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The Gibberish Game Negative Reviews

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The Gibberish Game App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

The Gibberish Game app received 68 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using The Gibberish Game? Can you share your negative thoughts about the gibberish game?

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The Gibberish Game for Negative User Reviews

App not workingYou download it and it just boots you straight off it. Doesn’t work at all. Such a shame really..Version: 1.1

UnplayableCounts down from three and then crashes. Every. Single. Time..Version: 1.1

Why???For some reason it just keeps on exiting me out of the app as soon at it gets to the countdown of three. Fix it or I’m deleting it👎😡🤬.Version: 1.1

TerribleI’ve seen so many videos of this app being used and I’d love to play it but every time it counts down, the app just shuts down.....very disappointing 😤😠.Version: 1.1

CrashesCrashes as soon as you press start!!.Version: 1.1

The app closeThe app closes out once it gets to 1 in the countdown. I think the game would be really if I can play it..Version: 1.1

App crashesJust downloaded the app due to a recommendation.. first Two times I open the app and press start the app crashes and goes back to my Home Screen.. every time I open the app back up it’s asking for a rating so I think you guys kinda set yourself up here.....Version: 1.1

What!?So like yea i got this and as soon as it would get to the end of the countdown, it would shut the app of?? I havent once gotten to play it smh.Version: 1.1

Does not workEvery time you put the timer on is shuts right off scam!!! Don’t get this game.Version: 1.1

CrashDose not work on the iPhone 11 Pro Max just shuts down.Version: 1.1

BugThis game used to be good I stopped using it for a while and when I came back to it it counts down and then kicks me off every time it doesn’t let me play at all. Please fix this!.Version: 1.1

Doesn’t workWaste of time. Crashes after pressing start.Version: 1.1

Really badWhen I went into the and pressed start it would count down from three and whenever it got to one it would take me out of the game. So now I can’t even play because it won’t let me in and it is so annoying. What ever you do don’t download this game it is a waste of your time and that was 5 minutes I am never getting back..Version: 1.1

CrashesWas looking forward to this but it crashes instantly.Version: 1.1

Not sureThe bugs need to be fixed.... the app won’t stay open.Version: 1.1

BugsWhen I try to play... it counts down 3,2,1 then boots me out back to my Home Screen... super annoying..Version: 1.1

Awful!Open the app and it keeps shutting off! Waste of space, time & overall a horrible app.Version: 1.1

CrashesImpossible to write a review as the game crashes after pressing ‘start’.Version: 1.1

Would not loadNo matter how many times I clicked for it to open it keeps force closing when I press’s crap.Version: 1.1

CrapDoes not work, it wants access to camera and mic...which I allowed and when you hit closes..Version: 1.1

CrashingCrashes before it starts.Version: 1.1

Never got to playI would open the game, hit start and it crashes every time. I don’t even get the chance to play. Don’t waste your time downloading..Version: 1.1

Keeps kicking me out.Won’t even load and let me play. Does the three second count down and kicks me out. Waste of time..Version: 1.1

Fix the bugsIt’s not really working.Version: 1.1

WelpYa know. I was SO EXCITED to download this game. I pulled it up. I even told my boyfriend NOT to judge me for the phrases that were about to fall out of my mouth. So here I am, minding my own and SUPER excited to win this constantly loosing battle I’ve seen fought on the Tiktok ..... and I’m all prepped, I see the count down!! 1!!! 2!!!!! 3!!!!!! aaaaand.. 😑Home Screen 😑 😭 Repeatedly 😭 The game just keeps CRASHING like my DREAMS! Ugh. R I P. 10/10 not recommend.Version: 1.1

Guess that GibberishI’m not the only one with this shutting out problem, y’all need to get this fixed asap 😡.Version: 1.1

Don’t downloadThe app doesn’t work.Version: 1.1

It’s rubbishThe app doesn’t even load, it is fake.Version: 1.1

FunctionIt keeps going out after the timer.Version: 1.1

Crashes frequentlyI haven’t been able to play the game because the app crashes during loading every time..Version: 1.1

My reviewI saw this on insta and tik tok and it looked really fun to play so I got the game and i allowed access to everything and once it was at the countdown it glitched and my screen went black and to my Home Screen. And I trued re downloading it and it still went black and glitched. Please fix this.Version: 1.1

3..2..1.. back to Home ScreenI really want to play but I can’t get pass the countdown. It takes me back to my Home Screen.Version: 1.1

ErrorsDownloaded the game and every time the clock reaches 0, I get booted off the app. Deleted and reinstalled it and still the same..Version: 1.1

HorribleIt lets you push start and then closes completely out! Deleting this app.Version: 1.1

Don't ever try to downloadTotally trash.Version: 1.1

Don’t ever download this gameI downloaded this game to have fun with my family and the app just kept exiting out of the game. I tried deleting and then downloading it again and it still did the same thing. I even restarted my phone and it still doesn’t work. Waste of time. So disappointed..Version: 1.1

Doesn’t workI have a iPhone SE updated to the latest IOS and when I try to play it counts down and kicks me out. It seems like alot of people are having this issue. Just like others I saw it on tik Tok and it seemed fun but sad I can’t get it to work.Version: 1.1

Just crashes!App starts the countdown to play and then crashes!.Version: 1.1

Bad just badIt would count back from 3 then would go back to my Home Screen pls fix this.Version: 1.1

What’s the point?The game doesn’t work! Doesn’t open. It just ask for access to your camera and your microphone once you click start the closes right away..Version: 1.1

Guess the gibberish won’t workI downloaded the app and when I press the start button it takes me back to my Home Screen. I want to play this app cause looks like fun but it won’t work. Why is that?!!!! I am very disappointed in this. You need to fix this or I will go to someone higher up in the company. I see a lot of other people are having issues as well. Get this fixed or I will report it!!.Version: 1.1

App crashes every timeGot this app 2 minutes ago. Tried to play. It crashed. Then I opened it and it asked me to review it. I decline. It crashed again. I open again. Give us a review? Not yet. Crashed third time. Open. Review? Sure. I’ll give you a review now. Just not the one you’re hoping for..Version: 1.1

Can I play?I really wanted to play this game but it keeps shutting itself off when I hit start and it finishes the countdown. Uninstalling now..Version: 1.1

AwfulThrows you off as soon as you press start.Version: 1.1

Downloaded won’t load keeps kicking you outI’ve tried to download this a couple of times but it won’t play. I got the count down and then it kicks me out and shuts down..Version: 1.1

Why does this happen?!Whenever the app finishes counting down it exits me out the app, and I’ve seen the app and it’s a shame because it seems very nice to play..Version: 1.1

Never got to playEvery time I would open the app and press start the app would immediately log out. Never once got to play..Version: 1.1

BugsEverytime I pressed start it would count from 3 and then it would take me back to my Home Screen. I saw you guys haven’t updated it but you need too, this game looks like a lot of fun and I wore love to play it with my family or just challenge myself..Version: 1.1

3, 2, 1, crash!Literally what it does on my phone. Counts down from 3 and as soon as it’s supposed to begin the app crashes. So fun 🤡.Version: 1.1

World of pandasThis game is not the best!!!! It glitches AS SOON as it starts the count down this game it doesn’t work. PLEASE FIX THIS I do not like this glitch I will find another game..Version: 1.1

This app doesn’t workI just downloaded the game and it does not work. I can’t even play one round before it closes out.Version: 1.1

DO NOT DOWNLOAD!First, if you download it, it asks for a microphone and photo access, second when you start, it just takes a picture of you and glitches you out of the app! PLS DONT DOWNLOAD THIS.Version: 1.1

Doesn’t workCounts down from 3 then cuts back to home screen. Waste of time.Version: 1.1

Terrible gameThis game also did the same to me it count down from 3 and took out of the game! I was exited to play but it’s not letting me play!.Version: 1.1

Crash much?Can’t play just keeps crashing....Version: 1.1

Bad gameEvery time I try to play it takes me off the app therefor this game could get a 1 star for all I care..Version: 1.1

GarboEvery time it’s about to start it shuts off for me anyway.Version: 1.1

Constantly Crashes at Start UpThe game won’t even start. It just constantly closes. What a waste..Version: 1.1

Crashes every timeEvery time the app closes out. All the app is good for is to count down from three and close out to your Home Screen. Please fix it. Looks fun but will never know at this point..Version: 1.1

Bad appDoesn’t work.Version: 1.1

Doesn’t workMe and my husband both tried to download on our iPhones when you press start or whatever and it counts down to one and closes the app.. thought maybe you’d fix the problem gave it a couple weeks tried again.. same thing.. deleting disappointed.Version: 1.1

BugsI open the app and it counts down from 3 then takes me back to my Home Screen. So disappointing..Version: 1.1

Plz fixI really wanted to play because it looks like fun but when I got the app it went to the countdown and on three the screen went black and glitched me out plz fix it so I can play thank you for trying..Version: 1.1

SucksCan’t even start the game. Does the countdown and shuts off. Don’t waste your time.Version: 1.1

Doesn’t workCan’t even get the app to open..Version: 1.1

CrashNever got to play. App crashed and exited after countdown. Deleted immediately.Version: 1.1

It won’t let me playI downloaded the app and turned both my camera an mic on. Every time I press play and it does the countdown, it won’t let me play the game and kicks me out of the app completely..Version: 1.1

CrashesWon’t work. Counts down from 3 and goes off.Version: 1.1

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Is The Gibberish Game not working?

The Gibberish Game works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact The Gibberish Game.

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