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Genshin Impact App User Positive Comments 2022

Genshin Impact app received 180 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about genshin impact?

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Genshin Impact for Positive User Reviews

Great game, meh rewardsGenshin impact is one of my favourite games throughout my whole time of gaming. It’s graphics are amazing and it’s free on the majority of devices / platforms that exist. the quests are amazing, every region we’ve encountered is amazing and immensely detailed. despite this, the game does indeed have flaws. The genshin community consists of f2p (free to play, which means not purchasing any kind of purchased items ingame) and people that do pay. The reason I have brought this up links to ingame rewards that you get for FREE. some of the rewards are amazing, like web events will usually give you 10 - 30 primo gems and events will give you exclusive items etc. but some of the rewards make it quite hard for f2p players to even get characters. This matter can also link to the recent anniversary rewards we got in around September - October last year. The rewards weren’t very good. We could’ve at least gotten a few primo gems and wishes, maybe even a free 4 star of our choice. If these arent possible, then maybe even a free 5 star off of the standard banner. (The banner consists of keqing, jean, diluc, qiqi and mona).Version: 2.4.0

Amazing but small problems.Genshin impact is a great game but it does have its problems like any other games. Mainly security issues and glitches. There is one glitch which I have seen a lot, I don’t know whether it was set for humour though. The glitch is just when characters stand on a block tilted downwards their feet bend in an extremely unnatural way. The security issues also make it very possible to get your really good account stolen from you. For this, I’d recommend adding in a two-step verification option for when you log into an account. One other thing is that sometimes you have no quests to do and you just have to wait until the next morning to do other commissions. There also aren’t too many world quests available which offer much. For this I’d just recommend you add a few more world quests which give more adventure rank XP so people can get to main storylines quicker! If you read this, thank you and please consider the things I have mentioned. Bye-bye!.Version: 1.6.0

This game is amazing and a lot of people are extremely ungratefulThe fact that this game is for free and we get the majority of features (bar 2) is incredible. I don’t think people realise just how lucky we are for this to be a free download and actually the amount of people who have left a bad review on this is disgusting. All complaining about spending their money (out of their own free will may I add) and not getting loads of stuff in return….people are way too entitled now. But if you’re considering getting this app, do! Don’t listen to those complaining because they didn’t get 100 wishes for free because they’ve forgotten the fact that this is a free app with amazing graphics, storylines, soundtrack, and gameplay. The fandom for this app is the only thing rubbish about it and I think Mihoyo needs to stop giving them things because they’ve turned into spoiled brats. I love this game and I haven’t found anything ok the App Store as good as it..Version: 2.2.0

Amazing game, but a few things to noteI want to start off by saying that Genshin has gotten me through so much boredom over the pandemic. Absolutely beautiful game, unique characters, and lots to explore. However, are here are a few things to note. First off, once you’re at a higher adventure rank it’s much harder to get primogems, in comparison how much it costs to pull on a weapon or character banner once. If you go to the one star reviews you may notice many of them say things like “give me Ganyu and I’ll change my review back.” While that’s childish, it is very difficult to get characters. Second off, this game requires a lot of storage for mobile players. We only have three nations so far, I highly doubt there will be many mobile players left in the game soon. Lastly the game can feel more like a chore when you’re at a higher level. The resin system limits how many materials we can gather in a day. Also I’ve begun to notice many players log on to do their commissions, use up their resin and log off. Despite this I’m still going to give it five stars since it’s really been one of my favorite games. And even if I don’t get the character I wanted, or I run out of resin there’s lots to do. You can decorate your teapot normally or build some home made contraption in it. You can run around on co-op helping people or simply making new friends. You can participate in the current events. Overall it’s a very fun game, and I’d recommend it..Version: 2.5.0

Love! The characters tho…Hi! I just would like to say that this game is the most fun I’ve ever had! It is engaging, enthralling, and very nice. I like the American AND the Japanese dub. Some of the VA’s you’ve hired are relaxing to listen to. Especially Zhongli’s voice. But, speaking of Zhongli, I have no way to wish for the characters that I would like!! I say this because acquiring primogems, while easy enough, just isn’t enough. I usually save up..but there’s no telling what the next character(or weapon) will be up for the wishing. When I do wish for them, I don’t get them, and only get the essence of a character or some weapons that aren’t…prime. Don’t get me wrong, the anticipation of the wish is AMAZING and I love receiving these gifts, but as someone who has tried like, 9 times to get 5 star characters, I’ve only gotten new characters 4 out of 10 times, and only one five start character. It’s just simply to hard to get characters and nice weapons is all I’m saying. Other than that, its an amazing game, with beautiful scenery, lovely, silky voices, and an exciting and gripping plot line. But, we cant forget about the fight mechanics, and the EPIC BOSS BATTLES! I love this game! And the characters! I am grateful for whatever comes my way. I just wish getting characters and the weapons you want were easier! Thats all from me! Bye bye!.Version: 2.5.0

It’s a very addicting game! But...It’s a very addicting game! Though I don’t know if it’s just my iPad not suitable for playing big games or itself being such a big game but the game’s screen would freeze and I would only be able to listen to the music and restart the app all over again, and again maybe because it’s such a big game that my iPad ends up overheating easily, the app would sometimes closes itself besides all this I absolutely love this very addicting game, every aspect of it is super fun and enjoyable, all the way from the music and background sounds to the combat attacks.Version: 1.0.1

Great gameplayI started playing on 10 days ago and I love it. The game is so much fun, but it crashes a lot. My device has plenty of storage to support it, but it lags. Of course, regardless of small issues, the overall gameplay is lovely. I have seen small glitches where (I chose Lumine) the game thinks I chose Aether and calls me a “he” or brings up my character’s “sister”. I know that Aether is the default character, but having this worked on would help. It is pretty funny to come across though. This is my overall favorite game and I enjoy all of the time that I spend playing it. I do think that getting up your adventure rank is a bit hard, but I’ve managed to get up to level 22 in the time that I’ve been playing. Also, I just started collecting characters two days ago and one of the characters I got, Sayu, can’t be ascended without crystals from an island that is much too far for me to swim out to. Most of my characters are level 30 or higher, but Sayu is going to be stuck at level 20 for a long time. Maybe making the ascension materials easier to obtain would help the newbies out. I am very much obsessed with this game and play for hours among hours every day. I would love to see this game get better, fixing the small issues and bugs along the way..Version: 2.6.0

Way better than expectedAs a person that has tried several mobile games, this one is by far the closest thing I’ve seen to the ads that promote it, on top of that, it’s just generally a good game with good graphics and plays smoothly, my phone does heat up a bit though, but besides that it’s perfect, one suggestion, I’m sure you can add controller support, especially considering this game is available on PS4 and you can use a controller on PC. Besides that, absolutely amazing with graphics rivalling legend of Zelda: breath of the wild.Version: 1.0.2

The most successful open world gameIn my many years of trying to find games to play on the phone and ACTUALLY being satisfied and having something to play till 3 am. Genshin Impact has shown me that I waited long enough, the game asked me to write a review but I just couldn’t stop playing at the time. I have a few suggestions but the game doesn’t need major changes the updates are spontaneous but that is to come of a new game so it’s not a complaint, if you’re looking for a game that you can like and that has beautiful graphics along with fighting mechanics then this is your game. With the dungeons and monsters and many different places to visit it’s even fun just running around looking at the world, although one suggestion I have is that instead of just food to heal your party members why not add craftable health potions and such so my character doesn’t feel sick when eating so much 😂. The purity and smooth play of the game is phenomenal though, I’ve already suggested it to a dozen people and I think this game has greater potential, on the other hand I was opening this was a open world multiplayer aswell, but the story says otherwise. If you need to relax and relieve stress this is the game, but if you want to play with friends and find people to meet you better have them added or you’ll be alone like I am! All in all having a better friends system would be awesome but the game itself is phenomenal! Paimon is so Kawaii!!!!!.Version: 1.0.2

HELP CREATORSSSOKAY OKAY FIRST I LOVEEEEEEE THIS GAME AND IM AM ALL OVER IT IM OBSESSED AND THE AMOUNT OF WORK YOU’VE PUT INTO THIS IS EXTREMELY AMAZING, THE SOUNDTRACK, THE VOICES, THE SETTING, THE SMALL DETAILS ARE VERY APPRECIATED AND I ENJOY IT OVERALLLLLL,THE AMOUNT OF GAMES WITH LESS THAN THE QUALITIES OF THIS GAME IS CRAZY- YOU EVEN GAVE THIS GAME OUT FOR FREEEE! utterly amazing- T//-//T SO THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS AND I HOPE YOU HAVE A GOOD DAY! Wait before you leave- There this thing that has been rappelling around my head for months now, I really love these graphic and I’ve watched these Chinese dramas where they have these great hair and story plot something like your game, but not fully Chinese. What I’m asking is if you could watch the show on Netflix called “The Untamed” it’s really beautiful- and I think if you made it into a game and maybe change up some areas and sort of produce it like how genshin impact was made it would be AMAZINGGGGGGGGGG! honestly I love to customise characters (different clothes, hair, eyes etc.) so if you could add something like that into a game something liked the untamed- I’m sure that many people would love it (just like genshin impact) and can appreciate the amount of effort and work it can take to create a extraordinary mASTERPEICE! Thank you for reading up to here hehe, I APPRECIATE EVERYTHING! P.S stay stafe pls. -Person who enjoys your games very very very very very (infinite very’s) much..Version: 1.2.0

Ugh.This is my ONLY downside in Genshin Impact. Firstly and lastly, WHY does your progress HAVE to reset when you change the country!! It brought to my attention that me and my friend was TRYING to join each other, and it turned out that you HAVE to select the same country in order to do so, none of us did it, but, we heard it RESETS your progress when you change the country. And that REALLY annoys me. I would be appreciated IF you are able to change the country, BUT, your progress DOESN’T reset. I cannot express on how ANNOYED I am. Because usually in most games, if you ever change the country, it DOESN’T reset the progress you made. I’m very disappointed, especially in a game that is excellent with graphics, voice acting, storyline etc. If you were able to change the country, without your progress being lost, I would’ve given this a 5 star..Version: 1.3.0

Cross platform blissI’m playing on my phone and on a windows machine and so far it’s all been swell. Love the interface, the combat engine, the open worldness (if that’s even a word), the player involvement (no-auto whatsoever), the story line with proper vocal casting of smooth conversations, and most of all the simplicity. I tried it on my iPad Pro 9.7 and like another’s review I’m only getting a meter’s radius of view so the background doesn’t show like the other devices I use. Doesn’t stop me from enjoying it though since my progress is saved cross platforms. Well done devs. Looking forward to more of this. Kudos to you..Version: 1.0.2

Jolly good showSo far I have never felt so amerced in these kinds of games the graphics the quality and the features are all too great. It’s easy to understand the task at hands and recognize the hud layout. The story so far is very interesting to follow along with I can’t stop playing now. This game is the best decision I have made for an iOS device before Clash Of Clans so yeah well done..Version: 1.0.2

I cannot express how much I love this da*n gameBefore this game my life was a barren wasteland of… well crap.. it was crap most definitely crap. Then one evening while talking to a friend on discord they happen to be streaming it, I was like “heyyy whatcha playin’ there??” Thus Genshin Impact was downloaded onto my phone. Now.. at first I was like, “this game is kinda hard… it’s kinda strange”, but.. as time progressed I got more and more interested in the stories, quests, themes etc. Then a couple months into playing Eula happened, I was awestruck, I was mesmerized, I was completely hypnotized by that blue hair and oh so thique thighs she has. But what captured my attention more than her character design, was her impeccable swordsmanship. The way she swings her claymore with such grace and beauty just.. *Mwuah* magnifique! Now lemme tell ya I dumped a little over $300 on her. I ended up pulling Diluc before her sadly losing my 50/50 but it was all worth it once I got her in my party. I will add as a final touch to this review, that Genshin Impact has saved me from lots of depression, this game makes me feel good, takes my mind out of the dark and brings me such joy I cannot describe it through words alone. For that I thank you Mihoyo, you’ve helped me, and you’ve helped thousands of other chronically depressed teens who are probably failing school as well just like me. Thank you so much. *wipes a tear away*.Version: 2.3.0

Fun! But one problemSorry if my review is short and vague. The game itself performs pretty well on my device and normally i have average wifi speed and i was surprised to see that this game runs smoothly, one thing thats super annoying and has resulted into me not playing the game anymore is this error sign that pops up mow and then when i try to load into the game it says “failed to connect to server” no matter what i try it just doesn’t load and i have to keep deleting the game and re-downloading though, the game takes up alot of space and it takes way to long to download. One time i had to delete it again but my progress disappeared. This isn’t just a “me” thing its happened to a bunch of people i know that play, aside from this problem the game is super fun and enjoyable and a good game to play in your spare time..Version: 1.1.0

Definitely a must-playAbsolutely beautiful! The scenery of the open world is breathtaking. When accompanied with brilliantly written soundtracks, the scenery is basically given life! Majestic mountains and waterfalls, lively villages are all results of careful pairing between the soundtracks and design. Even if you aren’t too keen on fighting enemies, just running along in the open world and exploring is a pleasure. The exploration portion of the game is well thought out too. There are many puzzles to solves, getting surprised with the weird locations at which they place treasure chests, and world quests with great backstories. The backstories are also well written, many providing players with reasons to look back and experience it again. I really have to give the designers of the characters a hands down, the designs are top notch. The voice actors are chosen well and the background of the characters really breathes life into them. There are many reasons to love (or hate in some cases 😂) each character. The fighting mechanisms should be relatively easy for players to get used to. I enjoyed fighting certain enemies and how certain characters really enhance or diversify my play style, although some enemies are downright scary or annoying (I’m looking at you dendro slime!). Overall, the game is truly fascinating and should be given a try!.Version: 1.3.0

This is a matterHello! If you do catch up to reading this, please. i really need you’re help, i suppose there are other kids like me with the same problem, Anyway. This game is highly recommended, i recommended teachers and other kids to play it, but it seems that, the European server, really all the servers are making our wifi lag, we need help in making one for our country, Australia, if you are able to do that with no hassle than thank you and you are legendary, but until then i have to be sneaky when playing this awesome game, when my eldest brother is asleep or when the others are at the store. Despite of that problem, i want to somehow have my friends still able to join but we fear that we may or may not loose all of our data. if we can know a little more about this problem that could also be a good help, thank you for reading this, sincerely Cre3perJosea..Version: 1.6.0

Best game I ever had!Honestly this game is amazing and not just because of the way you play it. It has very cute and original designs and unlike many other games this one doesn’t depend on money and lets you play with good weapons & characters without requiring you to spend on the game. Second of all you really have nothing to loose and even if it’s not your cup of tea, there will still be something you will like! Also it is very unique such as plot & monster designs all the way to little things such as names of elements which makes this game even more enjoyable! Also it’s quite generous in terms. Not only do the free characters have great designs, the (daily) rewards give you actually valuable things, you also have 3 different ways to get the wishing stars so it’s easier! The only thing that might be a bit bad is that it takes up a lot of data and is sometimes laggy on my phone but with all the graphics and features I kinda expected it. So in conclusion even if it doesn’t look that appealing to you just hive it a try and you will immediately love it!.Version: 2.4.0

Amazing game ever!! but one problem...Hello, so um I started playing this game for a week and a half and it’s very impressive to be honest. I love everything about it although there’s not much I can say because this game is already amazing as EVER, the animations of the characters are hella awesome but problem is when it gets to the animation part it lags and slows down the animation and the voices are still going on- and when I log in and start playing for like 5 to 10 Minutes it just restarts and I’m back in my background of my device I have this problem ever since I started Genshin Impact. I’ve played Honkai Impact as well but no problems with it. At the same time I’m also thinking if it’s just that something may be wrong with my device... I put it to 5 stars cause I love this game already even though it lags and crashes down for some reason I KNOW that you guys are improving everything about this game and that’s cool it’s just a bit frustrating because I kept going back and fourth log in and then out, I hope you guys can fix this problem sooner or later?.. but I’ll still keep playing Genshin Impact because I have already sell my soul to it lol ( I’m not good with feedbacks but hope this explains enough of my problem, I’m sure other people are having the same experience as me as well!.. ) and so thank you for reading this..Version: 1.0.2

Gorgeous, immersive, fun gameplay 💕Believe the online hype—Genshin Impact is a gem in every area you can think of, and it’s singlehandedly raised my expectations for games to the sky. I actually can’t praise this game enough. The graphics and art are the best I’ve seen—being open world makes it even better—and the entire aesthetic down to the settings screen is super clean and pleasing to look at. Soundtrack is absolutely gorgeous as well! The characters are all so lovable (!!!) with beautiful designs. The actual gameplay is made unique and interesting by the option to have 4 party members you can switch between and an elemental reaction system (it doesn’t get boring). And aside from all that, what really surprised me was how invested I became in the story of the world. Everything is designed to add to the incredible worldbuilding, and it just creates an incredibly immersive experience. The only downsides I can think of are that it gets grind-y in late game and eats up a lot of your time (that’s an element in any RPG and to be expected) and that it takes up a huge chunk of space on your phone. Be careful about starting if you’re really busy, because the world totally sucked me in, especially since new content and events are constantly being released. :’)) All in all, please give this game a shot—there’s something in it for everyone!.Version: 2.0.0

IOS playerWhen I first started playing this game, I was using iPhone 8. The game always crashed and closes itself after playing for 5-10 mins. My husband also downloaded this game and he has an iPhone XR, didn’t see any problem when he plays but he doesn’t play that much at all. Then we both upgraded to iPhone 12 pro max, it doesn’t try to turn itself off after some time but still notices some mild crashing like characters unable to switch or some loots I can’t collect. So main point is, you have to have the latest software (and device?!) especially with iOS devices for it to actually work properly (semi), which I think is unfair, because not all of us can actually afford to buy higher end phones (or so I think anyway). Upside though is, it’s more often than not interesting, especially with the ongoing events, rewards and all. P.s. I wish there’s a way for us to buy 5 star characters 😁.Version: 1.3.0

Fun gamee!😋👏I have played this game since around two months ago but I have played the game long before, probably around Hu Taos release thats the time I signed up my first account on the Asian server hehe! Now I have a American account just to play with other friends on different servers !! To anyone reading my review this game is addictive if it is your kind of game type! I recommend this game a lot to you!! The characters, weapons, lore and story is interesting and incredible ! My favourite character is Venti, I’m saving up for him because I hope and believe that he would get a rerun haha🤌🏻 Anyway, to MiHoYo. Thank you for creating and providing us entertainment in Genshin, I appreciate it so much and thank you for the hard work! I also kind of wish for better luck and better chances of getting a 5-star character hehe👉🏻👈🏻.Version: 2.5.0

I’m a gacha addictFrom playing countless of gacha games and spending well over $10,000 overall on gacha pullings. Genshin has made me overall just spend money on two things; battle pass and Welkin moon. As a busy person, Genshin is the only game I have for now. I disagree that mihoyo should follow other gacha games, giving out free primos and items here and there. But they should try and make us work for it. Some gacha games I feel very I’ll unsatisfied, but yes I felt a couple times of Genshin being like that too. I come back to it knowing that it has been one of the best rpg anime gacha games in existent. I hate the Zelda enthusiast saying it’s a clone. It’s not. It’s been a good 1 year of playing. And for me if I can’t get into a gacha games after 3 months I stop. I stayed with fire emblem heroes because I love the franchise but stopped only early this year. If feh was designed more like Genshin but keeping the turn based I would most likely love it more. Maybe I’ve just grown to stop liking seeing chibi avatars in game 24/7. And prefer seeing well developed bodies of both genders like Genshin is doing. Yes, let’s go with that 5 out of 5 stars. A pointless lil rant review..Version: 2.2.0

StorageHi, I played the start of it and then it said that I had to download the full game, I did and it took over all my iPad storage (32 gb) I really wanna play. And I deleted all my games and unneeded apps. I think it looks like (and is) a great game and I really wanna play! Amazing graphics and cool characters and gameplay! *sigh…..* I can’t give it a 5 star rating because I haven’t played the full version but I really wanna PLAAAYYYYYY!! Kind regards, theguy (my name when I played).Version: 2.2.0

<3I would like to beginning with a BIG thank you to the Mihoyo team for the abundant amount of challenging yet exciting events/web events, beautifully written main stories/quests/character stories, and the attention to detail of the aesthetics of the world of Teyvat and it’s people. I have thoroughly enjoyed this game so much that I made a second account, already ar 45, to replace my other ar 56 account I accidentally lost just a month ago. Although, I would like to address that you should maybe upgrade how you connect/help your players with game and security issues. The programmed responses to common issues restricts players of communicating other various problems, some of which could be unknown to your team and accessing assistance is a bit slow and complicated. I also have a personal issue with co-op. During the game, I am unable to open up inventory, game chat, character preview, ect. It doesn’t even allow me to leave co-op! To temporarily resolve the issue, I have to clear tabs and reload into the game again. I have only co-oped with my sister, and this never happened with my old account so I find it a little odd but very irritating. Anyway, thank you once again. I hope you take into account of my ideas and feedback to further improve your incredible game! :).Version: 2.1.0

Phenomenal Free To Play Open World GameIt’s been just over a month since the game’s release and there are a little to no issues with the game despite being a little laggy at times. Note: I’m playing on an iPhone XS. This is a fantastic open world game that gives me a Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild vibe. With different characters having their own unique abilities and elemental powers it makes combat a lot more strategic and challenging. Readying characters with suitable sets of equipment can make it a lot easier. It’s free to play but you can purchase gem packages to try and attain more heroes or better gear, however it is hardly necessary at all. The same games will cost anywhere upwards of $60 and still not be as good as this. The game is still in the early stages but from what I’ve seen so far it’s fantastic. App store Game of the Year I think. 10/10.Version: 1.0.2

My favourite game ever :)By far, Genshin Impact is my favourite game I’ve ever played. The storyline line is intriguing, the characters are so interesting and the overall gameplay is super fun. There’s something in this game for everyone, whether it be the fun events, playing with your friends, collecting or levelling up characters, getting achievements or just exploring the world of Tevayt. The only problems that I’ve had, and noticed that other people have had, is the game crashing. This is understandable as it is a very big and open world game and especially on older phones, it will crash a lot. Nevertheless I still play this game almost everyday and I’m hoping to get a PC so that I am able to play with better Graphics and Frame rate. I definitely recommend this game to everyone as it’s so fun being able to be immersed in this fun and interesting world. I can’t wait to continue my journey and see what’s to come!.Version: 2.1.0

Truly BeautifulAbsolutely stunning. I’ve been waiting for a game like this for years, the atmosphere from the surroundings are astounding as well as the beautiful soundtrack. Each character is just that, their own unique character with goals, likes, dislikes and morals that always hold realistic reasons. The game mechanics are simple and the fact that the screen isn’t covered in multiple buttons like many other rpgs is amazing. It’s almost as if I’m really in the game, I’m taken with absolutely everything. A truly splendid game that reveals the hard work put into it. Can’t wait for the future of this game, well done MiHoyo, keep up the marvellous work..Version: 1.0.2

Ignore low starsThis game is literally console/PC quality for a mobile game so of course it’s going to take some time to download depending on your internet speed. But once download is complete, I promise you, you will enjoy playing this and many people who pre-downloaded it, complained about servers taking long to open and that, my friend is how you know someone is totally new to games with servers. Of course, ANY NEW GAME that’s been just released (with servers) will most definitely have a server maintenance after you’ve pre-downloaded the game. It’s just something you should expect from every game like a fact. Simple. I don’t understand complaining out of impatience when the devs have spent hours of their time MAKING the game for you to enjoy for free, it wouldn’t hurt for a little patience now, would it? Thank you mihoyo, this game was absolutely worth the wait and runs smoothly with high graphics. Truly do love and respect you guys :).Version: 1.0.1

So long partner o7Genshin has been one of the best games ive played and will be for a while the fan base yeah can get a little wild at times and yeah i disagree with somethings but over all one of the best times ive had mostly all the people ive played with were kind and the characters were great the story was amazing and i felt at ease and happy the whole way through i was an F2P and ive made it all the way to AR 56 and almost cleared spiral abyss with 35 stars the whole game was fun and i enjoyed every second but all good things must come to an end with genshin taking up to all my storage i cant keep playing and once inazuma came it was over but the day before the update i did my last wish and tripled crowned my childe on his b-day :D but now since i dont have a pc or anything else to play genshin on i guess its over the road has ended and my time is over i would have loved to play the new update i was even saving for yoimiya but i guess its time to leave ill still stay in the fandom but never be able to play :( good bye genshin ive had my fun but goodbye i wish everyone who reads my story luck to get whatever 5* you want now or in the future goodbye take your time on everything no rush all journeys must come to an end but the memories we made along the way will stay with us till the end.. o7.Version: 2.0.0

A honest and realistic reviewGenshin impact is a great game. Everyone that’ll play it enough will learn to love it like many of us in the community but there’s a fair amount of toxicity within the community that I believe is not fair on the developers of this game. Genshin impact is a gacha game, which means obtaining your most wanted characters is a difficult task since it’s dependent on your luck unless you play for a long time and save up the in game currency. This game has become a year old recently and for the anniversary we didn’t get many rewards. We basically got enough of the in game currency to get a 4-star weapon or character twice (minimum) which the community wasn’t happy about. We also had some events where we could get the in game currency to obtain characters and so on. The main issue is people are complaining about the lack of content. Some content creators are making money from promoting the idea Genshin impact is dying when it’s really not. Genshin impact is a year old game that needs to be given time to shine. And so the main complaints come from the people that absolutely grind the game and play it a couple hours a week because there’s no content to make or anything to do really. For new players this game is amazing though. You will enjoy playing the game, maybe not as much in the gacha system since it’s well known to screw you over with bad characters but otherwise a great game..Version: 2.2.0

Being gayScrew mihoyo for makin me gay tf why are the characters ters so damn hot 🤨.Version: 2.1.0

The best open world game I ever playedThe game is perfect for me, the world is not too big yet not too small. I think I’m still at the start of the game because some areas are still restricted. There’s a slight problem with the graphics on mobile with its rendering, with the pitch black of the further abyss, I want to see the whole world with my own eyes, so I download the game on pc. The world was the the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in an open world game, and that’s when I realise that “my iPhone 6s+” can’t run such beauty, so I continued playing the game on pc, but I hope this beauty can be run by my phone so I can play the game where ever. I think this can will be the most addictive game that I’ll ever play, because the battle mechanics is so destructive that I can kill a high easily. I will recommend this game but if you have the same graphics problem as I have, giving a try with a computer..Version: 1.0.2

Camera automatically zooming in closer to character.I really love the game the only issue that I have so far for the game is for people like me that play Genshin Impact on Mobile Phones the camera keeps automatically zooming in closer to the character and I don’t like that at all we should have an option where we can just adjust how far we can zoom out and zoom in to our preference please because it really hurts my eyes and it’s annoying can’t really see much aswell if the camera keeps automatically zooming in by it’s self 🤦‍♂️I don’t know about anyone else but please just this little thing could mean so much to people like me. 🥺🙏 but overall GREAT GAME REALLY ENJOYING IT! ❤️.Version: 1.0.2

NGL THIS IS A GOOD GAMEI’ve been playing this for the last month on console and just starting to play on mobile when I’m not home, there’s non stop stuff to do it’s endless, yeah when you get up to adventure rank 40+ it’s slower but there’s always stuff to do, love the character designs, the stories pretty cool, heard there’s a update coming with new characters and gear, one little problem is the resin, goes to quick and you never have enough and also the prices for the primogems is quite a bit, surely y’all can have like a weekly discount or monthly on a specific amount and maybe people will buy it more, I’ve spent about $200 on this game and not disappointed, if you have the money go ahead, always make sure to search up videos on how to pull characters from the banners, besides that, awesome game!.Version: 1.0.2

An absolute masterpieceIn my opinion, this game is totally amazing. The graphics, gameplay and story is all so amazing. Also all the characters are so beautifully made too. And it’s a free game! But of course there are some downsides such as it being pretty hard to get certain characters such as limited time 5 stars. i understand that this game is free so they have to make money somehow but while you do not need to pay money to move on in this game, you get incredibly tempted to but the prices are a little high at times considering you could spend 1,000 or more and not even get the character you were looking for (or the staff of homo in tectones case lol) But i feel like the good outweighs the bad, and that’s why i kept my review as a five star. Also the continuous updates are amazing and i absolutely love them! Honestly i play this game everyday and never really get bored!!! One thing i have noticed though is how similar it is to botw. The similarities between them seemed to bother some and they even went to the extent to say this game was a botw clone but i disagree. While the gameplay mechanics are quite similar the story, characters and world are so different and unique that really i could care less if the characters look the same as Link doing certain actions in botw. In all, this is a phenomenal game!! this game is so amazing i hope you try it!!.Version: 1.3.0

Couple of matters to be discussedHey “HOYOLAB” First thing. DENDRO WHEN?! Second, I’ve been pulling on a lot of banners but I’ve never even been able to get close to getting a character and probably lost 50/50 multiple times and may I ask for you to make a banner where your going to get characters no matter what? Also can you put out sayu and klee again but as 5 stars and a qiqi 5 stars? Also for the Tartaglia fight why is he so powerful even if he’s lvl 47? That makes no sense to me whatsoever and I have a lvl 50 Aether that should be able to do a lot more dmg based on his equipment yet he hits like if someone were to hit another person with plastic, my Aether seems really weak although his set is strong and all the other fights that were stronger I was able to beat with ease. Also when you drop dendro characters can you give them more of a modern style and give them a cool backstory like they came from a different world in total or something along those lines, and if that won’t work for you can you at least make them look different from the whole “fancy” style, even if it’s in a magical universe why do they all have to dress so formally? Also I have a bit of an idea where as you ascend the child characters they get an older look but you still have a copy of the child form? That’s all my requests, and thank you for making such an awesome open world game..Version: 2.5.0

I’m addicted to this gameI love this game it’s so well made! The Graf is are great but it depends on what you play on. I currently play on a 1st generation iPhone SE and have the graphics on the lowest setting but the can go higher before being overclocked. I only have it on the lowest because I have a high ping because of where I live. Overall it’s a great game but I took one star off because they don’t have very good communication with the players and have things time gated but that is my opinion. They could also try bringing old events back for newer players because some of them seem to be crucial to some of the main story. Also as a little end note if you do start to play save your primogems and fragile resin because they are crucial to your experience and make friends along the way in co-op! 😊❤️.Version: 2.2.0

Not badFirstly, you got to really appreciate how beautiful the game is. The graphics, the characters, the map. It’s one of the most stunning games I’ve ever come, and remains unrivalled in the adventure aspect. A problem I have encountered is it keeps crashing on my IOS Ipad and its pretty frustrating when your in the middle of spiral abyss (for example) and the game flops on you. That’s basically the only bad thing. Heavily recommend this game to all those adventure lovers out there..Version: 1.5.0

F2P playersThis game is becoming less and less f2p friendly finding its difficult for players that are leveling up to ar 55 to find things to do without spending money and it’s very unfair with banners making it so we can only choose one, or even none because we can’t farm quick enough. Please try make this game more f2p friendly so we can enjoy it too without having to spend heaps and heaps of money, another thing is the wishing system/algorithm, it’s completely messed up and I don’t think we should have pity, we also shouldn’t have to spend heaps and heaps of money for a few wishes for a character that you aren’t even guaranteed of getting! This needs to become a bit more f2p friendly, not people with jobs friendly, there are still kids that play this game and have characters they want to have and enjoy.Version: 2.3.0

Great game, but here’s the issues…Genshin Impact is a great game, it has a lot of potential and has amazing storylines. But the prices of the in game currency is very expensive, and the game also takes up a lot of mobile storage. I would reccomend clearing A LOT of things before downloading Genshin Impact. I’m currently AR 27, and the game is fun sometimes! I still play this game and look forward to its upcoming progress. Another issue is the free awards, players barley get as much as 10 primo gems, while the creators of other games are giving out heaps of good material and wishing credits. But I really think the game has a lot to work on to make it less expensive and I think the creators should give more free credits on anniversary rewards on important events. People aren’t rich all the time, but they still want to enjoy the game. Thanks for reading my review, this is my opinion and you all may have diffirent ones! If your reading reviews to decide on if you should play, go ahead! But beware of prices and difficulties as you move forward..Version: 2.5.0

I just love this game❤️This game makes me so happy and mad at the same time but that’s how i know i love it, whenever i’m having a bad time or a bad day i jump on the game and i’m in a new reality where i can get away from the real world, this game is the best game i have ever played so far in my lifetime, when i first played it was like magic ( because it was ) and i fell in love straight away with the game and the characters and the challenges, my favorite mob to kill in this game are the Ruin Guards there actually so cute and funny but can be annoying sometimes but i just love them, and i think we can all agree that SMALL BABY SLIMES ARE SO ANNOYING!! but overall I LOVE THIS GAME!!!.Version: 2.1.0

Ily Genshin <3I’m not even gonna much, it’s an amazing game and u am absolutely in love with it, def recommend this game. It’s so easy to understand and the graphics and characters are amazing. And when u get to AR 16 it becomes 10x better then it already is. But even without co op it’s so fun and my 6 year old cousin lives this game and his fav character is the raider shogun, foryou and kaduna but he lives the raider shogun the most. HE CALLS THE RAIDEN SHOGUN THE QUEEN OF LIGHTWNING, GOROU DOGGY GENERAL AND KAZUHA THE WIND SAMURAI. Honestly this game is fun for any age and even my cousin is planning in buying a raiden acc for his birthday in 2 months. Great game, oh and I can’t wait to pull for the miko so me and my cousin can match in 2.5!!.Version: 2.4.0

What made me most interested?To be honest I don’t know what I was thinking when I first saw this game and picked to download for release, I kinda liked that you can be so interactive with it. Like your apart of it you can fight go your own way, without being restricted like other games, they don’t base it around levelling up. You can collect really cool characters and use them and check them out. Other games just make them png and tbh it’s boring so with Genshin I was clicked that they had such unique characters. I started off with honkai. Stopped but after awhile back into it, I think I have a always been into the type of adventure games that you can look at and are more 3D looking than 2D overall I’m glad I came across The game and am always to stay and keep playing! It has such a nice Graphics and beautiful parts with always something to do. If you don’t run outta resin ahha! But jokes aside this game was well developed and super fun, if you looking for a gacha themed, adventure game you can really travel in then Genshin is the game for you! <3 I suggest it to a lot of people and always fun to see my friends play it too. Keep it up! (I started around when the game released but only got back into it on October 25th my birthday so At this moment I’m ar56 btw!).Version: 2.5.0

Worth the hard work!!!When I first started I had no idea how to play it would be nice if before you played there where instructions but idk if there where I didn’t actually read or remember so if there word my bad!!! But I had no idea how to play so I didn’t like it at first. Eventually I figured it out and went to the statue of the seven the first one they tell us to go too I thought it was pretty interesting since then. After wards I went to mondstant (idk how to spell it sorry) and that’s my favorite part bc I thought I would be alone in the game and that I would have to make camp fires and that but At the end there was a town where u can buy stuff and relax … etc witch is great!!! Therefore came the missions and at first I did all of them and defeat every enemy I saw but when I continued playing I started to avoid the fights because I just wanted to get to the target like if it was a walk in the part but the coding in genshin made it very hard meaning that it was nearly imposible to not be attacked by enemy’s but even so I did avoid the enemy’s . But I came to realize if I fight more enemy’s I get leveled up! So that’s great I avoid but also fight sometimes. Right now currently having a hard time with the mountains it’s pretty hard to stay warm and idk how to pass the mission it’s called “lost in the snow”. - but overall I loved the game it makes me feel all sorts of emotions!!!!.Version: 1.6.0

Review from Beta Player+ Great Graphics + Great Combat & Mechanics + Huge Open World + Long Full Voice Acted Story & Cutscenes + Game will expanded & updated. + Hundreds of hours of exploring. + Can beat the entire game with the free characters. - Gacha Rates are low - Mihoyo is being pretty stingy with Currency Overall: The game is pretty F2P Friendly, and I recommend playing through. Unfortunately if your going F2P your probably gonna be limited on characters..Version: 1.0.1

OOOOHHHMMMYYGGOOODDDThis game is almost as good as ZELDA! I swear I reckon these are the best graphics your gonna get for 7 gigabytes. Fantastic, action packed story mode, and after you unlock amber, it’s flipping waifu simulator!!! Great controls, good monsters, all with unique things about them! I’m lost for words. Just know, if you’ve got an old iPad or something old and known to lag often, don’t get it. Waste of time. It’s likely gonna crash, lag lag lag, crash, crash. But it’s worth a shot if you reeeaaallly reeaaaallly wanna try it..Version: 1.1.1

4 and a half stars (just a few problems)This is a great game, I love the scenery, and the graphics in this game is amazing, there is one thing though, I only got this game because i thought you just ran around looking at the scenery and living life as a character from the game (or something like that) but anyways without the storyline it wouldn’t really be “Genshin impact” (I hope this is making sense). One thing I definitely don’t like is that you have to do an ascension quest to ascend you adventure rank, I’m stuck on rank 25 because of this, and I don’t think it’s fair for people who don’t exactly know what they’re doing. Finally I just want to say that MOST of this game is PG rated, but if your under the age of 9 or something I suggest you don’t get this game just yet, the traveller kind of bothers me now, and Lisa would make most people uncomfortable (including me), and that lady that makes perfume l _ l, but anyways without all of that it’s a pretty good game, I would suggest it.Version: 2.4.0

GreatI don’t know what the other people are talking about, because I can open up the app just fine, and this is a really great game.Version: 1.0.1

Started out greatGenshin is a one of kind game and was so much fun to play in the beginning. The amazing open world gameplay, character designs, music and storyline really sold me on the game when I started playing last November. But almost a year later, things have just been slowly slipping. The music and map design is still amazing but there have been no QoL improvements and player feedback is basically ignored in favor of game mechanics that no one really wants (like the housing and fishing systems). The grind in the game ruins the hype for any character. Even after successfully getting a character you like it takes months to build them to a point where they can be used. Additionally, the more recent characters are all completely unbalanced and not worth the resources. Mihoyo seems to prefer to rely on waifu tropes to sell these characters. Pair that with the sloppily executed storyline of the latest chapter and it’s easy to see that the quality of the game has dropped. The biggest problem with Genshin is the lack of endgame content. There is only one dungeon which resets twice a month and they also tend to add in awful mechanics just to sell their latest character. Between the lack of improvements throughout the year and the meager celebrations for the anniversary, it is clear that Mihoyo does not respect its players. If you do want to play the game and enjoy the good things in it, I would recommend doing so as an F2P player. I definitely regret spending money..Version: 2.1.0

LOVE IT but buggggsssSo you know the new event (Moonlight Merriment), I was doing the quest ‘The Path of the Austere Frost’, one of my friends joined to help me and when we unfroze the frozen boar it ran, I hit it and it dropped nothing. Does anyone now an alternative way to finish the quest or do I have to just deal with it… in fact this isn’t the first time it’s happened to me, i guess I’m just unlucky when it comes to glitches because in the luhua landscapes world quest i remember we had to two of collect something but i only got one, i literally watched ten different gameplays to help me but that when i realised that it must of been a glitch. I know these types of glitches have happened to a bunch of people and due to this Mihoyo could possibly make it so you could restart a quest but still attain the same amount of rewards as doing the quest normally, I am aware that this could cause issues but hey its worth a shot..Version: 2.1.0

5 startsTheres not a single issue in this game that i could complain about, keeping in mind that this game is FREE and on mobile is really shocking. The graphics, story line , and everything is just amazing. I’m playing on an iPhone X and for me it works just fine with pretty much no glitches, sometimes whem im charging my phone and im on low battery then the game can start to slow down a little bit but its not something that will inturept playing, sometimes when there are larger cut scenes they can also slow down a bit but again, nothing that will cause a problem. But i had a friend who played on an Iphone 7 and all i can say is that it was quite glitchy and it got a bit annoying and she wasn’t really able to play as for an example i normally would, but keep in mind this was quite a while back and it is definitely worth giving it a go. Overall, amazing game, worth every bit of my time . I can’t reccomend it enough!!!! Thankyou for this game mihoyo.Version: 2.2.0

Fix the crashing pleaseI really love this game and it’s really sad to see how bad this problem is getting, when I first got this game about two weeks ago it would crash maybe 2-5 times a day, but now I can’t press on wish or characters settings without crashing and sometimes the game won’t even last a minute. This is real annoying especially when Im playing co-op and in the middle of combat, I’ve tried shutting down my iPad, I’ve tried deleting and redownloading the game and it’s not like I don’t have enough space either also my iPad isn’t exactly an older version. It seems like people have had this problem for ages and it’s pretty bad that this isn’t fixed yet. Like I said I really love this game but I can’t play if it won’t let me, I’m at AR 23 right now and I’m just trying to finish the first archon quest. Please have this fixed.Version: 2.1.0

SurprisedI’m one of those people who Judges a game by its video/screenshots/price/platform rather than description so at first, I personally thought it was some copy or ripoff of another game that costs 60$ more that will be left unnamed, but it’s much different. There are some things I would love changes too like, you don’t start with so much stuff, you can have two to three characters out as an a.i. that you can switch to when you need them for a puzzle or you want to get them out of a predicament instead of having one out at a time and hear characters that may not be there, with that edition you could have a healer and strategize rather than switching to what you need when you need it out of nowhere. Another thing is that the gameplay and story through me off from how original and fun it was for a game I was initially going to play as a time waster. I would quiet enjoy to have more skins for your characters and voiced dialogue/more story into the main character instead of a random flying thing that always seems starved. I love the mystery so if you are into that sort of thing I think that you would like it although even with fast travel, travel is quiet annoying and unfortunately, I have no ideas for that TL/DR: You should play because of story and animations if not because it’s free PS: I played this on PS4 though I tried it on iPhone, and I didn’t like the controls.Version: 1.0.2

Amazing game, open world RPG and it’s free.Developed using cross-platform Unity engine this is a fantastic looking fantasy game that looks amazing and runs smoothly. There is a main story quest, but take the time to relish the environment because the main quests while involved are not going to occupy you forever. The game is still young and more areas will no doubt be added to the map later to expand the story. But bear in mind two things: the map is non-persistent (monsters replenish every server reset) and while f2p it is still a gacha game that may yet see p2w or power creep. After a period of full engagement you will have explored the whole map, looted all the chests, and will slow down and scale back your activity to just raiding dungeons. There is still mileage there, increasing your party size, levelling up and investing in your characters, but the end game is currently unclear. In the meantime enjoy the game for what it is, you will not be disappointed. Genshin puts every other iOS game in the shade..Version: 1.0.2

Astounding.I never usually play these kinds of games. Lately even, I’ve been playing things like Escape from Tarkov and have been fiddling around in Conan Exiles. But this game is insane. Maybe I’m crazy, but at first I thought it would be one of those overcrowded mmo’s with a poorly written story but I have been and stayed intrigued in even side quests! The music is beautiful, the way it was written so well for all the different places and events, I love the effort they put into it. Graphics are pretty good, they’re not intended to be top of the line realistic or anything so for the type of game it is, the graphics are quite beautiful. This is a game where you’re not required to pay to play (of course, it makes things easier), despite it being free. You can actually earn currency and things such as primogems just from quests and exploring, and leveling up becomes really difficult after a while but it’s obviously still possible. The game is all around easy to grasp and the characters are each unique and well made. I’ve been glued to this game for the past few weeks and that’s saying something for myself. I usually like a game for a couple days and throw it away. But this, I haven’t played a game this much since Divinity II and Ark. I really love everything that has been put into this game and can’t wait to see where it goes..Version: 1.1.0

Amazingly Written Game!I’ve been playing Genshin Impact for 3 months now, and I’m AR 46, so I’d consider myself well versed with it. It has beautiful regions to explore and interesting characters to play with! I easily spend hours on it daily, and with Inazuma coming out in a few weeks, I’m very excited to keep playing! HOWEVER, this game is quite difficult to play as a mobile player. The controls themselves are not hard to maneuver, as I’m quite used to touch screen controls. The problem with this game is that it crashes very frequently. Though I have noticed the patterns on the times that it crashes, it is very bothersome and annoying as it disrupts my playing and adds up extra time on the loading screen. I still have about 10 extra GB of storage, my WiFi works perfectly fine, and my graphics settings have been set to the lowest, but every time i try to co-op domains, the game kicks me out. It’s frustrating and kind of embarrassing when you return to their world. This may be because of my own device and not the game, however crashing seems to be a frequent problem. Despite these technical issues however, I do recommend playing this game and giving it a shot! It is without a doubt one of the best ever created with so much detail and effort to make such a lively world! Thank you, Mihoyo :)).Version: 1.6.0

F2P friendly if you’re not a completionistI think the gacha element is the most controversial part of the game, so I’ll address that here since I haven’t seen any other reviews really delve into it. I’ve had a fair amount of experience with gacha games, and my experience with Genshin is very different. With most gacha games, it feels like you need all of the higher level characters in order to progress and after getting hooked you quickly fall into a “pay to win” rut. However, my experience with Genshin Impact has been far from that. While the pricing to get new characters is pretty steep, they offer a lot of value. If you have only one 5⭐️ and build the rest of your 4🌟characters properly, you can easily beat the game. There may be some extra things that you can’t do, but the core game & events are mostly f2p friendly. As long as you’re not really aiming for a specific character and/or have a gambling issue, the gacha shouldn’t be a big issue. I will say that this is a fighting/exploration heavy RPG first and foremost with a bit of story to tie it all together. Most of your time in game will be spent fighting monsters and looking for treasure. The story is interesting (though the writing can be a bit spotty depending), but if that’s the main thing you’re looking for you’ll probably get worn out fairly quickly. However, if you’re like me and just like running around, killing stuff, and gathering materials, I definitely think you’ll have fun with it!.Version: 2.5.0

HISo I love love this game and I don’t know why people are complaining over the anniversary rewards. I think personally 10 interwined fates are perfect for a 1st year anniversary! Plus when u get the intwewines you’ll probably be atleast somewhat happy you get to do a ten wish . Idk why people are complaining because after all mhy has done for us, people litteraly harassed Kokomo’s va and stuff. Why are people getting so bothered by these rewards, like you get 5 stars and stuff , you explore , the game is just so good in general and all yall care abt is the REWARDS? I’m 100 percent sure next years rewards will be much better and even if I have to wait another 12 months just to get like 20 or 30 interwined dates for the 2nd year anniversary I wouldn’t mind. So much people have been comparing honkai to genshin and taht honkai got 75 wishes for their anniversary( honkai is litteraly way older and it is WAY easier to get diamond stuff in honkai so you can wish ) people’s expectations are just TOO high at this point. They are also giving us a free five star like hello? We pretending Aloy ain’t here? But overall the game is fantastic and I’ve been playing for like 11 months now. TYSM MHY 💪🏼😇.Version: 2.1.0

Best game in a long timeI used to play genshin on pc a long time ago but I have small hands so naturally mobile is better it only really lags when there’s a gigantic beast like the flower monster in the cook off considering the standards of a mobile game it should have 5 stars a long the board that being said there are some things I dislike mostly their the food system and the stamina system food first the idea is good but some things I wish also heals most foods that are easy to make such as steak are used for resurrection fishermens toast is just food and chicken and mushroom skewers are the only thing to eat and apple and sunttia I think trees are rare to find which often makes them blend in with genshins amazing atmosphere and design next is stamina I’ve only been playing the game for a bit and my adventure rank is already 13 so I don’t know if there will be a boat anyway i think stamina for climbing and gliding are fine but swimming it goes a lot faster meaning I’m forced to walk all the way around the high leges of the lake of course it wouldn’t be that accurate to life but there aren’t slimes bouncing around and that’s my review of genshin so far _ ~~~~~Enard~~~~~.Version: 2.5.0

100% would reccomendThis game is incredible! I have found so many new friends! I have worked my way through the game and I am nearly at endgame, even so, it keeps us exited with new banners every two weeks and story quests, something that I love is the events, these are pretty much always going on and include fun and new gameplay for you and others, characters are very well designed and although I have spent money on the game, unless you really want a character or weapon, you don’t have to spend anything at all, and you can get very good by spending money but even if you don’t you can get through the game easily, it just depends on how much you work for stuff, for instance, you can’t spend money for artifact drops so just depending on how many times you do it or how lucky you are, you can get really good! I love the ascension and building parts of getting a character, I am currently a hu Tao/Raiden main but I am saving for ganyu and willing to spend money 😩.Version: 2.3.0

Amazing GameThis game is absolutely amazing, I play on an iPad and my Mac (Even though it’s not made for a Mac I have changed it’s setting to match a windows 10, tedious proses I know,) anyway! This game is amazing, the graphics are a chefs kiss the whole adventure thing is astounding to me, as it’s a free rein on the land, when I first started off I was more focused on unlocking the map than the quests😅 either way the voice acting and over all performance is amazing, only down flaw is it seems to be become a pay to win, I know people who have spent hundreds even a thousand on this game, not saying that’s a bad thing! Just worried it might end up like the other miHoYo games,, anyway full support to the creators! It’s amazing and I would recommend!.Version: 1.6.0

EXTREMELY needs a few fixes :)Having trouble from the start with the general surroundings, all I see is a black screen and my character- so navigation is super flawed as I can’t see surroundings (I play on iPad so that could also be an issue)! The start screen is also super laggy, painfully laggy to the point where I can only see the subs work: luckily, it does work when picking your character and writing your name in. VERY impressive however, and I would definitely recommend. But these are just some issues that I have faced and not sure how to fix yet? Hopefully an update will come out. Literally no worries though, completely understand this is a brand new game and is required for consoles, pcs etc. It’s EXTREMELY impressive and I am simply blown away. Devs, you’ve done such an incredible job I wish I could do more for you all! Do highly recommend this, but be aware mobile players as this game isn’t going to be fully functioning for us yet. Thank you Devs for this AMAZING, FREE game. Many thanks :).Version: 1.0.2

So well doneI’m loving this game so much so far. It does crash often on my iPhone 8, but the game is good enough for me to look past that..Version: 1.0.2

Awesome game! Only 1 problemHi! I really like this game, best RPG I’ve played since Minecraft. Although, I have one problem. It doesn’t effect gameplay or lose data but it’s really annoying, randomly, if I open the inventory or the map (or anything else) the game will crash, this doesn’t effect the game as of saving progress but it sometimes unequips weapons. Please fix the bug so I can continue to enjoy the game. (This also may be my iPad and not the game, but if you can still fix that, that would be great.).Version: 1.1.1

HelloooooI love this game so much, it’s open world the animations are just spectacular, it isn’t pay to play and there are plenty of quests to do when you can’t do the main quest for whatever reason (not high enough adventure rank, not strong enough to complete the quest etc…) occasionally the Gacha system can get annoying when your trying to get something specific from wishes but it’s okay and I usually save primo gems to get 10 at a time so 4star or above is guaranteed and that hasn’t failed me yet, and the characters available in wishes are there for ages so there’s not much time pressure on it. I would love it if there was some further kind of character customisation of Aether and Lumine (the main characters) like different hair colours or something but for that to work it would have to be reflected in the other twin and I get that maybe pretty difficult but these are just random ideas :D so yeah, I love this game and would really recommend it!!!!! Thank youuuuuu..Version: 2.3.0

Awesome.The title of this review says it all. Let me start from the day I installed Genshin impact. It took me a long time to create an account, because it kept saying that “the password wasn’t secure”. However, after I got through that part, the exciting stuff began. The storyline was so exciting, and the characters were great. Yes, the gacha is annoying, (you have to grind 90 rolls to get a five star) but it’s still good. A little bit into the game I realized the game kept crashing (if you play on pc or maybe PS4 then you’ll probably have this problem less often, but I’m playing on mobile)it’s very annoying when it crashes of course, but I deal with it. Another thing about this game is that some challenges/quests are kinda hard (ex., you keep getting frozen when trying to defeat enemies), but I just search up guides to figure it out. Also, I heard the spiral abyss is really hard. Plus, to do good damage you need good artifacts, and those artifacts don’t always have good substats. This game is still in progress, so the entire storyline isn’t out yet. The details in this game are stunning, for example you can see the characters breath in cold areas, and the npc’s react when you bump into/ use attacks near them. the characters all have cool idle animations, plus the voice actors are great. The events in Genshin are also extremely fun, too and so far all the updates have been great. Again, the title says it all..Version: 1.6.0

PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASING!I played breath of the wild on release day and loved it, so naturally when people made comparisons and felt angry for stupid reasons of copying it I thought I’d take a look. After a few hours spent I paid £10 in game (something I never do for free to play)because these devs have broken a barrier with mobile gaming. This is nothing like breath of the wild, only in aesthetics and some aspects of the game, but make no mistake this is a fantastic game and I hate all the similar free to play RPG’s on iOS. This plays flawless on my new iPad Pro 12.9, I hope other devs give us games on this scale. Also it’s not pay to win or pay to progress, but anyone playing should spend some money out of the respect that the devs made this for iOS. I don’t think there’s a game on iOS with this scope and I’ve played all the big premium ones, I never thought I’d be praising a free to play game but these guys have broke the mould as far as gaming on mobile goes..Version: 1.0.2

One of the bestThis is one of the best games I have ever played, mobile or otherwise. The game is beautiful, the music is spectacular, the acting is decent, the game has interesting systems and mechanics, has interesting and highly customizable equipment/stats and has a great curve for learning to build and balance a party. The exploration is amazing and rewards you for paying attention to your surroundings. Sometimes the tangible rewards are lacking in uniqueness, but the feeling of solving the puzzle or finding a random boss fight is great. I hope for true boss encounters in the future and larger dungeons, but this is a game I will be coming back to for years. The whole story can be beaten with free characters and items, and a decent amount of premium currency is given for playing the game to allow you to acquire a few more characters. If you want to get into the optional content most is possible for free, but paying allows you to have more fun and a more tailored party with better synergy. Seeing my first 5-star character’s ultimate ability for the first time was amazing. It felt like I was setting the whole battlefield on fire. That said, it is a long and involved game and can feel somewhat daunting. It is mostly single player and I really wish multiplayer was in a better place, because my friends really just wanted co-op..Version: 1.0.2

Easily one of the best mobile RPGs availableI’m always wary when I download mobile RPGs since a hard majority tend to be autoplay P2W asset flips with terrible voice acting and either no coherent story or one that just isn’t interesting enough to pay attention to. Since I started playing Genshin, it almost immediately became a hyper fixation and one of my inspirations to turn my attention in art to background and environmental design. The game has gotten some flack for being a supposed BoTW clone but anyone that’s actually played the game can see how differently it feels and plays. They just have a similar skeleton, as most games do. The gacha element is something that tends to throw people off at first, but there’s more than enough opportunity to grind the gems to roll at least two pity draws every few banners and if you build your characters correctly, you can play just fine with the free characters you’re given. The grind can also get disheartening, especially during the final leg of the main story chapters, but again, if you actually go out in explore and do the side quests, you can bring your adventure rank up in due time. Overall, Genshin Impact is an absolutely fantastic game and I’d recommend it to just about anyone.Version: 1.2.0

The only thing saving me from boredomI remember starting Genshin with a wondrous. Everything was so new and exiting. I started in April. I still remember freezing in dragonspine or worried about if I had enough eggs to keep going during my battle. The journeys and quests were endless. This was until AR 47 or somewhere around there. All the quests were completed and most regions (Only two around) were all completed. At this point, the Inazuman word had spread, and people were talking about saving for kazuha, or Ayaka. Once Kazuha came out, is when I stopped being a bit bored again. I had managed to pull him as my first 5* too and was pretty excited, which got me back in. Before all I was doing we’re commissions and then either farm artifacts or farm ley lines. Now I was on a bit more. Inazuma was just about to be out, so I used my fragile resin to farm a bit more. And finally, the arrival of inazuma. It kept me up. I was back to that curious me. Then as time slowly passed, it went away again. Now the most saving me from boredom are the events. This game is dear to me. But it takes so long for a new “Best new quest!” To come out. I remember the golden apple archipelago. That was one of the best quests I was able to be apart of. But once it’s gone it’s gone. This game is awsome fun and great. Enjoy it while it lasts. Because at some point you will be stuck in this endless cycle of commissions+farming every single day. Repetitive, and gets tiring. But I still love you..Version: 2.3.0

The best game I’ve ever playedI’ve been playing Genshin for around a year now and I felt I needed to leave something to express how I feel. Firstly, I want to say thank you to the developers, voice actors, staff members and crew to genshin — you created a game that kept so many of us going during a global pandemic and managed to conjure up something that is special in a lot of people’s hearts. From the story to the characters, the scenery, the soundtrack, every single part of this game is so carefully calculated to the point where it is breathtaking. The fact that this is a free game has me so shook because I would pay full price for a game like this on PlayStation. Having the option to be free to play or in game add ons is fantastic, you can still benefit from free to play as much as you can paying. This game has given me comfort in the darkest of times and it’s given me so much love and warmth when I’ve been at my lowest. I’m almost 30 and I’ve never played a game as amazing as this in my life. Mihoyo, thank you. Genshin Impact team, thank you..Version: 2.1.0

Hate it or Love it-Opinions out of the way I love the game, I believe it to be a very good Free to Play game. Especially as a Free to Play mobile game, *cough* PC is better. Anyways I can see why it’s off putting for some, “it’s just a breath of the wild clone”, “the gacha rates are terrible”, “it’s over hype”, and e.t.c. -Honestly if you seen Free to Play games out there they are always “copies” or just plain ripoff of other games. For instance, PUBG and Fornite, Overwatch and Paladins, and many more. People tend to side with games that they played first and hate the others. An I do see that many of the stuff from Breath of the Wild is being copied in this game. -Ok for those who complain about the gacha rates, you obviously haven’t played any gacha games or maybe you just have bad luck. Also it’s a Free to Play game made in Asia, what do you expect. If you can’t be a whale, flop! -Can’t really say much on the overhype thing, I too get that feeling with other games sometimes. All I can really say is to play it and find out, like just play “Free to Play” for like a good amount of time to see if you like it and if not then that’s ok. -In the end, in all I think that Genshin Impact is hopefully putting a higher standard on game quality for other mobile game and gacha games. Just trying to say that I’m Addicted to this game, if you got far to reading this then pats on you. 👍.Version: 1.0.2

Gorgeous and freshI’m not the type to write a review but there are so many wonderful things about this game that I’m DYING to say. First of all the art is gorgeous and clean, not just the map but the characters too. Secondly is the music. The music was performed by an entire orchestra which really helps set the mood. In a way they’re soundtrack almost rivals some of Nintendo’s tracks. No matter how beautiful the art and soundtrack it needs to have good plot and gameplay to succeed. And I can say that this game does have that. The mechanics aren’t too difficult even on mobile which says a lot. Even though mobile commonly has problems like mistapping and sometimes an annoying movement system they haven’t shown up enough to damper my opinion of it. The characters are all different with unique skills and abilities which is exciting and fun. The plot is immersive and interesting. Also the grinding system of loot and resin gives the player a reason to come back. There are a couple problems of course such as low drop rates for artifacts and characters but that’s how gatcha games are. Also since it’s open world it takes up a LOT of space and memory. Not for older phone users thats for sure. Overall I guess one complaint is that Paimon, the sidekick, can sound kinda annoying but I switched to Japanese VA and I think that helps a lot. Overall 10/10 great work Mihoyo.Version: 1.2.0

Great game, stop comparing to BOTWPersonally, I think this is a great mobile game and should be treated as such. I may not have played this game for long and It obviously has its pros and cons. But to those comparing it to breath of the wild. It is inspired by it. That’s for certain. But, We get it. Breath of the wild is great and some games can’t exactly compete with that. Well, breath of the wild didn't create RPGs and open world and despite the games being glaringly similar in many many aspects. Some of those familiar features just happen to be practical, I don’t think the similarity ought to be seen as a negative. But a good thing, because this game is much more available to players and you can do co-op, and despite it being similar. It still has lovely visuals and the effort put into the game should still be respected regardless. Games can’t always be totally unique. Even though, I did have a few problems with navigation at first because I couldn’t stray too far from Paimon in the beginning, it’s been a fun game so far. So, I think to anyone who enjoys open world games and likes an interactive story with multiple characters and soothing visuals. Then you should enjoy the game regardless of if you’ve played BOTW. And maybe it’ll get tiring, but doesn’t every game get to that stage on occasion?.Version: 1.2.0

Love the gameIve played nearly everyday this year and It’s became a habit to go on the game for hours. Ive made so many friends no matter them being AR16 or AR60 I love the community I found this game after I realised the obey me fandom is a bit toxic and started playing more after I heard about twst wonderland getting an anime knowing it’s gonna become toxic (if you don’t know what twisted wonderland is then it’s a game available only in Japan and only in Japanese) but anyways I’m AR32 rn and the only thing negative I want to say is that I have a friend on American servers that I want to play with but since they started after me they clicked a random server which was American I want to know why Europe and American servers can’t play together we speak the same language unlike the other two servers please let us be able to play together neither one of us want to do all our work on a new account I got kokomi and Jean on my account and she has the raiden shogun but other than that I really love the game.Version: 2.3.0

I adore this game but there are a few flaws.I love Genshin impact. I’m an iPhone user and I play this almost everyday, it’s amazing. The storyline flows very very smoothly and It’s also very Exciting. But there are a few flaws that come with it. All games have flaws I admit, but this game has many flaws as well. Despite the fact that you can wish and get new characters, you can never change the outfit of the main character you play as, it’s a bit disturbing since it says that you can change the outfit. But when you go in, it gives you a selection of characters and not outfits for your main avatar. I’m entirely fine with this but next time be a bit careful with the words you use to describe this as players can have a few mix ups. Despite the flaws, I Immediately give this game a 5 star review overall for the amazing stories, characters and the game itself. Thank you For making this game. It makes most days brighter for me and brings me As people describe it: ‘Overhwelming excitement.’.Version: 2.2.0

Qiqi is my cutie zombie.The graphics on this game is so nice and smooth. The gameplay is good too. I like the fact that even tho its a online game you can choose to play alone or with friends and that your not forced to play with others. The characters are awesome and the stories for some of them ( i mainly skip the stories when i can coz i just want to get on with it and fight!) are really good and ties in really well with the overall game play unlike one other game that i have played where the story line is so weak that i dont even bother with the story and never have. I also like that this is not a pay to win game and that you can get the same as everyone else with or without money. How you devs managed to come up with a awesome game with awesome characters and each with a story that ties in with each other, names of the characters, the places, the bosses everything is mindblowing. One small thing that i would ask for and that is to have the option to skip the stories. Some of them are loooooooong. Especially when you have to redo it ( yes. I die alot and the story annoys me after the 5th time) canyou please add this option. Please. Keep up the good job devs and thank you 😊..Version: 2.2.0

Great game but one problemI really enjoy playing genshin it’s heaps of fun and there’s always something to do so it’s never a bore but all the time when I go to play the loading screen after I press the door to play the load always stops halfway through the geo symbol and I have to either wait for like 5 minutes or keep going in and out of the app til it works. I recently downloaded it on my phone and of course it took a couple ours to load everything but when it was finished loading I went to play and the same thing happened when I tried to load in it took me about ten minutes to get into the game and idk if this is a bug or it just generally takes that long for everyone to load in but if it’s not suposed to happen can it please be fixed? Thanks for your time. Ps don’t make one of the twins die at the end of the game thxxxx.Version: 2.3.0

Amazing, good job miHoYo!This game is amazing. The storyline is great, gameplay- wonderful. But the character design and landscape! I am a f2p, and I see nothing wrong with the Gacha System. All of the events get better and better, and the 1.5 Update look so cool! I love house design, and when my favourite game adds a house design feature I will be so excited. Now, I mentioned the character design a bit, but it really is amazing. All of the effort gone into the designs is a lot. Every character looks unique, and the movement animations, fighting and idle animations are really perfect. In the end of the game, there will be 7 nations on the map! Even 2 nations (Monstadt, Liyue) make the map giant. There are so many more things I could continue talking about, but really this game is amazing. I would definitely recommend Genshin Impact. :).Version: 1.4.0

THE BEST GAME EVER!!!This game is really amazing and I have gotten all of my friends who can play, play this game. It is just REALLY addicting. I really appreciate how much time Mihoyo you has spent to perfect the game it is right now. Let me tell you something, my best friend who is a total”NOT ANIME FAN” she hates anime, doesn’t understand it and all, but once she tried this game, she got addicted to it as well!!! I am really thankful that Mihoyo has spent so much effort and time into this game so that we could enjoy it. Everything is amazing: the voice lines, the character designs, the quests and everything. It’s something that takes a lot of patience to achieve and I think Mihoyo deserves a medal for that. There is literally nothing I am unhappy about. I think Genshin Impact should totally receive 5 out of 5 stars for this. Many people have problems with this game, possibly because their wifi isn’t the best. Trust me. This game is absolutely AMAZING!! I definitely would recommend this game to everyone. I love this game with all my heart. I am literally obsessed with this game..Version: 2.0.0

👌🏼This game is absolutely amazing, no doubts about it! ALSO THANK YOU MIHOYO FOR GIVING ME MY FIRST FIVE STAR.... THE BELOEVED KAZUHA 😍.Version: 1.6.0

PC to PHONEI’ve been playing on PC for quite some time now and it’s been a blast really I’ve had a lot of fun playing it so I decided that maybe I might wanna play it on the go at times. I downloaded it on my phone and upon longing into my main account it did some loading and the told me I’ve experienced the full game and need too download the full version out of fear of loosing all my progress I deleted it and immediately logged onto my PC however all my data was fine so today after about a week or two I’ve decided to give it a second chance but before I even click on it I want too know if all my progress will still be there and what this means when it’s telling me I’ve completed it and need to download the full game. Please respond kind regards Tobias_Florian.Version: 1.0.2

Awesome stuff!Im stoked to play this game! I’m already aware of what to expect! Less than a day from now and we get Genshin and all its glory!.Version: 1.0.1

Amazing game !!I’ve been looking for an open world RPG this good for so long. I started playing right from release and everything from the story down to character design and lore is incredible. The game is so detailed and fun !! It’s more of a game you spend an hour on every day rather than hours grinding, especially when you reach a certain level. You have to have a lot of patience, though. A new version comes every month or so and often the game is just packed with filler events. If you’re not planning to spend any money, it’s really tough trying to save for characters especially when so many interesting ones are thrown your way. If you’re planning to use mobile to play this, I really don’t recommend it unless your phone has a lot of storage and it’s a pretty good model. I have an iPhone 8 and I can barely play without it crashing every two minutes. It’s more of a PC game. Regardless, the game is amazing and the fact that it’s free is even better. I definitely guarantee a good experience!.Version: 1.5.0

I love this game butBeautiful graphics and fun battle mechanism. been playing from the start with my ipad. pre registered when i saw a trailer and downloaded the game as soon as it came out. but there are several issues. firstly, i am still wondering why there is no data migration option. i moved across a continent recently and the ping is so bad that i can’t pick up items in overworld sometimes. if i can, there is a delay, which is especially annoying when picking up crystalflies. the worst was during the misty dungeons event. i got disconnected many times right when i was about to finish a trial. also my screen would go totally black, but i could still hear the sound and see the icons on the screen. secondly, chatting function on ipad is buggy. the keyboard covers the screen and i cant see what im writing. a cross server co op would also be nice to have! personally i met a lot of nice people on the internet who also plays the game, but unfortunately, i cannot play with them since we are all on different servers. the playerbase is increasing every month and it is wonderful to see more people appreciating this game but allowing data migration/cross server co op would be really amazing and i think a lot of people would be happy to see such changes as it means more freedom when playing the game..Version: 1.5.0

DilucDiluc is very hot but he wont come home. pls fix this😢😔.Version: 2.0.0

Wonderful game, but crashes too muchI’ve been playing genshin on my iPad (7th Gen) since October 2020. It truly is a wonderful game, from the sound effects, music, visuals and design to the story and the amazing characters. There was the occasional crashing every once in a while, but it didn’t affect the gameplay much. However, since a few updates ago, the game has not let me play for even 5 - 10 minutes, before it crashes and I end up having to log in over and over again just to do my commissions. I have submitted my feedback on the survey a couple of times too, but the problem still persists, unfortunately. I really enjoy the game but it gets pretty inconvenient having to log in multiple times just to try to finish your daily commissions. I hope the developers can fix this as soon as possible..Version: 2.2.0

One of the Best Mobile Games of the Year! 💖I've searched the app store for months for an open-world game with good graphics, good characters, and fun battle mechanics, and this game comes along out of nowhere and immediately checks all of those boxes! This game is gorgeous, there's so much to do, and I ended up falling in love with each and every unique character. I have to admit, though, the chance to unlock a 5-star character is a little too low for my taste, but what makes up for it is the fact that you can play through the game without paying a cent for new characters and still have a wonderful, fun-filled experience. I also wanna note that this is a very large game that needs a lot of space and battery to run at its full potential. But I think that a few gigabytes of space is definitely worth it for this amazing title. Even if there's no enemies to defeat, I still find myself immersed, just exploring and taking in the beautiful scenery. There's even extra lore in the form of books to collect and read! The amount of content given to you at the start is incredible, especially for a free-to-play game, and new stories and characters are added regularly! In times like these, this is the perfect game to unwind with, and I can't wait to see what's in store for this game in the future!.Version: 1.1.0

Character skinsPlease put the women characters in skins like Kazuha's! The girls are always in dresses, shorts, or fishnet stockings. It would be nice to have a new skin-like-suit on them..Version: 1.5.0

Incredible but...I love this game. The graphics are incredible, the story is interesting and the voice acting is fantastic. But, I do have some ideas to make this game better. For example it’s fun going around exploring but it takes such a long time to get somewhere which can be a bit tedious. Sure you can use the teleport monuments but then you don’t get to enjoy the environment during your travelling. What I suggest is that you add some sort of mount, so that you can move faster around the map while also enjoying the beautiful graphics and map. I also find it hard to level up my Adventure rank, I have practically unlocked all the teleport monuments but I am on only Adventure Rank 21. I think it would be a good idea that you go up a few exp after defeating a boss like a Rift Guard. Also maybe it is a good idea to actually make it easier to get a character on the front page of the Gacha like you say instead of making them harder to get. One of my friends tried to get Diluc when he was on the front page but got a different character and then when the Childe one came out they got Diluc instead of Childe. I think you should up the chances of getting the characters you advertise. Other than that this game is incredible and I recommend getting it..Version: 1.1.1

Excellent,, Barr one or two minor issuesThis has to be one of the best RPG games I’ve played to date,,the graphics and level of detail are astonishing for a mobile or tablet game,,,they have to be seen to believed,,, the gameplay and the story are also very good,,,the choice of characters and their abilities are also very good,,,the only issues I’ve had with the game,,, is the loading time ,, initially,, takes ages to start up from the white screen,,,also the controls which are very good when they work,, but had issues where they just freeze up,, character won’t move and nothing works for a short time,, till it unfreezes,,,once or twice I’ve had to log out and restart the game because the controls wouldn’t respond,,,once the few minor issues are sorted,, this should be a fantastic game to play and I look forward very much for any updates which addresses the minor problems,,,,but hats off to the developers for making and producing such an awesome looking and playing game,,......Version: 1.0.2

Good gameplay But Keeps CrashingThe game overall is decent. Great storyline, great mechanics, great game. However, I think the devs need to lessen the immense weight put on mobile devices. Because during the gameplay, it stutters at random points, and then all of a sudden, crashes. Even when I have he lowest graphics possible on, it still does that. And I have a decent iPad for our current time too. It’s really annoying and it ruins the immersion. If the devs read this please lessen the weight For the game, or if it’s a glitch, fix it. want to be able to enjoy the game you worked hard on!.Version: 2.1.0

Great Game!So at first I was going to play this on PC, yet my computer is pretty slow and this game doesn’t work very well on it, so I usually play in my phone. So far I’m at Adventure Rank 27, and I’ve had almost no problems with the game. The storyline is great and there’s almost always something to do whether it’s the main story, side quests, daily commissions, or just exploring. The one thing that’s bad about this, as I’ve seen mentioned a lot before, is the resin system. The resin is the main part of the game that helps you level faster, but it regenerates at 1 per 8 minutes with a limit of 120. This can lead to a boring hour of just wandering and waiting for the resin to regenerate. Now onto the effect it has on my device. I’ve seen others say that it heats up your device pretty quickly, but I’d say it’s only a tiny bit faster at heating your device up as other games are. Now the devise I use is an IPhone SE that I got in October 2020, so it’s fairly new and had lots of storage when I decided to download. I’m glad I had lots of storage available because this game takes up around 4GB and more of storage on your device. The 4GB was expected thought because of the amazing game graphics and quality of gameplay, which at first glance does not look like it could fit on a mobile device. I’ll continue to play the game and I can’t wait for new updates and more stories!.Version: 1.1.0

Amazing.This game is really addicting, and really fun to play! The graphics are absolutely wonderful, and the character’s outfits and personalities are really great too! The amount of effort put into this game is astonishing, and in my opinion the game itself has no problem to it, except for the fact that it does take up a lot of storage, but that isn’t something that could be helped, and in my opinion it was worth it. I really love how the game is actually playable even if we don’t pay money, since in some games, we might have to pay money to unlock some things, but we don't necessarily need money in this game to get a lot of characters, since the game already gave many ways to earn primo gems! I was also looking over the 1 star ratings, and I thought that they were all ridiculous, with most of them just asking for a certain character. I do think that it would be great if MiHoyo can make some clarifications if there is a “canon” MC, since there has been a few people who think that Aether is the canon MC, while others believe that there is no canon MC. It would be great if we can actually get a response from the developers about this situation instead of people continuously debating on the canon MC. Anyway, thank you for you time reading this review, have a wonderful day/night!.Version: 1.4.0

Loving Genshin Impact!I love Genshin impact, like a lot! Genshin is a very addictive game, but its because the game is really great that it is. Its so much fun playing Co-Op with your friends, or with new people who may even become your friends. The story quests and storyline’s are so fascinating that I wish there was more! The character designs are simply the best, and the variety of unique playable and non-play-able characters there are in the game. I thank Mihoyo for creating such a wonderful game I recommend Genshin Impact for everyone..Version: 1.2.0

Best RPG game I ever played on my smartphoneI can’t explain how good this game is. It is better than the Zelda I played on switch. Just to let you know this game need high end smartphone because it is huge like 8gb. I bet you will get addicted after playing it..Version: 1.0.2

Wonderful GameGenshin Impact is a wonderful game! The graphics are stunning and full of detail, and even on medium to high graphics quality, the game runs pretty smoothly. I enjoy the dialogue and backstory, and so do my friends. It’s really fun to battle the monsters and go through the story as though you are really living in it. The music is also beautiful! It’s a wonderful addition to the game. I do have a couple complaints, one being that the game doesn’t run as smoothly on computers as it does on mobile devices. My PC is more than up to the task of handling a game such as this, but it still seems to struggle to run this game even at low graphics quality. I have seen many videos regarding this, and have yet to find a solution. Another is that increasing your characters level gets extremely difficult as you gain experience. I understand that it needs to be difficult the higher level you are, but even with hundreds of hours of playing, my favorite characters have an average level of 50-60 out of 90. The chat system within the game is pretty good, but there are some improvements they could make, such as allowing for more characters per message, a way to use the portrait view keyboard as landscape is rather difficult to use. I would absolutely recommend this game to all of my friends, as I have done. To this day, we typically play this game at least three times a week together..Version: 2.2.0

Setting the bar for future mobile titlesThe world is huge even just between Liyue and Monstadt. It’s not as densely populated but there is enough within the open world to keep you busy ala BOTW. The mobile game elements actually work really well and I feel like I could have payed $60 for this game and still without the gacha in it. The gacha characters play differently enough to the others that they actually add a little more depth to the game. You don’t have to roll the right character to progress, at least not where I’m up to as there are base characters that join to get you through. However the gacha characters do have slightly better stats. You can find pretty good gear in the open world if you wander as well, which is pretty much what I’ve been doing. The game systems are pretty balanced and the game is even accessible to those who don’t want to spend any of their money. You’d be able to download the game and lock your kids out of purchases and they’d still be able to progress through it and have a similar experience to those that do spend money. The story isn’t ground breaking, but it is engaging enough and the soundtrack is impressive. It’s not just the same 3 tracks, as you move around areas the music changes. It’s a really good game, I hope this signals to other developers that even mobile gamers want a bit more than just top down or short dungeons..Version: 1.0.2

Such a Great GameI’ve never enjoyed games where you do quests and have a major storyline, but this game is SO GOOD. The stories are amazing, as are the characters, and all of it meshes together to make it an awesome game. The animation is top-notch. I was always so amazed at how they add even the smallest details, like how when you go up stairs the characters slow down. The elements the characters have adds a whole level to the game, but they didn’t copy it the way others have. Each character has a unique part of that element when they use it. The world is such an amazing place, and as you travel along, you feel like you’re actually discovering a new world. The pulling characters system is such a great idea, and while I get very frustrated if I can’t get the character I want, it’s really exciting to get it when I do. The multiplayer system is such a great option as well, and it lets you help other players or get help from people. The game being FREE is just another aspect that gets it so much support from me. While you can buy items in the shop, there’s absolutely no reason you need to buy things in the game other than to get them easier. All in all, just play it. A lot of different people enjoy this game, and if you’re reading this, you’re probably considering downloading the game, so please do..Version: 2.0.0

Best game ever!This is actually the first (and probably last) time I write a review and it's because this game is simply outrageous and should downright be made illegal: How can you make a PC level game be playable on mobile?! Making this type of good graphics for a phone game is prohibited by every PC gamer community!!! This only has a 4.5 star rating?! How?!?! This is the best app (not game, APP) I have ever installed. Ever. WAIT, THERE'S AN ACTUAL STORY TO THIS GAME AND IT'S NOT JUST KILLING MONSTERS?!?!?!?! WAIT THERE ARE MULTIPLE STORIES IN HERE THAT YOU CAN READ THROUGH THE BOOKS AND READING IS LITERALLY JUST WATCHING A 5K HD VIDEO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! It's... free? Free?! FREE?!?!?!?!?!?! Ok right now I am just disappointed by the gaming community... 4.5 stars... guys... you disappoint me....Version: 1.3.0

Literally cannot recommend enough!I downloaded this game in January and I’ve been hooked and played it every day since. It’s hard to believe that a game like this could exist on a mobile platform as the graphics are fantastic and and the world map is pretty big already so I can’t wait to see how it expands as new updates arrive. Aside from exploring, the storyline and quests are really engaging and I can’t wait to find out what happens each time I get a new quest. The only thing I would change about the game is the chances on the gacha system as it takes a while to get 5 characters and weapons even if you make in game purchases but I guess that’s common in any game that operates that way. Also the game does freeze at times which can be frustrating as I have to restart the game but it’s not enough to ruin the overall gameplay. All in all I think the game is fantastic and well worth the download, you won’t regret it!.Version: 1.4.0

Amusingly the bestI started playing Genshin Impact nearly two months ago, spending around 2 hours a day in the world of Genshin Impact. I loved it from the moment it started for me. My friends already played it, some of them since Genshin Impact started. They helped me with the harder parts, which was helpful because of the crashing (Yes, Crashing is a huge problem for mobile users. I crash every ten minutes when I’m lucky). I adore all the time put into making all the characters with their unique stories, And the fact that this app was one of the best games of the year in 2020, when it was only released in September last year. Yes, there are a few problems, but very minor usually, which Genshin Impact updates regularly as it’s yet to be finished. It’s constantly entertaining, and very unlikely you’re going to get bored. It’s more of an addictive app than a time killer app, but five stars for me, and I hope you too. Thank you for reading this. :).Version: 2.2.0

AmazingThis game is so fun diluc is hot.Version: 1.4.0

A suggestion!I absolutely love genshin even though I still play on iPhone 7 but I am completely fine with that and so thankful for this game being number 1 on my AppStore and genuinely makes me so happy. Me and my friends just thought about characters or constellations we don’t want, this would be so helpful, but four stars or five stars that we perhaps don’t want, a gifting system but to like aimed at a certain AR? This sounds like a lot, but even if it was AR 27 or above I would still love it, and pretty sure everyone else would adore it. It’s just so amazing but sometimes some people don’t want characters from constellations that they already have or don’t want a certain character like a three star or something, please allow trading, or gifting, but need to pay atleast in game currency. I’d love this SO much. Thank you. Atleast make the future related to this idea, please keep up with the amazing trailers and characters. PS.. Why is the pity rate like so..high? I’m not complaining but..make it easy for us who collect primogems and say 1700, that only makes 11 and doesn’t seem fair, it would rather be around 120 for a fate so more people can have fun in this game, thank you, and please, I’m not hating or begging, I want to help this and watch this wonderful game grow on the AppStore..Version: 1.3.0

My opinion on this gameI’m playing on a iPad and have the game on medium or high graphics settings and also on 6p FPS and the game runs like hot knife on butter for me. When i was thinking weather to download this game or not i was quite worried if this game is gonna be a pay to win or pay to proceed, bit it turns out it is not ... you can pay to get all the characters you want and such but it will sort of lose the fun and excitement of unboxing a new character from the event by actually working and exploring for the money to do the unboxing. And plus dew to this game being a open world game you can jsut walk around and fight small bosses and such and loot the loot boxes and solving puzzles to get the money to unlock the characters.(PS: App Store really need to fix this review window for iPads becosue when you click on the edge or even just missed the send butten buy a inch it will just close and you will lose all your pregress on the tab i personally experienced it 4 times when I’m writing this review....... yeah i got fat fingers.... sort of.. i think...).Version: 1.0.1

Simply the best game on IOSThis is simply the greatest game to ever feature on a mobile device and Ive tried most of them. On my iphone 12 it is truly console quality. It borrows heavily from Zelda BOTW but has enough of its own character to set it apart. The musical score is so beautiful, the graphics, combat and open world exploration, everything is top notch and best of all its FREE! It has in app purchases but they don't get in the way of the game. You need a lot of disk space. My kids and I screen mirror to the apple TV and play on the couch with an Xbox one controller. Its Epic!.Version: 2.5.0

Review by an eula mainThis game is fairly great, since its available on mobile, pc and xbox. There is a select few in the community who are toxic, but there is a lot of kind people in the community. The visuals is also great, except for some glitches with the landscape and characters. Multiplayer is also good but sometimes I would lag. Events are also great but isn’t quite fair for those who just started, the anniversary rewards also weren’t that great but I believe that the memories of the game is the gift. Of course this game has gacha, but just because the select few don’t get the character that they wanted doesn’t mean you have to send death threats etc to the developers. Other than the community being toxic I believe that this game is good, the beginning scene where the twins get separated, the plot and more. A summary of the bad things that happens is the amount of crashing for some other devices, the select few who are toxic and that is it! - P. S this comes from someone whos been playing since 1.5 with an ipad air ❤️.Version: 2.2.0

Great game!!I really like this game. its easy to play and understand what to do. the tutorial doesnt annoy you and you can level up easier when on a lower AR (adventure rank). furthermore, its great to play without spending money, although the game is very money hungry and its probably easier to send a little bit of money. the storyline is great but when you start going higher AR, the game can start to get a little boring. continuing, if you're playing on mobile, like me, it is a lot harder to play. the graphics depend on the phone you have, but they could still be better. this game also requires A LOT of storage. considering that the graphics aren't even that good and that many people have 64GB, i think they should definitely reduce the amount of storage it takes up. apart from that, the game is great! i love playing it and saving primogems to get more characters and weapons..Version: 2.5.0

Pls download, you’re not gonna regret itYeah so please ignore the fact that this is SUPER short. I wrote a whole essay then my computer had the AUDACITY to glitch out and hit the cancel button. So I’ve been playing Genshin since around may of 2021. And since I started playing I’ve loved it. The reason I felt pushed to write this is because recently changed servers and started from the beginning. I had forgotten how no matter what kind of games you like Genshin will always have something for you to do. There are so many quests and things to grind. And if you don’t like grinding there’s stuff for you too. There’s so much diversity in gameplay, so many characters, and so many different places to explore. I have at least two friends who only play to take pictures of the sunsets in game for desktop backgrounds (it hysterical to watch and listen to them talk about “finding the perfect angle” or “exactly which side the sun should be on”). Plus I myself have become a completely different person because of Genshin. Seeing all of these characters being themselves, and not caring about the public eye, fictional or not, made me feel more confident in myself. Anyway I would like to thank mihoyo for making this amazing game. And if you are contemplating downloading Genshin, don’t hesitate, I’m confident you’re gonna love it. 💗.Version: 2.2.0

Still can’t believe how well it plays on mobile!I started playing Genshin on PC last year in June & it’s absolutely stunning. The characters, the world, the story. Everything! And the fact this game is free! I’m free to play only buying the odd battlepass because it’s such good value for the price but this game doesn’t need you to spend any money at all in order to have the best experience! In November my PC stopped working & while it was sent away I download it on my phone so I could still at least do my daily missions. I couldn’t believe how well it plays on mobile! Apart from the graphics which you can’t expect a phone to compete with a gaming pc! There was do difference! It didn’t take me long to get used to playing either and this is the first game like this I’ve ever played on my phone. But it was so smooth I couldn’t believe it! I now have my PC back but I still log on and play on my mobile every now & then because it’s so much easier & you have the luxury of playing it anywhere. 10/10 I’m absolutely obsessed with this game! Mihoyo do such an amazing job & people are so quick to complain at the most minor issue but guys THIS IS A FREE GAME! I’ve played games that cost me £50+ and they don’t even come close to this! Download it! Play it! Try your best to not let it take over your life because it is addictive :).Version: 2.5.0

AmazingDownloaded this game on the new iPad Pro and mini 5 it works great. Can’t wait for the iPhone 12 max to come out and play this on it too..Version: 1.0.2

Genshin is absolutely amazing!Just to address the people saying how they got hacked, it’s either because you have trusted a wishing counter website which they either ask for your acc details, FYI please do not trust them! Genshin has amazing graphics and the characters are amazing. It runs a bit to slow because of my storage but it’s worth it! Thank you for making a wonderful game Genshin team and creators!.Version: 1.6.0

My Favorite GameI never write reviews but this game deserves 5 stars and it especially does now that spoiled brats are rating the game 1 star just because a free game didn’t give them a tesla for anniversary. I also never spend money on games but this was the first game that made me want to spend money because it is that good and I feel like the company deserved it. You can enjoy this game entirely for free though and still get lots of cool 5 star characters and weapons. You will get tons of primogems (currency used to get the rarest weapons and characters) just by doing quests, achievements, and having fun playing the game. Gacha system aside, Genshin has stunning graphics and an even better soundtrack. They consistently release a new major update to the game every 40 days so you will never be bored. I’m still in awe that this masterpiece which is now my favorite game was free right from the beginning. Anyone complaining about anniversary rewards should remember how generous Mihoyo is already… Seriously it’s a multi-platform game with free major updates every 40 days and they still give tons of primogems to us. People who compare Mihoyo to EA obviously haven’t played EA games. If they were like EA, Genshin would cost $60 and every update would be DLC instead of free AND we’d have to buy Genshin 22 for $60 the next year💀.Version: 2.1.0

It’s insane this game is free.Honestly I can’t speak more highly of this game. I’ve been playing for three days now- I had seen the game advertised for PlayStation, and assumed this would be a card game or something, however no. This is a full fledged open world game. It costs nothing in this game to progress, of course you can slightly speed up the process but it has no effect on the gameplay itself. One of the best features is the open world, is massive in size and feels completely natural. It uses level progression via location to keep you back- Which is good for pacing and keeps you in check. However if you want to spend 2 hours trying to take down a boss? Nothing is stomping you. This game is very reminiscent to Zelda BOTW in the open world aspect- from climbing to bosses. However it feels completely unique in its own right. When it comes to characters? Not only is the voice acting extremely well done, but the characters looks, levels and story are all highly interesting and fun. The only issue you may run into with this game is bad connection and low battery, however that cannot be helped considering a game of this size and scope, and for such a game it handles incredibly well- Making other games drain and size look like a joke. I seriously recommend if you are a fan of Open world games- or Looters, that you try this game out..Version: 1.0.2

Controller support!The fact that this game actually looks exactly the same as its trailers is impressive already. I love the characters you can get and I actually found myself really appreciating the characters’ stories, voice lines, and little side-quest things although I know that’s not necessarily a huge thing for most players in the game, and it seems that the developers are constantly working at updates which is really nice and keeps things fresh with all the events and different ways to earn gems to roll for new characters or items. One thing I’d love to see for the game is controller support for iOS- I play on both my iPhone and iPad, and while controls on the iPhone are generally fine, I’ve experienced slight lags in dashing to dodge and whatnot on iPad, even with just pressing the buttons. I would love to more precise controls on larger devices like the iPad (or even iPhone, honestly) and since I don’t own a PC, just the option of having a bigger display without sacrificing smooth controls would make this game incredibly engaging. Hopefully that’s something the developers could consider implementing into future updates. Otherwise, the game is incredible and so engaging- you won’t regret playing! Edit: controller support came with 1.3, there is no reason to not give five stars :).Version: 1.3.0

Smooth running+great design overallDefinitely one of the best free roam games around to play for free. Not pay to win either, all the premium currency is available to get by grinding. 10/10 worth the download, but most likely won’t run too well on older phone/ IPad models.Version: 1.0.2

PogStill can’t beat raiden shogun 😎.Version: 2.0.0

Love it but a couple of little bugs that need fixingI’ve been playing this game on my iPhone 11 for a couple of weeks now as it’s highly addictive and the gameplay is fantastic but I’ve had a couple of issues. My gadgets play up occasionally, after been provided with the location of the geoculus and collecting it the yellow circle radius stays and the white triangle in the middle doesn’t turn into a star. (Edit I now have all of them and the circle remains) The grass on a couple of the highest hills floats mid air as the grass in the right spot but the elevation for the hill isn’t there. ( Edit fixed) Collecting large amount of loot leaves the purple or blue light behind with nothing left to pick up. I love this game so anyone reading through I highly recommended it.Version: 1.2.0

Great mobile gameI feel bad for everyone who isn’t able to run this gem, but pc is always an option. I just hope that it isn’t one of those games that start off good but as more updates come along it becomes diluted with heavy paywalls and such. Otherwise, keep doing what you’re doing!.Version: 1.0.2

Great! but slowI must say, everything about this game is AMAZING; from the stunning high quality graphics, to the vast exploration, the unique and compelling storylines, and of course the gorgeously designed characters, this game is genuinely GOLD. i have never played a game with such high quality before, genuinely shocking for a mobile game. i would definitely rate 5 stars, however, since the game is quite new there are still a few gameplay issues for me. i always seem to have a bad connection whenever i play the game, and a lot of the the map or game menu's don't load properly, and i end up reopening the app wayy more frequently than i used to. some of the animated cut scenes as well are super glitchy and buggy for me, for example the opening scene with the unknown god was incredibly glitchy. however i do check my internet speed often and it's usually perfectly fine and fast. it could be due to the fact i usually play on the NA server, because i don't actually live in the states (i live in the UK), however i still have this issue when i play on the european server. but, i see this issue with other iphone 6 or iphone 6s users! in addition, i played honkai impact 3rd prior to this game and my connection was often completely fine. i'm hoping the game stability can be improved in future updates, so i can give this game the 5 stars it deserves!.Version: 1.1.1

Great game, but the fandom are toxicThis is a very great game, it’s pretty fun also. Tbh it’s worth the grind for this game my Adventure rank is 48 and I’m still learning how to build characters on this game. Seriously though this game is really good, and the animations on this game for every story is really cool - never disappoint me with it at all. The only thing you should be hating on is the fandom - because of the fact how there are way too many young age characters and some people go ahead and draw them sexually or sexual them around. Especially the fandom who complains that the rewards aren’t great - well guess what: the rewards aren’t great because of the fact how y’all be making fun off Komi, and the actor for her voice. You also even made fun of female actors and also some male actors. You also complain how Amber is bad, and same to Komi. You also hated on Bennet, Kaeya, Traveler, Paimon, and mainly on Amber. Like why do you need to hate on characters? Just play the game and enjoy what you got, because their the one who spend their life and time on making this character and also making the stories and everything for you to play so at least be grateful for that for you’ve woulda get a bad character that y’all don’t even like at all. I main Amber myself she tbh her highest crits is 20K, and it’s not hard to play Amber, you just need the right build for her and that’s all. Like just enjoy the game man..Version: 2.4.0

Amazing game but…They desperately need to change the resin system. Up to about AR 45 it might not seem like a big deal but when you get to end game content it is really frustrating to have to wait over 20hrs for about 10-20min worth of game play which is often disappointing due to the RNG system. The RNG system wouldn’t be an issue if a very large amount of resin was available or a massive cut to the cost of basically everything that costs resin. I just want to play the game and have fun rolling the RNG system for artifacts but I can’t do that cause of the resin now that I’m AR 50. If they don’t fix this soon, this incredible game is going to fizzle out. Very limited game play mixed with low rewards in the end game will be this games demise. To Mihoyo who will probably never see this. This is bad business on your end. If someone can’t truly farm for an artifact or character/weapon experience, than why would they spend their money on a new character once they are AR 50 or higher? The process of acquiring the gear for a new character and leveling them and their gear up becomes a gigantic chore that takes away from the ability to increase any current character’s strength. eg: I didn’t bother rolling much for Eula and multiple other’s because I didn’t have the resources to level them up without holding back on the character’s I need to be stronger for spiral abyss..Version: 1.6.0

Turning me gayThis game is turning me gay.Version: 2.2.0

VERY HARD TO GET CHARACTERSPlease read this before spending any money on this game!! This game is very very fun and completely able to do free to play. However things slow down exceptionally after adventurer rank 30. The world, the characters, and everything in it like the quests are all amazing and interactive. However the only thing wrong with this game, is that it’s VERY VERY EXPENSIVE to even do a single summon on a banner!! I am a complete free to play player and because of that, I’m completely incapable of getting any characters that I want. Even people who spend hundreds of dollars can simply get very unlucky and not get anyone either, and it feels like a huge waste of money. It’s very unfortunate that such a good game that I absolutely love makes you spend SOOO much money to get anyone at all. So just be warned before spending money that you likely won’t get anything, the rates are horribly low. For a 5 star, it’s about 0.6% if I recall. The rates NEED to be improved because a f2p player like myself and a large portion of the community can’t get anyone..Version: 1.3.0

Recommend! Things you should know before downloadingGenshin Impact is an amazing game! I love the scenery and the character designs are so pretty! The combat is fun, and characters each have something unique and charming. Before downloading however, you should know that this game takes up A LOT OF SPACE. Many people are complaining about the download time and file size. Especially when downloading later along the road, the updates will pile up greatly. Make sure you have a device with lots of space for future updates. Secondly, many of you may have read about the game’s gacha system. You make ‘wishes’ to get new weapons and characters. When writing this review, I saw people rating this game 1 star because they spent money on the game but didn’t get the character they wanted, calling the game a scam, etc. However, this is not true. The game is enjoyable without making any payments. I am completely f2p, and I have gotten most of the characters I wish for. I have lost 50/50 twice to Qiqi and Keqing, but I’m glad I did, because they are wonderful additions to my team. This game isn’t made for people to dump their money on getting characters. You’re supposed to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the game and story. Hopefully you don’t get swayed by bad reviews, and hopefully you enjoy Genshin Impact (:.Version: 2.5.0

Amazing gameI’ve been playing this game for a while, and every time i play i just cannot believe that it’s free. the amount of artwork, music and voice acting efforts that were put in this game would make me instantly think it was a payed game if i were to see it for the first time, but it’s open to everyone, and you aren’t even forced to pay (unless you like wishing a lot hehe) to make progress, it’s one of the best games i’ve ever played. it feels so nice knowing you have a little world inside your pc, mobile, playstation, whatever device you play on and have all these characters who are also ur friends. the music and the cutscenes are my favourite parts of the game and i’m sure many other people would agree! you have created something special mihoyo, even if it’s a little addictive it’s still one of my favourite games to look forward to with updates +events !! i hope sumeru is as beautiful as ever (have no doubts that it won’t be) and i rly wish everyone who has ever contributed to making this game the best!! without you guys this game wouldn’t be as amazing as it is, also the storyline is BEAUTIFUL!! i love how every individual characters has a story behind them that we continue to learn about as we progress in the game, hopefully aether and lumine will be reunited soon, but travellers journey is far from over <3.Version: 2.1.0

Amazing fantasy game for mobileWow! When I first saw this game, I thought it would be some boring three-parter that doesn’t even have anything in it. A year later, I decided to actually CLICK ON IT, and I noticed that it was editor’s choice and had five stars! So I decided to check it out. After creating my account and starting my epic adventure, I’m giving this game a 👍. Teyvat is an amazing land, and just like what description said, I am stopping at random times to enjoy the scenery! Anyone who’s reading this is probably thinking of getting the game, so I’m telling you the truth: try it out! However, if you’re okay with this, there’s one glitch: sometimes I’m walking around a giant city or a lake that hasn’t loaded in(as in the graphics look very bad, and it takes time for them to become beautiful) and I can actually fall through the map. Luckily, I can get out by climbing or teleporting to a marker around the map. If you’re alright with this, you should still get it. Because overall, it’s a great game! Keep in mind you can play the game COMPLETELY offline, but it still requires internet to load in your progress. You can also play with friends, but you have to get to a certain level; worth waiting for! Thank you so much for reading this, and hope the developers fix the glitch I’ve ran into!.Version: 2.6.0

Great game, needs some fixing thoAs a heavy genshin daily player, I’d like to say that this is the most fun game I had in quite some time. The character designs are great, the voice lines are great, and the graphics are truest stunning (playing on a pc/ iPhone 13 pro). However, this game does come with several flaws. First of all, let’s address the elephant in the room. Please improve your resin system. With more content than ever, we players need more resin than ever. Please increase resin tick/gain speed to 5 min per, and increase resin cap to 200. This would help a lot. Furthermore, the content in this game is kinda drying out. I’ve done all the quests there are and it gets boring after some time. The only thing left to do is to farm for talent up materials or artifacts, which relies on RESIN. Additionally, you should improve your daily commission system, an improvement towards the expedition system where it's auto or a resend button would be nice. I'd also like to suggest having an expedition where you could get primogemms,, but have a chance of failing to get them. Please also buff certain characters such as yoimiya, Kokomi, these 5* are overshadowed by other characters. Bennet should be nerfed, as he single handedly can care an entire abyss team. Make his healing stop at 60% and reduce his attack buff. Also buff qiqi and keqing. Your character balance is needed more than ever.Version: 2.3.0

✨🔥👌Wow :O👌🔥✨I don’t know where to start. Ok, maybe at the begging. I was chilling watching some anime, and an add came up for a game called ✨genshin impact✨ what I saw in that add was amazing character designs, graphics, fighting, and a immersive storyline. When I downloaded the game ( thank god my storage was enough, my PC pushed through) I saw exactly what I had seen and heard in the add. Beautiful characters, and a rich storyline awaiting me. I have been playing for a year now, and mihoyo never disappoints. I have hooked all my friends into it and we are all addicted. I would like to say I’m F2P, but… KOKOMI. genshin has a wide range of characters to use, with all different animations and fighting styles. The community in general is really nice, and genshin was such a help moving through Covid. It is where I go when I feel that I have too much on my mind, where I can relax with the beautiful graphics and music. It’s a lovely game, and I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a amazing (and free!) RPG. Stay safe 〜<3.Version: 2.3.0

Truly Stunning Mobile GameI was on the fense about getting this game for a while until finally I decided to give it a try. I was pleasantly impressed to find out that not only were their advertisements true to the actual game (as most others simply lie), but the gameplay itself feels fully fledged. This is the sort of game you’d expect from a console, and I gotta say it’s nice to see the effort that went into this. The combat style is engaging and fun. I also love that while it sticks to the familiar mobile trend of having in-app purchases, the game itself was free and my experience has thus far not been dampened despite the fact that I have not spend a single penny on it. It has given me little need to do so, and that’s awesome. I must also note that I am playing this on a more powerful phone as I understand that others have complained about lag, and I don’t blame them, this game file is HUGE, but is you are fortunate enough to experience a lag-free gameplay, (if not something close to it) then it really is beautiful. As mentioned before, the advertisements you see about this game are true. I loved hearing the side stories of the characters, as well as their own tutorials on how to use them. Very well done. I hope they stay true to this for the times ahead. Also, Paimon is adorable and NOT food!😜 (To each their own😉).Version: 1.3.0

Hu TaoHu Tao best girl.Version: 2.1.0

Good Game, Compatibility Issues.The game itself is excellent and quite enjoyable for the everyday f2p user. My only problem is in regards to the compatibility issues a lot of people can encounter. For example, Myself and other IPad users (6th generation) experience a game crash from anywhere between 5-10 minutes into a playing session. This occurs everytime the game is started up. As a heads up, re-installing it won’t fix the problem. Recently, (in my personal experience) starting up the game I met with a completely white screen for about 5 minutes before the company logo shows up on screen. I’ve heard about some people experiencing similar issues with different devices, but unfortunately can’t speak on their behalf. Other than that it’s a very engaging and fun game! If you’re an iPad user like me and can tolerate the constant crashing it’s still a really cool experience! Well done Mihoyo!.Version: 1.0.2

This game is fricking awesomeFirst of all let me say I was pleasantly suprised at what this game could offer!! There is so much stuff to do and it never runs out! Now let me say I NEVER write reviews but this game blew my mind. The reason I am giving it 4 stars is because of the lack of changing clothes option you would think with all these options and customizational paths you would be able to at least change your clothes or your hair it would be so cool if you could change clothes or even your hair!! Like you could cut it or make it longer or different hairstyles things like that of course you would have to pay for the clothes and getting your hair done. I don’t think you should be able to change your hair color though since you are looking for someone that looks like you so being a whole different color of hair wouldn’t really match the description. So yeah you don’t have to come to the hair thing super quickly just start off with a clothing store in Mondstadt and I notice they mention they know you are not from around there when they see or mention your clothes so make different clothing in different stores but accustomed to the city. But start off small and just continue updating the game I think it would add a whole other aspect to the game making it even more fun than it already is! I know it would for me!! Other than that the game is fantastic!.Version: 1.2.0

WHAT THE HELL IS THIS GAME???I downloaded this game and didn’t know what to expect, but after paying it, I WAS SHOOK with the graphics of this game. Is this truly a mobile game? The visuals had me going crazy, it looked so good for a mobile game. The voice acting, the gameplay, everything about it is wonderful. You must try this game!.Version: 1.0.2

Good bye storageThe game is a adventure rpg game with a great storyline and amazing characters, I for one enjoy this a lot and recommend to people who are looking for a good plot and storyline with amazing 3D modelling. But, I don’t have much storage and used it all for this game, though I am willing to sacrifice my storage. I do hope I don’t regret this, since there are many disadvantages about being on a mobile gadget (though I also use my pc).Version: 1.5.0

Genshin Has Some IssuesEveryone loves genshin. Who doesn’t? 7 nations, various playstyles and many characters. The stories are wonderful and the whole game is. Genshin has some major and minor issues though… 1: I got a new phone and downloaded the Genshin file that in-game. It got stuck at 100% and I tried to restart the phone, or try to get out of Genshin and back in. I ended up having to download Genshin all over again. Very long if you have not VERY good wifi. 2: Wishing sometimes says wish mismatch. That means you can’t wish you just have to try it again. IT DOESN’T MEAN FOR IT TO GET STUCK THERE!?!? This is very annoying. 3: This is a tiny issue but Mihoyo did a recent update so that you can’t get stuck in the corner of domains. Monsters are getting you stuck there bu cornering you and your just floating in the air. This is very bad since this also happens in events such as The Study Of Potions. 4: When co-oping in domains, you can sometimes get out of it and their is a barrier so you can not get in. I think there should be a staircase or something to get up and drop down so you can fight. Some people just like leaving you out. Mihoyo, you’re doing great but PLEASE fix these issues. (Not the staircase one).Version: 2.4.0

Don’t listen to themOkay mihoyo. Listen. Do Not EVER listen to those selfish idiots trying to milk you for op things. I myself think that you have done very well to support everyone that has contributed in building the community. I am very much grateful for them, as they are better than nothing. There is one problem. I fear that if nobody does something (not saying that you guys have to change the rewards) this game may be taken down. I personally think that Genshin is a great game and do NOT let those people make you guys feel down. Especially the ones who are being targeted. VAs should not EVER be harassed because of how the character fights or what they do. Even if nobody might see this, I just needed to say what i thought and is right. If they are making you down, if you are a player or staff, you should NOT EVER let it get into your head. And if you have spammed 1 star reviews just because of a ANNIVERSARY REWARD, consider yourself not part of this community because even if I’m not part of the making of genshin, I know that they do want people like you here. ps Good job Mihoyo, Keep it up 🥰.Version: 2.1.0

I love this gameI’ve had an amazing time playing this game for the past 6 months. The story is interesting, the graphics and character designs and beautiful, and the gameplay is very fun. I love how its cross platform too. Its really fun to co-op with my friends. I love how we can build characters how we want and use lots of different combinations of characters, and that every character is unique. Im looking forward to the future of this game and will definitely continue to play! Theres always something to do like improving a character or working towards achievements. I want to collect every character bc they're all so good. Bennett please come home!.Version: 2.1.0

Another review..about crashing, again.Hey, devs could you fix the crashing problem on ipad/tablets? Its really painful for us having to crash every minute. Genshin is a crossed platform game and it would be really helpful if you stoped the crashing on ipad. And, lessen the graphics in cutscenes, its so painful when you are glitching and just want to see the cutscene which is absolutely pointless. Ipad is my main device along with pc but ipad feels so nice, although crashing creates a problem every time I coop, change setup, go into quests, teleport, wish. Theres so much more, since its Inazuma now and ipad/tablet devices are suffering even more limiting the crash limit by every 1 minute and then crashing. It would be a miracle if you fixed it or added a new feature to log into the game quicker. Please, Im begging you. Crashing is a problem in this game and I would want you guys to pay attention to it. Spend your time though, crashing made me learn how to tolerate and be patient..Version: 2.1.0

Great!So, when it was still lockdown I had trouble finding new things to do. But right when I saw this ad, I was swept away. The colours the characters the story, it's all so good! I love seeing the cutscenes and dialogue, and the combat as well, whilst it can be difficult in some areas. But the only thing that bothers me is the winter system. I recently just got trapped in this ditch area in the winter mountains, and I keep trying to climb up, but the system keeps on making me colder and colder, so I keep on having to go back down to find a bonfire or anything, so it feels almost impossible to continue the story without coming close to dying. So I haven`t really been playing for almost a couple weeks now. But otherwise, it`s simply stunning. Just the winter system is the only thing I'd like a little touch-ups on. But, as I usually saw when writing something like this, it's only my silly opinion, people have their right to think differently about things..Version: 1.4.0

Amazing but there are many issuesGenshin impact is one of my favourite games but there are a few issues i’d like to talk about. Firstly there is no oceanic server so my game and many others ping goes crazy and lags a lot. Secondly the gacha system is horrible and is so unfair with such a low chance of earning a 5 star character, because of that, it is nearly impossible/really unlikely to get constellations for 5 star characters without paying money. Another thing is that the adventure rank level awards are horrible, the most you get is 1 wish and it’s standard. People have been playing for months to reach their levels yet get such little rewards. Lastly, the higher the level, the more difficult it is to earn primogems. AR 50-55+ doesn’t have as many events as from when you first start the game which makes it harder to earn primogems, and with what I said before it makes it so hard to get wishes or 5 star characters without paying money. Apart from all the flaws, it’s a beautiful game with a great story line I just wish Mihoyo could be more generous..Version: 2.1.0

Thank youAlthough there are many improvements that need to be made in Genshin, I am thankful to the devs and all those who have contributed to Genshin. I am also thankful that mhy has begun listening to their community. Genshin impact is a stunning game, from the beautiful music, incredible visuals and very amazing characters and story. The effort the devs have put into creating atmosphere and depth within their open world is amazing, how you can explore, climb and swim every corner of teyvat. Inazuma is a great example of how every small detail counts, how they use colours to illicit a certain mood, small particles to create depth and sound design to immerse you into their world. Liyue and Monstadt are exceptional to begin with, but the improvement between those two and inazuma leaves me extremely excited for the future of Genshin Impact. I am also so excited to discover to story they plan to tell through their game, and perhaps once their main story is done, expand beyond teyvat?.Version: 2.1.0

Pretty decent gameI have played this game since its release, and so far, I still think it’s a good game. I really love the beautiful graphics and characters! The storyline and the voice acting is great, too. I also enjoy doing the events! I love the Co-op feature; it’s more fun to play with other players. As an F2P, I can assure you that with enough patience and grinding, you will do fine. It’s a self-paced game, so you don’t have to worry about trying to catch up with other players. Alright, now that I have said the pros, here are the cons of this game: the gacha rates, how little primogems we earn, and the grinding. It’s hard to get a five-star character. I get that, but after maybe like 4-5 x10 pulls and only getting duplicate characters & weapons? It’s hard to earn primogems to begin with, and the gacha rates does not make too happy about it. Like I said, it is also hard to earn primogems since you earn little by little each day. I’m not complaining too much about the grinding, but I will just tell you that it gets harder and harder as you level your characters up. In doing so, you must have a lot of patience and time. All-in-all, this game is pretty good despite some flaws here and there. I understand that the developer needs to make money, hence the pretty low gacha rates. However, I think this game is worth playing if you overlook the low gacha rates lol..Version: 1.2.0

Amazing!This game has beautiful graphics and wonderful stories to keep you interested for months! While it does take a lot of storage space, its amazing that I can play this game on phone! Because of playing on mobile I do have to accept frequent crashes, but I do still recommend this game to IOS users. My main problem with this game is the storage, as it takes the majority of my phone storage to update it. But other than that- its great! The storage issue gets worse over time, but I still manage to download the updates, and im fine to offload the other apps that I don’t use as the sacrifice is nothing to keep this amazing, vast open-world game. I 100% recommend to Iphone users if you have a lot of storage space or don’t use many other apps. I’m not going to delete genshin as I do have my favourite characters, (Albedo and Venti) And I don’t think I need to yet anyway! :) thank you, mihoyo, for making a beautiful, immersive game to play for hours on end! Quick note: If you want to download on Iphone with about 30 GB, keep in mind you will not be able to have many apps, or little to no photos when you download this game..Version: 2.0.0

Fun even if you’re over 50Lots of fun free to play gatcha game. Gets tedious at higher levels as they all do. However it’s a visual delight with interesting challenges of hand-eye coordination. Tons of complexity in building your combatants up in strength, skills, magic, artefacts, weapons and more. A pleasure to play because it lacks gunfire and instead features an awesome purpose composed soundtrack and amazing sound effects..Version: 2.6.0

Amazing gameI absolutely love this game. From the first time I played I’ve gotten more and more attached everyday. The story, the music, the graphics are all insane and especially for a free game. I will say there are a few bugs in the game that they should try to fix but nothing that will stop me from playing this game. I know some people don’t like this game especially after the anniversary but I think people need to see the wider picture. Sure it wasn’t the best but mihoyo still gives us so much for free on mobile, pc and console. It’s up to you if you want to use money or not and how invested you want to be in the game. It’s fine to complain a little bit but if people keep giving it bad reviews and complain about the rewards we get then bad things could happen to the game and it may make it worse. Just try to imagine the work that their putting in to this game to allow us to play it for free..Version: 2.1.0

A pleasant surprise to play!When I first saw the game, I thought I’d be able to customize my character in similar ways to other games I’d played (changing physical appearance, ability, etc.); yet as I played the game, I found myself still enjoying it despite not having this ability. The story, animation style, battle tactics, monsters, and characters are all lovable and delightful! It feels like being in a movie or playing one of my Xbox games. Really well done to the creators. So far, my favorite character is Lisa for both her charm and powerful lighting strikes during combat. Keep up the great work! I would like to suggest the ability to possibly change clothing on characters as well so that it feels more personalized if that’s alright. One downside I will note is having to walk everywhere and how gliding takes up physical energy. I can understand swimming and such, but gliding? Yeah right. Anyway, walking around to different locations without having something shoot at or lunge at you is a bit much. Overall, I still enjoy it despite the walking aspects. Perhaps you guys could create different elemental mounts? Like not your traditional horses and stuff. I’m talking about like birds, lions, or unique creatures like that. Again, I’m no game designer and I figure they don’t want to hear my peas and cues, but just food for thought. Still love the game and the graphics. Well done!.Version: 1.1.0

AAA Title for freeThis game is insane. I’ve played now for a total of 42 days, according to HoyoLab. Easily hundreds of hours. I play every day for hours. This is the only game I'm currently investing time in. And let me say it is WORTH your time. A HUGE open world not pay to win and complete flexibility with how you play. I have invested around $20 total over the course of my time and it was for 1 character, Xiao. I didn't get him, however i did end up getting him with a free wish i received, go figure. But this is not like a normal GATCHA game. You get so many characters with the chance at more and more completely for free. You never have to spend money. There is no pay wall and the story lines are fantastic. I literally cant type out enough praise for this game. Its the best game i have played hands down in a very very long time. It does need some more end-game or late-game content, especially because at AR37 the story just stops. DEVS: This game is a huge accomplishment and you should all be proud. Its extremely ambitious, especially if you are planning on including zones that represent every element, however, keep with it. You guys can have THE best game of all time if you listen to your fan base and keep this momentum up! The lantern rite event was absolutely incredible! P.S. try and keep the tower defense mini game in! Its so much fun just to pass time! And it gives us a reason to keep playing after we finish our daily grind!.Version: 1.3.0

Amazing game but only 1 problemThe game is truly beautiful and it’s super fun. But the only problem is that I have made so much progress on the WRONG server. I didn’t know that you had to restart your progress if you wanted to switch to a different server so I would love it if y’all could do something about this like being able to save it to another server (etc Asia to HK). Oh and btw pls add a Oceania server if you haven’t 😊. But aside from that I’m looking forward to Genshin impact being supported in Mac..Version: 1.1.0

It’s great but it needs more customization.This game is great overall but I think it needs a bit of customization like a character creator where you can make your own character when you go into it you need to pay 2 primo gems to make your own character and it will also ask if you want your own animations and moves witch cost 10 primo gems you can choose yes or no when you get into the character creator it will ask if you want a male, female or a small female after selecting it will ask your characters name when after you Type it in it will show step one the eyes you will be able to customize the eyelashes eye color and eye shape and eye size after that step 2 is mouth you will be able to choose from cat mouth normal mouth and squiggly mouth and lipstick step 3 is hair you will be able to choose bangs side bangs back hair and ponytails and colors step4 will be what type of character you want a cat like diona a elf or a human step5 will be to choose your skin color step6 will be for the ones who payed the primo gems for custom animations and moves if your on a pc you can upload your own animations and moves after all of that you will chose your weapon, hat, glasses, hoodie, top, skirt, socks and dress if you want you can change your character for free later on that’s all I got to say as I said overall the game is good but it needs customization thanks if you put this in the game..Version: 1.5.0

I love it despite its flawsI’ve been playing genshin impact since may 2021, and I’m now ar53. I’ve been playing on mobile as I find it difficult to use pc, and enjoy the game very much, however, the game crashes every 10-15 minutes and it’s NOT fun. It feels like a chore to have to log in again, and again, when all I want to do is my daily commissions before I log off for the evening. Along with the game-crash problem, the graphics are usually ok, but can lag and take time to load, which is honestly such a pain. Both of these are a problem especially when playing with other people as I then have to explain that my game crashed for the 10th time. Another problem for me is that, as a f2p player, it is difficult and tedious work to finally get a character maxed out. It can take literal MONTHS. It takes even longer as a f2p player to even get a 5 star character as we have to save up for so long, and as the game rewards have decreased since the start of the game, especially when the anniversary rewards were so small (and honestly a bit disappointing). I love this game very much, and will continue playing because I still find it really fun despite all these setbacks, it is a bit addictive and still incredibly fun for me and I cant help that, but I know like all the other ar50+ players, I will become bored if there aren’t any important changes in the game..Version: 2.4.0

Purchase issuesThis is an amazing game and I have played since launch, so far I haven’t had any issues. Currently I am unable to purchase anything over $1.70 and it’s becoming quite annoying. I have the funds in my Apple ID account but I am unable to proceed with purchases and it would be nice to get this solved as soon as possible as it maybe be effecting many players..Version: 2.5.0

Read this review!!!Honestly when I saw this game I thought it would be another random game floating in the ocean of RPG’s. Then I checked on it again the next day. When I saw how popular it got I decided to get it. I started playing the game December 16 and have absolutely fallen in love with it since then. The gameplay is always exciting and the history and story is stunning. The characters are so diverse and the graphics… ohhhhhhh the graphics are mouthdropping. The only sorta bad thing that I would like to mention ,or else this wouldn’t be a fair review, is the pity system. You need at most 90 wishes or pulls in order to get ONE five star. And it might not even be the five star that is featured at the moment! So if you are really unlucky you will need to wish 180 times to get a five star you want. Also the cost for the wishes is to high. If you wished 180 times you would need 28,800 primogems( the special in-game currency) to get the 5 star you want. Plus collecting primos for free takes a literal eternity. That is the only major issue with the game. Other than that this game is extremely addicting(in a good way, don’t take this badly parents) and if you are looking for good solid game that will keep you entertained this game is your solution. So keep going and may the archons be at your side!.Version: 2.2.0

Some wrinkles to iron out, but otherwise decentThis game plays like a Breath of the Wild clone with completely optional gatcha elements. The fact that you can have a party of four, with each member having unique elemental skills and weapons specialties for whatever puzzles and enemies come your way. Plus the story of finding your lost twin and learning about the seven Archons is really engaging. And while the game’s PS4 counterpart lacks cross-save compatibility, it might prove useful to content creators who wish to do a Let’s Play of Genshin Impact. That said, I gave this game four stars. The reason for this isn’t because of some minor glitches that allow items to just float in midair (like what happened to me lol), but because of overheating issues on my IPhone SE Second Generation and the amount of battery life it siphons compared to some of my other apps. For mobile users such as myself, this game could definitely use a Battery Saver feature in the options menu. Could help with the battery issues, especially since once it overheats to a certain extent, the phone can lose charge... while it’s charging. Thank you for your time reading this, looking forward to more story content, and while I wouldn’t use the possible controller compatibility feature, I’m sure others would look forward to that. I hope you take this constructive criticism and implement it into future updates.Version: 1.0.2

Happy 1st anniversary genshin impact!!I discovered this game during venti’s rerun (at around march) and i fell in love with it. the intricate character designs, the story plot and the scenery available is just simple amazing and i wish i had found out about genshin way sooner- now, i’m pretty much still in love with it even though i came across some difficulties along the way. a couple of days ago, we celebrated genshin impact’s first anniversary! there was a fan anniversary stream made up of a lot of different works by a lot of extremely talented people and it warmed my heart to see how many people are grateful and enjoy the game. however, there were also a lot of negative and toxic people - when mihoyo announced the anniversary rewards, most players were outraged due to the fact that it was ‘useless’. they said some pretty rude things and even started to rate genshin (and other games made by mihoyo) with 1 star. as a simple person with simple expectations, this appalled me so much to the point i didn’t dare open up my twitter because of how many racist, rude and downright disgraceful tweets i was seeing. sure, i kind of agree that the rewards aren’t what most of us expected but think of everything else mihoyo has given us : genshin impact itself. without genshin impact, there will be no anniversary rewards, events, event banners, story quests, daily commissions and everything that genshin has. the real rewards are the friends we made along the way. thank you, mihoyo!.Version: 2.1.0

CrashingI adore genshin impact don’t get me wrong. The characters, the music, the scenery, the combat all of it! It’s just gorgeous, however there is one giant problem. CRASHING. Crashing on mobile is very common and annoying, recently my computer has broken so genshin mobile is the only thing available to me but the fact that is mobile players have to deal with crashing if we either click on the map or the character mode we crash and it’s not very fun. It’s frustrating since because of this most of us can’t play co op due to this. MiHoYo do your mobile players a favour and stop this from crashing!.Version: 2.1.0

Playing this game without spending money..This game is incredible! Endgame can be quite slow but as of recently, they’ve been leaving us with amazing places to explore that are so beautiful and fun! The challenge of some stuff has been making it a lot more interesting. If you are into lore, this story has a nice plot to it as well and I definitely think it’s worth mentioning. Besides that, you can play without spending any money. This has its ups and downs, mostly downs to some so I think I should mention about it. I definitely have had a better experience with this than others so I’d like to warn and recommend some things if you plan to play f2p. As a f2p(free to play) this game can become a double edged sword when you are working with the gacha system. I cannot stress how many times people will expect the gacha system to work in their favor and then quite the game because it didn’t work their way..! If you have to Rely on Luck to get the character you want, don’t expect to get them! Xd You shouldn't rely on luck, I’ve seen it through my brothers, it does not end up well half the time. Also, plan ahead! There will be times in the game play when you will be guaranteed the next character you want! So plan it out well and save your primogems (the Gacha currency for wishing)for that certain character..Version: 2.3.0

Replying to other reviewsI saw some reviews saying the quality was terrible for mobile users but that’s not at all what I saw. I got genshin on my phone, because that was the only device that had enough storage, and it works well (for me at least). The graphics are fine (and by fine I mean really quite good). I’ve experienced my game crashing a lot though which is really annoying when I’m playing with friends and we’re doing something (eg fighting a boss) because it makes you start again from the nearest saved progress which could be anywhere while my friends are stuck still fighting the boss. I’ve really enjoyed the game though despite this stuff, after just a few days I was playing alot and was already on Adventure rank 16 (this is when you get to start playing with friends). The story lines are great, the characters are great and all in all it’s a great game. Just be aware of some of the drawbacks, mobile users..Version: 2.4.0

SpeechlessI’ve played a wide range of games but I’ve never been so captivated by one this much. The game design is incredible, it is so unique and pretty. The gameplay is outstanding because you get so many hours and the storyline is so interesting that I’m surprised the game is free. It takes a while for it to become very entertaining as in order to play with friends you have to get to level 16 which does take a while but I would say the wait is definitely worth it. You might find this review biased but I managed to drag in a lot of friends who as well didn’t expect to enjoy the game so much. You get so much variety of content and quests and characters. You can join or have others join your world and everyone is so nice in the game, they help you out without asking anything in return, haven’t met any weirdos so far either (I’ve been playing for almost a year I think). The environment is really great and I can definitely see myself playing more in the future. Hope this helped! :).Version: 2.5.0

MiHoYo, thank you.I know that recently people have been bombing MiHoYo and Genshin with negative reviews (mainly the Western audience), but I do not think that it was deserved. This game is absolutely amazing and I would’ve expected them to ask for a payment in order to get the game. It has high graphics, audio quality and also engages you in a story with characters you can easily grow attached to. However, the main outrage has been in concern to the anniversary rewards. People claim MiHoYo is being ‘greedy’ for not sabotaging their own business structure. People want five stars, people want characters, people want weapons. Alas, MiHoYo wasn’t going to give those out, as they rely on the fanbase to pay in order to have higher chances of getting characters they want. I’m not angry about that, after all, they are a business and need continuous funds in order to keep producing content. The real greedy people are the ones who expect a reward which is far too outrageous to ever occur. I’m not saying that the anniversary rewards were amazing, but they were expected and shouldn’t warrant an outrage of this volume. Thank you, MiHoYo. I truly enjoy this game and I don’t believe that people should act so entitled to something that was never guaranteed..Version: 2.1.0

Great but huge problemsThis game is a great game but it has so many problems within it that please. Just need to be fixed. It really ruins the experience if you won’t conquer these problems and destroy them. I have some more complaints but I will only share one for now. This example is probably my worst one in my opinion. THE GAME… IS SO SLOW. I have played for a bit now and I love the game. But it’s just so so slow. At the start of the game it was just frozen and I could not see or hear what was going on. All I heard was uh ah uh ah uh ah uh ah every ten seconds. I could only tell what they were saying through subtitles. When I chose a twin it worked but it just froze on the spot. I couldn’t do anything after that. So I restarted again and tried and got through it. But every single time I walk it freezes and then I have to wait ten seconds to carry on, ten seconds. Carry on. Ten seconds. Carry on. Then it fully freezes. You get the idea. Overall this game is a great game and I recommend most mobile players installing it. But what would make this wonderful experience better is to fix all these upside downs. It would be very helpful for us players..Version: 2.0.0

PLZ OPTIMIZE ON IOSI love this games because i can play for hours on end without getting bored but at the same time. whenever i open a menu E.G. character, wish, entering a domain of any kind, cut scenes and the gnostic hymn menu. THE GAME CRASHES and the only way to open them is to crash the app and open the desired menu immediately, and it still crashes when i exit that menu. this game is great but hurry up and optimize it pleaseeeeeee!!!.Version: 2.0.0

Unexpectedly BreathtakingThis is my first ever review on the App Store. I don’t rate games even if they’re good. However, this one deserves a rating. The game does its job very well. Good storyline, breathtaking visuals, and captivating soundtracks. It was an absolute joy to explore the world. Most games make exploration tedious and displeasing but that is not the case for this game. Only a few games make exploration enjoyable. This is one of them. I was constantly met with great visuals and soundtracks. Well, at least when the time is right. However, there is one obvious flaw in this game. The mechanics and the controls of the game seem out of place. Given that this game is meant to be played on a console, it is understandable. It took a while to get used to but afterwards, it was not a big deal. Overall, this game is excellent. Despite its obvious flaw, the other elements make up for it. It was a privilege to experience this game. Thank you to those who worked on this game. It is unforgettable. :D.Version: 1.0.2

Good but has one problemAfter reading a lot of reviews I heard a lot more people have the same problem as me and your probably know which one it is: your game crashing. I play on the 6th generation 2018 iPad and my game crashes every minute now before in my first account which I played until adventure rank 31 my game would crash every 10min it was annoying but I lived with it then every boss fight would crash when I’m about to kill the enemy witch was VERY annoying it was the final straw when I would wish and my game would crash while the cutscene and never get the item/character I made a new account it would crash every 10min and freeze at every cutscene this account was blessed (according to me) I had gone further then my expectations I had my favourite five star ( Klee ) I was at level seventy yesterday night I made a new account on the Hong Kong, Tokyo server and I would crash every single minute I couldn’t even glide with my wind glider when I was supposed to meet amber at adventure rank 2!! It would crash half way down Mondstadt then I would have to wait a minute to get in to the game for it to happen over and over again but the worst thing was when I was going to do my 10 free wish’s (luckily it was purple or I would have gone insane) MY GAME CRASHED!!! That account was cursed so I went on my main account and it crashes every minute I can’t even walk so that was my journey with this game I had a nice time playing but I think that’s all until miHoYo fixes the problem..Version: 1.6.0

You get white screen? Read this:I find this game very fun to play with on my free times! I saw some interviews saying that their game keeps crashing, i used to have crashes too.. its because you dont have too much storage, after i deleted some apps and opened storage, it worked for me (i use iOS).Version: 2.0.0

Anniversary DramaI have been playing Genshin Impact almost since the very first day and ever since then this game has been one of, if not, the best game that I have ever had the chance to play. I had always been a fan of gatcha games and this game ticked every box! Now this may just be me but I personally didn’t mind the anniversary rewards, it was rather balanced with 20 wishes given to all players AND a free glider, as well as a couple of mini events for some extra primo gems. Some others may say that other games give out 100 wishes or a 5* unit, but everyone seems to forget that EVERYONE is going to get Aloy, A FREE 5*, once 2.2 hits in a couple of days. As well as this, more rewards could be on the way hopefully. The problem with our community thinking 1* review bombing will ‘make a difference’ is just childish as well as harassing VA’s who only voice the character, they do not control how they work! I agree that some bugs are still present and should be addressed more than others but the Devs are trying their best to suit everyone’s wishes. Anyway that’s enough ranting for one day :D Keep up the good work Genshin, it’s been an awesome year!!.Version: 2.2.0

Do you not care about us..?I don’t know what’s happening over there. But the way you don’t listen to us, and how you treat feels like betrayal. It’s disappointing, you know what I’m talking about. 100 primogems? A chance for a cosplay master, or a art major to get an award that doesn’t even be redeemed fully without waiting? Mora?? Like we can’t get that by doing simple things. And you just leave us the 10x pull. Leaving us 30-40 pulls would have been fine. Maybe 60 but 100? That doesn’t even give a pull. I still have faith in you, there still is time.. lots of love </3.Version: 2.1.0

Best game in the universe! <3This game is the best game I’ve ever downloaded! it’s a great open word game, the plot is amazing and all the characters very well designed and have great backgrounds. i love all the fun things you can experience in this game like domains, bosses, and the wishing system (getting characters). and the system of daily commissions, and you’re reputation in different places to get wind gliders is super fun! also there’s gods that rule over the seven nations of Teyvet, and all the gods will eventually become playable characters, like Venti (anemo archon), Zhongli (geo archon), and Baal that will be coming soon (electro archon). also every nation has something special like Mondstat is the city of freedom, Liyue is the city of contracts, and Inazuma is the city of eternity and etc. some things are a little too complicated for me, for example building characters with artifacts, also artifacts help a lot with getting though with enemy’s faster (better dmg, def, hp.), but I just try my best. something I don’t understand is and I don’t like is that you can’t craft and unlock teleport waypoints and talk to people while in co-op mode. and I also love the new map, but I’m not so good at puzzles lol. also visions and all the elements, pyro, hydro, anemo, electro, dendro, cryo, geo. something I wanted added to the game is being able to pet animals, although it seems kinda silly I still think it’s cute. pls download this game its the best, enjoyy! 🤍.Version: 2.0.0

Don’t download unless you have a new iphone/ipadI love/loved this game so much, I played everyday for around a year, I started in early october of 2020. I levelled up to AR55 and I even spent $50 (I’ve never spent money on a game before). I had stopped temporarily a month or two back due to the lack of content before the Inazuma update. However when I came back the crashing problem became unbearable. Previously I could deal with the crashing problem cause it only happened when I teleported to a city, replaced the characters in my team, and in general only every 20-30 minutes. BUT NOW, it’s less than 5 minutes and the game crashes. I even set the graphics and quality to the absolute lowest and it can only last 5 minutes. It’s an amazing game but with every single content update the crashing problem will get more severe. This is only the third area out of seven. I probably won’t be able to play again until I buy a PS4 or PS5 or a new phone (I have a 64GB iphone8). I wouldn’t recommend anyone to download genshin unless they have a recent model of the iphone or ipad..Version: 2.0.0

Genshin - recommended but should improve uxI ve been playing the game for about four months now. Initially its quite a hurdle to get started since there are way too many stats and things to be aware of (should be build up more gradually) which arent explained much. Artefacts, five artefact types, artefacts genres (wanderer, finale, ...), weapons, enhancement/refining, character stats, elemental reactions, and all related stats such as energy recovery and elemental mastery and atk, atk%, crit dmg, crit rate, elemental dmg, ... how all of these interact is also extremely unclear. Once u get over the initial chaos of “how and where should i start” it is a beautiful game which is insanely fun to play and explore. Cooperative mode is also extremely fun ((qnd not competitive which is superb as some people are heavy spenders which isnt an issue if you play cooperative instead of competitive)). There s many characters to unlock and the gacha system may not be ideaL, but even for ftp you can collect a nice series of characters and even unlock multiple five star characters. You are just a bit slower in unlocking the ones u want ((even on featured banners you may get the “wrong” one)) and higher constellations are sometimes tricky to obtain (extra powerup when u hv a character twice etc). I would recommend for sure. But the devs need to improve the user experience, as i would have nearly quit the first week because of the overflow of things to account and “try to understand”....Version: 1.4.0

AMAZING!!I Absolutely love this game! The game graphics is absolutely beautiful! Sometimes when it updates, it takes quite a while. When I first started playing and just signed up. It took approximately 4 hours to load. Which was quite a while. But really I never regretted it. It is such a good game! I was actually signing up before. But my game crashed and froze all of a sudden. I love how the game doesn't tell you to "subscribe" or anything. It never pushes you to purchase things with real money! Which I love. My mum is very strict with games. For example, she DESPISES roblox. She absolutely HATES it. It is because it is addicting. Robux is addictive and everyone wants it. Its almost the point in playing. To have robux and be rich in different games. My mum found out I played genshin impact and she asked me these following questions: Is it permanently online? No, its not. Is it a collecting money and buying things kind of game? No, its not. What kind of game is it? It is a fun story-fighting game. I feel this game is quite safe for kids, because you don't HAVE to play online :) THank you so much for this wonderful game!.Version: 2.4.0

Genshin on macs?Hi! So I have been playing Genshin for not that long, and I was on a new iPhone 7. It crashed almost all the time. Most of the time it was when I opened something, or when I teleported somewhere. But sometimes it just crashed at random times, like in the middle of a battle or commission. And the bad thing is was, whenever it crashed during a commission, I had to start alllll over again. I only have a MacBook Air as a computer, and I would really appreciate making Genshin for macs as well. Also, this is an amazing game, keep up the good work! I have so many ideas about future characters and outfits and events. One of them is the Sakura blooming festival, because apparently Inazuma is based off japan. The festival would have special foods and maybe new characters. Ayaka, Sayu, and the Raider Shogun would have Sakura themed outfits. Well, that’s all, I love this game, thank you for making it!.Version: 2.1.0

An amazing game!!I downloaded Genshin around 6-7 months ago and have been consistently playing since. It is absolutely incredible - the amount of content in this game is insane - I still have most of the map to still explore and there are so many cool features like the serenitea pot and the quests. I’m always astonished this game is free and I wish I had started playing earlier! I recommend to anyone that enjoys open-world games and exploration as well as building character abilities for the combat aspect. Not to the mention the graphics are amazing - I do have to play on the lowest graphics setting as I use my iPad but it doesn’t make much difference to me and I enjoy the game regardless. Co-op is also a lot of fun. You don’t have to spend money on this game at all to have fun and obtain good characters - I have great 5 star characters like Xiao, Zhong-li and childe without spending a single penny! Highly highly recommend ! (Not sure why there are so many 1 star reviews tbh!).Version: 2.6.0

My Favourite Game but one thing…I’ve been playing this since 1.5 and I can say it’s probably my favourite at the moment: the visuals, the music, the characters all stand out in different ways to me even if I don’t like them. The story is interesting and Inazuma made me think about what exactly happened for 2 weeks. Most of the time the events and banners keep me interested in the game, at the time of writing I am at the last stretch of saving for Albedo and I hope he comes home ^^. The reason why I rated this a 4 star is because of the weird and sometimes insane glitches. I play on PC because the mobile is too big of a storage for my tiny 32GB phone. Though I appreciate that it’s optimised for mobile. Also on PC sometimes when I’m just standing around, this is the biggest issue, the game just screen locks. All I see is one frame but the game is still going on in the background. And the only way to fix this is to close the game and re open, sometimes leaving my co op friends behind. I hope this gets fixed eventually it’s been happening since 2.0 at the earliest. Anyway great game, excited to see what Sumeru brings since that’s when we’ll finally get dendro!.Version: 2.2.0

I love the game but it really neglects mobile players so so muchAlthough being a multi platform game, clearly mihoyo don’t care at all about the problems mobile players face, it’s hard to enjoy a game when you know people who play on a PC or PS console are getting special treatment and graphics that looks incredible while me and other mobile players get to play graphics that look like roblox. I cant even enjoy the game as much anymore as the game is very money hungry and if u are free to play (FTP) it’s almost impossible to get anywhere. Also considering mihoyo is doing a collab and giving everyone a new FREE 5star character you would assume. Wow this is great finally we are getting something as a reward for enduring the painful mobile gameplay, graphics, and getting kicked every 4 minutes or so. But no. If u are a top spender like a PS player u get the EXCLUSIVE 5 star bow for the new 5 star character and you get her early. If you happen to be on any other console/ device you get the character over a month later without her wepon. However these are mobile problems. On anything other then mobile the graphics are beautiful the game play is smooth and enjoyable, the story is incredible and the over all enjoyment is immense. It’s just mihoyo claims this game is meant for mobile as well as PC and PS however u can’t even play without constantly getting kicked and feeling your crushed by the roblox looking graphics on a mobile device.Version: 2.0.0

Toxic side of genshinHello, i would like to say that there are many obligations about genshin anniversary awards but to you actually keep in mind that giving out “free” 5* is not as easy as it seems, you have to keep out a balance and make it fair for everyone who took alot or wishes and time to get those 5* that they wanted, so just asking and forcing for one is practically unfair and just stupid. be grateful mihoyo is giving you quests to get you those primos and it’s your choice to waste them or save them no one’s stopping you and no one’s forcing you either. So why make a big deal about mihoyo should give out free 5 star standard or just your typical “Zhongli, xiao, albedo, ganyu etc” characters. And for those that may disagree with my review; I know rewards may be little and some of you guys feel jealous about someone having xiao and other, please remember that it’s just agame, no one forced you to spend money, make a big fuss, send d3ath threats to those that have your favourite 5 star character or to make up 1 star reviews just because you were mad that they didn’t give you 1000+ primos, reminding you that this is their first anniversary so maybe next anniversary shall be better. for those reading, thanks, have a wonderful day <3.Version: 2.1.0

A great game…I know that there have been many complaints about the game recently, particularly to do with the rewards during the game’s first anniversary. Many people have agreed that the rewards were not enough and MiHoYo did not do enough to celebrate, but personally I have no issue with the rewards given. In my opinion, players should not fixate on constantly getting more ‘rewards’ and even if they were unhappy with the prizes given for one event the fact still remains that this is a beautiful and exciting game with a wonderful community of players to interact with. The only other issue I have is (although it can not be helped) is the amount of storage this game takes up on mobile devices- after a short while of playing the game adds on another 6G or so, and each update is usually 3G also. However, despite all the controversy surrounding this game, I would completely recommend it to anyone considering getting this game..Version: 2.3.0

Does it work on ipad ?I just started playing and I got to the first cutscene where you pick the twin and after that it was like some words about the brother being taken and the screen froze I restarted my ipad and I can see the like element symbols and the last symbol is half way colored so my gameplay doesn’t really work also it was really laggy at the cutscene overall I have seen other people play and it seems really good..Version: 2.0.0

Amazing but more focus needed for mobile playersThis game is absolutely amazing, from the quality, cutscenes, gameplay, characters, and more. everything is incredibly detailed and beautiful. However there are several issues for mobile/iPad players that seem to get neglected, and if not for the amazing quality of the game I’d probably give a lower rating. There’s constantly forceful exiting. It’s the no #1 reason I’m starting to drift away from this game as it really affects my gameplay. Every time I tap any icons from the top I get forcefully exited out the app and have to reload and it takes up a lot of time. No #2, the repetitiveness of the game. The game’s really interesting at the start but after a while you start to fall into a repetitive pattern to get anywhere and it gets boring and even tedious eventually, especially for the F2P players. no #3, the graphics and effort for the mobile players is considerably MUCH lower as compared to the PC players and during cutscenes, there are tons of lags and it completely ruins it. Definitely something to be noted and taken care of. Other than the issues listed, it isn’t too bad and I still enjoy playing it to some extent, however these factors have really hindered my experience..Version: 2.5.0

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