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Mintal Tracker:Sleep Recorder App User Positive Comments 2024

Mintal Tracker:Sleep Recorder app received 112 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about mintal tracker:sleep recorder?

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Mintal Tracker:Sleep Recorder for Positive User Reviews

One of the best sleep appsI’ve tried a couple of sleep apps to get some insight on why how and when I wake up tired. Some apps were good but fell short of giving me the full picture of my sleep patterns and what I maybe doing wrong. I don’t buy a lot of apps but this one helped improve my health and my overall mood everyday. If you have any problems with sleep this app the support team is very willing to help. So try it and understand what do you have during your sleep. I don’t write many Reviews but this application helped me maybe it will do the same for you..Version: 1.1.5

Easy to useI enjoy this app. It’s easy to use and provides so much useful information..Version: 2.0.4

Too Expensive, missing 2 featuresThis probably one of the best sleep apps I’ve found in terms of data analysis, but there are a few reasons I went with a different app… 1) Price. The subscription to Mintal’s reports costs $60/year on sale. (normally over $100!) That’s more than double what many other sleep apps charge. I’d be willing to pay up to $30/year, but $60 just for sleep data reports is way too high. 2) No heart rate data, respiratory rate, or blood oxygen levels. Despite the fact that the app says it accesses the Apple Health data, it does not show up in any of the graphs, reports, etc. That’s something every other app shows you, so you can see how your heart and breathing rates compares to sleep quality throughout each night. 3) Can’t edit sleep factors. Sleep factors are great for tracking triggers for better/worse sleep. But every other sleep apps lets you edit the ones you use most, and remove the ones you don’t. Mintal gives you what they think are factors for everyone and you cannot edit them. That’s frustrating. 4) No Apple Watch integration. Using the microphone on the phone is great, but many other apps integrate that with also using the motion detection from wearing the Apple Watch to bed. Mintal ignores that part, and only uses the audio, no motion data. Outside of these 4 issues, it’s a great app. If they add these features and ever offer a lower subscription (or a lifetime option), then I would consider switching to this app..Version: 2.1.8

GoodI had a good sleep but I can’t sound weird but the app is pretty much good but there’s some things you might need to fix that I don’t want to get charged and pay $3.99 for just a little thing so if you could not charge or pay for that so customers will buy that get the app would be pretty neat if you did that but I’m not some person trying to say don’t want to be I just wanna let you know that is OK the app is pretty well but you should keep going on and hope you guys have a few have a great day.Version: 1.2.4

Pre gooooo😎Oh yeah would recommend.Version: 2.0.9

Love itI’ve been using this app for a long time now, I think I started like October/November 2022. It comes in useful for me, because if I know exactly how long I sleep for. I can figure out how many calories I burned and how much more I need to burn. It often shows me snoring which I laugh at, because listening back to it, it’s just my dog 😂. This is a really good app, with most apps u have to pay for the best features, but with this one you don’t. Love it! 💕.Version: 2.7.4

VERY IMPRESSED!I have never posted a review for an app, or posted a review on anything for that matter. However, this app is too amazing not to! My fiancé has been complaining about how I have started snoring for months. He recently sent me the link to download Mintal Tracker, and after two nights of using it I was blown away. I can’t believe this app is free! It gives you so much information on your sleep and other things that are causing poor sleep quality. It also has tips and videos with solutions for the things that are stopping you from having a good nights sleep. Because of this app, I now know I have a mild risk for sleep apnea and have scheduled a sleep study. Thank you so much Mintal Tracker!.Version: 2.1.8

Nearly thereLove some of the features but without auto tracking it’s not for me..Version: 2.7.4

Good for apnea detectionThe usefulness of this app comes in the form of being able to detect irregular snoring which can uncover sleep apnea which affects so many people. Not many other apps offer this functionality..Version: 2.3.9

EhThe recording doesn’t even sound like me😳😳.Version: 2.0.6

HelloIt’s funny.Version: 2.7.1

Amazing, but one problemIt is great, but the downside is that it keeps on wanting me to sleep for 6 hours, there’s nothing to change it! I just wanna sleep a little longer..Version: 2.7.4

Great appI have been using this app for almost a week now and it is great for finding out my sleeping patterns. What I have noticed though is that it can’t really tell when you fall asleep. It always tells me I fall asleep within 10 or so minutes while I can be awake for hours. The other thing is I would like to buy it however there are so many different plans with no explanation as to what they offer. There is the Mintal Premium, Mintal Teacker VIP, VIP 12 month, MySleepPal VIP, Mintal Premium etc. Could you somehow explain what we get with each plan?.Version: 2.7.4

Good app but..Alright I really love this app it was way better than my old sleep tracker until I realized there are 2 problems to this app 1.when I first did the sleep stretches it was incredible I fell asleep in like 3 minutes then they were more stretches the next day then a meditation and finally no good stuff it was bad and it loops over and over I restarted then I picked different things for my sleep goals it was the same meditations and stretches every time 2. When I check if I snored or not my recording sounds like my soul said goodbye for a second and comes back (it means it sounds weird). If you professionals at Mintal tracker could fix that that would mean the world to me but at the end of the day this is the best sleep tracker ever.Version: 2.7.4

GoodgGood.Version: 2.0.9

French bulldog snoringMy French bulldog sleeps by my bed and his snoring was recorded not mine. LOL.Version: 2.5.0

Love itI love Mintal tracker It’s show your sleep too Love it.Version: 2.1.2

Nice appI like it very much.Version: 2.0.8

I could have asmariThis will see if I could have asmari and this might be really good.Version: 2.7.4

Easy to use and helpfulI think this is a decent App ,,, following the prompts I have noticed .. my sleep habits are not as bad as I once thought …. I am going to take a professional sleep study soon ,,, but even before that happens the Staff are trying to sell me on a CPAP machine …so building a series of reports will help me make comparisons in findings.Version: 2.7.4

Download now. It’s an actual good one!Literally the best sleep tracker app. I love it. I hope it stays this way forever and ever. when I’m more financially independent I’ll definitely buy the full app services. I freaking love this app..Version: 2.7.4

Their Apnea detection is real!!It detected a high Apnea risk of me at the first night of tracking, showing an average of 22 breathing stops per hour! NEVER thought of that before! I showed the report to my doctor after a week of tracking, and did my official sleep apnea test in the hospital. The results showed that my condition was actually worse! Can’t imagine what would happen if I didn’t get this app!! Thank you so much for making this app, BEST sleep tracker ever. Had already recommended to my families n friends..Version: 2.6.2

Like it but…I’ve been using the app for a while now and really like seeing how my sleep is. So far nothing seems too alarming but it’s nice to know. I give it 4 stars instead of 5 because I’ve noticed a slight issue that may need to be looked into. When I use the 45 minute “rain with thunderstorm” sleep aid, I get notified that my room was a “noisy traffic center” and my sleeping environment was noisy. When I go to check out what’s in the environment part, it’s all recordings of a thunderstorm. The sleep aid thunderstorm that’s a part of your app! It makes me laugh but I feel like because it’s recording itself, how can be giving anyone an accurate account of anything?.Version: 2.5.5

Love it, fab appFantastic app, it scared me the first time i used it as i had no idea i suffered with sleep apnea, and listening to the recordings off me not breathing then gasping for air and choking scared me. its now all under control but wouldnt off been if not for this app. its a must have for anybody. i also use the “ rain in the cave” sound almost nightly to help me sleep. its a basic part off my bedtime now, wouldnt be without it..Version: 2.7.0

Creepily accurateIt’s amazing it gives you everything you need to know about your sleep. I’m a little disappointed because I only usually have 1 or 2 recordings and it’s always my dad coughing or sneezing. Also it’s notifications are a little creepy , earlier today I was eating a muffin and it notified me to eat less before bed , creepy right .but it is amazing it gives you recordings of anything weird and it’s not all background noises . It also lets you log your day , and you can choose to have your alarm to wake you up at a time around we’re your alarm is set to wake you up when your sleep is the lightest . there are 4 time ranges to choose from it goes from 15 minutes to 1 hour around the time you want to wake up . The reason I use it is because I can’t here my alarm unless my sleep is light , also the alarm noises don’t incorporate in my dreams like background music it wakes me up in a good mood . This app is also completely free unless you want to draw your dreams.I really like the sleep score because it’s strangely accurate . I might add to this later but to sum it up this is a great app and you should get it! Also if you like this app you should definitely download me+ daily routine planner . I’m also not a bot.Version: 2.7.4

Great App and easy to use!!!Tried this app so easy to use….Version: 2.5.2

10/10Absolutely amazing music is nice and calming fell asleep on under 7 minutes.Version: 2.7.4

Amazing but one problem...I was honestly blown away with how much detail it gives of your sleep. But the night before last night I slept over at a friends house. We went to bed after 12. I tried out the app and then it worked pleasantly and I was happy with it. But last night I was at my house. I went to bed at 9,and i turned the app tracker on. I have a dumb screen time set to after nine my apps dont work. So i woke at 1:30 in the morning and it wasn’t recording and didn’t save my tracking. This honestly made me kinda frustrated. So if you could do something about this that would be great. But otherwise this app is amazing! (Sorry not the best at writing reviews).Version: 2.4.0

Love itI got this pretty much for the recordings and they’re free to listen to. I love the stats and overall great app.Version: 2.2.1

Get itYou don’t need to pay and so far it’s been cool..Version: 2.1.2

Pretty good appUse it almost everyday personally like the rain sounds and journey to mars sleep music and I have found it to be accurate as it shows sleep talk (which my siblings told me I do) and I find that really cool I tried a few other sleep trackers but they don’t do as much as Mintal does with the free subscription but one question do you guys rotate the free songs because if you do then I change my rating to 7 star because I like having more options for less money for example I was getting tired of using one of the featured ones then as if you read my mind it changed and new ones were free.Version: 2.4.9

HahaPast week got a real eye opener. That I don’t have many friends and the only person that’s there for me is my kid. Leon. Brian for putting up with me for so long. Also Abbie who is deranged in the head for putting up with me. Who is now going out with taylar. Who knows nothing about Brian. However he did try to warn her..Version: 2.7.0

Robert finds the Mintal in depth sleep tracker service excellent and innovative.Broadening my understanding of how sleep works to benefit an improved outlook into my life..Version: 2.5.1

Very goodIt is so good I can keep track of my sleep.Version: 2.7.4

Knowing Why Is Half the Battle!Most importantly, you don’t need to wear a watch, or strap, and this app is so good that it tracks everything. I can’t stand any restrictions when I sleep, so this is perfect for me. I keep it about a metre away, as a device that’s charging shouldn’t be near your head. It picks up, and differentiates between the sounds, and then lists them, as well as offering a recording. I’ve always suspected that something disrupts my sleep, but when I wake up, I can’t hear anything. This app captured doors slamming, sirens, and a multitude of other sounds, which means I can put measures in place to minimise the disruptive noises. The app is well laid out, and very easy to use and read, as well as adjust to taste. Just like any other health concern, knowing what is wrong is half the battle, and this app adds helpful tips and suggestions to help you toward the perfect nights sleep…or as close as one can get without medical assistance for those who need it (which is also recommended by the developers!). Highly recommended, and you have nothing to lose as there’s a free trial period..Version: 2.5.9

AmazingHelps me sleep so fast and is so good at tracking.Version: 2.7.3

Not good for RV dwellersI really wanted to get some information from this app. Unfortunately, it did not work for me. I live and travel full-time in an RV. This app is not compatible with the close spaces of an RV. ———-———The only thing that the app consistently picked up was: 1. Every time the air conditioner cut on. (It labeled that as snoring time.) 2. The toilet flushing. (It labeled that as a bird on one occasion, and a dog on the other.) 3. RV walls are not as thick as house walls. So, it labeled my environment as “noisy.” ————————- So, I still don’t know if I snore, or have sleep apnea. On the bright side, I was able to confirm that my dogs don’t wake me up at night. (At least, it never recorded them as barking.) And, my air conditioner works like a boss. LOL. ————- The sounds you can fall asleep with are nice. The slow wake alarm was also pleasant. And, I am still going to try the meditations. —————— The app is really well designed, and easy to use. Even the interface is attractive. And, it is in dark mode, so that it doesn’t wake you up while you’re trying to set it. ********* If anyone knows how I can get it to stop giving me 12 recordings of the air conditioner every night, please let me know!.Version: 2.3.5

This app is the bestIt tracked my snoring loads. You can pick pets and it can track what noises they make, it tells you how long it took you to get to sleep, it also tells you when you were in a deep sleep, light sleep, or awake! You don’t have to wear a watch or anything around your wrist! And if you don’t like to charge your phone overnight, it only used 20% of my phone! I recommend getting this app..Version: 2.7.4

Great optionsLots of cool features, great things to listen too amazing sleep tracker Only thing is the cost.Version: 2.7.3

NiceLove it.Version: 2.7.4

OMG IT ACTUALLY WORKSOk, so I spent the money for the year subscription, and I have yet to disappointed in this app. It records EVERYTHING. My family and friends have always told me that I sleep talk, but I didn’t believe them. Got this app and I now have proof that is clear as day! It also tracks the quality of your sleep which is pretty awesome too. This app has recorded snoring, sleep talking, and even earthquakes(I live in LA, and the app picked up the rumbling sounds). If you are searching for proof that you or someone you know sleepwalks or snores, get this app! PSA: I am a totally random person, and haven’t been paid for this review at all. In fact, I can’t even remember this app prompting me to give a rate and review..Version: 1.0.7

RealThis is a really good app it’s tracks my sleep perfectly and I’m not a bot either btw it even tracks you in deep sleep and uh when you fall asleep and how long it took you to fall asleep and how many times you’ve woken up it’s really good I do recommend and I do this all for free I don’t know what the things you could buy on here bc I only really have it for tracking and to see if I’m not dying in my sleep but there probably things you would have to buy for certain features but I do all of this for free and it’s really easy to use but make sure it’s not by a fan due to the fact it will track wrong if it is put it on the other side of you if you use a fan bc you want it to track properly and it even tracks snoring dog barks noises sleeping talking many things so pls get this app.Version: 2.1.9

ReviewIt’s very cool and calming and can check your health.Version: 2.7.4

This got seriousI first signed up planning only to do the 7 day free trial. I ended up buying the full year on accident but this app has actually highlighted how poor my sleep habits and schedule are. I am planning on taking this information to my PCP because I didn’t realize I had such terrible sleep apnea. This could be a huge piece of information as to why I am so sleepy all the time. This app also has some really cool features about dreams and some other cool stuff. All of my friends have loved it too and have done the free trial..Version: 2.7.4

SuggestionsIt’s a very good and well app and it helps me keep my sleep together as someone who struggles with sleep however I think there should be more options for log your day for example: shared bedroom,sleeping meds,baby exc so it can be more accurate.Version: 2.7.4

Alien technology!!!I love waking up early but I struggle so much actually doing it. I literally set about 5 alarms to try to get myself out of bed. And if I don't set an alarm (because I read your body will wake itself up when it has had sufficient rest) i sleep for 10-12 hours. My first night using this app I was a little weary about if it would actually work. I set a few other alarms after when it was supposed to wake me up just so I wasn't late. BUT IT WORKED! It went off about 6:20 because I said I wanted to get up between 6:15 and 6:45 and I woke up turned it off and was expected to fight myself to stay awake like norma..Version: 1.1.5

Convenient + Extremely HelpfulI don’t remember how i found out about this app but i’m glad i found it. i thought it would be interesting to hear what goes on when i’m asleep and how my current cycle is affecting my health, and this app does both of those things at no cost. the app also keeps a journal for all your tracked sleeps every day of the month for the entire year. this app is just extremely convenient, easy to use, and beneficial when it comes to giving attention to your daily sleeping cycle..Version: 2.2.1

IdkIdk how to use it hard can u help me.Version: 2.1.9

It’s a good app!It’s a good app but it doesn’t sound like me in the recordings. Otherwise this app is awsome! I recommend.Version: 2.1.1

TrialI’m on the trial and the sleep app has helped me get to bed sooner so sleeping earlier, I wake feeling more rested and with more energy for the day.Version: 2.7.0

Love this appI really like this app - it has an alarm which wakes me up every morning at the time I set it to, and it shows me my sleep progress once I wake up. It shows when I start tracking my sleep and when I actually fall asleep. I love this app considering I haven’t paid for premium, it’s still amazing compared to the other apps I’ve tried. I just have one question, I have a downtime on my phone that starts at 7am and ends at 8pm because I don’t want to be on my phone for a long time, will the app still work during downtime? Because I’ve had to turn it off every night so it works..Version: 2.6.5

Great AppGreat app but I’m not sure how or if it differentiates between me snoring or my wife! 🤷‍♂️ So not sure if it’s that reliable.Version: 2.7.4

I don’t normally rate appsI decided to rate this app as a trucker I don’t have set sleep times. I wanted to see if my sleep is different from home and on the road. This isn’t a cure or self diagnosis but to see if there’s a sleep problem. I actually did two different ones this app another. The other app was hard to navigate and to understand completely. I came back to this one finishing my trail period I bought the year. I’ve been very impressed with this app. There are some things need to be handled like put a pause on it because I do get calls. Plus monk or Native American flute. But over all I’ve noticed a great deal of better sleep both home and on the road..Version: 2.2.0

Great sleep tracker even free versionLove it even the free but with the free you should add in the dream meanings and more about thah.Version: 2.7.3

Recommend!I used this app a few nights and it was incredibly sensitive and picked up sounds in my room and even picked up the sounds of birds outside in the morning. The app told me that there was a strong chance that I had sleep apnea. I reached out to my doctor, had a sleep study, and I do in fact have sleep apnea. I’m now using a CPAP machine, and while it is challenging to get used to, it has dramatically improved my sleep and energy level during the day. And treating sleep apnea, makes you much less likely to have a heart attack or stroke, if you are otherwise healthy. I honestly cannot thank the makers of this app enough for making me aware of a health issue I was entirely unaware of. With sincere gratitde and thanks..Version: 2.6.0

Ideal App for Tracking SleepThis app is so reliable for tracking your sleeping patterns. It gives great advice and tips to help you get a better nights sleep and also records your sleeping environment, picking up noises that might be affecting your sleep. The snoring tracking is a really helpful guide which also offers advice to help you try to reduce snoring. The mindful section is also helpful. I highly recommend this app if you struggle with sleeping patterns and snoring..Version: 2.4.8

Two suggestionsI like the app a lot. I agree with many positive reviews and find the data provided by this app very helpful in understanding my sleep problems. I do have two suggestions that I think will make the user experience even better. (1) Combining records I woke up last night and paused tracking, and after about 15 minutes, went back to sleep and started the tracker again. I should’ve continued the tracking instead of doing this but even if I did, I wish there was a way to combine these two reports, since they are both from the same night even though it was interrupted in the middle. (2) Snoring as a % of total sleep time I noticed the time snoring is compared from the previous day on an absolute scale (ex. 15 min less than yesterday). However, if the total time asleep is different, this absolute comparison is quite meaningless. I wish there were both absolute comparisons as well as a relative measurement (percentage, ex. 10% of sleeping time) for easier comparison across time..Version: 2.3.0

This app is so worth it!Omg wow, this app is amazing, it records my snoring,sleep time, it’s plays meditation music, rain sounds, storm sounds, you can have a sound where your going to space and many more. it also records sleep talking, birds, dogs, cats and alarms going off. this app is so worth it i highly recommend!.Version: 2.2.1

SleepAmazing sleep and proved my family wrong I don’t snore.Version: 1.1.6

SoundIt is great but it sometimes registers sounds as different sounds.Version: 2.3.5

Really great appI find the app helps me get a better sleep and I can see what I was up to. The sounds were relaxing even without paying for the upgrade. I would’ve liked to here me snore but I was fine without. The app shows me where I need to improve on my sleep and it’s just really good..Version: 2.1.0

Intelligent TrackerNow I know for sure I do snore, not just taking my wife’s word for it. It’s crazy on what this app picks up through out the night as you sleep. Everything from the decibels in your room to a cat on a scratching post. My two complaints are that the selection of deep sleep audio tracks are limited and they only play a max of 90 mins. I enjoy soothing audio all night. The other is that this app cannot run or track in the background, meaning if I want to track my sleep and listen to my playlist, it stops tracking. Recommend trying it for yourself..Version: 2.3.5

It’s not freeVery expensive.Version: 2.5.1

EnjoyingI I.Version: 2.5.3

Best sleeping appTracks sleep, free morning meditation.Version: 2.7.4

No Other Sleep TrackerGo ahead and install it, and just let it run with the presets. As you begin to monitor it on a daily basis, you will begin to understand the elements of information, discover adjustments that you want to make make and will learn how to fine tune the results you see and the features that you use so they are most meaningful to you. I tried to install, make adjustments and understand all at the same time and it was overwhelming. Give it some time and you will find it an invaluable tool for providing clues to your own sleep habits and things you can do to improve the quality of the rest you get. This App explained a lot of things to me in terms of the relationship of my environment, diet and activities to my sleep patterns..Version: 1.1.5

It’s useful!Good information which helps me adjust my sleeping habits rather than leaving them to the vagaries of guesswork..Version: 2.5.4

It’s goodYa.Version: 2.1.5

Awesome Free Sleeping App!This sleeping app is great! It provides a sleep score, time asleep, time awake. This app is free but it does have a premium feature. Also it has stories and meditation music for falling asleep safe and sound. This app is the best that I have tried, it also syncs to apple health if it’s connected. This app has a trend for sleeping too, and an analysis for how you slept and what happened sleeping, snoring, cat meowing, sleep talking and a lot of other noises. This app and the features that I talked about is all free, which is good because some apps record the sounds that you sleep but don’t let you play them in less you have a paid membership, well this app has this feature and it is free. Thank you for new data and updates, I’m excited to see more cool things!.Version: 2.6.9

Great appExcellent I discover a lot about my snoring and apnea. This application will jave a great impact on my health!.Version: 2.7.4

Great programmeGives great feedback to improve your sleep..Version: 2.6.0

My sleepGood morning, I’m trying this sleep app because I’ve been having bad nightmares, active nightmares, fall out of bad nightmares…I’m not only active in my nightmares but I’m crying out for help. I sleep with my window open and I’m wondering what my neighbors here?? So I’m now using this app to see if I’m talking out loud as well as being physically active..So far it’s only caught me snoring a couple times throughout the night. App password to great so far and should be quite interesting while using it on my next night I have nightmares I pray that night doesn’t happen but I’m sure it well.. Stacy.Version: 2.1.4

AmazingI thought u would pay but its free and really good.Version: 2.1.1

UsefulI can’t believe the amount of snoring I do this app hears everything.Version: 2.6.9

So far, so good!I’ve been using this tracker for a week. Sleep is an integral biological function with quality of sleep impacting our day. This app goes further how much time you sleep by identifying measures that impact the qualitative nature of your sleep. The potential WHY feel rested and refreshed, or not, when you wake. The microphone records noise over night which still creeps me out but what I confirmed and learned about my sleep is priceless. I’ve listened to clips (yes creepy) pinpointed on the sleep cycle report and LEARNED I SNORE A LOT and at times I STOPPED BREATHING or severely limited my breathe intake, a potentially serious condition!! I’m on a quest to improve my sleep quality through obvious factors (mattress is uncomfortable; adjust sleep / head position; stop coffee resumed a few days ago) before jumping to any conclusion of a serious condition. This tracker will help me assess whether my change worked to improve my sleep. More to come!.Version: 2.1.7

Very Accurate, and Highly ConvenientSince university, I’ve consistently operated on as few as 3-4 hours a night sleep (and a lot of caffeine) with more than my fair share of all-nighters. One of my resolutions for this birth year is to get 6-7 hours of sleep every night. I’ve been using this app for almost a month (although still well below my targeted sleep goal) and have found it to be an incredible help in my endeavor. I was suspicious of it using my iPhone microphone versus an accelerometer or pressure device and benchmarked it against some other trial apps that used my Apple Watch. I found this app to be every bit if not more accurate. The microphone is extremely sensitive to minor movements or changes in breathing and doesn’t seem to be impacted when sleeping with others. (Note: I do not sleep with any ambient noise from a TV or sound machine which could potentially impact it.) Another major plus to the microphone approach is the freedom of being able to travel without worry of loosing data on days away from home or packing some device..Version: 1.0.4

Close to 5 starsI really like this app the only thing I wish I could do is I go to bed and I forget to turn on the tracker which I know there’s an alarm to remind you but I go to sleep at different times every night then I wake up in the middle the night and turn it on around 3 AM and then I wake up around 8 AM and then the app tells me I didn’t sleep enough and I wish you would let me fix the times it says I go to bed because again I forget to put it and I wish I could just correct it like edit it when I wake up. And then I also wish that after you listen to the recording of you snoring if you werent actually snoring and you can’t hear it in the video it gives you the option to delete it so it doesn’t count you down for snoring..Version: 2.0.7

Love the App changed my lifeI wish this was invented 20years ago, to see the incredible amount of information that is provided I use it every day and tonight have had 2 other people with sleep apnea download it as well.. congratulations thank you for helping me sleep everyday !.Version: 2.7.4

I love this app!I love this app. I use it every night. I have established more regular sleep routine hours, improved my quality of sleep and become more aware of the importance of sleep to my health. I have been able to adjust my sleep position to almost eliminate snoring and restlessness during the night. I now know when I am coughing or congested and take care of it. I like knowing what goes on around me while I am sleeping. I also feel much more rested in the morning. I can even track my cat’s sleeping habits to help her sleep better. I didn’t know she was meowing all night until the Tracker recorded it, and I was able to make adjustments to calm her. She is doing much better. Thank you Mintal Tracker for your program. I will continue to use it daily..Version: 2.7.4

Keeps you on trackThis is a great app although I don’t pay for it, it still gives me the information I really need it is great.Version: 2.6.9

Mintal trackerI like this app. That it monitors the way you sleep is great. I like the alarm that wakes you up it’s so gentle and soothing to wake up too. I’m on a monthly subscription of $14.99. At the end of the night I like to put into the tracker how my day has gone and then it will come up music/sounds to listen too that to help you sleep. My kids like it too. The only thing I don’t like is the hypnosis stuff..Version: 2.6.3

Very goodSometimes it glitches but for the price of free it’s really good.Version: 2.0.6

Great insight to my sleep pattern😘Mintal Tracker has completely changed the way I'm sleeping, I'm looking forward to sleep tracking every night. Sometimes because I want to improve my sleep score lol🤪, I’ll take care of my sleep environment and make it more comfortable. I feel that every time I read my sleep report, I do see the changes in myself..Version: 2.0.3

Love this best app in the worldI love I tracked all my sleep and it was amazing and you give me more options to stuff and tips for what I should do to help my sleep I slept so good to the peaceful music I loved it thing is I sleep with other people and it only tracked me because I was the closest to my phone I love this please download it it’s on the best apps in the world there’s no reason why you shouldn’t I mean there is a little bit wrong with it but not a ton more than good than bad thank you so much for creating this app I slept so good 🥰🥰🥰💕💕💕💕.Version: 2.1.0

The BEST sleep app I’ve foundThis isn’t just your run of the mill sleep app, it’s an EVERYTHING app. I am amazed at all the different parts it has to help Work towards a “healthier” you. While the yearly subscription rate could be a little lower, it still offers a lot for your subscription. I’ve only begun to begun to delve into its many additional suggestions ( today I awakened to a REALLY wonderful meditation to start your day all I had to do was press play ). Love it his app. Try it, you won’t be disappointed. 😴👌🏻💟🧘‍♀️.Version: 2.7.4

PoppyHelps me so much going to sleep 5 stars.Version: 2.7.4

Love thisI now know why I am so tired even though I feel like I sleep well. I’ve lived alone for over 17 years and when I went to the doctor because I was so exhausted I couldn’t get off the sofa sometimes, he asked me if I snore. I said I have no idea. If I did you would think I would wake myself up at least once I a while. Nope. I downloaded this app and it records my snoring! ALOT OF SNORING!! So the doctor had a sleep apnea test done and I had 15 events in one 8 hour period of sleep!! So a cpap is on order. This app also records my apnea events. Not so good at capturing the environment as it sometime tells me my baby was crying…I don’t have a baby haha nor do I live anywhere near one and with dogs barking I have no dog. When I listen to those recordings it’s just me snoring so I don’t know why it thinks it’s a dog or a baby?? Anyway this app is great for helping me track my ‘restless’ sleep!.Version: 2.7.1

Choix de la langue françaiseComment avoir en français.Version: 2.6.3

Perfect for footballersIf you are a football player like me (soccer for you Americans) than I would highly recommend this app. If you are trying to make it pro and go play for Real Madrid or Barcelona then you need a minimum of 8 hours of sleep. With this app I could pretty much guarantee that would happen every single day. It can also be helpful for people with breathing problems as it tells you everything that happens during your sleep. It is so helpful and I love it so much. Highly recommend..Version: 2.7.4

BrilliantIt’s so good how you don’t need to use a watch or strap or anything like that and it can still track your sleeping. The only thing that was bothering me was when I woke up I wanted to do the morning meditation but it only allows me to here the introduction because I’m not paying for the unlocked ones which is basically everyone. But as I said such an amazing app and I am definitely gonna use it more often in my life ! Thank you so much for creating it !.Version: 2.7.4

AThis app is absolutely amazing it records everything snoring, when you fall asleep, how many times you’ve woken up, my favourite part is the sounds like that campfire or the rain those help me fall asleep real easy.Version: 2.5.7

I got great sleep now!This app is great! My boyfriend was sleeping on the couch because my snoring was keeping him awake, and something had to be done. I downloaded this app, and while browsing through its list of potential remedies, I came across a wedge pillow, which I had never heard of before. That sounded way more pleasant than sticking things up my nose to open my airways, so I ordered one, and bam! Snoring solved! I might upgrade to the paid version just as a thank you, but the recordings and information provided by the free version were all I needed to get me from a Snore Score of 34 down to a 0..Version: 1.0.4

Trying it starting nowI’m currently awake in my bed from insomnia and I’m hoping this will cure and or help me see further into my dreams. I struggle at night due to the overwhelming dead scilence of the night. ( It also doesn’t help that I’m 17 and have ADHD as well as Ashburgers witch make me struggle with certain tasks. At night I listen to classic music, I’m hoping the app won’t pick up the music too much and actually hear what I’m doing in my sleep. Thank you for making this app I’m gonna try this later in the night the time currently is 12:21 wish me luck.Version: 2.1.2

Best app everThis is one of my new favorite apps it’s the only alarm that is ever worked for me cause it wakes you up when you’re in your littlest stage of sleep that is around the time you need to be up it also tracks your movements and you’re surroundings while you sleep and tell you if you need adjustments to your sleeping area it tells me if I got enough sleep or if I didn’t but one of my favorite parts is while you are tracking your sleep you can even play rain noises but ones that sound more realistic and are soothing I love thisdefinitely download it.Version: 2.0.4

Excellent Tool to monitor your sleep 😴 patternI was always told by my wife and kids how loud I snore at night! I was looking for a way to record and monitor how it sounded it, and oh man, not I was amazed how loud it is !! I definitely need help with my snoring!! Excellent App! Thank you.Version: 2.6.4

NiceCool.Version: 2.1.4

It motivates me to sleep!Ever since my baby started sleeping throughout the night I have been wanting to stay up so I can have my alone/quiet time. But when I do this I have a hard time getting up in the morning. This app has helped motivate me to get to bed early so I can get up early for my alone time before he wakes up. I have learned a lot from the app as well. I actually had no idea that sleeping in a loud environment doesn’t help your sleep at all. I used to sleep with two fans on (main reason is because our room is extremely hot in the summer and surprisingly winter as well) and two white noise machines for my little man. I am trying to cut it down to the more quieter fan but my son has became use to that sound to go to sleep so sleeping in a quieter room is still a work in progress. We also have our tv on so we have a really loud room. I have slept with a fan and tv on since I was a little girl so this is going to be challenging. I love that it records if you snore, dream talk and it records different noises in your room like a baby trying to wake you up lol. Just download this app. It does so much more than track your sleep. Thank you for reading! ❤️/ Tay.Version: 2.4.8

Great appI’ve been using the free version and it works perfectly for me. Seems very accurate and it’s very easy to use..Version: 2.7.4

Forever Changed My thoughtsI can’t believe this. I had my first track last night and I couldn’t believe what I heard on the recordings when I was asleep!! I heard the love of my life who I had not seen in a few months be on one of my recordings on the tracker. What surprises me so much is that he was in my room. It let me know what is going on as I sleep and who is in my room, that it records everything! And I am so grateful for this because I go into very very deep sleeps. And wake up really good. But the downside is I cannot hear what is around me when I am asleep. This app has allowed me to hear my surroundings asleep and hear the person who I adore and love so much. My mental health has been a little bad. Not a lot. But it is because I miss him so bad. This app is definitely useful for wanting to know what goes on right after you go to sleep. And for keeping an eye on your surroundings. But because of last night, A few questions got awnsered and questions are now asked. Thank you for this app. I plan to use it for what it is intended for and using it for a sound camera. Thank you. ❤️.Version: 2.3.4

This is a great app🤩This app tracks my sleep PERFECTLY and it even knows that my room is noisy I’m not writing a WHOLE paragraph to show who ever is reading this that this is a great app I would but I just woke up but the alarm isn’t loud enough I download ANY app that helps with sleep and I finally found a good one!🥳.Version: 2.6.5

GreatIt’s really helped me gain better sleep, would definitely recommend downloading. Me and my husband have had a giggle listening to the recordings through the night too. I didn’t know I talked so much in my sleep, and my husband finally realised how bad his snoring is..Version: 2.7.1

Helps with mental healthThis app is amazing it helps you with your meantal health I’m so great full That I found it.Version: 2.0.5

I like the app but….App is handy to find out the extent of snoring especially if you’re trying to change things to improve sleep. I look after dogs and invariably they are in the bedroom . The app doesn’t seem to recognise breaks in sleep. I was up at 3am the other day and 5 am this morning sorting out dog issues and it doesn’t seem to know you’re not asleep ..Version: 2.4.8

AmazingI wish they made it so that if a notification comes like telling me to do my meditation and I open it from the notification it takes me to my meditation.Version: 2.3.4

Sleep trackerGood to know why I feel fresh or rough after my nights sleep..Version: 2.6.1

Changed my lifeHello all! I have ADHD and already struggle to focus during the day, but I also struggle with sleep. Falling asleep and waking up have always been a major challenge, and unfortunately, sleep is an absolutely crucial part of being able to the chance of having a good or productive day. I had a choice of waking up late or simply not being able to function at all (having no energy). This app completely changed that. Now I can at least get up easier, and that has made everything else in life quite a bit easier, even falling asleep. Just knowing that its there helps. This app makes it easy to wake up refreshed, ready to take on the day. The results of positive effect this app has had on my life cannot be measured. I don’t (want to) know what I would do without this app. Actually, I do. I’d be a great deal more miserable. Thank you!.Version: 1.0.4

Snore appThis app has shown me that I actually do snore, considering I didn’t feel I ever snored..Version: 2.7.4

Brilliant appVery helpful and informative app, I highly recommend it..Version: 2.7.4

The only free Sleep Tracker that actually worksLove it, does everything I want.Version: 2.7.3

Good app but too expensiveI love the app so much when I started my 7 day trial but right after, the app was almost useless because it wouldn’t let you listen to any recordings. You could only listen to things that help you fall asleep, some meditation steps, and nature sounds in general. Sorry but I don’t want to pay something that I don’t even know it fully works because I’m my 7 day free trial, I only did it twice then I forgot. So I’m gonna have to leave the app if I’m being honest but if they lower the prices down I’ll definitely join back!.Version: 2.5.7

Great little gadgetGives basic info on my sleep. Shows snoring and apneas quite accurately. I haven’t tried the full version, my review is based on the free version as I don’t feel I need the full picture, if I did, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy..Version: 2.6.4

Satisfaite!Accessible, motivant, rendements de résultats très crédibles par rapport aux enregistrements et de capter le niveau du bruit ambiant , dérangeant. Musique relaxante, chrono , réveil matin,.Version: 2.7.4

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