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Messiahs App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Messiahs app received 16 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Messiahs? Can you share your negative thoughts about messiahs?

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Messiahs for Negative User Reviews

Rules UnclearThe game is very good, but miracles seem to be an integral part of the strategy. This doesnt initially appear to be an issue, but then you need to perform miracles in order to avoid hate, and by then, it still hasnt been explained how to perform mircales or win the chance to perform miracles. Solid game but it needs a pop-up explanation like plague inc since this is clearly developed in the same style.Version: 1.3

BoringBoring, repetitive, good idea poorly done..Version: 1.7

It’s more swiping than strategyI thought I’d be able to make up the rules of my religion as I go. From problematic to utopian dream! But this game is more like “answer with what you think the game wants you to answer” The powers aren’t very useful and you level up at the same rate each play through so there’s not much variety in terms of how to spend your points.I got bored by play through #3. The game reminds me a very early version of pandemic..Version: 1.7

Concept is good but just one issueOverall the execution of the game is superb. However one thing that bothers me is how a religion must decide what’s right a wrong. That’s something that the government has decided for a religion, throughout history, in order for society to be more well behaved and work according to their conditions. But what about Buddhism??? Buddhism more accurately defines what happiness is. It works on the mental health of people and doesn’t construct society like Christianity for example. Buddhism doesn’t say that stealing is wrong. That rule is left for the government to take care of. This element of religion is something I think should be considered and implemented into the game somehow. Otherwise it’s a fantastic concept..Version: 1.3

Interesting idea, but not intuitiveTook me a little while to understand the game options, how to upgrade abilities, etc. But now I’ve got the hang of that it is quite a decent little game..Version: 1.6

GAME NO LONGER WORKSI used to really enjoy this game! Went to play again, and you can no longer make any selections when you start a game and meet individuals. Without and choices given, you cannot proceed at all into the game. Very disappointing that there's not even a place on the developer site to submit these claims. Especially disappointing that you pay for this game and the developers are not even responsible enough to maintain the game..Version: 1.7

Ok - but I’ve only just startedAs above, just started but it’s pretty average..Version: 1.6

Good, but….This is a great premise and I have spent a decent amount of time playing & hope to play lots more. Really, spend the money, you’ll be happy. That being said, there are some really frustrating things. For example, when a regions hate is getting high, why can’t I just, ya know, leave? Also, while my religion is spreading around without me, why am I not getting any faith points? Why is everything so expensive?! Could there be an improvement/ability that shows you which answer aligns with the people’s happiness most OR that shows what is aligning with your commandments? Also, why are there only negative affects? What about the good things (like people being more charitable because of my preaching)? And above all - why the heck do I keep dying so soon? I’m playing on easy and I’m not made it past region 8ish. Like, what the heck?.Version: 1.7

Repetitive, forced and incredibly boringThe game plays almost nothing like plague inc. I don’t know why people compare it to it. It’s a decision game where you must guess what will get you more popularity. The game forces you to defend things you’ve never said or done but it acts as if you are making a new religion. You also go through a predetermined list of regions which are simply named Region. It doesn’t matter how many people you converted because the game sets your total believer count. It tries to add challenge but it just feels forced(like randomly slapping a negative effect on you). And it’s terribly repetitive. People will ask you the same questions dozens of times. As long as it doesn’t kill you, it doesn’t truly matter what you answer as your religion is defined by the devs and not you. The premise sounds fun. The game is awful.Version: 1.7

Interesting but not enjoyable to playThe title and the content of the game is definitely interesting. I thought this is something similar to Plague Inc., but turns out this is more like making choices, that will impact the results of the game. The game allows you make decisions on certain religious practices and political opinions. But same questions will come up repeatedly, since you already know what is the right answer, this is kind of tedious. The choice making is rather taking an exam, you have to answer it “correctly “ in order to move forward. Rather than choice making results in deferent endings or approaches..Version: 1.6

Soon becomes repetitiveIt was really fun in the beginning, but the narrative soon becomes very repetitive. I only played through the Jerusalem once and it took 31 region, with little variation from region to region later on. I don’t think I want to play through it again given how boring it is to actually play through it once..Version: 1.3

Difficult To UnderstandThe concept of the game is interesting and the art style is nice. I can tell a lot of work was put into this. However, it relies heavily on understanding questions and answers. The developer is clearly not a native English speaker because a lot of the questions don’t make sense, and their outcomes don’t make sense. This makes it very difficult to play, especially in the later stages, because you can’t understand crucial questions or their repercussions..Version: 1.7

Surprised and disappointed by the game.I was very surprised by the quality of this app. Not in a good way however. The choices are about as basic as they come, being all yes or no style choices, and you really have no freedom to shape or create a religion as advertised as the game will shoehorn you into one of 3 preset religions. The translation is awkward and it’s noticeable that the game was not made in English and the translation was not done by a native speaker. Upgrades are boring and as you play you are punished for choices at random. You are never rewards for a choice. The reward is nothing bad happened (this time). I expected more than just a yes or no question game but maybe that’s my fault for expecting more from a top 5 app on the charts….Version: 1.7

Very slowI usually enjoy games like this ie plague and rebels inc but found this game to be disappointingly slow and lacked any feeling of progression, it’s just a combination of swipe right/left for 20 mins or so..Version: 1.7

Not My Cup of TeaI thought this game would be more like the Plague Inc. game, but it felt a little bit like micro-managing and linear with swiping left and right on people’s questions which felt like a lose-lose. Maybe I’m just too dumb. I really like the concept of the game. It just wasn’t what I expected, and I’m probably overly picky with games. The game is reasonably priced and the art style is really cool, so it’s worth a try. Also, it sounds like the developer is continuing to add content which I look forward to revisiting in the future..Version: 1.3

Makes little senseThe game doesn’t do much to let you customize your religion. No matter your choices, your religion is just Christianity, Judaism, Islam, or some mix of the 3. Everything is a glorified yes/no question which you are always punished for with little benefit. The game is structured around avoiding negative effects which makes the game very monotonous, especially since the premise is cool. Many of the decisions you make give you debuffs that are contrary to the choice you make, like telling people they should be generous and then receiving a debuff that says your religion values money too much. Basically, the game wants you to accrue followers, but the best way to do that is to persuade people while also talking to them as little as possible, so the point of the game is to not play the game..Version: 1.0

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