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100 Years - Life Simulator app received 38 negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about 100 years - life simulator?

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It was fun at first...It was fun at first but, I wish there was more out comes. It it very clear there is only one right answer and if you pick to supposedly “wrong answer” you would have to go back and pick the “right” one and watch a lot of ads..Version: 1.2.11

Choices?What is the point of having choices if the story is the same every time? I have played it through three times making different choices but exactly the same events happened. Talk about dull and boring!.Version: 1.2.17

HelpOk so when you are 42, when the police come into the house, I get an add and the add efects the game too so the add makes me start again to 42! Pls fix the adds! Their annoying.😡 Thank you!.Version: 1.2.32

It’s okayThe game itself is good but it’d be better if the game could have a skip level..Version: 1.2.27

I guess it’s okayPlaying it the first time it seems good but it needs more outcomes which could help the game.Version: 1.2.16

Can’t finish the girls lifeI keep getting to age 26 on the girl and every time i press play it restarts. it is at the end of the line but i’ve done every other option and they all lead back to the same spot..Version: 1.2.19

Why?? 😁Why is it called 100 years if you don’t live that long and then he gets cancer and it repeats and repeats like add new characters or sum any what but it’s kinda a good game but you always have! To go to jail needs some working on😁.Version: 1.2.11

Half doneThe game is 100 years but you can never actually get to 100 years and the outcomes don’t change at all. The girl doesn’t even have a path past 26. I like this game I’m mad it’s like 1% done.Version: 1.2.18

You can’t play as the girlI tried playing as the girl for as long as I could but it only let me go up to like 24 I think and then It would make me be the boy again also if you end up dating the girl or something it makes your life fail.Version: 1.2.10

DepressingThis game makes no sense. You have to work a job where you’re mistreated, date a gold digger, and eventually get arrested for no reason. There’s no way to win or have a happy life..Version: 1.2.11

MediocreOnly one option, no real multiple endings, you aren’t even making real decisions. Nothing changes and the skip button is still slow.Version: 1.2.14

Okay butThis game starts out good and then the more you play the more time you get to see it go down hill. It’s literally the same storyline over and over again and you cannot play as a girl 😩🙄.Version: 1.2.19

I can’t be a girlOk so when I got this I thought oh I can choose my gender. Well apparently not. I really don’t like that you can only be a boy in the beginning and what is really stupid is that it censors a lot of good stuff. And the fact that you can be lbgtq is bad and I respect my gender so… WOMEN RIGHTS!!😠😠👧🏻.Version: 1.3

NopeI don’t really understand the method of the game, if it’s suppose to be about choices why is there only one choice to make? With all understanding that there is two answers when only one answer is “Right” it kinda takes away from the whole point of a life simulator..Version: 1.2.15

Cool Game But.....This game is fun to play. I like that you never really know what’s going to happen next. But this games crashes and glitches. It will force close and also I can’t get past age 32 on the second life. The game just goes back to age one each time you make it to 32 on the second life. I hope that they can fix this issue so I can keep playing this game..Version: 1.2.33

Why no soundWhy no sound or am I doing something wrong.Version: 1.2.27

HorribleBeen only playing for three days. I’ve past the boy and I have so many issues with it. First off why does he only get up to 60. Second why do you always end up homeless. Third why do every person you choose to date ends up being a gold digger. Forth no matter what you choose you end up on the same path every time. Now playing the girl why do you always restart after the age 26. Also why is it either a firefighter or a stripper? Also why doesn’t the girl get to choose who she wants to date. Why make the girl seem slutty. Also who thought being abandoned by their parent a good idea. Children play this game and it looks bad. This game is TRASH!!.Version: 1.2.18

What’s with this glitch?This game would be awesome if it didn’t glitch during my second life at the age of 26 twice. My life just restarts randomly..Version: 1.2.20

Trashy ethicsWhen you try to be good you get punished for it like not skipping school or not wanting to have a fun night with your boss this game is terrible for kids and adults I wouldn’t recommend this game to my worst enemy.Version: 1.2.27

Fun for 5 minutesThis game seemed pretty fun at first because of the absurd outcomes. Although you don’t really get to play as the girl because your life ends at around 20-25 no matter what you do..Version: 1.2.11

Ehh..Okay, so whenever I die in a life, I always have to keep re-living it. I’ve had to do this at least 5 times so far. I’m personally finding it annoying. I’m not sure if anyone else is experiencing this, but can you fix it so that the same life doesn’t keep replaying? Thank you..Version: 1.2.33

Insensitive and ChildishI’m gonna start off by stating i downloaded this game as a joke, so i didn’t have much expectation to begin with. however, the animation is garbage. there i said it. secondly, around when the mc turned 30-35 he ends up in prison (at least in my timeline i played, because this game is a joke), and they make an extremely insensitive “don’t drop the soap” gimmick in which the mc is showering and literally drops the soap. you have the option to either pick it up or keep showering. i was immediately thrown off, but picked up the soap because i was merely curious whether this game could actually go that far, and yes, it did. this is an extremely inappropriate and insensitive joke about the horrifying reality inside our prisons in america. whoever wrote the storylines for this game should be ashamed..Version: 1.2.18

Please readI really like how there are choices but in the end they really don’t matter. When your a male you can only age up to sixty and you life is the same no matter what choices you make and I think it’s stupid that there is sometimes more than one path way but only one “right” answer. There are no right answers in life..Version: 1.2.19

My opinionI really enjoyed the game it was very funny at time but I do wish that there could be different outcomes sometimes in the story. And the ads are a little to much that it gets annoying. Either way it’s a good game and I hope that there’s more to come..Version: 1.2.9

I don’t knowAt first this was a really great game and I liked it but then it got really inappropriate and I was fine with it at first but after lvl 42 I just couldn’t. I would only recommend this to a select few above the age of 18. (If you don’t like getting fired, being homeless, and dyeing every 5 levels then DONT get this game).Version: 1.2.18

HorribleIt’s pretty bad apart from the graphics not being that great the game is still bad in one of the “choices” it says world peace or god isn’t real like wth also it seems like every action we do is to get this girl plus there are “wrong actions” like on one of the parts u chose skip school or go to school I chose go to school but I guess that was “WRONG” because I didn’t get the girl plus we don’t get a lot of options I feel like this game is a ✨no✨.Version: 1.2.21

Ok but misleadingThis game can be funny at times and is enjoyable, until you realise that at the moment at least the choices available are superficial. You start out as a boy in your first life and no matter what choice you make you will go to prison for being homeless and your life will be miserable, though at least you get to train in martial arts and archery on an island like Oliver Queen at one point, and in your second life as a girl no matter what choice you make things work out for you and when you are about 26 for some reason your life resets to the beginning. I don’t know if I’m doing anything wrong but I replayed as he girl several times and no matter what it always reset. When I deleted and downloaded the game again, I made different choices but my male character still went to prison. So the moment the only good thing about this is the unexpected and funny things that can happen..Version: 1.2.18

Not good!!!!!I played the male and it was pretty fun but I still think you should let the player pick his name but the male was overall ok. But the female was a disaster. First of all she lives only till 26. 2nd she just restarts her life over and over again I have done it 2 times. Now I saw the update to fix the bug problems but its taking forever to download. Your game is a disaster!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.2.21

There’s No Real ChoiceI’ve tried every choice in this game and I can finally confirm there isn’t really any choice. Every choice just takes you down the route where you end up homeless and in prison. The only reason this isn’t getting 1 star is that I like the concept of the game but the execution is a complete lie..Version: 1.2.23

BuggyWhy does it make me go back to another life when im playing a second one! Very annoying.Version: 1.2.28

This game is not what it is advertised it fakeWhen I first got this game I thought oh yeah I choose my own path then I started to play more and reset a couple of times and learned that there is only one path no matter where you go it gives you the same animations. Even if it shows four paths it will only take you down one like the dating app I retried that one a lot all the same out coms ditches you for ditch guy. Another is the one where you go over your bosses house first of all you can’t be fired for not going over someone’s house second nomatter what you pick you get fired. Then there is part where you get sent to prison you get arrested for being homeless he says being homeless is illegal. They only put the prison thing for the drop the soap joke. This has a great idea then the dev decided to cheat it by faking routes..Version: 1.2.20

Worthless trash.Kind of pointless if there’s only ever two choices and one of them is WRONG. Not a game just a crappy movie you have to click through with a million ads. Please try harder next time. Or just not at all. Waste of time..Version: 1.2.11

Was good until...I was highly enjoying this game until I was playing through the second life and it crashed and froze on a path screen, I closed out the app for hours and it’s still froze in the same spot. I don’t want to have to start the other life over but I want to keep progressing through the game.. but I can’t because it won’t do anything! So annoying!!!.Version: 1.2.27

Zero replay valueThere are no choices in this game whatsoever. If you fail at a choice you redo it, and there are always only 2 choices. There is only one path that you can take and it’s filled with you just getting constantly beaten up without remorse..Version: 1.2.10

Casino levelOk so I just turned 57 and it won’t allow me to continue the continue button isn’t even there.Version: 1.2.13

I like the gameI like the game but I can’t get past 26 on the girl character & you start over as a infant and have to redo everything over and over. And then end up doing it again..Version: 1.2.18

You chooses don’t matterI did all the possible choices, the ones you make end up being inconsequential or meaningless, the paths you see are all fake, it’s fixed onto only 1 path no matter what you do, mine as well he worst then telltale games, at least in their games what you did actually change something..Version: 1.2.18

Ads with a side of gameThere are wayyyyyyy to many ads. Ads after every level and soemtiems even in the levels. You’re better off just watching a compilation of ads on YouTube.Version: 1.2.31

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