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Element Flow App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Element Flow app received 148 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Element Flow? Can you share your negative thoughts about element flow?

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Element Flow for Negative User Reviews

BadWhat is an atom you stupid game my friends don’t have it so why do I.Version: 2.7

CrashesWon’t even launch..Version: 2.5

Way too many adsLess than 5 seconds of game play then more advertisements ... the stupid sort where you have to tap on at least two X before you can get out of it. Don’t bother!.Version: 2.0

Could be goodEither way too easy or way too hard by the time I got to my less than 20th level or something I was bored with it because only three levels had been amusing. Also even though they say they have made bug fixes and glitch checks. The thing is so buggy I deleted it which took a long time with how slow it made my ipad..Version: 2.9.4

GET RID IF ATOMIt’s dumb how you need to wait 5 hours just to continue playing or watch an ad aléatoire make it less time or give more atom to begin with.Version: 2.7

I HATE THIS GAMEThe most annoying game I deleted this game.Version: 2.7

HuhElemants are so weird it’s a guessing game..Version: 2.9.4

Boo!When ever i try to go into the game, it’s always kicks me out, I’m giving you 2 stars bc I can’t play the game so I dont know how fun this game is :3 😅.Version: 2.6

Repeating levels!?I love the game very much but I’m very confused with these bunch of levels where they just keep repeating and I’m getting really annoyed. I was literally playing it for ages and the whole time was just repeating levels!? Why is this happening??.Version: 2.6

Iike it but....There’s this scary level that I DO NOT LIKE it’s giving me night mares i hate it plz change it it’s not for little kids that’s scary not for 4+ it should be 6+ for me really scary for 4 year olds and that’s y I give it 3 star you should make it more fun less ads and you should start with at least 3 hints but I start with one really 4 year olds that are not scared of the level then they should play and make it more funny for me it’s tiny boring but you should delete that now pls and that level that has blood also I HATE IT NOT FOR FOUR PLUS PLS ASK YOUR PARENT TO BY THIS IF YOUR FOUR.Version: 2.2

It’s ok.The game is a good game but it’s broken when i got to the owl i made the night and I got the bird but when i merged them it didn’t work and i got the hint but it doesn’t work if the owner’s are reading this then please fix it.Version: 2.9.4

BadBad.Version: 2.9.4

I cantI keep comparing this game to Alchemy and this one just falls very short. The level system isnt bad, but I prefer having everything out there and just match everything up, which you cant do with the levels. I dont like the limited number of moves you can do because I guess and check with literally every combination of elements. There was an ad after EVERY SINGLE LEVEL. It just got aggravating so I deleted it. But I like the artwork of the game, so I’ll give 2 stars..Version: 2.7

🙂😡I love the game but after I almost finish survival but then it shows me an option to do a bonus level. The problem is if I don’t want to do the bonus level, it puts me right back to the start of another world before that. There’s also a lot of ads but not too much that I don’t want to play the game. It’s really fun and it would be even better if developers would fix this.🤗.Version: 2.7

DisappointedSaw this app as an advert and thought it looked good. I hadn’t even finished a level and and advert started and hung the game. Same thing happened again so app was deleted. Sorry but far too many adverts making the game itself annoying!.Version: 2.7

Nothing makes senseThis game is in no way educational, don’t play it if you want to learn something. Apparently rock and life makes egg....Version: 2.5

It’s okay I guessIt is easier to do this type of game when they tell you what you’re going to have to make instead of you just having to guess and spend a lot of time trying random things until you get something. One issue is that some of of the combos don’t really make much sense they kinda do but at the same time it’s just not how it works. It probably be best played by kids, or just go in with an open mind.Version: 2.2

Zero starsI would give this a zero if I good. I understand ads for rewards but not an ad on a 3 second timer for them to activate.. what a bad app. Seriously what were they thinking when they made this garbage. Combine two icons..ad..Version: 2.2

It’s okIt’s a cool and fun game to play when you are bored but here are the goods and the bads Bad: . TO MANY ADS . YOU CAN ONLY ISE THE HINTS LIKE 5 TIME OR YOU MUST RESET . WEIRD COMBINATIONS Good . You can turn off your wifi so more ads but u can still use hints 🧐 SO THANK YOU FOR READING 😖😏.Version: 2.9.4

It alright I guessThis game is alright but it always lags so yeah.Version: 2.7

To many adsHonestly great game love it but it’s a bit stupid how every time you make a new element you have to watch and ad and there’s no way not to it’s getting ridiculous creator please dont force us to get whatever it us you want us to get I am so close to deleting the game.Version: 2.7

I need a bit betterIt is a fun game but I hate that it tells you what to make and that there are levels. I just want it to be free play so you can make what ever element you want that way it is easier. and make it so there are no levels also if you do my suggestion when you make a new element it will be added to your inventory. it would be a back pack icon you can click and see all of the elements you discovered. and you can click on the back pack and get a element if you want to use it. This will make the game more enjoyable thank you..Version: 2.9.4

Would love a free play modeI don’t usually write game reviews (mostly because these mobile puzzles games are a very guilty pleasure) but this one is actually quite clever and interesting. Only one thing would make it better: my favorite part was the bonus rounds where you had to remember the combinations and make everything from scratch with fewer than three mistakes. I would pay money for a sandbox mode where you can freely combine everything you can make from those four elements without penalty or levels. I imagine I could get very creative in the ways I’d play with that: try to make one of every animal, every profession, a small town with every kind of building, et cetera. I hope the devs listen to their fanbase!.Version: 1.8

The game keeps freezingOverall it keeps me entertained but it freezes like every 10minutes which is annoying because I just want to play and also the ads! There is so many! Please take note to my review. Please fix the freezing developers..Version: 2.9.4

Add farmYou have to watch an add every 2 sets of combinations. Nothing but an add farm..Version: 2.7

If you enjoy having gameplay interrupted by ads you’ll love thisAds are ads, but not when they randomly keep popping up mid-gameplay, then they are signal to #boycottlionstudiogames. This studio is one of the worst time sappers delivering mediocre games punctuated with a slew of adverts. If there are any Lion Studio games on this iPad they will be getting deleted. Twitter calls.Version: 2.6

UnplayableCan’t even open the game.Version: 2.2

Just another awful cash grabI downloaded this game at 11:45. I had to turn off the cellular data for the game because of the constant barrage of ads. It’s now 12:12 and I have already beaten the game. I swear, there is an ad every thirty seconds, or something to that effect. AND to play “bonus levels” you have to watch MORE ads. I turn my ads back on to run through the first 13 levels as quickly as possible; I didn’t think I would get 7 ads. It could use less railroading, more levels, less ads, and a point. Thank you for reading my review.Version: 1.7

TO MANY ADS and other stuffI played this game because I thought it would be cool and it is but way to many ads and the fact that you have limited atoms every time you get it wrong it takes it and if you have no more you can’t play for 2 hours and every time you complete a level an ad just pops up and it really annoys me so can you fix how many ads we get if you can.Version: 2.7

Way too many adsIt’s so satisfying to play but an ad comes up every few seconds which is Extra annoying if you try to listen to music while playing! it’s almost impossible to play because i’m constantly interrupted by ads and end up closing the app after only a few minutes of gameplay...Version: 2.9.4

HorribleI’ve seen many of the reviews and they are all bad so I decided to check this game out, but it just didn’t even work I couldn’t get in it just kept logging me back out. When I saw this I was super happy because I love evolution and evolution are amazing too! I love doodle god and so I thought I’d check this out but to my luck it’s just disappointment, please make this game better or just make a whole entire new game. Plus please just stop sending the ads no one clicks them. Developers please read this..Version: 2.0

Not Worth the Free DownloadIn my short time playing this game I spent more time watching ads than playing, some ads last 30 seconds when I only spent about 10 seconds playing and they're CONSTANT. Only ever having a goal to create one thing at a time massively takes away from the game's potential. It would be much more fun to at least have a list of things and figure them out yourself rather than the game telling you a combination is wrong until it asks for it specifically, spamming you with popups to take hints every few "mistakes". On top of that you can only do so much before having to watch even more ads or spend money. Complete garbage..Version: 2.7

To much addsWay to much adds and the adds don’t even load sometimes.Version: 2.5

Good game just to many addsThe idea of the game is cool and it’s fun to play, but, there are way to many ads. Every time you finish a level there is and add and it’s just so annoying. It’s not a bad game, there are just too many ads.Version: 2.9.4

AdsOMG DO I EVEN HAVE TO EXPLAIN THIS? Everytime I do an ad it stops and turns black and I have to reload the app but I lose atoms and have to restart the level..Version: 2.7

It was fun but..It was really fun but once you get to a around level 140 they start to redo the levels until it’s just a repeats the same levels over and over and over again like if our run out of levels the just say you beat all the levels good job instead of just repeating some.Version: 2.9.4

I HATE ATOMI ran out of atom and then I tried to watch an ad but it won’t let me.Version: 2.7

Overly intrusive appsWhat would be an entertaining game ruined by overly intrusive apps. You can’t go more than one or two steps without having to watch an add and they offer no reward in game, they just break you from the experience..Version: 2.7

Could be better…..The app is spurt of satisfying and fun but like ads after every three short level come on the game crashes soooooooo much it drives me insane while playing.Version: 2.9.4

TERRIBLE, ads everywhereThe pure amount of ads is ridiculous and there are plenty of other ways to advertise in a game. Maybe when you start up the game there’s an ad and when every you get a hint, otherwise they’re not needed and shows the only reason for Lion Studios existence is for cash grabs. Just play little alchemist..Version: 2.7

It okHonestly I have been playing for half an hour and I got to level 60 but can’t get past it because it crashes every time I try to pick one of the elements up and there are way to many adds.Version: 2.7

✌️I’d love to play but it doesn’t work.Version: 1.8

BadIt makes no sense at all like wizard+bones=witch?.Version: 2.2

Stupidly hardI was trying to guess tsunami, you seriously think a tsunami is caused by water and tornado? And in some levels it’s so stupidly hard I have to keep watching ads, don’t recommend waste of time..Version: 2.2

Not that fun :(So I tried to get in to the game but I couldn’t get in it kept kicking me out and then I finally got in and it was rlly glitchy and it crashed so I finally got in and started playing it and the levels don’t seem to get harder it way too easy and not fun :(.Version: 2.2

Worst game everIt has way too many ads after every level it makes dumb answers like a beast and wind= a horse🤔.Version: 2.2

AdsThe ads want to make me blow my brains out. This is why our world has issues..Version: 2.9.4

Ads and cannot complete the gameSo the concept is good and well executed- and I could put up with the ads in the knowledge that I would complete the game quite quickly- but you cannot complete it. I would pay for no ads - it’s a reasonable cost, but if I cannot complete the game what is the point?.Version: 2.9.4

Nonsensical combinations.When logic plays no part in the combinations to each puzzle, it becomes quite stupid. Like time and stone makes an egg?.Version: 2.2

RatingI think 2 stars because 1, too many ads and 2, it made me watch an ad to get a hint that I already knew but wouldn’t let me do without watching an ad.Version: 2.7

Would love to give five starsNow that I’ve played this through to the end, I feel like I should say something about this game. Firstly, this was fun! But now that I’ve finished unlocking everything, I should be free to build things the way I’d like. I loved those bonus rounds where you start fresh and rely on your memory to unlock everything. Personally, I would love to have a sandbox mode or godmode where now that you’ve unlocked everything you are free to build everything from the four basic elements. It would also be nice if I could add several more elements to my tool bar so I don’t have to keep repeating the same recipes over and over. Another thought is actually having to feed people and animals and that the food and home tiers actually accomplish something on their real niche. It’s a fun game, really it is. But now that I’ve unlocked everything, I don’t like how they have me recycling various worlds. I’ve done that already, and now, I just want to build things without constraints..Version: 2.7

Too many adsI love this game but the only reason i deleted is is because the amount of ads, every time I make a new “element” I get a 30 second ad so I have to use like 7 mins every level due to ads. I’m putting putting any hate on the game but just SOOO MANYY ADSsS.Version: 2.6

.Honestly, the same works well and does everything it meant to do but if it was perfect I would give it 5 stars. I haven’t because the amount of ad’s on this game is horrible, there are so many in fact, I wouldn’t suggest downloading the game, please developers reduce the amount of advertisements inside of this game, thank you..Version: 2.6

Ads and dumb combinationsSo many ads and DUMB combinations such as mud plus life equals human and lizard plus sand equals snake.Version: 2.9.3

A great platform for ads… the game not so muchThis game is the perfect place to come if you want somewhere that will display your add at least once per minute. Otherwise there’s not much point. Even if you turn your WiFi off as I did out of necessity and frustration, the game seems obsessed with interrupting your game play. Despite operating on what is best described as dream logic, the game will keep opening a ‘want a hint’ tab in the middle of the screen, and no amount of saying no will get it to stay away. I might have appreciated it more if I was just left alone to combine things, trying to fill a list rather than clawing your way through levels. Perhaps in that world I would have had more appreciation for its barley sensical solutions, instead of deleting the app after punching my way through 5 ‘NEED A HINT?!’ screens only to discover that I was supposed to just know humans were made of life and mud..Version: 2.9.4

Fun but one problemWhen I got this game I was like: I love this game! Now that I heard of something annoying I thought: this game is kind of fun but I think it’s annoying, so I think my rate in this game is 3, even when I just got annoyed I go to my room. For developer: Hi, can you remove the thing when you complete something and then it shows; get 5, and I really get annoyed about that..Version: 2.7

Extremely pay to winYou need to watch ads every 2 minutes to actually play the game, and if you don’t consent to having all your data sold to random people a giant pop up will remain on your screen till you do so. The game is a nice concept, however its only purpose was to make a lot of money. They focused on the profit rather than the gameplay..Version: 2.7

I can’t get 15 seconds of gameplay in without an ad.Seriously?! Now, I play plenty of other games that have constant ads, but at least they give me 1 minute between them. Ok, I understand that the devs are trying to earn money with the constant ads, but that’s no fun for anyone who plays. I don’t like being interrupted, especially in the MIDDLE OF A GAME with ads..Version: 2.9.4

It’s a carbon copy, but worse than the originalElement Flow is a worse point-for-point copy of Little Alchemy, a game I played the heck out of as a kid, except for the parts where it’s mobilegame-ified, in which case it’s worse. Also more ads, which makes it even worse on top of that. That’s it. Delete this and get Little Alchemy 1 and 2. It’s on the App Store and is just an (in my opinion) better and more original game. I’d give this 3 stars, but it being a knock-off of an older and (again, imo) better game knocks it down to 2..Version: 2.7

Too many ads and too repetitiveI was really enjoying this and actually would have been okay with the number of ads BUT, after 140 or so levels the elements became repetitive (to the point that I assumed the game was glitching and sending me back to already completed levels) Over 100 levels later and I had completed no new elements (still on 396 elements out of the total 400+) and, because I was getting quick at completing the (repetitive) levels, it meant I was watching ads every 30 or so seconds. Gave up in the end; who knows If this can actually be completed but, when I realised I’d done 100 levels of repetition, I was horrified and decided to waste no more time on it.Version: 2.9.4

StupidSome of these things make absolutely zero sense wouldn’t recommend.Version: 2.7

ADDSSSSSSS!!!!!This would be a genuine good game but the damm adds never stop it would have been a great game in fact and I could promise you half of the people have been complaining about the adds just don’t make an add after every element that’s crazy.Version: 2.2

CopiedI have the app called “little alchemy” and this is a complete copy of little alchemy and I’m so mad because it has to many glitches and so many ads.Version: 2.7

False advertisingI can’t put Karen hair on the woman BAD game >:(.Version: 2.2

Cute game, but virtually unplayable due to constant crashingGame crashes after every forced ad break (which is 1-2 ad breaks each level) and the whole game then needs restarting (which forces you to restart the level). So I will be deleting this app due to the terrible bugs/issues... when I was actually considering paying full price for. Such a shame... developers would be losing a lot of money due to this basic oversight..Version: 2.7

They were right..This wasn't very fun and there we’re too many ads, the other reviews were right and I will listen to reviews more often..Version: 2.2

WAY TO MANY ADSEvery time i pressed something or drag something i get a 30-45 second ad. I cant even skip it, there is no point in playing if the game is full of ads. Now i know u make money off of those adds but i dont think no ones even gonna watch the ads in the first place because people would uninstall the app because the ads are to much. Could u ATLEAST make it so theres not 10 ads every touch u make in the game?!.Version: 2.6

2 hour waitI downloaded this game because it seemed entertaining and it was but then when i was just messing around for a little bit it said I had to wait 2 hrs to keep playing again which is absolutely ridiculous. What’s the point of a game if you can barely play it? Also too many ads but a lot mobile games are like that so it’s whatever. Back to the two hour wait, in order to get rid of the wait you have to watch ads of course. This game literally runs on ads smh would not recommend..Version: 2.7

Great Game but repeatsI like the game and combinations to create certain items but after you get to a certain level it starts all over! And it’s not fun just replaying the same level over and over again because what do u do now when u discovered all the items you can create and finish all levels just keep replaying them over and over again it will become boring. The creators should create more levels like futuristic levels or more special/challenge levels to keep the game interesting but for people who haven’t played it before try it it’s fun!.Version: 2.9.4

Not the greatest.So the game itself is fine but a few problems... for starters too may add but most mobile games these days are like that. You should have a few hints every day as a reward for playing daily. Also the one thing I hate most about this game, is that you have to wait TWO WHOLE HOURS to continue playing. What is the point of that? Do you want us to take a two hour break if we play for five minutes? Please make it so we don’t have to wait so long. Just remove that feature and I will be more than happy to make it five stars..Version: 2.7

To much tip askingThe game is good, overall, it’s fun making new elements, etc, but it keeps asking you if you want to have a tip every time I try to make the element it tells me to, the tip button is literally on the side of the screen so it asking you is utterly useless in every way possible. Overall probably don’t play because there are also quite a lot of ads as well, but if you want a comfort game, probably do download this..Version: 2.9.4


Alot of bad things.There's ads, it's boring and some aren't even correct. Probably one of the most boring games I have downloaded..Version: 2.9.4

AdsToo many adds mid game I played fifteen minutes and more than half of it was adds this game wasn’t for gameplay it was just a 2-7 day project that earns a lot of money.Version: 2.7

Can’t even open it.Can’t even open it, also everyone else says it sucks. It’s a shame, it sounded fun. If I try and open it, it crashes before it loads in..Version: 2.2

I just can’t play🙄It keeps kicking me out and I thought it was cuz of storage so i really wanted to play so I deleted my best game 🤬.Version: 2.5

Overall fun gameIt’s a fun game but it’s not letting me delete the damn thing.Version: 2.9.4

😡😡😡😡really😒This game started off great then I got to sand I tried everything nothing worked then I pressed the hint button and watched a long add and it was one I tried already 😡😡😡😡😡if you don’t want this to happen to you then don’t download this GAME..Version: 2.2

DisappointedThis game has left me sickened to my stomach and greatly disappointed. how does human plus wind equal cold? it doesn’t even make sense. im frustrated and tired with this app. stay away from it if you wish to instill good christian morals and values into your household and family..Version: 2.7

So annoyingI got this game, and I think it’s alright, BUT, the game constantly crashes, and this isn’t just happening to me. My friends all say the exact same thing, so, please don’t download this game unless you want to play a game that crashes every 5 seconds.Version: 2.5

IdkYk this game its fun tbh but like the ads are gettin annoying every second thered an ad ik they wanna make money and stuff but theres too much and i just wanna play. The hint button pops up very often and if you accidentally press it you have to watch another ad-.Version: 2.9.4

Bon jeu, mais!...Si vous aimez regarder des pubs vous serez servi, 5 secondes de jeu suivi de 30 secondes de pubs 🤦🏼‍♂️.Version: 2.6

Way too many adsHonestly a decent game but too many adds. I was having adds in between combinations and it just got out of hand don’t download unless you have 5 dollars for no ads.Version: 2.5

Good game but WAY to many adsThis game probably would have got four or five stars but the ads are so annoying. Every 30 secs or so an ads pops up, in 10 minutes I managed to make about 7 elements thanks to the ads. Overall it’s quite good but I think some of the ads should go..Version: 2.9.4

How I feel about element flowFirst and most importantly once you have beaten enough levels you see that they just repeat again. Why would you do that? I know it’s less than 500 but more than 400 but they could’ve made it 1000 and I would’ve played more. Then we have the adds there is a lot of them and not to mention if you get stuck they have a way to give you a hint: watch an add. So if you’re bad you might as well like having adds that may be inappropriate. Guess what happens when you’re stuck and have no internet you can’t play and want to just throw your device out the window almost what I did. Finally we have the elements I know this sounds like I’m crazy but dough and a wheel isn’t how you make a donut. Water + water isn’t sea especially because it could be 2 cups of water. The adding of alcohol in this game wasn’t very appropriate which is why it is 12+ but they still give adds for this game to kids which is why they should change it to where only 12+ people can see. Finally I finished this review and hope it helped..Version: 2.9.4

From good to terribleStarted out as a really good game despite all the adverts, but then after a couple of hours gameplay I started to get the same puzzles over and over again, it says I haven’t created all the elements but every new level is things I’ve already created before, over 100 levels of redoing old items. Very odd..Version: 2.6

People don’t get itJust turn wifi off if u dont want ads its just that simple and i like Roblox better.Version: 2.7

RuinedThis is a cute idea for a game and I think I’d have enjoyed it if it wasn’t for the fact that every three merges (each taking under a second) an advert pops up. That plays for a few seconds but then the close option on the advert doesn’t work so you are forced to watch the whole ad. Then a couple of seconds later you are watching another ad. At that point I deleted. I understand ads give the game developers revenue but this intensity of ads vs gameplay is ridiculous.Version: 2.9.4

PRETTY GOODIt is a amazing but there are lots of ads that is a little problem but overall it’s pretty good and you might get a little Tired after a while also you could get a saw head still good..Version: 2.2

...Still won’t work!This app still work, and the developer does not care about our reviews. Bad app..Version: 2.2

To many ads and repeatsThe ads need to stop since I have watched 167 ads in the past 2 days. The things mostly repeat and it is quite annoying since i have to sit through another ad after a level i had previously done. Other than that the beggining section is quite addictive.Version: 2.9.4

Fun for the first 20 levelsOnce you get towards around level 30, the game gets repetitive and the combinations start making zero sense. Truly an awful game..Version: 2.2

I WOULD GIVE THIS NO STARS 🤬🤬🤬This is a fun game but it is also very disgusting I was playing and then it asked me to make alcohol in the game which is just disgusting and I saw the ad on a KIDS GAME. Just no no no. DO NOT GET OR LET YOUR KIDS PLAY.Version: 2.9.4

Wont launchLooks fun, please fix !.Version: 1.8

ATOMSThe stupid atoms ruin the fun pls remove the atoms and let us have infinite tries..Version: 2.7

Too many ads.Too many ads. dumb game, basically just ripping off little alchemy..Version: 2.9.4

It’s good it could be better thoughI like it but I wish there was more energy all those infinite energy it would be much better and because I’ve gone out of energy it’s going to play I have to wait so long to get energy not even a little energy I don’t have that much time to play it because it takes two hours to get more energy so the games OK..Version: 2.9.3

ABC order is a little inefficientLet’s say you don’t know how to make wolf, but you made it in the past so it’s on the list, from all the way from a, and you have made all the combinations from a to w, you see that wolf is a combination of beast and forest, you don’t know how to make forest, so you go all the way to f for forest you see tree and tree to make forest, you don’t know how to make tree so you go all the way to t for tree, it’s plant and water(maybe),so you go to the main screen ,and then you put water and plant(maybe)together to make tree, repeat ,put the trees together to make forest, put beast and forest together to make wolf. See how hard it is?.Version: 2.7

Ok game but…This game is decent however I do agree with people that there are too many ads. My game has crashed a few and I have had to start again. I think some levels are not suitable for some people (e.g pigs + fire = bacon) that is not really acceptable.Version: 2.9.4

I can't playIt keeps kicking me I just can't play.Version: 2.2

I can’t get inSo I just downloaded this game and it wont let me in. I press the app and it kicks me out. Game looks very cool so I give it an extra star.Version: 2.5

Couldn’t get in the game.Every time I tried to play the game it would kick me out so I couldn't even play ):< ..Version: 2.0

Interesting but glitchyI’m up to the Special wirld and every time I try to combine orange and man (assumably to make Trump) or man and mask it shuts down. Very annoying!.Version: 2.2

HATE 😠😡☹️This is the type of app that you play for a few minutes you get in to it than you see all the adds l play for few more minutes than you get tiered of the adds and you delete it. I know you guys are trying to make money 💴 from the adds but seriously 😒 you need to take things down a notch!!! Sincerely,Me (don’t want to tell you my real name).😟😠😡.Version: 2.9.4

Little alchemy?Reminded me of little alchemy when I first saw it but soon realized you couldn’t do whatever you wanted and create whatever you want but you have to follow what’s being asked of you. Not as fun or interesting but still good. Although I will be deleting it because I don’t like not being able to create whatever you want.Version: 2.7

The level 9 has an issueWell when I reached level 9 it told me rock and fire make metal but there was no rock please fix this.Version: 2.9.4

Too many adsI installed this like 4 or 5 minutes ago, and I already find the ads terrible and overused, Please take note that your game most likely isn’t doing well due to the amount of ads in the game. Fix it please..Version: 2.9.4

Too many interruptionsNot a bad game, but an ad after every round and pop ups every single time asking it you want a tip. Played for a few rounds and deleted.Version: 2.9.4

I used to love this game but...I used to play this game for ages but now I hate it. The new update where you run out of energy just ruined it for me, and you have to wait TWO HOURS!!! that’s ridiculous. Such a shame..Version: 2.7

AdsAds make this game completely unplayable.Version: 2.9.4

This game annoys meWhen I first saw this game I thought hey this looks good so I download it, I first played it today and It’s pisses me off I don’t know why but it might be that I know alot about geography and that don’t know but it annoys me that you make mountains with stones and water..Version: 2.9.4

Don’t make us waitYou make us wait 3 hours, I only get to play for 5 minutes until I wait 3 HOURS. DO NOT INSTAL THIS GAME UNLESS YOU WANT TO WAIST TIME.Version: 2.7

Way to many ads and things to improveThere is an excessive amount of ads each time you complete around and some of the ads require you to play before you can actually get back to the game but the game is pretty fun. But I think they should be able to let you create your own elements because that will make the game way more fun.Version: 2.7

To many adsI do love this game but the amount of ads are crazy i click in the app and an ad pops up every time i merge something an ad when i exit the app an ad.Version: 2.9.4

Yea, noOkay look this ad is horrible it made me rage so much even though I like creating things like earth in the sea but that’s the problem is way too many ads it crashes too many times look I’m just saying the ads are going crazy oh my God no I got the answer for it the only reason why I don’t like the idea is because when I’m trying to get a hint it goes on the ad before even do it and I had to restart my iPad before clicking my iPad because my iPad is broken.Version: 2.7

Too many ads, combos don’t make sense, don’t give them moneySo many ads.. so many it’s not worth it.. it’s so annoying... some combos are great and interesting... others make no sense.. so when you get stumped, which is okay for awhile you have to deal with ads all the time! Screw the ads... this game is okay at best and then you bombard us with ads I want your rating to go down because it’s insane how little you get to play before more ads!.Version: 2.5

Who ever made this game is an idiotMore then half of the thing in this game are not elements. A human isn’t an element, an earthquake isn’t an element, the sky isn’t an element, I could make an entire list of thing in this game that aren’t elements. Here is what you should have done, make it an educational game and tell the player to mix actual elements from the periodic table to make stuff and other elements. I mean what did I expect from a game made by lion studios, one of the worst “studios” on the App Store and the google play store..Version: 2.7

Always crashesI can’t even open the app that’s how many times it crashes.Version: 2.2

Better game out there:)There is a game almost exactly like this one where you mix thing to get new things called “My Little Alchemy”, it’s more fun imo and there aren’t ads:).Version: 2.9.4

I can’t even play anymore!!So I started playing the game, and I was having a great time with it! But on level 110, I couldn’t play because I had the wrong materials. I reloaded the game, still couldn’t play. I still have this 3 stars because I was enjoying the game until it broke on me. Please fix this. I want to finish the game.Version: 2.9.4

Please read!Well this game is very fun and it’s not boring but there are too many ads! Please reduce the amount of ads because it makes the game less enjoyable!.Version: 2.7

HiThis game was fun but on level 9 it wouldn’t give you the material you need to make stone please try and fix it.Version: 2.9.4

EhNot a horribly made game. Ads pop up every time you create one or two elements, even if they are being repeated. Probably should make it so the ads pop up AFTER the level. I also don't like the hint bubble popping up, wish you could turn that off in the settings. Not making it pass lvl 20 because of the excess amount of ads. Usually I am alright with ads, they need to make money somehow... but I watched more ads then I played the game.Version: 2.9.4

Great but needs WAY less adsI like this game a lot. There’s just one thing making me wanna smash my phone against the wall then light it on fire... the ads. There are WAY too many and my game can barely load. If it gets that far an ad pops up every 4 seconds and re-breaks it 😭 I can handle the occasional ad just fine, but not a game of only ads. I wanna keep playing but these ads are SOO IRRITATING!!! 😡 I will rate 5 star ⭐️ if you lower the pop up ads 👍🏻.Version: 2.7

Instant crashCan’t even open the app.Version: 2.1

WhyIt looks fun but I will go on to and then then it will log me out instantly!?.Version: 2.2

Good but…This game is really fun but the one downside is that my young sister kept getting inappropriate and gross 17+ ads. I am very disgusted and annoyed by this. Fix it or I will tell my friends to tell their friends to tell their friends and on, to delete this. Thank you for your time and patience.Version: 2.9.4

So many god damn ads.Ads. Just ads. The answers don’t make sense most of the time. Don’t download this. It’s a waste of time..Version: 2.2

EhhIf the adds are bothering anyone else just turn of your devices internet and also the could make a feature where u can search up what u wanna find in ur book.Version: 2.7

Didn’t even loadI downloaded this game cause I have played little alchemy and I thought this would be a bit like that but with an added element of motivation to finish the levels however I wasn’t even able to start playing for it would not load when I pressed on it so yeah. Also from the other reviews I’ve read... just don’t even bother downloading this. In short, if I could, I would give this a 0 star rating >:(.Version: 2.6

This game is pretty bad.First of all the reviews were right WAY TO MANY GOSH DARN ADS.secondly this game is probably a copy of a different game on steam,doodle god. if I were you you I say get doodle god it’s WAAAY better and the funny part is,is that this game was made by lion studios they have made a lot of apps and mean a lot and some of them are actually really good! Though this game is me isn’t..Version: 2.5

Too many addsThere are too many adds.Version: 2.6

👎You can turn off ur wifi for the ads so that’s good but the atoms don’t refill, and the ads don’t get more so kinda👎.Version: 2.7

Repeating the levels when like level 100I don’t really know why you repeated like on level 100 something it’s also fun I’m like on level 80 and I watched my sister played she was on level 100 and she why did it repeat and she hated it when it did that and deleted app I’m sorry I’m gonna give this a 3 star game I don’t really know how you how make the stuff with mixing it some of them don’t really make sense and sounds stupid stuff someone should know and stupid is not a bad word actually I kinda love the game I’m like on the cooking part of the level.Version: 2.2

StuckI am stuck on level 110 where it’s suppose to give you sand but it did not but apart from that it’s the best game to play.Version: 2.9.4

This game is a copyrightThe only reason why I got this game is to write a bad review! This game is a copyright of Little Alchemy! If you want to check out a WAY BETTER version of this game and the original, go check out Little Alchemy! I recommend Little Alchemy 2 ( An upgrade of Little Alchemy!.Version: 2.9.4

Poor clonePretty poor Doodle God clone without any polish..Version: 1.8

Too many adsAs above..Version: 2.2

Okay, but also annoying.I just downloaded this game thinking it was like little alchemy. It was different but it was also fun. I started playing it and then I got bombarded with ads. But that wasn’t the only issue. it would start glitching and the screen would freeze on me and then it would all reset and I’d have to do it all over again. At first it was pretty fun but then it just got really boring and annoying. So, I don’t really recommend unless you’re going to get the no ads game pass..Version: 2.9.4

Good game but...Okay so I’m not one to leave reviews but I actually enjoy this game. However, I deleted it because there were constant ads and I couldn’t even click off some of them so I had to close the app and go back in. If there were in-app purchases where I could buy a version without ads, I would. For now, though, I won’t be playing it :(.Version: 1.8

Can’t download itI really can’t download it😭😭😭😭.Version: 2.9.4

Crashing problemsI can’t even open the game. It crashes before I can do anything!.Version: 2.7

Waaaaay too many ads - barely playableThis game would probably be good (it’s difficult to tell, played for 15 minutes and seemed to watch 12 minutes of adverts for 3 min of gameplay...) but sometimes you’ll have to watch ads for 3 different games before each level, then again mid level, then again at the end of the level... each level takes between 30s and 2m to complete, so the adverts take significantly longer to watch than the level takes to play. I understand developers need to make money off their games, and many of the games I play regularly have ads, but having such a RIDICULOUS amount of them makes the game unplayable. Most games I play have an ad before and after a level, never mid level (unless each level takes 5-10 minutes to play) and many (particularly where the levels are under 2m to complete) will often allow 2-3 levels of play before another ad. So many adverts means that, like me, people will delete the game rather than playing it, therefore they don’t watch the ads and don’t generate any revenue for you. I realise it may be counter intuitive but less ads will actually generate more revenue, as less people will download and play then immediately delete due to the sheer volume of ads..Version: 2.7

Too many adsThe game is ok but you only get to make about 3 moves before another ad pops up it’s really frustrating.Version: 2.7

A poor ripoff of a good ripoff of an app ripoffA long time ago there was a game like this online. Then, when the iPod touch first came out, and there was a game just like it called Doodle God. Later, someone decided to remake it and call it "Little Alchemy" and those all three had one thing in common; they let you craft freely. This one doesn't. This one requires you to make what it wants you to make. It has levels you have to pass. You can mix sand and fire to get glass, but if you try to do that before you get to the level where it wants you to make glass, it won't let you and it says that combo doesn't make anything. The only good thing I can say about this game is that it's a modern version of those games, but it's so full of ads it isn't even worth it. Just play one of the originals. Little Alchemy even has a second game out now. The dev doesn't care though. They're one of those "spit out a ton of garbage instead of making anything quality" kind of app developers. Cringe..Version: 2.9.4

Doodle God without the funTwo stars because it’s not full of in your face ads however the game itself works the same way doodle god does but without the ability to actually explore options as well as limiting what elements you can use. This makes it incredibly easy and boring..Version: 1.8

This is a decent gameSo this is a very addicting and fun game except that it has too many ads and once you get far enough it starts repeating things. I can stand the ads as most of the have ways to skip them unless you choose to watch a ad. But it seriously starts repeating levels and it gets really annoying because you have done them before and it isn’t hard or fun anymore. Please add some more levels..Version: 2.2

Too many ads.You get ads during levels and after levels. Game was a bit fun, but the constant ads are frustrating..Version: 1.8

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