believe I ever did fantasy on another app. It’s very nice to do bestball since I’m in so many dynasty leagues. Thanks to this app I can get in more leagues and do my favorite part of fantasy football, Drafting. Would definitely suggest getting Underdog!.Version: 1.16.0

Underdog Fantasy has changed my lifeDiscovering the fantasy football format best ball has changed my life. It has helped me to pay off a significant part of my student loans by coming top 3 in a few tournaments. It has also created an online community of friends that have helped me through some tough times. I couldn’t be more thankful for what underdog has done for me and my life moving forward..Version: 23.05.04

FunFuuuuuun.Version: 1.20.8

Skeptical at fistSeen the adds wasn’t convinced… gave it a shot, put $100 down for the $100 match and was not disappointed. This app is seamless. Instant win earnings, satisfy the fantasy football itch and the best ball is super fun! + I haven’t once felt like I’ve been cheated even in a close loss lol. Great overall interface, easy to use and understand, loving it! PS - most of the negative reviews seem very sketchy, after using the app this app isn’t cheating you at all, if you follow the terms and conditions and aren’t trying to cheat the system, the system isn’t cheating you. Give it a shot! It’s fun!.Version: 1.20.10

Underdog fantasy!!Literally the best app for player props. It literally has so many different options and outs out way more then any other app specially when it comes to esports. Constantly giving out promos and prop discounts. No other app is competing with them right now and probably won’t ever. This app is definitely for every one who loves playing fantasy and player props. I am definitely looking forward to the future when it comes to this app and what is has to offer. Thank you for doing what y’all do for us bettors!.Version: 23.05.04

A company designed for The Dog Pack.A Néw customer to this fantasy site. I’m a causal player who is currently played on many other site and as of rate know a big commercial site (DK). Underdog is built for the people by the people. Fantastic customer services(aka)real people. A very user friendly platform from the app which awesome to the platform. I’m probably pretty much going to donate money this year, but I feel great do it here for enjoyment and experience at this company. I’m truly an Underdog, but your saying I have a chance!!!! Yes love it. Keep up the great work. A small dog with a big bark..Version: 1.16.0

AndreAndre with support, ossom guy.Version: 1.19.2

Premiere Fantasy app, would like more featuresObviously the best ball format is a bit different from that of ESPN, Yahoo, Sleeper and others, but the format is tremendous. I’ve been using ever since the 2022 NFL season started and I don’t see myself leaving anytime soon. A couple constructive criticisms: 1. Would like to see the exposure section update in real time, all the time. Sometimes it won’t necessarily show all of the teams I drafted 2. Possibly add some college basketball contests to the mix? Not sure what the rules and regulations are for betting on specific college players but feel like the people would LOVE that.Version: 23.02.02

The Birth of PassionYou know how we wake up in the morning, hit the alarm and begin our day? And at the end of it, we walk in, take a breath and embrace the feeling of home. That’s Underdog Fantasy Sports app. The feeling of home. The community on all platforms is absolutely amazing. I’ve wondered my whole life, what is it that I’m absolutely passionate about? The only answer I’ve come to is fantasy football and this is by far the best place to do it. #DannyDeals.Version: 23.05.04

Excellent formatI love the options at Underdog! App is fantastic too..Version: 1.14.1

GamblingI LOVE GAMBLING.Version: 1.22.4

Incredible drafting app for best ball and dailySuch a fun app that I find myself using almost everyday. I’ve been doing a lot of NBA daily drafts (one of my favorite things). Only change I’d like to see is that players who are done playing that day are greeted out or something to indicate that. When looking to see how I’m doing in a draft it’s hard to tell who everyone has left playing to see where I’m at without opening a bunch of other apps to check box scores.Version: 1.10.1

Best App By FarThis app is far superior to the competition and it’s not even close. They offer many parlay options for each sport, and are super fast on updates when it comes to guys being game time decisions and taking them off the selection options. Their payout speeds are out of this world fast. Twice I’ve requested payouts in the morning, and received them in my PayPal app by same day in the afternoon. I couldn’t recommend this app enough, and that’s saying a lot since I never review anything 😆.Version: 23.02.01

Draft Clock30 seconds. Or 8 hours. Those are the clock options!?!? Let’s get a 5 min and a 1 hour. I was in one draft that took 6+ weeks. Total nonsense. Need better clock options.Version: 1.20.10

Two thumbs upSimple to navigate, easy to play.Version: 1.17.1

Fantastic site and extraordinary customer serviceTons of fun so far, no hassle. If y’all go public I’m buying stock!.Version: 1.20.10

Loving it so farAfter using prize picks, this app is a huge upgrade. I have not had any issues with being refunded after winning, support is responsive and don’t sound like robots reading a script, and their servers don’t have issues. The app is very smooth and easy to use. I have not tried the withdraw feature as I am waiting to withdraw something larger, but I haven’t heard anything other than the process takes a little longer than other apps. I will update when I try it out. The cons: -not as many players to choose from compared to other DFS apps -not as many props to choose from compared to other DFS apps -not as many sports to choose from compared to other DFS apps - withdraw may take longer The pros: -no sketchy refunds after winning -responsive support -easy to use app -higher potential earnings with the x20.Version: 1.20.4

Bang for the buckUnderdog gives amazingly quick customer feedback and the season long best ball tournaments offer months of entertainment with a high end upside possibility. Great platform, and easy to navigate!.Version: 1.8.3

11/10 betting app with great signature games.This app and service seems extremely unrecognized for how great it truly is. Easy to understand, fun and various ways to bet on sports. Use code ZACHL as a free promo for extra rewards!.Version: 1.19.2

Pretty solid appI’ve been using this app over a week now and honestly, it’s a pretty fair app. I haven’t won much money but that’s not the apps fault, I just made the wrong choices. I’ve been close a few times but the full parlay didn’t finish. The odds are really in the players favor as it gives you up to 20x your bet but it also gives you many different options. You can choose to parlay between 2,3,4, or 5 players. If you know your sports, this app will be good for you..Version: 1.17.2

If you like Draft, this is Draft squaredThe Best one on one daily draft app on the go for the big 4 sports leagues.Version: 1.13.2

Support team is the bestLook, it’s best ball. I love best ball, you love best ball, we all downloaded this app for a reason. But what makes it 5 stars for me is the great support team they have. Each time I’ve reached out to support, they’ve replied back to me and resolved my issues within a few hours. I never thought I’d review an app for its customer service but man the team here at underdog needs and deserves a round of applause..Version: 1.3.1

Great app and website !I started drafting on underdog two years ago when I jumped into multiple espn/yahoo mock drafts to prep for my paid leagues, and people were drafting 14th rounders in the 2nd… underdog fixes that issue. In fantasy, I know my downfalls, and that is that I’m a terrible GM. I never pick the right people up off waivers and I never play the right match ups. But with underdog, I’m able to do my favorite part of fantasy (draft), you get an extended bench, and the system automatically plays your best players. Perfect for a bad GM like myself! The only thing I wish the website or app had was a chat feature. I would love to roast people for some of their picks but, you can’t have it all. Download and make some money!.Version: 1.20.8

Best new daily fantasy option!I just started playing on Underdog and it is the best new daily fantasy option out. DraftKings and fanduel have become so overloaded with the professionals that enter thousands of lineups with computer algorithms that make it almost impossible to win as a casual fantasy player. The small group snake drafts are awesome to level the playing field and they even have a safety measure to ID and remove any collusion between players on drafts. That way one team doesn’t get loaded up with all the best players! I would recommend everyone that wants a fun way to get back into daily fantasy without having to worry about beating computer algorithms! They even offer best ball and season long options to fit whatever you are looking for and I haven’t even begun to talk about the over/under pickem section they have to give you yet another option to make every game in every sport worth watching!.Version: 1.20.7

Georgia THANKS You!!!I’ve been living in Arizona for the past 5 years and betting on FanDuel and MGM. Last year I moved to Georgia and all the fun was over, because Georgia still lives in the dark ages when betting was illegal and nobody was aloud to have any fun. FanDuel and MGM was out of the question. But then Underdog rides in on it’s white horse, and saves the day. I haven’t won big, but that doesn’t even matter to me. I have so much fun betting on games that I’ll even throw a few bucks down on tennis here and there. And NOBODY cares about tennis. Thanks Underdog! You’re awesome!.Version: 23.07.05

★★★★★It's daily fantasy but you get to draft your team every single day! Best fantasy sports app out there 🙌🏻.Version: 1.19.4

Best Fantasy App I’ve ever usedFirst of all wanna give a shout-out to Andre from customer support, extremely quick and very kind. Excellent customer service all around. Secondly, the app is very good and very well made. Other sports betting apps can be somewhat cluttered/extremely overwhelming like they just put everything together in some scrambled mess but this one makes everything very easy to find and very simple to use. If you’ve never sports betted before, use this app. Trust me. There’s no rigged competition and every game makes it possible for anyone to win, even the battle royales (unlike fanduel & draft kings who has professional app users making money off others) this app doesn’t have that. Withdrawals do take a bit longer however they do all withdrawals manually and you get to communicate with real people so it’s way more worth it. You guys are fantastic - Harrison.Version: 1.18.0

The Place to PlayGreat format and games!! APP is strong and easy to use!!.Version: 1.7.0

Completely SatisfiedLove the app! Wonderful interface and real, fair odds and fun betting features. Love the best ball and Pick em’ competitions. Would highly recommend!.Version: 1.17.1

Check Yourself before you Wreck Yourself!Do you like Sports? Do you like Betting? Then Check It! Underdog Fantasy is for you! Where else are you going to be able to pick your favourite player props AND draft a Best Ball Fantasy Football team?! The answer to that question is NOWHERE! Nowhere but on Underdog!.Version: 23.05.04

Excited for draft team NFTsGood UX, easy to draft and make a Que..Version: 1.11.1

Best fantasy platformWith out a doubt the best fantasy platform there is for the DFS and season long degens..Version: 1.22.4

Underdog is..Very good..Version: 23.06.03

ConnectivityI have a 1000 upload and download and I have not experienced lag once and I think I have done 3 or 4 drafts but my first entry in the puppy I had experienced some issues that did not allow me to select my players and I have watched people use your website many times before I signed up however I still gave you a 5 star because it is a very fun format and other than this bump in the road it has been a blast!!.Version: 1.17.0

Incredible fantasy app and customer serviceThis is hands down the best fantasy app I have ever used. The layout is nice, the UI is intuitive, the aesthetics are pleasing to the eye. It’s easy to find every thing I’m looking for on the app, it’s easy to use the queue system during draft and the color coding for the positions of players makes it all easy to digest. I had a question for customer support and they replied within minutes and it was some of the nicest customer support I’ve ever received..Version: 1.20.6

Amazing AppEverything you want with fantasy.Version: 1.19.2

My favorite gambling AppSince joining Underdog fantasy, my gambling success has gone from the occasion victory to almost a nightly occurrence. I have won approximately $15,000 or more in the past 6 months. I spend hours making different lineups and I love the draft process of building a lineup to the best of my ability. I will continue to devote almost all of my gambling to Underdog. The withdrawal process is very quick (within 48 hours). Thank you to the Underdog team for coming up with the nightly slates for every sport..Version: 1.19.4

Add pga draftAdd pga draft it would be much better and over under instead of just rivals…. Lots of people would like to play the pga draft especially for the majors.Version: 1.20.4

GreatGreat app, but as a suggestion, could you all make an app that delivers up to the minute fantasy news for fantasy football, fantasy baseball, fantasy basketball? I keep my Twitter notifications on from your Twitter accounts for fantasy baseball, for example, to get immediate news seconds and minutes ahead of my competition regarding lineups, injuries, prospect call ups, although would love if you had an app that mirrored the quick news. Thank you..Version: 1.20.6

Underdog makes me feel like TopDawgI love this app and the layout, still learning how to play but since I love fantasy sports so much, it’s a natural fit like a batting glove. Worlds apart different from DraftKings and other sports book wagering sites BECAUSE withdrawals are FREE and they’re quick 2-3 business days. We all win some and lose some but UNDERDOG truly won my heart. Now I just need my brain to catch up with all the action!!! Please don’t become like all the other sports wagering apps, who I feel like always have the upper hand somehow, with Underdog I feel like they’re rooting for me to win big everytime. Viva el Underdog! Vamanos. Let’s Go Bruins, Red Sox, Celtics, Revs, and of course the New England Patriots!!! #TB12.Version: 23.04.01

Get Underdog!Underdog Fantasy is an absolute blast for fantasy sports enthusiasts! With its user-friendly interface and exhilarating draft process, it's a game-changer. Navigating the app is a breeze, and the draft experience is pure excitement. Best Ball mode adds a unique twist, making it even more enjoyable. The app's rewards system is fantastic, offering great prizes and contests. Plus, the vibrant community of fellow sports enthusiasts adds a delightful social element. If you're looking for an app that combines seamless navigation, thrilling drafts, unique game modes, incredible rewards, and a supportive community, Underdog Fantasy is the way to go!.Version: 23.05.04

DFSWould really like standard DFS on the app as well but everything else is fantastic. Best ball is amazing.Version: 1.20.11

User Experience Is Top NotchVery happy I finally deposited some money on Underdog and started playing there. The app is super user friendly and easy to use. The interface for drafts is very intuitive. You can tell it was built by people that play fantasy. Nothing superfluous that is not needed, and everything you do need is right there. If you need a referral name when you sign up, use “iginlafire” 🙏🏽.Version: 1.9.3

Best fantasy football appUnderdog quickly became my favorite app to draft on a couple years ago. The user interface is intuitive and the overall design is light years ahead of their competitors (draft kings, drafters, etc.). Who knew that being able to view the draft board was innovative, but turns out it is. So simple, but so perfectly executed. Contests are fun, and always something fresh on the horizon. Best ball is here to stay, and Underdog is king..Version: 23.05.04

Best sports betting app around!Awesome sports betting app, let’s you bet on individual players outcomes, along with fantasy drafts, many special events and the support team is excellent!.Version: 1.20.12

Great Site.Love the various options on props. Every sport, tons of picks. Love it..Version: 1.19.4

Legit, E Z payoutsI was very skeptical with deciding which parlay app I wanted to use. I live in CA. Lost a few 5-leg parlays and finally hit one and won $1k. I got nervous after winning not knowing what the process was to actually withdrawing the money. UNDERDOG MAKES IT E Z AND IS 100% LEGIT. 2 days after withdrawing from the app, I received an email requesting tax info since I won over $600.. 2 days after that, the $1k was in my paypal account. Super easy and will definitely recommend this app to everyone!.Version: 23.01.01

Underdog NFL and NBA BestBallHi, I love fantasy but find myself homicidal when it comes to re draft leagues or as I refer to them…”waiver wire” leagues. I also worry in best ball bigger $ tournaments allow for ppl to try and collude, leave talent for one team to advance, from what I’ve seen underdog does a better job at weeding these fools out to make for fair play. Using the matching bonus allowed me to draft 4 teams for NFL best ball mania and I pray the investment pays! NBA has just started and it’s also fun. My two main criticisms are the limited amount of rounds drafting and no small 1-2$ drafts. In nfl 18 rds is just not enough w injury. I think it also allows less talented drafters a better opportunity because taking flyers on sleeper players is a huge gamble. The NBA 16 rd format seems more appropriate for the format. Thanks..Version: 1.20.8

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