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Kauai Revealed Drive Tour App User Positive Comments 2022

Kauai Revealed Drive Tour app received 36 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about kauai revealed drive tour?

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Kauai Revealed Drive Tour for Positive User Reviews

Perfect for touringI thoroughly enjoyed having Andrew in the car with me! He was informative and funny. Highly recommend this app to help you get the most from your Kauai trip..Version: 1.32

One of the best apps to use around the islandI’ve been traveling to Hawaii for a couple of years now, and I’m always looking for good, reliable information. This drive tour was a fantastic way to learn about the best places to see (some I had never even heard about) and the info was so funny and helpful. Really a great app..Version: 1.23

WowAwesome app. He is right on point with everything. Highly recommend this if you’re going on any type of trip in Hawaii.Version: 1.32

Learn and understand the landWe have one of his books and thought, do we need another app? Then figured if Andrew did it it’s probably pretty content rich, do we did - and it is. We drove the island from Hanalei all around to Barking Sands Beach and back. We’ve been here 6 times and learned more than we knew in total before. It’s worth the dough, and your time..Version: 1.23

Informative but was repetitive after a whileDownloaded this during our 10 days stay in Kauai. My boys (10 & 12 yr olds) would tell us to “turn on the guy!” as soon as we’d get in the car. It was like having our very own tour guide. However, toward the end of our trip and after we’ve explored everything around us and we’ve driven down the same roads, the narrations started to get old. We stopped using it until we’d get on a road that’s new to us and we’d turn the guy back on to see what he has to say. We also have the book and referred to that as well..Version: 1.32

Outstanding!Highly recommend the Kauai Revealed Drive Tour app! Originally purchased the Maui Revealed book, then we purchased the Kauai Revealed book and yesterday we purchased the Kauai Revealed Drive tour. We plan our days around these books while on vacation, but the drive tour app is incredible and truly is like having Andrew sitting in the backseat telling us what to see or what fun facts there might be regarding something we’re passing. It is amazing and truly works like magic! Nice to have my head up looking out the windshield or riding in the passenger seat versus having my head in the book the whole time reading to my family.Don’t get me wrong, we still love those books and take them everywhere, but the tour guide is an incredible addition! Thank you, Andrea !.Version: 1.23

Great AppJust enjoyed a week long stay on Kauai with my wife and kids. It was nice to turn on the app, just drive and get a little history lesson and find places we wouldn’t have known about. We also have two copies of The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook, my wife felt the need to get the newest addition since it had been four years since our last visit..Version: 1.32

Informative and FUN!We did many fun things during our 6 days on Kauai, including my first ever time scuba diving. But the best over-all day was starting early in the morning (which is easy to do thanks to the roosters) and driving ALL over the island being guided by Andrew’s narration. So informative, clever and funny. Next time we’ll also get his book. Highly recommend! I even ran into a lady walking through a parking lot and I recognized Andrew’s voice coming from her phone; we both agreed it was a fabulous find!.Version: 1.32

Indispensable!We would never have found certain hikes or parking spots without this app! My kids enjoyed the stories and we were all upset when my phone’s battery died on a long Drive home from Waimea canyon. The author’s personal experiences were interesting and authentic and gave us a better understanding and appreciation of Kauai. The printed guide book was also terrific..Version: 1.32

You need this in Kauai!We have been to Kauai before and have read the Kauai Revealed book from cover to cover. The app is the book and so much more. We just spent 3 weeks exploring the island with the app. First of all, Andrew’s narration is hilarious while being well paced, historically interesting and spot on with what Kauai is all about. We saw and did things that we would not have discovered on our own. The cost is cheap for all that it offers to make a visit packed with adventure. We were directed to the right places to snorkel, hike, bike, eat, kayak, whale watch and relax with a beautiful sunset. Kudos to Lisa for all her help!.Version: 1.23

Wonderful narration!The combination of this app and Kauai Revealed really increased our enjoyment of exploring the island. We felt like we had a trusted friend along for the journey. We loved the history, fun facts and excellent directions..Version: 1.32

Excellent AppThis was incredibly useful. We toured the island and used it throughout. It was very accurate, easy to listen too and filled the quiet time with music. We’ll dome!.Version: 1.32

Thank you Kauai KenWe named our guide Kauai Ken cuz it felt like he was in the car with us pointing out detail by detail and stories behind the places we drive past. Gives us plenty of time to make a turn and how they’re pronounced. Even what type of food to get from 7-11 and Walmart..Version: 1.32

Fantastic virtual tour guideI bought the book prior to my trip and it was invaluable in prepping for our Kaua’i destinations. Then once on the island, the app served as our tour guide and provided us with great directions and stories along the way. It’s worth every penny to get the app if you’re driving yourself around the island. Plus Andrew’s voice is very pleasant to listen to! It’s like having a friend who lives on the island with you..Version: 1.32

Travel with a guideMy family was on Kauai for a week and used this app when we got in our (way over-priced) rental car. It was fun with great info all around the island. We laughed at some stories the author told about his personal misadventures. His tips and suggestions helped us make the most of our (way too short) week. We will be back!.Version: 1.1

Loved the app!Have the “Blue Book” from our last visit…We are loving the app and using the book together on this trip! Thank you!.Version: 1.32

Private GuideWhat a great driving guide! We felt like we had our own personal guide in our car. Andrew did a great job of entertaining us with all sorts of Hawaiian stories and facts. A must have to make the most of your Hawaii trip..Version: 1.23

Loved this app! Must have if you have a car on the Island!This app was so worth the price, we saw all these amazing sites and beaches we would have not seen if it weren’t for the app. Andrew is so entertaining and it was awesome to just drive around and hear the island stories! Must have if you are visiting Kauai!! Thank you!.Version: 1.32

MUST HAVE APPThis is an absolutely fantastic app and was worth every penny. Wonderfully guided tours, helpful hints with better directions than Google at times. Even if you’ve been to the island a few times and think you’re savvy, this app is still worth it. Great accompaniment to the book, makes it easier to dig in and see as much or as little as possible. Also, the CS team is responsive, full of aloha spirit and helpful. 6 stars..Version: 1.23

Great CompanionI’ve used all of the books as a guide in our travels to Hawaii but the app is a great companion on road trips. The relevant and timely bits of facts, funny stories and history narrated to you as you drive around the island was entertaining and informative. Even our two teenage boys enjoyed it!.Version: 1.32

What we didn't know our vacation was missing...Not only did we laugh out loud, but saw so many things we likely would have missed too. Learning about the history and culture of the islands while driving through the unbelievable scenery gave us a better appreciation and understanding of the island and definitely added a level of enjoyment we didn’t even know we were missing on our previous trips..Version: 1.23

Great!Love the book and the app! They have helped us find great hidden gems on the islands, best places to eat and amazing things to do!.Version: 1.32

Amazing private tour of Hawaii!Fantastic way to explore Hawaii at your own pace. The commentary keeps the trip interesting and fun, pointing out places to stop on the way that you wouldn’t otherwise know to explore. Definitely a must have travel companion for your vacation. However, app not playing well with Spotify at the moment..Version: 1.23

Best investment ever!I have been a follower of Revealed for since Honeymoon trip 18 years ago and not ever Island had a book. While I love the books the narration takes everything to a whole new level. Yes it’s funny, entertaining and educational but most importantly it maximize our engagement with this wonderful island. As with everything done by Revealed the app knocked it out of the park! Thank you for being part of our journey!.Version: 1.23

Well thought out, really improved our tripWe just got back from a 2-island trip. Bought the driving app for each (big island and Kauai). Awesome! This app gives great feedback - like suggesting which places are “must see” and which are just ok, and those better off avoiding. I really liked how the commentary on a particular route was different while traveling in either direction …made the return trip more interesting. Not only does the narrator talk about places to see, he also gives historical info and tell stories related to what you are seeing So you get more out of your trip. There’s so much stuff packed into these driving tours, you end up seeing more than you planned. The app functions well while running simultaneously with a music app like pandora or Spotify, and/or with car audio. So you can listen to music when there is no narration, and narration cuts in when you’re approaching a point of interest. The fact that WiFi/cell signal isn’t needed to operate this app is ideal, b/c so much of each island has poor reception. Finally, the GPS on this app is legit! We hiked a trail located off Waimea Canyon Road on Kauai that was super overgrown and poorly marked, we got off trail and confused multiple times. The trail was on the map on this app…Each time we got lost we were able to use the app and find our way back to the trail. We even found another couple who was lost on the trail and, using our app, helped them find their way back! These apps are awesome for so many reasons! The best $13 I’ve ever spent - seriously!.Version: 1.32

Awesome AppWe have been coming to Kauai for years. My parents live on the island. After the first day in the car, my parents were asking us to turn in the App! So much information we never knew. Narration is spot on and perfect. Great Job!.Version: 1.23

Stop thinking & get this app!This driving tour is informational, entertaining, and just downright great. My husband and I loved driving the island and learning about all the sites while also hearing personal stories from the author. Highly, highly recommend. It’s a fantastic addition to the Kauai Revealed Guidebook. My ONLY suggestion is to make a package deal for the driving tour, physical guide book, and the Hawaii Revealed app. I ended up purchasing all 3 and I don’t regret it as they are all useful for different reasons!.Version: 1.32

Can’t imagine a better guideBest advice I can pass along to anyone visiting Kuai is to download this app. Interesting and funny to listen to and super helpful in deciding what to see or do while we were in Kuai. Just download it and start driving. The narrator gives you options, advice and plenty of time to decide before you reach a turnoff. And you can trust the recommendations. Also it’s very, very accurate with the gps. As we drove (or rather bumped) down an unpaved road the app was silent. The very moment we hit asphalt again the narrator said out loud what we were all thinking. “Ah, pavement again.” We all laughed out loud..Version: 1.23

Concierge service in the car!Bought this just about a week before we arrived on Kauai and it has been fantastic. Informative, detailed, funny, interesting. Ended up being a great value. We had to rewind a few times because we were using Google Maps and wanted to hear Andrew not the maps! Highly recommend this app!.Version: 1.23

Totally worth the $We just got back from Kauai, and this app was so great! I opened it as soon as we left the airport, and everyone - from my 15 yo daughter to my 70 yo mother in law enjoyed this app. “Are you gonna turn Andrew on?” Yep! We loved his stories, the tips about where to stop or where to eat, and the information he shared about different places. While much of the information is the same as in the guidebook, there’s just no beating having him tell you about the tree tunnel *as you drive through it* or the red dirt, as you drive past it. Turn by turn instructions, clear recommendations, funny stories - this was GREAT..Version: 1.32

Great appThis is our first trip to Kauai. A friend told us about the book so we purchased it before our trip. Once we were on the Island we purchased the app. Of course it’s great to use while driving however the browsing mode is just as nice to use when you are in the condo planning your next day’s activities. If you are planning to drive around the island, this app is a must..Version: 1.32

Reveal Kauai Driving appWe loved this Kauai driving app. No matter where you are on the island it worked perfectly. We thought Andrew’s stories and advice were awesome while using the app. We felt like he was in the back seat being our personal guide. We even had friends in the car on a day trip and they thought the narration was awesome as well..Version: 1.23

Loved this appWe were so glad that we purchased this app! We learned about so many hikes and attractions as we drove around the island. It made our visit to Kauai much more entertaining and rich with the added stories and history of the island. We highly recommend this app..Version: 1.32

Kauai gps driving tourThis is a must purchase when visiting Kauai. You’ll feel as if Andrew, narrator and developer, is in your car as you drive and explore the beautiful island. All the local knowledge will be shared on your drives as the app intuitively knows your location while driving! Don’t hesitate to buy this app- its well worth it! Friar Tom.Version: 1.32

A must for your trip to KauaiThis driving guide will help you find places of interest to stop and explore while filling you in on the history of Kauai. We visited locations that we wouldn’t have stopped at if we didn’t have this guide. Hearing about some of the history of the island was enlightening. The guide will find you at your present location through GPS and start to give you directions and information. Absolutely wonderful!!.Version: 1.32

Amazing app and Amazing Narrator!My wife and I are currently in Kauai, and have been using the app from day 1. Andrew has been wonderful to listen to as we have driven all over the island. This is an amazing app, and would highly recommend the app to anyone planning to spend time in Kauai. Thanks Andrew for sharing your many years of experiences on Kauai with us as we have traveled around the island..Version: 1.32

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