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Travel Town - Merge Adventure App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Travel Town - Merge Adventure app received 131 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Travel Town - Merge Adventure? Can you share your negative thoughts about travel town - merge adventure?

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Travel Town - Merge Adventure for Negative User Reviews

Used to be Great!I’ve been playing this game for several months now, even before the update. This update added the materials to upgrade, which is a cool feature. HOWEVER, it’s like the algorithm of the game is off. There are some materials that are in abundance and some like the windows that almost never show up. I wanna say I’ve been stuck on an upgrade for 2 or 3 weeks because I can’t get ONE window. Not only is this a problem, but the rewards for the tasks are completely unequal. I spent several weeks trying to get to a level 5 or 6 milkshake for no material reward, just coins. There are constantly tasks that require much more time and energy than they are worth. Please update to make this a more enjoyable and seemingly rewarding game. I like self progression but these inconsistencies are making it extremely difficult..Version: 2.6.2

Hard to level upLove the game but when you get the tool boxes it doesn’t give you all the tools to fix the buildings I’ve reached the max in a few but impossible to get the ones needed been like that for a month now it’s very frustrating. I think tools need to be more evenly dispensed as you work so hard to get some the larger tool boxes to get the same tools as the small tool boxes..Version: 2.3.0

Good game but poor implementationsI wrote a few months ago that the game is fluid and dynamic until you reach higher levels. Well, it gets worse the further you progress. I’m currently on level 69 and here’s the scenario: any task requires at least 300 touches. However, you start with a maximum of 100 touches. Considering you acquire one each 2 minutes, that means you’d need approximately 9 hours to finish a task if you don’t buy credits or watch adds and start from 0. If you watch the adds and purchase 100 touches for 10 gems, that’s still 3 hours. Considering there are daily challenges that vary on number of tasks to complete, it is highly unlikely you’ll complete them. Even if you were to splurge and buy items to complete the tasks, we are talking here on average 80 gems per item - considering less than 300 gems go for about 7 dollars… you can do the math. The worst part is that the game doesn’t become more challenging or change actually. It just becomes unplayable if you don’t put money..Version: 2.12.175

Not as good as beforeI, like many of the reviews below had time invested which was the reason I continued to play even after my entire progress had been erased. I made it to level 49 before I was sent back to 1. At first I saw that it was easier to unlock the higher level picnic basket, luggage for photos, etc. but now the game has become TERRIBLE!! I’m not sure who thought it was a good idea to add the tool boxes that are nearly impossible to acquire in the first place. But they give random tool pieces and only give you 5-10 at a time depending on the box size. I’m currently trying to upgrade the herb store to level 3 and I need 14 wood pieces!!! 14!!! I have been stuck on this level for days and I’m over it!! If you never played the game before the update then you may enjoy this new version because you don’t know any better, but I don’t want to play anymore. The developers should do us all a favor and delete this new version. I will play again if they bring back the old version..Version: 2.0.6

Freezing to muchUpdated and now it freezes when I open the event. Annoying that I don’t stand a chance to participate now.Version: 2.12.109

I would like to start overI used to be able to start the game over from the beginning but with the new update I’m no longer able to do that and so I’m no longer playing the game.Version: 2.12.124

Bugs ruined itEdit* have already emailed the developers weeks before writing this review and was told “we know about this bug” so I assumed it would be fixed or acknowledged, but it hasn’t been. This was a great game until the quest disappearing bugs made it unplayable. I have 3 quests I can’t possibly complete because they’re invisible.Version: 1.11.4

Will not downloadI was enjoying this game until it refused to download. You do have to wait for ages for some of the items to recharge and there are too many steps to upgrade some of the items but if you’re happy to play for a short time rather than for hours it’s quite enjoyable. Update: have now deleted as would not download. Edit- reloaded this game but then had it reset again, losing everything. Game has now had more maker icons added but craft workshop takes days to recharge unless you buy thousands, and I mean thousands, of diamonds. I simply cannot progress at all. Not sure what this company is trying to achieve, but if it’s to annoy potential long term customers then they are succeeding with this one. I don’t mind spending a bit of money but when it turns in to 10s of pounds for a small progression then count me out..Version: 1.6.0

My game screwed upOkay so, I really enjoy this game, it’s fun to play for my brain. But unfortunately, one of my items changed into something else, and I tried your tech support, but there is no where I can talk to someone about this, this is my last resort, please somehow fix my game, I would really appreciate, and I also don’t think my game is caught up to what it is supposed to be, it’s still on Halloween.Version: 2.12.116

Support not available :(I was loving this game so much until the app stopped working and is now not loading. I cant get through to support as their email address is not valid, and Im scared to delete the app and reinstall so I dont lose m progress…how can I fix this please, im so disppointed :(.Version: 2.2.0

Progress Slowed to a CrawlBefore the app updated, my progress was slow, but I was still completing orders and making coins. After the rehaul, though, I'm going nowhere. I have over 10,000 of the smiley faces but I can't do anything with them because I don't have the right materials. I suppose the idea is for us to use gems to speed along production and complete the orders that give us material crates, but it feels very cynical. If we could perhaps buy those crates with the smiley faces if we have enough, that would be something! One crate for 1,000 Smiley faces, going up by 500 for each one you buy in a day? We'd still have to work for it or spend money to move things along with gems, but I'd at least feel less despair when I complete a mission and all I get is the smiley faces!.Version: 2.2.0

Well…I have play this game from the very beginning. I have had input with the devs in to how the game was laid out and how game play would progress. I had some time out due to not making much progress but have recently returned. I’m a little disappointed with the changes that have been made recently. From the offset, you need X amount of coins to upgrade a building. Possible 6 upgrades, building complete. Simple as…with the latest update you need X amount of coins 4 times before you can upgrade the building ONCE. And the upgrades cost so much more than they did before. And, when compared to other players at the same point, the total cost is varying greatly. I used to use real money for events and such like but it’s to the point that unless you spend ++ then you’re unlikely to ever finish them. I used to love this game, but it’s fast becoming hard work to enjoy anymore.Version: 2.12.138

Won’t loadReally good game but will no longer load for me :(.Version: 2.12.24

Cute and fun but tons of issuesStory and game pieces are great. But each building that makes items can only produce a few until it stops and recharges. This is the worst part of the game. I'm on level 42 and the orders can take days of work to fill. Thus it's really hard to do anything. I've got 1200 energy because of the energy crates and I can only use 20 energy a day because all of the buildings lock up. Many don't unlock for 20 minutes. Very frustrating. Someone compared it to Merge Mansion, so I downloaded that one to compare. It works so much better. The game play is way better and it's almost identical to travel town. More review......some buildings never get orders so they just sit. If you want to use your energy to make stuff randomly your board gets full and you need to sell stuff for very few coins. Items that took you days to make are sold for almost nothing. If your lucky and can fill an order the price paid doesn't match how long it took you to make it. I've had items I've made in the beginning that are never ordered. Some orders are for really rare items you never get and the orders just sit. Refreshing the orders would be nice. Like other games there are slots and if you refresh an order you don't get another for 24hrs. That's fair. Each item should show a value so you can decide if you want to sell. I'm really hoping an update is in the next week. Or I'll delete game. I don't recommend playing. It's very frustrating..Version: 1.11.4

Can’t get ahead without spending moneyThe developers of this game started out well and then started making items rarer and rarer to get, making it impossible to progress without spending money on the game. Even then, you still don’t progress because you just don’t get the items that are requested. You can go weeks and sometimes months not getting the items you want and the development team just tells you ‘some items are rare’. It affects your enjoyment of the game, especially when you’ve already spent a substantial amount on it and just want to get past a level you’re stuck on for months. I don’t recommended ever downloading this game..Version: 2.12.24

Addictive but hate waiting for energyLove the game, it’s very addictive but I find myself having to wait FOREVER for the energy to restore. I understand the need for in app purchases, but could we have more options for watching adverts for energy? It’s the only downfall to this game, plus I can’t get past level 12. I’ve been stuck for the past 4 days due to 1) lack of energy to combine to make the requirements 2) I refuse to pay just to get further!.Version: 2.12.192

.I loved this game and was fine spending money on it as I enjoyed it but twice now I have had an event where it’s close to impossible to complete and that’s with spending gems so even though I used so many of the gems I paid for I still wasn’t able to complete the event. Things you would get out of the energy products every 1/3 then became 1-20 when you needed it closer to the end in a way to make you use all your energy so you would buy more which I understand is how a game makes it’s money but it has just been greed and to a whole new level. I will no longer be playing this game..Version: 2.12.206

Blue Gems!Hello developers. Getting straight to the point. Either the recharge time needs to be lowered or give more opportunities to gain blue gems to buy energy. The shop is useless to me because i never have blue gems to spend. Why cant things in the shop be bought with smileys instead? Certain orders take entirely too long to fulfill. This drives you to have to try to merge other items in the meantime which quickly fills the board with items you cant sell because theyre needed. With each source at least give enough items to make half the order. Also when leveling up the energy level should rise. 100 is not alot of energy when your whole top row is a source object. The seashells and silverware takes forever! In closing, dont take this as a negative review. Love the game and latest update. Not asking for a simplified game but more of a balance. I play daily every chance i get. But make it worth my effort . I shouldnt be merging for weeks to get one high level food item. Its pointless to use the whole 100 energy to try and get one high leveled food item thats still not completed after using the next 100 after waiting on a recharge. Work with me please. Im level 24 and only have 4 areas unlocked. Come on!.Version: 2.7.0

Used to be funHonestly used to love this game. Every new update they made it harder and harder to play the game for free…. What do I watch your ads for? I’d pass unless you want to pay for the game..Version: 2.12.150

So ridiculous and such a money grab!You used to be able to play this game daily with no actually cost and now you need 10 diamonds everyday to complete tasks. I get this is no a ‘beta game’ but before it wasn’t and it worked well. I didn’t receive any compensation for the diamonds I had spent on the last version for this one (with real money). Diamonds are so rare (and they’re needed daily) I’ve only got 8 after 3 weeks. The materials needed to build the levels make no sense and what you get for completing levels Has no effect. I used to love this game and now you Have to pay real money everyday to complete tasks and where did the tiger place level go I was doing?? It just disappeared which is so typical for this game i guess . Fix it please and stop just being a money grab.Version: 2.2.0

Fun but….It is fun and cute but it becomes hard to progress unless you are willing to buy al lot of the add-ins. Recent improvements to the amount of materials you need to to build the different structures but the matching part of the game is being coming frustrating. Have hundreds of thousands of smiley face currencies but the real ability to progress is from getting building material through ‘orders’. But as many of the orders are either really timely to get (taking many days or even a week or more) and don’t include building materials (but instead more smiles) it is frustrating. It would be a big improvement to allow the player to reject orders so that can get the type they need (that give building materials and don’t take many days to reach). Shorter recharge times of elements on the board and vastly increasing the number of moves you have (100 disappears in well under 5 minutes) would also be big improvements..Version: 2.7.0

Harder since upgradeLet me start by saying that I totally loved this game and played it constantly BEFORE the major update. However, now I hardly play it. If I could give it zero star I would. You need upwards to 30 (or more) tools to be able to upgrade the buildings, and they are very time consuming and nearly impossible to get. I haven’t been able to upgrade any of of my buildings in a month. I understand the concept of needing tools for the purpose of “building” your shops, but to need that amount of tools is seriously overboard. The costumers who have tool boxes as payment requires items that are very time consuming to acquire because of the wait time between drops. I have had costumers on my list for weeks that I can’t clear because I can’t get their order completed. The easy customer items that could be done within 100 moves do not give tool boxes. I’m not sure how much longer I’ll keep this game. It feels more like a chore then a pleasant past time..Version: 2.4.0

To longI have been playing for a little while now, I have also sent in a review but had no response. Please developers I want to be able to play more than 5 mins, the 100 energy runs out within 2 mins, then you have option to buy energy with gems, it’s asking for 50 gems which of course players don’t have so you want us to purchase gems why???? You can let players watch an add so we can get the energy that way you get paid from the advertising company, also you should allow players to watch as many ads as they want for the energy, this way we can play longer and advance a little quicker and make the game more enjoyable…. Such a lovely game is being ruined because developers haven’t worked out what’s best for the game and will lose in the end because players like me will get bored as it’s not worth opening app for 5 mins….. I play lots of other merge games so take advice from those games…..Version: 2.2.0

Love it, but need more energyI love this game, a great concept! but once you get through to the higher levels it doesn’t give you enough energy to make much progress at all at a time. Which makes it slow and frustrating. I would even watch adds for more energy if that was possible..Version: 1.10.0

A bit boringAt first I had a very good time with the game and I know that games are supposed to get harder as you go but as someone with ADHD it’s not the harder it gets it’s how long it takes just to get one thing done! I wouldn’t mind if the waiting times were able to be scaled down by more than 3 ads, I would spend money on this game but I’m not going to spend money on a game where it takes me 3 days just to get one task done , waiting times also get me uninterested into the game and I end up forgetting to play it, if only I could ither just keep playing and watch ads to decrease waiting time or just forget about the game for. A few days and get my energy to stack up to more than 100. Each option means I would play more ither all the time or take breaks more often and go do something else Conclusion please ither set waiting times down or get more opportunities to get stuff from watching ads thank you!!.Version: 2.12.73

Doesn’t work at all after update :(Loved this game but no longer works at all since the update this week :(.Version: 2.12.73

Bored nowReached level 70 (current max level) and no added levels or updates for the past two months. The game is OK to pass the time. Been waiting for the “animal sanctuary” to be released since I was in the early stages of the game. Bubbles take way too long to pop and can take up lots of space when you’ve merged a few things and every one provides a bubble with no option to watch ad. I have to get a captains hat but the lighthouse only produces one object once a day and 99% of the time it is not the one I need. All tasks at this level require max level objects and very small payouts. Marketplace objects have always been useless junk in my opinion, low level objects that are super common and easy to make and only buyable by spending diamonds which equals cash..Version: 1.11.4

Can’t even playUPDATE: want to update this to say that i can’t even play it now. at all. not sure what the point is of a game that i can’t even open. it was frustrating enough to have to struggle for a while to get it to work but now it doesn’t work at all. opens, loads, crashes, closes. and starts to overheat my phone in the process. i’ll start to say i love this game. it keeps me occupied for a good amount of time and although it’s simple i really do like it. the biggest problem is that it keeps crashing! sometimes i have to close and open it multiple times before i can actually play the game. once it stops crashing it’s usually fine for a good while but it can be really frustrating getting to that point. and it overheats my phone terribly. no other game or app that i have makes my phone overheat like this. i don’t know why. i also wish i could get more energy chests but that may just be because i’m impatient and want to play when i’m in the mood to, not when the game allows me..Version: 1.11.4

STOP CHANGING EVERYTHINGI used to really enjoy this game until recently they keep making changes and whoever is making the changes obviously doesn’t play the game because all they’re doing is making the game less enjoyable to play. Used to you could fast forward the little timer using diamonds which is how I would complete the daily challenge but now they changed it to only energy can fast forward the timers so I’m confused on how anyones supposed to finish the daily challenge of spending 5 diamonds a day when the only thing you can spend diamonds on now are chests and items that are all 10 plus diamonds. It’s hard enough to even get 5 diamonds a day if you aren’t spending money on the app so now it seems like they’re changing things so people spend money. I have zero extra income to spend on a game. But thanks for ruining the game so only rich people can enjoy it..Version: 2.12.116

Can’t play.....First off, What happened to my original review?? Did u delete it? Once again, I can’t play. What is going on? I need stuff for orders I can’t even make! Still, fossils, they’ve been asking me for those for about a 1 1/2 weeks now. Now I need shrimp, lobster, paper / messages, etc.... I can’t even get my daily prize by completing 5 orders because I can’t even make this stuff. For some reason I have a boat and can make snorkels etc but there are no orders for it. I think this game is seriously off by unlocking stuff to early? I can’t upgrade any buildings because I’m not making any money. Selling my stuff for 1 - 5 coins isn’t a help. So, do I stop playing? It’s been like this for a while with asking me for orders I can’t even make! I’m level, I think 18. It’s boring because I have no goals to work toward. I think u need to think about this game, about us leveling but what is unlocking and not unlocking while leveling up. Hmmm now what do I do? Don’t play anymore??.Version: 1.11.3

New versionLove the game, but the new version of the game doesn’t allow you to level up easily ( too many tools are required to build). Need to have more quests or tasks to complete as some can take up to weeks to complete….Version: 2.1.0

Very disappointed since updateI was spending at least an hour a day playing this game, I enjoyed it much more than any other merge game I’ve played and it kept my attention for a long time which many other games have not managed to do. I’m now on level 48 and I’m not sure if it’s the recent updates but I only have two goals to fulfill: one is the key, which is next to impossible to get, and the other is the tuna steak that takes a long time to merge due to recharging. At the same time I keep unlocking new items, but no one is requesting them so they’re just taking up space on my board or in my inventory. I keep getting requests for sandcastles or dinner forks when there’s a dozen other items that could be requested. I enjoyed it a lot more when there were a bunch of different goals to meet. Disappointing..Version: 1.11.3

Used to be fun but now progress is not possibleI used to really enjoy this game, and even continued to for a while after the overhaul but it’s now impossible to complete tasks and level up to progress through the game because of the ridiculously high number of tools you need for builds. I’ve been stuck around level 24 for weeks and only just today leveled up. Who knows when I would again. I have literally tens of thousands of “smiles”but can’t spend them on anything cause I need tools that I have no control over getting cause it’s randomized which ones it gives you, you can’t buy them, and you don’t get nearly enough when you do get them to keep up with the needs in the game. I have played the game daily for months and have really tried to give it a shot but it’s just not fun anymore, not being able to unlock any new sections or progress at all through the game..Version: 2.2.0

Another “Fun at first” review ....When I first started playing it, my thought was finally a merge-game I really like. There were a bunch of goals to complete. A nice flow of energy to play with - the items were cute. I really liked the “board” concept. Well, I made it to level 13 and suddenly the pace just stopped. I have only 2 goals to complete. One is an artifact fish that people on the FB page tell me they had to reach a much higher level to ever achieve it. The other goal is a picture portrait and the backpack to make cameras and then the cameras themselves take forever to recharge. So I am at a standstill - I typically stop playing these energy-based games for this reason because I always run out of energy in a matter of minutes. Now I have energy, but no reason to use it until my backpack charges. Tapping my foot wondering when the game will get fun again. Next day playing the game - waiting for the boat to recharge is taking forever - recharge times will definitely kill this game for me. Ending on a positive note - I really enjoyed the special safari event with the tigers - that’s about how long it should take for items to recharge, IMHO. After several weeks of opening this game to play it, things have only gotten worst with the recharge times. It’s taking days to weeks to complete a single task. Never got to play the special safari event again, the one thing about the game I liked, so made this game a one star, at best..Version: 1.11.3

GlitchI’ve been playing this game for a while now and even spent some of my own money on this game but now when I open the app it says out of energy please restart.. which I have done multiple times I have even uninstalled and reinstalled the app but that hasn’t fixed the problem.. I’ve just read other reviews from players who are having the same issue.. what the hell is going on?? Please fix this issue!!.Version: 1.11.4

Latest upgrade broke thingsThe latest update seems to have broken the Beach Bar as I can no longer get fruit that I need for an order. Not one, while I was able complete all the plated food on the menu. I have really enjoyed playing up until now, but if not fixed I may quite playing as it will slow down my levelling up as I can not get tools for upgrades..Version: 2.12.32

The newest update is terrible !I’ve been playing this game for more than a couple of months and really got hooked to it. I like it so much I actually bought energy & gems for this game. I was on Level 51!! I wasn’t even done with all of the unlocking of the buildings. When I updated the newest version June 2021. They put me back to level 1!! Yes you guys gave me a lot of Gems back , but it didn’t last too long & I needed them for energy #newupdate! Why this update?? so this app update has new and exciting different things?? It’s actually harder to level up now. Yes you have new things, but in order to build houses you also Now need more “🙂” smiley faces & supplies in the game verse before where only needed game coins. On top Of that you waste more energy with this new upgrade. So after this I’m on level 17 and I’m struggling, it’s not that fun anymore. Sorry to say I lost interest in this game and now will delete. I’m very disappointed & sad this game is no longer my favorite. The makers got too carried away in this update making it harder for us “Gamers” . When I mean harder you have to spend more $$ on gems and energy to level up!! It’s not worth it!! I love Merge games this is app was in my Top 5!! Not anymore!!.Version: 2.0.6

Ups And downsI really like this game but every single time they make one thing better they make another thing worse. You can never earn enough diamonds to help make things easier for yourself, at first i had loads of smiley faces now they've been spent down and its hard to get them back up without taking days just to get one goal complete. The India update is no fair at all no matter how much effort it's practically impossible to complete the entire thing. AND I played just a few hours ago and there was no India event going i log on 3 hours later and I have 18 minutes to complete the India board? Takes too long to get tools, Half the stuff you create on this game isn't even used and I try to keep things that take long to create and I don't even use them so they just take up space 🤦🏽‍♀️ cant win for loosing with this game seriously..Version: 2.7.0

Need an updateI really enjoy this game. I don’t write reviews often but when a game I really enjoy has been out for over a week I think the devs need to be told. I’ve even deleted and reinstalled and that didn’t fix it. It keeps saying there is an error and to restart the game which I have done about 100 times this past week. Devs please, please update and fix so I can continue to play this. 5 stars when I could plau.Version: 1.11.3

Was better before updateI get updates happen and even though I was level 46 and everything was reset I don’t mind. My issue is being stuck at level 17 😓I feels like I have to spend money to try to get past it which I don’t want to do. Almost all orders that give you measly tool boxes require tea and other stuff from the herb garden, but the herb garden barely gives you enough to get the level 4 out of 7 item you need to make tea and even then your lucky if you get the right item out of the 2 produced. Even when you get enough tools too build it gives you barely any experience for the time and effort you have to put into getting the tools, I shouldn’t get more experience for giving 100 smileys then giving 9 cement and 1200 smileys 😑 Developers please for the love of all that is holy balance the system and don’t make it so I have to check in 5 times a day for a week just to get basic order items.Version: 2.1.0

Mysterious LettersI have been playing this game for maybe almost a year now and though I love it, there are some frustrating issues. Before the overhaul, I progressed pretty quickly. This time, I feel as though my progress is being held up because I am lever 21 and I have not seen another mysterious letter since I started the updated game weeks ago. I didn’t have this issue before hand and was able to collect the items needed for the island fairly quickly. Now, I’m stuck with a mysterious map with nothing to merge it with. The fossil task has been sitting there for weeks now with no avail. I just don’t get the issue with the lack of letter drops from the bucket. I tap and tap and tap and tap…..nothing. I’m not saying the letter has to drop all the time from the bucket, but this is ridiculous. Do they just stop after a certain level? I really love this game like I said before but wow is that annoying..Version: 2.1.0

Rookie Developers | Cannot Save Player’s Progress While Updating Their Game!Super rookie of the developers to delete everyone’s progress because they updated some stuff. The many hours everyone spent waiting for items to recharge, the hours many people spent to wait for their energy recharge, the amount of ads people watched to get JUST 25 ENERGY. Whether it might have been beta or not, there are ways to keep progress while cleaning and updating a game. Would not be surprised for you to take people’s money every time you update and we have to start over again. UPDATE: Takes forever to upgrade buildings. We don’t get enough supplies from the toolbox. Trash game to need to start over. ALSO, the amount of diamonds they give us is nowhere near enough to get us back to where we were before the update. Update 2: Orders needs to be refreshed or catered to what we have on our board. I have been doing the same things over and over and still have items I cannot even turn in. It takes up so much room..Version: 2.7.0

Apparently I love this game, Why?I recently found merge games and this was the first one I just couldn’t stop playing. I love the graphics, the story is cute, and the challenge of making good decisions to achieve my goals is good brain work. I would spend some money from time to time to make easier or faster, I don’t mind supporting developers who give me great play experience. The reset was frustrating but not so much I still wasn’t enjoying the game. But now, a few weeks past that when I have 132,000 Smileys and the only thing in my tasks get me just More smileys and I need 10 or more of every type of commodity to level up, I am truly questioning why I continue to spend time in this game. These are easy fixes it seems to me and I don’t understand why the developers are making those adjustments..Version: 2.2.0

Unrealistic tasks to win is irritating.I left the game for almost most of this year and came back and saw there were enhancements made, and saw the golden shopping competition and thought okay give it a go. Then the next day it was soccer. At least that last for 3 days. But to advance I had to merge forever - fricken wine cork horses and a whole pumpkin? And this level for 20 times? Like you think I have all day to do this. Even the entire day is not enough, unless I spent hundreds and hundreds of gems. And today, another competition? Seriously you’re desperate for in app purchase I get it. All the games I have I will always make one to acknowledge the efforts of the developers. But this….this is just plain greedy. I’m tired of this game after 4 days!.Version: 2.12.124

UpdatesWhen I first started playing the game was easy but kept getting stuck with no room. Then the update came and we were all reset to level one with heaps of gems. I thought why not let’s give it a go. It was made a little more interesting but levelling up is harder, a lot harder. I’m stuck on level 18 now as the need for tools to update buildings is way too high and I’ve got plenty of coins for it. The daily one of needing to produce, collect is ok but having to spend 10 gems everyday for it is annoying when it’s now a lot harder to earn them back. So I’ve stopped spending them on anything as before you could easily get them back and now your lucky to get 10 in a week. Another update and you get less items out of the bag for the camera instead of plenty I now only got 4 which isn’t enough for one camera and it has a very long time to reset. The lavender one needs to reset more often as it takes forever and you need so much to get the jar full for the tea etc that’s needed for the majority of tasks. It’s now annoying to play and I’ve moved on to others that will hopefully not go down the path of making it so hard it’s not worth playing. I can’t even spend all the energy getting things for quests anymore. Put it back to the way it was and make items produce more when used and regenerate faster and stop forcing people to spend gems daily which will eventually make them spend money, just becomes greedy..Version: 2.1.0

Update not workingI was have trouble with freezing so I did the update in the App Store but it still freezes after being open for a few seconds??.Version: 2.12.116

DisappointedWas an enjoyable game until i couldn’t actually play, every time i tapped to get into the app it would display a black screen for a couple of minutes before closing off and back to the home page of my phone. this happened for several days after trying to fix it, turn my phone off, close down the app and restart, ect and nothing has worked. very disappointing.Version: 2.6.1

Lags wayyyy to muchI used to love this game so much. But now it’s constantly lagging and just closes the app. And heats up my phone way to much. Clearly the game only supports certain phones/systems… I don’t know. But whatever happened in one of the updates totally messed up my experience which really sucks because it was a great game until all that happened. Most likely won’t be playing it anymore unless they fix the lagging problems!.Version: 2.12.191

Stuck with loading pageApp wont load and seemed to be frozen on loading page for a couple days now. Pls fix!.Version: 2.12.181

Game won’t load after latest updateNew update says it needs to reload the game, game closes and does not reload. New producing inventory accepts the first three items but no others..Version: 2.12.111

Had high hopesI downloaded this game on a whim and at first I was really enjoying it and found it very calming, I was leaving up and each time I got more energy which meant I could carry on creating items. With that being said, in only a matter of hours I then was stuck waiting for the energy to fill up, I left it overnight expecting there to be more than 100 energy bolts, this does go within a matter of minutes and still no closer to levelling the items to where I need them to be to complete jobs! I think the energy bar needs to be looked at or make it easier / use less energy to level up the items! Or have more like the jewellery box where it releases it for free unless it’s pathway is blocked! Shame not sure how long I will continue, as I don’t want to be taking weeks to complete one order as that becomes quite boring..Version: 2.11.3

HmmmMixed emotions. Enjoyed it very much first few days but I was shocked after unlocking more areas that we are stuck on the same board. How impossible this will be after unlocking more to fit everything on the board and not deleting some of the stuff that I bet it will be needed for the next order. Energy should be way more than 100 as there’s just so much stuff that you have to use to complete the orders. And don’t let me start on pottery wheel 😩this thing should be changed asap takes 3 energy to produce it and often you’ll get a broken vase and tile that you can’t sell just have to use your precious energy to brake it to get one smile 😩.Version: 2.12.8

So annoyingWhere does one find a mystery fossil? I have been trying to figure it out and I still have no idea. They give so little lives that it’s hard to even make the orders since u need a lot of clicks to even get anything. The orders don’t give much money but the things that need to be leveled need lots of money. Pretty unfair playing, you’ll have to spend actual money to even get anywhere in the game..Version: 2.12.111

Update tweaks needed as soon as possible or I’ll give up!I’ve tried really hard to embrace the fact that the game has been reset for the upgrade… but it is just taking too long to upgrade. The number of tools repaired is disproportionately high compared to the number of tools earned. Also, now that diamonds are included in the tasks, we should be able to access diamonds more readily. I notice when I go to the log book having earned a new item, for example the lavender gift box, it’s not in the long book so I’m not able to receive any diamonds a reward. The log book should have been updated to incorporate all the items we now have to earn, including tools. Previously I’m might have been willing to spend the odd £1.99 if I could afford it but I refuse to spend money on a game if my spend isn’t going to help me to measurably advance within the game..Version: 2.0.6

AnnoyedBeen enjoying this game until now. I was on level 20 I went into the game like I always do and this time I have been sent back to level 1 and all my items are gone as well as all the money and everything else I had. How do I get all my progress back? Yes the game is still logged into my game centre account.Version: 2.0.6

Fun until most recent updateIt’s fun but the app is too greedy. Why does the cost of energy go up with each successive buy? And now we have to wait for the kitchen robot to “recharge” even though it does not dispense power ups and costs energy which makes 0 sense. Never had to sit for the recharge before. Would’ve given 4 stars until this update which is beyond stupid..Version: 2.12.175

Cool merge gameThanks for the reply but I had over 4000 diamonds now I have 500 also I had thousands of coins which have gone, I had upgraded all the houses, shops etc so game has been deleted as I’m not wasting anymore time on it. Update 20th June Not impressed, I have lost all my progress again with the new update. I have lost all my diamonds and money, stickers so basically I am starting from scratch. I am a daily player who enjoys the game but what is the point wasting my time if I loose my progress at every update 🤷‍♀️. I lost my progress with the reset but the new version gives more items to merge so I’m happy but I seem to be stuck with my progress, I have a sewing machine but it’s says I need thread and all of my quests need items from the sewing machine 🤷‍♀️. Where does the thread come from? UPDATE I have been playing everyday since the update and the craft workshop is only giving out parts for the pottery wheel and nothing for the sewing kit, all my quests are for fabric items which I presume are from the sewing kits which is extremely frustrating. Please fix the ratio of items from the craft workshop 13:11:20 I’m still only getting pottery wheel items and no sewing kits from the craft factory, I have 4 pottery wheels now (I’ve been selling the parts as I don’t need more than 4) I can not do any of the quest still and the craft factory takes hours to refresh - very frustrating.Version: 2.0.6

A fall from greatnessThis game USED to be AWESOME! it was my top game. it was the right amount of challenging and engaging.. however i am deleting the game once i post this review. every update has made the game significantly worse and it’s clear the developers only care about getting players to make in app purchases. how it was before, i would actually be inclined to buy diamonds here and there but now it’s not even worth it. this game is a perfect example of how greed ruins all good things. there are so many great merge games out there now and travel town has sabotaged themselves by putting potential profit over user experience. idk if they think their game is THAT much better than everyone else to introduce these absurd updates but they should consider that their competition is now overshadowing them.Version: 2.12.121

StuckIt’s a good game but I’ve been stuck on level 39 for over two months. All I’m waiting on is one window and a few pipes but all the tools I’m getting are concrete, bricks, nails and wood. Every. Time. Very close to giving up. I had 83 concrete, 58 nails, 52 wood and 1 window. The game needs to improve the in giving a variety of tools in tool boxes so I can progress. I have over 186,000 smileys, do the daily challenge everyday and I have nothing to spend the smileys on. Please fix this..Version: 2.4.0

So frustratingI was enjoying the game until about level 28 and it froze! Nowhere to talk to anyone. I had to delete it..Version: 2.12.202

Has potential...I, like many others, had my progress reset with The Update. I thought it was fun at first, there were new resources to get, and it was much easier to get the higher level item spawners compared to before. The idea of having building materials was also interesting. However, they completely nerfed the drop rate of higher level items from the spawners. For example, previously, at a level 7-8 sand bucket, you could occasionally spawn max level sand castles and starfish. Now, you can only spawn level 3 castles and shells, max. Same with the picnic basket, and I imagine every other spawner. The devs claim that this new update will smooth the progression, so you don't have to be stuck on a level for days. That's not the case. Orders are MUCH higher level, asking for items at the end of the merge chain, and you have to spend days grinding for orders and building supplies. Do I think this is a ploy to get players to spend more money? Probably. Bad move, devs. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt, so I'll keep the game until the next update comes out. Maybe this new version just needs to be balanced better. I think the devs should've just made a sequel, tbh, instead of resetting long-time players..Version: 2.0.6

Too many design flawsThis game starts out fun and relaxing, but pretty soon design flaws become frustrating. Most relate to the daily challenges - which are the only way you progress in the game. 1. Daily challenges require gems - which you can only get enough of by paying real $ 2. Challenges include items that are impossible to get - such as the mystery letter 3. Challenges can’t be deleted so you can’t move on to the next one 4. Challenges include items from “generator devices” that you don’t yet have Simple things that ruin the game … play for about a week and then that’s it..Version: 2.12.11

Hard to complete taskI used to love this game. If you would like to spend money on gems, then you can finish the daily task. Otherwise, it takes a week to update..Version: 2.12.212

Update needed / was terribleAfter the last update when the zoo thing came back I couldn’t open the game. Like other have said got the black screen before it crashed out. Please fix and bring back zoo.Version: 2.6.2

Hate the changes!Hi Most of the changes are great except the building supplies! I’ve been stuck since the change because it’s impossible to collect the building supplies needed to upgrade the buildings, way to many need - at the moment I need 15 cement mixers?!?.Version: 2.0.6

Can’t even play!Anytime I try to start/load up the game it comes up with “Connection Lost”. Even with my wifi or data on..Version: 2.12.73

Achat perduJ’ai acheté un bundle d’énergie plus cristaux pour avancer loin dans l’univers kyoto et l’app s’est refresh et j’ai perdu les dits cristaux et énergie et je n’arrive plus à retourner dans l’univers kyoto…… possible d’avoir un remboursement ??? J’adore le jeu, mais je trouve ça inacceptable. J’ai l’impression de m’être fait voler..Version: 2.12.172

About CrateFor the Masterpiece Crate, it takes almost 12 hours to open. But it stops when you are not in the game. How long will you stay in a merge game per day?? Say you spent an hour every day. It’ll still take 12 days to open just a crate. It’s ridiculous. Other merging game doesn’t have this issue..Version: 2.4.0

Time consumingThis game needs a lot of work. I have had an order for a fossil since a couple days after I started this game. Right now the only orders I have are for the fossil, roses, and lemon products. I have not been able to progress in two weeks because the seed bag is only available twice a day at the most and it is taking forever to get the lemon items. I have not been able to get a single rose since I am lucky to get a pot every couple of days. Energy games usually do not last very long with me because I get bored waiting for energy. I have plenty of energy because I hardly use any. Updated 6/19. Yesterday I spent about a half an hour merging items and doing tasks. Later I went on and everything I had done was gone and the orders were showing they were not done. Today the game totally restarted and I have nothing. This game has too many problems for me to have to start over. I will be deleting the game now..Version: 2.0.6

Updates are not improvementsI love this game and have played it daily for months, but “updates” over the past couple of months have made the game worse, not better. The rewards given for certain items are not sufficient, they’ve made it more difficult to complete levels, and if you purchase additional diamonds, they charge your account multiple times. I just had to file 8 reports with iTunes to get my money back from multiple double charges. It was nearly $100 that was taken from my account for all the double charges. Ridiculous. I hope they fix it but, at this rate, I’m likely going to delete this game from my phone, which is a shame. This game used to be fun..Version: 2.12.116

Was fun, completely stuck to easilyI had just maxed all the buildings when the update came along and reset everything back to level 1. I was happy to give this game another go from scratch, but quickly got stuck at level 17, for weeks. I went 2 solid weeks without any screws to advance one of the buildings. As upgrading buildings is the only way to advance levels, it was quickly no longer fun. The requirement to spend gems for the daily tool boxes is impossible. The amount if gems given for free to play, is negligible. It makes it seem like a cash grab to force people to buy gems. The only way to get gems free are from level up chests (see concern above on time required to level up,) and from the mystery island, which takes even longer to obtain the rare pieces to create. Even with these you get maybe 20 gems if you are lucky. Very disappointed in this update, and they beed to offer more ways to get toolboxes if they want to “smooth out” the level progression. Past level 15 progress us non-existant..Version: 2.2.0

Needs improvementIt would be a much better game if there were some improvements. The daily tasks are almost impossible to complete. The energy ends play way too often. You rarely get the chance to get 25 energy from watching an advert. It’s not as enjoyable when you can’t play for long enough. Upgrading buildings is now taking way too much time. The pottery wheel zaps your energy way too fast. Hardly any chances to get diamonds. It’s all to make you spend money. Which I might do if it was worth it but in my opinion it’s not. 100 energy gives you less than two minutes of play. I’m nearly on level 28. But it’s taking ages to level up now. I wish the developers would listen about the energy.Version: 2.12.181

Game crashedLately the games been glitching a lot, yesterday the game completely crashed and hasn’t been up since.Version: 2.12.181

Update is making it impossible to progressSince your updates around August/September, it’s been difficult to complete challenges, thus difficult to complete upgrades. The fun element is dwindling away and I’m not playing as much as it’s glitching and loosing my progress on the events! I’m loosing progress each time I complete an order and loosing gems when before you could earn them as you progress each challenge of complete some orders. The mystery letter order will never shift (been over a year) and it’s highly frustrating when it used to be fun but now feels tedious I’m afraid..Version: 2.12.141

Good concept, terrible executionJust like the other reviewers experiences, I found this game fun and engaging at first but it quickly gets bogged down with impossible tasks and almost zero direction to progress forward. The game starts well, briskly moving through tasks, but without any direction at all, the board becomes over assorted with items that are useless rendering it impossible to advance. I see reviewers here that are ten to fifteen levels beyond me saying the very same thing, so obviously this is a persistent theme no matter your level of experience. Those reviewers are hardier than myself. I won’t be playing that long to find out I don’t like the game, I already know. The way items are produced, stopping just one item short of what you need to complete a task, is a clear effort to force the players hand into making in app purchases. This leads me to believe the developers main intention was not to make a game so engaging you’d want to spend money to enhance your experience, but rather a pretty brazen money grab before the player realizes the game isn’t worth their time, much less their money. Pretty graphics and greed don’t make a fun game. It all seems rather sloppy to me..Version: 2.12.36

Latest updateThe latest update is very laggy - the lag has been progressively getting worse, but this latest update makes it borderline unplayable.Version: 2.12.86

I wanted more storage and more opportunities to advance.I ended up getting bored and frustrated with the game because I couldn’t advance. I kept needing gems and I wasn’t getting them. I kept needing more supplies to build my buildings and I wasn’t getting them. And there were a lot of ads and it was unpredictable when I had to wait for a chance to get more items. I quickly ran out of storage and had no room to store to the items I no longer needed. It just got far too tedious and over all frustrating after a while. And the ability to advance got more and more slow and I got to a complete stand still. I guess I should add that the game started out addicting and it was a lot of fun. But it just got slower and slower. I did like when there was a second game to play but the opportunity to play was pretty short and the rewards were very small. I am bummed I liked the game at first..Version: 2.12.43

Regrettably flawedThis game is definitely deserving of five stars, but for a single feature, which may be the most pathetic attempt at extracting money from players that I have ever encountered. Once you have reached a certain level, you can’t interact with the game for more than a minute at a time before it needs to ‘recharge’, and the time that it takes to do so ranges between a minute and an hour. The only way to prevent this from happening is by purchasing diamonds, but the number of diamonds that it takes to fast-track a recharge makes it prohibitively expensive to do so. I get it. You need revenue. That’s fine. Maybe think of a better way of acquiring it: this heavy-handed attempt has ruined the playability of your game and made it functionally worthless..Version: 2.12.73

Needs major changes and update is more expensive - bring back bubbles turning to energyThe newer update made it much harder to get energy. Before the extra drops were bubbles that turned into energy when unpopped, now they are coin. I have over $300k in coin but have almost no room on my board, and cannot move forward in the game because I need more energy to merge. At level 136 it takes weeks or months to get enough resources to build and move forward. Changing the way we received energy was a huge mistake, now I am stuck at this level and is no longer fun. I use to pay money for gems when energy was in the bubbles, because it meant I could play awhile. Now I barely play and refuse to spend any money on this game now. I’ve tried a few times since the changes with the bubbles, and not worth. Shame the game had to be so greedy. You went from someone spending money weekly to never again because of your greed. Also, all the storage slots are all used by useless generators. So all that time and money spent getting full storage is wasted by 70% of it being occupied by generators I have not been asked to use in months. Ridiculous..Version: 2.12.109

Started fun, got overly complicatedDon’t start this game if you don’t like like taking weeks to compete an order (one of dozens of daily goals you’ll need to accomplish, btw—literally, sometimes 30+ orders a day). Like most games, the goal is to get you to spend money but without thousands of diamonds you stand no chance of finishing their seasonal challenges. I’ll spend money here and there on games I feel it will help boost me to reach the next level—not this game. There’s no amount that will help me finish or win anything bc I can’t bring myself to spend that much. Oh, and this game is still in “beta”, despite charging for and managing the game like they have expansion packs and an extended world experience. Don’t bother with this game if you don’t want to commit your full day to waiting for the producers (that you’ll just stash in storage after 2 weeks when you’ve advanced past them) to recharge so you can fill AN order or two. 🙄.Version: 2.12.150

Won’t loadThe game is pretty fun, but since Monday morning the game is frozen on the loading screen. I was so close to completing the Halloween task but never got the chance to because the app stopped working.Version: 2.12.111

Fabulous Merge Game with a Few “Kinks”Let me start by saying that I have played probably 75-80% of the merge games out there and this is in my top 5! With that said, I do agree with what many others said (and it’s like that in a lot of merge games) once you get to the higher levels…it gets a bit boring. The game say there for months for me, I deleted it, and just downloaded it again. They added quite a bit of new stuff, which has made it fun for me again. I will update my review once I get to higher levels again. :) My request for the developer - I have tried my usual fixes for this - my countdowns are not functioning properly. I have a 24 hour chest that has been opening for three days. And my bag to get camera parts has been stuck since yesterday. I’m not sure if anyone else is having this problem. I’m not having the same issue in the event… Also, kudos to the developers for making a great game! Small bugs and good feedback can do wonders everyone! :).Version: 2.4.0

I’m doneUpdate: I was trying to give the benefit of the doubt, but I can’t waste my time anymore. I can’t get the items I need to level up and the rest of the time it takes me forever to get the items to get tool chests. This isn’t fun anymore it’s become like a job. Thanks for the pointless updates that don’t help. The other day I finally complete a task that gave me 6 large toolboxes….I still wasn’t able to update any of the 5 outstanding buildings I have. I’m done. I loved this game. However I don’t think I can continue. I play the challenges to get toolboxes and meet the daily goal every day. Yet I still don’t get the parts I need to level up. The algorithm is not fair based on the needs you have. I have a million brick walls and yet zero wallpapers. This needs a better update and with all the tasks I complete I should have another option of leveling up. It’s frustrating to work towards so,etching for so long just to be disappointed. What is the point of an update with new buildings if I can’t even get to the buildings I have!! Also completely blocked from leveling up. I was a beta user and in half the time was a higher level than I am now after the reset. The tool boxes are way too random and don’t give what I need. I’ve been waiting on a plug for at least a month. I’m over this..Version: 2.4.0

Messed upThey did a major update where they completely redid the game. This was a few months back, everyone’s account got wiped and we got diamonds back we put into the game. We had no warning they were doing this. One of the main reasons they did this was to fix people getting “stuck.” We had to gather up resources which could take irl days to do. They made it worse, I have over 10k of the new “money,” but I don’t have the resources you need on top of the “money” to keep the story going. Before the wipe I almost had all the building completed. Now I don’t even 5 (there was over 30, now they added more.) they destroyed the game and it isn’t fun anymore. I gave it a few months after this new update. I’m stuck worse then before. At least before it took a few days irl. Now it takes WEEKS. Highly disappointed, only reason it had 2 stars is because the storyline is amazing. Everything is horrible and it’s not fun anymore..Version: 2.1.0

Was greatWas great before the update I was super far in now it take WAY WAY TO MUCH to upgrade the buildings I did enjoy the new addition when it was an realistic amount of products you need to upgrade but this is insane you went from a game i enjoyed more than any other Merge game and I play a lot to one I almost want to give up on. You went to far with this update, way way to far maybe make it a bit easier to upgrade buildings it shouldn’t take me over a month to upgrade a building and that’s just one portion not the whole building because there like 10 things you have to do to finish the building. I really recommend calming down on the amount of cement, wood wallpaper, and screws it takes upgrade. I wasn’t mad about this update resetting everything and screwing over my progress didn’t even complain but this is insane and is asking to much of the player. I swear this is just a money grab.Version: 2.2.0

Frustratingly slowI love this game BUT I’ve already spent 30AUD to progress quickly and this gets used up quickly. It would be much more enjoyable if there were more orders to fill or you could flick some away so that you didn’t waste energy and space with items not needed It’s obviously controlled by the game - but I’m losing interest and will not be spending anymore money so fast.Version: 2.10.1

If it’s not broken don’t fix it!I loved the first issue of the game they released, It was the first merge game I ever played and I went on it everyday! Managed to get into the 60s with my level ranking. I would always eagerly wait for the next big update to see what was in store and what else I could advance in. But not this update… they decided to reboot the whole thing and we were all left at square one… but don’t worry they thought by giving us 4000 diamonds, that would make up for hours and months of dedication to the game lost. I thought ‘hey… I’ll give it a go. See what’s different’ BIG MISTAKE. They’ve made it IMPOSSIBLE to ever progress. It’s taken weeks just to get what’s needed to upgrade a building when it only used to take a day or two with hard work. I get needing materials to improve a place but at least make it a little easier and less tedious to do please. I don’t understand this whole smiley face concept, who on Earth pays in smileys instead of coins… that was a dumb change. Overall I just think they’ve made the game worse with all these changes and should’ve just stuck to updates and bug fixes instead of starting from scratch. Who ever told them that was a good idea needs to leave the drawing room ASAP!.Version: 2.2.0

Please less time to wait for boat, restaurant etc....? 🙁16th March ‘21. Seriously getting fed up with waiting for boat etc... to have approx 10 taps before waiting another 5-10mins if you’re lucky before being able to tap again. 😡 At the point where I’ll be deleting game if there are no changes to this ridiculous waiting time. People aren’t going to spend money or like in my case continue to spend money on a game that you can’t really play for any good length of time. 9th March ‘21. I’m loving this game but have saved up sooo much energy that now I’m getting frustrated waiting for boat, camera & restaurant to ‘recharge’ before I can complete any orders because all the quests aside from merge items is for those items from them. I have 1200 energy sitting in storage that I can’t use unless I want to fill board with items I don’t need ☹️ Please make it less time for them to recharge or get rid of that idea altogether because it’s very frustrating not being able to complete quests in a game I’ve found to enjoy so much. Thank you Lee.Version: 1.11.3

Good but now brokenWas a good game up until the most recent update which bugged the game, new games work fine but syncing to cloud and playing my saved file just gives black screen then crash. Tried reinstalling multiple times. :/.Version: 2.6.1

Pay to playYou run out of energy fast, its okay when youre low level because you get chests or energy from levelling up but later i can play the game for 10mins before i have to wait til the next day or something. Then it lasts another 10mins. Its frustrating because i WANT to play your game but i cant. They just want u to spend money, they even stop offering ads for energy. If they do its like once a day. Also you should reward more diamonds for higher matching items, you dont even get a big reward for completing a set. You dont give regular players anything for playing the game and you cant even grind it either. If you want to progress, you have to spend money. This is just a waiting game. Please work on this. The game is fun..Version: 2.12.32

Too hard to upgrade nowLoved this game before latest update. Now it’s far too hard to upgrade buildings, need to reduce amount of resources needed or make it easier to get resources..Version: 2.0.6

Glitch with energyGot 100 energy from a reward, went to use it in the sanctuary and it disappeared. Kept playing later got 100 from the lightning I had stored up, went to the sanctuary and that also disappeared. Please fix this. Otherwise a pretty fun game, enjoying it so far..Version: 2.2.0

EwI used to like this game but it just got so ugly with the new update 😭 they literally made everything worse.Version: 2.12.141

Frustrating grind festI wish I had discovered Travel Town before the update the recent reviews talk about... they say the game got harder. I don’t know how it was before, but with the version I’m playing , it’s painfully difficult to level up if you do not want to spend money on microtransactions. At first, Travel Town is fun but when you get past lvl10, it starts getting tedious to the point where the game ceased to be entertaining and simply becomes frustrating. Not worth your time and certainly not your money..Version: 2.3.1

Lost itemsAfter the Halloween update I lost my cash register and I have orders that need it in order to fill them. I’m hoping this is a bug that can be fixed soon.Version: 2.12.111

Was good to startI enjoyed this game initially, was making good progress and it was fun. I could buy extra energy at the cost of 10 gems, which then went up to 20 during a 24 hour period which I’ve had with other games so no surprise. However, I recently bought a pack of energy and gems at £3.49, don’t normally do it but was enjoying the game. Now I find to buy extra energy it’s 40 gems!! I’d expect this to reset each day so on a daily basis the opportunity to buy energy would reset at 10 but it doesn’t. Really disappointing, looks like it’s a bit of a money grab to be honest..Version: 2.12.150

AnnoyingThis was a fun game until the update. Now the buildings are almost unachievable to get enough supplies for, the smiles are worthless, and you don’t get enough diamonds. Disappointing because it was a fun game.Version: 2.3.0

Stuck, can’t level up, no point in playingUsed to enjoy this game, played daily, enjoyed the little tiger side quest thing. But now I’m stuck on level 16, have well over 2000 smiley faces, but can’t get enough building materials to be able to complete the jobs, to be able to get exp to level up. I don’t play the game much anymore, except when I’m *REALLY* bored, maybe once a month…because the orders are difficult to complete (example - one right now is a hamburger & the top level sandcastle, & it’s not a building material reward, it’s more smiley faces. The building material rewards are for things I’ve not been able to level up yet - herb house for example. How can I get the building materials to level that up, if what they produce is what gives the building materials‽).Version: 2.2.0

Used to be fun…Since the last update the mini games board no longer counts as completed orders. Funny how that changed from the usual. And now you want people to complete 20 orders in 24 hours?! You’ve made the game so difficult it’s hard to even complete the original 4. It would appear that you just want people to dump loads of cash into this game. No thanks..Version: 2.12.109

What did you do?!?!I started playing this game in February of 2021 (I specifically looked for this review). It has been a great game until recently with their new updates! They took away some of the best features (bubble pops no longer give energy or gems? Only coins! Why? Greed! I spent money when I knew I could get rewarded and wanted to continue to play…no good reward? No money being spent by me! Their greed is too high!), they are making some things impossible to get (no vine leaves with level 5 producer when you were getting vine leaves multiple times a day before…only to be told “keep trying! Some items are harder to get than others!) I used to look forward to playing this game every morning as part of my “wake up and chill” routine. After these new updates, I’m ready to delete the game and find something better to replace it. It’s so so very sad to me..Version: 2.12.99

Was fun at first but it’s now very frustratingI really liked this game at first and could not stop playing but it’s super frustrating now since there is never enough space on the board to do anything now. There’s too many different types or buildings and stuff to merge. Although I like how there’s new stuff that comes out to keep it entertaining, it doesn’t make sense when there’s literally no room to keep playing unless you unlock a bunch of inventory space that costs a lot of diamonds. Maybe we could have 2 boards instead just 1 where we can switch in between them so we can have more room to actually play the game and complete goals. I had to stop playing for a long time and just started playing again but the same issues from before have not been solved or improved. I’m level 63 so I can only imagine how difficult it is to get anything done at level 165. It’s literally impossible to keep enjoy playing without spending any money..Version: 2.11.3

Disappointed and frustratingI agree with those reviews that are more negative because of frustration with collecting and obtaining goals in the game. After the last big update, it was disappointing to start again from the beginning, and I was going to just delete the game, however I held in there knowing i did get all of the gems and energy back to rebuild the town again. However, it takes WAY too long to acquire the building materials to even begin to set up the village. You guys took the fun out of completing a task and receiving energy and “perks” from the game. It takes days if not weeks to even gather supplies to be “allowed” to build. I am finding myself now spending money on gems, and never earning more than 10 gems at a time with playing the game for long periods of time. I’m really losing interest in this game which I really did love playing. I’m hoping for an update to fix the “bugs” and difficulty obtaining building materials. Otherwise I’m afraid I’ll have to move on…….Version: 2.1.0

A little disappointedThis was a great game. I loved playing it prior to the new update. Since the update though it is so hard to level up. The amount of tool required to be able to build the buildings is far too high and creating the items for the tasks to get the tools is insane with how long it takes. The game is now starting to get very boring as it can take weeks just to get enough items to create an item for a task. I would like to see the developers rethink the last update and maybe re-jig it slightly to reduce the number of items required to complete a task and possibly reduce the number of tools required to upgrade a building..Version: 2.1.0

UpdateJust updated and lost all my progress. From lever 37 to nothing. Waste of time.Version: 2.0.6

Delete my review?So normally when I write a review I see it soon after. And when I go to write another one it shows me my old one so I can edit or add to it. Today I come back to see my review and it’s completely clear. And never posted. Zero review. I pointed out a serious game problem and it doesn’t get posted and no way to recall my past review. In short, I calculated that it took over 64 THOUSAND of one item to get a maxed out version. RIDICULOUS!!!!! I wanted to just start collecting items I didn’t have already (for the diamond reward) and found it more fulfilling than completing orders. Items were old and I never had a request for them so they sat undiscovered. But I’m not gonna waist my time if it takes board space I can’t spare. PLEASE ALLOW FOR MORE STORAGE! I keep getting stupid notices that say something is waiting for me when I log back in and I get NOTHING! I’ve been complaining about space since I started. Way back before Christmas I think. I’m not the only one complaining..Version: 2.12.51

Recent updateWas having fun with this game until last update and now have to wait for recharge times. Ridiculous! Will likely stop playing as it’s just too frustrating..Version: 2.12.175

Forced update now can’t playReally hate forced updates. Again this one causes me to be unable to play. Stop forcing updates that don’t work..Version: 2.12.172

You need items you haven’t unlocked to upgradeThere are items you need to give customers that you can’t buy or unlock and you’re just stuck. There’s no way to move forward. It’s ridiculous. You can’t skip a customer either so you’re permanently blocked from moving forward at all..Version: 2.12.124

Big cash suckerIt’s a good game, at first. Not good for someone who cannot afford to pay big bucks. Got kids to feed, mortgage to ay, etc etc, sorry, but I’m deleting this cash cow. Too greedy..Version: 2.12.181

Love but…Update: ditto absolutely everything notnova17 said Wednesday, September 21, 2022. Geez. It’s ridiculous what you’ve taken away. Greed? I’ve spent waaay too much on this game. Never again. Been paying a few months, level 131, have spent a bit of money. Enjoy concept very much. My issues include storage and recharge times. I bought all the extra spaces and at this point I am continuously struggling with space. You want folks to keep playing, correct? Then why have old “producers” unable to be deleted or sold? I do not understand the logic here. Also, why not make it so we can store tools not fully merged in the tool area? There are plenty of spaces there. I’ve read online that energy recharge used to be 30 seconds. Bad form making it now 90. Why have the wooden barrel and wooden animals if they are never requested quests? Overall, it’s a very fun game. With the money I’ve spent, and I’m sure others have too, don’t sit idle and not make improvements so we are all forced to quit. Not a threat, just see the writing on the wall..Version: 2.12.99

It gets truly frustrating as you level upUnlike popular belief that games should be more fun to play with higher levels... As you level up (I'm at around 40~50) there are way too many "producing" items! It gets too confusing because some are too similar in appearance. And it takes up so much of the energy to fill up even a single order. I think the inventory should be bigger&cheaper. Or maybe be able to sell/discard low-level produce items. It's just too hard maintaining what comes from each new building..Version: 2.7.0

Update not so goodI really enjoyed playing this game previously, and didn’t mind being reset to the beginning for the update the other day, but it is now almost impossible to progress as the number of tools needed for each upgrade is completely disproportionate to how long it takes to earn them and the difficulty of earning them. I have enough “money” to buy every upgrade available to me 10 times over but only a 10th of the tools needed. The balance isn’t right and needs sorting for this to be a worthwhile game to continue playing..Version: 2.0.6

Update June 2021I’ve played this game for a long time, a good review lead to his game and I’ve enjoyed it ever since, in the update, I lost everything however was compensated with gems. The update had brought improved graphics and smoother play..HOWEVER to play you need essential build items. You complete task to achieve this. The daily task list can only be completed if you spend 10 gems a day. I’ve played for over a year. I certainly did not gain 10 free gems a day, so completing the daily task to get essential items is so thing you will eventually HAVE TO PAY FOR. I’d rather have the option to watch ads to gain energy, currency and gems once I run out..Version: 2.0.6

Fun but no supportNo app support. The app crashed yesterday, it says “There is a problem please restart”. I have restarted numerous times including quitting the game usung the double tap and swipe away method as well as shutting down phone and restarting. Nothing has worked and there seems to be no way to contact support - the link on the app store goes to a random server host..Version: 1.11.3

Lost everythingApp was updated and now I’m back to the beginning grrr. I spent so much enjoyable time getting to where I was…. All for nothing Thanks for yr response but I definitely did not back anything I brought.Version: 2.0.6

Loading issuesThis game constantly has loading issues. Can go for days without being able to load..Version: 2.12.124

Too longSuper hard to move forward without having to spend all the diamonds or your own money, it’s not really worth it. The ads for it make you think you are going to actually make food and deal with customers but instead you add adding shapes together repeatedly with slow level ups...Version: 2.12.51

Will rip you offI have been playing this game for a few months now, stuck in lockdown and thirsty for things to do. This is an enjoyable game - plenty of variety, lots of things to do. I am fine with giving real money to support a game I’m enjoying, but I am beginning to feel ripped off by this game. You level up with the regular in-game currency, smilies, as well as building materials you get for completing quests. BUT the distribution of these building materials is controlled by the game, impossible to circumvent and infuriatingly slow. Let me paint you a picture. I’m stuck on level 47 and have been for more than a week. I have 256,324 smilies, 49 brick walls, 25 concrete mixers. I need 1 window to level up and the game keeps refusing to give it to me. This morning I opened 15 toolboxes after a week of working to create a single item, and the game still refused to give me the item I needed to level up. The only reason I didn’t delete the game on the spot is because I’m hoping making some noise about this will get me somewhere. So I’m begging you, please, developers, make this game more fair so that I can keep giving you money to play something I enjoy rather than deleting it in a fit of rage..Version: 2.4.0

Too many generatorsMinor update: to give credit where it’s due, a lot of people were talking about how the generators were clogging up our inventory, and they went and added in a special generator inventory which freed up a lot of space. So, great move. Still weird they have so many (and don’t even use all of the parts within them - unless we revisit them way later) but, hey, small victories They keep adding new ones and you have to store away the old ones. And there is no way to get inventory slots with the basic currency like in EVERY OTHER GAME OF THIS TYPE. It’s still a good merge game though. However, these few things will keep it from being better than some of the others in the genre. But yea, someone else mentioned either adding a generator tab for storage, or, you know… stop adding a million generators/have future orders use the old generators. Of course, I’m sure it’s like this to con you into spending more money to add storage slots. I won’t fall for that, but I will keep playing until it becomes too much of a hassle (at this time I’m level 63 and it’s still manageable). Updated from 3 to 2 after multiple changes to make playing free even less friendly..Version: 2.12.109

Still getting stuck with big update…First off, I do really enjoy this game, and I don’t mind the new update too much. Even though we had to start over, you gave us all our diamonds back, and it was kind of nice to start with a fresh board again. HOWEVER, you said it was to give smoother progresss for everyone and less instances of getting stuck and that’s NOT what’s happening for me. I’m at level 16 and progress has pretty much halted completely. Tasks that offer supplies as rewards are not often enough to continue upgrading the buildings so I have 3 buildings just sitting there waiting for me to get more cement mixers, brick walls, and boxes of nails. So progress has almost completely stopped for me and I am unable to play the game as intended. I get what you were trying to do but you need another update to accomplish it. Right now I am just disappointed and frustrated. (Side note, the amount you get for selling high level items is ridiculous. For example, the large bacota sandwich is level 13, but when you sell it you only get 12 back, which is borderline insulting! You get 1 for the mix of olives that is level 2 in the same category so we should be getting A LOT more back for the sandwich considering it takes 2,048 olives to create it…just something to think about as this is always something about your game that has always rubbed me the wrong way.).Version: 2.0.6

Screen full of items that I cannot sell or get rid ofThe game is great. Really enjoyable. Would have given a 5 star. But my screen is full of sewing boxes and other items max level, that I don’t need and they are not sellable.((( Maybe game could benefit from a trash can. Was really enjoying the game at first. Exiting in the beginning, easy progress, good graphics. Even the complete reset was understandable. Have restarted the game several times because of the screen getting filled up with useless items with no means of getting rid of them and hoping it gets better. But it just gets worse. Updates take way too long. Months to be exact. The game became very boring. When started playing rated 5⭐️. Later on changed it to 3⭐️. And now sadly only giving 1⭐️! Sorry. P.S. Will probably delete the game..Version: 1.5.0

Not working since update…My game doesn’t start up anymore since the last update. Please fix! I usually play this game everyday. I play on an iPad..Version: 2.12.116

This game is fun, but. . .. . . it’s CONSTANTLY crashing..Version: 2.12.202

Have loved this game now rewards are dropping and harder to playI’ve been playing this game for nearly 6 months and I’ve loved it. Since the last upgrade the quality of rewards has dropped significantly making it much harder to play. Level completions used to give a least a lvl 3 reward chest, now only lvl 1. Bubbles used to pop to give lightning bolts now only smilies which are no where near as useful for gameplay. Feel like somethings off here, maybe they’re running out of levels so trying to slow gameplay deliberately 🤷‍♀️ Hope it’s sorts out soon as may be forced to stop playing as it’s getting boring waiting all the time ( and I do buy occasional packs so it’s not as if I expect it all for free either).Version: 2.12.97

Nice Game, but...This is a fun little game, with nice graphics that keep the player engaged. The first time you play, you’ll get plenty of play time and energy, but this will decrease considerably with subsequent play sessions. There are a few thing that are quite frustrating as you continue playing... Firstly, using gems to buy extra energy... The first time it costs 50, then 100, then 200, then 400. This is somewhat normal for this style of game, but they usually reset to the lower gem price after 24 hours. Not in this game. After 3 or 4 days of playing it still says 400 gems to purchase 100 energy, which is exorbitant. The gem price to unlock “bubbles” containing bonus items is quite high, too. Lastly, I have merged several items to their highest level and received just 4 gold for selling them off. Most games in this style increase the sell price of an item considerably more, as the item level increases. The concept is great, but many small improvements could be made to make the game a better experience for the player..Version: 1.11.4

Frustrating and a money pitThis game is more frustrating than fun. I get that the developers’ object is to make money but too many diamonds are needed just to play the game. I am fine paying to play but the diamonds are needed to recharge the items after only a few hits. One must pay multiple times just to play. Otherwise one has to wait 5-20 minutes to recharge after just 30 seconds of playing. Also the sewing kits, maps, and pouches can’t be discarded and take up spots on the board. There are not enough inventory spots & these also cost diamonds. The concept and graphics are good on this game but the game is stacked against the player. I buy items in other games that help me advance & reward me- the in-app purchases in this game only give you a couple of days of play & then you must buy diamonds again or wait to play. Very frustrating. I’m looking for other merge games that are more fair to the player. The developers need to strike a better balance between revenue generation and game satisfaction. Game Over..Version: 1.11.3

Everything goneI just updated the app and all my progress is gone. i have to restart from the beginning. grrrr.Version: 2.0.6

Starts fast, grinds to haltActually a cool game which I like playing - but wish it was more playable. Frequency and duration of things needing to charge means you can’t really play for more than 5 min twice a day as things constantly have to recharge - sometimes asking days to a week to get what you need. Very disappointing..Version: 1.11.3

What’s with the new update????I loved this game and would place it religiously all day everyday. The amount of quests to levels was amazing and made it super fun to play. Even the amount of gems you get made the game proceed in a great way. I would give this 5 stars but about a month ago and update was released saying that there was an update to restart the game….well they changed a lot. The game play is significantly much slower and although the amount of orders you can do is great I have so much money. Retrieving actual materials to level up is a snail race including the difficult to collect gems. Not sure if they did that on purpose but it’s starting to lose its spark. Also a lot of the newer items are not on main menu to discover which I find kind of annoying. Hopefully more updates and changes come soon..Version: 2.0.6

Determined, but Not Really Fun AnymoreI’m not a fan of the new UPDATE. It definitely came out of left field! I try to play several times a day which is mostly out of determination and frustration. I am at level 37 and have dwelled there for what seems like a lifetime. Too dramatic? Maybe. Going up the chain to capture the very last dessert spawned my determination and frustration!! Obtaining building materials is akin to watching paint dry. It is insane for a 60 year old Kindergarten teacher to obsess over a game, especially when I am an advocate for much less screen time for children and more active play. I can afford to pay to play when it helps my perspective to enhance the game and have more fun. Spending money on Travel Town does nothing to enhance the game nor make it anymore fun. I just see it as a disguised subscription fee. I sincerely hope the developers will seriously reflect on these reviews. If said developers have any help suggestions, please share. Any and all advice from other players would be most appreciated..Version: 2.2.0

PLEASE consider updating!This game IS fun and I do enjoy playing but it’s insane how you can’t get rid of orders. I have a very rare item that is pending along with 3 others that have a looooong wait time to reload and I can’t progress whatsoever. I have looked up how to get the very rare item and have found countless people complain how it’s impossible to find. I’ve tried tapping quickly on the icon to see if it will come up, I’ve tried clicking only that icon for the 100 lightning bolts, and I’ve finally given up and ignored it. For such a rare item, you’d think the reward would be worth it but it’s nothing useful. Please make the game better! Let us get rid of orders and not impossibly like buying the ability. It keeps the player from actually playing the game and from the developers from earning their incomes..Version: 2.12.11

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