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Chat Master! app received 93 negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about chat master!?

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Short gameI started today and a like twenty mins later I’m done then it restarts :/ more levels please.Version: 2.1

Why just whyThis game has so much ads and starts again when completed.Version: 2.7

It’s pretty good could be betterIt’s ok I’ll say I wish you could reply on your own, instead they give you options on what to reply. And when you get to the last level all your excitement builds up and then the game starts all over. It’s just the same game all over again. Another thing is that I wish you could have your OWN story for example let’s say this dude is texting you and says the cops are after him if you decide to join him and run you will fail, and you have to do it again until you decide to do the right thing. I think I’d be more fun if you could have your own story for those reasons I’ll give it a 3 out of 5.Version: 2.90

Great but....It’s great but very addicting, I beat it in one day. It’s not even fun it’s just addicting and yes I said addicting twice. Please don’t get and find something better to do, it’s very time consuming and once you get to the end. SPOILER ALERT once you get to the and the chat master just said yay you did it in chat and you like talk to him but then and ad pops up and you do clean screen and stuff like that then it restarts the game. I wish there was a more interesting ending and more to it then just “clean screen” and “cut phone” sure the chats are interesting but they get boring after a while. Please don’t get unless you don’t have anything better to do..Version: 2.2

Chat masterAfter the last update the game dosent load up at all.Version: 1.8

Not the bestFor a game that is mainly focused on this kind of stuff, the grammar is pretty bad. There are also mini games which I have mixed feelings about. They are okay, but pretty repetitive (with often the same games) and are pretty much just rip offs from other games. Some of the levels are kind of bad like one where you pretty much just bully a guy and say he sucks, or some one where you lie to people. Plus, there are a lot of ads (you could get rid of those in games by turning on airplane mode if you are wondering) Despite these, the game overall is okay. Not the best if you are looking to find a game that you can never get bored of those. :/.Version: 3.0

👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻It don’t let me play on it I downloaded this once it worked.Version: 2.0

Too repetitive and way too many adsI played this game for a while and I personally don’t recommend it. The levels are very boring and take around 15 seconds to complete and you win either way. Along with this, in between EVERY SINGLE level there is around 1 or 2 15 second ads. The ads are so annoying and majority of my playing time was watching boring ads. I do NOT recommend this game, I didn’t enjoy it..Version: 2.8

Why cant i open the appEvery time i try to open the app it wont work i tried everything to get into the app but it just keeps kicking me out why is it like this?!.Version: 2.5

To much addsThere is so much add every time I get to A new level it’s an add :c S And that’s why :/.Version: 3.0

Meh could be better.I want to bring this to your attention before you get. 1. Side games 4/5 The side games are really actually fun and they really want to be good and they succeed! Overall a little basic but the calculator mini game was really well done! 2. Main game 3/5 The main game was.. A bit bland at points they really tried their best with the writing but 4 of 5 of the text conversations were really bland. The redeeming factor of this part though was that the 1of 5 good ones were amazing. But when the side games are better than the main game you know you have a problem. 3. Advertisements 2/5 There are ads after almost every level and every 2 side games. The ads were bad. Overall 3/5 good game bad ad system..Version: 2.4

Needs more levelsI would give this AWESOME game a five if it wasn’t for one little thing-Levels. It only took me around an hour to get to Chat Master and after a couple of bonus levels it takes you right back to the start☹️And you go through every level AGAIN including the same bonus levels once getting Chat Master. I’d recommend you get this game but only if your either happy to delete it after going through Chat Master and the few bonus levels or are happy to play the same levels over and over and over 😰. Owners and creators of the chat master game if you do anything please please PLEASE make more levels.Version: 2.8

...Not impressed. Those adds are horrible and the grammar is horrible. I wish to get this app again when it is updated, I expect NOT to many adds. 👎🏻.Version: 2.0

Stop it with the ads!!This game is actually really fun for how simple the concept is. I would actually play this game all the time if it wasn’t for the ads. I downloaded this app yesterday and don’t get me wrong, it’s a great game but the ads are excessive. Why does one app need this many ads? There are a lot of games just like this one out there. Simple, easy, addicting, and filled with ads. If you really think about it, more than half of the time spent on the game is spent watching ads. Also these ads aren’t just the pop up ads that you can just tap the small x in the corner to exit. These ads are the 30-60 second ads for a game that even after the ad is over, you still have to wait for the demo game to load. It’s just so irritating. I’m sure everyone is going to write a review complaining about the ads. But seriously, what is the need for an ad after every time you complete a short level? Please, please, please think about your usage of ads and don’t take advantage of the multiple people and kids you have playing this game. Thank you for taking the time to read my review..Version: 2.1

Bad grammar but ok gameThe grammar is terrible and could rlly be bad for your health otherwise it is an ok game I just wish you could choose different and more options.Version: 3.0

SkipAs a person who can’t tap the middle of their screen, the ‘repeat pattern’ task is impossible, either: make the horizontal on iPhones and iPads compatible, or just let you skip it.Version: 3.1

Alright...This game is alright but It’s HORRENDOUS how many adds there are! I had to turn my device on airplane mode because it was SO annoying. The chats were fun but all the other levels are repetitive and get boring. I got the game today and completed all the levels in a matter of time! I would recommend this game if your into adds and repetitive levels :(.Version: 2.2

It’s ok I guessSo I’ve had this app for two days now and I already finished all of the levels today, but than later found out that once you become the chat master you’re back to the first level again. And this happens every time. And all of the levels are the exact ones you completed before, so it’s pretty disappointing and it gets really annoying doing the same thing all over again. Anyways I think this game is extremely addicting, and it’s still fun, so if your looking for an easy looking game, with some challenging stuff than I’d recommend this to you, or literally anyone. So again I’d appreciate if you add more levels so that way the people and myself have more to look forward too. One more thing is that I see loads of reviews complaining about the adds when they’re aren’t as many which I appreciate, and you get to keep all of your followers which I’m very great full for, but this isn’t one of those clickbait games where there’s a stupid add every like 10 seconds but what I do and what you can do is just turn on airplane mode so that way you won’t even have to worry about the adds popping up. But overall this is a fun, decent made game❤️:)) <33.Version: 2.7

Problems ( things that are kinda annoying)So when u play and u do a level u do a different thing that has nothing to do w the game and after there is a add and when u do it fast u get a lot of adds that slow u down - most people can’t pay for no adds and it’s not fair and to be honest every thing else w the game is ok.Version: 2.1

Too repetitiveIn my experience of this game, all that happens when you get to ‘the chat master’ title, you go back to the first level and repeat. The game is fun, so I continued hoping there were more levels it is now my 7th time on level 1. I just wished there were more levels and it got increasingly harder after chat master. I would still download this game but delete after ‘chat master’. Thank you for reading my comment, Bored player 2000.Version: 2.1

Two problemsThis is a good game but there is two problems. One is that there are too many of the same adds and the other problem is that they are mini games so I finished the game in under 20 minutes! I think the mini games should be longer because it only takes 20-30 minutes to complete it! That is why I gave it a three star..Version: 2.90

It’s ok.. Too Many Ads!I’ll be honest. This game is pretty good but actually has a lot of stuff wrong with it. First thing, Ads. In between levels your almost ALWAYS going to have to watch a 10 second ad, sometimes you even have to watch a 30 second ad and I HATE that. The next thing is.. The amount of levels. I got this game and I got through every single level in just a few hours. Then it made me go through the exact same levels all over again, then there are the bonus levels so you don’t waste your time and delete the game I guess. I don’t really recommend this app if you hate those games with an ad every time you beat a really short level..Version: 2.8

Extremely disappointedI saw a ad about this on Snapchat and I thought it was going to actually be realistic. I downloaded it and it looks completely different. I definitely don’t recommend wasting your time on this. The ads are also very annoying when your trying to play. I am just completely and utterly dissatisfied..Version: 2.4

It teaches kids how to lie and speak to random strangers even though this is not a real chat app.There is a fine line between a fake and real chatting app. I recommend all parents to delete this app if you accidentally downloaded it. It teaches kids how to lie and talk to random people. In the age of internet chat and grooming and sick people taking advantage of kids this app is something that should never be used! I demand Apple delete this app!.Version: 2.2

Love it but...I loved this app a lot I even took under two hours to finish it and that is the thing It is sooooooo short they could of made it longer or maybe they should have chat master 2. Another thing is that I think they should of made different mini games I would say, not just chop up the phone, break the phone, fix the phone they should make more and more creative ones too. It was really fun but also some of the texts were kinda easy they should make them more challenging as you go on not just the same and same and the same and the same. A good thing about it is that it is pretty addicting In my opinion and I wish I could do a half star for the ratings but I can’t If I could I would but anyway I hope anyone reading my review I hope you have an amazing night day or evening bye!!!🤩🤗👍🤘✌️.Version: 2.2

I don’t like this at allI downloaded this app because of bordem and was very excited, I opened it and the first thing it did was an advert. It was so laggy and hard to see anything. When I tapped on the text option it wouldn’t go through and send. in the space of 2 minutes I was given 4 ads...i get that’s partly how a game works but there was a tremendous amount. It also kept taking me back to the app store and to safari, imagic for some reason happened multiple times without me even pressing a button to do so. It was really easy and boring. Don’t reccomend..Version: 2.2

Wouldn’t recommend!I do have to say I wasn’t very impressed by this game. The ideas behind it were great, including the graphics but the spelling and grammar was absolutely terrible. In almost every sentence I could see mistakes, but they weren’t hard at all? I’m just letting the developers know, so they can work to improve that. I wouldn’t recommend.Version: 2.1

Pretty cool...So, I just got this game today and it is pretty good. I like the creativity of the text messages and it is actually very fun! The only reason why I didn’t give is five stars is for two reasons, 1. There are WAY to many adds. Every time you go to a next level, mini game, or even the home page there is an add. 2. The mini games are kinda useless. Like, there is one where you have to edit your profiling picture and you basically just tap the screen and you did it. I just got the app for the text stories not lame mini games. This game is pretty cool but sometimes I just feel like half of the game is adds and the other half are mini games that make me feel like I am wasting time. But the actual texting part, that is very fun..Version: 3.0

LET ME TAP THE BUTTONI know my phone is old and glitches, and I’ve dropped it a couple times, but this rlly annoys me, whenever I finish a level, it takes me SO LONG just for me to wait for the continue button works. PLEASE FIX THIS NOW. otherwise it’s a good game 🙂.Version: 2.2

I do like this game and you should get itI do love this game thought it is very annoying how there is only one but you can do so if you go through them really fast like I did for some fun then you don’t have anymore levels which is quite annoying though I do love this game and I think you should get it..Version: 2.2

TO MUCH ADS!I know this game is great but because too much ads even maths you have to complete it otherwise you can’t do it again it’s a little bit boring with the ads but I like the texting game just get rid of the ads and I’ll be okay and also when you’re a chat master it starts all over again I’m really angry at that😑😔⛓.Version: 3.0

3 out of 5The game is good I’m not going to lie. The only problem is you download the app to do texting stories, you get loads of these little games like ‘chop the phone’ I just think it’s useless. Also I have already finished the game. I downloaded it around an hour ish ago and I have already finished it. Once you finish it goes straight back to the start! If you need one hour of entertainment then this is the app..Version: 2.1

Good gameI want dateing.Version: 3.0

MehPersonally I don’t pay attention to the grammar but what I do pay attention to is the levels themselves there’s more levels that ain’t chat levels which is ironic and wired because the game is named chat master not any level I could think of even tho it defies the name of the game master you get the point also it’s full of ads to the extreme but the regular levels are fine just fine no more no less also ironic one of the adds so happens to be a grammarly ad under the game.Version: 3.0

Good idea but needs more workCool concept and good idea but it was kind of lacking. Firstly, the chats were very basic and most of the time it was only a two choice answer. The mini games between chats were really annoying and I felt like they were pointless. Overall not a bad game for a -quick download and keep for about a day type of game-.Version: 2.5

Not worth itOkay, this game has a nice concept. But firstly, the grammar is AWFUL. And secondly, when I got further through The game it started crashing and glitching and massively lagging. I got to the end in 3 days which is slightly annoying as I wanted it to last a while. I’m not pleased. At the end it has a chat where it says congrats etc but when I opened the game after leaving, it booted me to the first level!! DONT DOWNLOAD! Not at all worth it..much better games out there. Happy gaming!.Version: 2.3

Horrible gameI lost so many brains cells playing this game, I don’t even know how to explain how bad the grammar is..Version: 2.0

Stop this😕It’s a really good game and I would recommend it but there’s just too many ads and I think you should take that away and please read this😞.Version: 2.4


Great game to start...I downloaded the app today after seeing an advert and being intrigued. It was absolutely brilliant and I spent ages playing it. Eventually, I reached the “chat master” which I was looking forward to for a while. I was quite underwhelmed after that as there aren’t many benefits to becoming the “chat master” and the game continues to play with no real goal. I also noticed quite a few spelling mistakes within the chats, thought this could be seen as purposeful due to the fact that it is people talking via text message so spelling mistakes are inevitable. After playing for a while, I realised that although some of the “skits” had morals and were overall teaching younger audiences good things, some were almost encouraging bad behaviour to the extreme of escaping prison. I know it’s just a game and all but it’s just a little pointer. On a more positive note, the game is really fun and I can’t seem to put my phone down which is a good thing, and the developers have done an amazing job..Version: 2.8

Full on CRAPI downloaded the game like ten minutes ago. It was pretty cool but you can’t type custom texts. To be honest this game is garbage. It’s bad so bad that the lazy greedy creators made dumb mini games that waste time. BUT THE ADS MAN THE ADS THERE ARW SO MANY ADS! There’s two ads in every finished levels. The second one is WHEN YOU TRY TO SKIP THE DUMB MINI GAME. This is a 💯 DO NOT GET. There’s so many ads that the creators even made a thing where you can buy the no ads version. Though I DOUBT that it works or that it’s even worth it. This is crap. The people bribe the App Store to make this a 2 game. Don’t get this. It’s a waste of time maybe even money for those low IQ people who get the no ads. Might as well delete the game like I will when I finish my this. Also it looks like there’s a lot of levels but nah there’s really little. I hen you finish you have to start all over again. Also the “special” levels ALSO needs ads so don’t get this. PRETTY CRAPPY 😤.Version: 2.2

Horribly repetitiveThe game is so boring! U get and ad like every level and its the same thing every single time.Version: 3.0

Too many adsToo many ads.Version: 2.0

FunBut need more lvls.Version: 3.0

Its boringThe game is to ez and they are only trying to get Money bc there are SO MUCH ADD’S and this game has NO grammar and it SUCKS its have NOTHING FUN IN IT. If u are reading this dont play the game-.Version: 2.8

Inappropriate adsI was playing and I kept getting inappropriate ads and I’d isn’t want to see them so I kept having to leave the game.Version: 3.0

A problemWell I would rather write my own things and at first it looks like it’s long PLEASE UPDATE IT!! You literally never update the game and it’s not a good thing because everyone loves playing this game BUT at first, update the game into writing your own things it’s boring when you are given options!! The game is good but fix this annoying thing and also we only get your opinion and i don’t know if this is online or offline just..PLEASE update the game on what I just said PLEASE!!.Version: 3.1

Ok..The game is fine but after every level there adverts that I can’t close and the fact it won’t let me press the thing I want plus I did one stage and it took me quarter way through I think there should be more stages and disabled adverts or tiny adverts that u can close to improve the game. My overall opinon is 3/5 or 6/10 it’s fine I guess just a little laggy.Version: 2.7

BadShort game to many ads and it’s got a boring gameplay and plus half of the levels end up breaking.Version: 2.4

Ok....This app lost two stars. Firstly because I just don’t see the point, it is fun but it helps you in no shape or form. I mean, not many people care about being a master of chatting. Secondly, I thought it would be just about chatting but they’ve thrown in some extra games that I think are unnecessary. But overall I like this app.Version: 3.0

TerribleThis game has bad grammar like idk how to explain how bad it is AND WAYYYY TO MANY ADS: to bad u couldn’t do a 0% star.Version: 3.0

Should get it but there is down sidesThis game is a lot of fun but sometimes I feel as if it is teaching kids to smash phones or say something to someone else that maybe won’t go as expected. This game should be 9+ instead of 4+.Version: 3.1

Stupid people you textYou text aliens , vampires , dogs , lions , You text grandmas , grandpas , Some are very weird I will do one it’s funny but not for ages 11 and under 😀Do you want to be in my movie Yes can I play the sheriff 😎 😀only if you have a horse Ohh I don’t have a horse 😎 😀Then you can play drunk Jimmy I don’t want to😎 You lose.Version: 2.7

This game is full of adsIf this game didn’t have ALOT of ads this game would’ve been much better..Version: 3.0

Well...This game was fun at first but then the mini games really annoyed me because they kept repeating I hated it and I completed this in 3 days also when I finished I liked the extra challenges but after a few rounds of the extra levels it took me back to the same challenges again so plz fix it i deleted this game😡.Version: 3.0

My only complaintAs much as I love this game the adds get really annoying really fast please do something about it without it costing money not everyone in the world has as much money as the wish.Version: 2.7

I love it but fix sumthin READ..OK so I do you love this game it’s super super fun I just download it because I saw it but I really like but something that really annoys me is the ads yeah it’s OK if you do it for you but you do it every time it’s just so annoying and it’s making me want to delete it again so please fix this in the mini games I really like but after the mini games it literally gives you an ad and it’s making me mad so please fix this or just reply because this has been happening for a lot of people I just gave it a lot of stars because I thought there was not that much ads but I change my mind I don’t really want it to be four stars but if the ads aren’t too much I will read it a five star so please fix this I repeat please fix this because it’s super annoying for that and when people talk about this it’s just super annoying and you guys do not reply you only reply it’s a little so please read all so I hope you read this all if you did thank you..Version: 2.8

Ok but glitchyThis game is super fun the only thing is that it can be really glitchy for me on some levels. I know it’s not my iPad that’s glitchy cause all my other games are fine. The levels that are most glitchy for me is the ones where you text to a fake person and were you try to match the people. I used to have like four hundred followers but now I’m down to two hundred because the glitches are making me lose. In the ones where you text at the beginning it randomly choses the wrong one witch makes you fail and in the one where you match two people they randomly move before I can draw a line. Pls find a way to fix this! As a total I give this app three stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️.Version: 3.0

PAYED OFF THE ADSHonestly, all these guys make their money off is ads. I’m pretty sure the game contains more ads than actual game time... and the scenarios they put you in are just stupid... the only decent thing about this game is the fact that it’ll help you make better life choices... like deleting this app. 👎.Version: 2.2

Ok I guess, but..This is quite a fun game but it has a few annoying flaws, When I first got the game it seemed like a cool game, and it was fun to play however there was a 20-30s long AD between every single level! Start AND end, SLO it was very fast to finish and some buttons weren’t working for example. When there was a bonus level it would not let me watch the video to unlock it, Overall a good concept but done very poorly, it’s more like those scam games just for adverts.Version: 2.8

Poor GameToo many advertisements and when you complete the game you have to start all over again and lose all of your progress. Save yourself some hassle and disappointment and uninstall this game or don’t install it in the first place!!.Version: 2.1

Why so many ads all of a sudden?I have had the game for a while now. I loved the game but now all of a sudden there’s ads. Every time you finish a round of texting, for example, there is this one ad that has to do with dating. LITERALLY LITTLE KIDS ARE PLAYING THIS GAME! You don’t expect them to date! One time my little cousin got the ad and asked me if I could get the dating app so he could date the “Heather” girl in the ad. HE’S 6! I don’t know if you can control the ads in the game, but I would appreciate it if you tried to get rid of the dating ads. There’s mostly little kids playing this so like I said, you don’t expect them to date. Also why would somebody expect a 25 year old to play the game. This game is mostly made for kids, so why are there dating apps?!.Version: 3.1

Well....It's a great game and all but, ads after every level, horrible Grammer , and each games about 15 seconds. Please update this game and then I'll download it..Version: 3.1

Phone crashingI’ve tried to use it twice and I’ve only gotten to the 5th level because of how laggy it is. The first time it completely crashed my whole phone and I had to restart it to get it to work. The second time my phone was so laggy I pushed the home button and 30 seconds later it took me home. It’s not like I have a bad phone either, I have an iPhone 7.Version: 2.0

Good but weird addsI love this game. Some weird adds but the weird thing is that if I’m watching an add sometimes it’ll freeze and I have to watch it over and over till it stops freezing. Overall pretty great game..Version: 3.0

White screen of deathHello, i do love your game so but there is one problem i cant erase, when i open the app there is a white screen that stays there and whatever you do you cant get rid of it, please fix this.Version: 2.2

Really confusing challenge but I completed itReally good game, just a challenge made me rage. Because I did not know that there was other areas that you could do. Because of that, my followers went from 70 down to -30. Still, I made it, my followers are 10..Version: 3.0

Addictive but a slight ripoffThis game has delivered quite fun to me, giving the skill to not be hacked, bullied, and even tips in life that I’d never think of. This game has a feature called chat master, meaning, when you get to the end of multiple chats, phone smashings, app sorting and guessing, you then become the chat master. It took me only about a week or less to unlock this feature, and then I had to restart. It felt a little unorganised, and a bit of a ripoff. Along with not JUST chatting like it’s adds have said, and much more. Though I found this game at the top of my addiction chart, and it has thought me to stand up against hackers and bullies. Over all this app gets three stars, and that’s all I think it deserves. But it is recommended to download and play, though you may want to be careful of the downsides of this fun but ripped off game..Version: 2.5

Worst game everThis is the worst game ever it won’t even let me get in the app 🤬.Version: 2.7

Good!So this game is about you replying to people messaging you and you need to complete the things the game tells you to. For me, this game is so addictive and I love it! There is two problems though.. one of them doesn’t really affect the game though. So, the first thing I noticed is their is hardly any levels, I finished it all in like half an hour! You need to add more!! The second thing is there is lots of spelling mistakes, for example, they put happend, instead of happened. This doesn’t really affect the game but I just wanted to point that out. In most games, it floods you with adverts but this one doesn’t. It might have an odd few but overall it’s great! Thank you for making this game and entertaining us, I would definitely recommend it! Thank you!.Version: 2.7

Awesome but too many adsThe game is cool I like how similar the message chat bubbles look like Apple IMessage but there is one problem there are too many ads 😐if you guys can erase this it will be easier for players so they don’t complain too much. Thank you.Version: 2.7

CrashesEvery time I open it, it just crashes I’ve never even gotten a chance to play.Version: 2.8

This game is not so badThere is a lot of mimi games in it I don’t really like that but it’s OK. There is a lot of Ads!!!! There is a ad after every level it’s annoying. But the texting part of the game is fun.Version: 3.0

Terrible cash grabAds after ever level and each lvl takes like 15 secs. The game looked promising buts it’s terribly made. Overall very disappointed.Version: 2.0

Just why?!I mean it’s good ‘n’ all but there are wwwwwaaaaaayyyyyyyyy to may adverts and no were near enough levels! I completed them all in less than 24 hours! If you like doing the same thing over and over and over again then go a head and get it. If you hate repeating things like me then I don’t recommend this to you..Version: 3.0

Not worth playing unless you want to pay £2.99I admit that the title of this, is likely the developers intention but honestly the ads in this game absolutely ruin it they are overbearing and ridiculous for every few seconds of gameplay you are forced to sit through unskippable 30 second adverts which in my opinion is disgusting. To the dev either have the self respect to pull the *free* version of this app and just charge people upfront or tone down the ads at least slightly. Uninstalled almost immediately.Version: 2.1

It’s OkThis game is so cool and fun but what does annoy me is how much adds there is because if you want people to play your game you don’t want people to be convinced to play another and also it’s kind of stupid how the advisement had someone typing there on thing but not being told to chose 1 of 2.Version: 2.8

Good but...Once I was done playing the game it just took me back to the beginning and I was hoping for the next level but there was no next level. It was quite boring doing the same thing over and over again so I just think maybe you could add a few more levels because I think that will be fun maybe even try to make it a little bit harder. More people maybe we could be talking to a car I don’t know that’s all I wanted to say just please try and add more games because I’m bored now so I uninstalled it because it was wasting my space.Version: 2.3

Absolute dogMy iq dropped by 15 points.Version: 3.0

So many issues!This game gets boring after you become the chat master, the chat conversations force you to lie and teach you to lie which can get you in trouble, it’s not really appropriate because it says the opposite of dang and the conversations are just unrealistic! I mean, WHY would the police text you and how do you just get cellphone service in some other country! Also, the minigames are annoying and there are WAAY too many ads to enjoy the game for those who don’t know how to turn on airplane mode to get rid of ads. You can’t text a lion and you cant have some cat text you! Kids are also gonna try to do bad stuff like hide drugs at their house for their friends just like the level where you had to hide a stolen bike at your house for your friend, and the police is after them! Parents, unless you want your children to grow up doing stupid and dumb stuff like THAT and lie to people like the feds, DONT EVER let your children get this terrible game..Version: 2.7

3 stars to chat masterChat master is very educational because it teaches children about lying and telling the truth on social media and see what they’re actions can do and affect the rest of their lives..Version: 3.3

Alright....It’s really addicting but it’s really bad when you get to the end. Can you please make more!!!! I’m kinda begging you. It’s boring now. But the start of the game is great though until you get to the end. Please please please!! 😔😔.Version: 3.0

Pretty GoodI enjoy This game. Though, it has a few problems. For one, there should still be followers, but there should also be coins to upgrade your phone and customers, and pictures that ALWAYS change but you can have a variety of pictures to choose from per level. Stuff like that. Another thing that I wish you’d ad is coins because: instead of there being one-three ads per level, why don’t you make it like this: Let’s say you just finished a level and you want more coins. Why don’t you make it where we have to watch an ad every time we purchase coins, which is optional for the players to choose (to buy the coins ONLY)? I also wish we could have levels where we could do a BONUS LEVEl, That way we could earn twice as much followers and also, if you do decide to do the coins thingy, please also make us get twice as much the coins. ;) Okay, well, I think that is all! Good day!.Version: 3.0

OkThis is ok game it has way to much ads and It has terrible grammar and is really estate first but it does give you what the title says I do not recommend..Version: 3.0

My reviewGame is horrible and very VERY boring. The grammar is worse than a first grader do not listen to the 5 star reviews those are most likely fake. Do not try.Version: 3.0

Why 2 starsOk so the game is pretty addicting but it is stealing content from other game like love ball the only original thing is the texting part so I recommend you too not download this game this game used too be the 3rd most popular game that is free but at least it fell from the top ten.Version: 2.3

Could be betterI would say- this is awesome! If it wasn’t for one thing- that when u reach chat master, it restarts. And worse, the levels are still the same. This is just like Parenting Choices, except slightly more fun. But what’s the point of doing all those levels if u just lose all ur progress at the end? Oh, and also, it sends bad messages for kids, as u pass many levels by lying, deception, manipulation and making fun of people. I really shouldn’t promote that kind of behaviour..Version: 2.1

HiHi.Version: 3.0

There is a problemI was playing the game for like 5 minutes after I got it and then this level came up and it said sort the apps out so I tried sorting it out and then after I sorted it out it didn’t do anything so I kept trying the level and it still didn’t work so i reset the app and then it told me to sort the apps and it did the same thing like 5 times in a row so then I deleted it because of this 1 level that I couldn’t do because it wasn’t possible so if your stuck on that level just delete it because it’s no point trying to do it..Version: 2.2

Pretty GoodSo I downloaded the game last night and was totally addicted, so addicted that I finished it this morning! But then I found out after you become chat master, you just start all the levels all over again, and they’re all the exact same as they were the first time through so that was disappointing. The only thing you don’t loose is your followers, and I’m grateful for that. So if you could please add another few different levels so we don’t have to go through the same ones over and over again to become chat master that would be nice. Also what the crap is with all the ads?? I know you can buy no ads, but since the game doesn’t have that much to it I’m not going to buy it. But waaaaaay to many ads. It would also be appreciated to change something about that! But other than that, pretty fun brainless game..Version: 2.0

Sh**This game is stupid because I get minus followers when I lose. >:(.Version: 3.0

Don’t like restartsDon’t get me wrong it’s an awesome game but I hate the idea of restarting every time you reach chat master because it doesn’t allow you to get any better and they are all just the same things.Version: 2.1

It’s alright 👍The game is really fun the only problem is that the levels are to short and a bit corny, there also isn’t enough levels. I finished the game in like an hour. Can you guys make it that you can creat you’re own character. If you guys add all these thing this might be 1 of my favourite games..Version: 2.2

Why should I report an issue with Chat Master!?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Chat Master! to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Chat Master! customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Chat Master!.

Is Chat Master! not working?

Chat Master! works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Chat Master!.

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