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Travel Town - Merge Adventure app received 82 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about travel town - merge adventure?

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Finally!I have been playing this game since it came out. It’s a great game! It has had a few hiccups along the way, but finally, the creators have listened & I think they have got it right this time. I highly recommend this game. Keep up the great work!.Version: 2.7.0

Overall great!I really like this game. It is simple and fun. There are natural slow-down mechanisms designed to get you to spend money, but they aren’t very bad and don’t interrupt the game in a way that detracts from it, in my opinion. However, I can’t give it five stars due to a specific problem. At the top of the game there are 4-5 community members with orders you need to fulfill. These orders tend to be the most important way of moving forward / making progress in the town. But early on one of the orders is for a fossil. And this fossil is basically impossible to get! And there is no way to dismiss / move on from that order. So I’m basically down to 3 orders for the rest of the game instead of 4. I did write to the app developer about the fossil, and they impressively responded rather quickly. But the way they said to try to get it is ineffective (I’ve clicked the relevant thing 500 times, so I did give it a chance) and for some reason the joker (which is supposed to merge with *anything*) won’t merge here either. So: overall very happy with the game. Don’t like this one thing that is detracting from my experience..Version: 2.12.73

Great gameI love the game I play it all the time and I like that the energy things go up on it’s own and I like that there are no adds Ty so much to the creator for making this game absolutely love it 5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!!!!!!.Version: 2.12.220

Funny gameLove this game.Version: 2.3.1

Merge love ❤️Love this game I’ve restarted a few times just trying different strategies (is that sad? Lol) love the new updates with the scrolling town too. Oh and admission was a little bit daft with the sewing machine thought I was doing something wrong, I was, tried putting the thread on to the machine never tried double tapping, back to town travel 1 for me 🤣🤣 The development/ support team on this game are fantastic which makes me want to support it even more, keep going guys and look forward to the updates..Version: 1.9.0

Good gameLove the game.Version: 2.12.206

Love the game but the new update my game has had issuesI love the game and played for a while but since the update my icons keep disappearing I cannot get them back unless I upgrade them but now I’ve lost my beehive and I’ve fully upgraded it and I have missions I need to use the beehive to complete them which im playing the game less and less… I don’t want to stop playing it but if stuff keeps disappearing and I can’t progress then I may not have a choice….Version: 2.12.111

A couple things1) I think the main board is to small. I find I don’t have enough space, especially when orders require an item that takes a little while to make. 2) I would really like to be able to click on an order and see where it originates from. Eg. The fish fossil, I have no idea where that comes from or how to make/get it. I enjoy playing the game so much, I wish gems were easier to get. I gave it 4 starts because it’s one I’m playing pretty consistently lately. If the main board can’t be bigger than at least let us see how to achieve an item start to finish. I know the “info” button on somethings but others don’t have it, also it’s not always clear where it originates from. Thanks for a fun time though..Version: 2.12.116

EnjoyableGot to the 3rd level with the white screen and the game completely reset with the rewarded diamonds which I am fine with these things need to happen to improve. Restarted the game and again got to the 3rd level and needed 5000 coins to open. To say I am disappointed is an understatement. The only thing I got for my 5000 coins was a message saying an update / new level was due soon. I hope the new update brings a reward of 5000 coins. Overall I do enjoy this game and will wait patiently for the next levels although I do agree with other players that waiting for energy takes far too long..Version: 1.4.9

One little issueI absolutely love this game but, there’s one little issue. Every time you have a timed request and you don’t finish the request on the actual board the object will still show up as green for the rest of the game. I had multiple request that I didn’t finish from like three weeks ago, and even though they’re not there they still show up green on my board which is very annoying. I really hope you guys find a way to fix this, it’s not that big of a deal but it is very irritating because I have all my things that I have ready for requests and one section and I have to go through and check which ones are actually on a request..Version: 1.11.4

Good but out of syncGames is entertaining but it gets longer to complete high level of building. Sometimes items requested are sending out too soon but there is no productive items provided. The special events come out of sync with other players but we used to be able to play and communicate with other players and compete each other but it’s no longer able to. The free energy top-up option after watching ads has disappeared..Version: 2.12.86

StuckIt would be great if we could have clues where we get the new ingredients, e.g. sea plant, fossils, etc.. Has been stuck for days🤣.Version: 1.10.0

Love it, but...Great game but: Energy takes too long to recharge and, When it has recharged, it is used up very quickly. It takes too long, too slow, to see results..Version: 1.11.4

New smiley faceThe game reset i miss my game status but quiet happy with the reset aside from the creepy smile face in place of coin.. please change it back..Version: 2.0.6

There are still bugs!Love merge game recently. This one is good, But there are few bugs. The mission wants me to collect stuffs that I can not merge. My level hasn't reach that. So I have completed all missions except three mission that i can not merge to and don't know how to get those. So i am sticking now. I cant go level up now bcuz it is no way to complete those missions left for me..Version: 2.5.1

What an improvement!Adding the area for producers in the inventory has saved your game. Although I loved the game, I had become frustrated from the lack of available board space with all my producers taking up about 20% of the board. My frustration lead me to stop playing it for a week after playing it daily for about a year. I was pleased to log back in today and find all your updates and improvements. Love the direction this game is going. Awesome to watch it grow. Great job. Keep it up and keep listening to the users! Ps: Although I’ll agree that since the update we don’t seem to get any free energy like we used to, I have easily collected well over a hundred gems in just a few days of playing. If the gem chest is here to stay, then it works for me..Version: 2.12.109

I had to start over because of game crashingLoved this game and played it all the way to level 58 which was close to the end but one day the game kept asking me to restart the app, which I would do and then nothing would change. I left it for a couple days and tried again but it still kept asking to restart. I deleted the app and the tried to sync the data from my icloud which worked but then it just brought me back to the same thing of asking to restart the app. So I have just decided to delete it and start over which is disappointing as I had made a lot of progress..Version: 1.11.4

Travel townSo far good.Version: 1.11.4

Great3rd merge game I’ve played and it’s been my favourite so far!.Version: 2.12.192

Great gameI am really enjoying this game and have been playing it for quite some time. The only suggestion I have for the developers is to include some other setting in addition to the Jungle - India with different features which would make it much more exciting. The reason is whenever the Jungle comes as an additional sub-game it becomes repetitive and predictable as you have to start from scratch each time. If you introduce other countries/themes/features that would be awesome..Version: 2.12.8

Lots of funI’ve been playing the game for a while now and am I’m really enjoying it. The most recent update wiped my progress within the game, but I think the added features more than make up for it. My favourite of the new features is that you can use diamonds to skip the wait for items to be useable again (like the market), I’ve been using this differently than it was intended and instead use it to figure out how long it will take. They have also added a small shop so I can use my diamonds to buy more energy, which they had before, but now I can chose how much energy I need. As well as being able to buy objects to use in game. Another new addition to the game are new customers who will give you rewards for how many merges you have made. All in all a great game, it helps me pass the time in a fun way. I’m looking forward to seeing what the next update brings! Keep up the good work!.Version: 1.4.8

A little repetitiveI really like this game but it’s getting rather repetitive. I’ve been chasing dates one after another for weeks as well as pottery..Version: 2.11.3

Resources at higher levelsI love that game. There’s no doubt there but it does have some issues. One is the energy. Max energy capacity at 100 is nothing when you have pottery and the fishing rod. Some of the recharge times are so long and only release 10-15 items before taking forever to recharge. I’m at level 36 and still haven’t gotten a 4th mystery letter to get the fossil order completed I’ve had forever. Then the Pearl that merges with EVERYTHING won’t merge with the letter. The seashell bucket it the only original thing I don’t have in storage. There should be separate storage for the spawn items that never come up anymore. Not a bad review because I love this game so much. These problems overall are annoyances not something that hinders the game..Version: 2.12.99

Please fix this!I love the game, but since the Halloween update it hasn’t been working right. There is a Skip button on the top right that doesn’t do anything, and won’t go away. When I upgrade something, it loads infinitely, making the only way to do anything is for me to close the game, making me lose that part of the story. Also, when an event is going on, I can’t go onto it. Please fix these bugs!.Version: 2.12.124

Great game but too easy to accidentally spend a lot of gemsThis is a fantastic game and so far I’m really impressed with the speed the game goes at but one bit of feedback is that it’s too easy to accidentally spend gems in the shop, I just lost 310 gems on a 1st level bucket that I didn’t have room for and had to delete, I then couldn’t find any kind of support on the app that I could flag this on, would definitely appreciate some help!.Version: 1.8.1

Really good but......This is a fab game and steadily making progress, can’t wait to the game to be updated to unlock more places to build, The only thing that lets it down is that you can’t get rid of or sell the unwanted items like the buckets or the other starter pieces . As I’ve upgraded the shopping cart I have loads of useless items that are stuck on my board. Can you put a trash can in so we can get rid of those things please. ? Thanks.Version: 1.4.9

Problem level 37I love this game I play it on my iPhone and iPad both linked I am having a problem I am level 37 and when I try to loan the game it says there I a problem and to restart the game it is saying the same thing on both devices I have uninstalled and reinstalled and still have the same problem I don’t want to start this game all over again please someone help me on how to get it back and working.Version: 1.11.4

Amazing developersThe game is awesome and the developers really make it so it’s fun for the players. They listen to our critiques and just use them to make the game even better ! I wish all merge games were like that lol, good job.Version: 2.12.111

FunAddictive.Version: 2.10.0

Is the game gone?Is the game no longer working? I cannot open it for a week now. Please advise and I will delete if it is no longer accessible. Thanks.Version: 2.12.124

Won’t loadNot sure what’s going on but my app won’t launch today, it’s just the first screen and nothing happens. Was up to level 71.Version: 1.11.4

Great little gameLove this. It’s a great object matching game and I really enjoy it, just wish the dispensing items didn’t time out so quickly. You can purchase additional energy and gems, but you don’t have too if you’re willing to wait and be patient, which is great for people like myself that can’t afford to be spending money on games right now but still love to play them..Version: 2.11.3

BoredWas fun at first but seriously bored with it now just the same thing over and over. Time to feed the bin..Version: 2.6.2

Needs more grid spaceI absolutely love the game, it’s simple and relatively easy, you have to wait a bit for the items to reenergise before collecting from them but it’s not often long of a wait! I love the events that happen but sometimes find myself waiting for them to come back on so that I can ear diamonds to progress! I loved the new Arctic event! It was refreshing to see something new in the game. The biggest downside for me is the lack of space, I feel each page in the ‘collection book’ should have its own grid, it would make it a lot easier for us to build up a collection without having to delete smaller items and then finding ourselves stuck when we get the next order! And a small downside, I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for the ‘animal sanctuary’ side of the game to be added, I have 2 or 3 slots that just say coming soon and have done for a while!.Version: 2.12.11

AnyoneThis game is great it’s exactly as it says on app sick of all ones showing big ideas and ends up rubbish this was first merge game I played thanks to tiger on picture but it doesn’t disappoint if don’t want spent money you don’t have to everything is available if just take your time creators always reply when got questions it’s fun addictive of course but also relaxing x.Version: 2.12.73

Great game.I absolutely love this game. But it seems like every time there is an update I have to start from the beginning again. I’ve restarted at least 4 times now. Just logged on again and back at the beginning once again. It’s really frustrating as I’ve been playing for months and all the progress is gone. May have to think about deleting if it happens again..Version: 2.0.6

Great Game4 stars only because they have changed from last update(you get coins instead of energy from the extra items that you can buy them with gems or watch an add) you can play spending or without. If you want something extra like 25 energy watch an ad. I’m playing this game for a long time, lvl 90+ now, those energy from bubble items could help more. Coins helps also but not like energy. Great game, ads only if you want them(100 energy means 4 ads daily, nothing extra).Version: 2.12.99

Almost Perfect…I have played a lot of merge games and I enjoy this one very much. The story isn’t overly interesting but achieving milestones is still fun and not too drawn out or annoying. The only things I would change, are that first of all I seem to have hit some sort of stalemate around level 24 or so where I am only getting 3 tasks to complete where I used to be able to have 5-7 different “orders” to work towards simultaneously. This slows down gameplay significantly in a pretty frustrating way. I also wish that they would do events more often!! I love the little opportunities to work on a different board, but they only last like 3 days and they happen super rarely. I would love to have an event every 2 weeks or so, and maybe it could last for a week instead of only 2 or 3 days. With a couple small changes, this could be a five star game!!.Version: 2.12.99

Great game but…Love the game, logging in most days to get the daily chest. A little sad about my progress being reset after playing for months (I think I got to level 74?) however the gift of gems is a nice cushion. The only issue is after updating, playing for a bit and then closing, I now can’t re open the game and keeps coming up “An error has occurred, please reopen the app…” of which I close it, re open and then the same thing happens and now I’m stuck in a loop! Please help as don’t want to quit playing! Thanks..Version: 2.0.6

Nice, but incredibly slowThis game is great to begin with. Lots of energy, loads of exp, fairly simple gameplay, etc. However, once you get a bit further in, the game slows to a real crawl, as you start getting tasks requiring items you can make, the creation items (such as the boat and restaurant) cannot be levelled up and some have enormously long cooldowns, and despite what some of those will tell you, there are certain drops that NEVER happen (like the sewing kits from the craft workshop, thus you cannot get Thread, thus you can’t use the sewing machine to get the task items, as mentioned earlier). This also leads to having your game area with tonnes of stuff that you can’t merge but still need to have in play. There’s no option to contact the devs, in case these lack of drops are a bug, so gripes have to go in the reviews. All in all, it’s fun, but unless certain points are sorted out in future updates, the game becomes nigh unplayable after a certain point..Version: 1.7.1

Good game but…I’m really enjoying travel town but I’m disappointed in their recent change of making time bypasses for reloading a diamond cost instead of an energy cost. Seems like a way to force you into micro transactions which feels icky to me. Otherwise I really enjoy the game play and story..Version: 2.12.143

Top gameAbsolutely one of my favourite games I’m playing , I’m quite a critic when it comes to these merge games as tried many before and got bored quick until I found this beauty! Been playing for over a month now and excited to progress through the game , Top marks for me & suggest you give it a try as you won’t be disappointed 😁.Version: 2.12.11

Developers please noteThis was a Great game, but the new version requires somewhat too many tools to make progress, so it is a bit frustrating. Now that I have exhausted the free diamonds, I would have to buy way too many diamonds to make further progress, so I am giving up on this game. It has got too greedy..Version: 2.2.0

Great Time Wasting GameJust love this game. Been waiting a long time for this last update and it didn’t disappoint. Different items to merge. It’s a shame that once again everything was reset and the progress was lost. Luckily no money spent on previous update so not too much of an issue. Massive injection of diamonds as compensation does help. This is genuinely a game you can play for free, no annoying ads and plenty of free energy and coins. Well done guys.Version: 1.6.0

Great but frustratingI’ve been playing this game for a few months and it’s great for passing time and can be quite addictive. It’s very enjoyable but one thing is driving me crazy. I’ve had one order for at least 6 weeks that I’ve been unable to fulfill. It’s a key that you can only get from the lighthouse which is supposed to give out lightbulbs and keys. However it only dispenses bulbs. It’s very frustrating especially as I’ve paid money to get diamonds in order to hurry along the timer and still only get a bulb. Is this a fault within the game?.Version: 1.9.0

This game is great except…It really sucked going from level 55 back to level 1, however being given the 4,000 diamonds I didn’t mind too much. The game is still so much fun but it is hard to get the materials needed for upgrading and and levelling up my town. Also when you have the people asking for certain items (the fish fossil for example), you should be able to click on the item and have it tell you what resource it comes from. I’ve had that one on my list for daysss not knowing what item will achieve this customers request. I also wish that the max energy was 200, as you can blow through 100 energy in less than 5 minutes, then have to wait so long for it to fill back up. I don’t normally write reviews, but this game is A1 quality and I would love to see some of these features issued in a future update!!.Version: 2.0.6

Awesome Game!This is one of the most entertaining and well thought out games l have ever played on the iPad.I've never played this type of merge game before, and after downloading more after trying this one, travel town is by far the best. Thank you for a great game..Version: 2.11.3

Very fun!This game is really fun. I love getting on and doing a bunch of stuff and then being able to leave it alone for a few hours to recharge and then come back and do more things. I would add hints on how to get things. For example: I have no idea how to get the broken amphora, so I’m just here merging things and hoping I’ll come across it. Makes things kind of exciting, but it’s still a little annoying to not know where to get thing you need for quests. Also, I think there’s some kind of glitch with the speech stuff between the characters where there’s the wrong name for who’s saying what. Might want to check that out. Overall, an amazing game. Super fun, super addicting, highly recommend..Version: 1.11.3

Fun for the most partTo be honest I have not had this game for that long but I’ve had it long enough to know that the energy mechanic is stupid. The actual game is fun and satisfying but the whole thing with energy where if your on zero you can no longer play is just not fun or satisfying. I feel like the whole point in it is to get us to watch adds to give the developers money - which I get but there are so many more ways of doing that then making it so we can only play the game if we either wait for hours or watch an add..Version: 2.12.124

Travel town #2I liked the first issue of this game and was waiting for updates eagerly. The new addition came out, all progress was lost and had to start from scratch. Now on level 38 and can’t get anywhere, to many things to achieve with limited energy on tap items and no space, can’t remember when I last got the daily, as the things you have to get are so far up the list that you can’t get them anymore, due to not having enough room on the board (already bought most spaces on back board), constantly having to sell smaller items, so can’t build up items and waiting for refreshing constantly. It’s become boring, I leave the game with energy as no where to spend it. Not enjoying anymore..Version: 1.7.1

Love the game!I absolutely love this game! However, there are way to many quest reward creating items(the ones requiring energy to use) on too small of a board. I am constantly running out of room on my board and often have to sell off items that I don’t want to just to make some space to be able to make the merges required to complete quests. We either need a different board that we can switch to to allow for more board slots, or our storage bags need to be made unlimited space for quest reward creating items. That way we can move all the currently unneeded quest reward creating items off our boards temporarily without permanently losing them. I would play way more often and be willing to spend rl $ if I could actually have enough space to play!!! Pleassseeeee fix this!.Version: 1.11.4

TravelI love this game. Just did the latest update, no problems. But as soon as I go into game it jumps out of it. Now I can’t play it. 😢.Version: 2.12.73

Highly recommend!This merge game is everything that you want the other merge games to be. It outshines and outlasts all the ones I've played. Energy is cheaper, spawners last longer and are varied and branched. It's not easy, it's very challenging but has plenty of ways to get items off the board. I've been stuck a couple of times so far. but never to the point of frustration. You're not pushed to buy gems but what's available is well priced The storyline is good, the characters are cute and diverse, the graphics are excellent. it's a long game, I've been playing a month and still haven't completed anywhere near all my merge lines or even my spawn lines. I have nothing negative to say. Great game! Well done!!.Version: 2.3.1

Too many tools neededI have loved this game for ages, but there now are wayyyy too many tools needed to upgrade the town. Feels like it doesn’t matter how much you play, you don’t really get anywhere..Version: 2.3.0

Good, but could be betterMerging with missions, this game strikes a good balance between achievable and challenges. It is fun, until you room out of board space or need to wait for item to recharge so you can merge more stuff. There are three fixes that would improve this game to 5-star level. 1) Display the recharge times in hours, minutes, and seconds rather than that little pseudo-clock. This way I would know when to comeback to play more, and would play more often. 2) Synk the 24-hour challenge to the local clock. I’ve been playing for a while and I’m certain when that thing actually starts. It seems to pop up around 10:04am? 3) And a second play board for the buildings. There is too much stuff in this game for just the beach board. Of there was also a town board the game would be much more fun..Version: 1.11.4

EnjoyableI’m enjoying the game but both the board and inventory don’t have enough spaces. Frankly, there is enough background space to add two (2) more columns in both the playing area and the inventory. Also, in inventory, can you please create a third (3rd) storage tab to store the inventory creators (I don’t know what to call them) that aren’t needed to fill out requests, please? That will stop them from taking up space on both the playing board and regular inventory tab..Version: 2.12.73

Always out of energyGood game but you only get 5-10m of play time before you’re out of energy and it takes 2.5 hours to replenish fully. Also the price of more energy (in diamonds) doubles when you buy it - if it stayed at 20 for ~5m play time that would still be too expensive but I’d do it more often. Let us play ads for energy more often. Otherwise the game is fun, though it’s a little weird to get flirty comments when I go out to the main screen like it assumes the whole audience is both a girl and into guys..Version: 2.11.3

Newest updateI loveeeee this game but the new update only allows me to use my lives to pay for the products, when normally it would only take like 1-3 dimonds.Version: 2.12.116

Best game i’ve played in a whileI love this game, it’s the best merge game i’ve played and I love the concept. I completed the game as far as possible and then my progress was reset which was really frustrating, but now i’ve completed it again as far as possible and am just earning coins to use on the next update - which i’m so excited for! Only reason it’s not 5 stars is the long wait time for energy... but i’m glad in app purchases have been implemented. I’d love a leaderboard type system too!.Version: 1.4.9

Surprising GemThis game is great. Thanks for creating it. Good story and no stress play AND the level wins are very generous compared to a lot of others. Thank you developers..Version: 2.0.6

EnjoyableI am editing my review because my previous one might’ve been a bit too harsh. The new producers inventory is great, but not all of my producers go in there, some are still going to my regular inventory. Hopefully that is a bug you will be fixing. I love the additional boards for the events. They make the game a lot more fun having another board to go and play. It would be nice if you could earn gems for new items found, like you do on the regular board. It was very disappointing when you changed your bubbles to coins instead of energy, as I run out of energy so quickly. I do like this game, and it seems like the reviews are listened to..Version: 2.12.111

I dig it!Super cute, I haven't had any technical issues at all. The tiger event was super fun. The only complaint I have is that the requests don't feel very well balanced. All of the requests/goals I have at the moment are all from one source that only refreshes like, twice a day or so, so I've had several days now of kind of the requests just kinda sitting there not being filled. I'd like to see a rebalancing of that, maybe a limit to how many requests per source will come up at a time, as well as a way to cancel requests to cycle in new ones. I'd even accept it with a cooldown timer before the new ones pop in. So basically: super cute, I love the art, runs just fine for me and has for a few weeks now. Has a lot of potential, but a few tweaks here or there would make a WORLD of difference..Version: 1.10.0

Addicted and payingThis is the best merge game but I’m addicted and I spent over 200$ on it, don’t think it’s worth it.Version: 2.12.175

Great gameI love this game! The only thing I can’t get to grips with is that it seems that the timers (restaurant, speed boat, museum etc) don’t seem to move unless you are on the actual game? Once you played all your moves who’s going to sit with the app open until it reloads? Not me, and some of the timers the wait time in them is far too long, and if you want to skip waiting, it’s far to expensive. I expect to get board of this game eventually. The other thing, the shop where you can purchase stuff, you should be able to purchase other items, like painting from the museum, I’ve cream and desserts. It seem that aspect of the game is still stuck at level one offering only sand castles, shells and food from the basket. That also goes the same for chests. As you progress further in the game, people ask for other stuff that’s not level one stuff (sand bucket/basket) but that’s what you are being rewarded with, eventually you will end up with a board filled with stuff you don’t need. Also it would be good if you could sell the sand buckets or picnic baskets. I don’t need like 10 of them! Spec when the people are asking for other things from other places! Another great feature would be if you could give the item to the person, freeing up some space on the board until those order is completed. All in all the game is a great concept and I do enjoy playing it! Thanks for your hard work everyone!.Version: 1.9.0

Needs update.Keep ur clocking things just to say it’s coming soon the animal shelter I unlocked like a month ago and it says coming soon after every update..Version: 2.12.141

Overall it's a great gameI like all the style of this game, the art part is really great in here. And all the collection and things make me enjoy the game process instead of keep worrying lack of space. However, I’m a little disappointed that daily task are so hard, usually daily task should be something that easily finish within a day, by the full time storage is 100 energy, daily task should be had produce around 300 is feeling hard enough, but 500 is too much…if the game truely want to give something rare but not willing to lower the standard, highly suggest open a new task to make it as challenge. The name of daily task give me an expectation of easy and must finish, which in this case is failing my expectation But overall I like it..Version: 2.4.0

Love this game but one improvementI absolutely love this game however, you seem to get orders for the same things all the time , and never get orders for older items as you progress . You should the option to delete ones that no longer get used for example , food, ice cream . Jewellery photographs there’s no space on the board unless you buy a holding space for 10 diamonds.Version: 2.12.85

More issues and I lost everythingI played this game for long up to level 70 with money pay and now when I update I lost all then go back restart form level 1. What’s going on??.Version: 2.0.6

Great game for 36 levelsI really love this game. Usually I'm bored to death by the plot lines in games but I love the conversations and the little people and always want to read more. The matching game is a good balance of thought, luck, and persistence. But I completely agree with the reviewer who says the game peters out after level 41. I've limped along to level 47 hoping it would pick up again, but I'm about to give up. I've only got 3 goals at a time, and they're all for items that take a really long time to recharge, so I check in, tap the items a few times, and that's pretty much all that's worth doing. Sometimes I make a bunch of seashells and sell them but you really don't get much money for that. When I fulfill a goal I get another, but it's the same situation. One of my goals is for a level 2 key, and I've only gotten 1 key ever so I just keep waiting. Maybe I'll check back in a few months and see if it's recovered..Version: 1.11.4

Addictive and relaxing game!I used to love this game, I played it constantly and reached level 39 and almost all the upgrades up to that level. Log in today after the recent update and all my progress has been reset to 0. Update: Thanks for your response I understand why you had to reset, but although I didn’t buy any diamonds, I did watch a lot of ads to help my progress and invested a lot of hours into the gameplay. I don’t think I am able to play the same amount to reach the level I was at, but I wish you all the best. You had/have a great game and it deserves the 5 stars!.Version: 2.0.6

Fun gameHi, I waited for the latest update as I was already up to level 71 & couldn’t go any further, was disappointed when I first opened the update as I lost all of the money etc I’d earned but the disappointed quickly because the update has so many great new features and I’m really enjoying it. Recommend you have a go!!!! Thanks Alice.Version: 2.0.6

Nice changesEditing my comment. The developers made some very needed changes and it improved the game for the better. Being able to store your older items in a separate board was a major improvement!.Version: 2.12.109

If it had more than 2 levels I’d’ve given it 5 starsI love merge games, and this one is no exception. The energy is slow, could do with add watching to refill or something, as it puts you off playing. Also, I’ve completed the second town, and that’s it. The next one says “unknown”. Is that it? I am still merging and collecting coins, but it would be nice to advance further into what could be a great little game. There is also the matter of the Mysterious Shell, with no indication as yet to how you create it. I’m hoping time will tell. Please would you add more levels as it is a great game..Version: 1.4.6

Satisfied College StudentLove to play in between classes. Good stuff devs!.Version: 2.12.172

Some improvementsOverall I like this game. There have been some updates that have not been good (don’t like that the bubble items don’t give you energy now) but overall it’s very playable. The one thing that I keep waiting for is the animal sanctuary or should I say many of them. The game says they are coming soon but only after you have paid to unlock the building! It’s getting frustrating!.Version: 2.12.138

Good gameGood game. I really enjoy playing but… since the update my game Now fails to load and all I get is a black screen. Even after deleting and reinstalling it still doesn’t work. Can I get my game back? I’m not willing to start again from the beginning. I’ve just bought a gem of pack too which is now pointless. Edit: I’ve updated the game and it’s back again, I’ve changed my rating back to 5 stars. Thank you looking forward to playing again :).Version: 2.6.2

Good game but need more updatesAddicted to the game but it does take a while to reach the next level. So it would be good if you could get more energy without spending 100gems for only 50 energy, or only being able to watch 5 lotta of videos for 25energy each per day. That way you could level up a bit quicker because the actual game is time consuming as it is to create items. Even when items pop up in a bubble it would be good to be able to watch a crappy advert to then be able to get the item, without spending 124 gems for it. The inventory bag won’t ever close for some reason too. You have to take out your items then close the app to carry on playing the game. Bit of a bug issue there i think that needs to be fixed. It would have been good to see seasonal side games, a Halloween one would have been a good side game to the main option as I've seen before with the tiger side game in the past. If there were side games it would be a great addition to be able to earn more energy and gems with it too as well as playing a side game..Version: 2.6.1

Great Game ✨Whilst yes it does get harder to fulfil the orders as you progress - that’s the point! You have to have patience and slowly work towards them, it’d be boring if you sailed through the game! My only suggestion for improvement would be perhaps an extra inventory category for the Source Items, as there are so many but some I rarely use anymore! I haven’t needed shells, or ice cream etc in a while so they take up valuable board space. Even if their timers didn’t go down whilst they were in storage it would be fine! So yeah that would be nice! :).Version: 2.12.98

Good funReally enjoying the game - making progress is quick and satisfying, and the most recent update has really improved the game overall. The only reason I'm not giving 5 stars is because there is no way to sell/get rid of generators (sewing kits/buckets/rose bush). I currently have no space on my board to make more progress in the game as I have a lot of generators and no way to get rid of them (my storage is full too). I'd suggest either increasing storage space or making generators sellable in future updates, as that's really my only issue with the game..Version: 1.5.0

Problem error?Hi there! Was enjoying the game and progressed to lvl 41 but now there’s a problem where evertime I open the app it says I have no energy and then proceeds to say an error has occurred and I need to restart. I’ve tried restarting my phone, uninstalling the app and reinstalling it then downloading the cloud data but that didn’t solve it either. Help?.Version: 1.11.4

Love it!I’ve been playing this game for a while now, and I’ve had contact with the creators several times and they have been great. To people wondering where items are. All I say is just be patient and play the game, you’ll get an order for something you can’t make yet, but you will. Just play and honestly it will all come together. The only thing I would like to see is maybe a bigger board to play on. It gets full so quick and every time I sell something can almost guarantee there’ll be an order for it soon after. Typical! Also with the added thing’s to create items from, the board can be so cluttered with it all. But as a whole, the game is brilliant, it’s fun and the creators are amazing. I’ve messaged them on Facebook a few times when I’ve been confused or waiting on updates about updates and they are just so happy to message you and try and help. Please don’t knock the game until you’ve given it a good go. This is also the first game I’ve ever left a review on! Thank you makers of travel town, as a small team you really are doing amazing!.Version: 1.7.1

Won’t playLove the game but now I can’t play. I got to level 21 and now it just freezes constantly. Spent some money on it too..Version: 2.12.206

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