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Beatleap by Lightricks App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Beatleap by Lightricks app received 81 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Beatleap by Lightricks? Can you share your negative thoughts about beatleap by lightricks?

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Beatleap by Lightricks for Negative User Reviews

Decent product but not cheapThis product does some great things very easily but if you expect a perfect product, it is not. Throw some short clips together and Beatleap’s algorithm does a pretty good job piecing it together. You could stop there and have a fun video to post to social media or you could swap some clips, change the focus in each clip and even add some fun effects. Now it’s even better! Now the bad. In my experience it has jumbled up my videos to where I have to redo them which is really annoying. Also if you add too many effects it rearranges your clips to some other order for no reason. Support has admitted this and say they hope to address it in a future release. I paid $60 for the annual unlimited fee and if I use it as I explained it will be fine, but I would expect these impacting bugs to be fixed; hence I can only give it three stars, otherwise it would be 4. If it allowed a little more manual ability to place effects where you want and allow final videos to be 2-3 minutes then it’s five stars all the way..Version: 1.3.10

App needs update also not recommended until update is in placeThis app needs tweaking I tried to do my cats photo album she’s two years old and there was no limit on the pictures of how much I can choose so I chose the entire album which was about 3000 photos but unfortunately it only ever played six pictures very disappointed false advertising you should always have limits I thought that you were pretty good how are you advertised but at the same time though you’ve got no limits that’s your problem I would not recommend this app if it doesn’t have limits on pictures or anything else I’d love to do an entire album for my cat and my family that would be amazing but unfortunately there is nothing out there they could actually do it I’m very disappointed yes I do have 2000 cat photos who doesn’t? Have a nice day.Version: 1.4.9

Video duration is not changeableWeak editor… The highlight selection and Clip duration is not edible. No option to change how long a section of your video clip is playing for. No crop options as well for video clips; which would offer the same results I just mentioned. This is a Major bug problem. If you have you have 2 10sec videos, Beatleap may decide first video plays for 1sec and the 2nd video is 3 secs. You can adjust where the video starts playing from but not change that 1 or 3sec duration. GoPro offers a similar app and dose not have this issue, they offer adjusting the clip duration and more then 1 highlights with in the same video clip, which is similar to setting highlight duration. Further more, GoPro can highlight some cool audio such speaking, and lower music volume for a few secs while the highlight audio coming from the video clip is playing. Its really an awesome feature. Can be fully adjusted or turned off of course. Gopro app also cost cheeper, this app is just hype and cost more..Version: 1.4.6

After update crashesBefore the update the app was working fine, for the most part. For example, even though I did not select an option, such as jump cut, it would still do jump cuts. But now after the most recent update, it’s the first time since I got my 12 Pro Max that an app has cause my phone to restart. This has happened twice in a row. Before the update, this never happened. I also would love to be able to set the duration of the project to auto match the duration of the video or even music I am using. Would also love manual control of when and where the effects happen, with the help of markers..Version: 1.3.10

No recommend!I do not recommend it, it does not save the changes you make to your videos and you waste the time invested when editing it because if you have a small adjustment you lose everything you did before, practically the app decides the changes, it has good filters but very little opportunity to take advantage of your creativity, pay for this application and it is not what I expected you can find others where you can make changes and be very creative with your videos for free or cheaper than this one..Version: 1.3.9

No HD exportThe AI performs very well at creating a nice video edit, with some flexibility. The biggest drawback is the lack of export options. Needs to be able to export at source resolution up to 4K..Version: 1.5.3

MusicBetter heavy metal songs.Version: 1.4.4

LameCan only use royalty free music from epidemic sound..Version: 1.4.7

DeletedWon’t let you save a video unless you buy. Not going to buy at their prices so no point in spending time learning the app. What I will say is the app seemed okay but because I am not going to waste time twerking the vid I made because I can’t save it… why put in the effort. Either watermark a free version so we can save it and show it on social media (free advertising) or give us very limited features but allow us to save. Who is going to buy without trying the app and seeing the product on social media ??.Version: 1.4.4

Was excitedWas really excited to come across this app but two things I have noticed 1. Firstly I can add any tunes from iTunes or downloaded media and 2. I am unable to edit a video clip length it only allows a highlight :-( therefore I don’t think this app works well for me.Version: 1.4.6

PurchaseIt seems you can’t save video unless you purchase it. Is that true?.Version: 1.5.3

Small glitchThe app kept glitching and closing every time I tried to highlight a video clip..Version: 1.5.2

Terrible appAwful app! Normally love this company’s apps but this one is extremely limited. No option to add your own music files unless extracting from another video but that feature isn’t available for free. I don’t understand how this app made a difference I might as well use Videoleap for better editing features then use another app to sync the speed of the music. About to uninstall this app 👍.Version: 1.2.7

SettingsThere is a speed up option which is good ... but I missed a lot the slow moving stuff and focus 😞.Version: 1.2.7

App is cool but needs improvementsI like the idea of this app but it is missing a really important tool and that is to allow you to pull your own clips from the videos you upload. This app picks those clips for you which is awful because then I have to upload to a different app and clip clips there then bring it over to this app. And for a app that doesn’t allow us to choose clips and rearrange them to our liking it is far too steep at 7.99 a month..Version: 1.3.9

MoneyDo not get this app if your not willing to subscribe to it, almost everything needs pro-version and heavily ruins the app for me.Version: 1.4.3

HelpCan someone please assist me, I have been trying to find how do I cancel my subscription, the app is telling me I have made extra purchases that I wasn’t aware of and now I cant find how to cancel my subscription..Version: 1.4.1

Not worth it at all.Says it changes photos/videos to the beat. But it changes to random beats (even upbeats and not downbeats) and impossible to tweak clips to adjust to music. It also randomly repeats a video/photo already shown in the segment and there’s no way to adjust. Might work if your video is 15sec max. This app is for someone who wants to put no work into their video and doesn’t care how it’ll turn out..Version: 1.4.9

This one of those app out to take your moneyThis one of those app out to take your money.Version: 1.4.4

Poor connection or poor app?This app is terrible. Keeps saying “can’t make video due to poor connection” even though I have tried multiple wifis (that can load any videos instantly) and my data. Why pay for an app to make videos if you can’t even make them?.Version: 1.5.3

Should be better for the priceThis app and the controls available are not what I would expect from a paid app, especially one as expensive as this. The apps automatic creation is very poor, in that it will select the same image multiple times, which I don’t understand. You can replace these (but why should this be needed to begin with?). If you choose to add more photos the app will repopulate the timeline and what you just adjusted is undone and you have to restart the process all over again, with finding images duplicated. Absolutely terrible experience. After just a few days I would rather have a refund than continue using the app. I could just use the app I was using prior to this. It may not have done exactly what this does, but it was more of a help than headache to me..Version: 1.4.5

Need to allow the use of own library!Frustrating. The concept is good, however, not being allowed to use my own music library is crazy to me. If I want to post to Instagram for example, I need to have the use of my own music choices to sync the video to. I have specific tracks I want to use. So I don’t understand why I have to only use your choice of music. You are behind the other apps by doing this..Version: 1.4.7

Generally great. Massively flawedOverall it’s pretty good. But it is mind boggling that they have made a music video app for mixing your video content auto synced to the beat of imported music tracks, either your own or from a library. Then restrict the export for seemingly no reason to 1minute max. (Who makes music tracks under 1 min long?) Which means exporting in segments and then trying to match up/cut them in video leap, or more likely Adobe premiere or after effects as the timeline controls in video leap aren’t accurate enough. It just makes zero sense why you would do this. Particularly given the same length restriction is not present in Videoleap. Anyhow, lifetime access for £60 ain’t bad, just hope that feature gets fixed, the point of me using these products is so I can lazily work from the sofa on creative projects in my spare time, leaving Adobe stuff at my office desk. If I need to keep going back and forth between the two it kinda defeats the point..Version: 1.3.9

Can’t do much with itIt’s one of these “aesthetic” apps for TikTok lesbians, not a tool you can make videos with. Can’t even upload ur own music without paying like 74 bucks.Version: 1.4.7

Very Basic and LimitedThe concept of this app is great but the ability to edit the clips is very limited. You can’t edit like cut the clips on the fly, nor where to put the effects on the clips. You’re just stuck at whatever the app wants to add the effects on. If they would update, at least let the users have the ability to cut the clips within the app. Therefore, this app deserves 2 stars for being super easy but after months of dealing with the limitation of this app, I decided to cancel my subscription..Version: 1.4.9

Good but could be betterThis app does exactly what it says it does. It does put your videos on beat (which is a real pain in the rear with their other app since you can’t see the music wave well enough to time it properly). You can change out the random video it chooses or the segment of the video… but what you can’t do is rearrange the videos. This is the biggest problem with this otherwise great app. If they combined the original app with this one it would be really good, which in my opinion would simply be allowing you to arrange the videos how you want. When you’re doing a video where chronology matters it randomizes them and trying to switch them out is frustrating and time consuming..Version: 1.4.7

AudioI’ve used this app to create some cute little “travel videos” of my kids, and they got an awesome response on my social media. But I would love to use it to make other things, and specifically pick songs or audio I have. I would definitely use this app more if I could pick specific audio instead of what comes with the app. So unfortunately I am canceling my subscription because I just don’t use it enough with the system audio to justify paying for it.Version: 1.4.6

Not too bad BUTIt’s really painful to find the music…come on, you need to have a search, not scrolling through the whole list..Version: 1.4.7

Mediocre and randomSpent $9.99 to try this for a month because I had high hopes…. If you are trying to get an edit done very quickly, this is the app for you. If you like to crop and zoom on specific areas of an image or a video, if you like to choose where certain transitions happen, if you like to use your own music, or no music at all, if you want a custom time video where all of your content can make it in, this is NOT THE APP FOR YOU. The customization in this app is so limited, it is sad. The effects possible are great, but the inability to edit where the random computer generated effects end up, is so sad. I wanted this app to work for me, but sadly it’s going right back where it came from, and it’s on to the next. Too expensive and too limited for my liking..Version: 1.5.2

Needs HD/4K Export OptionsWicked concept. About time really. Solid app but It NEEDS HD export options.. especially if you’re play for subscriptions! Needs to also clarify options that DON’T randomise splicing for those they don’t won’t their videos cut! Otherwise keen to see how things evolve🔊👊🏾.Version: 1.3.10

I don’t see any value in this app going forward.There’s literally no value in this due to the poor music choice categories. Right now it’s Halloween, I just want some spooky music. But you can’t search. You literally have to listen to every single track available which is total waste of time. There shouldn’t be a category named “Pink Sunset” for example. Please just give us real genres. Will there be any Christmas music? What bizarre heading will that be under?.Version: 1.5.3

Moving to a predatory pricing structureI let my sub lapse and went to re-up and now they only offer weekly at $5 per. for an app that hasn’t had new features in at least a year (probably more, there haven’t even been tweaks to the algorithm), making the monthly fee more than half of what the annual fee was just last month which i would have renewed if i had the money at the time, that’s just predatory. tell leadership that “AI” is a bad investment which is obvious by the change in the in the pricing structure. give us the old apps back and kick the AI industry in the nuts and tell them to go hangout with the loser nfts..Version: 1.5.7

Great effects but very limitedThis app has all the great effects for editing and making cool videos, but lacks flexibility and adjustability. Everything is basically fixed to where you can’t do much with it like trim clips shorter or make them longer. Even buying the premium doesn’t do much but give you access to basic features. The most annoying thing to me is when you need to add another video to whatever you’re currently editing, it’ll just reset the duration and tweaking of clips which isn’t what I want. Maybe if they were to give more flexibility with editing it’d be one of the best but it’s just not that..Version: 1.3.9

1/5Does not sync to music as shown on the advertisement. Also Limited on how much editing you can do.Version: 1.4.6

Great, but...I wish my vote had more power and wasn’t lost in the 1,000+ other votes. We really need an option for 1+ minutes. I was told by support that “more options” are unlocked once I subscribe, but I wasn’t made aware it was only the two that were already in the app. Fairly disappointed, as that was the most important feature for me, however, everything else works almost flawlessly, though a few suggestions are below; - A little more control over where the effect land would be great. IE Flash, speed up/slow down etc - Stop the video clips being moved or randomised when effects are added. IE I spent 45 minutes making a video, added one effect, and when I’d taken that off, the video was all over the place. - More control on the export quality. I film a lot in 4K, but the export is very low resolution and very grainy. I’ve tried on 1080p as well, to no effect..Version: 1.3.8

Horrible app!! Not free!!I just wasted my time making a video and now I have to pay to save it? What the point? It is not free!.Version: 1.5.3

Great app! BUT...I’ve seen couple other reviews of people coming across this app through advertising and that’s how I found out about it as well. Was messing around with it and overall the app does what it says it does make quick awesome videos with cool edits They are super simple but make the video pop out so much more! Especially if you want a cool video to share on social media so 3 stars for simplicity, easy use, style! BUT not being able to use your own music is a bummer and you are stuck using the very very few music selection especially if you are just using the free version and even if you pay for the app the music selection for my personal taste is not very good at all LOL. but I get it it’s a app you know. Maybe down the line if the app gets a update to be able to use your own music, improve their music library And maybe add few more effects a slow mo effect would definitely bring it up too 5 stars!!.Version: 1.2.3

Free music from camera rollCamera roll music should at least be free without pro, the music without pro isn’t the best either. All though the app is great but it can annoy you when you just want good music on it..Version: 1.3.8

HorribleI tried to edit a video and it just was horrible like I mean horrible it was not in the talking like I wanted and I HATE THIS APP.Version: 1.4.7

Manual featureThis will easily be a five star product if I can only edit my videos frame by frame instead of swiping my finger across the screen. after a full minute my fingers start to feel fatigue and ItIt gets uncomfortable and feels too long to edit my videos therefore making the Beat-leap experience lesson joy-able. All in all I enjoy the application and the many features available However I really hope the beat leap team can update to a frame by frame feature because It would just be making the app more amazing!.Version: 1.4.4

A good app for non business accounts.I really liked this app and have used it a lot. I would of given it 5 stars but recently I can’t use the videos on Instagram’s reels. They get flagged for copyright. I have a business account and this app was a good way to create reels. I have tried an another account and I could upload on a non business account. So for anyone that has a personal or creator account this is good. But sadly no longer for business accounts..Version: 1.3.8

Don’t payYou are forced to pay for the year then instantly realize that it’s trash and delete it after the first day. Waste of time and money. They have trash music and all the clips get mixed together..Version: 1.4.6

Don’t Download ItOnce you download this app, you won’t be able to uninstall it..Version: 1.4.7

ScamI bought premium so i could use the instagram length and although the crown symbol next to it is gone its still faded and wont let me use it, ive restarted it loads left it over night and restarted edits and nothing works, please tell me how to fix this or ill have to unsubscribe and this app could really be amazing!.Version: 1.2.4

PLEASEDevelopers. I’ve never written a review on an app before, but this app was SO CLOSE to being good. I know you want to make your money, and by all means, charge your fees, but what you SHOULD allow is MORE FREEDOM for the user ESPECIALLY if they SUBSCRIBE TO MONTHLY/YEARLY FEES. Example. WHY in the world would you not let the user place the effects where THEY want? PLEASE! This app would be the BEST video editing app if you gave the user the ability to CHOOSE for themselves where they want effects to time up in their own video. Yes I understand the simplicity you want to keep for new people, and yes you have a different app that does editing more precise but holy moly it is not the same and is also limited on basic functions. Sorry. For the more advanced AND/OR paying customers, at least give the option to do and to place EFFECTS WITH UNLIMITED amount! Why on earth would you limit how many times I can fast cut? Boomerang? Etc. Please. This app could surpass every other app out there. All you have to do is listen to your client base, and update with new effects. SIMPLE. I Hope you see this -much love.Version: 1.4.4

UselessThere is almost noting you can do with this app… i switch for an other.Version: 1.4.7

Scammer alertSubscription setup to assume you subscribe for 1 month then get billed for 12months😠😣😖😤😡🤬give me my money back you fxcxexn bxrxtxrxs.Version: 1.4.6

Good concept - struggles with still images?Loaded in images and no matter what music was selected it seemed to make the same cuts and struggle with actually cutting to the beat - results in odd video. The cuts were not consistent and pushing the “fast cut” button only seems to increase the cuts at certain points throughout the video, not overall..Version: 1.4.5

Rip offBetter products available now. It use to $59 a year, now over $420. Walk away to better deals on Instagram.Version: 1.5.7

Bad for video editingApp is terrible, barely lets you change anything, just adds stupid filters where it thinks is good.Version: 1.4.7

Lies.This app doesn’t set anything to the beat of the music. It just creates a slideshow with transitions and has nothing to do with the beat of the music. #lame.Version: 1.4.6

Deprecated and Abandoned.This deserves zero stars. It doesnt get improved . This doesnt even integrate with Apple Music. You cant use purchased songs.. their library is underwhelming. It’s time to add Stable Diffusion. It’s not a novelty anymore or a marketing accessory. The Subscription needs AI imagery. i would expect this app to have AI Music when that comes out next month. It gets updates that don't change anything. The algorithm that sets images and videos up is not that good and tends to repeat stuff rather than show extended selected content. Not to mention this is one of the Leap apps that doesn't look like it's going to get Stable Diffusion integration; so it's essentially an abandoned ugly cousin of the other apps. One would hope they are cognizant of how poorly it reflects on your company when utilizing canned replies when responding to criticism..Version: 1.5.6

Slowed my phoneMade my phone start lagging. Had a few tries with editing video but kept crashing when i wanted to save the video made. And made my phone a lot slower.Version: 1.3.4

To little information out thereHere is the thing, I spent the last 30 minutes trying to READ how to do specific things with this app. For instance, when adding a photo it automatically zooms on each photo. Also I’m trying to use this with music I can use on Instagram, including Instagram audio but I can not find popular songs that are also on Instagram. I assume maybe I need to get the pro version but now that I made a subscription and I finished my first video I can’t figure out how to get pro subscription or what prescription even offers. Although I may be a small telegraph of older users trying to learn you sound it would be appreciative if you took me to consideration and putting information out there. At one point I have downloaded all of your apps and to this day only one of them is worth it. This may be the best app ever used but I will never know..Version: 1.4.5

Downloading issuesApp cannot download full videos issues need to be assessed.Version: 1.4.3

Like the app but!Down loaded the app to iPhone, plus paid for full content & all was good. Then wanted to use on iPad but app hasn’t transferred over as others have. Downloaded from App Store to iPad and experienced to pay again for full content. Can this really be the case? Advice & answer please developers.....Version: 1.2.4

BuggySuper buggy iphone 11 pro ios 15.Version: 1.4.6

CrashL’appli a carrément fait s’éteindre mon iPhone 8.Version: 1.4.9

Can’t create great video without a great songI am upset I just paid for a year of this (I thought I had chosen the 2.99/month option, but maybe that’s my fault?) and I can’t find a single song that I can even stand to listen to for more than 5 seconds. I spent a good 30 minutes clicking through music. I thought at least I could pull from songs on my phone library, but no. So I can’t comment on the video edit aspect, since there’s no music to use. In my opinion, an awesome song is mostly what makes an awesome video..Version: 1.4.5

Won’t render videosI paid for the premium and when I add to many edits to the video it will no longer render the videos. Wasted my money..Version: 1.5.7

Does not sync to audio files you haveI’m not sure of this is a recent change however Beatleap no longer syncs your videos to the audio track of your choice. It only syncs your video clips to the audio tracks they have on the app (which isn’t trending audio). I paid for this app just so it can do exactly what I didn’t want it to do. What makes this app any different then the others ? I gave it 2 stars because when I first used the app it cut my clips to a audio beat I had uploaded and it was perfection. Now I’m doing my second and third video it’s not syncing my clips up to the beat of my song of choice. I definitely want a refund..Version: 1.5.3

Edit is more complicated than necessaryShould be easier to change the order of selected photos/vids for reels. Drag and reorder? Number them myself? Anything. This is so darned frustrating..Version: 1.4.9

Rubbish and a waste of moneyIt doesn’t allow you to edit enough. I didn’t even bother uploading one video from this app as I might get my friends and others seizures from the pulsing. Do not download!.Version: 1.4.9

…..Ok, so, the app is great. 👍I really enjoy editing and this is super beginner friendly. 😊The only problem is it charges you for the good features💵🤑.You make cool photos but the app was advertised for the features that actually sets it apart from the other editing apps. So…the developers should open up more features for the free version. People who want to pay extra WILL pay extra for the cooler features, even if the free version is super great. This is a proven theory. Even though people will pay the prices, some won’t or can’t. This then makes the app get old to the free users. I have the whole set of apps and all of them need this! Thank u for reading 😃✌️.Version: 1.4.7

I’ve been subscribed when I did not subscribe- how do I report and be refundedI’ve been subscribed when I did not subscribe- how do I report and be refunded.Version: 1.4.4

The tweak function is buggySometimes it wouldn’t save my tweaks and I find myself having to redo all the tweaking multiple times. I’m the end I’m probably better off editing the video from scratch to the beat using CapCut.Version: 1.4.7

Not for meI wish they had a trial version even for a 24 hour period. I downloaded it, paid a yearly membership which said you could cancel anytime, not knowing that also meant full payment would be kept. I used this for all of 10 minutes to realize that this was not at all what was useful to me and the music selection was slim and not for me. Sad to have spent money on this only to realize the limitations..Version: 1.4.7

Needs workI like this app however when I put in a video and put effects and stuff. They keep going forward and then shows me part of the video from before. I don’t like that. I’d you guys when you input the video. And start doing effect. Go forward in the video not backwards..Version: 1.3.9

Not yet able to beat competitorsThis has huge potential, but in my opinion isn’t up to the quality of GoPro’s Quik app yet. Quik also has auto beat-matching, but with the added benefit of being free with no features locked behind a paywall. It also lets you use your own music that you’ve downloaded on iTunes, which is key. Plus there are no limits on video duration. Until this app is improved, I can’t recommend it over the alternative..Version: 1.3.1

EXTREMLY expensive for what is actually isFull of bugs Does not have BASIC functions Can not actually tweak even though they said they added the tweak function, it is USELESS. They should be ashamed to ask for so much when they don’t care to really improve This is good for AMATEURS but for Pros, it is a HUGE HEADACHE! From afar it seams cool, but if you wan control of your content output, it will take you 10times for time to adjust by trial and error, because their functions are so incredibly idiotic and you have no control. Stay away : this is just a amateur trap.Version: 1.3.4

CostDoesn’t actually advise you what there is to do more in pro (paid version) before you even purchase.Version: 1.4.7

It’s not badIt’s really not bad but I just wish I could actually search up any song and it’ll be there instead of scrolling and scrolling on songs you don’t even know , and not having to go to files to put songs.Version: 1.4.3

Money scamI should have read the negative reviews first. This app is not free. You HAVE TO chose a pay subscription to be able to use it, so I have chosen $2.99 per month with “cancel any time”. I downloaded the app to try it and was not happy with it. It did not work automatically “per beat” as they state so it was a lot of manual adjustments that I do on my free app. I have deleted the app and went to my apple account to cancel the subscription only to find out they charged me for the entire year!!!!! And not for a month as I’ve selected. I Immediately checked my credit card only to find out they have charged my credit card $36. And it was within 10 min!!!! Horrible app scam. No I have to call my credit card company and Contact apple to dispute this transaction..Version: 1.4.7

Expensive and does less than IMovieSorry, but this is just a waste of money. Can’t add photos, has to be video, limited instructions. Plain annoying. If you download you then have no option but to purchase. You can’t trial it..Version: 1.2.9

Not worth itVery limited music and editing tools..Version: 1.5.7

This Would’ve Been A 5 Star App, But,...It’s got all the bells and whistles but the one main whistle that counts! If you are serious about video editing, you take your chosen music serious! This app limits you from choosing your own music. I do believe I read that they may be working on changing this one issue? If they do it will definitely be worth me purchasing the entire app and being a fan for life! Lastly, I will definitely have to add 3 more stars and make this a 5 Star rating! Until that happens, 2 stars is all I can give this app. Why? Because there are apps that don’t do quite as much, but with the right edits and your own music added, you can create an amazing feel good video! In the end, it’s really about making your video personal to you. It’s about putting your signature on the video and not just doing another copycat of someone else’s!.Version: 1.2

Don’t waste your timeYou can’t do much on the non-paid version. I considered upgrading but not only is it expensive, it doesn’t have the functionality to justify the cost. I wanted a longer video, rather than sync the content to the track length it either loops from the beginning repeating the first added content or cuts it short. Useless!!.Version: 1.5.2

Can’t wait for future updatesHonestly this app is stiff. Only thing it’s missing some important editing tools like being able adjust volume of both video and selected track, being able to layer additional sounds other than just having one track, and being able to add and remove effects where you do/don’t want them. Other than that I’m excited for this app and it’s potential! I know as they add more tools and effects it will be a top quality app for best makers and people who generally love making dope edits!!.Version: 1.4.4

Doesn’t let you do what you wantI only wanted to crop a small part of a video out but it was forcing me to add music, and there was no option to bypass this or get rid of it in a later step. Annoying..Version: 1.5.2

Cannot Search / Add Any SongDisappointed to find out that I cannot search or sync any artist / song to my Reel..Version: 1.4.9

SucksCould not get it to slice up a video with audio already. then couldnt get more beats, it would only detect a few. Faster to do it in videoleap. And it sucks they don't give videoleap customers a chance to try it free first. sucks all around..Version: 1.4.4

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Artleap by Lightricks Negative Reviews

It used to take a whole lot of effort and time to get a beautiful double exposure or a fragmenting dispersion effect, or...

Photoleap: AI Art Photo Editor negative reviews, comments
Photoleap: AI Art Photo Editor Negative Reviews

Transform your images with Photoleap, the most powerful photo editing app on the market! Whether you’re an artist, or yo...

Boosted Ad Maker by Lightricks negative reviews, comments
Boosted Ad Maker by Lightricks Negative Reviews

Boosted by Lightricks, is a one-stop-shop for social media marketing & visual content creation. Boost your small busines...

Seen: Stories Maker negative reviews, comments
Seen: Stories Maker Negative Reviews

Your Stories should have style, just like you. From Lightricks - the makers of Facetune and Facetune2 - Seen will make s...

Motionleap by Lightricks negative reviews, comments
Motionleap by Lightricks Negative Reviews

Create moving photos for a unique type of photo art! Animate your photos & magically bring them to life with Motionleap....