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Genshin Impact Negative Reviews

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Genshin Impact App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Genshin Impact app received 69 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Genshin Impact? Can you share your negative thoughts about genshin impact?

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Genshin Impact for Negative User Reviews

Love the game but devs don’t listenI have been playing Genshin impact for quite a while now and I love the game so much. As soon as I started paying I fell in love and it became my main game even though I only play on mobile. Lately though the characters and rewards we’ve been getting are a bit underwhelming, for example Yoimiya has faced a lot of backlash since her release, another example are the anniversary rewards. The anniversary rewards are very underwhelming considering it is the 1 year anniversary of the game, the whole community are very annoyed but mihoyo are not listening to the community and aren’t changing much. I do have one complaint about the approach of the community though, people are giving bad reviews on other games made by mihoyo because of the state of Genshin which is stupid and they are hating on the people who run the Twitter so the community could have handled the situation better admittedly. That’s all I have to say I just hope that mihoyo will start to listen to the community and change things..Version: 2.1.0

The storage tho…It literally took so much storage for me too even download the game. Once I finished, it turned out too only be a demo. So I tried too download the full version. After deleting literally everything I could, there still wasn’t enough storage! Good game, but bruh….Version: 1.6.0

Good Game but Bad CompanyI started playing Genshin the second it was released internationally and after levelling up to AR 25, I created a new account. Now in that account, I was blessed and I got Diluc, Qiqi, Klee and Mona unlike my first account which.... only had traveller (cause I didn’t understand how wishing worked). Now, Genshin is a very beautiful game with an amazing plot line and wonderful music, but Mihoyo is a really bad company. A few months ago, I had lost my account and contacted the Mihoyo. They said they would come back to us in 10 - 20 working days. They replied to me after 1.5 months. After that, they didn’t even help. They said I already got it back and said to contact them again if it didn’t work but then under the email it said, don’t reply to email. What am I supposed to do? I lost hours of work and effort and all the characters I had. I even lost the chance to wish for my favourite character. This is all because of Mihoyo’s incapabilities to strengthen people’s accounts. You could already tell how bad they were from the anniversary event. Please Mihoyo, help me get my account back..Version: 2.3.0

Big potential but be tread carefullyThis game has amazing potential with everything done well being done extremely well. Visuals are top notch, animations clean, gameplay and combat system is FUN, music is loveley and there’s a lovely set of characters. What it doesn’t do well however needs to be adjusted. I know the gacha isn’t as important but even at 0.6 for 5 star is atrocious, 0.3 for a character. Pity is fine but not a point which can be used to defend the rates about a game playing different characters who all play differently. So I hope this gets adjusted and isn’t something to glaze over. This game can last long with the right rates and f2p friendliness (i’m not a f2p) I dont mind but seeing friends leave is due to limiting content and rates is sad. Oh yeah limited content, the resin is an issue in this game thats the currency to grind bosses and dungeons. 40 for elite monsters 120 cap and only 1 every 8 min. It’s like other gacha games. But this shouldn’t be like another generic gacha game this has potential to break all the tropes and pull in new people. Feedback of similar kind was given by many players during the beta but none were implemented, it’s a worrying trend. I’ve enjoyed the game during my time with it but I can only hope it will stay much longer without bleeding players once they realise things run out to do. Gameplay 2 stars Atmosphere+ world 2 stars Business model -1 star Energy currency to play 0 star Edngame trudge -1 star.Version: 1.0.2

Where are the anniversary rewards????Awful anniversary rewards. Disappointed and I feel like mihoyo doesn’t care about it’s users. I’m not spending anything for 2021..Version: 2.1.0

App crash at first playAfter download full game resource, I was so excited to jump to the game quickly. But the experience I got is so bad, unexpected. The sound has crashed, the gameplay with black color, and bunch of unexpected lights. Then I can not see anything. Anyone has same experience as me?.Version: 1.0.2

Anniversary failed this gameThis game bad for new players.Version: 2.1.0

Release weak charactersTheir latest 5 Star character(rarest level) is weaker than it should be. Zhongli can't play any role better than other current characters. You pretty much have to pay real money to get him and Mihoyo is trying to pull a fast one on its dedicated fanbase. I am happy to pay for battlepass every month if the content and characters stay great but they are beginning to show how increasingly lazy they are. I will take a break from buying battlepass and spending $99 on gems every new wish banner I want. They favor horny straight neckbeards too, all the girls are showing some amount of skin even if they are an actual child. I don't want to see Mona's camel toe, we need hot men to play and skins for everyone so I can cover up some of these girls..Version: 1.1.1

Anniversary RewardsMihoyo is a very wealthy company, making millions and millions of dollars and not even just from this game alone. I think they weren’t so generous with their gifts on their anniversary of 1 year, which should have been a big celebration. But instead they gave us the bare minimum which isn’t fair to all those people who spent so much money on the game. I have to say I was disappointed..Version: 2.2.0

Fun at first, very boring at endgameGenshin impact was amazing at first had so much potential until people reached endgame and realised how flawed the game is, you are constantly being held back by resin to the point it takes weeks if not months to fully max out character, and don’t get me started with the artifacts, they are extremely painful to farm and you never get the substats you want or the mainstat is good but not the substats, but let’s you got lucky, you get the best artificats, weapons and characters, now where’d you use them expect in the spiral abyss which resets every 15 days and isn’t even that challenging, where do you use all this characters that you grinder for so long, well not in the open world because you just one shot them easily, there’s needs to be something new, challenging and rewarding for us endgame players, why not make a new world level, with challenging enemies that have new moves and mechanics but drop way better loot, that would make the open world more interesting and rewarding, put mini bosses and new enemies in the over world , so now genshin impact is amazing at the start but gets very boring at endgame which the only thing that is keeping me going is FOMO I don’t know how long it will take mihoyo to take action but if anything doesn’t change can’t say me and many other players are staying on, and is very sad because this game has so much untouched potential..Version: 2.1.0

I would like the game if you fixed this one issue...When I get into the game it’s all dark around me, I can only see one meter of area and when I get in the water it’s just black cubes you can’t see any of the surroundings. I’ve heard great things about the scenery but for me it’s just all black. I’ve looked it up and so many other people have this issue, your game would be amazing if you could fix this. Right now there’s not much of a point in playing if you can’t see anything past one meter.I love your game, no hate I just want you to fix this issue..Version: 1.0.2

OverratedThe battle for Trials in Tianqiu is stupid. Some of the battle formatting for this game is already pathetic - so many glitches and being unable to reach mobs making it impossible to win a battle. But for this one specific fight you are put into a tiny room (that you constantly glitch into the walls with) and are expected to win a battle within 40 seconds where you are constantly frozen by enemies. The main reason for complaining about it is because if you activate this quest, there is no way to get online mode back until you complete it. Essentially you end up soft locking the game for a battle that requires you to either be severely over powered in or the fattest gacha whale to exist. Speaking of the gacha, since it’s only 1 banner per 5 star character it takes forever for you to get the characters you actually want and even then you get put onto a pity system that won’t allow you to role a five star until you’ve rolled so many times - this being hell for those who can’t actually afford to unload their entire wallet to this stuff. Just save yourself the time and don’t play..Version: 2.1.0

Plz fixHi devs, let me just start off with saying the game you made is fantastic it’s my favourite MMORPG, what down let me tell you what the are, I only got two so it’s not too many but it’s still annoying. 1. Sometimes when the cut scene is done I can’t get my controls back like my joystick and my attack buttons. 2. This one is pretty much the same as the first one but a little bit more annoying, again sometimes Cut scene is done The screen is just dark,there’s nothing there except darkness. So please fix these glitches and some other glitches in the way..Version: 1.2.0

Could be the perfect game but-Unfortunately resin exists and the devs refuse to listen to us when we say resin is obsolete in a game that has no pvp. It accomplishes nothing but discouraging people from playing because every tiny bit of progress is gated behind either resin, time, exp book/mora scarcity or all 3. Timegating is fine but the resin needs to go. Let us grind if we want to. Also the gacha rates are awful, but since you don't NEED to use the gacha to progress I'll let it slide, I guess. Actually that's a good thing because even if I did pull new characters it would take about a month+ for me to make them usable. (Because of what? Resin.) Don't waste your time with this game, it really is charming at first but looks can be quite deceiving. It'll start making you feel like you're wasting your time soon enough because of how little progress you can make everytime you log in. Shame..Version: 1.2.0

Great game until…This has been my favourite game for a long time, while there has been content to actually do. But there is no endgame to Genshin, nothing for players who have played for a long time to do. You log in, you do your dailies, use your resin to get terrible artifacts you’ll never use, and then you log off - the trickle of resin controls everything. This will never change, because Mihoyo doesn’t care. Recently the characters have even declined, with Yoimiya having significant kit issues and artifact problems, Raiden having synergy issues, and Kokomi being outright poor in every regard. Mihoyo won’t change any of them, so there’s hardly any point bringing that up either. Then there’s the anniversary rewards, which are just a painful slap in the face compared to what other gacha games offer, with slim rewards that you only have a chance to win if you promote their game with your artwork. Additionally there is a measly 10 pull for everyone, after all the money the player base have poured in. Once again, there’s little reason to complain except out of sheer principle, because Mihoyo don’t care and won’t make any changes. It’s sad to see the game go this way..Version: 2.1.0

……………..Here’s your anniversary reward Mihoyo.Version: 2.1.0

It’s crashing all the timeIdk about you guys but I just got the app and it crashes every time I go in it. It shows like a white screen and then crashes right after. I tried reinstalling but it’s still the same problem. I waited for months for this game I’m very disappointed..Version: 1.0.1

Security issuesMy account got stolen. I spend a lot of money and time in this game only to get it hacked. There is a security issue in the game that a lot of players are addressing it. Tectone, Mtashed and ZealsAmbition talked about it and it needs to be addressed. Linking your email exposes the user privacy. Linking your phone number is not recommend as well. A solution is to give the user a two authentification factor so that the account is safe and secure. I will change my rating once I recover my account. I already email Genshin support staff but the time that it takes to have a response back is unbelievable. Some say for the problem to be solved and to get the account back takes months. So if you download the game , make sure to secure your account with everything you can link it up to..Version: 1.1.1

Mihoyo is a stingy company.In the first month of playing the game, Genshin is full of content, and in terms of design and gameplay, Genshin is a great game. However when it comes to addressing concerns that the community and playerbase have expressed, Mihoyo falls far short to that of other game companies, an example being the absolutely pitiful anniversary “rewards”. Despite being a multimillion dollar company, Mihoyo has decided to lock their “rewards” of less than ONE wish behind a COMPETITION that is basically free add content for the game. We are gamers, not artists or cosplayers or content creators, and the fact that Mihoyo can’t come up with decent rewards for the playerbase that made their game so popular in the first place speaks tons. Secondly, Mihoyo absolutely does not care about endgame players. There is a lot of content when you first start the game, however after months of playing it’s easy to realise that there is no true sustainable content. Mini games have been released only to be available for a set time or a set event, and this results in many players losing interest after just a few months of playing..Version: 2.1.0

The downfallI love Genshin impact. I’ve grind pretty far, played with friends, met loads of new people and continue to keep updated with everything because of how compelling the story and how amazing the art style is. The fighting, characters, voice actors are all super amazing and make this game worth while however what I don’t like about this game is the hackers. The amount of people who’ve had their accounts hacked, lost all their 5 star weapons, artifacts and primogems is way too much for this company to keep ignoring it. They’re so ignorant and literally don’t care as long as other people give them money. If you’re deciding whether or not to play this game, don’t. it’s a waste of time to grind for weeks on end for the perfect set or enough primogems to be lucky enough for a single 5 star weapon or character just for someone to hack your account and destroy it. Mihoyo will just leave you a “sorry for your inconvenience message” and 5 primogems as an apology hoping it would fix your issue which is just appalling to say the least especially for a company this great. it’s just disappointing..Version: 1.4.0

Stuck.Overall, Genshin Impact was a pretty cool game at the beginning. Including the immaculate amount of high quality graphics and the absolutely adorable designs, such as Paimon. Although, after at least 30 minutes, I believe, of downloading the full version, following Amber and completing quests, all the way to discovering the temple and fighting the monsters, I had uncovered a level where you had to fly to reach the other side. You were stuck on a huge cliff, on one side, a huge gap in the middle, and the other side. The instructions that Amber had given me were to fly across the gap to get to the other side. After all, I had just discovered the game ability to fly a while ago. Thinking this was easy, I concentratedly pressed the button and attempted to fly across the gorge, only to be sent down into the "abyss" and be revived. Just then I had discovered that your characters could die, unfortunately. I repeatedly tried over and over to fly across the gorge without the game automatically making my character sink in a sort of slow matter, enough time to make me fail to reach the other side. My lives were decreasing and soon enough, the only character left I could use was Amber. Eventually I just gave up. Developer, do you think you could possibly consider this problem that I, a mobile player, have been having? I cannot play Genshin Impact until the "glitch" has been fixed, since my lives are decreasing every try. Sincerely, -An Upset Player..Version: 2.5.0

Amazing, i love it! but..I love this game it’s amazing and really fun. The lore is really interesting and well thought to and the characters designs are incredible, but one thing is while they give males really good lore and present character personality for the females they just “waifu” them down. Any female character could have amazing lore like take The Raiden Shogun (Ei) for example— her lore was very well thought out and hooking, when she first appeared in game she was intimidating which makes sense for a villain archon, when we first met she tried to kill us for breaking her ideals which makes sense for a villain but then after we beat her she was watered down to “uwu i like sweets” waifu. I feel like she should’ve got punished for her actions i know she’s an archon but if she truly felt sorry for what she did to the people then she would’ve punished her self someway and then accepted a happy ending for herself. I don’t know anything would’ve been better for the Inazuma archon quest, the Liyue and Mondstadt ones were very well written but when it came to Inazuma it was really watered down and underwhelming for the so called “Nation ruled by the villain archon”. There’s no going back now but i do hope the same thing doesn’t happen when we reach Tsarista..Version: 2.4.0

They don’t care about the playersZero effort in terms of thanking the players, anniversary rewards are a joke. Still greedy even though it’s there freaking anniversary. Like come on mihoyo, even other stingy gacha games know how to thank the players.Version: 2.1.0

White Screen of DeathI have the IPAD 3 PRO. Downloaded game and when I open it all I get is a white screen. I’m assuming others have had this happen? Any known fix? Thx.Version: 1.0.1

Great game butLike all the other reviews that you may have read, I have the problem with me crashing , If you have an old device , I suggest you DONT play unless you get a newer device as I have the iPad 6th gen, yesterday this problem had started annoying me, I am ar 44 and I have just finished hu Taos story quest, I decided to stop playing and the next day, I decided to play Genshin since it’s such a fun game but when I log into the game I immediately crash, I’ve tried going into the game several times but I can’t get in. I may just have to stop playing this game because of this problem, when this problem is fix which it would probably not since it’s such a good game with great combat and graphics. 10/10 game but I have to get rid of 5 points because of the crashing. To be exact when I started playing Genshin it wouldn’t crash at all as I started doing ventis quest with dvalin and stuff I started crashing , now inazuma came out and I have been crashing like crazy..Version: 2.1.0

Great Game, Selfish CreatorsThis game has consumed me. The lore, character design, the story, the thought put into everything. If you’re wanting to play this, I wholeheartedly recommend it. But the biggest flaw is that Mihoyo has a weak reward system. The effort and time players have taken into making the Genshin community amazing and into funding this game seem to be ignored. It’s frustrating to contemplate that all the money and microtransactions made into making this game great come with very little thanks. The anniversary rewards are laughable. It’s clear you only get favoured if you funnel all your expendable income onto this game. It’s hurtful that all the love I’ve given to Genshin Impact is ignored because I’m not constantly spending money or promoting them in exchange for favours. It’s horrible that the reward we get are next to nothing. I love this game so much and I’m so happy to have given my hours into exploring its world. I just wish I was valued as a player and an individual instead of as a statistic or a customer. Please do better..Version: 2.1.0

Amazing! but major issues.Firstly, i absolutely love the storyline and characters within this game, the way it’s been created and how you get to play in this world is absolutely amazing. I would 100% recommend this game to anyone in love with a great storylines and amazing gameplay with characters to collect. The scenery too and detail to every tiny thing is spectacular, one of the major issues i’ve had is repeated app crashing, and major lag. I play on 2 different devices, one is my Apple iPad Gen6, that has over half the storage space free and no issues whatsoever. The other device is an Apple iPhone8, which also has over half storage and also no issues. Both of them repeatedly crash at any time, ill open the map, or go to join a domain etc, and it’ll kick me off the app and back to my homescreen and i’ll have to load back up. This is a horrible issue that i would really like to be patched as i’m aware it is not either of my devices fuelling this issue, the constant crashing (i’m aware it doesnt happen to everyone) really ruins the fun you can have with this game. Itd be a lot more fun and easygoing if it wasn’t so laggy and constantly kicky. Apart from this it’s amazing! (please, please patch this though Mihoyo)..Version: 2.0.0

Fantastic, but…I love this game. The graphics, the characters, the gameplay everything. But there’s something that’s been on my nerves. There’s this thing where your account “expires” and you have to log back into that account to get it. It’s happened to all three of my accounts. I lost my first ever account, which had Mona, Xiao and Venti, who I worked so hard to get. I was starting to build my team, and boom, just like that, my account was gone. When I tried to change the password for that account, it then mistaken it for another account which I ended up using the same email for without realizing. I almost lost my second account with Qiqi and Mona. And maybe soon even Klee, as well. Thankfully, I managed to get it back. I am just working on my newest account. I don’t know if this account expiring thing is a bug or added intentionally, but it’s really frustrating and just makes me want to delete the game. But I won’t. If this is some kind of bug, please fix it as fast as possible. I am already in misery because of losing my first ever account, and I don’t want to lose neither of the two other accounts I have. Thank you..Version: 1.6.0

Lack of considerationI didn’t want to write this review, i really didn’t want to, but i have to because mihoyo is not taking action. the anniversary rewards, lets just say everyone is extremely displeased with them, and even though tons of the playerbase is complaining, mihoyo has NOT implemented any changes or improved. it surprised me the lack of consideration and how little mihoyo cares about what their own playerbase says. its almost as if mihoyo does not care a single bit about the anniversary entirely at all. it’s ridiculous. the rewards are downright horrible as other gacha rpg games give rewards pretty much 10x better. i’m disappointed, very disappointed, i loved this game so much even though i’m f2p, i thought i would still always enjoy it and here those thoughts came crashing down. other ppl speaking up about it are even being banned and silenced by mihoyo. the heights this game has reached and yet mihoyo can’t even CONSIDER giving us better things? tell me thats not horrible. i truly love genshin but mihoyo needs to stop being greedy and give back to their players..Version: 2.1.0

Wonderful game disappointing rewardsI really love this game so much, the music, graphics, characters, storyline and lore is so beautiful- but there’s so many things wrong with it as well- the new story is underwhelming, as well as new released characters, the resin system needs to be reworked at least a little bit and finally the anniversary rewards are just plain insulting. the fact that i’ve spent money on this game and we get one ten pull and a tiny bit of mora, crystals and a minuscule amount of hero’s wit actually makes me so sad. I won’t give one star because everything in this game is wonderful except for the rewards and recently added features. it seems like mihoyo doesn’t care about the game as much because they will get lots of money either way.Version: 2.1.0

Learn how to appreciate the player baseMihoyo you are a multi billion dollar company. You make so much and yet you give so little. 100 pulls or even a 5 star from the banner wouldn’t hurt. You wouldn’t be here without us, maybe show us some love and not just maybe 100 primos for being an art major..Version: 2.1.0

TerribleTerrible, the game is unfair in so many ways, you don’t listen to player feedback, and the rewards are too little for the amount of things we have to do. I deleted this game after a long while playing it. Don’t get it, don’t waste your time like i did..Version: 2.1.0

Amazing Game but this company is being greedyI absolutely love this game and have spent more than I would like to admit on it. It’s one of my all time favorite games. That being said this anniversary they showed up that they do not not care about their fans with the rewards they gave. Worse yet is their silence and deleting of comments they don’t like so I guess I’ll give a bad review even though I love their product. in addition they have released a character who clearly needed more time in the oven and looks like they don’t play their own game when designing. They have changed the skill descriptions after players summoned a character to fit their narrative on why it doesn’t work with certain things. In the year I have been playing endgame has been non existent and most of what you do is chores to get your meager amount of currency to get stuff and get better and better artifacts that there is nothing requiring you to be so well built . I highly recommend this game if you want a good casual phone game that can be played on other devices. That being said know this company doesn’t respect you are your time with them. They will always give you the bare minimum resource wise. I did not want to make a bad review but at this point they are not listening to their fans and actively silencing people. Edit : they ended up giving some extra rewards so I’ll give them back a couple stars.Version: 2.2.0

Bro these rewards lmooWhy.Version: 2.1.0

DisappointedMihoyo is a greedy company that does not value its player base. Have been playing for year now and all recent characters released have half baked kits that do not function or synergise very well, story has been extremely rushed and poorly written, anniversary to celebrate the support of the players is nonexistent. So many problems and issues from launch have still not been tended to 1 year later, such as in game log in rewards, resin cost reduction/resin refresh rate increase, end game content that’s not spiral abyss, being able to talk to npcs in coop mode and more. I would not recommend getting into this game to anyone..Version: 2.1.0

ClownI love the gameplay and the style and the banners too but I don’t really like mihoyo itself like so many people are getting hacked losing there hard work and mihoyo is not doing anything to help and the fact that the anniversary rewards are only just 100 primos and worst is that it’s only to 1000 players that’s like 1% of the players, and there are other developers like devsisters being so generous and giving out rewards everyday and the maintenance rewards are even better while mihoyos anniversary rewards are even worse than their maintenance rewards for new banners I’m not trying to complain but this is not a good impression for Mihoyo.Version: 2.1.0

So far it’s been good but it has issuesReal time cutscenes run well but prerendered ones don’t work at all, they’re basically a two slide slideshow with deep fried audio. The levelling is a bit uneven, with a lot of time wondering what you’re meant to do next when all the quests are ten levels too high. The game almost constantly crashes but at least it saves where you were down to the second (unless flying) so no progress is really lost. So far level geometry is fine, except in the city where some buildings can be climbed through and into the void. I wish the map was more detailed and some way to see custom markers in game like normal quests. What I really like is the swapping between characters and the little puzzles to unlock chests. I love achievements too much, and I hate how I can’t find any eagles to shoot..Version: 1.0.2

An Honest ReviewGenshin is a beautiful game; visually speaking. And after a year of playing, gotta say the disappointment is immeasurable. There are glaring issues still present since the beginning of the game and only more have popped up since. Whether it’s a small bug like Kokomi’s walk on water glitch or the everlasting bugs with Dvalin. Larger issues remain unfixed while smaller issues are retconned. The recent 2.1 story itself is full of plot holes and while I’m mostly forgiving I can’t overlook how mediocre this 1 year long wait has been. Then the big 1, this has only added fuel to the fire. What we’ve gotten is no different from any other patch seen this far, it’s not special, oh wait no I get an extra 40 gems from watching a play I could see in the archives. Don’t get me wrong props to the team that worked on it, specialising each version must have taken a lot of time. Unfortunately, I can look at this information any time I wanted, and to top it off you get sent to a web browser that runs it so slow and laggy. There’s still no login event it’s all out of game, and to top it off everything is time gated and locked. What I did for the anniversary is the same thing I’ve been doing on any other day, you would never guess that it was a special day. This patch has been no different to any other. I hope to see this game improve because it can be fun and I hope to change this review when it can show instead of tell..Version: 2.1.0

HorribleWhat the hell were u thinking with the anniversary rewards.Version: 2.1.0

Amazing game, but one MAJOR problemI am an AR (Adventure Rank) 55 player, and started playing since the Dragonspine update (late December of 2020). Quite recently, my laptop broke while I was playin Genshin Impact (it crashed when I opened the menu, and it refused to work properly from then on). After that, I switched to playing Genshin Impact on the mobile version. When I first started playing on mobile, I would have 30-40 minutes of smooth playing, up until the game would crash. I eventually got used to it, and I would simply open the game again. Sometimes it would crash when I teleported from waypoint to waypoint, entered a domain, opened the menu, and when I wished. However, quite recently, the game started crashing more frequently, and I could only play for less than 10 minutes before it crashed. This was especially apparent during a commission (a daily quest) which progressed in 3 parts. Basically, after finishing the first 2 parts, my game would crash and I’d have to start the commission from the very beginning. The constant crashing makes the game unplayable. Personally, I rate this game 3 stars because of the many problems I had encountered while playing the game (both on PC AND mobile). Although the game itself is really fun to play, the game constantly crashing turns the fun into annoyance and anger..Version: 2.1.0

Mihoyo sucksAn anniversary, specially the first, is an important things to a game bc of how mush money we have spent of your game and how many rewards you guys have because of US than this is how you pay us?.Version: 2.1.0

AHHHHHHHFnaf porn.Version: 2.4.0

Lack of account securityPlayers have discovered many security flaws in how your account information is handled, such as ways to bypass captcha, reset someone’s password, and expose your phone number and email. Mihoyo quietly patches these without offering any explanation to players. The players have been asking endlessly for a proper 2-factor Authentication system, in order to protect their accounts and information. It’s ridiculous that in this year, a service can be released without even the option for 2FA. That’s a basic security requirement. Mihoyo has failed their players. Additionally, the one time Mihoyo has released a statement about security flaws, they took no responsibility and instead blamed players for “sharing accounts or selling accounts”. Despite all the easily available proof on how to brute force into someone’s account - which Mihoyo was clearly aware of, as they quietly fixed it, but STILL chose to blame players in order to save face. Not acceptable. There is no excuse for not allowing players to protect their accounts, especially when money is involved. DO BETTER..Version: 1.1.1

Great❤️So the game quality is great,I love it so real and so calming. BUT and this is a big but, it takes 4ever to update, and it kicked me out 7 times this weak. I’m sorry but this is just uneventful, the game is just great but you can’t play it for at least 5 hours!! The silly kicks,banned,updates, and nonsense is just not okay! I hope you understand me. Please read this, because I might file a complaint if this happens again I just can’t deal with it,horrible horrible. I don’t know my password, and it kicked me out that’s another thing! This needs to stop now it is terrible how you can accept the fact that the game kicks people out for “updates” it’s terrible! Horrible! I hate the fact you can’t deal with this, I am not a Karen I just need to do what’s right for me and the game! I can’t play the game if this happens again I’m so sorry but this is unexpectyble! -Emmirsuin....Version: 2.0.0

The loading speed is garbageI first signed in and it did the usual and started downloading resources. I started at 3:39pm and it reached 100% at 9:06pm then it just sat at 100 for nine minutes and went back down to 98. It’s five minutes later and I’m still on 99, and now that it’s gone to one hundred it’s stuck there. I downloaded this so I could play with my friends but I’ve just been waiting here for 6+ hours waiting for something to load. I still have high hopes about the gameplay because of all the great reviews but something has to be done about loading speeds.Version: 1.5.0

Crashing On Compatible Devices!I am currently using an iPad (6th Generation) which is fully compatible with this application, or so it says. I’ve tried resetting all settings and re-installing this application but it still didn’t work. It doesn’t crash immediately, it crashes within about 10 minutes of gameplay, or even less. I’m also having my suspicions on the new iOS 14 as many people are having application crashing problems. Their cases are a little different since their applications crashes immediately. Another issue I had with this game is the laggy animations. In the intro, nothing moves and the sound was glitching. The rest of the game’s animation are still a bit laggy but way better than the introduction animation. Please update your game since I highly enjoy this, I’d rather play on a mobile device than my PS4 that way it’s more convenient. A feature I thought would be pretty nice is you can log in through your PSN account in mobile devices, or even PC. If you can do nothing about these problems, let’s hope Apple gives us an iOS 14 bug fix!.Version: 1.0.1

This game isn’t worth itI want the hours I spent on this game back..Version: 2.1.0

Trash game, no respect for community.The first anniversary was meant to be a good time for everyone, turned out to be the owners trying to get money off the customers, there was no content. None. But than they gave 800 primo gems and a bad hang glider as damage control that was meant to be a 30 bundle when the back lash came and deleted all the bad reviews on their apps. Lacking end game content. Becomes a game where you sign in and farm for 5 minutes, than you can’t do anything else but wait for energy to come back. Just to roll at an rng system, to rinse and repeat. Events are reused, game throws 5*’s (the rarest playable characters) everywhere in hopes people buy it. Bad game + highly addictive + lots of money to be spent = money hungry owners..Version: 2.1.0

Addictive game but very annoyingI used to REALLY love this game, I was literally addicted to it, the storyline was fun and the gameplay was beautiful. However, every time I finished a part of the archon quests, I had to grind HARD to get to the next adventurer level, it was super annoying. There are a lot of things annoying and aggravating in this game, for example, it’s so hard to get primogems. The game is really money hungry, as you can only get very far if you spend a lot of money. I was a FTP player and I had really bad and weak characters because it’s so hard to get anything without spending loads of money. You have to grind a lot to get good items and characters otherwise. Also, as other people have mentioned in reviews, the mobile gameplay is… so sad. I used to play on PC, which had amazing and smooth graphics, but when I started playing on mobile…. uhm it’s nowhere near gameplay on PC. I recently quit this game because as I said, you have to grind so much to get good things and the game didn’t seem rewarding or fun after I played it for ages. I guess that’s just the way life goes though, you’ll stop liking something after a while. I’m giving this game 3 stars because of how much I enjoyed the game in the past (+5) and how aggravating it is (-2).Version: 2.4.0

Welp things happen I guessOk first of all I love this game with a burning passion I have been addicted since September 20th 2020. I can’t stop playing due to the beautiful gameplay and story but now where at version 2.1 and everything has just gone down hill. Ok to start of I really don’t have the best device (IPad air 2) and I know everything is glitchy and slow and now I can’t even install version 2.2 because my iPad doesn’t have enough storage (even when I deleted all my apps and files). Also the game kicks me out every 5 seconds and I can’t even complete anything without starting again. But I mean it is what it is also I’m at adventure rank 48 and I only have 1 five star (Well C1) Mona which is kinda disappointing but I mean I’m a free to play player so I can’t really say much :) Also I’m gonna miss being able to play this game everyday but it doesn’t mean I’m gonna drop the random for good (most chillest fandom).Version: 2.2.0

Bad investmentStay away from this game if you value your money and time. Mihoyo is a greedy company that only values your money and doesn’t care about its long time supporters. This is truly reflected by the events leading up to the anniversary and the absolute underwhelming rewards. Instead of improving their game, they sell you the solution to maximize profit. This game has run its course, I don’t recommend it to anyone..Version: 2.1.0

A general critiqueHello, I am a player who has played since November 2020. Although I am not a whale I have spent £400 on this game so I feel that I can give my full critique without others telling me I can’t since I’m not f2p. I remember when I first logged on and Mihoyo gave us plenty of wishes. Me along with the rest of the player base felt appreciated, yet over the year this game has been out that feeling has dwindled into nothingness. Now it feels that the company doesn’t care about us at all, which is evident with the lack of balance patches for certain characters and the lack of endgame content as a whole. I held on, thinking that Mihoyo would show their appreciation soon enough. That hasn’t happened at all. Instead of appreciation, we got a slap in the face, and Mihoyos greed has become glaringly obvious. They have shown no appreciation for us at all, thinking that they are above critiques. Given that they have been censoring many posts concerning this issue, the company has shown their true face. I will most likely not play until these issues are fixed, and if I do I most certainly won’t spend another penny..Version: 2.1.0

State of the game and AnniversaryGenshin impact is a game that can be classified as few highs and many lows. Throughout the first year of the game Genshin has experienced numerous changes, with only two major changes impacting standing out: the adjustments to Electro and Geo resonance and play. These allowed their respective units to function at or almost to he level of their pyro and cryo counterparts (Zhongli excluded). Given this, there are still many problems with the current roster and the damage ceiling of specific units. Specifically electro damage ceiling and lack of damage modifiers for reactions involving anything geo and electro. These are but a few of the issues with the elements themselves and not the units that use them. The lows, to name a few, are the lack of log in rewards (not tied to a forum site log in), abysmal commission rewards, lack of story in game through the main story, and lack of end game content. As it stands, Genshin is the only gacha game that I have played that requires a log in to a separate platform for log in rewards. The primogems, mora, and adventure exp from commissions are lacking to say the least. Free to players often need to save months in advance in order to guarantee a specific unit, with a lack of a road map this is quite hard to predict what they may want. The mora itself is not enough to level an artifact past level 12, if that. The adventure exp, well, is pitiful beyond AR 50. The lack of story is astounding to say the least, Honkai, another gacha by miHoYo has much more cutscenes and dialogue between characters that fill out the narrative of each section. Genshins main story quest feels too quick and leaves no room for he development of characters, often leaving that to the separate ‘character quests’. More often than not these do no pertain to the current narrative, rather explain who they are and how they act. While not a bad concept, these characters do not act or change with the current narrative, rather it seems once the story introduces a character, your conversation with them during the two-three quests they appear will be all the story they receive. As for end game content, there are two choices: abyss or material farming, which both for a free to play player will only take around an hour respectively (or even less depending on the account). In summary (and if you skipped to the bottom), the flaws of this game out weigh the benefits. It is a wonderfully crafted world with brilliant gameplay and design, but with a team that lacks devotion to let it shine. I would say for miHoYo to step up their game, but it’s evident over the past year they do not care..Version: 2.1.0

A little disappointedGame looks very pretty and combat is fun, and is certainly has a large world to explore. That’s where the positives stop. Nearly everything causes the game to either lag or crash - such as entering a menu or turning a corner to quick or beginning a cutscene. Combat seems fun until you realise that the enemies give so little experience that there’s actually no point fighting them. It’s actually quite hard to level up your adventure rank so your progress gets stopped quite quickly. The Gacha rates are atrocious - the worst I’ve seen in any gacha game. 0.6% for a featured unit is laughable. I imagine the game runs better on a PC or console but for mobile devices this game needs some performance enhancement - the crashes are completely unacceptable for how much space this game gobbles up. I’d like to see improvements to game performance, gacha rates, and more reason to engage enemies. I had very high hopes but I’ve had a very disappointing experience thus far..Version: 1.0.2

Concerned with primogems and content for higher AR playersThis game is pretty incredible when you first start playing. There’s plenty of content, characters, and so on. However, when you start playing more you’ll slowly realize that there’s less content for higher AR players. And that’s the problem. Less content means it’s harder to grind for primogems, not to mention the rewards are so little which makes it even more difficult. To make it worse primogems are WAY too overpriced. You cant even get to pity for $100. I feel as if mihoyo doesn’t care about our concerns and only wants our money. New banners are coming out, and there’s not really any way for you to grind for wishes. After you reach 100% world exploration and get to a high AR there’s almost nothing to look forward to in the game except for daily’s, domains, and new events. There’s a problem with the resin too. There should at least be a way for you to get more resin once you reach a certain AR. Other than that, you just do your daily’s and log off. And another thing, the wish system is also overpriced. Wouldn’t it make more sense for it to be 100 primogems for one wish at least? Considering how hard it is to get primos. If you cant do that, then at least make it a little more easier to get farm primogems in the game. For example, let us earn primogems in domains, like the Abyss. It doesn’t have to be much, just something. You really can’t expect much from this game after a while, and it eventually becomes boring..Version: 2.3.0

It’s ok, but mihoyo is a bit money grubbingPlease make it easier for mobile players!!! My phone is about to die because of how much space it takes up, I feel like it would be easier for mihoyo to make more compact updates as an option to get rid of some unnecessary parts to save storage. Another thing is security, I see so many people who have been hacked and lost all their hard work way too often, and instead to updating the game they should have a security update first!!.Version: 2.4.0

It’s AnnoyingEvery time I try to fully download it it says not enough dam storage fix this.Version: 2.1.0

Genshin ImpactI used this app on mobile and it honestly is not that good. First of all, when you log in, you have to wait VERY LONG. Like, why can’t you add a little tutorial gameplay or you can play a bit while it loads? Or, even a tutorial video would be fine! But, you just have to sit there waiting. Even after that, the start lags like mad. Fighting and the animations are ok, it is just the dialogue and animation part in there. Secondly, wishes. Who wants to spend so much just to get a single character, when you have to roll at least 90 times? Even primogems are hard to get! Even so, the new character added isn’t even that good… Thirdly, confusion. I sometimes get confused and off-track when I play storyline. It is confusing and sometimes I just don’t know what to do. Also, could you explain things like constellations? I had to find out these things by myself, watching video after video finally to know what constellations were, or for example, c1. Could you make these reasons above better and also improve the tutorial and explanations? Thank you. If you do this I will re-download the app. Ilysm devs!.Version: 2.0.0

StingyLaziest anniversary event ever.Version: 2.1.0

WhyI miss my wife and kids.Version: 2.2.0

I have had a fairly fun time I guess until…I have played this game since early October and it is a very fascinating game with beautiful character aesthetics, graphics are marvellous and gameplay is unique to each character however what I am not impressed about is the few rewards we get from the game like the Holoyab daily reward that gave not even 1 single pull and the 7 day daily reward has no longer been seen for as long as I remember which actually gave a decent reward like 10 intertwined fates and some other resources but it’s been months since that was ever seen. And as for the anniversary so far the rewards that they have shown us in my opinion is nowhere near worth the support the Genshin community has given to this game as most if not all of the rewards are Chance based or need so much effort for so little and the reward just not good in general. Just hoping we get actual good rewards in the future rather than 2 fowls or 100 primogems which isn’t even enough for 1 summon or any other reward that not everyone is able to obtain..Version: 2.1.0

The game doesn’t translate well to mobileGenshin impact is a great game. very fun to play, engaging story, and aside from being a BoW clone it has an element of uniqueness to it. Over all a great game, but just not quite there on mobile. Has a lot of lag, but on top of that doesn’t provide the must haves for mobile gaming. The game doesn’t provide an option to rearrange ur hub layout, which is super surprising Bc this is a simple service that is provided by almost all newer mobile games. The game isn’t claw sensitive, for example if ur using an archer and you do an aimed shot, the game doesn’t allow u to hold the shoot bottom with one finger and aim with another which is really annoying. It’s not always a problem but it definitely get in the way. The game also isn’t compatible with a controller which is also surprising. It’s seems like the games has an obsolete approach to mobile gaming which is weird Bc the game legit just came out. Aside from the hiccups it’s a great game, just a way better game on every other platform. Take for example Fortnite mobile, epic was able to take the experience players had on pc and console and give it to mobile players. To the point where some mobile players were able to out preform some console players. That’s was amazing on epics part. Genshin hasn’t be able to make the game comfortable to mobile players and that why I’m giving it a 3. If this was a review on p4 I’d give it a 5. Devs not to make the game a better experience on mobile.Version: 1.0.2

I could barely download itI could barely download it bruh.Version: 2.0.0

Worst Anniversary I’ve Ever EncounteredI’m greatly disappointed by how underwhelming the 1st Genshin anniversary is. I’ve loved and supported this game from the start and I can’t believe that they would treat their players that had been with them and made them to where they are now like we’re nothing. They just see their players as cash cows and free ads and really saddening that a game that had helped me cope hard times be like this. Please treat your players better and add more features and mini games/end-game content that players can participate. The game is getting repetitive and boring..Version: 2.1.0

David MinervaHad a whole year to make a wonderful celebration but then you give us the same rewards you have been as if we are still new comers Mihoyo people wouldn't find the game as lack lustre as it is had you not repeated the same script over and over again you done an exception with the windtrace event but even then it wasn't something really special but to celebrate a whole year since your release you dont even gift the plays who played every day since day one coming on to your game to have fun and enjoy the wonderful world of teyvat and support they have givin nothing. Its really a shame because people where depending on this anniversary to see a change and to rekindle the spark they once had when they started the game that spark that motivated us all to explore build our characters and do quests but repeating the same rewards that have no guarantee of getting you anything good is just appalling for how long some of us have played leaving good reviews even suggestions. To end it of i would like to say that for me personally this was a huge disappointment because this anniversary only seems like another event and is no different to the monotonous cycle you have been following with the events not one event has you left behind for us too keep and i'm 100% sure this next wont either don't have anything positive to say as everything else is still the same no new QOL updates or updates that make the game exciting again..Version: 2.1.0

I like it but…Genshin is a good game imo. it’s rich in lore and the characters, world and art is gorgeous. i would be lying if i said the anniversary event didn’t disappoint me. the rewards weren’t great and quests i found frustrating. mihoyo is a money hungry company 🤷 to spend money on the game everything is so absurdly expensive and often without much payoff either. i certainly agree that those that spend money on the game should have better opportunities to get better characters and weapons but being f2p is /too/ difficult, especially when you get to a higher level in the game. i know people that have played for months and have only gotten one 5 star because of pity. the pity system is wayyyy too expensive and why make one wish 160 primogems? why now just 100 or even 125? getting new characters is a fun experience until you realise you need like 300 hero’s wit to get them to 90 so pls make hero’s wit even just a LITTLE more available cause i’ve finished the archon quests and it’s so difficult to find hero’s wit….Version: 2.2.0

Do not installThis game is awful.I was playing the game until my mother entered my room wondering what kind of boku no pico stuff I was watching,she grounded me and now I’m typing this on my Samsung smart fridge in the middle of the if you see this I know you’re cheating on dad.Version: 2.2.0

UnappreciatedMihoyo has made a great game, however the amount of times where the player base felt betrayed was too often. The last straw was anniversary, where rewards were only given to a few 1000 people of the 50 million playing. Not to mention those said rewards were less than a single gacha currency. Mihoyo literally wanted the player base to provide FREE advertisement for genshin during their first anniversary rather than actually reward the players for sticking around for a year. This is infuriating, I do not suggest falling into this hole unless they start caring for their fan base. Imagine asking for free labour only for a chance to be rewarded a penny, that’s what this anniversary is. What a joke..Version: 2.1.0

Patch 2.2 light and leaves more to be desiredMihoyo do better. Stop making new games and improve the one you have. It could have been a great game. Patches like 2.2 shouldn’t happen, it is a disgrace of a patch. You scraped the bottom of the barrel to find content..Version: 2.1.0

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