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Brick Builder! app received 137 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about brick builder!?

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Clickbait.The game lies to you by showing a different game In the ads and the game preview what you really get is a man collecting bricks the game you really get is not similar and the levels complete the levels are very simple and as you go on do not get much harder the game has no point but to make you think your getting somthing different than what is there this is a common scam when a game is not doing well they replace previews and ads to a different game that looks better to the views eye..Version: 1.9

Gets quite boringIt repeats the same two games over and over,It gets boring..Version: 1.22

NahhhhWhen I got it I thought it was going to be the paper racing and it was the brick building but I didn’t want that so nahhh not that good of a app.Version: 1.16

Dumb garbageI only got it for the toilet paper but it’s complete click bait. the actual game is incredibly boring I DON’T RECOMMEND.Version: 1.14

Not what you thinkOk so I thought this game was going to be cool when I saw the ad. I saw someone on a toliet paper roll collecting more toliet paper on the ground. I downloaded the app and was excited to play. Until I opened the game. Turns out that was the first level of the game which is a bonus level. The rest of the game is just collecting bricks and making builds. Very disappointed. Like what most people say, most apps lie in their ads. I thought the game was very boring but if you like collecting bricks And making builds then this game is for you. I’d consider not getting the game. Have a good rest of your day/afternoon/evening/night!.Version: 1.23

False AdvertisementThis game was nothing like it seemed. First of all you don’t play as toilet paper like in the advertisement. You play as a person with a bucket and you collect gold. When comparing the actual game to the advertisement I got very disappointed. This was because I saw the advertisement on Instagram and I barely download instagram advertisement shown games. I thought the game was cool based on the advertisement, then I got greatly disappointed when playing the actual game. Do not download this is a waste of time..Version: 1.9

Very confusedAd shows a completely different game plus the levels are 10-15 seconds long for a 30 second ad after every level.... 10 mins of playing for 20 mins of ads What a waste of time DO NOT DOWNLOAD YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.Version: 1.11

Don’t like itUm this isn’t like the ad and I don’t like how you do two things in this game Because I got this game to play the park where you roll up the toilet paper and then you give me something else to play, I don’t like it 😡😕.Version: 1.16

LIARSListen i can understand the ad company making the ads not the game but the entire app store page is not the game the logo for the app is not the game you are just lying about the actual game the only reason i’m giving 2 stars is because the actual game is pretty fun. if you were to just make the game actually what you show it would be so much better or at least make a second app.Version: 1.20

It’s okI downloaded it in case I go somewhere with no WiFi when I opened the app it was the game it said then it was completely different app.Version: 1.16

WORST GAME I HAVE EVER HADThis game is disgraceful so read this if you are thinking about getting the game, so firstly when I started to play the game it said there was A BONUS LEVEL WICH THE ACUALLY WASN'T THERE WAS NO COINS any way I’ve have played the game for like 2mins and I absolutely hate this app so if I were you listen to me and DO NOT I REAPEAT DO NOT GET RPTHIS SILLY APP.Version: 1.16


Game changed completelyThe first few minutes I was playing the game what is exactly how it looked on the ad and then a few minutes later the game completely changed.I’m just really confused why they would do this, all this is doing is pissing off a bunch of people. Either way game in the ads and the fake game are boring..Version: 1.16

LieThis game is a complete lie it’s not catching the toilet paper or whatever it’s just one of those weird guys with a trolly collecting bricks I was suspicious about the name and I knew it was a SCAM!!🤬🤬.Version: 1.16

D U M BIts so dumb its not fun so I don’t recommend it.Version: 1.15

Doesn’t make senceSo once u break most of ur tower of whatever, u still have tobreak the little bits on it. Just plain nothing.Version: 1.16

It’s okIt’s okay game it’s just that the bonus level is better than the normal level so I think you should swap the two around so the main level becomes the Bonus level and the bonus level becomes the main level.Version: 1.16

Just noNot like the ad at all, it is a completely different game!.Version: 1.9

AwfulDO NOT GET THIS GAME. the game is not what is advertised at ALL. the ads show some weird toilet paper roll, but the real game is nothing like this. not only is this false advertising, the actual game isn’t fun or entertaining what so ever. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.21

Bad game, copywrite and false advertisingJust like any other free mobile game, fun for a bit. the end of the regular levels are suspiciously similar to a castle destroying game i play. and there was another game i get adds for that is almost identical to this one. turn off your wifi if you wanna play without adds. the adds for the game look so much better than this one..Version: 1.11

Not that game that I wantedIt’s the complete opposite of what I saw on the add and the game is just boring you just keep collecting bricks what’s so special about that, this game is not even worth downloading it....Version: 1.16

Not like the adThe ad for this app actually looks real fun, why isn’t this actually the game -_-.Version: 1.10

Worst game everThis game is so boring so if you wanna get scammed go ahead get SCAMMED!!!.Version: 1.16

Don’t get this game it’s just wasting your timeThis game sucks It’s not even the game in the ads and your running to get golden bricks which is not showed in the ads the first level is the game in the ads. Then it’s not good your building something that looks like trash don’t play this game.Version: 1.19

It’s okThis game is nothing like the adds. Or the pictures they show of this game. It is another game that has millions of adds. The pictures of this game show only bonus levels that take so long to get and isn’t really worth watching endless adds just for one quick level..Version: 1.11

Nothing like the adsWhen I downloaded this game I expected to play the game if the add but it’s just completely different and not one this is the same, looks like they have just added a fake add as a marketing technique that’s hasn’t worked. FIX IT.Version: 1.11

Not like they advertised at allIts boring and not like the adds DONT DOWNLOAD THIS.Version: 1.19

My opinionI believe that this game is clickbait so that people download it I get that the toilet paper thing is a bonus round but when your ads preview picture and the thumbnail for the game is the “bonus round” you're gonna attract people for that game, not the actual game. So I feel like there should be a completely other game for the toilet paper thing it's misleading and not the person who downloads the games fault because they thought they were getting the game in the ads..Version: 1.19

Almost false advertising.Look. I know there was a review on here saying the spiral is a bonus level but it shouldn't be. The game is advertised all over the app store as a spiral game. On the ad it's a spiral. The thumbnail of the game is the spiral. Even though the spiral is in the game it should not be advertised as the main game if it isn't..Version: 1.9

Idk about dis game-When I was trying to break that house that I I made with bricks it was not working, like it’s not letting me aim properly.Version: 1.14

Not as advertisedNot like the advertisements at all do not gat the game unless you want to get scammed.Version: 1.16

Please readThis app does not show what the game actually is. If you look at the top on the pictures it says bonus level which aren’t the actual levels. You have to go through like 8 levels to get to this. And these guys get away with it because it’s not false advertising but it kind of is.Version: 1.9

StupidThis game couldn’t let me revive when I was very close to the end! This stupid app has to be fixed!.Version: 1.14

EhThis game is fun but not how the game was advertised. I got the game thinking it was what it was advertised. So overall it was false advertising and it’s not the most fun game but it is a game if you want to relax..Version: 1.16

Lots of adds and not what you expectI gave it 2 stars as its not awful. But I got it because it thought it was the white roll and you had to make it bigger like the add for this game was. But it wasn’t..Version: 1.16

Don’t download if your looking for the game as advertised!😡If you are looking from the App Store look at the very last picture. That is the actual ga,e you are getting and it sucks! No chalange and suuuupper boring!.Version: 1.16

Soo fakeI was playing this game and it is a person with a cart behind them and you collect them on the photos it is a lie DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME... IM NOT JOKING I REGRET GETTING THIS GAME!! NEVER DOWNLOAD THIS.Version: 1.10

WowThis game was really not what I had expected. I absolutely love the bonus games which are ten levels apart from each other. I just wish that I could change the roll on the bonus level to a different colour.😻😻 I’m on level 95 at the minute and I think that you can get more skins after you’ve unlocked them all. Obviously it is getting harder as I go on. But it is a great game. 😉.Version: 1.18

NOPEHELL NAW ive never been scammed more in my life than this.Version: 1.14

Addictive but buggyThis game is incredibly addictive and has many different fun customisations but occasionally the character will jolt to the left making you lose the level..Version: 1.14

CLICKBAITOn the ad it is different to the actual game. It is so clickbait, I suggest to not download it because it is not what you think it is so don’t waste ur time.Version: 1.13

HmmmI honestly don’t know how I feel about this game. I don’t recommend it if you’re looking for a fun game to play when you’re bored, but if you just wanna relax for a few minutes this is a game that could work for you. I only rated it two stars because it’s not terrible, but there are a few bugs like it will suddenly lag you off or won’t let you start a new round. This also is not the best game in my opinion because I like the types of games where you can actually play, not just roll a roll of whatever around... also as many people have said in other reviews, NOTHING like the adds. So if you are only downloading this because it looks fun in the adds, I wouldn’t bother. Sorry for all the negativity but there aren’t many positive things about this game other than some people may like it. I won’t be keeping this app As to be honest it’s just a big waste of storage for an app I’ll use not even once a month ♥️.Version: 1.16

MehIt was ok at first it just got boring and too many adds also u have to by half the skins.Version: 1.22

VERY BAD AND MISLEADINGIt’s pretending to be that game you see in ads that’s a roll or whatever but it’s just one of those dumb stupid games where you collect bricks and games that mislead you like this are just so annoying and 90% of people will just delete straight after. I can’t believe I didn’t check the reviews lol. Always check the reviews.Version: 1.16

Legit wasted timeThe game is nothing like the advert. The bonus levels are like the advert but the actual game is collecting bricks and building some structure and destroying it. False advertising. Congratulations creators, you wasted my time 🙃.Version: 1.16

I wish there was a no star :(..Guys, if you see this, please don’t get this game. It’s probably the worst game in the world. If you get it then, you might want to delete it like in a second. You may want to get it, but it’s not a good game, trust me. It doesn't even look like the pictures. Now it’s a really bad game. Please do what I said. Thank you. Number 1. Please don’t get this game. Number 2. If you get the game you will be like, Uhhh, what is this?! Number 3. Worst game ever..Version: 1.10

SCAM SCAM SCAMWe download this app from and advertisement and DID NOT GET THE APP WE DOWNLOADED IM SO MAD I HATE YOU HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU RUDE RUDE RUDE SCAMMER SCAMMER SCAMMER I asked for a rainbow roller. I dIDNT GeT It you get a 1 star Review because your an old man trying to scam me you perv.Version: 1.16

Don't waste your timeHere you have the real crap. Boring game, tons of publicity that cannot be skipped and nothing like the advert. Don't waste your time checking out. I did and I regret..Version: 1.9

Not the game it says it isCompletely different game..Version: 1.9

FakeFirst time u play it looks like the add it’s not it’s fake worst game ever I hate you who ever made this burn in hell!.Version: 1.16

I was surprisedSo I decided to play the game because the ads actually seemed interesting and it seemed like a fun and challenging game but then I downloaded it and opened the app and to tell the truth I deleted it and re downloaded it thinking I might have downloaded the wrong app so once I started playing the game it was actually a pretty fun game it could be a little boring and so many ads but I seriously thought that I was getting the game the ads showed overall I still wish that it was the game that they showed in the ads but not that bad.Version: 1.15

This if fun butOn the ads it shows that you roll this thing it DOES NOT say that there is this bonus game the bonus game is fun but the bonus is the game most of the time it is this bonus game that you play and there’s only one picture of this bonus game I just think that it should be a bonus game if you do good on the roll game you get a bonus game and they show you the normal game but when you download it all you play most of the time is bonus witch defeats the purpose of a bonus game so it is click bate but not really but if you are ok with playing this bonus game most of the time you will love this game.Version: 1.16

Brick BuilderDON’T DOWNLOAD NOT THE GAME U THINK IT IS!!!!!Nothing like the add in Facebook Fake advertisement all over witch my I add is illegal. Selling something it is not. I was actually looking forever to playing it Download it 10mins ago now deleting not what I was expecting get ur advertising right Also even not called what it is in the App Store also fake pice in there.Version: 1.9

Not the sameThis game is not the same as the add .Its really boring.Version: 1.15

AdsI don’t recommend anyone get this game it’s awful and they advertise way to much I see this game everywhere it’s so annoying..Version: 1.20

ClickbaitThis app is nothing like what it shows, it shows toilet paper but it’s a building simulator that isn’t even fun. I wanted to play it because of the ads and it looks very fun but this isn’t what the ad said at all. If your gonna clickbait at least make it fun. Where did you even get the idea of what you advertised? I mean you did it here so why not do it to the actual game? I recommend not click baiting and maybe then you’ll get a 5 stars from me. This is not to bring anyone down this is just to tell you that it’s wrong to clickbait.Version: 1.9

Not as advertised/lots of adsThe concept is the same as the preview and how the app is advertised but it isn’t the same as it looks. It’s annoying but not deal breaking. What is annoying is that even when you’ve got airplane mode on you still get ads. I like games that I can either close during an app to skip or turn on airplane mode to avoid them. These apps I only play for a few minutes waiting for appointments, and once a year when I’m in the wilderness I usually cave and sit on my phone a while and I like keeping a few games that don’t require service to play. All in all, not the game for me.Version: 1.10

Ew clickbaitIf ur gonna make ads and make the app looking like one thing can ur game not be a different thing cause that’s just so gross and clickbait.Version: 1.9

BAD BAD BADIt’s just not letting me in the game.Version: 1.10

Terrible gameIts nothing like the ad, DO NOTDOWNLOAD.Version: 1.9

StupidRidiculous it’s nothing like the Ad let alone the pics that are there when looking at the app.Version: 1.9

ScamNot at all like the adds.Version: 1.14

DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAMEThis game is clickbait and very boring. I’m sure all the good reviews are bots 🙄 I mean, who would want to play this!?! If your reading this, you don’t want to download it. All it will do is take up space on your device. The whole game is just a man walking down a very short path collecting bricks. All of the levels are pretty much the same. All I find satisfying is when I click out of the app. Please fix this..Version: 1.9

The ad is not correct!I downloaded the game because the ad looked soo fun. The game is nothing like the ad! Fix it!.Version: 1.16

THE GAME IS NOT WHAT IT SEEMSThis game is completely different from the one that it shows and instead is much more boring than what it shows.Version: 1.16

It’s okay I guess 😒Well in all fairness this game is mainly happening, I mean I haven’t had any problems or crashes or anything but when I get adds they are those long annoying ones.Version: 1.14

False advertisementFasle advertising is taking its turn for the best for the company who made this I guess. Kind of sad they do this, if you want to get a game that is like the ad, then this is not it 💯%. Looked fun as well.Version: 1.11

False advertising, nothing like the adsThis game makes it look like a toilet paper game, lets just say... ITS NOT! It’s a stupid game where you collect STUPID bricks, if you want to collect bricks, sure! This is the game for you. If you wanted a toilet paper game where you collect toilet paper to grow.. this is NOT a game for you..Version: 1.13

This game badIt is not like the game that you see on the ads it is very boring and this created is bad at making it as well, why was this game made anyways?, and plus it is not fun a all, do not download this up!.Version: 1.13

FAKE APPI just downloaded this app and I deleted it when I first went into the game! It’s not the game you think it is it’s a FAKE all you do is build a sand castle it’s soooo boring this game is a FAKE it’s not the game you think it is in the add it’s a FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP.Version: 1.10

GarbageIt’s not even the game advertised and even if you do keep playing it, it’s repetitive and boring. If you have to advertise a different game maybe the one you are trying to get people to download isn’t good.Version: 1.10

SucksFalse advertising why would you make a game like that the real game sucks.Version: 1.16

Not what it seems but an ok gameThis was not the same as the add! the add was toilet paper being rolled and getting smaller or bugger the more you go, Well this is not the case there is a stick figure running with a wagon stacking up bricks and building something then destroying it. Now I was very upset when I saw it wasn’t like the add but it’s an ok game. It gets boring fast but a lot of games get boring. Just be prepared to be a little upset because it’s not what it seems..Version: 1.11

Not what it says on the adAn advert for this came up, it was meant to be a game to do with a spiral or something like that and it’s really this. If you are going to make an advert, make it actually to do with the game.Version: 1.14

Worst game everOn the adds it’s a spiral that you have to get to the end to get a new colour but when you download the game,like another review said,nothing like the ad and it’s not even a spiral it is like another game that has been made. People will be downloading the app to try and get a new colour but what they have to do is build a castle instead. What is this junk I downloaded.😡.Version: 1.9

Bad😑😑So mad 😡😡😡😡😡😡.Version: 1.15

False advertisementI got this game thinking it was like the ad but when I opened the app it was a completely different the what was advertised and I think that it should be what is advertised cause it’s ripping a lot of people off.Version: 1.16

This game is NOT like the ads and is a copy .First of all : This game is NOT like they showed in the ads!!! It’s so stupid . It isn’t even the same gameplay as they show in the ads! Second of all : This is a copy of the game Paper Line . If you are willing to play the real game, go ahead and download it :D . I DONT recommend downloading this . It is a waste of data and time ..Version: 1.15

TerribleFalse advertising it’s nothing like the ads or photos you are not a roll of toilet paper your a person gathering bricks to make a path. Do not give this game any support.Version: 1.9

ClickbaitIt is nothing like the add, absolute click bait I am so disappointed 😔🙄 do NOT wast ur time on this app.Version: 1.13

OkThis game is the worst game ever and you see why 1 I gust rote a review on this game because there is to much adds and I gust went to play the game and it said it can not remove the adds how pathetic 2 there is nothing good about this game it is so boring that I am thinking of deleting it 3 it is gust a really bad game and there is nothing good about it.Version: 1.18

TrashThis game Is a piece of trash it is boring it takes 40 minutes for me to load in whatever you do do not download is I’m not joking listen to me trust me.Version: 1.16

Eh tiktok tookover this appHelp half my tiktok fyp is this.Version: 1.16

MisleadingNot like the ad at all.Version: 1.10

NOTHING LIKE ADHas nothing to do with the ad or what is being shown on the app store DO NO DOWNLOAD!!.Version: 1.9

NoApp is very repetitive.Version: 1.9

This game=bad and not fun or time consumingThis game is nothing like the add that it shows you. All it is is a man carrying a cart and you have to collect gold. If your going to make an add that looked kinda fun to play than make that game. This game is just a scam, and the levels don’t get any harder. I even think that they repeat. So if you want to play that game go ahead but I’m just trying to save you some storage..Version: 1.9

No the sameHas nothing to do with the ad. Disappointed.Version: 1.15

Agreeing with everybody else :/Game is trash. Doesn’t even go with what they advertised, first level Is the bandage thing then the rest is collecting blocks then building bridges over gaps tell the finish line. I hate when game devs lie to get you to play a cash grab. 100% don’t recommend 😗✌️.Version: 1.16

EhNot what it looks Like. Got this from an add on another game and it doesn’t look anything like the add. You have to build a castle and your a person.Version: 1.9

SCAM!Total scam! False advertising when it isn’t even the real game. Do not download this! You’re just giving them free money that small creators who work hard deserve..Version: 1.16

What is the real add? 😂This game is nothing like the add pls don’t download it lol why would you think...let’s make a add with toilet paper trying to get to the jackpot but our game is a HUMAN building a house and unlocking another human😮 it goes through millions of ppl how did they all accept?! 😂 what is the adds real game tho looks fun? if it was a real add it might of been a fun game....Version: 1.9

.Not even the same game as advertised.Version: 1.9

Nothing like the ad.This is nothing like the ad, not challenging and so boring. I recommend not getting it but if you like boring games go ahead..Version: 1.11

{Not What I Expected}Although this is not what I expected, this is actually a guy with a bucket trying to get gold, there are these gaps you have to build across with the gold you collected, when the ads and the game previews are way different, but the game itself is better than one star, but the way the developer made the game a clickbait just took the fun out of it....Version: 1.9

To many adsEverytime I do a level it gives me an ad but up that aside the game is good.Version: 1.19

WhyYou should stick to the advert because it’s kind of annoying when you see a good ad and see an absolute trash game that is nothing near the game Just don’t be annoying.Version: 1.9

😡It’s not the same game that the advertisement shows. 😡.Version: 1.16

AnnoyingDON’T BUY THIS APP ! NOT LIKE THE ADD WORST GAME ! that’s all I got to say.Version: 1.11

This is the worstI downloaded this game cause the ads and pictures looked fun. The game is not at all like the AppStore photos or ads! The games actually a game where you bring brick to build something and it’s super boring! The creators should make the AppStore page be the actual game and not the fake non existent game.Version: 1.14

Different game.This sucks.Version: 1.19

Horrible gameIf your going to make a game and put ads out for a game then what’s the point in the game being completely different to the game in the ads they have probably stollen footage of another game and put it as they’re own don’t download this game it’s the closest thing a free thing can come to being a scam there is.Version: 1.9

READ BEFOR PLAYING OR SAVE TIME AND JUST DONT GET THE GAMEI can’t believe they advertise it as a role and instead you have to collect dumb bricks they advertise it as a fun game but instead they give you a completely different game and it’s so boring and a wonder why they putt the good reviews first and there is only two good ones and the rest is bad. 😤😡.Version: 1.16

Can’t passI’m unable to pass level 28.Version: 1.11

Brick BuilderI got this game because I saw the add. I really liked the game in the add and it looked like fun. but when I started to play the game, it wasn’t what the add was at all it was like a completely different game. even though the bonus level is the toilet paper roll game that the add shows, you should really advertise the main game that everyone is going to play. I hope you read this and take my advice into consideration. The only reason why I gave it 2 stars and not 1 is because the real game is pretty decent..Version: 1.10

Ads weren’t accurate....So I got an add about this game and it looked fun! I saw the reviews and thought whatever I’m gonna get it. So level one I didn’t see the person and it was paper towels not toilet paper but I didn’t care. The other levels are different things. It still like a rolling game but with different things. You should change the ads, title, and previews. I was excited about the game but not so much anymore....Version: 1.20

Please read thank you 😌This game is horrible like i had it for what a week and there is no toilet paper thingo it is collecting bricks and creating a picture but then you have to destroy it and it is horrible do not download!!!.Version: 1.16

It has a toilet paper partI know every one says there’s no toilet paper part or u know but it has the toilet paper part like the ad so yeah it collects bricks and toilet paper.Version: 1.13

False advertisementThis game isn’t as the add showed us it is not!!! At all like the add.Version: 1.19

Incredibly misleadingThey advertise a whole different premise of a game without telling you it’s just the “bonus level” of another type of game. learn how to use actual marketing to entice an audience or don’t make an app at all.Version: 1.14

ScamThe game is not even what’s advertised. It’s a boring, and not even challenging. Give us the game we wanted..Version: 1.15

The app is not what the ad isNo.Version: 1.9

Brick builderThis is the worst game ever I downloaded it because of the ad It looked so fun I thought I was toilet paper I was and I opened the app and it is were you collect bricks and then you built something at the end I got so mad I deleted it but first showed my dad the ad and he also said that looks so fun and then I showed him the game and had him play a level he said that is so much different ad. 😡😠😤.Version: 1.11

Not the gameThe ad look cool and fun and great so I downloaded it BUT IT NOT THE GAME trust me you get the game some time but NO.Version: 1.16

Fake gameThis app is nothing like it advertised it showed it as a game where you are a spiral but instead you were a person there isn’t even a spiral skin you’re just a person that collects bricks it’s very deceptive advertising I thought I would give it a chance but it’s not at all a good game. Would not recommend it all very unentertaining and not really a useful or fun game for what it was advertised as. They probably use screenshots and videos from another game as their advertising pieces..Version: 1.9

BadWorst game ever.Version: 1.16

PoopThis game is so bad I hate.Version: 1.16

Absolutely garbageI wanted to play the game but it took like 20 minutes just to load do not download what so ever it’s not even like the ads it’s false advertising.Version: 1.10

Doesn’t workThe game doesn’t even load in.Version: 1.10

Not really as the ad says...I thought by the ad this would be a toilet paper game. Well, it’s really not.... I’m legit stuck with a weird looking dude, building castles and when you bump into obstacles he bleeds. I don’t understand if there’s suppose to be another part attached to it or sum but it’s not cool. There’re no instructions or anything if there is. It’s not really fun that way to be honest. Thank you..Version: 1.21

Worst gameThis game sucks cuz it’s false advertising and it’s just plain BORING I would not recommend getting this unless you want to ———— get scammed.Version: 1.14

Please read this!For me this app doesn’t even work, I tried playing it but it just kept me on the loading screen for 10 minutes at least and I couldn’t get it to let me play I even deleted and re-downloaded the app just to see if that would work, but still the app doesn’t work for me I have an iPhone 7 Plus so that might be why but I don’t know that’s pretty much why I don’t really like this app..Version: 1.10

Garbage ApppppThis game is not what the ad shows!.Version: 1.14

Too much adsI think the game is quite fun, however the number of ads is egregious to the point where I can’t enjoy the game and there’s no IAP to disable them..Version: 1.16

Oh wowSo,I was just about to get this game (it was downloading), then I read the reviews. I'm pretty sure the good reviews were mostly bots. I read the critical reviews and apparently, the game was not as advertised. I stopped downloading it then. Looked at the photos of the game. All the spiral ones were bonus levels - just like everyone had said. The last photo did not look as advertised. So this game, eventhough I hadn't played it, is really bad lol. Wish the stars could go to no stars.Version: 1.14

It sucksNot even the game that was on the add! And it’s garbage!!.Version: 1.15

GarbageFalse advertising.Version: 1.16

Don’t download this app!!!!This app is nothing like the add it is sooooooooo boring 🙄😒.Version: 1.11

Okay game, but a suggestionI think some of these hyper casual games are fun. The creators put little effort into them but yet, they are addicting in a way. My wish for these kinds of games is for the creators to shut up with all the ads. But now I’m getting to the point, the actual brick building part is okay but not too bad. My suggestion is that the spiral rolling part could be all levels. Yeah I know, people are gonna think I’m complaining and saying that it’s my fault for not noticing it’s just a bonus level. I noticed that. But since it is in the game’s icon, and they give full attention to it, why not make a game that is just spiral rolling?.Version: 1.16

AwfulYour a person it’s not like the picture or the ad you get on other games.Version: 1.9

WtfWtf? They didn’t even put the right game.Version: 1.14

It’s okI thought it was gonna be like the front page but it’s mostly about getting bricks creating and then destroying after u did one these annoying things u get 1 level of the front page and then repeats if u looking for the toilet paper rainbow game fond a different game and don’t play this.Version: 1.16

AnnoyingTypical free which game is full adverts, spend all your time sitting through adverts waiting for the next level. Game is actually good but deleted it due to bombardment of advertising...Version: 1.14

Kind of goodIt’s meh.Version: 1.16

It straight up sucksFalse advertising.Version: 1.19

Annoying Stupid DumbI can not get into the game I’ve been staring at the clever turtle part for more than 5 minutes I only got in it once and it is nothing like the ads and pictures.Version: 1.10

Don’t get itBrick builder is not what it says it is and it’s so boring delete it now.Version: 1.15

Why should I report an issue with Brick Builder!?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Brick Builder! to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Brick Builder! customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Brick Builder!.

Is Brick Builder! not working?

Brick Builder! works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Brick Builder!.

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