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Discz: Discover & Share Music Positive Reviews

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Discz: Discover & Share Music App User Positive Comments 2022

Discz: Discover & Share Music app received 42 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about discz: discover & share music?

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Discz: Discover & Share Music for Positive User Reviews

βœ“ ABOUT TIME!As a music lover this is way past due. Thank you from πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦!.Version: 2.6

βœ“ Pretty much perfectEverything I could ever ask for really. Great way to find music and it’s fun to just use it for a few minutes and listen to the songs you found later. The literal only complaint I have is I wish it avoided songs you already liked on spotify. A lot of the songs it recommends I already know/liked. But there are filters to avoid it from happening often so honestly great app. Looking forward to any updates in the future!!.Version: 2.6

βœ“ Best Way to Discover New MusicHighly recommend! I always struggle to discover new music but was super easy with this app. Also, makes it really simple to build a playlist and add it to my Spotify account. Recommendations are spot on, was able to build a fire playlist for my BBQ in like 10 min..Version: 1.5

βœ“ Great!I usually never write reviews, but this app is just great! It’s super easy to use and provides pretty good recommendations. I’d highly recommend.Version: 2.6

βœ“ AmazingEasy and efficient way to discover new music when you are hunting for new gems πŸ’Ž.Version: 2.5

βœ“ The new era of playlistingTinder but for music? Sign me up!! This app is incredible for satisfying our short attention spans while curating the best playlists we possibly can..Version: 1.5

βœ“ Great App for discovering new musicReally enjoy using Discz especially when my normal music playlists get stale. Super easy to use and create playlists for different vibes..Version: 2.2

βœ“ Fantastical AccurateThis app delivers such a personalized playlist and makes the process easy..Version: 1.8.1

βœ“ Absolutely incredible, 10/10This is app is exactly what I needed! The integration Spotify makes the onboarding experience seamless and smooth. Between the song/artist search to the advanced filters, this app makes it fun & easy to discover new music.Version: 2.1

βœ“ Highly recommendGreat idea for persona music choice πŸ‘πŸΌ.Version: 1.5

βœ“ Discz ReviewThis app makes finding new music fun and easy. I highly recommend to anyone who feels like they have been listening to the same 3 songs for the last month..Version: 2.0

βœ“ Just WOW!I’ve been waiting for something like this for so long! This is the greatest way to discover new music. So convenient! Love that it links right to my Spotify account. Download now and start swiping!!!.Version: 2.6

βœ“ Sooooo litI met my gf on Discz.Version: 2.5

βœ“ This appIs my new go to for finding music!.Version: 1.5

βœ“ Great interfaceIts like if dua lipa was on tinder.Version: 2.2

βœ“ New music quick and easyI try to find new songs every day and with this app I can just spend 5 minutes and find 10 different songs to save.Version: 1.5

βœ“ Love this appReally good music discovery app.Version: 2.4

βœ“ On point recommendationsThe song recommendations are always relevant to what I am looking for. Quick way to find new music. The new music Friday is a great feature too.Version: 1.5

βœ“ Exactly what I’ve been looking forGreat.Version: 2.5

βœ“ Awesome app!!Really liked using this. Genius algorithm..Version: 1.5

βœ“ FinallyHave been waiting for an app like this!!! So easy to use and cuts out so much time when finding new music. get it now!!.Version: 2.5

βœ“ This goodThis actually really good.Version: 2.8

βœ“ Wow.So far this has made my playlists a breeze! I love the swipe option..Version: 2.4

βœ“ LoveThis app gave me the courage to love again....Version: 2.5

βœ“ I love it!There is a little bit of an overlap of song I have saved already but it is a cool way to find some new stuff.Version: 2.5

βœ“ For music loversI absolutely love this app! I used to rely on Spotify showing me new music based on my preferences but now I can just swipe hundreds of different songs at a time that’s saved right to my playlist..Version: 1.6

βœ“ Recommend 10/10I’ve been wanting to explore new songs but I didn’t know how now it’s all really easy just by swiping. Very useful i love it!.Version: 2.5

βœ“ It’s perfectCreative and fun way to discover new music. Tightly integrated with Spotify so it understands your preferences and listening history, and allows you to transfer your playlist directly to your Spotify account.Version: 2.3

βœ“ So Useful!This app is so helpful and easy to use. An extremely user friendly way to find new music - something that everyone today needs!.Version: 2.1

βœ“ AUX LORD - I am a music discovery god nowSuper easy to use and love that it integrates into my Spotify playlists. The neon look is dope too. only download if you have an aux cord that can withstand the 6000 degree temperatures your phone is about to course through its veins πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯.Version: 2.6

βœ“ Please add minor key selectionsPlease add ability to choose minor keys like Em.Version: 2.1

βœ“ Where have you been all my life!This app is sick. Swipe right and left on songs. Genius..Version: 2.2

βœ“ Really dope appReally cool Jew app for finding music !.Version: 2.4

βœ“ YES!This is amazing and everything I could have wished for. Not all of my playlists show up on the app, though, which I wish were on there..Version: 2.5

βœ“ SickBangers on bangers.Version: 2.8

βœ“ Very intuitive and useful for finding new songsEspecially if you’re like me and suck at finding music on your own :P.Version: 2.5

βœ“ AMAZINGI discovered this app through Reddit and I’m OBSESSED!!!! Gives me all the song recommendations I wish Spotify would give me, it’s absolutely incredible :).Version: 2.5

βœ“ Best ConceptLooked it up because of SirMichelangelo on tiktok, its actually such a cool find. The UI is very seamless and professional, and I’ve been finding new songs like crazy. Definitely worth your time, 5/5.Version: 2.6

βœ“ Spotify x tinderThis is such an awesome concept. I have been trying to find new music for a while now and this is the only thing that actually works. I love being on the app and the interface is so inviting. Congrats to the developer team for making this a reality and can’t wait to share with my friends since I’m such a big user of the app. Highly recommend!!.Version: 2.5

βœ“ WowAmazing app I am super long this Thatcher.Version: 2.5

βœ“ Great app!Love the concept as someone who loves finding new music and the app is well executed!!.Version: 2.5

βœ“ Great appGreat app but please make it available for Apple Music!!.Version: 2.6

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