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Mintal Tracker:Sleep Recorder App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Mintal Tracker:Sleep Recorder app received 53 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Mintal Tracker:Sleep Recorder? Can you share your negative thoughts about mintal tracker:sleep recorder?

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Mintal Tracker:Sleep Recorder for Negative User Reviews

7 day trial… NotI was still deciding if I wanted to go with this app for sleep tracking and I still had two days left on my seven day free trial, and I was charged for the full subscription amount.Version: 2.7.4

Daylight robberyHow dare you! I was using the free app for one day to make my decision and woke up today and you have taken a full £50 out of my account that I did not give consent too! I want my money back! ASAP!.Version: 2.6.7

False advertisingCan’t do anything without paying the $100+ per year subscription. It says you can at minimum see your snoring recordings but you can’t see them if they have an “irregular” snore so there really isn’t any point in downloading it unless you pay for it..Version: 2.5.4

It seems good butIt seems like a really good detailed in depth app. However I sleep with a fan on due to a medical condition however I have tried this over a few nights on premium and it says I’m awake more than I am and that the room is a loud environment at around 58-50db it’s saying but I’m not sure if that’s because of the blowing but it’s not giving an accurate reading because of the fan being also at the side of my bed so I’m not getting a true reading.Version: 2.6.6

Definitely picked up sleep ApneaOver all, seems like the app is pretty good. I had a terrible time falling asleep last night and I decided to try a couple of sleep stories/hypnosis and one of the hypnosis stories stressed me out! She talked about doomsday bunkers and it didn’t calm my mind. It made it worse! When I looked at the app this morning, it definitely picks up all noises. It detected talking in my sleep but it was my dog backward sneezing and it picked up coughing but it was my husband coughing and it also picked up actual sneezing and again, it was my husband sneezing. The snoring and the gasp for air is what was frightening to me but now I don’t know if it was me or my husband? When I set up the app, it even asked me if I share my bed and I said yes. How are we supposed to know who’s who if you share your bed? My dogs sleep at the end of the bed and it picked up all of their noises. You could even hear my wind chimes outside. The other concern I have is, my sleep time. It said I slept for 8 hrs. I didn’t fall asleep until midnight and I was up at 6:00 am today so I definitely didn’t get 8 hrs of sleep. It also continued recording up until 8:00 am and I was already driving and at work by then. I’m impressed how you can hear the snoring and all the noises but it’s not accurate on who is who snoring nor is it accurate on total hours of sleep time and recording time..Version: 2.7.0

Adds little if you have an Apple WatchVery disappointing, it adds little if you have an Apple Watch you can wear at night. It tells me I have been snoring, but it could just as easily be my wife. Why use up space on the screen with a pointless cartoon of a white young woman? Where does the score come from? Why record coughs but not snores? The Apple app is much clearer and helpful and free..Version: 2.7.4

Wants you to pay themYou can’t preview your voice, the app just wants you to pay them. Ands it’s bull poop. I downloaded it for nothing to drain my battery.Version: 2.0.7

No important alerts soundSo my child is a type 1 diabetic and wears a device that tracks blood sugar called dexcom. It’s supposed to send alerts to my phone when she’s has high or low blood sugar so I can correct it. The alerts don’t sound on my phone when this app is in use. I’ve used the app multiple times and for what it is made for it works pretty good. I however am not going to be able to continue to use it. For my child’s health and safety I have to have the alerts at night to sound and wake me up. If I was able to hear my alerts I would keep using it but since I can’t hear them I won’t be able to use it any longer..Version: 2.7.0

Not simple to useUnable to set alarms. Very complicated and not intuitive app..Version: 2.5.9

Not very helpfulI cannot turn off the notifications. I only want one… I cannot turn off the morning alarm. I’m retired & don’t want one. It thinks my husband snoring is the dog. It thinks my husband snoring is me. The only thing I like about it is the thunderstorm deep sleep recording..Version: 2.7.0

Charged the premium feeI downloaded the app for the free trial period and cancelled the subscription in my apple App Store as I did not want to proceed with the subscription option. This morning however I was charged $89.99 for the yearly subscription! Be careful with this app.Version: 2.7.0

ReviewA great start and decent free app but I'd like to see more than 1 alarm setup and the ability to say what days ths alarms to go off..Version: 2.7.4

Offers 7 days free but charges you straight awayI signed up for the free 7 day trial but it charged me straight away 😡.Version: 2.7.1

Don’t payI paid for this as think I have sleep apnoea only I paid and after a week it’s trying to make me pay again to listen to recordings.Version: 2.7.4

Mintel trackerDoesn’t really pick up my sleep, my husband is a heavy snorer so it records his activity and assumes it’s me. Does not accurately pick up environmental sounds..Version: 2.7.2

SucksThis app literally sucks ive tried 2 nights in a row to track my sleeping and it just doesn’t load in the morning, ive left it to load without leaving the screen for 20 mins each morning and nothing. waste of money..Version: 2.7.4

Stop taking paymentsI would like to keep using the app as a non paying app as I was before but can’t work out how to stop the payment coming out. Not easy to find where you have my card details kept..Version: 2.7.4

UhhhhIt doesn’t even track your sleep.Version: 1.1.6

How companies inflate their AppStore ratingsThis is a very clever trick because as consumers, we want to know that the app we are using works, with great functions and innovations, right? But don’t look too deeply into the ratings. Companies like this one ask a series of well thought out and leading questions before going in and rating them in AppStore Reviews. In this case you are asked a question with two possible answers. Something like, are you enjoying using this app? The question is positively skewed as they use the word, enjoying (gaslighting if you will). If you say no to this question, they ask you to give them feedback on their app in a seperate feedback forum. If you say yes to this question, they want you to leave a review because obviously this is going to look great for their review score. So what do “I” do about this? I always answer yes to the first leading and manipulative question and promptly leave them a one star review. I do not believe this way of operating is helpful for the consumer or allows them to carefully review the product, the way consumers expect to be reviewing apps. Some feedback for the makers of this app and maybe some ideas for others wanting a better review system for apps..Version: 2.5.9

Fee charged before trial period endsI have just downloaded the app to try but the app charging money in trial period has put me off ..Version: 2.7.4

The 7 day trial is a conTried to cancel after the 5th night but it had mysteriously logged this as the 8th night! They’d also tried to take the money for the subscription before the free trial ended..Version: 2.5.0

Mixed and ConflictedOn the one hand, these type apps are raising our awareness and providing what health providers are not…a place to seemingly learn about our health. However, they are 85% inaccurate and 100% unqualified to be diagnosis ANYthing. And recommending or selling things is more than unethical it’s harmful and misleading. On this app, I received the most amazing sleep aid in one of the pieces of music provided (worth paying for the app). On the other hand it said I was at risk of sleep apnea because a loud car drove by that night. I learned a lot from an insomnia treatment by an informed sleep therapist at UCSF including that none of the tech is accurate for measure let alone quantifying or advising on our sleep (she uses and advises the big ones on tech so she’s seeing the inaccuracy 1st hand). These apps should be referring us to Orofacial Myologists..who our doctors should also be using in their offices (P.T. For breathing/snoring) and to books like Why We Sleep by Berkeley sleep scientist Matthew Walker. Wish you all the best with your sleep challenges!.Version: 2.7.4

Some of the recordings aren’t real- GHOST CATS??While overall a great app, this is the second night where there has been a cat recording in my report, yet I’m at the house of mine without a cat. After listening to the cat “recording”, the cat noise itself has a higher clarity than everything else, and while I’m certainly not ruling out the possibility that there’s a cat sneaking in my house and standing on me to meow into the microphone in the time before I know I actually tried to go to sleep, I highly doubt it. I got this app to record myself talking in my sleep, because I’ve been told I do that, and it’s been entertaining to say the least. Overall love the app, but the ghost cats… kind of strange..Version: 2.3.3

DispleasedAt first I enjoyed the app. It was alright at picking up noises while I slept. It wasn’t always accurate- which I suppose is expected. But for some reason this morning my alarm did not go off! Of course it had to be a weekday… when I work. I even went to check out my screen time in my settings to make sure I didn’t turn off the alarm and forgot about it. However, nope, it said my activity was at the time I had woken myself up, not at the time my alarm was set. I’m extremely disappointed. It only took that one instance for me to unsubscribe and remove the app completely. The point of an alarm clock is to work and wake you up! I’m no longer going to rely on apps for my alarms..Version: 2.6.9

Why does it have to snore when you open the app!!It's a great tracker, but every night I open the app to start tracking and it snores at me! I'm in a quiet room ready to go to bed and I don't want an app suddenly blaring out at me !! Please update it to stop doing that or I'll have to get rid of it !.Version: 2.5.0

Not goodI use a couple different sleep recorders, the other one I use picks up 10-20 incidents of noise/snoring a night, according to this one I don’t snore at all. It’s not even close to being accurate on that matter..Version: 2.7.0

MehY’all are lieing saying it’s free!! FALSE ADVERTISING! $75 is not free.Version: 2.7.0

MartinAs I suffer from sleep apnea, I wanted to take this to my doctor. You have to make an in-app purchase to listen to your apnea risk, which I did. However, you can clearly hear me breathing on all recordings. After only three nights I decided that it was not picking anything up so cancelled subscription but have still been charged within the 7 days free trial..Version: 2.5.8

So many subscription offers, but……what’s the difference between them all? I can’t find any information on the difference in tiers; what is included for VIP tracking vs Premium vs 12 Month VIP? Also it would be super helpful to be able to either combine data from multiple recordings in a day (if your like me and had to figure out how to stop the alarm from automatically going off and causing two separate tracking periods for the night) or view an entire day’s data as a whole I’m giving 3 stars simply because it’s too soon to tell, I’ve only used it for two nights but will update when I can give a more experienced opinion!.Version: 2.7.4

Didn’t get 7 day trialI signed up for a 7 day trial, instead I was charged a full month, I’ll review my rating if I manage to get a refund.Version: 2.6.4

WeirdI ended up in some sort of trance like state idk why when I was listening to starry night maybe cause it’s for deep sleep But it’s strange.Version: 2.0.4

Just whyLook, I got this app a year ago and it was good but I got a new phone and restarted everything and now I can’t even play rain sounds because I have to buy it I’m not saying I can’t afford it it’s just that it used to be free. I don’t need a discount, but I would love to have the old version back. I and the more that I kept using this app the more it just didn’t do anything for me I use this app every day and I was sick one week, and I obviously woke up and drink some water and went back to sleep shortly after a couple hours. I woke up and stopped tracking my process I guess. I don’t know how to call it. And it told me that I did not wake up one time that I was breathing just fine and that you’re not sick I know this might just be a mistake, but sitlll I would love to have the old version back and the correct progress..Version: 2.6.3

Don’t waste your moneyDon’t waste your money, app is not accurate at all. In accurate fall asleep times, does not accurately recognise awake times etc. Asked for help via feedback several times with no response at all..Version: 2.2.4

Free trial ???????If you have a 7 day free trial WHY can’t you access the features ??? Ridiculous!!! How am I supposed to know if it’s any good if I can’t access the features or listen to recordings , what a joke !!! False advertising as you DO NOT get a free trial at all !!.Version: 2.7.4

LiesSays it's free in the app store and then tries to make you pay.Version: 2.0.4

Great appI downloaded the app as I am always tired every day, so was interested to see how good my sleep was. On the first night of recording, it picked up that I have the risk of sleep apnea. Would like it though if you could download your data onto a spreadsheet to take to the doctors as evidence to ask for a referral..Version: 2.6.0

Have to subscribe for any useful informationOnce again, these apps require an expensive subscription to access all features. It gets old..Version: 1.2.7

ScammersI was not done with my trial and you charged my card…total scam job.Version: 2.7.4

Generating reportI setup the app for night one and have been waiting 45 mins for the report to generate. I think it’s stuck, just a spinning graphic Will be glad to review if I can get it to work, will wait another hour..Version: 2.7.4

Definitely will deleteOk so when I first tried out I did the information setting up process. That went well. Then I slept with it on later that night. I did talk to myself because I couldn’t fall asleep and it didn’t say I did. So the next day I just make random noises that they had listed recordings for after that, I checked the report nothing. A couple nights later it said I snored I listened to it it was slowed down so I don’t even know if it’s a snore or not and it was a 1 minute clip. Then I got a clip for sneezing again did not sound like a sneeze. After that, It get on saying that the report was Inter upped when I know for a fact I locked my door so no one would come in until I wake up. So now idk If I want to keep the app because it has a lot of problems for me. So I rate it 2 stars but im not sure… Note to developers: I do not mean to hate on this app. I’m just sharing my experience and giving feedback which, most developers should need to handle feedback even it’s it’s negative. I bet it took a while making this and you worked hard unless you used AI….Version: 2.7.4

I’m not happy what they than to me!It says 7 days free trial but they deduct £7.99 in my bank account. I only using it 1 night and I cancel it. they still deduct £7.99 what a joke! This app is not nice what a rubbish!.Version: 2.6.4

Money was taken out of my account when I didn’t even ask for thisMoney taken out we it’s out my permission the app is really good.Version: 2.5.1

False advertisementThey one week free and cancel anytime.. I purchased free one week trail and i see my visa got charged for 44.79 for one year’s subscription.. return my money i will decide after one week if i want to continue or not.. developers tell me your contact details I need my refund...Version: 2.7.0

Bogus, don’t waste your moneyI did the 7 day free trial because I know I struggle with falling and staying asleep. I thought it would also be funny to hear myself sleep talk. The only thing this ap does is record you all night long. If you cough it will record it. But I even have gotten up in the night and had full conversations with my husband or tended to my baby and it didn’t catch any of it. The charts seem randomly generated. I know this because a will a lot or times wake up in the night and go sleep on the couch for a while. The ap said I was deep asleep in my bed the entire time even tho I wasn’t even in the room. I also checked the clock multiple times before I fell asleep but the ap said I fell asleep after 5 min of turning the ap on. So it doesn’t work much at all..Version: 2.3.6

It’s alrightSo I was just curious if I snored at night and the app did track my snoring but sometimes I feel like they put fake snores in the journal so you continue to use the app. I used it and the first night it claim I “snored” but it was a very odd noise that I know I didn’t make. And I used it another time and there was multiple recording of me “snoring” but yk how after you snore you exhale, well that exhale didn’t sound like my voice nor a women. It sounded like a man and at the time no one was home but me so that freaked me out a lot. I’ve been looking for reviews with the same issue as me but I haven’t found any. So either they are putting fake snores in my journal or I just sleep oddly but either way I thought I would share my experience incase anyone else is dealing with the same problem..Version: 2.4.2

Not working !!I tried to draw my dream photo but it wouldn’t tlet me share it to friends, i had to try the other option that being a 7 day free trial. unfortunately that did not work and saying i need to buy a subscription when i have already bought the free trial, i cancelled my subscription and tried again but its not working..Version: 2.7.4

Looks very pretty but…Didn’t pick up over two days when I got up in the night, stating I was in deep sleep?! Also realised after the third day that it’s registering a day ahead, ie it was Friday last night but is recording my sleep as Saturday etc. Maybe it’s something to do with it being American? Records phases of alleged apnea when in fact I could hear myself breathing. Disappointed- especially as I paid £24 subscription. Not sure if I can request a refund - probably not. I won’t be using this app going forwards because it’s not wholly accurate..Version: 2.7.4

Ok, could be betterI’m writing this after one night of use but here’s what i have to say so far. The biggest issue I had with this app was that even though I set the alarm to off, it still went off at 7:30 and brought me out of a dead sleep, of which I couldn’t go back to. After giving up on trying to go back to sleep after the rude awakening I checked my stats. It was very prominent about how I “didn’t get enough sleep”, (hmmm WONDER WHY) It also didn’t record any sleep talking or snoring data, however that doesn’t bother me too much because I never really thought I was a very loud sleeper anyways. Overall for being a free to use app it is pretty great. However I advise everyone to read the terms and conditions. It also drains a ton of battery..Version: 2.0.2

Love but having some problemsI love this app. I have been using it to see how I sleep and I'm trying different sleep methods out. However, the night before I started it with the sound. The sound would suddenly stop and I'd check it and it stopped tracking completely. So eventually I just didn't do the sound and just had the tracker. It tracked all through the night. But last night, I started just the tracker. This morning, I wake up and it has stopped tracking at some point and didn't track through the night. I would just love for it to track without stopping. The sound isn't a must but the tracking is. I only have the free version and that worked just fine, until now..Version: 2.0.2

Measure systemsOn the very first questionarie, I can give my details only in imperial. I have no idea at all, how many feet (who's foot? Mine? A halfling's? My cat's? The angry mountain troll's from the next woodland?) tall I am, or how many stones (seriously, what stone? A beach chip, a standard mountain rock, or anything in the Oort cloud?) is my weight. Please give an option to change to SI..Version: 1.2.4

ComplexI don’t find this app easy to navigate. Some of the options are not suitable for me , however, there is very limited options..Version: 2.7.4

Shift workerI was hoping to track my sleep patterns for shift work, I regularly do day/nightshift as I work on a mine site. With a week break, it would be great to have an easy way to adjust alarm bedtime reminders, I’m not very tech savvy so the easier the better. Seems to work well thou..Version: 2.7.4

Poor qualityThe app showed me as being asleep way more than I was, I was up for a couple of hours during the night, checked my phone for the time and it still recorded me as asleep the whole time. I paid the subscription as I wanted to hear any recordings of me sleep talking but it didn’t pick up anything, not even when I deliberately spoke during the night to test it. Complete waste of money and I’m outside the trial period so can’t get a refund..Version: 2.7.0

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