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Puzzles & Survival app received 93 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about puzzles & survival?

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Puzzles & Survival for Positive User Reviews

Good game I just can’t load in after newest updateSays error code -1006.Version: 4.0.42

Better hero summonsI am liking the game a lot and always have something to do but I find when hero summon coins drop it’s always the same ones with occasionally a 3* dropping but if I want better I would need to buy them so how about a free chance to get a decent 4 or 5 star hero as a one of to give encouragement, ( I will probably still play on) but not having better than 3 star heroes leaves me vulnerable to attacks and like I said a better hero as encouragement or incentive would make it more interesting thanks.Version: 1.1.1

GameI enjoy this game.Version: 4.0.97

Seem to not be a p2wSeem like you can do everything with out playing but I’ve still only just started the game.Version: 4.0.11

It,s funI know I didn’t think it was supposed to be like that but I still really like the game it’s so fun I know people said it’s bad but I think your game is amazing don’t listen to them and don’t go out of business.Version: 4.0.37

Really fun game!I did not expect to love this game as much as I do! I’ve played so many similar games in terms of the whole upgrading a town type things but I always hit a wall where I can’t seem to get much further without paying real money. It’s early days still but at least it has the bejewelled style game you can play to get resources and not be too bored waiting for upgrades and builds :).Version: 4.0.12

OBSESSED!I’ve been playing this game for a few months now & not a day goes by that I don’t get on at least once (but most likely a-lot more than just once lol). It’s become apart of my daily routine, literally. I love the fact that you can always be working towards getting stronger. Also, i’ve become really close to the people in my alliance. That’s also one of the things I really love about this game. If you can find a good alliance, that actually interacts with each-other, does all the events & works as a team.. it makes the game 100x more fun to play. If you’re on the verge of getting it but you’re just not sure, take my word for it.. you won’t regret it. This is a game that doesn’t get boring. You can always be working towards something. There’s always something to do on this game so you’ll never find yourself bored while playing..Version: 4.0.78

Seems goodJust started playing but so far I am enjoying the game..Version: 4.0.43

Puzzles and surviveLoving the game at present.Version: 1.1.1

Tis. Better than lotsBecause there is the puzzle element that is random in its design, it’s possible to beat the harder enemy with some luck and skill. I like this..Version: 4.0.11

Zombies Rule the wastelands.. but not for long ;pTypical game of the style, easy upgrading to begin with, then switching to long times to complete.. definite patience to upgrade, wall to throw pillows at. The usual use cash & diamonds to speed up.. Other than the same ole same ole.. its a good zombie game. Love it...Version: 4.0.12

Overall, I like it.So far, I have not seen any aspect of the game like the advertisement I saw for it that made me want to download it but it is a fun game. There is a LOT to take in and learn how to navigate right away. There is some help to tell you how to do things so I do like that but I really wanted to play the game I saw in the advertisement where you’re a character in a prison and you have to match icons to unlock the next step and fight zombies along the way. I have not come to a level like that yet and that was the only reason I downloaded it. I’m on chapter 3 and I am hoping that kicks in around 5 or 10 at the latest. We shall see….so for that disappointment, I cannot and will not give this game a 5 yet..Version: 4.0.89

Social & funDefinitely a great time waster…you are sure to make a lot of friends.Version: 4.0.71

Great gameNo ads yay love it.Version: 1.1.1

WowThis game is so fun to play! I love all the detail that you have added keep adding in stuff pls!.Version: 4.0.13

Don’t understand the hatersI’ve been playing for months now. I would say just about 2 months after it came out. I don’t understand why these people are complaining about getting attacked, losing resources etc. the game is generous with giving out diamonds to buy shields and you can gain a shield everyday. Yes the tutorial in the beginning maybe long and annoying but you get over it. You can do what ya want in the game and protect yourself if you actually pay attention. I’ve only spent $10 and up to level 28 hq almost level 29. They have events to win heroes as well as other stuff. Yes you can spend lots of money if ya want but don’t have too. I also have a farm at level 23 and spent no money which helps build my main account. So try it out..Version: 4.0.12

PlayersThe game is a lot of fun but you need time to play it. It really stress but you can make a lot of friends around the world..Version: 4.0.50

Pay to play!This is undoubtedly a well thought out and developed game. They have worked out an addictive game with a social platform of players surrounded in it with you trying to achieve the same goals. With the twist of competition to be the strongest and mightiest. All while controlling exactly how fast you grow in the game and how long you play by how much you are willing to spend. I have played this game for just over 30 days and met great people all of which would tell you they enjoy the game greatly as well as they pay to play. Because the programmers don’t sell the stamina or energy you need to play by itself it is sold in minute quantities and package deals. That way you spend more and they make more. So buyer beware!.Version: 4.0.71

ReviewActually quite fun once you get past all the adverts.Version: 4.0.83

•MRX•Kill kill kill. I am the zombie killing zombies good time waster..Version: 4.0.12

Enjoying so farHad app for a few days similar to others games in range. As of this one is unique with puzzles. Quite simple to follow as the quest menu helps to build a base quickly. So much to explore and destroy either solo or in an alliance..Version: 1.1.1

Liking the game so far, not bad at allEnjoying it.Version: 4.0.12

GreatGreat game, can spend lots of time without having to stop as there are plenty of free rewards.Version: 4.0.11

Love thisThe title says it all...nice & simple layout fun for hours.Version: 4.0.12

Quite surprisingHonestly I stopped playing this kind of game but it’s quite addictive when you start getting into it so I’m glad I’m finding my feet again.Version: 4.0.12

FunGreat game with lots of playability..Version: 4.0.90

I am addicted.You have to be patient with the tutorial beginning levels. There are so many different aspects to this game, I literally can play for hours at this point. No ads, because at some point a person wants to spend $ to grow faster. There is an entire section that is a match three puzzle with heroes you develop killing zombies as you play. However, you also build your city, can kill zombies for prizes, join a group and help it grow.. or not. Nothing is required. I have played consecutively for over 100 days straight (it keeps track and rewards you for that too). You constantly get rewards that help you in the game. They are working on a comprehensive guide. That is the only thing missing..Version: 4.0.14

Hello 👋 DEVELOPERSI may update this now n then... after spending some real money in the beginning and been playin this for some months, I would like to ask, how the eff am I sposed to rise thru the arena? I spend most of my time click click click click click click to skip the actual fun part JUST to get speed-ups. 🤨 Even when the game's reset I can manage to find about 2, at a push 3 players that are within my 'Might' and other variables' range, and then a big fat FU... Not cool. I'd say about 98% of the arena time I spend is FLEE ! 😞 Why can I not find others at my level of the game? I'd love a 'Troop Chip' but it's practically impossible to achieve. My first, probably not my last, review. As for the game in general?.. I LOVE IT! 🥰.Version: 4.0.48

Fun addicting gameEnjoying playing this game, just hope you don’t need to be a spender to stay competitive.Version: 1.1.1

Good gameQuite confusing at first due to crowded busy screen. If there was no arrow that points what to do next i wont be able to know what to do. Lol but once you get the hang of it it gets addicting 😅.Version: 4.0.64

Enjoying it thus far..As per the subject line - just started playing and enjoying it this far.. pretty strait forward and no in game purchases required as yet...Version: 4.0.70

Very much funLove the game this is my 2nd account so can’t praise it enough thoroughly enjoy it enough to go again.Version: 4.0.13

Good game, but defeats are getting tiresome.My opinion in brief: 1. Game is not like advertisement, which is nothing new. 2. Game has a distinctly adult feel to it, mainly from the female characters in revealing/skimpy outfits. Suggests it is developed by men. 3. It’s hard to figure out what to do - I stuck with it & I am managing to pick it up more as I go along. 4. There are no adverts you are forced to sit through. 5. I have not spent any money to play the game. 6. I’ve been playing for just over 3 months now and have found a liking for the game. What I still don’t understand is why it’s set up so that players who are at a much higher level can attack lower level players like myself, steal my supplies, leave me with no troops (as they all needing healing, which uses supplies) when I have no chance of winning. “Defeat” is issued by message - of course I’m defeated - I’m level 15 and my opponent is level 40!! This I may get tired of and potentially stop playing..Version: 4.0.30

Puzzles and survivalLove this game, so much to do and if your a bit of a dummy like you it has an easy quest menu that takes you right to the things you should do, can’t get enough of it at the moment, should download its a must!.Version: 4.0.42

Can’t really complainThe game is fine, sorta takes a bit to navigate the place and to know what you’re suppose to do. But overall, I enjoy it lol.Version: 4.0.12

Seems goodEarly days but no glitches so far. That’s unusual for these type of games. A slightly different take on the building settlement/joining alliance/getting smashed type of game. Don’t expect anything revolutionary though, it still follows the basic formula.Version: 1.1.1

Fairly good game to start.Game start 9/10 The push to spend money is like any of the other games.Version: 4.0.83

Good so farOnly giving this game 4 star because as always the game asks you to rate it before you’ve actually got the hang of the game, but the games definitely got potential and is well worth a try .....Version: 4.0.12

So far so goodHeaps of things to do to get an understanding of how to play the game.Version: 4.0.13

Great but High Expense game with the worst support in historyI have been playing this game for 3 months now and thoroughly enjoy it. I like the mix of challenges and ways to progress but boy does it come at an expense. In order to make progress you have to build your Sanctuary Might which involves a heap of activities all of which consumes food/wood/steel/gas/stamina/energy/EVA (as it is called). In order to gain these then you have to win challenges or pay for them through In App purchasing. You also have to train troops, equip them with Gear, Chips, Modules and Cubes. These, of course, can be awarded through challenges, killing Zombies and - wait for it, In App purchase. Alliances are an excellent way to gain progress through teamwork and Alliance challenges and they add further fun. However much fun a game is it gets ruined when things go wrong and when reported are not rectified. I have raised 10 support tickets through the in App support portal and not a single one has been resolved. The support is simply the worst I have ever experienced and can be described as nothing short of awful and not fit for purpose. If it doesn’t improve soon, given the costs associated with this game, I am out. Do not be surprised if you end up spending £1,000+ on this game..Version: 4.0.12

Love itSuch a fun and exciting game. Not like many of the other types of games where I get bored easily this has me hooked to find out what happens next..Version: 4.0.63

Really great gaming experience!Really enjoy this game it’s a got an even mix between puzzles and zombies! Runs smoothly and pretty straightforward game..Version: 4.0.12

Well thought outKeeps you busy in the initial stages of the game with lots going on. Time will tell with these kinds of games as to whether the possibility to progress will not require spending money.Version: 4.0.12

No issuesHaven’t had a single issue since downloading this game, I’m actually enjoying every minute of it so far.Version: 4.0.8

AwesomeWow.Version: 4.0.97

Fun gameIt’s a good spin on a zombie game.Version: 4.0.12

Love the game but it does have issuesThis is a Great War game. It’s a bit like bejeweled cross apocalypse. You play with other players who you can chat with and join alliances with to work together!.Version: 4.0.27

BetterThis game is better than I expected. Not a lot of ads but plenty of opportunities to purchase upgrades if I want to. Not too complicated so I can enjoy it but challenging enough to keep me occupied.Version: 4.0.96

Survival TetrisWhat a great game feel like I’m playing Tetris at the same time and killing zombies and it’s actually not too bad is actually better than what I thought it was gonna be anyhow it gives you some good perks and great challenges as it progress.Version: 4.0.90

LagBeen playing for a good month and a bit but you need to fix the lag as it’s getting really annoying now you do a battle lag you go farm resource lag you play a match you lag.Version: 1.1.1

Loads of fun ✌🏻A lot of guessing & analysis. There’s some glitch with alliance rank access..Version: 4.0.50

Very SatisfyingVery satisfying in many ways, lots to do, many challenges and mini challenges..Version: 1.1.0

It’s fineIt’s fine.Version: 4.0.92

Good stuffI play e&p and it’s a lot like it. Still lots to learn but it’s a nice break.Version: 4.0.78

Early daysI’ve only been playing this for a day or so but so far so good. Enjoying it but maybe when buildings start taking more than a few minutes to upgrade it could become a chore. Also haven’t had the pleasure of being attacked by other players yet so that might also take a bit getting used to..Version: 1.1.1

Quite engaging, immersive & addictiveI am determined to see how far I can get without spending any money, but it’s quite easy to get caught up and engaged in this app — from both a strategic as well as tactical level. The app is well balanced between the “build more” and the “fight harder” modes of play. Overall, colour me impressed..Version: 4.0.33

Super addictive, challenging and friendly active communityReally am enjoying this. It’s a cool combination between match three, zombie apocalypse and strategy. Absolutely loads to do every day and always someone to chat to. It will eat away your day though. Be warned.Version: 4.0.12

Kept me interestedMost games like this are all the same concept tend to be nothing interesting gets bit boring as seen that before ..... but this game has the same base as the other games as base building an up grades style of game but its fresh dosent feel like the others that are out there .... in short its a well thought out mechanics to games of its style its fresh new an a enjoyable game to play kept me interested for an hour now an ive writing a reveiw witch is a first for me aswell so what dose that tell you ! wont be every ones cup of tea but if you play this style of game youll see what im talking about .....let me know your thoughts see if i got this right !! awesome guys good 🤓.Version: 4.0.12

Hybrid GameThis game is combining elements from different types of games with the puzzle matching and the base building components. It does provide a unique feel to the game play unlike others I've played. But it is essentially a joining of those genres. As far as the interface, the coloring scheme is muted and that sometimes makes shades difficult to distinguish. Such as the coins used to exchange for Heroes. That could be improved a little too make it clearer. In general, I feel like I don't have any idea how much of various resources I have when I'm making purchases. At the lower level I am, it hasn't mattered yet. Being able to join a Guild almost immediately was refreshing, that doesn't typically happen in other games into you've figured out the mechanics. As soon as the Tutorial is done here, you can essentially join a Guild, which makes speeding up the building etc a bonus..Version: 4.0.12

Good gameHaven’t been playing it long but enjoying the game so far. The only thing is that I have found it a bit confusing at times. It keeps telling me I have EVA points I can use but I was unable to use them in bulk. I had to google that these points would only become available when I reach headquarters level 10. To be fair the answer was quite easy to find. 5 stars!.Version: 1.1.1

Review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I really enjoy this game. there are powerful and complex characters you gain throughout the world, and it also has a interesting way of keeping you entertained, you can match shapes and colors while in battle to get powerful attacks, and they also include raiding or aiding other online players with their camps, and you can build multiple camps after you’ve reached level 8 Or higher on your HQ. you can also add friends and form alliances, which is a good way to keep your camps protected from being raided or attacked by other players or stray zombies. I’m also impressed that they included some of the main characters to have voice acted commentary, Most RPG Mobil games don’t provide that, and I’d like to see more of that in the future. I really can’t think of any negative things to say about this game, the only thing I could suggest would be adding more storylines, and to add more areas to explore, some new characters from familiar franchises would look nice in the game as well, and would be a good way to bring in more players. I would definitely recommend this to friends who enjoy puzzles and strategy, or Just RPG zombie mobile games in general, because if they like games like that, I guarantee they will enjoy this one too..Version: 1.1.1

Really good gameJust never gets boring your always able to upgrade no matter what and to fight it’s just so fun.Version: 4.0.10

Good but confusingGreat game just to much thrown at you at once.Version: 4.0.96

[email protected]Fun game kills time.Version: 4.0.98

KefeIt’s alright but it doesn’t look like what the trailer showing.Version: 4.0.12

Great gameWorth a look, not money hungry like other games I’ve played!.Version: 4.0.40

GoodIt is a good game, with no ads and good gameplay, would rate 5 but I would have preferred it if the ads didn’t clickbait you and actually told the truth.Version: 4.0.12

This could be fun IF you enjoy alliancesThis game doesn’t appear to be one you can solo play. I wish that had been in the description BEFORE I downloaded it. They want you to join alliances and you will be subject to people from all over the world & different time zones raiding your site. So, if you put a lot of effort in the beginning...know that it’s easy for strong unscrupulous players to take advantage of new players lack of experience and raid you site for everything. Unless you pay for “shields” that protect you when you’re not on; kiss your supplies good bye. If you don’t have so much free time on your hands to constantly be on playing and fighting off raiders it is discouraging. Ask questions of what the alliances expect from you as a player before joining. If they demand more time and ability than you can give choose another alliance..Version: 4.0.11

It’s not terribleFor a phone game it’s not terrible. That’s saying a lot..Version: 4.0.92

Great gameI love that you can progress quickly without spending money.Version: 1.1.1

Is game is good but a little bit hardI am very essential with completing the campaigns and getting my food and wood but when i was trying to complete level 4 in level 8 it is in complete u can even complete it but I guess that part of the game I love how u can collect resources and raid People base and when u get raided only a little bit of your food and wood is taken and it’s easy to get more this is my new fav game..Version: 4.0.46

Really interestingThis game got my attention by its puzzles and building camps. Once you start it is hard to stop..Version: 4.0.11

GreatAwesome game.Version: 4.0.43

Good gameAwesome.Version: 4.0.12

Not badThere is a lot going on, on the screen.Version: 4.0.83

Happily SurprisedThe game lived up to the ads. I was doubtful when I started that it would be as good as it seemed, im happy to see it was as good as advertised..Version: 4.0.89

Very addictiveIt’s good having the Gems to kill the zombies 5 stars As long as you can play without spending will be good.Version: 4.0.23

YepGood game for sure.Version: 4.0.96

GreatGreat.Version: 1.1.1

FunIt’s a fun game and addictive.Version: 4.0.93

Fix itThis is a great game lots to do and not a pay to win game as there is plenty of events to get freebies only downfall is the lag on the game midway through puzzles you need to take the game offline for a few days and fix the server lag it puts people off from playing.Version: 4.0.61

Loving it!I’ve only just got the game and I’m still figuring it all out, but it’s addictive!.Version: 4.0.13

Game goodGame yes.Version: 4.0.12

Great Mix of Match 3, Base Building & WarfareBeen playing for over a year now, nuff said.Version: 4.0.12

One of the better pvp builder gamesI typically hate these kinds of games. They’re always fun at first, but before you get anywhere powerful (unless you drop tons of $$), heavy pay-to-win types are busy plundering you repeatedly. This game is the same... except one major thing: You get a ton of resource boost items for completing events and dailies. I mean millions worth. Save them, don’t use them as you get them!! You’ll be prompted to use some of you try to do an action and need more. Those items can’t be plundered, so this way you can grown and evolve even while the pirates are hitting you. It makes this game, out of all the other similar games, actually playable... or at least playable much longer than they usually are anyway. Enjoy!.Version: 4.0.12

AbsorbingAbsorbing game that grabs your attention from the off. Minor niggle is there is too much to do in the beginning and gets a bit confusing but I’m hoping this clears up as I familiarise myself more with the game. Apart from that no complaints and I’m very happy so far so thumbs up from me. 🌞👍🏻.Version: 1.1.1

Puzzles & survivalI’m enjoying it and it’s lots of fun 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻.Version: 4.0.90

Good game but a little misleadingWhen I first came across the game the adds I saw were as if you could use the tiles to make decisions or at least there was a part of the game where I could do that but there isnt, it’s just a typical match 3 tiles game in some ways. It does give you a lot more options in comparison to other tiled games and I still enjoy playing it, just wasn’t a fan of being mislead like that.Version: 4.0.10

Good gameI love yo game.Version: 4.0.89

Great and adictive gameThe more I play this game, the more I realise how much there is to learn. This game is BIG and can be full on..Version: 4.0.66

Great gameGreat game that offers a lot of rewards. If you play smart you can progress quickly without spending money..Version: 4.0.46

Very interesting gameTo be fair I initially thought that this would be one those games that each round you would had to watch ads, well I was wrong the game is initially a bit complicated but once you get the grip it’s actually very good game to play, from puzzles to strategic around your fort and how you interact with other players it’s also nice. Top notch game!.Version: 4.0.12

Good gameGood game.Version: 4.0.93

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