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Camera Scanner - PDF App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Camera Scanner - PDF app received 48 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Camera Scanner - PDF? Can you share your negative thoughts about camera scanner - pdf?

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Camera Scanner - PDF for Negative User Reviews

Steal paperworkI trying to get my documents back your will not release them my documents are hostage.Version: 15.0

RefundHello, I did not realize that downloading you app committed me to paying fo membership. User error. However, I also didn’t receive any form of confirmation prior to being charged. Please refund me the amount that you deducted from my card..Version: 15.0

DO NOT GETAfter you download you have to spend $7 to actually use the app. Complete waste of time and terrible experience..Version: 14.13

Irresponsible billing practiceI was charged without warning and no free trial. Zero notifications, emails, or other indications that I would be charged. And $6.99 per week is ridiculous for what this app provides. Very bad business practice and shady billing to say the least..Version: 15.2

Hot trashWhy would you ever charge 7 dollars to use an app to convert writing that basically no one uses anymore..Version: 14.12.0

Sad customerBeyond word to say it is terrible, $6.99/ per week, what do think us, their ATM machine, plus the program frozen all time, Apple should never let them in App Library.Version: 14.12.0

Cancel subscriptionI cannot figure out how to cancel my subscription to this app It’s made so difficult that I am unable to get out of this.Version: 7

Faults advertisingDoes not give you a free trial when you try to print something it wants you to give it all your information no thanks.Version: 8

Cancel my SubscriptionI don’t know how this got on here I didn’tOrder it I have no need for this thanks Ray please email me a confirmation.Version: 14.15

I find this app inferior.It was hard to get the keyboard to come up to write a negative review. I had 3 days to try it and now I can’t cancel it..Version: 15.2

Total scamThis app fooled my dad into setting up multiple subscriptions for the same thing. It’s crafted to confuse and force the user to setup a new subscription each time you use the app.Version: 15.2

Bad scannerSome time it works other times it don’t..Version: 12

OverchargingI just learned how to look back on my monthly app charges. In going back to the end of April in my app purchase statement (the fartherest it will let me go back) this app and another by the same company have been charging me twice a month. This particular app charged me four times in June. Be careful..Version: 14.16

Biggest ripoffDon’t sign up for a free week. Every week after that they charge you more money. For example $2.99, then $3.99, then $4.99 etc. until they were charging me $7.71 with tax every single week. I was really busy and had a lot going on so I didn’t realize. Took a lot of effort to get this refunded and Apple blamed me for not paying attention..Version: 14.15

Forced to purchaseI love how all these apps are [free]. Then only $6.99/weekly—$30 monthly. Not going pay almost $30 per month for an app I'll use once in a blue moon. Developers still earn with downloads and ads on the app. Why be so greedy? Or allow us to use free WITHOUT a card and it its good as advertised, it'll sell itself. Nope. Greedy greedy greedy world we live in. This world will soon end..Version: 15.0

Pay to be usefulThis app is only useful if you pay a subscription service. There are ads all over every screen..Version: 10

The app.The price and ,if I just want to how how it works. Without a free trial if I for get to call on that day are, what ever I forget now it’s mine with I don’t want it. And if I want it I need to see who it works..Version: 10

Good app. But need to cancel.This is a good app. It I don’t need it anymore. I don’t know how to cancel it. Can someone please help me?? I meant to cancel it after the trial. Please help!!!.Version: 8

Not able to cancelThis is terrible you are not able to contact anyone I didn’t want this now I’m being charge for it and I’m not able to cancel it it automatically signs itself back up if you can’t cancel but it won’t allow you to cancel it do not recommend this at all. There is no number to call there’s no way to contact the people to cancel it.Version: 4

Uninstall appI don’t know how I signed up for this subscription but I cancelled it. Please instruct me on how to uninstall the app. In the App Store there is no button to uninstall..Version: 15.2

Order this by mistakeCan you please cancel this order I did it by mistake and I don’t need it Thanks.Version: 12

Hard to get rid ofI took one look & knew it was not what I wanted. It took several hours to delete and I am still not sure it is gone. Persistent little devil..Version: 15.2

I feel trickedCa lotto days to scan ticket with their app. Guess what….you can’t. Within the CaLotto app it says to load this scan app. Guess what…. If you follow the directions you can’t scan the lotto card UNLESS you PAY. No where does the developer say you have to pay..Version: 14.16

DeveloperThis site is not worthy of use ing. They scam you to make a mistake while viewing their information and gets you to subscribe. Then won’t give you the information to cancel.Version: 14.16

CancelI did not add this to my phone and would like to have this removed and credit to my account ASAP.Version: 12

Not a free— with loads of adsYou can “create” pdf for free but you need to pay for it to be sent outside of that app— which makes it not a free app. And had to watch bunch of 30-45sec unskippable ads to just delete my file so I could delete the app. Dont bother unless you just want to try free 3day trial for pdf or pay 5.99/week fee.Version: 8

Canceling without future chargesWill you verify that I will not be charged for this app? I’d like to cancel making sure. Leonora.Version: 4

Can’t cancelI downloaded this “free” app only to be charged! I have followed all the instructions that the developer has given to others and can’t get it cancelled. Total scam. How do I get this cancelled?.Version: 14.12.0

Scam alert!This app charges 5.99 PER WEEK! That’s over $300 per year!!! And neither Apple or the maker will stop it! I suppose I’ll have to cancel the card it automatically gets deducted from! DO NOT BUY THIS APP IT IS A HUGE RIP OFF!!!.Version: 8

NulÇa ne March pas bien et je ´l’arrivé pas l’annuler… scam.Version: 8

Have to have a subscription to convert print to digital testThe description said that I could convert the print to digital test for free, but when I use the app it says I need a subscription..Version: 10

Difficulty usingI don’t like that you can’t attach multiple forms to email someone at a time. You can only share one form at a time..Version: 7

CrapCan’t do anything without paying £3.99 a week.Version: 4

Can’t do anything without upgrading.Very easy to scan but I can’t do anything else without upgrading. DELETE! Not worth it..Version: 10

Impossible to cancel !I've tried to find out how to cancel the monthly payment that I signed up for when I didn't decide to continue. I'm n the 7 day trial service and I want to cancel. How the heck do you cancel!.Version: 15.0

Subscription unable to cancelGarbage app. You will continue to get charged even if it says that your billing cycle will end after one week. Then it continues to charge you again for another subscription but doesn’t show it as a reoccurring subscription so there’s no way to cancel..Version: 8

Did not work with tree id app that required this purchaseWanted a free treat id app. The one I tested required this camera app at a premium monthly subscription (3 day free trial!) useless on this phone. Promptly deleted and unsubscribed..Version: 14.14

NOT FREEWhat a waste of time. They make you believe it’s free until you actually want to convert an image to text THEN they pop up with their stupid pro version. Whoever developed this is scum of the earth.Version: 8

$6/week and the idiots couldn’t scan to galleryWorthless app. $6/week and you can’t dump the scans anywhere useful. Want to attach multiple scans to one email? Nah, the devs of this weren’t smart enough to put that together. Avoid..Version: 10

How to cancel subscriptionI cannot cancel my subscription. There is no option in the app to cancel my subscription. In fact there is no information at all on how to cancel my subscription. Update: manually going to Settings -> Your Apple ID (top option) -> iTunes & App Store -> Apple ID -> View Apple ID -> Scroll to Subscriptions If you want to turn off Automatic Renewal tap the Cancel Subscription button at the bottom of the page. Your subscription will stop at the end of the current billing cycle. You can also choose a different subscription by tapping the necessary plan..Version: 8

Be carefulThis app automatically charges you $6/m without asking you to approval! I didn’t even use it, I found $6/m month charge on my apple bill and it’s already been several month..Version: 14.14

Charges?Am I being charged for this App? I was using TinyScan and this popped into it and it said to download so I could send my TinyScan scan. When I look into my Apps, is says, “Get”…..it does not say a fee. All the other reviews I have read are complaining about not being able to refund/stop the fees. I do not want to be charged for this App. Thursday-thank you for your quick response. I will try this app to see if it is more user friendly than the tiny scan that I have used a couple times..Version: 6

ExpensiveThe only thing the app does is let you crop pictures. Unless you pay a 7.49$/weekly charge..Version: 8

Absolutely rubbish!An incredibly uneventful system that will not allow you to proceed without paying £3.99 a week! I am totally discussed with this product..Version: 12

Do not use, it’s a scamApp Store says free, but this is a 3 day free trial. Them £3.99 per week. Not easy to try and cancel.Version: 4

Horrible customer serviceThey say it’s free for 3 days but then you most cancel. Well I emailed them stating I want to cancel and still no response..Version: 2

Not worth itNo real free service, can’t save/share without purchase,Doesn’t work better than any of the free options.Version: 8

Is this scan a scam ?Wanted qr reader while at restaurant downloaded app. Now being charged 6.99 per week (twice so far). I did not realize it had a charge. Complained to apple and contested cc charge..Version: 15.0

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