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Dreamdale - Fairy Adventure App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Dreamdale - Fairy Adventure app received 139 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Dreamdale - Fairy Adventure? Can you share your negative thoughts about dreamdale - fairy adventure?

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Dreamdale - Fairy Adventure for Negative User Reviews

Love the game but there’s bugs!I love the game have been really enjoying playing it however the game keeps crashing and shutting down on me. When I open it back up my progress has been put back 😤 this keeps happening and honestly if it continues to I’m just going to delete the game cause although it’s a good game I’ve done the same buildings and land a good few times now due to the game repeatedly shutting down and putting me back almost every time I play.Version: 1.0.14

Fun until unplayableVery fun concept and design, completely and utterly ruined in almost every conceivable way. Firstly: There’s too many ads. And I don’t mind ads. I literally understand ads. But there’s reasonable ads, and then there’s whatever this is. Secondly: the ads also freeze the game constantly. Thirdly: the game is laggy and slow most of the time, the ads exacerbate this beyond usability. Fourthly, the dungeons become unplayable around level 50. You don’t get enough upgrade gear materials, and the enemies keep getting stronger but you can’t because you don’t have upgrade any materials. Fifthly, the game overheats the device, really fast. It runs so hot that my iPad loses charge even when plugged in while this game is running for more than an hour. Sixthly, and most importantly because it is gamebreaking, as soon as I got to the first island, the one with the pearls, the game freezes every time I try to go back to my main island. Just black screen, hard freeze. When I load the game back up I am still on the pearl island, so I can never get back to my home island. Obviously this makes the game unplayable. Gotta say, even after putting up with all the other issues this game has, I still had a good time playing it while it worked. Although the battery drain was SUPER INSANE too, I must say..Version: 1.0.30

DisappointingActually loved the game until the developers paid no attention to the glitches. For some time now I cannot progress because the trade ships don’t trade, therefore not letting me finish tasks that require the rewards these trade ships offer. Even when you email the developers there’s no feedback. There’s not even an email back saying they’ve received your email. It’s a shame because it’s a good game otherwise 🫤.Version: 1.0.26

Bad ads, fun gameI thought the game was fun but wow there are way too many ads!! Not just ads to get extra items but random ones that pop up while you’re just collecting items. A LOT OF ADS. Also this was my first time getting ads that were not appropriate for kids. Yikes!!! Deleted game..Version: 1.0.26

Going downhillSo I really loved this game, it wasn’t rushed, you could go at your own speed and do tasks whenever you wanted. The ads are a bit annoying so I paid to get rid of them, after that it was just a happy time of chopping down trees and chasing terrified sheep on the back of a pig. And then came the recent updates. I can honestly say that I’ve never known a game update that made the game plummet in enjoyment so fast. If you’re a new player then you don’t have a chance at upgrading stuff because for reasons I can’t fathom, the gold coins you work to get are pretty much useless now. Now you will have to grind in dungeons for days in order to get enough scrolls to update your tools a quarter of a level. Other things now need gems to upgrade and very rarely you’ll find something that actually does need all that gold you have. It’s genuinely a shame, because before this update (the update before this one wasn’t great either, tbh) it was a pleasant game that you could just unwind and play at your own speed. Now it’s just going to be doing dungeon after dungeon in the hopes that you can upgrade something a full level before you lose your mind. Devs, please consider going back to the old upgrade system. There was nothing wrong with it and this change just makes it seem like you don’t care about the game, only the money it will bring in when people realise buying scrolls is the only way to feasibly upgrade tools to a decent level before Christmas 2024..Version: 1.0.33

New players — don’t bother.Ever since the newest update (where they changed the currency required to upgrade equipment, turning the game from farm to win into pay to win) it has become impossible to make progression unless you have spare long hours out of your day to spend on this game. Despite the entire player base arguing against this change, developers have not commented on it at all. A massive shame..Version: 1.0.33

Ad is not even close to gameIt’s nothing near the ad.Version: 1.0.26

AdsFun but ads every 30 seconds and unskippable for the first 5 seconds is pure degeneracy. typical money grabber.Version: 1.0.25

Paid for no AD but still have bunch of ADI was gave 5 stars for this game, this’s a really interesting game but I’m also very disappointed that I paid for no advertise function but still keeps showing. What’s the point for purchased it???????? If you’re reading my comment just please don’t waste your money don’t pay for that it’s not working still have bunch of Adventist..Version: 1.0.16

Slowly ruining a great gameThe current dev team is slowly but surely ruining this game with every update. They take away achievements you work hard for and make it nearly impossible to upgrade gear/progress in the game without spending real money. The entire team is an embarrassment and they all need to find new jobs..Version: 1.0.40

Great game BUT….I could give this 5 stars except it’s barely playable. Ads ads and more ads. Such a shame because it’s a good game but it’s not even playable with all the ads you have to watch. You don’t even get rewards for half of them. Too bad!.Version: 1.0.26

Relaxing…For About Two Minutes.There are so many mobile games out there that do not have forced ads every few minutes that make plenty of money. I really wish the devs wouldn’t make excuses for the insane number of them. You already have them for so many optional things in game, and IAPs for money! Obviously the game has had quite a few downloads so please, show a bit of respect for your players. Games like this are why mobile games get such a bad reputation..Version: 1.0.15

Bugs? & SuggestionI was really enjoying this game until I went to sell a cape at the home store for 200+ gems, but I didn’t receive them! I tried to contact but no reply. Also when I went to play today I noticed my storage house capacity had halved!? But the level is still the same. And a few of the objectives that I had already completed showed up again? Like I had lost progress. Also. I think that the teleporter at the start should also teleport. But to a destination of your choice? Update: factories are taking double if not more resources to produce things. Auto wood and stone has more than halved storage. (If all this is the new app update then you guys suck lol).Version: 1.0.15

Cute gameI’ve been playing this game for a few weeks now and I’m really enjoying it. My only issue is with not having a “help” option. I’ve got some sort of a glitch in the game where I can’t “forge equipment”, it says I don’t have the materials but I do. I would love if someone could get this fixed?.Version: 1.0.16

Great game but Endless grinding not funThis game is surprisingly really good but it lacks freedom? Rewards? You get given mission after mission to build things some things that don’t do anything and some that take irl days to do it was fun at the start but gets quite boring very quickly when you realise there is no end to the grinding or something to do apart from the grinding..Version: 1.0.26

No diamond purchasesIn a certain part of the game you eventually need diamonds and the part that I am on is the part where you need to make the seashell store in order to advance in the quests. But the seashell store needs turnips/onions (I forgot what they were called) but the only way to get them is by going to a different island and so far I only have two islands unlocked and though I am working on the desert island right now it would be a major help if I was able to buy diamonds with not in game money but real money. As well as the only way to get diamonds if you only have two islands (The developers should make a diamond mine island to help with the diamond problem) and the problem with the diamonds is that it costs five diamonds in order to go to a different island if it’s farther up on the map. And once when I was playing a dungeon I only got one diamond out of the entire thing. So I hope you make the diamond problem not be a problem anymore. P.S. I would’ve made it five stars if it didn’t have this problem..Version: 1.0.8

AdsI was enjoying the game and was about to make some purchases but came here just to give this game 1 star once the forced ads came up over and over again. Such an odd and greedy tactic to get people to pay to have them removed..Version: 1.0.23

The Game Changes too OftenIt’s a great game when you get to play it This is super fun to play, great graphics and interesting, except the ad software. It’s one thing for a new ad to pop up every 5 minutes. It got so annoying I paid 8.00$ for ad free version except that only got rid of the ads that randomly popped up. As free isn’t ad free because you still have to watch an ad every 5 minutes to get the speed boost necessary to play the game in any reasonable time frame TOO MANY CHANGES I’m tired of the game completely changing with updates. Once upon a time you could update any building with coins from selling resources. They you needed gears gotten at the docks to upgrade buildings. They you needed energy from the energy farm to upgrade buildings, and after spending a couple days grinding to make more energy, the game changes complexly again and the only way to upgrade buildings is with special resources that come into the dock one at a time. Needing energy to upgrade was difficult compared to coins and gears, but energy was easy compared to the new resource system. Why why why do the game developers keep changing the game so extremely all the time? Why do all the changes make the game harder and less enjoyable to play?.Version: 1.0.26

Really fun game, but the ads…I’m writing this review out of pure frustration, i’ve gotten so fed up with the ads that i’m dropping the game to type this up. i really like the game, i could spend hours playing it without knowing how much time has gone by. BUT THE ADS ARE INSUFFERABLE, and i’m not paying $8 to remove them. The ads are an easy fix, players should only be able to watch ads when they want extra rewards or want more benefits like riding the pig or getting 50 apples. But having to sit through random pop up ads every 5 minutes makes the game unplayable. i’ve had to resort to exiting the app and closing it whenever i get an ad just so i can continue the playing, because not only are the ads annoying but it also wastes the time i have whenever i have an animal unlocked for speed/transportation. If you want your game to be better forget abt your stupid $8 and just make players watch ads to unlock extra stuff and benefits etc. And stop showing ads every 30 seconds it’s annoying and it allows us to barley get anything done..Version: 1.0.26

Enjoyable until no tasks leftI have been really enjoying this game, until I completed a task and went to get a new one from a villager, and found no villager with a task for me to complete! I'm midway through level 53 and there are still islands remaining for me to unlock, so I can't be finished can I? Also since the tasks ended for me, I can't travel between islands without returning to the main island and waiting 5 minutes..Version: 1.0.25

Pay or prepare to watch adsThere are WAY too many ads. About 1 minute of play and you’ll get an ad. I get watching an ad to get bonuses, but not just for playing. $14 for ad free version. So either pay that or don’t bother.Version: 1.0.16

Really addictive but full of adsThere is an ad, without fail, every 3 minutes… makes it extremely hard to not want to delete the app. In terms of gameplay it can be compared to the likes of Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing. Very relaxed, simple graphics, nothing too intense. The ads really ruin the experience though with how frequent they are..Version: 1.0.26

Ad free is not ad free don't spendAs other reviews will tell you, this app is a false advertising ripoff. The button says you get rid of ads by paying but they don't actually go away lol. Don't waste your time on this app, it's a scam. Also, apply for your money back if you got scammed, you can do that through the App Store..Version: 1.0.33

HelpThis last update put all my stuff back to level one but says it’s at a different level :( spent so many coins just to start over. Please fix this.Version: 1.0.16

Cool game apart from so many adsEvery time I pick something up there’s an ad, and it’s waaaaay too expensive to buy the no pop up ads option. It gets frustrating and I’ve nearly deleted the app a few times due to how many ads I get. I dig up something, ad. I empty the storage, ad. I sell something, ad. I move, ad. It’s too much.Version: 1.0.40

Too many adsI don’t mind paying to remove ads but I want to get to know the game first to see if I’d like long term especial for the cost they have to remove ads Have deleted app, not worth my time.Version: 1.0.26

SavesThe game saves only sometimes, i had to restart the same quests about 4 times. there is no way to know if the game saves or not and you lose all progress made. VERY annoying.Version: 1.0.15

The grind ruined the gameI enjoyed this game for several weeks, but I’m not at a point where I need gem stones. Specifically purple gem stones…it takes 96 hours to generate one. I feel this is a gate added by the developers on purpose to force you to spend real money. No chance is this happening and unfortunately I have now deleted the app..Version: 1.0.31

이메일 답장좀교역항 안된다고 이메일 보냈는데 언제 답장해줌?.Version: 1.0.26

Doesn’t know it’s worth.I’ve really been enjoying this game however the ads in it are insane. I can barely walk across the island without getting an ad. Get too close to a building? ad. Try to sell things? ad. Literally just walking? ad. The solution to this is to buy the ad pass but the fact it is 8 dollars is crazy! If it was 2/3 it would make sense and im sure more people would buy it, but the prices of every pack and ad on in this game are wayyyy to high. It is a great game but the ads make it insufferable. Another problem I have is with the dungeons. It’s so hard to level up. I’m currently level 12 in a 19 dungeon and it is impossible to beat. You don’t level up with the dungeons and it ends up being sucky. With that gold is scarce so you have to complete the dungeons so there’s no way to skip over any. of that. I do enjoy the regular mechanics and leveling up. I like the concept and the storyline but the game could use some work. (ps i would really appreciate character design 😁).Version: 1.0.10

Good gameBeen play the game for a few weeks with no problem Since the update all the stacks off products i had in the factories has gone Ads have become too often making the game not fun, you charge loads for more loot that should be able to fund no ads while play people aren’t playing because of the ads which means they wont buy Please look at the Discord channels & see what the problems are & fix them!.Version: 1.0.28

ScamHad an option to remove apps for $10.99. Bought it. Let you skip 15 ads then right back to watching ads. Scam..Version: 1.0.16

Ads with more adsI would like to say first off, this game is actually really fun and it’s really good for passing time and grinding but oh my lord I have never in my life played a game with so many ads and that’s including some really low quality indie games I’ve played. For example, if you minimize the game to check anything on your phone the second you get back you get an Ad, if you go to collect from the depot you get an ad, that’s 2 of the most common so that’s not including the times between. So I tested it from 8:10pm till 8:16pm I had a total of 7 ads and if most ads last around 30 seconds you can do the math and see that half of my time on the game was ads. Honestly if this game was on the App Store for like $3 I would buy it, it’s fun to mess around on and grind but the minimum $$ to get rid of ads is $8 and that’s to make the game not have ads popping up so I have no idea if that effects the rest of the watch to earn things on the game (which a majority of things on the game are watch to earn) for example to walk a little faster for 5 minutes you have to watch an ad. So all in all the game itself is actually really fun but actually playing it and enjoying it is a nightmare..Version: 1.0.16

It’s fun but…Ok so I enjoyed the game it’s great to kill time but I bought a pack of gems for 7.99 or there about and what happens no gems so if it doesn’t turn up in the next 24 hours I’m deleting the app so I don’t make the mistake of buying something in the app again.Version: 1.0.14

Atrocious ads experienceWhile Dreamdale is in fact a cute fun little game, not only does it constantly flog you with ads if you want little upgrades or to pick up extra coins, sometimes it will just pop the ad up in the middle of you doing something else. Genuinely abysmal experience trying to play this game while slogging through ads every 30 seconds as your reward for progressing..Version: 1.0.36

Look at the reviews before getting(5 star reviews are fake)There’s quite a few reviewers who are like “ don’t listen to the haters” DO NOT BELIEVE THEM! First things first. My main issue isn’t the game play it’s the false advertising on getting rid of ads. Every game I’ve played where it gives you the option to get rid of ads, gets rid of ads. I don’t care if you have ads showing up in the game in the middle of gameplay or ads showing up for the timers. To quite a meme “Ads are ads”. If you are going to offer a payed option to get rid of ads Get rid of the **** ads. If you don’t it’s called false advertising. There is nowhere in the game that says if you buy(the no more ads option)you will still have to deal with timer ads. So I reiterate this is called false advertising. I payed for no ads I better get NO ADS. I’m refunding the item. Second issue This game is a straight up money grab. Things are over priced in the store(real money) and the game starts out fun and relatively easy but then get ready for the slog and in the end pay to win. This game is a straight up money grab scheme so be careful. I’ve seen from real reviews (4-1 stars) that the further you get into the game it gets laggier. As well as just broken where they can’t play anymore due to game crashes..Version: 1.0.25

What bug are you talking about?I couldn’t edit my previous review. A developer responded stating that I needed to update my game to fix a bug but never stated what my bug was? Hope they see this and respond. The follow is what my review was… I recently wrote a review. It stated you now have to use scrolls for upgrading. In order to get to the next whole number you still have to level it 4 times. That’s 1200 scrolls… about $50 worth of bought in the in game money shop… I also stated that I’ve bought VIP about 5 times since playing. It gives you unlimited mounts and no ads. The only thing is once VIP runs out you get ads again. I hate that even after spending the amount I have for VIP every week I get ads again. I don’t wanna have to buy no ads and VIP just to remove them for good. Why can’t it be after spending a certain amount you don’t get ads anymore? There basically just made the game even more of a money grab! I hope they listen to the community and change upgrading with scrolls and gem back to gold! Our tools don’t even work for most of the new islands anyways and why don’t the new resources that we harvest and water not have the golden variant with a high yield of resources?.Version: 1.0.33

People quitting in droves. Each update makes gameplay worse and less enjoyable.Essentially that. Developers refuse to listen to feedback. I’m going back to My Little Universe and I suspect I’m not alone. We understand the need to slow things down, but people still need to feel like they can advance in gameplay. Each update makes things more frustrating and people feel that advancement in the game is impossible now. I was losing interest because of the tedium of any minute advancement, this latest forced update? The latest forced update where upgrading equipment changed from in-game coins you could earn, to scrolls and gems, but have not increased their drop-rate, will have been the last straw for many of us. Instead of fixing bugs (donkeys and carrot harvester basically useless, for example) and improving the customer experience, developers have dedicated their efforts to thwarting and frustrating anyone who isn’t a new player. This also will turn new players off sooner. The daily life of grind in the real world is enough, thanks, we don’t need our escape worlds mirroring that quite so successfully. Listen to your customers. Revoke the frankly ridiculous latest upgrade requirements. Fix the glaring problems you’ve been told about by your customers. Oh and remove the wildly misogynistic adverts too. And maybe people will come back..Version: 1.0.33

Needs improvementCould be a 5 star game. What hold this back is the sheer amount of unsolicited ads and the glitches. There’s far too many unsolicited ads, I understand this is how they make revenue but every 30 seconds?! Especially when you spend a lot of time watching ads anyway to help progress in the game faster. I ended up forking out the $13 to stop the unsolicited ads, except since I’ve done that, the game now glitches and will often delete an entire hour worth of game play that I’ve spent saving resources to go to the next level- this is super frustrating when you now have to start that all over again with no promise it won’t just glitch and unsave your progress. Fix the issues and you’d have a 5 star game. I’m happy to pay for quality games but when you pay and it still messes up, you end up not investing in the game anymore= no more revenue for the creator anyway..Version: 1.0.15

Amazing game at the startThe game is amazing but like everyone else the ads drive you mad so that you will buy the game. But I have played for a few months now and it’s getting boring as adds getting longer and you seem to build same things on other islands. Let’s see what the Xmas one is like see if it keeps freezing the donkeys. And that one board that you go on to fight and kill things. I stay away from as it’s rubbish part the game nothing like what we wanted to do when we set the game up. It’s more fun building the islands up for me. I can get 1 complete with in a day if I’m bored..Version: 1.0.36

PLEASE THE GAME IS TOO GOODI love this game so much it’s so addictive. I love how I had cotton for so long itching to get it alongside the bricks. I have so much to get explore however…… ….. I do agree with recent reviews stating there is WAYYYY too many ads considering how many you are voluntary allowed to watch for the benefits. Please change in update !! Thanks and again unbelievable game.Version: 1.0.14

MmmmIt’s actually a good game to play but way too many ads that ruin the game.Version: 1.0.14

Was great but now it’s a grindI really enjoyed this game to begin with but since the latest update it’s become a grind. It’s now awful to play..Version: 1.0.26

Good game but too many adsGame was going so great for the first part but god forbid if you build the Town Hall… you will be flooded with forced ads every 2-3mins… and sometimes its the ones that you need to skip 2/3 times just to get rid of it. This game has potential and if youre will £8 to get rid of ads then no problem for you but this will only stop the forced ads… reward ads will still need to be watched. I get you need to have ads on your game to keep it running but forced ads that you need to sometimes wait 20-30 seconds to get back into the game is ridiculous. No reward for having to go through that. This game is unfriendly to f2p players.Version: 1.0.23

Too long to get to some goalsThe developers need to consider the amount of time required to achieve some of the goals - getting 6 of the pink gems to complete the challenge when it’s 96 hours per gem and to reduce that takes completing many many dungeons just becomes mundane. Also some of the ads are just downright inappropriate. You know which ones I mean..Version: 1.0.26

Great Game in the beginningI love this game and had no problem watching ads and then paying to have them removed, or purchasing some packs. There was lots to do in between even when waiting for timers to renew and plenty of worlds to explore. However, now as I am progressing through the game the number of gems required to open blueprints is going up in increments of 150 at a time. 150 gems then 300 gems etc. The only way to collect gems is through the dungeon or to purchase them from the store. Each time you pass through the dungeon you may get 15-20 gems so it takes for ever to collect enough to purchase the blueprint. It never bothered me before but today was the first time I thought of deleting the game as I was losing interest. It was taking so long to collect the required gems. I know that this is a business and have no problem paying to play but the increments to unlock blueprints is getting ridiculous. If it increased by 50 or 70 fair enough but 150?!? It appears as if they are doubling the amount per blueprint. Of this means that I need 600 gems to unlock the next blueprint then I will definitely be deleting the game. It is such a shame as I love playing this game but the developers are getting a little cheeky and it seems like we are being punished the longer we play the game. 😔.Version: 1.0.25

Game won’t openI’m not sure why it happens, and it doesn’t happen every time, but the game won’t load. I’ve tried uninstalling it and reinstalling and it still happens. I really enjoy playing this game and I hope you guys resolve the problem..Version: 1.0.25

Big downgrade.I started playing this game just about 6 months ago and i have absolutely loved it. I spent days and hours invested in this. But the recent update has not only me but majority of the player community upset. It was stated that the game was exposed to a ‘economic exploit’ because players would harvest lotuses and use the coins to upgrade their axes which helped you increase your coins by a lot. It was fun while it lasted because players were actually able to do things and make progress without having to spend real life money but, our fun and how we chose to play the game doesn’t sit right with the developers and it ruins their “vision” for how they want the game to be played. So it’s no longer about our enjoyment and how we wish to spend our time playing the game the way we enjoy it. Not to mention the developers are incredibly money hungry and the packs are incredibly overpriced for useless items. I once paid for a pack that was supposedly only $15 but i was actually charged almost double which i never agreed to pay for. I feel scammed by this game and no longer enjoy it like i used to. this game has downgraded so much my only regret now is wasting so much time on it. Deeply disappointed and no longer have any interest in playing this game ever again..Version: 1.0.34

Used to be fun, but now it’s brokenNothing works as it should. Every new update since last fall is a downgrade. The game is no longer fun but just a total grind. at first, I was excited to see new events, but all of them are impossible to complete without spending real money (premium pass). Multiple players are notifying the developers of issues with events, but we’re all informed that there is no problem. I myself have encountered problems, and again was told that it was working properly. It is not. The game is no longer fun. Just frustrating. I have stopped playing it..Version: 1.0.39

Brill til updateThis game was brill but since the update my 5 islands I can sail to by ship are gone. Chickens are harder to catch when released from pens, and also eggs are sold for less money now?? worst of all my diamond rock mines are gone and I’ve got lotus gardens in their place 🤯 Still loving the game but not so much as I was before u updated it..Version: 1.0.18

Games good at the startThe game is amazing at the start really fun but the more you play the worse it gets the more gems you have to collect which almost impossible and more and more ads show up the longer you play after you get a fair way into the game you just want to delete it.Version: 1.0.25

Would be better if I wasn’t forced to watch so many adsGame is looks and plays nice but Jesus Christ I’ve been playing for maybe 10 minutes and I’ve been forced to watch ads every 2 minutes. Surely give us the choice to watch the ads for rewards rather than forcing us..Version: 1.0.18

Great potential but the adsThis game has great potential but the excessive ads are killing it. I’m not talking about the ads for rewards. I fully support watching ads to unlock extras, especially for great games. And even an occasional ad after an advancement in the game is ok, like when you level up and an ad auto-plays. No big deal. But this game spawns ads just by simply walking around the map. In six minutes of playing, I walked across one small portion of the map and I encountered three ads: two which spawned on their own and provide no reward, and one which I chose to initiate for a reward. The spontaneous ads slow down play time and eventually glitch the game so that I have to close it entirely. Six minutes, three ads, and hardly any advancement in the game but a few steps. Repeat ad nauseam. There is an option to turn off spontaneous ads for 8 bucks as of this writing. I usually do purchase these because I like to support the creators. But I do it voluntarily and not because I feel like I’m being forced to due to excessive spawning. This just feels icky..Version: 1.0.16

Let down by too many adsThis is an excellent game. Good platform, graphics, challenges and mini games. Sadly let down by the ads. You can buy an ad blocker but that just cuts the forced ads. To progress and try and enjoy the game there are endless bonus ads which are optional but highly necessary (optional, which if the developer will use as justification for the constant barrage of repetitive ads).Version: 1.0.23

Great game but ruined for me nowI loved this game, I was obsessed for ages and it never got boring. However, my progress is gone, all my upgrades have been reset and I don’t have the money or the means to make it now to get my upgrades back. Parts of my land are gone as well which is super frustrating. As I said, loved this game but the developers need to make sure updates don’t break the game more before rolling them out. Really disappointing. Would have rated 5 stars if the update didn’t ruin my gameplay..Version: 1.0.16

:(It was so fun but it won’t let me fish. i dont know how.Version: 1.0.14

Too much automatic adsGame is pretty fun and the gameplay is easy to learn, but the sheer amount of ads is just ridiculous. I am okay with ads if I triggered it, for updates, faster recharge etc, but it’s ridiculous to have interrupted gameplay every 30 secs because ads keeps popping up. I ended up leaving it to do something else then didn’t bother coming back to the game. Going to drop this game cause I can no longer tolerate the random ads. It was good while it lasted.Version: 1.0.23

Good game but you can only play for free for so longAfter a while of playing , the game requires you to pay to get further in it and level up.Version: 1.0.33

Lost EVERYTHINGPlayed this for so long nearly finishing everything spent money, then one day it stopped working. I restarted my phone, I deleted and re downloaded the app. I tried everything and when it did start working again I lost everything. Honestly super mad, i spent like 50 bucks real money on this....Version: 1.0.14

Good, could be betterI will preface this review by saying i really enjoy this game. It’s addictive, relaxing, and fun. I only have two complaints: 1- there are way too many ads. They interrupt the game constantly, and the ad free version is way too expensive. I say this, because there are plenty of other ads in the game. Not only do they interrupt the game, but you can choose to watch ads to get bonus materials or a speed boost. If the no ad version was significantly lower, i would be more likely to purchase it and watch the ads for bonus items. As it is now, it’s too pricey and super annoying, especially when the ads are so unbelievably long. My second opinion is the game is too guided, and there’s not a lot to do outside of what it tells you to do. This turns it from being a fun, adventurous game into a time sink. You’re literally just going from point a to point b. The resource management aspect is kind of lost since it’s just one straight line. The only respite is the combat which is just okay. Still, i recommend checking the game out if you’re bored..Version: 1.0.14

A disappointingly broken gameBeen playing this game since it’s original release and since the update, not only did everything in my house disappear but the currency is broken and for some reason the price of my lotus leaves now sell for 10 coins each instead of 80. I contacted customer support and emailed but got no response. Do not recommend for anyone looking to avoid severe in-game problems without support..Version: 1.0.23

—Wool is the Devil—Please create a better way to collect the wool!!! Let us stack the sheep or create a conga line of sheep or something PLEASE Also I paid for no ads but still get them every now and then very annoying..Version: 1.0.28

Good enough apart from adsThis is actually a fun little game. Unsure why it costs so much to remove ads!!!!! $15!!! Would pay half of that to remove the ads and I think they should lower the price on it. Apart from that one thing, it is good fun!.Version: 1.0.25

In repose to the dev responseYou have ads in the game. I can click any one of those videos and watch an ad for reward…. You do not need to force ads on people, that will only make people delete the game. You want to keep developing? Make a good game… check, you did that, now… Let people play your game without interruption and they will keep playing, keep pressing those ads, keep buying in game currency, you will get money VOLUNTARILY and then you can keep on devving..Version: 1.0.14

Lost things I paid forI was loving this game. Actually paid for the ad free and plenty of tokens. The latest update however wiped out some of the things I have been working on. Suddenly the goal I have spent days on (building a teleporter in the gem section) is gone just as I was finally on the verge of it. My mines' levels are back down to nothing, some of the land I had uncovered is gone and needs to be uncovered again. It's very frustrating having some of your progress (but not all) deleted. Especially when you spent real $ helping you achieve that progress..Version: 1.0.15

Got charged extra for no adsGame said 9.99 and I was charged 19.99 why?.Version: 1.0.40

Always crashes and doesn’t save progressThis “game” is more ads than game. I’ve been playing for a few days and I’m about ready to kick this trash to the kerb. I spent £7 to remove ads, but not all ads are removed, just the ones that pop up every 5 seconds or so. The developers of this app want you to understand that they need ads to continue running this game. So why charge players like me to remove them? Scam. Scam. Scam. But what disturbs me the most are the type of ads their showing has mature content. A female interviewee persuaded into undressing herself in a job interview over the phone by her interviewer? Disgraceful. I don’t wanna see that whenever I want to expand my backpack. So I’ve basically completed all the challenges because there are no more quests to complete. Also, after unlock in several islands there aren’t any more to unlock. This game has a good concept but the developers don’t seem to care about all the crashes, and what kind of game doesn’t save your progress? If you like starting over all the hard work you put in to progressing then get this app..Version: 1.0.16

Ads Ads AdsIf you want to download an AD machine, this is for you! They even gave Ads about Ads rofl!.Version: 1.0.16

Too many ads even after paying to remove themPaid to remove ads because this was initially a fun game. It stopped the forced 3rd party ads, but doesn’t stop the constant forced pop up ads trying to get me to buy more in game products. These pop up ads wouldn’t be so bad if they weren’t so frequently. Like I turned the game on this morning and literally had 3 of these ads pop up back to back to back before I could even move anywhere. Now these ads are still on the side of the screen with a 24 hour countdown, which is really making the screen feel cluttered mixed with all of the other actual game buttons on the screen. I had take a break from this game and came back this morning to find a new update which seems to have complicated things further (and other reviews are expressing new glitches). Between that and the constant forced ads that I thought I wouldn’t be getting after paying a hefty ad removal fee (compared to most other games I’ve played), I’ll probably be deleting this game instead of returning to it. Very disappointed..Version: 1.0.25

Very inappropriate Advertisement 18+The game has so many ads it is impossible to play. The ads that are appearing are 18+ and this is not for young children!!!! Beware !! Even if you pay for the ad free option too many of the steps need you to watch an ad to complete. If it were just the game it would be fine. But soooo sooo many ads for everything!!!.Version: 1.0.26

Ruined by AdsI fun and relaxing game ruined by ads shoved down your throat every couple of minutes! I can understand them for extra rewards and buffs! But at times I’ve had 2 minutes of ads for about 40 seconds of gameplay! It’s a joke and makes me less likely to support it..Version: 1.0.26

Way too many ads.Very unfortunate. Used to be a good game..Version: 1.0.31

Too many ads and not worth it.Why do you feel the need to put an AD in the game every 30 seconds? I was genuinely enjoying playing this game but it becomes super annoying after 5 mins of playing. Makes me sad that you even have to pay for the ads to leave you alone. And they don’t even stop playing after you purchase it either..Version: 1.0.40

Grind… but okGood game lots of love I can feel has been put into it but the grind hurts and I wish you could have more villagers earlier and do more advanced tasks so you don’t want to die after having to get 15 nails when your iron factory can only craft 3 per full cycle which takes a bit over 1 min.Version: 1.0.20

Poor SupportThe game itself isn’t too bad. I sent a message to their support nearly a week ago, and haven’t had any reply, not even an acknowledgement. I paid money to remove ads and a month of bonuses. It is not right being ignored when you have a problem that you need them to sort out. I would advise people not to bother with this game. A game is only as good as the support they give, which in this case is none..Version: 1.0.26

Support would helpThe game itself is great it’s one you can actually play without having to pay for everything if your patient. However I have had a couple of bugs where my land disappeared and a few buildings downgraded themselves. I am now stuck on an island where none of my items are showing up on my inventory so I can’t use my tomatoes to grow my trees. The items show up to sell at the merchant and the store but not on the actual gameplay. I have emailed and sent a Facebook message yet got no response very disappointed as I was enjoying playing..Version: 1.0.16

Ads popping up everywhere in the middle of gameplayI’m used to ads showing up to unlock content but in this they just appear randomly when I’m moving around on the map. Nope. Not going to buy the ad-free version if you can’t convince me the game is worth investing in before that, and even aside from that problem it’s already incoherent in its storyline and unconvincing in its mechanics. Half an hour of trial was enough for me. Bye..Version: 1.0.26

Won’t loadSo I downloaded this as I liked the teaser from another game I was playing. It won’t even load and I get stuck on the Dream Dale screen. Delete!.Version: 1.0.25

Way too many adsThis has potential, ads every 2 minutes makes the game unenjoyable and frustrating..Version: 1.0.25

Invasive and constant adsThis game has lots of little optional bonuses for speed ups that are gated behind an advertisement. That’s fine and I understand it’s free game but they also bombard you with ads during gameplay. Real shame because it’s an addictive little game. I would consider the price tag to remove ads if It didn’t turn me off with how much they bombard you with them. Game isn’t worth it..Version: 1.0.18

Shame, Shame, ShameI downloaded this game as a pop up to another game and let me start by saying this game is awesome and I LOVE IT!!! I also downloaded it because it has a rating of 4.6 stars. This cannot be possible as I look through all of the ratings that are horrible! So first, shame on Apple, because this CANNOT be accurate! Second, there are FAR TOO MANY OF THESE GAMES listed as free and they are not! They are impossible to play because you are so inundated with ads, you either have to pay or delete! This game should be listed as $7.99!!! I think it is false advertising and WRONG WRONG WRONG!!! As I say in all my reviews, I spend money on apps, and in the App Store, but it is become more and more convoluted! Why does it have to be like this? You have a good game! You could easily make more money either listing it at .99 or 1.99…maybe try being less greedy and have less ads…have people select the ads and get something for them instead! I have probably a dozen games that I have spent $1.99 or $2.99. I will NEVER spend $7.99 to “get rid of ads”, especially when it is really to buy the game. You both should be ashamed of yourself! This is not advertising, it’s deceitful! :(.Version: 1.0.8

Good Game Hate the AdsThis game is pretty fun to play. It’s interesting, it keeps my attention and kills the time very well. But I can’t play it any more. I can’t stand the Ads auto playing every two minutes. I can understand when a developer puts in the ads so that you can get free items or reduce time or build something immediately, WHEN I WANT TO DO IT. I shouldn’t have to pay $8.00 just so I don’t have to watch Ads every two minutes, not 100% on time but that’s what it feels like. I’ll be playing, just finished collecting all the resources, walk over to the task I’m building, put the last resource in, guess what? An Ad plays. Finished chopping down a tree or mining a boulder, guess what, another Ad. Like I said, it’s actually a good game, I enjoy it and I don’t enjoy very many games these days because of all the pay to play NOW/win genres, and I also understand Developers deserve to make money for the effort they put into creating the game, but this is just excessive. If it was $0.99 or even $1.99 to stop Ads, I would pay it, because again, I actually enjoy this game. But not $8.00. Uninstalled and probably won’t play again due to the greediness of this developer..Version: 1.0.28

Ads Ada AdsWanna cut a tree? Watch an ad Wanna build a sawmill and collect the wood from it ? Watch an ad Oh you finished a mission? Click on mission completed buddy!…but yeah watch this ad first. Ok you made it this far , time to collect your reward! Yyyyyup, after an ad.. O…M….G They should pay YOU to play this game !.Version: 1.0.25

Annoying adThis is annoying when you have to watch a 30sec ad every few mins of game play. It is reasonable to put ad when you are able to get free resources, and tools. But not for playing the game itself..Version: 1.0.16

Why are there still ads after paying?I really like this game, but after paying 8 dollars why am I still getting ads? After you use your 30 golden tickets you received at purchase that’s it. There should be a way to buy more golden tickets with coins in the game not just be forced to watch ads or spend even more money to get more tickets. Feel like that’s just straight greed from the creators! If 8 bucks isn’t enough than bump the purchase price up but don’t demand more money after I already pay the purchase price you set. Also I feel like getting gold to pay for armor or better weapons is few and far between. The items at the trading post are SO expensive and I feel like you barely get any gold in the dungeons. So I die constantly because I can’t upgrade my character. Supposedly creatures drop equipment in the dungeon but in 10 levels I have seen ONE item and it was to increase my storage nothing to do with fighting. I feel like it’s near impossible to get new equipment and so I can’t survive the whole dungeon even if I wait for my health to regenerate, I die almost every time. Pretty disappointed with this purchase. This is a great game, but definitely need to make some changes!.Version: 1.0.11

LockI’m writing this review because I’m sick of accidentally pushing (sell all) you’s need to put a lock on it or remove it guys , sells everything including the mechanical parts , springs , bricks that players constantly grind out bulk of items for shipments and you’s will all know how ridiculously long it takes to get some of the items needed especially after the last bogus update , sort it out.Version: 1.0.26

Paying $8 for ad removal doesn’t workIf I pay for ad removal you should give me every feature, without having to pay more. The fact that it cost $8 in the first place was already high. But now you want me to buy additional ad tickets? Extremely disingenuous and outright deceitful. A premium customer should have more benefits than a free customer. Honestly I’m about to delete the app and do a credit card chargeback. Unless you give paying customers what you actually advertised, I recommend anyone else who was mislead into buying the ad removal do the same. Plain and simple the product I bought was no delivered. Apple should remove you from the App Store for this even. Your game should model mini mart and store tycoon apps that have the periodic bonuses for FREE once ad removal has been bought. Respect your paying customers! The game is fun but it’s not worth $8 fun. It’s only linear progression, you can only do things in the order the quest line tells you, you never know what your next quest will be, and after you save the Princess the story element is gone. For $8, no thanks. You can get stardew valley for less than twice that price, even less on iPhone for the app..Version: 1.0.14

Dreadful gameThe gameplay is so dreary. You collect, you deposit, you wait for some factory to slowly churn out a product. Dungeons are all identical gameplay wise. Raids are just dungeons but take longer. The collection is mildly fun, so why not make THAT the game? Why the focus on the endless waiting for the stupid factories that produce incredibly slowly. A tiresome, repetitive game that gets you hooked initially. So many missed opportunities with the mechanics too. What a waste of some cute assets....Version: 1.0.36

Game Used to Be goodI started playing over a year ago, and loved it initially. But with each updates they have increasingly made the game more pay to play. With the latest update people are leaving in droves. Latest update has made this unplayable. Along with the Developers refusing to listen to feedback. I’m going back to My Little Universe and I suspect I’m not alone. We understand the need to slow things down, but people still need to feel like they can advance in gameplay. Each update makes things more frustrating and people feel that advancement in the game is impossible now. I was losing interest because of the tedium of any minute advancement, this latest forced update? The latest forced update where upgrading equipment changed from in-game coins you could earn, to scrolls and gems, but have not increased their drop-rate, will have been the last straw for many of us. Instead of fixing bugs (donkeys and carrot harvester basically useless, for example) and improving the customer experience, developers have dedicated their efforts to thwarting and frustrating anyone who isn’t a new player. This also will turn new players off sooner. The daily life of grind in the real world is enough, thanks, we don’t need our escape worlds mirroring that quite so successfully. Listen to your customers. Revoke the frankly ridiculous latest upgrade requirements. Fix the glaring problems you’ve been told about by your customers..Version: 1.0.33

HelpI cant fish :(.Version: 1.0.14

Game’s nice but the adds are too muchI’ve played the game for several weeks now and just when I think that the times on the adds are being accurately displayed, a new update has landed and now it’s longer than the mentioned 30 seconds. The adds bug out and when you close the game and open it back up your wait was all for nothing as you don’t get the reward that is mentioned. (Backpack expansions as an example) the advertisement times have been elongated but the game hasn’t been updated to mention it. Plus the adds bug out so you think it will end but it never does. Forced ads while playing for free used to be around 10-15 seconds and I’ve come across which are 50. This kills the games continuity but I do understand that the developers need to put those ads in to generate revenue for an otherwise pretty nice game..Version: 1.0.30

Please add something to turn off Support/TipsThis game is just my type and is 5 stars. I rated 3 cause maybe you game Dev/s will read reviews with low ratings for more feedback? Pleaseee add something to stop the camera movement when recieving tips. Overall I love this game..Version: 1.0.25

I don’t play the game to watch the adsI like the overall idea of the game yet there are ads every other minute, the reason I’ve decided to write this review is because I just watched an ad and I counted only 5 seconds after another one started. I get that to make money the developers need to have ads but this many only annoys players and therefore makes them stop playing making the ads pointless, i hope you can adjust the amount of ads within a time limit otherwise it’s almost impossible to enjoy the game..Version: 1.0.14

Unnecessary adsGame is slow and repetitive enough without random ads popping up every couple minutes. Makes game unplayable. May be inclined to keep playing and watching ads to unlock extra resources if this was fixed but had to stop playing as pop up ads were too frequent..Version: 1.0.18

Good for a apple game…. i guessVery much like animal crossing but missing the pizazz. Trees or objects in inconvenient places making walking difficult. Cant choose where to put the transport portals… and I wish we could build bridges but the portal problem would solve that lol. I was actually surprised when I found out it was like animal crossing a little bit… i almost just deleted the app because the advertisements pop up every single minute! Unless you have the $7 to spend to have no ads… I don’t imagine it being very fun… and now I just want to go buy animal crossing lol. The design of spaces could have been better but for a apple game its decent considering theres barley any good games on the app store… ik its takes a lot to put into developing the game… but the game is clearly missing something to keep me coming back… I dont want to just keep running back and forth to task and would like to feel like Im working to make things easier but I dont feel that way… its also missing more things to engage me… this app is a great start to something great but not quite there yet. Having no ads for a fews hours of game play may help from people deleting the app right away like i almost did. T.Version: 1.0.25

COULD BE A GREAT GAMEThis could be a really great game if it wasn't for all the ads. I understand ads need to be shown to help the devs make money to continue making & updating the game but the amount in this game is ridiculous. I ran out of patience within 15mins & will be uninstalling as I don't want to waste my time dealing with it. Also, I WOULD purchase no ads, as I have done in the past with other games, but not for $15. I think the devs should stop being so greedy & make the game enjoyable & KEEP players on their game by either less pop up ads or halving the no ad price..Version: 1.0.25

AdsThis game would be so much fun if there wasn’t an ad every 5 minutes and it cost 11$ + tax to remove them. If you like actually playing the games you've downloaded, this isn’t the game for you..Version: 1.0.16

Great game bad marketing.I’ve had my fair share of App Store games in the 12 years of iOS and this one is definitely a keeper. Unfortunately there is one deal breaking matter that I would really like a developer to reconsider. This would be the advertisement system that is in place. It is not only a great bother but actually makes the game unplayable in many cases. In what way do you ask? Well the only advertisement issue is specifically the ones that will trigger every time you do a certain amount of actions on the game. example of this is collecting resources from bins or digging up the buried treasure that spawns at random locations. This causes resources to scatter and de spawn before you can skip the add this making it impossible to collect the resources. I have tried to find a way to contact a developer in private about this matter but to no avail. I suggest that the developers that are reading this review strongly consider removing pop up adds on this game for it can be reported as a nonfunctional title. I will also be contacting Apple about this matter in the coming days if this isn’t resolved and if this is a intentional marketing practice. Hope to hear from you soon. Best regards: Arctic.Version: 1.0.8

So much potentialHonestly all of the comments about adverts being too frequent are true! I get watching ads to get items and upgrades etc but I should not be forced to watch an add every few mins if I’m just walking around in the game ESPECIALLY when in a dungeon!! This game has a lot of potential, as a concept it’s really good and the execution is good too but the ads are killing it honestly. And the fact that even if you purchase the add block it doesn’t work is even more off putting. The devs really need to think about their strategy and customers rather than being money hungry shoving ads down our throats and stealing money from blockers that don’t work..Version: 1.0.23

I want to quit…Look, I am hooked, but… 1. It doesn’t always give you the reward you watch the video for. 2. Most of the factories actually take more items then you are expecting to put in, eg. you are supposed to put 16 sugar cubes into the factory to make syrup, but it actually takes 20. 3. Items get caught in the factory and you can only put more stuff in, you can’t take it back out to either sell or put in another machine, eg. The milk. You can have a bunch of milk stuck in the chocolate factory, but you can only fill, not take it back to put in the cappuccino machine. 4. You can’t exchange gems for scrolls. I’m collecting gems like crazy, but I can’t use them on anything. 5. The Mystery Islands don’t open properly and are more or less useless once you’ve been to a certain amount. Sorry this is long, but I’m bummed, and I want you to fix it!.Version: 1.0.26

Stopped playingThe latest update has made the game unplayable. The ability to update tools has become nearly impossible. Used to be a fun game, people are leaving in droves..Version: 1.0.33

DisappointedI am enjoying my game bought lots of gems, ad free and scrolls. All of my factories and mines are level 15-20+ with more than 100 storage and the actual storage is 600+ now it’s all gone and back to where I started. I am really enjoying this game so I hope it gets fixed. Also your support email is not helping as I have emailed for more than a month ago and still no reply..Version: 1.0.15

Don't like the game anymoreAfter a certain level, you need A LOT of materials and it all seems for nothing much. I was so impatient for the Christmas event but it doesnt work properly! Daily event that takes more than 24 hours to regen and does not work today... So disapointing, nothing left to do with that game that i once loved so much and played every day!.Version: 1.0.36

Ads...oh the ads!!The game itself is pretty cute. Bit of variety with resource collecting, building and simple dungeon crawling. But I've never tried to play a game with so many ads...honestly it's every minute. And it's not just a pop up at the bottom of the screen that you can close...it's a full screen takeover. Delete..Version: 1.0.26

Too many adds.I tried this game for a little while…but the ads got out of control, there are way too many ads. But if you like watching adds after doing some walking to watch an ad, then this game is for you. I understand having ads if you want a lump some resource faster for upgrading, but just random while collecting things. Ridiculous..Version: 1.0.31

Lost progressLost a lot of my progress with the update. Paid $30 for items and ads. Really disappointed. Super glitchy and not worth playing with the lost progress..Version: 1.0.15

AnnoyingAnnoying.Version: 1.0.30

Too many ads. Not worth $7.99I Have played a lot of free games with ads...but this is seriously the worst...I am always willing to support devs through watching ads when choice is given...and even spend a little money here and there.....but 7.99 for a game I’m not even sure is worth it...is really greedy. Ads are literally every 30 seconds no matter what and it’s very tiring...I have not even played enough of the game to see what it is about because of the ads....so far it’s just repetitive and build...to spend more time just to get to the main stuff of going into dungeons will take forever because of the ads.... Just put this on the market for $7.99... I usually am one to say let people try out the game before they buy it....but this is honestly disappointing that we can’t even try out the game because of this issues...and if I am going to spend this kind of money..it would be better spent on an actual rpg game that I own... It always amazes me the concept of ‘charge more to make more’, sometimes you will make more money if you charge less....like $1.99 for no adds...you would have a lot more people pay that than $7.99....an in essence, you would make more money. Sad to say this game does have some potential...but to expect people to stick around for more than an hour with all the ads...is honestly not gonna make it. This is the second time I downloaded this game hoping that maybe y’all had fixed the ads and it’s still the same..Version: 1.0.8

Misleading on adsDon’t buy the ad free options, any of them. It’s no “ad free” like any other game when you buy. It gives you like 30 ad free moments then you need to buy again and again or get bombarded with ads. Until they actually are legit and don’t scam you out of money avoid this game!.Version: 1.0.14

Too Many adsIt gives you compulsory ads every few minutes. Ads with rewards aren’t so bad, you can just ignore them and go on with the game, but compulsory ones, and that often are quite annoying. It doesn’t let you get to know the game to decide wether you would buy the no ad version or not..Version: 1.0.14

Buggy New ReleaseFun game, and some cool stuff in the latest release, but it keeps freezing with a blank scene during the irritatingly random pop-up ads, and I have to close app and restart before I can continue to play - back where I started. Hopefully fixed soon!.Version: 1.0.25

Ad removal scamThe ads are still there after paying..Version: 1.0.26

Ad overkill and inappropriate adsUpdate: Deleted game. Can’t play without the disgusting ads continuously popping up. Would have liked to continue, but way too many ads all the way around and it is just getting worse. Def not a game for kids due to the horrible x-rated (imo) ads. I can usually work and tolerate the ads but not to this extent. You spend more time watching ads than you are actually playing the game. Been playing this game for a while. You are spending more time watching ads (1-2 min sometimes) than game time. Then on top of it the ad “My Fantasy, Choose your story” leaves very little to the imagination. I’m a mom. I have kids. What if kids, not just mine, are playing this game and that awful ad pops up?? Kids should not be exposed at all to this and it’s disgusting. There’s no rhyme or reason for this kind of ad in a game like this. (Not trying to be a Karen, but there is a line that’s been crossed here, especially when kids could be involved in seeing the horrific ads like this) I’m not even comfortable watching the ad and have to turn my phone away because I can’t even close down the animated part. It’s disgusting. All and all it’s a great time killer non thinking game when you need to turn off your brain for a min. But getting close to deleting the game. Ad overkill. Yes, ads are needed, but how many really are needed before it kills the game for everyone? And no, I won’t return, though it’s been a favorite. I never do once I delete a game..Version: 1.0.26

Great to start but then repetitiveAbsolutely adored this game to start with. Lovely graphics relaxing music and good tasks. But then when you complete the main tasks, it’s just maps and dungeons. You are doing exactly the same thing on all the maps and the dungeons, although fun, get repetitive after a while. Shame because it is a lovely game with much more potential..Version: 1.0.22

You can’t progressThe game itself is really fun so I didn’t really mind the ads because it was worth playing and the graphics were really pretty. However, I did not like how you had to go step by step with the goals. I wanted to expand my land first before I started getting deep sleep b the game but I kept having all these construction sites that I couldn’t build because you have to wait until it tells you to built it. It controls the flow of the game to much and doesn’t let the player play how they want to. Also, the gold nuggets. I’m not sure if I’m just really bad at fighting in the dungeons, but it seems to be impossible sometimes to get the gold you need. You need so much gold nuggets to research (something you also have to wait until the game tells you to do 😤🙄) but it is really hard to get them because I can’t level up my character stats. I don’t want to be lvl 6 trying to fight lvl 9 monsters. This goes back to not letting your character have free reign. If I could spread out my island without having to wait on the game’s commands I could have reaches the island that has a statue on it. The statue helps up my stats so I can get the gold so I can continue playing but I can’t do any of that until you let us play at our own pace!.Version: 1.0.10

Ads every 2 minI used to love this game….Version: 1.0.28

Ads Ads and more AdsI think there’s an okay game under here but I’ve never seen a game push ads this hard (even for a mobile one) there’s forced ads in the middle of playing which is even worse than the usual watch an ad for x bonus resources (which is also in the game) there is a way to get rid of ads but it is £8! And that’s just to remove the forced ones, not all the rest littering the game. Frame rate also is bad for how simple it is. Will check this out again if they ever lower the amount of ads but forced ads while playing is an instant uninstall for me..Version: 1.0.30

To many addsThe just want you to pay for uninterrupted gameplay or you get ads every 30 seconds.Version: 1.0.28

Needs to be updated really bad !I gave it a try for about an hour maybe more and -Really slow and laggy -Always kicks you off app as it struggles if you do too much at once -It’s nearly £7 to remove advertisements -There are always random advertisements popping up and the games adds are sexualised so not good for children to see :( -The controls jitter and sometimes won’t work -The screen will turn black sometimes -Everything takes a good few minutes to load up when you try to sell or upgrade or when you go into weapons even adds take a while Over all I do like the idea of the game and what it’s trying to archive I feel like people will love this but bugs need fixing..Version: 1.0.16

Good but annoyingI purchased this game and have been playing for a fair bit. It’s enjoyable but the ads for the unpaid version were extremely excessive hence me actually purchasing the game, which I very rarely do. With the paid version: I have experienced glitches when trying to shoot bookcases but they don’t break unless I walk until it is out of frame, and then go back and shoot it a few more times. I have experienced glitches where the blue “laser” type bar (that appears across doorways to keep you from exiting the area), when not “activated” glitches the pixels where the bar is supposed to be. I have experienced my “tickets” randomly disappearing without me spending them. I have experienced “pop up” type “offers” that interfere with the game - like being damaged by enemies until I can exit the “pop up” (which, by the way - is super beyond annoying to happen with a paid version.) and lastly, although the Halloween update is fun touch - I don’t care about witches hats when I’m trying to obtain scrolls!! There should be an “opt out” option for the “holiday updates”..Version: 1.0.31

Too many adsFun game to play but absolutely ruined with ads every few minutes horrible experience.Version: 1.0.16

Fun but too many adsThe game is very fun but the ads ruin it for me. They are frequent and a lot of them are short but it is still very annoying and it stops me wanting to advance in the game. Ads don’t just pop up when you complete things either, just randomly every minute..Version: 1.0.26

Ridiculous amount of addsIts a great game if you can get past the same adds on repeat every 30 seconds If their weren’t the constant random adds then I would happily watch the adds for the bonuses. But I can’t even enjoy the game. Games this good i usually spend money on. Im not spending a cent on this as the ridiculous amount of adds I have to put up with ain’t worth it..Version: 1.0.18

Great game.. if you like ads ads and adsOk so I really liked this game, decided it be worth it to purchase no ads. You think if you purchase no ads, that’s what you get. But nope. You get 30 tickets to bypass ads such as when you die, for a mount, for cute backpacks etc. that’s it. 30 tickets!! Another downfall is the items needed to progress. Your trading post for better gear is all good. Considering your mail source is dungeons at maybe 40 gold per dungeon, you’d think that gear would reflect that balance? Nope. 700 gold for a shield, 900 gold for a weapon. At 40 gold per dungeon??? Do ya think that runningbthem over and over 100 times is going to keep people interested. Nah I’m done. I got bored of it about the 8th time through. Then you need gold to build up island and get maps for other island at increasing gold prices. So I need 300 gold for a map. 150 gold for a gem mine 2400 gold for gear. At 40 gold a pop. Thanks but I pass. And you have to have the gold because it’s a quest in order to progress. Did you think this through or just want to run everyone off. Considering there aren’t any community discussions on your game I’m thinking not many stick around longer than a week. Thanks for your scam on no ads wish you advertised exactly what we get. 8bucks to skip 30 ads. Rip off..Version: 1.0.10

TOO MANY ADS!!!You understand no people will keep playing this game for too long right?! We’re here to play, not watching ads! You replied a few people “we need to have ads to keep develop the game”. But! YOU CAN KEEP DEVELOP WITH OUR PURCHASE IN YOUR STORE! We’ve been playing game since our whole life and this is the only game having so many ads! We know how this works in a normal game. So don’t keep saying that! Another thing I noticed. This game’s rating is 4.5. I was surprised about this high rating. So I went to check the ratings with actual review. The rating from actual human. And here they are! 95% review have very low rating and complain about the ads! Shame on you using the rating bots to boost your app rating!.Version: 1.0.31

ZzzHonestly the game is decent and has potential but come on!!! The amount of ads are ridiculous we get you want to make money by having ads on your app but bro you really dont need one every 2-5 minutes thats crazy and makes people not want to play the game... SMH and i hope this review makes it on the review page because some app companies really be filtering their app reviews and cant take honest feedback by their app users..Version: 1.0.25

THE ADS!!Please tone down the ads! I am SO tired of random ads popping up when I go to do a task or collect items. I have the choice of choosing to watch and ad to get free items but then I have to watch an ad anyways, and I don’t get anything from it. It’s not fair..Version: 1.0.16

Only people unfamiliar with games would pay for this…While this game is quite fun to begin with, you end up spending more time watching ads than playing. You can spend £8 to get rid of the forced ads, but then you might as well buy a good game for £8. This game is not worth that you can buy Stardew valley for almost half the price. This is still the type of game where you will only be able to play for a bit before you have to wait for your resources to build up because manually collecting them is not fun. It’s the type of game where even if you pay to get rid of forced ads, you’ll probably still end up watching them to get quick resources or paying more money to progress quicker. The other elements of this game are nothing special, like the dungeons which don’t present a real challenge and are just tedious. The progression is so linear and you don’t get to decide how you want to build up your farm or what to do next. There is not much game here when you think about it, just tedious repetitive tasks. I would probably still be playing if it wasn’t for the forced ads, I might have even spent some money, so all in all I’m quite glad that the forced ads made me uninstall..Version: 1.0.26

Too heavy on the adsToo many ads on, many with no return to the player..Version: 1.0.16

Enjoyable game, glitchy af after payingI paid to get rid of the ridiculous level of ads that are shoved in your face every 30 seconds, and yet still at asked to watch ads? Also losing progress and unable to move across devices? Why is the game so expensive if it is not maintained and at this level of quality?.Version: 1.0.16

Too slow.Remember the good old days in the first months of this game when it only took TWO of each ingredient to make something new? Now it takes FIVE of each ingredient, and harvests don’t typically yield enough to mass produce items needed for missions. This game used to be SO FUN, I loved building my island and getting all the resources and making a whole bunch of stuff to upgrade my town. Now I can’t even keep milk in production bc for some godforsaken reason it takes five apples instead of two to produce one milk. And upgrading in increments of TWO despite needing FIVE is such a joke. This game used to be absolutely amazing and I spent SO many hours on it. Now it’s frustrating bc absolutely nothing can be completed in less than half an hour, due to needing SO many ingredients at a time AND the movement speed being slower than a literal slug. Why god WHY is the base movement speed so slow? To make absolutely sure we spend as much time as possible in this game? I would give the devs actual money (but only ONCE.) to speed it up. I’d also happily pay a one time fee to get my crafting back down to TWO ingredients instead of five. Nothing says inefficiency like a machine that can only make three pies at once. Seems even fantasy games aren’t safe from late stage capitalism and shrinkflation..Version: 1.0.25

Selfish DevsGame used to be great, but the developers clearly don’t understand that a successful game is one the community enjoys playing. They’ve upset players with changes introduced solely to boost their own profits, and I hope they suffer the consequences when people stop playing. Don’t bother installing, you’ll only be disappointed at the game’s missed potential..Version: 1.0.34

What a great gameEdit: I really loved this game. I paid for it and you get 30 golden tickets. I ran out of those. Then I found that after the golden tickets are gone, you can watch ads to activate riding animals, getting extra materials, ect. I feel like after paying 8.00 for the game, you should be able to activate these items without watching ads. It’s actually annoying that I have to either use ads or golden tickets after paying for the game. I thought I paid for ad removal totally, but that’s not the case after using the golden tickets you get and then having to pay for more just to access animals and materials. This game was totally worth paying for to remove the ads. There’s so many adventures and lands. I would love this on the PlayStation as a game. I only wish that I could purchase one of the pets to get around faster. That’s the only improvement I would like to see. It would be worth the money and let people purchase the tickets. I would pay for them. A great game worth supporting. It looks alike a lot of hard developer work goes in to this game. Totally worth it..Version: 1.0.10

Game not workingThe ad pop ups are so annoying but for some reason I can’t get any new trade ship orders. I need these boat orders so I can finish quests..Version: 1.0.26

Bug Fix??I was enjoying playing this game however stopped for a couple days as I was busy and didn’t have time to. I went to play again and my storage size had dropped drastically and parts of my island had just disappeared. The working shed amounts had changed e.g planks, bricks and nails. Even the automatic collectors. Please fix this as the game is no longer enjoyable and i have deleted it.Version: 1.0.16

PotentialI’ve been playing this game for a month now and mostly enjoyed it. There is plenty to do and it is essentially free to play. But the ads, man, the ads! I get that you put effort into developing this, and it shows, but you get serious bank from people watching ads, and I watch PLENTY of them voluntarily to get additional resources or a ride to double my speed. What I am unhappy about is the FORCED ads. You can’t gather resources from a build you’ve put together without having to watch an ad. And when I’m in a spotty internet zone it essentially freezes my phone and forces me to reboot the entire game which can take a solid minute or more just to pass the opening screen. In fact if it wasn’t for the MASSIVE update this weekend (early June 2023) I’d have deleted it this weekend; I had apparently completed all the tasks the earlier version had available. So I’m continuing to play… for now. But seriously consider reducing the number of ads. People will watch them for the boosts; you don’t need to force an ad every 3-5 minutes and risk crashing your audiences phones.Version: 1.0.25

Used to love the gameThe latest update is a pure money grab. Almost impossible to advance now! Updating the most important parts require gems or scrolls now, but the drop frequency has not improved. And don’t get me started on cinderblocks! I will probably end up uninstalling soon. Depends on how long my patience lasts. Which is starting to wear thin!.Version: 1.0.33

Linear and Ad-heavyI enjoy every element of this game, but the way they’re put together robs the final product of any sense of discovery. You farm a variety of resources, some of which can be refined into other resources, and delve into a procedurally generated dungeons to farm other specific resources. These resources are used to develop your base so you can farm other resources or farm faster. However, you have to build everything one structure at a time in the order you’re told. Instead of soft-locking progress behind undiscovered resources, you can only build This House, and then This Farm Plot, and then This Factory. It feels like the tutorial just refuses to end. On top of that, the ads are plain too much. I didn’t time it, but there’s a forced skippable ad (10s, press x, 5s, press x, 5s, press done… “skippable”) about every 2 minutes, plus there are opt-in unskippable ads for extra rewards. I’ve played about 3h over two days and easily half of that time was spent waiting for an ad to end. I pressed on longer than I should have. The game loop is very compelling and it always feels like there’s something to do. After reading other reviews, I’m glad I didn’t waste the cnd$10 on this developers’ loosely interpretation of “ad-free”. Save your time and money. Skip this one..Version: 1.0.28

Can’t login to game centreEmailed few days ago about this issue but no one ever reply, and when I switch to new phone, all of my progress are disappear. Very disappointed..Version: 1.0.19

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