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Beatstar App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Beatstar app received 145 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Beatstar? Can you share your negative thoughts about beatstar?

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Beatstar for Negative User Reviews

InfuriatingIt seems like the majority of five star reviews haven’t played the game for too long and, like me, was happy to have such a game and decided to review the game early. It’s probably because this is one of the best tap to the beat games I’ve seen on the App Store in a long time. The graphics are great, there is a nice song selection for most genres and being able to make sure your taps are in sync for if you’re using Bluetooth headphones and such is great. There are some songs I’ve unlock which I’m not too keen on but I can’t really complain about that. The big biiiiig problem is once you’ve played past level 1 and opened your five second crates, your crates take 3 to 5 hours to open, which is generally a standard model for a lot of games. The problem here is though instead of a warning about progression like most games and being able to play without experience or such, the game just stops you playing altogether. You have to wait or pay to unlock a crate so you can play again. You then can have three more attempts at a song or two before back to waiting. Honestly one of the worst ideas I’ve seen in a game yet, no being able to attempt to beat your own score or just general playing for fun. You just can’t play. So, unfortunately instead of paying the ridiculous price (repeatedly as there isn’t a premium unlock either) so I can attempt to play three more songs, I’m just going to wait until another, better model comes out. Nice try, devs..Version:

Be prepared to spend money…Great game, great design/interface and great concept but greed by developers has once again ruined a great game, if you don’t spend money you’ll find yourself playing the same songs over and over again for a chance to unlock at least 1 new song! Or you can buy songs for round about 200 gems each and 300 gems cost £5 which I find a scandal! Micro transactions are ruining the mobile gaming experience for everyone, would be much better if they included a vip pass or such sort instead all of these stupid micro transactions. You’ll find yourself waiting upto 2 hours to unlock a box which gives you cards and you to need to collect so many cards to unlock a song, you only have 3 slots if those slots are full with boxes you can’t play another game until a box unlock has been complete so you either wait 2 hours or pay to instant unlock them. I really wish companies would stop being greedy and actually have some respect for the gaming community! Like I said great game until you become stuck into being forced to buy gems to play..Version:

Need to wait to playBraindead decision to have an open slot to play. How to kill your own game 101.Version:

This new update isn’t the greatest…I’m usually a non stop player when it comes to this game, but this recent update has completely changed the gaming experience. The greatness of this game came from the satisfaction of being able to play whatever song you had unlocked as many times as you desired in order to better your own personal score. However, with this new ‘box slot is full’ mechanism, a huge restriction has been created that stops the player from playing this game all together. Having to wait for a slot to free up or having to pay gems is ultimately pointless as there realistically isnt any more u can do in app (especially with the events being put on hold for some reason.) Besides the actual songs and tapping of them, there is not much else to do in this game, therefore having to wait to free up slots, means the app becomes unusable. Not being able to go ahead and play the songs as many times as desired has sucked the fun out of the game completely. Prior to this update, apart from a couple of glitches ( i.e. not registering of tapping even though you had 100% tapped ) the game was incredibly enjoyable. I find myself opening the app less and less every week. It’s not as satisfying to complete anymore..Version:

Basically pay to playLove the game, It’s really enjoyable to play in my downtime however as other people have stated the problem with this game is after about 3 full songs you have to wait 3-5 hours to open a box so you can play again, unless you pay for a weeks worth of unlimited plays. The problem is this makes the game only accessible during certain hours of the day like I might go on my lunch break at work but I can’t play because I’m waiting for a box slot to open. And for a game with scores based on perfection of the songs, it’s hard to practice a song when I can only play it 3-5 times before I have to put the game down again. Seriously brings the quality of life down and is the only thing stopping this from a perfect 5. Still an enjoyable game I just got any more..Version:

Pay to play slots.Listen to you’re reviews! Everyone is saying they can’t play your game for hours on end!.Version:

WASTE of brilliant conceptConcept was phenomenal, ruined by ads and greed. Wasted more time waiting for things to be unlocked or watching an ad to continue playing after 3 tries. Wont recommend.Version:

Love the game - hate the priceThis game is super addictive, and extremely fun to play. But just like the masses, we all seem to share the same issue. The price of the game. It is probably the most expensive game I’ve played for iPhone in terms of unlimited play. It would be really great if there were maybe an energy bar, that could be filled - maybe it would take so much energy per go, and that allows you to still play the game and gather boxes. Unlimited play I feel should come as standard, as this choice by the company blocks players from actually playing the game. I purchased the unlimited play once, but would not pay if effect of £20 a month to use this game. I would however pay the almost £5 fee monthly, and I feel this is fair. Stop ripping off your customers, and start listening to us, otherwise this app will be short lived and that’s a real shame because it has the potential to be genius..Version:

Seriously..This game is so addicting that I’ve had to spend money on it. Have become quite good at it too. But now when I’m on a roll about to get a purple or diamond the game will shut itself on me or taps won’t register. Decided to write this review now because I’m annoyed and would love to keep playing this game when it sorts all its stupid glitches out!.Version:

Good game, disappointing experience.Very well designed game, with good song selection and smooth gameplay. It’s a shame that the developers don’t want you to actually play the game. I downloaded the game today and played for less than an hour before I was simply stopped from playing because you cannot play the game with case slots full. I understand that the game needs to make money somehow, but I wasn’t even given enough time to get hooked onto the game before I was forced to stop. Now I will only be able to play a few times in a row before not being allowed to play until a case is unlocked. I enjoy the game but this inconsistency will probably lead down to deleting the app eventually, since I will open it less and less..Version:

A game that missed the spot….An incredible game! I love the dynamics of any songs and the way the game makes you always wanna beat your own score. Everything went to the bin when you realize that you can play until you have all you crate slots filled and that you nees to wait HOURS just to play 5 other times.. What a shame, I used to love that game you greedy developers….Version:

Me and my friends all experience major glitches!I would rate this game 5 stars if there were less bugs and glitches. The most frustrating thing about this game is the app closes suddenly mid-late song (always when you’re acing it) and always after spending money on the game or using diamonds. I’ll purchase 7-days free play and end up too frustrated to use it because the game glitches mid song or worse, shuts down completely after using diamonds to continue a Perfect+ Streak. Feels like a waste of money - when your in the mood to play uninterrupted and pay for this premium, you would expect the game to function properly. Me and my friends are all experiencing this issue, although I play far more often and sometimes experience the app closing suddenly up to 7 times during play. Such a let down, hope this is fixed ASAP. Additional Suggestion - Please make time between seasons shorter or at least add more levels with rewards. Having 70 remaining levels with no rewards isn’t that exciting..Version:

DisappointedI Love this game, don’t get me wrong, this new update is the worst thing they could of done to this game, I seriously can’t play unless you have free slots for boxes? I’ve been playing this game for months, and all of a sudden I need to either spend 40 diamonds which takes forever to accumulate or wait 3-5 hours, this is the worst thing that can happen. And also the events now which was the most fun part has now been taken down for several months. When I downloaded this game it was great, update by update it gets worse and worse. Not even worth it anymore, I’m extremely disappointed..Version:

Nowhere near as good as old school tap tap revengeThis get close, but has lots of annoying gameplay, the song stops if you miss one tap or swipe and you have to either start from the beginning or pay to continue using premium coins. The level designs are bad, instead of having multiple difficulties for each song, you have to play through the difficulties each time. E.g. the first 10 seconds are easy, then progresses to normal, then medium, then hard, as you play the song. This is really annoying, as the easy part of the song is always suuuper boring to play. Often the taps are relatively unconnected to The music in anyway, and most of the time just focusses on the singer, rather than some of the more interesting parts of the song. The beauty of TapTap Revenge was that you felt like you were playing the song, whereas Beatstar is more like playing along to the singer. The song unlock progression is slow and gets boring really quickly. I don’t understand why they have used this loot box model when it didn’t work very well for many other companies in the past. All this encourages is endless replaying of the same songs, but you can’t even choose the difficulty settings to make it more interesting. Also, a lot of the time they don’t even have the full songs, which is also frustrating..Version:

When developers spoil their own gamesI want to love this game. I want to give it 5 stars. It’s fun. It’s easy to learn. It has good music and all genres and it’s addictive in a good way. But and this is a big fat BUT… you can’t actually play it. Why? Because after 3/4 goes all you boxes are full and you have to pay to open one so you can continue. And a box takes 2 to 5 hours to open by itself. 5 HOURS before you can play 3 songs again and then the boxes are full again and it’s pay or wait 5 more hours to play are you kidding ? So if you want to play you HAVE TO PAY! Come on folks we have just left a pandemic we are in a recession there is not much spare cash and certainly not enough to pay £8 for 300 crystals to open 10 boxes so you can really get into this game. Yeah there’s some freebies but come on I mean 5 free crystals a day is pretty mean considering it takes 40/50 to open a box so you can do what the game is designed for and play it. I know these games have to make money but if you make things cheaper more people will actually keep the game and buy stuff and you will make more money ! Shocking fact I know but true none the less. Pricing out your players is a bad business decision. Go for a fan base. Go for longevity. Don’t be greedy let people play without hammering the credit card. You’ll make more in the long run. Try it..Version:

Not fun anymoreWith the new update I have to pay gems to open song cases or wait 3 hours ??? Really…. The game was fine before this update was unnecessary..Version:

Fun but dissapointingHad to uninstall this app today. It’s fun for a while, but then after you’ve played long enough you realise it’s a “play to have more fun” type of game. You have to wait a ridiculous amount of time to play songs again after you’ve only had a few go’s. You start off with very few songs anyways like any game, but it takes far too long to make enough progress without having to pay, which is something I’m not willing to do. Considering how long it takes to unlock other songs, it becomes boring having to play the same ones over again until you have to keep waiting hours on end to play again. If you want more people to play you’re game for longer, don’t charge as much and allow more availability. You need to consider how we’ve just gotten out of a pandemic, not everyone has that sort of money to spend on a mobile game..Version:

Those darn boxes!!I’m going to echo everyone else here. Sadly. I LOVE this game! My son loves this game! We have a little competition going to see who can get the higher score on each song. That is, we love it when we can play it. The three boxes fill fairly quickly (which is nice) but then rather than being able to simultaneously “open” boxes or offering an ad to speed things up you have to do them one by one. Some take 3 hours, some take 5 hours, and once those boxes are full… you can’t play anymore. Unless you spend your hard earned (because they are hard to earn), or paid for diamonds. I would like nothing more than to be able to keep playing while I wait for the boxes to open (still collecting the points required to fill the boxes you understand). Other than the agonising wait, I look forward to being able to play and unlock more songs. Hopefully with new updates even more songs will be added??! Who knows?! Anyway, without the box issue it would be a 5* game..Version:

Amazing game, terrible marketingJust wanna start this review off by saying the game is fun, I mean that’s it it’s addicting as heck I didn’t want to stop playing. I was gonna spend money on more songs and boxes cause I was addicted but then the second I wasn’t able to play due to using up all my free plays for the week I thought why even market the game as free instead call it a free trial. I get free to play games need some form of monetization which is why I was tempted to spend money. However selling the game as “free” and locking players out isn’t a very good marketing strategy at all I thought developers want people to play their game and not lock them out. That’s literally the only complaint I have on the game which is why it was so long and explained throughly, the gameplay and music itself is perfect too bad I can’t play tho due to using up my weekly turns. (Only reason I won’t buy more turns is cause I disagree full heartly with the marketing behind it) (boxes and buying music is perfectly fine heck even adding other cosmetics and purchasable items is epic by me and I woulda even probably bought some) As a whole the game itself is 7/10 were the marketing better it’d be 10/10 from me..Version:

Pathetic. Another game falls to greedTerrible new update. Absolutely disgusting.Version:

Too long wait timesAfter playing 4 songs i have to wait 3 hours to play unless I want to play lots of money. Why? I would honestly suggest to put more ads in the game after songs or something so i don’t have to wait that long. It really ruins it waiting so long. Otherwise a very good game and fun when you don’t have to wait!.Version:

Keep an eye on Improvements!I really would love to give this game 5 stars. The sleek design and music collection has been fantastic so far, and the added difficulty of the swiping mechanics have added a real fun challenge! This has been the first game in a while that I find myself wanting to jump back into, but sadly there is a gaping flaw in the game which is becoming a growing frustration. The fact that it totally stops you from being able to play when all your ‘new song’ box slots are filled. I’m really hoping it’s not a design choice and they’re actively working on either revamping that feature or giving you a way to still play even when these slots are filled, because it almost feels like I’m being actively discouraged from playing the game when it completely bars me off from practicing just because I’m waiting for a new song. It would be fantastic to have a practice mode to use in between boxes opening, or perhaps have you earn less tokens or even no tokens at all until you have another slot available. Another option could maybe be to give players a way to earn more gems during songs, like rewarding them for large streaks and such, as I’ve seen other reviewers suggest. This has the potential to be a really really great game, and I’m sure the developers don’t want to push away their audience, so I’m looking forward to any updates they have in store, and the improvements that they may make in the future. It’s definitely worth keeping an eye on this gem..Version:

Have to pay money to actually play the gameUsed to be such a good game but ruined by pay wall.Version:

Would love this feature!Would it be possible to have unlimited play on songs that you get the ‘Diamond’ rank in? And make it so that when you play those songs you don’t get any rewards/ levels/ tokens/ coins from them so it doesn’t speed up your progress in the game too much. I would just love to replay the songs that I enjoyed playing over and over again in my free time without having to wait for the cases to open or worrying about filling up the cases with coins I earned from replaying songs I already played. It might also encourage people to keep playing songs to get the ‘Diamond’ rank so that they can replay them. Amazing game otherwise! Thank you so much for all the fun I’m having on this!.Version:

Good game if you want to payUnless you pay to play expect to Get bored very easily. Me and a few friends have played this game since before it’s global release and have uninstalled it as there’s nothing more for us to do. Have had the songs unlocked again since global release and those friends who have paid to play are still as bored as someone who doesn’t. I think developers should just make this be a buy app rather than a pay to play..Version:

Use to love it! Update sucks!$20 a month for a subscription??? All you did was add a few songs and the best one with juice wrld u have to buy the subscription????Why does this cost more than youtube premium &&& more than Netflix. Maybe if you offered a affordable price that would be nice! :).Version:

Fun, but you can’t really play it.This game is really fun, coming from someone who almost never plays mobile games, good songs, and gameplay that will make you come back wanting more. Though my main issue is I can rarely play it. They prevent you from playing after earning a certain number of boxes, you earn boxes from completing songs and getting coins, it takes up to 5 hours to open one box, leaving me stuck, and unable to play unless I want to pay Gems to open a box immediately..Version:

You are way to greedy and don’t care about your customersYou don’t have anything different to say to anybody you say the same exact same thing I look at lots of reviews before I get it the gameAnd everybody who has said they don’t like your new stuff your new update you just tell them to play maybe they will like it when you damn well know you did this for money and your own guess am not for the people that play your game i haven’t seen something so despicable in a long time in so happy now day it’s about the money and not the entertainment of your customers horrible horrible people that’s what you are just wanting to make gain for your own greed I am ashamed of people I am ashamed of you.Version:

Extremely Limited Song OptionsThis game has a good idea and good mechanics, but it needs a ton more song options. I really don’t care at all about the newest song by whoever is popular this week, I’m a fan of older music. That being said, there are only two songs that I’d consider “Older” music in the game (Living on a prayer and sweet home Alabama). And while I don’t mind some recent songs, if you want any chance to reach a level where you can play one of the two songs I’d like better, you have to earn stars by playing a wide variety of music that I’d rather not listen too. I ended up playing some songs without sound because I didn’t want to listen to them, but I wanted the stars so I could potentially get to a song I liked better. You should have a wide selection of music to play right from the beginning, in different categories including different decades rather than just different genres, that way you can play music that suits your tastes more to unlock different songs in that specific category. I want to like this game, but when the main theme is music, it shouldn’t have such limited music to cause a player to not even want to listen to it. Hopefully the music gets “updated” (ironic since I’m asking for older music), and then I’d love to play it again, but for now I just won’t and I can’t in good conscious give 2 stars to a music app without music..Version:

I’ve never played a game that actively discourages you from playingI love rhythm games and I play them a lot but while the game play in this is fine and they have a large variety of songs it so actively discourages you from playing. I get it’s trying to go for the “spend money to get more energy to play songs” route but there’s a much better way to doing this. In the rhythm games I play while I can play the songs as many times as I want I don’t get bonuses or anything to level up without said energy so it allows me to waste time in the game while still giving me an incentive to come back as well as giving me the option to purchase more energy. I genuinely don’t understand why the game is so adamant about not having you play you can’t even retry a song without losing that energy you spent. Overall the gameplay is fine the song selection is great but the mechanics for replayability is its own detriment.Version:

Pay to playPay to win is one thing, but a free to play where you need to spend money just to play more than 10 minutes in the span of 1-5 hours is a new low for mobile gaming..Version:

Great gameplay for a few minutesLet me start by saying the gameplay is challenging and engaging, especially on hard and extreme difficulty with a great song selection giving a variety of genres and hit songs. Unfortunately that’s where the fun stops. If I fail a song enough times (whether it’s genuinely challenging or I’m trying to get a high score) it fills up the chest meter which I’m all for BUT when you fill up on the 3 chests you can receive you can no longer play the game without shelling out $5 for a week for unlimited play. Supercell has done a great job making my money feel worth what I’m getting but for beatstar it feels like I’m being taken advantage of. Since I like your game so I have to give 5 bucks a week in order to play as consistently as I would like? Really fun game but please treat those of us who want to play your game like you want us to continue playing. I opened the game for the first time in a few weeks because every time I open the app I have 2 chests already and After a few tries/songs that’s it. Then it’s back to forgetting about it since I barely got to play in the first place. Unlimited play should be free considering it’s tough enough unlocking new songs without all the restrictions. Or at the very least give unlimited play for songs you have 5 stars for already so we won’t be able to unlock new songs from playing and we can still try to perfect said songs. Please fix this because I actually like this app and it has potential to be 5 stars.Version:

Great game, but…I’m going to echo a lot of the feedback that I can see has been given already by others. It’s a really slick, well made, fun game, which has potential and could be great, but has one BIG problem!….the case unlock mechanism is completely broken. You get 3 slots to unlock new songs, which fill up pretty quickly, and once full you get locked out and can’t play any more rounds until you empty a slot! You’re options for unlocking are either wait 3-5 hours, or pay for gems to instant unlock. The real big problem is though even once you free up a slot and can start playing again, it only takes 2 songs to fill that empty slot again! And you’re back in the same dilemma, either locked out of the game for 5 hours, or forced to pay to unlock cases quicker. So to get a decent run of gameplay requires quite a significant investment of cash into the game. I understand the need for developers to make money from their games, but it needs to be balanced, fair and engaging. The 5 hour wait after every 2 songs you get to play completely puts me off! If the system was more balanced I might consider spending a bit of money on the come, but not with how it currently works!!.Version:

Your new update insn't that fun it basicly makes it unplayableBoo, not that fun. i want a new game now in place for this one..Version:

Full cases= no playingSo this game is super fun, but when you have full cases, You CANT PLAY THE GAME ANYMORE!!! This change is bad for everyone INCLUDING the dev team because they get less play time, which means they get less ads watched which means they get less money… If the developers were smart, they would realize that everyone is leaving the game because of this and they should change it. Usually normal games would say, “Your case slots are full, do you still want to play?” This is what you should make it.Version:

Cheat gameThe entire mechanics of this game is designed to get you to spend money. As if Apple wasn’t greedy enough they have designed/developed a game that doesn’t allow you to freely continuously play without playing. YOU LITERALLY CANT PLAY THIS GAME WITHOUT BEINGPENALIZED, and once you “don’t have enough space” to continue playing you can either pay to start playing again or wait like 3 to 5 hours. The only way you can play without being penalized is by having an Unlimited play which you get a sample 20 minute one when you first start playing but shocker the server “went down” for 15 of the 20 minutes. SMOOTH. But after that sample you have to pay 5 bucks to get a weeks worth of free play which so be available regardless of monetary contributions. It’s not enough I bought your 1k dollar phone Apple?!? I gotta give you an extra 5 bucks a week to play a game of yours. You and everyone who works for you should be disgusted with the choices you’ve made in life and in business. Also weirdly enough in the middle of me writing the scathing review my keyboard stopped working so I had to finish the review in notes and past it back in the Apple store. What you thought that would stop me … think again you disgusting, wannabe overlord corporation. Down with Apple..Version:

Great PotentialGreat concept and relatively fun gameplay, however the limited play system implemented through song case slots severely hinders any enjoyment the actual game brings. On top of that, you aren’t rewarded in any way for achieving gold, platinum or diamond scores despite their difficulty to achieve. Would rather pay a one-off-fee to unlock all features and songs. It’s a shame the developers have prioritised capita gain over player satisfaction. The latest game changes (i.e. increasing the time speed) has not improved the game at all. It has made it even more difficult to time beats accurately. The game could benefit from customisable difficulty settings such as adjustable tile speed and level difficulty for songs, seperate to the normal, hard, extreme levels already implemented..Version:

Can’t play if chest are fullI was really enjoying the game and all the songs until I got locked out of playing while my chests were full. This game is great and reminds me of the good old Tap Tap days but a huge issue with it is that you literally can’t play the game while all the chests are full which really ruins the fun of it. I suggest that you remove that feature and just let people not get the coins while their chests are full and then they can practice their songs and get better at them..Version:

Best in the genre but has its floorsWithout a doubt this game is the best of its kind. The detailed interfaces, vibrant colours, intuitive “beat” patterns and a fantastic selection of songs to unlock. However it’s all drawn back by the monetisation choices. You can either monetise to give those that pay more options or you can restrict the game from being able to be played for a long time and monetise the ability to actually play the game and that’s exactly what’s been done. After you’ve collected 3 boxes, you have to watch ads to play each song, after you’ve watched so many ads to play, you can’t play at all? Unless you pay of course… my best advice to anyone been frustrated by this is, if you know you’re not going to get 5 stars in the song, force close the game before the countdown/final review to prevent unlocking your final box, otherwise you will end up having to watch ads to play and eventually unable to play at all..Version:

Used to be a great game, but it’s pretty much ruined nowThe update means that you can only play if a case slot is open. 3 song plays and that’s full. You either need to pay way too much money to open a case, or wait at least 3 hours. I loved this game and have over 50 songs but I’m going to put it down now until the developer gets way less greedy..Version:

The adds are a joke.The adds are ridiculous. Way to many and purely just dumb. I shouldn’t have to watch so many adds just to play a game on my phone. I spend more time watching adds than actually playing. When I actually get to play the game, the way the game works is so frustrating, I don’t like that if I accidentally miss a beat it’s game over and I can only play so much at a time before it tries to get me to spend ridiculous amounts of money to continue. Why not just continue the song and get a lower score rather than end it? If I could give negative stars I would. If I also had the power to replace this app with guitar hero I would also do that but unfortunately I can not. Guitar hero on iPhone will always be the best. This app is garbage.Version:

Has potential, but issues are too frustrating.It’s fun to play, can get a little repetitive when you max out the free tour levels so it becomes more difficult to unlock new songs. I wish it had a better variety of songs. Even though you input your age at the beginning, you will still get a lot of pop and Gen-z “hip-hop”. Some older stuff would be great. The biggest issue for me has been with the wishlist box. I’m sick of the songs I’ve been getting and finally get 25 cards to unlock a song from my wishlist, and I GET A SONG THAT WASN’T ON MY WISHLIST, by some “rapper” that I’ve never heard of. But earlier, I had accidentally marked it as a wishlist item, and immediately taken it off, so whatever. Then, I finally get 30 more wishlist cards, double check my wishlist, and open the box to get ANOTHER song that wasn’t on my wishlist, and had never been on my wishlist. In fact, it’s a song that I can’t stand! What gives? At this point I don’t think I can take any more Ariana Grande or Doja Cat, especially when I don’t even know if I would get a song on my wishlist if I get enough cards again. It’s almost like the only way you are guaranteed NOT to get a specific song is to put it on your wishlist..Version:

UnplayableFix your game. You can only play for 15 minutes before having to wait at least 3 hours to play again. Greedy. Not to mention the fact that you get points without beating a level. You essentially get four tries, not even completions. Open more slots for boxes, or drop the limitations. Simple. Also, (in the generic response you resend to folks with concerns) you mention that you feel the update was best for the game. Explain Upon further review, your tactics have proven superior to my feeble sense of will. I made a purchase that I instantly regret. 300 gems, but for what? Will I be playing this game come November who can know for sure. All we can know is that your platform is ingenious. Well played..Version:

One of the best rhythm games I’ve ever played BUT…..This is by far one of the best rhythm games I’ve ever played. The level actually get difficult and the songs are really well known and good. There is a very steep learning curve going from normal to hard difficulty but it’s fun to replay songs and get better each time. There is one huge draw back however. As you play levels you get points, these points unlock crates. Most crates take 1.5 hours to open and at the end you get a new song or cards towards a new song. This is a good system HOWEVER you can only have three crates at once. And unlike other games with this system, you can ONLY have these three crates. If you fill up all of your slots you can’t play for AN HOUR AND A HALF. Once you’re done waiting you have another five minutes of play time until you have to wait again. This gets even worse if you have to unlock a FIVE HOUR CRATE. This basically forces you to spend gems and thus money if you want to play the game for more than a few minutes. If it wasn’t for this feature I would give the gave all 5 stars and write it down as one of the best mobile games I’ve played by far, however with this feature, all the fun is taken out of it. I hope and pray the developers will allow you to play with full crates but I have a feeling there is too much money to be made. If the feature is ever changed then I will happily change my review to 5 stars..Version:

It has potentialThis is a great game, great mechanics, the beats are in sync with the songs, it’s fun and enjoyable despite being a simplistic idea, it’s executes it in a way where there’s plenty to do. However, it is only like this the first few hours of having the game downloaded. You get to a point where the spaces at the bottom with chests you get from playing are full to the maximum of 3 chests and you can’t play. Unless you spend $5 for unlimited play, or watch an ad, you can not play consistently at all. I expected this game, as well as it was played off to be, jam packed with fun, exciting good quality game, and it was! That is until it attempted to milk me of money. Because it is such a well executed game, the developers think they can get away with milking their consumers of money because how much we like the game. I don’t understand why the developers would take a game like this, a game with such good potential, and decide to take advantage of the players by basically saying, “hey if you don’t pay us $5 a week you won’t be able to consistently play our game we obviously put a lot of effort and time on and would make plenty of money off anyway!” Nope, the fact it only lasts for a week is even worse, and it’s $5! My point is, this game has amazing potential, it’s honestly a great game, but taking advantage of your consumers with such a good game and not letting us play it consistently ruins the whole thing for us and makes it almost unplayable..Version:

I love this game, but ….There was a new update recently i think and they made it so to play another song you NEED to open another music box thing by using your gems i absolutely HATE THIS, i had 200+ gems saved up and the game made me spend them all or i wouldn’t be able to play another song i DESPERATELY need this to be changed. this used to be my favourite game. the system used before was fine, why change something that wasn’t broken. my review will stay at 1☆ until this gets fixed. i’m even considering deleting this game, spending all my gems for cards isn’t worth it..Version:

Limits on play timeI used to play this game all the time. It was super fun grinding particular songs for a good score. But now you just can’t do that? I took a break from the game before the change was made, and was pretty shocked when I returned. You can literally only play a few times and then you’re locked out for HOURS unless you pay up. Super anti-consumer decision. I’d honestly rather watch an ad every couple songs over this. I just wanna play your game. Please let me play your game. And if it’s not economically viable to revert back to how it was… then where is all this money even going? New songs are hardly EVER released, a few other rhythm games on the App Store aren’t as high quality but they at least have much larger catalogues. This app has SO much stifled potential..Version:

Bad unlimited play optionsThis game would be loads of fun if it wasn’t for the fact that some players are offered a week of unlimited play in the shop while some only have access to one day unlimited play in the shop for no apparent reason. It makes it hard to keep playing when I am restricted in the amount of limited play I can buy while my friends can buy much longer periods. The support is also very slow to respond..Version:

Wait 3 hrs, play 7 minutes, repeat.Gameplay is good, but uninstalling because of pay-to-play. You play a song and get points outside of each song. Reach a certain threshold of those points and get a chest. You have 3 chest slots. If you’re half decent at the game, you’ll fill a slot in 3 songs. After that you either pay for only an hour of unlimited play or pay to instantly unlock a chest. Or wait multiple hours only to play 3 more songs and have to wait multiple hours again. 3 hours of waiting for maybe 9 minutes of game. Even EA isn’t this cruel..Version:

Chests take too long to openI recently installed this game and is actually pretty good I didn’t think that I would like it but instantly I was obsessed. After I played 6 songs then I had to wait between 3-5 hours just to play again purely because the chest has to open the only thing bad about the game is the cap on how long you can play you should be able to play for as long as you want without having to wait although you can watch ads to play again but eventually after like 6 ads they run out and you have to wait another couple of hours I think that this should be fixed as soon as possible because it will lose the company a huge amount of players cause they have to wait then they give up as my mate did and so did my brother because they got sick of waiting.Version:

Impossible to play at times.You ever play a song that you know you are hitting the notes correctly, yet it either ends up as a “great” or not “perfect plus” or even worse a miss? Gameplay wise it is not bad. The songs are not particularly challenging yet you need to be damn near robotic in order to perfect or “diamond” these songs. Leaderboards are jocked full of robotic scores so good luck getting on them. I’ve played Rock-band Reloaded, a couple of Japanese rhythm games for the ipad and iphone and I’ve managed to obtain have global high scores in all of these games, this one seems to fall short in how the game calculates score as it is not based on streak, a starpower, but it is based on how accurately you hit the notes, which is fine, but the setting must be like 5 samples with zero room for error. Fun game, just wish they had a better scoring system and harder songs rather than needing a CPU brain to get on the leaderboard..Version:

Please read devsMost of the player community has been upset for the last few days and I speak on behalf of many that you should not put a limit to how many songs we can play a day because I know profit is good but do not get that through your head the more popular it is the more people are willing to spend..Version:

Great Game - Money Pit!This is such a great game and so much fun to play. That is until you realize all they want is your money money money and you can’t afford to play it. They require you to purchase play by the hour unless you want to watch a 30 sec ad every time you want to play a song. Even that only lasts for about 10 songs before they cut you off completely unless you pay. Then there is the racquet of trying to earn songs. Having to earn more and more coins to earn more and more cards. Then every time you choose genres you like it requires you to get more and more the next time you want that genre. Even this wouldn’t be awful if it wasn’t a random song in the end. The randomizer seems to somehow always provide crappy songs that I’ve never even heard of before. I have received 1 or 2 songs I like out of the last 20-30. Once you put a song on your wishlist forget about getting it at all! It forces you to always have 6 songs on your wishlist and somehow always manages to pick the one you were forced to add! I either have the worst luck or the system is rigged! All I want is to be able to play the songs I like and this seems to be impossible, even after spending almost $40. Unfortunately, Once my gems run out I’m done because I’m tired of the disappointment of earning those coins and cards and getting lame songs in return!.Version:

Lack of care for playersGenuinely a great game. However I’m very disappointed with the blatant quick cash grab and disregard for the community’s enjoyment. They expect you to pay $9 a week to play more than 5 times every 3 hours and don’t even give you an option to restart if something out of your control ruins the game (phone call, notifications ect) it’s ultimately driven me to delete the game unfortunately. So much potential but that it’s taken away from the company’s greediness. Fix this issue and then this game would be great but for now not worth the phone space :/.Version:

DisappointedI’ve played this game for a long time, I’m currently in the top 2% The way this game has changed is disappointing. It used to be so much better. The lack of songs added in the past little while is also disappointing. I was really hoping for a better kept game.Version:

The new update..I hate the new update, the fact we can’t play any songs until all the cases we have are opened is stupid. I’ve shared this game with a few friends who have gotten into the game and they all agree the new update is stupid. Half the time I don’t even have enough gems to open a case. At least add a feature to play songs as the cases are full. Because there is no way I’m wasting my money opening a case just for a 20% chance I’ll even get cards to open the music box I want. I downloaded the game to play music, not to pay for songs I don’t even like..Version:

Disappointed with Beatstar3 days ago I would have gave this game 5 stars no problem, I loved this game, since the update you can’t even play any songs once your case slots are full, I could handle the somewhat pushy in app purchases before, but completely making the game un-playable just to push players to buy gems is just sad in my opinion, ruined the game for me and many others. Edit: How this will improve the game is beyond me, Greedy developers..Version:

GlitchingI LOVE this game but it keeps crashing and glitching and freezing while I’m mid play, I have a modern iphone and i don’t keep all my apps running in the background so this is really frustrating especially when it crashes in the middle of a game that I’m doing really well in and then when I restart my phone and try to play it again it tells me I’m out of plays. This has happened to me countless times and I’m sick of it..Version:

Its fineTwo gripes with this game, super grindy and the taps sometimes dont register I need to play a song perfectly 3 times to get a case that can only give me 3-5 cards randomly. Each box increases the amount of cards needed when you have more songs so I need to randomly get 30ish cards of the same variant But ofcourse the cases have a 3 or 5 hour wait time and you can only open one at a time. Even if you just want to play casually. if you have have three cases that arent opened, you cant play the game anymore. Oh and the minute long ads to get two cards Like jesus dude Ofcourse every step of the way they try to make you use money. Want to play endlessly? Pay up Want another chance? Pay up Want to buy 2 random songs? Thats $7 bucks Also ofcourse a battle pass ontop of all of that I like this game alot but I can’t ignore how it dipfeeds you badly in every step of the process. Feels super predatory Also sometimes this game doesnt even register my touch. Super annoying since its gameplay relies heavily on being perfect Its fun when it works but they wont let you have a second to enjoy it without shoving microtransactions down your neck.Version:

Its is an insanely addictive game with one of the worst mechanics in rhythm game historyBeatstars is extremely addictive to play just like mostly every rhythm game out there, but i have never seen a mechanic that softens my 5 incher more than a time gate, and an incredibly similar type of time gate they use in MMORPG’s to hide the fact that the MMO in question has little to no content. But unlike an MMORPG, rhythm games have practically infinite content. So there is absolutely NO REASON to halt a player from playing anymore of their game because you have full boxes. I have read a few of these reviews of the game and all of the top ones are about this time gate mechanic, and the developer response is the exact same for every complaint, a vague excuse for how they think that this mechanic will be beneficial, without actually saying how it will be beneficial. Now its not like there is no way out of this time gate, if you pay $7 CAD you can permanently bypass the barrier, or you can watch an advertisement for a single chance at the song again. Unfortunately for the game developers, this, including with the vague responses, and seemingly no other reason for having a time gate, make them look like huge greedy corporate capitalists. So i call out to the developers to please get rid of the time gate, or at least in this or some other similar review to explain EXACTLY why they have one. Please because i really like this game.Version:

Unlimited PlayThis is the first review I’ve ever written but I thought it was important enough to write about to hopefully reach the ears (or eyes) of the developers. When I started this game I had unlimited play for almost a week. A friend downloaded the game and they were constantly complaining about not having unlimited play, and I kind of laughed it off and could make fun of the idea of a lack of it. Two days ago my unlimited play got taken away. I’m not sure how I had it in the first place, but I’m just as confused as to why it got removed. I think it’s so weird to take the ability to play the game away from players for hours at a time. I assume it’s supposed to be a monetization system for the creators. I know supercell has more than enough money as is and it’s so strange that they would make a game that you need to wait to play. If you look at another one of their games, Clash Royale, that uses the same system for rewarding players with chests, you can obviously keep playing one your slots are full. I think players should be able to keep playing to improve on their scores, get more stars towards their journey, and get more coins for the seasonal pass. I think it’s so strange to take away the ability to play the actual game just because of how well you have done..Version:

Aggressive PaywallHonestly, this could so easily be a five star review - the gameplay works fantastically, and is reminiscent of the old Tap Tap Revenge games which I used to love. The variety of songs is also great. However, the mechanic in which the game prevents you from playing the game at all whilst you wait for a case to unlock, unless you want to spend gems (bought with real life currency) is absolutely shocking. Once you get to a certain point (within the first 45 minutes of starting the app for the first time), you are able to play 3 full songs until the game gives you another case and blocks you from being able to play again until one is unlocked. Unlock times start off 1m, 5m until very quickly it is either 3h or 5h. Why they don’t give you an option to play unlocked songs whilst cases are being unlocked I do not know. They wouldn’t even need to provide any in game xp or benefit, it could just let you play for new high scores. A despicable way to enforce a paywall in a game that would otherwise have endless potential..Version:

Takes too long to try againI failed a song twice, and on the third try it wouldn’t let me play because all my case slots were full of items that automatically got put in there and I can’t remove them. So now I can basically only play once every 3-8 hours depending on whatever is in the slot. Waste of time game..Version:

A missed opportunity for a great game.I have absolutely loved playing through this game so far. I love the music selection in the game, and it can be very satisfying when completing harder levels. The only issue is that you are hardly even able to play the game. When completing levels, or just playing them at all, you earn tokens. When you collect enough of these you earn a box. But once you’ve collected three boxes, you aren’t even able to play any levels until you have unlocked a box and have an open slot. You end up earning a box after just a few games, and soon after you start playing you get boxes that take 3 hours to open. On top of that, whenever you fail a level, before you retry you have to wait through a screen asking if you would want to spend gems to continue, and there’s no way to skip it..Version:

HmI like this game, but I do not believe in invasive marketing for the sake of greed and annoyance. I purchased the tour pass, which should be treated as a season pass, but instead will give you a few more songs, no unlimited plays, no gems, and invasive ads still intact. I do not want to play Project Makeover or whatever other trash game is advertised. Capitalism is a mother, but as human beings are behind the development of this game, the consumers are also human beings who are not made of money. Just let the game be a game, charge a flat rate even, but don’t pretend to be modest about this being “free.” The cases are always full, so you’re forced to watch a video or pay to play without interruption, over and over again. After watching so many videos, the option to watch anymore is greyed out and you can only pay to play. This is pure greed. I am disgusted, however I was heartbroken when Tap Tap Revenge shut down, so I must use this replica. The game itself is a new world of fun with nostalgic mechanics intact, but still a monopolized business model that hurts consumers more than helping them. Money is the root of evil, we are in a pandemic, people can’t even afford to live but phone games are begging for money. Give me a break..Version:

Wanted to love it.The game itself is super fun and there’s a lot of great music. My issue is as with most games too many paywalls. I was content to play the free version and watch ads but you have to watch ridiculously long ads and then suddenly you can’t play songs on gore and the game tries to sell you premium. However it never tells you when you run out of plays. At least not that I can find. I’ll be playing then suddenly I have no more plays with no visual representation of why. No way to get any free diamonds or whatever they’re called, they are purchase only so you end up with unlocked chests you can’t open. Would rather have had a pay once (ten bucks or so?) for the game then no restrictions. I think the plays is controlled by your box slots at the bottom. Once you’re full it won’t let you continue playing unless you pay money. Typical predatory tactics. I know the game is there to make money but for those that don’t want to spend you can only play for a few minutes then you have to wait a lock time until you can open one of the boxes to free a spot to keep playing and the game never explains this to you. You can watch an adult but these ads are 30 seconds and up. Some are several minutes and you’ll have to watch it every time you want to play. No thanks. The funny part is this exact thing has been mentioned ina ton of reviews and the developers always reply acting as if they care. Yet it’s not changed. So yeah. Moving on..Version:

Fun Game Ruined by MicrotransactionsNothing makes me delete a game faster than being forced into spending money on loot boxes and in game currency. The TL;DR - avoid this game until they make changes to their loot box system. The insta-death after missing one note is annoying, but it’s not game breaking. Not being able to continue playing until you open your loot boxes? (Which, I might add, can take upwards of 5 hours to unlock, and you can only unlock one at a time). No thanks. Microtransactions should be optional, not a requirement to play the game. I noticed there was an option to purchase unlimited plays, but it was only for a month duration. Games like this SHOULD NOT have a subscription. I would’ve gladly made the one time purchase. Once you guys pull your heads out of your rears, and either significantly decrease the amount of time it takes to unlock a loot box, or allow me to play without the need for having a loot box slot open, then I’ll consider redownloading this. I suggest others avoid this game as well..Version:

Not for everyoneI feel it targets only a certain generation . Also everyone brain works different from 10 years old to 60 years old . If your not gifted at age of 40 forget about hard and extreme ,only practicing at the age of 10 will you be able to do extreme . Also There are no options of era’s of music just random picked categories that you hope to get something that interest you play . I am sure it hasn’t reached its full potential and maybe it has and is content with the random players that drop $5 occasionally or nothing at all . There should be more generation groups playing to generate more money potentially . Make an easy mode for the elderly . Keep them wanting to come back not get frustrated and bored and then deleted . Make selections better than only one generation listens to . It seems you focus on pop and rap that is given even in a wish list . Ever heard of Armik Lagrimas de guitarra ? Or Oingo boingo Dead mans party ? Alice In Chains Rooster? Or if they want to hear a real challenge Estas Tonne internal flight . Open your generation gap and watch the money flow in . Even make an 80’s theme ,where’s the country ! George strait , Garth brooks or Charlie Daniel band . Micheal Jackson had a lot of number one hits where is that ? . ? Like I said do you want to fill your pockets or the developer’s content already let us make our own list to show the world . How awesome they can be ..Version:

Can’t progressSeems like a poor idea to lock you out of playing until your boxes are opened- especially when that can be up to 5 hours of waiting. I get you need to make money but this is the only FTP game I’ve ever played that literally blocks you until you either wait hours or pay up. You can’t do anything until then..Version:

Great idea.Good game, being very unique, difficult, and fun. However, Im not giving it 5 stars, because of two HUGE things. 1 - cases and leveling up can be a bit of a grind especially with only having three slots and a massive jump in score difference with hard and normal songs, and no max star difference, BUT not being able to play when the crate slots are full? Thats absolutely stupid, what if you want to play for fun or keep playing to attempt earning more stars to level up and progress? You cant. 2 - some songs are more than just hard, but are insane with some newer phones (Im on iphone) because the response times for games on my iphone 12, are about 1/2 or 3/4 of my iphone 7, and theres no home button so on top of having a swarm of things on screen, theres also the slide points, and the ones that angle down will lower the screen, and will NOT pause the game (because its not like tabbing out) so things will continue. I really like this game but with the phone model I have I almost feel put at a disadvantage for having it when it comes to harder songs or ones that mix up things in that weird way, and the case situation especially bothers me..Version:

Ruined a great gamePay to win is one thing, pay to play is just wrong. This game is fun and addicting but the fact that you spend more time waiting for ads to pass to play just shows how greedy the devs are..Version:

The gameThe game is absolutely addicting me and my partner would buy four pass and unlimited play all the time. Until yous updated the game and took unlimited play and shorted the cd box now u can only play 2 songs. Sad that we deleted it but not gonna waste money on some gems that don’t give much use to be fun playing with our mates aswell but they had to delete aswell.Version:

Good, but could be better. Add a casual modeYou guys sacrificed your player base for money and it shows. Having to buy unlimited plays is so stupid. It’s a great game, I love it and would play it much more often if I didn’t have to wait for hours just to play a song three times, then wait for three more hours. Having another way to earn stars would be good too because waiting around for boxes to be unlocked so you can earn cards to earn new songs really slows the gameplay and level progression, the game gets boring after a while. I haven’t noticed any glitches or bugs and I really like the gameplay within the songs themselves, however for people who are new to these kind of games, a good addition would be a casual mode available on every song that doesn’t give you any points or stars and it doesn’t matter if you miss any tiles. This should also be available when boxes are locked to get used to the song and the style of this game. It would make it easier to get used to the game and solve the issue of having nothing to do while waiting for boxes to unlock.Version:

Every update makes the game worseI downloaded Beatstar in the first half of 2021 and it was a joy to play. Interesting song choices, decent playing calibration, and the opportunity to go up against other players in venues/events. The update in mid-2021 eliminated venues, which I thought was a very poor choice. Created much less incentive to play since there were fewer opportunities to level up. My theory was that it was removed to make obtaining cards/songs more difficult, and thought that was shady. But I wasn’t that surprised. After this update I lost most of my enthusiasm for playing. It wasn’t until some friends recently downloaded the game that I decided to pick it up again. I had to update the app — only to see that the game has capped how much you can play, unless you pay (or play lengthy ads before EVERY song, and even THEN it’s capped)! I am STUNNED by this update. Not only is it greedy, it removes any chance of practicing songs in order to improve your score. Whose decision was this? EVERY update I’ve seen on this game made it WORSE, not better. And it’s such a shame because it was genuinely one of the best rhythm games available. To the developers - please do not embarrass yourself with a response to this review with the canned “these updates will positively impact it in the long run” line because 1) there is no explanation as to HOW this will be positive. I, as a user, cannot see it. If you’re referring to Space Ape Ltd’s bottom line then um… sure. Great for you. What about us? And 2) if these updates aren’t reversed, you won’t have anyone playing it to confirm whether that fantasy of yours ever came true..Version:

👎👎👎I cannot believe how greedy you ppl are tbh, would not bother downloading the game if i were you you can only play 3 songs at a time once you get to level 3, unless you pay a ridiculous amount of money of course :) if it weren't for this the game would actually be decent.Version:

Why can’t i play when slots are full?I’m super confused with one aspect of this game; why am I unable to play when my box slots are full?? At first I wasn’t sure if I had a certain number of lives or something, but I couldn’t find anything in the app as to why I suddenly had to watch ads to play. It was only when I came to these reviews that I realised it is because of the slots being full. I do not understand this at all, let me play your game. It is fun and well made, I want to play it why won’t you let me play it. It feels like I’m being punished for playing and earning points? Makes zero sense, especially since it literally takes like three songs to get a new box and the boxes take hourssss to unlock. Just please let me play your game :( (just checked the unlimited play and omg £5 a week is insane! that’s almost triple disney plus btw, honestly quite disappointed by this.).Version:

Great Game but way too limitedI found this game recently and have been playing it nonstop but I am really irked by the box system. Taking time to unlock new music is fine but the fact it locks you out of playing until the box is opened? I don’t know if boxes take more coins at higher levels but for me that means I get to play 2 songs every hour and a half assuming I’m not opening a 5 hour box. And even the ads that let you bypass this run out! It’s like the game is encouraging people to either buy the ridiculously overpriced unlimited games for a week or play one song a day, people aren’t going to organise their schedule around when their next box is opening. It’s an amazing game besides that so please, let people play without rewards, I really need to beat my friend’s score..Version:

Fun but try’s to make you payI enjoyed the game and getting points, unlocking songs. However you have to pay for songs you like and then after a couple of days it stopped me from playing altogether and I need to pay if I want to play on the songs I already played and unlocked. I have to pay if I want to use the app and play unlimited for the week, even the songs that I was already playing on. It stops you from using everything if don’t pay. It’s not worth paying for it and the amount you have to pay to get a song you like or just for it to let you use it for a week is not worth it!! It’s a shame, as I liked the concept, yes it’s slow to get a song that you like if you don’t pay but then to stop you playing altogether if you don’t pay. Is just wrong and now I have to get rid of it as there is no point having it if I can’t use it!! Not worth the money so had to delete the app..Version:

Can’t play without watching adsSeriously the ads are as long as the songs and you need to watch them to play a single song 👎.Version:

SuggestionsWell I applaud the game for its level of polish, I find the monetisation very confusing. Like, I understand a free to play game has to make money somehow, but not being able to unlock the songs I want is annoying. In the game, you unlock boxes which give you random cards that go towards unlocking songs of a certain genre. There is virtually no way to actually get a specific song that you want, whether that be from grinding or paying. This removes any sense of freedom of choice from the game and can lead to a lack of interest in the game when the songs you want are unobtainable. I suggest a sort of shop which catalogs all the songs in the game, which can be bought with in-game currency. This way, players can play what they want, it will motivate them into playing more to earn currency, and most of all, the developers don’t lose any money as there will still be people who choose to pay to unlock the songs..Version:

Need 100% accuracyMany songs I’ve only missed 3 beats and I still don’t get 5 stars. They make it near impossible to get 5 stars. I’ve completed 15 songs only 3 have 5 stars and the other 12 only have 4 stars. I’ve retried a few of them but when I get over a 200 streak and then miss only 1 it prompts me to use gems to continue. That’s ridiculous just from missing 1..Version:

Good but….Game is great concept and addicting however between the amount of adds you have to watch in order to play a decent amount of songs and the fact that the better you do means the more adds you have to watch combined with the bug that makes the game say you have pressed and kissed a note that has not even made it into the screen while also acknowledging that both your fingers are mid hold sort of ruined it for me. I had to spend gems when i should t of due to it saying a missed a note when i didn't and i had to use them to continue to so g or loose my progress but if i ended the song i would have to watch an add to play another song since 3 box’s is the limit. The basic idea of the game is great but all these things tip the scale on the pros and cons..Version:

Fun butttttThis game is really enjoyable. I haven’t played a good game like this for a while. I kinda hate how long the wait times are to open music boxes tho, the only way to do it is to buy diamonds or just keep watching adds which gives me a headache after a while. Overall, very fun game like guitar hero and up-beat but would like a shorter waiting time for boxes or at least more ways to get free songs.Version:

Crazy expensiveNegative: The premium pass is so expensive, really does not come close to being worth it. Also, the season songs, if you don’t buy the pass to get all the songs, you get the worst of them. You aren’t able to choose a song that you prefer in the free version, and there is no option to buy one either… so…it’s a no go for me. Positive: The concept of the game really is better than other song games. Enjoyable and a great way to pass the time. Also, lets give them a round of applause for being real and promoting the game as what it is. Unlike… fishdom and a few other games out there..Version:

Good game, however….Premium is extremely expensive, yes I’ve brought premium a few times however it’s not worth the money, the game glitches every time I upgrade, crashes mid song & swears I did not tap a tile in the right hand lane when in fact I did. Having to wait 5+ hours before playing again is extremely frustrating, there’s no way to get new songs unless you un lock chests or purchase. There needs to be more options around playing without waiting and also a better way to get gems without having to pay after already paying for premium..Version:

Update made this game bad. Do not recommend.They changed the game so that you cant play unless one of your box slots are open. Absolutely sad and not going to play anymore because of this. What makes it worse is that the responses from the creator is just a copy paste with the name changed. They dont care and are only concerned about the money..Version:

I wish I could give 5 stars!I really do love this game and have got a little addicted to playing. However, like other reviewers, I can’t give 5 stars because as you progress through the levels the game slows down so much and it’s too hard to progress so I just loose interest. It takes forever to build up the cards to open a new song - in the early levels this was easy but it now requires 35 cards! When you can only open a few boxes per day it just gets impossible and I just stop playing. The cost of crystals to open the boxes is pricey and you spend them quickly. Please make it easier to unlock new songs and progress through the levels - keep the new songs at just 10 or 15 cards. I’d me more likely to spend money on crystals if I could do this as it just feels like a waste when I’m constantly on hold waiting for boxes to open that aren’t actually making much difference. I don’t want to pay for crystals to open a box of 3 cards when I need another 32 cards to unlock a song..Version:

Purchases have ruined a great game.I’ll start with the good first. A very addictive game and fun to play, great graphics and good gameplay. The bad. Starting off is good and it’s easy to unlock songs, we’ll until you get past level 4 and it takes more and more cards to unlock boxes (I’m at a point where it takes 30 and you get between 3-5 from a crate that takes 5 hours to unlock and you’ll be given cards which you’ve only just started to unlock) I haven’t unlocked a new song in about a week and I play daily so now it’s getting boring playing the same songs over and over again (I’ve already got gold or platinum on most so it’s getting pointless) the only way to play this game is to spend money….a lot of money. Also once all your slots are full you physically can’t play the game and paying £4.99 a week for unlimited play is rubbing salt into the wounds. Once you filled up all 3 crate spaces unlimited play is pointless and achieves nothing. The games been ruined by greed, the gems are pointless (5 a day and another 5 for watching an incredibly annoying unskipable ad) I get developers have to make money but this game will try to get every last penny out of you which is a shame it just smacks of cash grabbing greed and is disappointing as it has so much potential. I’ve spent money on games before but this literally forces you to..Version:

Limited play timeMassive fan of these style of games since the since of the original Tap Tap Revenge! Since tap tap has been gone I’ve been looking for a replacement, none of which satisfied. This app is the best since and has some huge potential. Disappointing that the producers of the game see limiting game play as a way of trying to make more money. Lots of games are doing it and I understand it but only being able to play about 3 songs until you have to wait for another chest to be open (1 at a time) is ridiculous and just frustrating. Maybe create a perk to be able to unlock more than 1 chest at a time without having to pay or speed up unlock time!.Version:

Good but too much focus on in-app purchases and advertsThe mechanics of this game is brilliant and reminds me so much of tap tap revenge. It’s addictive and sometimes too difficult which is what makes this app so exciting to use. Unfortunately, there is little variety in what music to play - long wait times to unlock songs unless you bought a pack. If you wanted to use an ad to play a game, just out of entertainment without any gain within the game - that is also limited. I understand there is ‘big’ songs which can hold back on how many times you can play something due to licensing etc. but when I played tap tap, they also played artists you had never heard of, which is why 3oh13 became big. The model of this game is working so far, but it’s becoming short lived for me and I will lose interest in a week due to the long wait times in between ‘packs’ Edit; the game seems to be crashing a lot, going slow every now and again. The only solution is to reset my iPhone. I have an iPhone 11 max pro.Version:

Another cash grab update 🤬🤬🤬Latest update is another cash grab - now you can only play TWO plays per case instead of 3 which means you’re forced to pay money or spend gems (which you get so slowly you would pretty much have to buy them as well) to play unlimited. It would take you 5 days - IF you watch ads - to get enough free gems to get ONE HOUR of play. Apparently they don’t actually want you to play their game? 🙄.Version:

Won’t spend anymore money on this game…I was enjoying this game and even spent over $50 buying song bundles, until the latest update when they took away the ability for me to continue playing once my boxes were full. Lame! You won’t be getting anymore money from me!.Version:

Deleted AppBefore the new season update I had unlocked all the songs so I got unlimited play for free due to not being able to unlock any new songs until the new season had updated. A week later new season updates and I’m now not able to get any new songs because I have to level up, I’m about 12 stars away from levelling up which is 3 songs that I realise I’m guna have to buy so I delay for a bit and eventually end up buying, I level up and I’m STILL unable to get any new songs, not able to unlock any boxes or watch any ads because apparently theres no more songs to unlock but theres apparently plenty for me to buy and I won’t be able to get any new songs until I earn another 60 stars 😂 so what yous want me to buy all my songs now ? Seriously every new season update gets more stupid & worse 🥴 I’ve had enough & finally deleted the app..Version:

Really fun at firstThe gameplay is nothing less than addicting and a great way to kill time. I found myself picking up my phone every 15 minutes to continue playing this game. The modern-era of music in this game makes the experience more relatable and exciting. However, as you progress you’re forced to use gems to free up slots, otherwise you can’t play the game and have to wait up to five hours. This was really disappointing to find, as the game gets you addicted early on and forces you to use in-app purchases to continue playing at the same rate. I find I can only play around three-four songs every three hours. A ‘practice mode’ in which you don’t earn any points would resolve this issue. Apart from this, the experience is smooth and polished and definitely worth checking out..Version:

Unplayable, don’t waste your timeFirst downloaded the game and thought “finally, taptap is back”. And then I realized that you can only play until the case slot are full and then are forced to wait 3-5 hours before playing 3 songs and the slots are full again. Absolutely terrible game design. The devs will says “it was a difficult decision, but will benefit the game in the long run”..Version:

Even Worse than it Used to BeI was playing this game a few months after its release back at the end of 2020 / start of 2021 and at the time I left review stating that it was a great game, executed well, but tarnished by the developer’s need to extract as much money from its players as it could. The dev team replied to my review saying they would consider the feedback. That was in April of 2021. It’s now a year later and it’s so much worse! We used to at least be able to play as much as we wanted, just had to pay to unlock songs (which itself is too expensive imho). Now we can’t even play the songs we’ve unlocked without spending more money to unlock unlimited play. Having to pay to use a song you’ve already payed for is absolutely absurd. Disgusting behaviour from the dev team, just trying to extort as much money as possible from us players. I’ll be deleting this game until this idiocy is undone..Version:

Fun game butFun game but I can only play 3 ish songs before I have to wait hours for the box to unlock. Wish you could keep playing songs in your collection while waiting for the boxes to unlock.Version:

Could be a little betterThis game is amazing! But when your card slots are full, you can’t play, this ends up taking out the feeling of wanting to play. You should be able to play whenever! Just make us not get anything for it I’m sure no one minds..Version:

"What if Tap Tap Revenge was a predatory gacha game?"I am a big fan of rhythm games and have fond memories of playing various iterations of Tap Tap Revenge on my early iPod Touch. This game is very much in the same vein as it, and is incredibly well-polished and a lot of fun to play --- when the game lets you. Instead of selling you a full game and songs for a few dollars, you can buy some gems to randomly unlock a song which you can only play until your case slots, which are how you collect increasing numbers of pieces to unlock more songs, are full and then you must wait for 3+ hours or spend real money to open them and keep playing. The song selection is great, the controls feel responsive, and it's a lot of fun to try to go for a new high score and increase your star ratings. It's just such a shame that the progression system aggressively doesn't want you to play the game for more than a few minutes every few hours unless you pay money. The latest changelog announces a plan to allow unlimited play but there are no details released at time of writing and I don't have high hopes that it will be reasonably priced, as this system is clearly designed to extract as much money as possible from players. EDIT: The unlimited play was released and is $5/wk. While it comes with gems, it definitely comes across as a cash grab when there are people like myself who just want to play the game without spending $20/mo for the extra gems..Version:

Very fun and engaging could use some tweaksI am loving this game it’s very engaging and addictive. I have a couple things that are annoying me while I play. From What I can tell once you get 5 stars on a song you then can get different levels of mastery. I don’t seem to be able to get any higher than 4 stars on any song even though I’m getting 100 streaks and feel like I’ve been in x3 for the majority of the song to find I’m no where near the 5 star points is a little disheartening on every song! I still haven’t gotten 5 star even though I did the whole song with only 3 greats the rest all perfect. Scoring needs work. I may just be that bad tho. The other gripe I have that’s in the other review is not being able to play when your cases are full. As I can’t reach 5 stars it would be nice to practice songs without getting cases..Version:

Great game, but wish I could play more!I never review apps, but really just wanted to pass on my feedback here. I love this game, it has the perfect formula to be an “addicting mobile game” - perfect! I love playing, and I’m encouraged to play more so that I can unlock more songs, beat my own and my friends’ high score, etc. But... the “all case boxes are full” issue is ridiculous. Because my three slots are currently full of boxes, I have to wait hours to play again. Once I’ve waited (im)patiently for one of my boxes to open, I can finally play again... for about 3/4 times, then it’s back to waiting. I don’t even care about the prize in the box now, I just get excited so that I can play again! This shouldn’t be the way... I completely understand having to wait for boxes to open, using paid-for gems to open them quicker etc, it’s a common feature in many app games, but it’s not often that I find a game where I actually cannot even play the game while I wait for the boxes to be opened?! Please, please consider changing this. People will still buy gems to open their boxes immediately, because the unlocking of new songs is very appealing and many will want the immediate gratification of a new song instead of having to wait. What doesn’t need to happen though, is people essentially having to buy and use gems to do the very bare minimum - play the game itself..Version:

Not enough to do.Beat star is a good game and I enjoy playing it but it gets boring after a while of having to play the same songs over and over to get less than a quarter of a chest to unlock a song. I’m at a point that I have finished all the songs i have and want something new but all the work to get even one song is making me want to no longer play it. When you do get songs the chests you get them from require more ‘cards’ to unlock more. It’s fine when you first start since they are all at 5 but they go up in 5’s. I couldn’t even buy a chest if I wanted to since they are around 230 diamonds or more (you get 5 diamonds every 7 hours +5 of you watch a video). It seems very cash grabby and in context of the amount of diamonds they give (They’re stingy) it’s over priced. I hope they change this because I do want to play the game but the game itself and the prices is stopping me..Version:

Case Slots FullI like almost everything about this game except how you can only play a song while you have a case slot available, because that doesn’t come very often. It really limits my enjoyment of the game since I only get to play a couple of songs every few hours after one of my cases has opened. It would be much more enjoyable if there was a mode that you could play that doesn’t affect cases, as I just want to practice some of the harder songs without having to wait at least 3-5 hours for another go, by which time I can’t remember the patterns and my case slots are once again filled from failing the level a couple times. So my suggestion would be a ‘practice’ game mode that doesn’t affect cases or stars, it would be helpful to learn songs and make the game more enjoyable for me. Or make it possible to open two cases at a time by watching an ad or something. Just make it easier to be able to actually play..Version:

Great game, some issues about playabilityFirst off, this game is an awesome concept. However, the recent update means you can’t keep playing songs, not unless you have a free slot. Where the issue come in is that if you buy a song with gems, you only have limited amount of time you can play until the beat slot is full again. I understand the concept of freemium, but when you pay gems for a song that is locked to only a few turns until you clear a playable slot. Can we have a happy medium where we can only progress when a slot is empty, but play the song as much as we like..Version:

Very well designed game with a great UI.The game is fun to play, and despite the simplicity of the controls it’s very engaging. The songs are well-synced to the tiles; there’s even a feature that lets you choose the delay for Bluetooth headphones. As for difficulty, it starts out being a little easy. But once you get to more difficult songs you’ll see how the controls get interesting. I loved it, that is until I noticed how money-grubbing this is. Ads are a necessary part of the App Store, I understand that. But at some point you have to watch an ad between every song. The game is so good, I am willing to pay to not have to do that. And you can! $4.99 and you can play freely without ads… for a week. There are beautifully designed, full-length games on the App Store for that price and you get a whole experience. This app expects that every week just for a Tap Tap clone (albeit a great one). Like I said, I’d be willing to pay that ONCE, maybe even monthly. But that is just disgusting. I had to delete it for that. If you’re okay with full-length ads between each session, or are willing to cough up $4.99 once a week, this is a great game. But your wallet won’t love you. As for a suggestion, either make the game a one-time purchase and keep the in-game currency. That would allow for micro-transactions and continued revenue without preying on players. Either that, or make the $4.99 a monthly charge. If that’s the choice, perhaps $.99 to $2.99 would be understandable..Version:

Great game but the limited play time ruins itVery fun and enjoyable game but not being able to play anymore when all your 3 chest slots are full absolutely ruins it… you can only play for a decent 10mins at a time before being stuck waiting for hours or coughing up some cash :/.Version:

Potential…Really fun game that gets stonewalled by monetization. Reading the developers comments it seems like it wasn’t their choice, but this is such clear evidence that some companies would prefer a few people play who are willing to pay a lot instead of a lot of people who might be willing to pay a little. Doesn’t make sense to me, but I guess someone’s pockets are getting filled and that’s all that matters. Literally can’t play but for a few times a day because of the way the loot boxes are set up. I had a great time with it for about two hours, now I’m uninstalling it and hopefully waiting for an update that fixes monetization and let’s the players play the game..Version:

Disappointed!!!It was great to start with but then it is getting worse and worse with every single update!! Latest update is complete glitch! I literally have NO songs available to me at level 12, can’t unlock anything and even if I collect the stars I can I will still be 10-15 stars short to progress! Can’t get in touch with developer to fix the glitch and there are no replies to my reviews….Version:

4 star to 3 starI enjoyed playing the app. But stopped playing it as i had other things to do. I had a song that my son liked to do. But unlike other games that if you delete and then reload. you pick up where you left off. Your game puts you right back to the start. Not cool. I will not go back to square 1 and hope i am lucky getting the song again. So this will be my one and only review. I had issues trying to do supercell. So i don’t have that profile. But i did have my name set up but you can’t load up that. No options. Good bye and good luck in the future.Version:

Game has changed for the worstI used to play this game all the time but had it deleted for a short while due to space issues. When I redownloaded I’ve noticed a new system with the gems/boxes impacting play. Originally, from memory, you were able to continue playing with no open spots available if you sacrificed collecting more boxes, however now you can’t continue to play unless you have a free slot. I feel like this really takes the fun out of the game and I don’t play it as often as I’d like to. I find myself waiting for hours now to play and when I return I only have the one slot left which is only good for a few runs through a song. Don’t get me wrong, the game itself is great but having to wait so long has just diminished the joy I get from it now. Based on this I think I may end up deleting it soon. This is really disappointing as I enjoy the game so much..Version:

Very glitchy after the update.This game is highly addictive, I like the song choices and the way the game is set out in general, however, there are two major floors that have actually put me off playing recently. And it’s for this reason I am now writing this. I tried to play again today. But following the recent update, the game is incredibly glitchy. EVERY SINGLE SONG tells me I have failed to tap. When I most certainly am tapping. I no longer want to play for this reason. It gives me rage lol.. Especially when you make it most of the way through a song and haven't missed a single beat, and it’ll then not register a very clear tap, or will register it late causing you to lose your streak - incredibly frustrating and was absolutely fine before the update. Second issue is the length of time between the unlocking of cases. 3 to 5 hours, only to receive a few cards for a box you don’t even want. I now need upwards of 30 cards per box, and it can take weeks before I’ve earned enough cards to unlock the box. The game then becomes boring because you end up playing the same songs over and over with nothing to gain, made even worse by the first issue I mentioned. Once these issues are fixed I would happily review my star rating/review..Version:

Coming back to the game disappointedI have left this game for a long time and as I got back on it today I was really excited with events coming back and all the new songs added. However, after playing for 30 minutes or so I realised something new has changed for the absolute worst. That’s the ability to not be able to play an infinite amount of songs based on the crates you have collected. I feel like this is horrible because now I can’t practice songs over and over again to perfect them. Now I have to wait for hours just to play again. The ability to play infinitely was one of the reasons I absolutely adored this game but now that’s gone. It seems like the developers just want a money grab now since the game has gotten so popular. Really disappointed….Version:

Change the case slots and unlimited playYou would have and amazing game and probably make more money if you didn’t have such a awful feature added to it or to make someone watch a add every 2 seconds whoever made that decision and the ppl who agreed should take a step away from app development as long as forever.Version:

Implicit PaywallLet me quickly say that I absolutely love the quality and feel of the game. It really does feel rewarding to play and beat those popular and good-time songs lots of people enjoy, and even the ones only you, yourself, enjoy. I feel like this game has become one of the best rhythm games on the app store by far, especially one so well advertised in many different places. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if others have begun to love rhythm games after just playing this one, especially when it could be very popular with children, teens, and adults alike. However, what I less enjoy about this game is that one has to continue watching ads between each play-through of any song. Those who have wallets may think that this is easily avoidable through paying for the $4.99 (implicit) paywall. However, those five dollars only last you a week of gameplay without ads, and this is assuming you can play consistently with the free time you are allotted—either after school or work. Hopefully, this can be changed, and I will continue owning the app, but for those who don’t wish to watch an ad after so little gameplay has been made, then I would look the other way. If you’re willing to make that sacrifice, then be my guest! I absolutely recommend this game to anyone who has the wallet (or patience) for it!.Version:

Used to be goodThis game was enjoyable up until they removed venues. the lack of songs, the constant lag and not being able to play without an open box slot is what caused me to delete this game. terrible, just a money grab now..Version:

GlitchySuper glitchy I tap the screen and it says I didn’t.Version:

Was a great game..Have had this app downloaded for ages and used to really enjoy spending hours on it, often watching the ads etc for the extra card drops. When I relaunched today i see they’ve now limited the amount of times you can play before you have to wait for a crate to open to play again. The alternative to this is pay $9 per week. Which is insanely expensive for a mobile app. Considering just deleting the app now and wouldn’t recommend anyone gets invested unless you want to spend lots of money on it..Version:

Has potential to be a good game!This game could be so good but unfortunately the developers seem more in it for the money than the players. Don’t get me wrong the games great fun and so enjoyable….. until you’ve played like 5 songs and you have to wait till the next day before playing again without paying for a weeks unlimited play. £5 to play a game that you’ll go on for maybe less than an hour a day is very steep. And also the fact that when you do get the option for starting a song when you run out you can use adverts, but apparently after you’ve used 3 adverts they randomly become unavailable to you which means to even play the game you have to spend £5. It’s such a let down as the potential to be such an amazing day but the amount of money you have to spend to be able to play the game is ridiculous. Especially how you get 5 diamonds a day bonus and it costs 40 to open a music crate that doesn’t even have the potential to unlock it so you could spend loads of money for absolutely nothing. This game will bomb very quickly when people realise how much money you’d have to spend just carry on playing. What a let down..Version:

Limited play timeBeatstar use to be really fun and don’t get me wrong it still is but I stopped playing a while back due to storage problem and when I come back I find myself unable to play songs once the three slots are full. This leaves with little to no play time. I believe this may be a way of trying to get people to spend more money on gems however it takes the fun out of it as you find yourself playing two songs then waiting ours until you are able to play again. This is such a shame because it would be so good if this feature wasn’t added in the first place. I find it almost pointless to get on for 10 mins just to wait 8 or so hours to be able to play another 10 mins. I believe this needs to be fixed before going global and all that stuff because it really is killing the game..Version:

Started to love it…theeeen…I just started the game, and was loving the was it worked, felt, and responded. But then I finished my first several songs and tries, then it asked me to rate the game, which I did, upon which it told me all my slots were full, so I would have to pay money to keep playing, or watch an ad every time I wanted to play a song until I had a slot clear…they have only 3 bloody slots available. Greed, classic downfall of great games..Version:

Has potential to be the best beat game of all timeLet me start off by saying that I am a huge fan of beat-based games and am also under no delusion that Supercell is trying to make some money by keeping certain features locked. I think Supercell as a production company actually does a really fantastic job of making their games playable without having to shell out extra cash to keep advancing unless you really want to. I feel like they’re missing the mark with this game because the songs unlocked can get stale pretty quickly as you wait for more boxes to unlock based on an arbitrary number of hours. Onto the game play. I have played probably every beat-based game on the market and I have to say Beatstar has probably the best collection available. The game design is beautiful and well executed. But, I’m not sure having only three columns to hit the beat makes the game any better or more enjoyable than other games, which have made four columns sort of the standard. If anything, it’s made the game feel a little underwhelming. There is a serotonin-release satisfaction in getting in the zone and hitting hundreds of notes in a row, and unfortunately I haven’t felt anything close to that from this game - which is a real bummer considering it is beautiful to look at and the catalog is fantastic. I want to love this game but it’s just not all there for me..Version:

Unlimited play should not be a payable option constantlyI love this game but hate the fact that unlimited play is restricted which I think is ridiculous. Fancy asking people to pay almost $8 just for a week on unlimited play. I can understand a one off payment needed for unlimited play but this game expects you to spend money constantly to keep playing. Honestly it just feels like a money grab. Every other game I have played will have a one off payment for unlimited pay but not this one. I can understand asking people to buy gems if the want to unlock songs/perks earlier but to constantly have to pay $8 for unlimited play? Also once you pay the huge amount needed for gems and unlimited play we should not be subjected to ads constantly. I love the game but I am sick of playing for 8 mins before I'm locked out for hours at a time. I can understand why many people delete the app and look for similar ones that only need a one off payment. Just greed from the developers..Version:

I want to give it 5 stars but….The glitches make it frustrating! I really love the game itself. It’s fun and challenging once you start getting the hard and extreme songs. I like that you can see what your friends have scored on the same songs and brag when you beat one of their scores. I also like that new songs are added and if you want to pay for the tour passes, you can really add to your song collection. But, my frustration comes in when almost every time I play a song, it misses a square that I have DEFINITELY tapped. It’s almost always the left side and whenever there is a double tap. The right side will register, but the left side won’t. It also happens every time I am at either Stage 4 or the final stage of the song. This of course prompts me to spend gems to keep going with the song. I’ve wasted I don’t know how many gems to keep playing a song I have nearly finished because it didn’t register the tap. No amount of pressure change has helped the problem. My hands aren’t super dry that can sometimes cause a touch screen to not register touch correctly. I play at different times of day and it is a consistent glitch. It also happens to my friends. If this glitch could be fixed, this would be a 5 star game!.Version:

Slot SystemOnly having 3 slots available ruins this game. It is so fun, and so well done, but this makes It frustrating to the point it is not worth it..Version:

Good but not great.I’d like to start off by saying this game is amazing. They made the game look absolutely incredible. It runs extremely smooth and is packed to the brim full of great songs. Now you’re probably wondering why I gave this great game only 3 stars? Now that the liked things are out of the way, I want to talk about the things I disliked. First off, I haven’t noticed anyways to gain gems, other than getting the daily free 5 or watching an ad to gain another 5. At first site this game seems like you’d barely see any ads, right? Wrong. After you play this game for just a couple hours, you will gain 3 music chests and ultimately fill up your chests slots. PowerCell did a great job of hiding ads within this beautiful game. Now once your 3 chests slot are filled up, you can no longer play any songs for the duration of the chests opening. HOWEVER, you CAN still play any song you have unlocked IF you watch an ad. Now you do have to do this for every song you want to play, unless you pay the cheap and REASONABLE price of $5!! Yes, you heard me correctly, if you pay only $5, you can play this game freely. Now for many, this may be a price they’re willing to pay for a decent game like BeatStar, but personally I wouldn’t like to pay $5 to get rid of these annoying ads. Overall this game gets 3 stars out of 5 because it is an amazing game, but like all the others, it has its faults..Version:

SongsIt’s so hard to get songs. You either get songs by unlocking crates or ranking up as far as I’m concerned. However, the process of getting new songs is so time consuming. If you want to get a song by crate first you have to play the game and unlock points for the crate. Now keep in mind crates can take hours to unlock, and even then if you open that crate you’re not guaranteed a new song. You get to chose between to other crates of songs with different categories and you need to get enough points to open that song crate, then you will get a new song. The other way of getting songs is also very frustrating. You have to play songs to get stars. The stars will help you rank up and get rewards. Then by these rewards you can potentially unlock between 1-3 new songs if your lucky. But there’s a catch, The thing is that if have already collected all the stars from the songs you have unlocked then you have to wait to get a new song to be able to rank up which is annoying because as you read it takes forever to I click new songs. The lack of songs and the hard/frustrating way of unlocking new songs made me uninstall this game. Without new songs this game gets very boring and playing the same song over and over again is not fun. Should make getting new songs easier to get so the game doesn’t get boring..Version:

Don’t spend money on this gameThe game itself is very fun, and one of the better rhythm games I’ve ever played, HOWEVER. There are a few MAJOR flaws. The first is, the season pass is obscenely expensive. The second is, I spent money, and the second I spent money they took away the daily bonus gems. Which is absolutely infuriating because I need 1 gem to open another box and there appears to be no way to get it other than spending a dollar. The third, he gems are just so expensive for what they get you. It’s like 3$ to open a single box. If you want any less than 99% of the songs in a box don’t spend money. I opened a box with 12 songs in it 4 times and didn’t get the song I wanted, on top of taking away the daily bonus gems this game has pretty much felt like a high price money grab, especially because there are some songs, namely the international and old release songs, that you can’t appear to get any other way than money. (Update) updated to 3 stars because the daily gems were brought back after a day or two. I was able to get the box again but my statement stands on things being absurdly expensive. The game is well created..Version:

What the hell happened?I absolutely was obsessed with this game, I was playing for several hours a day, I’m even in the top hundred players in my country! Since the update this game has took a turn for the worse, you can only play if you have card slots free and now that I’ve collected every song there is for me to collect I find out that you have to download other games to unlock songs now! Beatstar, why the hell are you being so greedy? i’ve spent so much money on this app and now i’m down to giving it a one star. I’m not playing on the daily anymore either, maybe weekly if the game gets my attention somehow. One of my most favourite games in a long time and now i’m not so sure, extremely disappointed..Version:

BIG BUGSo let me start off by saying I absolutely adore this game! It's one of the best rhythm games on the market that includes actual songs that you might have in your playlist rather than a generic tune. I've been playing it for a couple months now and have gotten pretty far and gotten better. However, about a couple weeks ago I started to notice some pretty big lag spikes in the middle of some songs. Now this might just be my internet but I normally don't have issues running much higher demanding games. I shrugged this off as a little glitch that was annoying but not unable to work around. NOW I've noticed a MUCH bigger bug that has happened on both my game and my boyfriends. When tapping through a song there is a tendency for the far left column to not register your tap at all! This is incredibly frustrating if you have a series of double taps and the note just cruises on by right under your thumb, leaving you dumbfounded on if you tapped it or not. It does not only happen on fast songs such as extreme or hard though, I've also witnessed it on incredibly slow easy songs where there is no way I could have missed it when my thumb is right ontop of it. I really hope this gets fixed in the next update because it is slowly making the game unplayable!.Version:

PotentialI’ve been playing this game for about a month solid and have really enjoyed it, however there’s a lot of room for improvement. I find that frequently there are bugs and issues with the app weekly and it’s frustrating since if you miss a note, boxes are full and don’t have gems you find it hard to beat a high score and then have to wait for a long period of time to play again if boxes are full. Sometimes you can press it and it will not pick it up or there’s a slight delay. Sometimes the app works perfectly then other times not. It’s also disappointing that it’s harder to level up and unlock songs after a certain point you could be replaying the same songs over and over again to refill boxes in attempt to earn new songs, after a while you get fed up and bored. Also think that it’s very over priced for some of the unlimited play for a week and boxes and even gems themselves. It’s got a lot of potential and it’s probably one of the best types of these games I’ve came across so far. It’s enjoyable for a while but as I said there’s a lot of room for improvement! But could easily lose interest in it if more songs aren’t added and are easier to access quicker..Version:

Bad game used to be goodKnow that you need case slots open to play it’s ridiculous definitely a delete from me 👎.Version:

BruhI couldn’t think of a single reason why you shouldn’t be able to play while your case slots are full. Also you’re wish list box just scammed me, I went to edit my wish list but when I went back to open the box it just didnt be open but the card progression towards the box went up.Version:

Great game, bad companyI really love the game, while it may seem like a traditional piano tiles game it has enough little twists to make it feel unique and the graphics are truly great, many of the songs are good to but of course that is subjective. The only real problem with the gameplay is that it will occasionally switch from you having to tap to the beat to having you tap to lyrics which when it happens suddenly can be kind of hard and confusing to keep track of. The real problems with the game and the reason 2 stars are knocked off my review is that the prices are inflamed and stupid, I estimated it’s just over $1 per song which may while expensive you may give the benefit of the doubt but often the songs are cut down heavily so you only get about 2-3 mins worth of a song. Which in my eyes is a bit of a scam. Along with the very very low progression they push on you virtually forcing you to buy songs if you want to go faster then one song every other day. The games amazing and props to all the devs and workers behind it but it’s being ruined unsurprisingly by a money hungry company who really doesn’t seem to care about the average players experience..Version:

Love-Hate RelationshipI absolutely love this game and despise it at the same time. It's really good, probably one of the best games i'm able to play with my friends. But there's a few issues that get in the way and are very frustrating. 1- There's a bug that hasn't been fixed for a very long time yet every week they have an update for bug fixes, and the one very annoying bug they haven't fixed is sometimes you tap, and it registers late and you get a great or in rare cases a "late tap", or it doesn't register at all and you have to either spend gems to continue the song or restart the song. that gets very frustrating when you're doing very good in a song, any song, easy, hard, or extreme. 2- the amount of time it takes to unlock a song is boring and takes forever. i have about 50 songs and almost 40 of them are Diamond. you can't get a better medal than diamond, so I'm running out of songs to play to try and unlock a box and then eventually a song. they need to come out with a rare case where you can unlock a whole genre case, but it takes 24 hours to unlock, I'd rather do that than wait 100 hours to finally unlock a song that took me 20 different cases to unlock. Don't get me wrong tho, this game is pretty freaking great and deserves 5 stars, but the bugs and the amount of time it takes to unlock new songs just makes you want to stop playing after getting to a certain point..Version:

Fun game until they cut off how many times you playI really enjoyed this game! But the new update means you can keep playing more songs if your song cases are full. I like the game cause you could fill up your song cases and just keep playing any song you wanted whenever you wanted. Now that you have to wait for the songs cases it makes me less likely to play..Version:

Pay for unlimited playsAbsolute joke. A few months ago They took away the fact you can play at anytime and made it so you can only play if you have an open case slot. Now they bring that feature back as a PAID “premium membership” and boast about it. I never even got to play all my songs, I was working my way through playing a song until I hit gold or better, but now I can’t play because I have all songs. Their response when questioned about removing the unlimited playing? “It’ll be better for the game in the future” aka $$$$.Version:

Its really fun but…So, I don’t usually write reviews for games. It’s not something I tend to do, but this game has gave me a massive ICK so to speak. The game itself is amazing, and as far as most games goes is really clean. It’s smooth and addictive, appealing to the eye as well. HOWEVER, just as some other reviews I have read have said as well, the wait time on opening the boxes that aren’t even guaranteed to give you a new song are ridiculous. It would be different if you could maybe unlock all 3 at the same time, or still play while all the boxes were full- but you can’t. This is a real shame because it’s a really fun game, that you’re forced to stop playing after a few songs. And waiting 5 hours for a few cards? C’mon, that’s just unfair 😕. You should make the wait times more reasonable. Half an hour at MOST. Or at least make the price of speeding it up more like what the player has. You give us 5 gems a day, they could maybe cost 1-3 to speed up, not bloody 50. Just a suggestion for the greedy people out there 😉..Version:

Cannot play the game. Cases fullI cannot play the game due to the cases being filled. I read the dev response in another post, and to think it’s better long term is not smart. If you think people are going to leave this installed after being forced to wait 3 hours to be able to play your game is silly. I would strongly recommend changing this otherwise this will gain a short term high turnover.Version:

Would have great, but infuriating instead -- UNPLAYABLEWould NOT recommend. The design of the app very sleek, and it's good fun to play. Major drawback is that the game actually discourages you from playing after like 3 or 4 games because it makes you wait hours to unlock a new slot. Even if I were willing to spend money, the prices are just ridiculous. 6 pounds to play for one week??? For a year maybe, but not one week!!!! Won't continue playing because if I fancy playing a game I actually want to play it for longer than 5 minutes... In summary, what promises to be a good game is a major letdown because it is actually unplayable for more than three rounds. In addition, there are some annoying bugs on my iPhone (latest iOS). I always have to swipe up and down TWICE to either see the notifications or close the app...Super annoying! Sometimes the game is glitchy and music isn't playing properly which leads you to make mistakes and restart which is incredibly frustrating as you only get three games before you have to wait hours again (I am not using headphones so nothing to do with sync and have good WiFi)..Version:

Nice but too much of a cash grabLots of mechanics to increase difficulty (off beat notes, switching from voice to base to beats, etc) so you have to pay. Game is fun and nice but there's way too much ads if you want to unlock free content. There’s also a hard stop to playing for free each day so you have to pay to continue playing….Version:

Love the game but…The game is amazing & super fun to play? If you choose you don’t have to spend a penny how ever I decided to purchase the pass which was £13 yeah a bit expensive but I thought I like the game why not. Upon purchasing I soon realised that you didn’t get unlimited play? I was a bit annoyed at this fact when paying £13 for the premium access you’d expect to get these perks of it for the price. You don’t how ever you still can only play a few games before you’re hit with this wall where you have to pay for 50 gems to then get access to unlimited play? It makes it no fun and I just end up going days not playing because of this reason? Surly paying £13 would give you access to u limited play but no. Before purchasing I found there wasn’t many songs, I wasn’t gaining a lot of gems needed to buy more songs & again I’d just keep getting to the play point where you couldn’t play anymore? I think it’s a huge downfall in the game having this barrier in place..Version:

Good but…Once all the boxes are full you can’t even play songs anymore?? That’s no fun at all. Wouldn’t you rather your customers could play the app as often as they’d like instead of making them wait for hours and hours to unlock a box?.Version:

Cant rlly play after 3 boxes kinda sucksBruh actully could be a really good game but nope almost impossible level up or collect gems when ur limited to be able play 8 times a day because u fill up the box slots after a song.Version:

Use to be goodI have loved this game for about a year now, and I should have rated and reviewed when I loved it, but that was before the big sell out. Sorry guys, you have a great game, but I’m not going to watch a 30 second add for one run at a song I’m trying to perfect, or pay $7.99 a week for the privilege. Your pricing structure is waaay out of whack. Seriously, it’s a great game and I love it, but the add walls have now made it unplayable. I’d even be happy to pay… but not that much. I can understand that licensing for the music must now be killing the game off, and that is really disappointing. Will be glad to play again when the adds drop to a reasonable level, or even a monthly pay to play no adds is introduced..Version:

Terrible UpdateHave been playing for a few months and had a mostly great playing experience. A recent update has wrecked this game! Reducing the amount of beat coins from 450 (a number that could have been increased as it was) to 300 means you can only play two songs per case rather than three, leaving you with a total of six songs to play before all the boxes are locked up for hours on end. Frustratingly this was done under the guise of “helping players get cards/ songs by unlocking the song cases faster”- yeah faster by a grand total of three minutes. This manipulative statement clearly shows no care for their fan base. 11 hours of waiting to play 6 songs? Not worth it. This isn’t even mentioning the ridiculous new pricing system for unlimited play. This update is a spit in the face to fans and manages to alienate both f2p and p2p audiences. This company is money hungry and does it all under the guise of improving the game for its fans- this needs fixing!.Version:

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