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Pile It 3D app received 3 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about pile it 3d?

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SatisfyingNo ADs, which is amazing and makes it so satisfying to keep playing. My only complaint is that I was hoping by level 200 I’d get more colors. Not deleting though, I’ll still hope to get more colors at some point.Version: 1.8

Usually a ad every level you finish..Version: 1.9.6

For BabiesThis game is cute, the controls are responsive and I like the vibration feature. However, this game doesn’t feel finished from an adult’s perspective for the following reasons: (1) The first 16 levels don’t require any skill or problem solving to complete due to only incorporating one color ball. (2) Early repetition of levels. I started to see the same levels multiple times before reaching 35. (3) Some levels do not require the player to press the buttons in a specific order, which takes away the satisfaction of completing the puzzles. By level 50 (which didn’t not take long to reach, as the puzzles are excruciatingly simple) I wanted to stop playing, and I don’t see a reason to continue. Might be fun for babies; not adults or teens..Version: 1.6

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