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Monopoly Sudoku App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Monopoly Sudoku app received 60 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Monopoly Sudoku? Can you share your negative thoughts about monopoly sudoku?

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Monopoly Sudoku for Negative User Reviews

Could be better but fun.Couple of things that echo other reviews like the pencil marks needing an off switch. Also the matches are not working correctly. It keeps saying there’s a tie but nothing shows for the other person. The scoring really needs to be addressed for that part..Version: 0.1.3 - Locs Update

BugsSo I’ve had this app for a little while now and when I first got it, it was great but the last couple of days it has been frustrating. After I have finished playing a game and go back to select a new one everything but Whitechapel is gone! I have to then close the app and restart it so I can select a different one..Version: 0.1.12 - Nudge + Bugfixing

Beta release in final packaging..Edit: deleting because now this game is unplayable due to bugs. You click on a location to play a game and everything but the first two disappear when you return to the selection (home) page. This has not been fixed for over a week now. Initial review: The initial release was a barebones basic with no options and no puzzle diversity. Now while the puzzles have an interesting adaptation to your level of play, and you’re getting dice, the bugs are getting worse. There isn’t any way to stop that ridiculously long opening video, there are no options for dark mode (as someone who plays before bed, that’s a hard pass) and all the other options you expect from a game release these days they just aren’t there... Besides that, the gameplay WOULD be perfect if they hadn’t released a half a**ed game. It’s the epitome of annoying; they were better off pushing back the release, it’s what all the good games do..Version: 0.1.12 - Nudge + Bugfixing

No diceI like this game, but I’m supposed to have 4 rolls right now but when I click on the monopoly board they disappear and I can’t use them. That’s really frustrating. I also don’t know what exactly the goal is? If it’s monopoly I feel like there should be some type of objective 🤷🏻‍♀️ I like that it auto fills the notes because it saves me a lot of time, and I also like the hints! I have learned a lot of new strategies already. I’ll definitely keep it and wait it out for an update..Version: 0.1.3 - Locs Update

Great when it worksThe past few days it’s been having problems. Right now there are no games available to play on my phone. When it’s working I enjoy the game and the “sudoku school” tips..Version: 0.1.9 - FTUE and Leaderboard fixes

Frustrating!I enjoy the game... when it works. I don’t think I’ve ever used an app with so many glitches. Either the ‘season’ (week) ends & you don’t get your rewards as it’s glitched, or you choose a random match, your opponent never plays as they are a computer, and after 24 hours it’s declared a tie. For an app you have to pay for it is very poor value. Don’t waste your money like I did. 😞.Version: 0.1.7 - Bugfixing

Why don’t I see all the street properties on the Home Screen of the app?!Whenever I finish a puzzle or take a break from one, I only see half of the street properties...I annoyingly have to close the app and reenter just to see all the street properties again....Version: 0.1.12 - Nudge + Bugfixing

Needs to be easier entering the numbersToo much clicking to enter the numbers in the grid, easy to make a mistake if you don’t click off the number first, then click the next box, then click the number you want, then click the box again, then click off….. you will see what I mean. Other than this I would have given a 5*.Version: 0.1.41 - ATT update

Not worth the moneyBought this as love Suduko, and thought this might have an extra twist. The challenges show a status of ended with no new. I’ve used the random match, but seems you’re playing alone as who you’ve been matched with never competes, I have a list of 10 matches where I have a nudge option, they then expire and get offered rematch with someone who wasn’t there to play in first place. After paying and being told unlimited, you can only play 10 matches a day I win dice but they don’t register on board, nor is the a count of how many dice you have. Con, nothing here worth paying for, played better free games..Version: 0.1.3 - Locs Update

UnderwhelmedAll of a sudden it decided to quit working. How disappointing..Version: 0.1.41 - ATT update

Lovable but frequently bugged outThe concept is great. I love the puzzles, especially the daily challenges . But lord this game is constantly full of bugs. Was just in the app an hour ago and had options to play. Now all season puzzles say “season 4 is over”. And will not let me play any of them. This happens around 3x a week. Never know what season it is or when it’s actually over..Version: 0.1.9 - FTUE and Leaderboard fixes

Auto notesAuto notes does not turn off. I do not need them nor want them. I’ve tried everything in the settings and no where can you turn this feature off. If you’re an advanced player like me don’t purchase..Version: 0.1.41 - ATT update

App gave me anxietyI play Sudoku to relax but somehow the app’s developers managed to give me anxiety with its horrible UX/UI. Uninstalled after a day..Version: 0.1.41 - ATT update

Fun but needs updatingUpdate: app doesn’t work at all on iOS 15 so I can’t play! I think this game is a nice way to make sudoku more fun, however I cannot play this for too long without getting migraines. It’s a little better from my phone rather than the large iPad screen, and I know some things can’t be helped, but some graphics move too fast. Can the developers please at least slow down the daily monopoly board? I can’t even look at that page when I use my daily dice and just have to wait for it to be over without looking so I can collect my prizes without feeling dizzy. For the Seasons, it would be nice if either 1) it doesn’t go offline for an entire day when calculating results or 2) it didn’t go offline on Sundays. I have quite the busy work week so weekends are my two days to relax and play games to destress from work and I can’t even play much of this on Sundays while Seasons are offline. You can only do up to 10 matches against someone and those people never respond to nudges so I’m stuck waiting until the next weekend to play for one day. There are also constant internet connection issues. It often goes offline and I have to force restart the app over and over..Version: 0.1.41 - ATT update

Literally unable to play all dayThis app is the worst paid game I’ve ever installed. The sudoku mostly works but the scoring system in competitive games is really weird and you can win despite making lots more mistakes if you have a faster time. Also have been stuck and unable to play all day because the games all just say “season 3 has ended” and I have no way to start the new season..Version: 0.1.7 - Bugfixing

HorribleThere’s no clear instructions on how to actually put numbers in a cell. Very irritating.Version: 0.1.41 - ATT update

Love it but...I’m kind of addicted to this game, but I’m getting very irritated. I paid to get this game and yet there are so many bugs. If I want to switch game boards I have to close the app and reopen it. If I wanna roll the dice and then start another game I have to close the app and reopen it. I don’t understand why a game I have payed money for isn’t working..Version: 0.1.12 - Nudge + Bugfixing

BrokenThe gameplay ain’t too bad and I like the idea behind it but the rewards from the games are incredibly broken. I’ve won around 20 games and been rewarded for 3 on the leaderboard. They still have way to many bugs to fix before its playable..Version: 0.1.3 - Locs Update

Good games...terrible appThe app is quite bugged, the daily train challenge doesn't track your streak, or how many hints you use. The games against another person sometimes work sometimes don't. It would be nice to have a game against someone who is active in the game. The sudoku challenges are quite good..Version: 0.1.36 - Bugfixes and performance opt

Won’t run on new iPhone 12I love the game but I got my new iPhone 12 in a few days ago and when I open the app, no data shows up. There’s a WiFi signal with an X over it, I can’t access my profile page or the settings page. Nothing. 😕.Version: 0.1.7 - Bugfixing

Weird Interface and Confusing ProgressI like Sudoku and Monopoly, so I had high hopes for this game. Sadly, the controls aren’t intuitive and even 20+ games in they don’t feel like they flow correctly. Also, I have no idea how the scoring, dice, or leveling up works. The lack of explanation on these things is very frustrating, as I’m not sure what I should be doing more or less of to advance. Do things unlock? I have no idea. Does leveling up do anything? Couldn’t tell you. Scores sometimes count, sometimes they add, and sometimes they reset to zero. Also, you occasionally get to top dice, though I’m not sure how. I’ll probably put this down for a while and wait for them to work out the kinks, I just wish there were less of them for a game you have to pay for upfront..Version: 0.1.1 - Release Candidate

Data does not seem to transfer between devicesI had a hotel level of 58 and 69 dice saved up on my old phone where I was logged in with my Apple ID. After transferring data to my new phone, the game would not start; it would load up the game screen but it was all empty or the different parts of the screen show errors. Following the advice on the developers faq, I reinstalled the game and it worked, but I was assigned a new ID and even after logging in with my Apple ID, it wouldn’t import any of my old progress. I’ve reinstalled a couple more times and I always have the same new ID, so I guess IDs are attached to devices somehow? Anyway? I’m bummed that I lost all my progress (unless I keep my old phone exclusively for Monopoly Sudoku lol) and I am demotivated from playing any further. So if you plan to switch devices, I hope you aren’t attached to your Monopoly Sudoku progress. Update: after contacting support, they acknowledged that there is currently no profile transfer between devices, but they were able to transfer my data manually from the old device ID to the new device ID. I still lost a few dice and levels, and my favorite unlocked profile pic didn’t transfer, but it’s much better than starting from 1..Version: 0.1.12 - Nudge + Bugfixing

So many bugsToo many bugs to mention. Online games not working being just one, still not fixed since release. Cannot even get a refund..Version: 0.1.9 - FTUE and Leaderboard fixes

Terrible and unreliableThe game is terrible. It has so many bugs makes it very frustrating. The app shouldn’t have been released to the public with the state it is in. Slow connection and response Level up - sometimes it will give you dice or many it will take dice off you Get to level 100 - next time you log in you will drop back down to level 99 then when you do a game it minuses the exp you earn for completing it instead of leveling you up. When comepleting multiple 1 v 1 match and you go to claim your exp for it, it takes you back to the home page instead of back to the versus page. My opinion the game needs to be removed from the public and taken back to planning stage to be debugged and fixed then re-released once the creators have done their own bug testing.Version: 0.1.19 - Avatar Fix

StopWorkingAs of iOS 16 it does not work.Version: 0.1.41 - ATT update

Very DisappointedThere is no way to submit issues with the game. Have leveled up several time, but the dice rolls are not available. Tokens I have unlocked are locked again even though it is set to the token. It doesn’t feel like Sudoku because it’s a race to click the right answers because it auto fills. No explanation of how you level up. Not worth the money!!!! I had high hopes but now I feel ripped off!.Version: 0.1.3 - Locs Update

Bugs GaloreThis game is fun and seemingly the only non turn based multiplayer sudoku app which is great for playing against friends. Really enjoying it but the sheer volume of bugs is quite annoying for a paid game. Disappointed overall but still worth getting, hopefully the bugs will be resolved in the near future - though I’m not holding my breath as multiple reviews below have developer responses from months ago promising fixes... and the bugs are still around. Lastly i haven’t had a game completed against random opponents yet, is this game dead or is random opponent matchmaking broken? I’m flipping a coin....Version: 0.1.15 - Championships Missing Fix

Annoyingly unstableGreat graphics don’t make a good game, constantly having to delete this game and reinstall just to play a couple of times a day, as it refuses to refresh an unresponsive screen. Please sort out the bugs!!!!.Version: 0.1.27 - SDK updates + bug fixing

Where are the rules!?!Okay so I know how to play sudoku no issues there. I’m not sure what I should be doing with the monopoly portion!? There are instructions on how to play sudoku, but nothing on how it incorporates with monopoly! Save your money, so far I don’t see the value....Version: 0.1.3 - Locs Update

Bugs need to be fixedI like the concept, the visuals, music, everything. It is absolutely ruined by bugs. Currently, I have to completely reload the game to get all of the puzzle properties beyond Baltic and Connecticut to show on the Home Screen. Often UI becomes non responsive and the game needs to be reloaded. The game itself is great fun. The bugs ruin any of that fun, and it happens way too often for a “finished” product..Version: 0.1.12 - Nudge + Bugfixing

Stop asking me if I like your gameThis game is great but it has a few issues. If the developer is reading please.... -make the game more stable -STOP ASKING IF I LIKE THE GAME! Your thing that pops up once an hour “Do you like our game”. You should only ask me this max once per week. Especially if we pay money. Please fix this.Version: O.1.34 - SDK updates + Bug Fixes

Stuck in a bug loopThere are other better sudoku games out there (for free!) but my biggest issue is I am stuck in a terrible bug loop in the practice games area, where the graphics are messed up and I see no grid, cannot quit the bugged game, deleting and uninstalling game didn’t fix. There is a long list of games in progress in practice area and they are ALL bugged and not deleteable or fixable. I give up..Version: 0.1.27 - SDK updates + bug fixing

Fun in theory, but buggyEnjoying the game itself but giving only a 3-star due to the bugginess that makes gameplay annoying. Game is slow to load with lag when trying to do simple tasks such as selecting a button or trying to scroll a page. There is also a repeated issue of playing a championship game and then getting the ranking out of 10 screen but no buttons or options to navigate away from that screen. The only way to resume game play is to force close the app. Also, the frequency in which the app asks for you to review is obnoxious. I ultimately caved because of these bugs and to make the prompt go away, but I appreciate apps that ask for a review infrequently or give me the option to not leave a review and not see the prompt again. Overall I would hope for a much better user experience for a paid app..Version: 0.1.22 - Bug fixes

Good but glitchySo the sudoku part of the game is great! The game play itself is mostly on point... However the rest of the app is severely I’m not saying it’s a train wreck or anything like that but the overall glitches can make it frustrating...let’s go over a few... -PvP I have yet to do a pvp match where the other player even completes a puzzle...considering how many I have done I’m willing to be the lack of response from their side is likely a glitch...showing that they never even complete the puzzle...sure you always win...but it’s a hallow victory... -the name change function has yet to work at all despite me attempting to change the name more than once... -the overall ranking never shows your player if your in the tournament or leaderboards you are never really sure if the number at the bottom is supposed to corollate to you or the player who’s name is unless you make it to the top 20 players you are never really sure... -the scoring is done super strange...or it is a really big logically it should be done as a speed and accuracy system...however it’s not uncommon for the person who wins the round that you see to have not even completed the puzzle in the allotted amount of even though there score in that round as being zero they receive 100pt for winning the round... -the overall loading is very slow when you first open the app...I know it’s a synchronized gaming platform but it is way slower than it should be...however once loaded it runs as it should Now some things that I find odd... -the help function doesn’t doc you points or time when someone who fully relies upon he help function can win the round if they are fast enough at using it...when it comes to the complex puzzles that is very frustrating because then they may use it to narrow down their options very fast with no penalty for continuous usage... -the notes function even when on will not replace the spots where you have erased or removed now it’s just a blank space that makes you have to figure out the options...or proceed with what might be false singles...which means you are either losing precious time or just making continuous mistakes...and because it’s al speed based you will accidentally hit the wrong one once in a while and need to erase it... -the monopoly board has very little weight or bearing on the game if it were to maybe have things like bonus avatars or characters that are playable once unlocked within the board I would get it...but realistically it only gives you level points based on what you land on...from there you level up just the same as you would have if you had continued playing the puzzles... So I went on a bit of a rant for this one...but I really truly love the concept and the idea of having a large scale synchronized sudoku puzzle I want to see it improve and grow...but that doesn’t happen if no one takes the time to look at it especially doesn’t happen if the developers don’t know what aspects are good and aren’t... I hope I have the chance to play against you one day! 🤞.Version: 0.1.12 - Nudge + Bugfixing

Visibility issueLike the game, but as of yesterday, now have visibility of Whitechapel road only on the Home Screen. Have to reboot app after every individual sudoku game, to see other properties to choose next sudoku game..Version: 0.1.12 - Nudge + Bugfixing

MehThe mechanics of the sudoku are really good but the automatic auto notes make it so easy my dog could probably complete games. Also is anyone else actually be playing? I haven’t had a game completed yet. Too many dice missing and why has the season ended but I’m still on season 0.Version: 0.1.3 - Locs Update

Deleted all locations besides 3Baltic Ave, Connecticut Ave, and New York Ave were the only three boards left after the app glitched, i tried restarting it blahblahblah and it stayed like that for a week I was on level 62 and had to delete the app and resolve the issue. This is the second time I have had to delete the app to fix a glitch.Version: 0.1.15 - Championships Missing Fix

So brokenThe actual sudoku bit ... mostly works ... but the whole scoring / leaderboard / profile thing is flat out broken. Despite being awarded dice ... I can never use them. Despite playing nearly 100 games, I still dont appear on the leaderboards, and my player profile stats are just straight whack. Please fix it ... a real besmirch on the name of Monopoly..Version: 0.1.3 - Locs Update

Laggy and BuggyThe game is extremely buggy and laggy between menu screens. Often times, your level will be different every time you check your level in different menus. For example, you will be level 14 in the board game portion, then level 12 when competing for challenged. Then when you check your avatar level in the other menu, it will be 11. Then when you level up, you will level up to 9. It’s quite frustrating. I got thrown in jail, so now I get -1 dice that displays on the menu. If you close the app and restart it, your levels will be different and your dice will be different as well. It also take 5 seconds between every menu switch for the game to allow you to choose an option. I’ve accidentally went into the wrong menu or started a game because it was frozen for 5 seconds and I was clicking around. They made this game too complicated for what a typical sudoku game should be. Save your money, and wait until all the errors are fixed on the game. Update: The multiplayer function isn’t working for me now either. There is just a loading symbol, and it doesn’t load. It’s been like this for 2 days. I deleted and reinstalled it, and after my first demo game in multiplayer it tries to load again..Version: 0.1.19 - Avatar Fix

Overall OkayI love sudoku puzzles, and I love monopoly. So this is perfect to me in the sense of fun; however, it is still buggy. If I leave the app open and lock my screen, the internet icon doesn’t automatically update. I have to physically close the app and reopen it, which isn’t terrible it just becomes a hassle. Maybe incorporate a refresh button? And if there is already a refresh button, then I am just blind. I’ve changed my name but it still displays the default name when I go against players. I don’t know if I have to sign in via apple or Facebook in order for the change to stay or what. I was reading the settings, and the descriptions for ‘digit first’ & ‘cell first’ need to be swapped. For the iPad Air, the sound settings names are behind the slider bar, i.e. ‘music’ is displayed behind the top slider bar. I love the overall design of the game. Fast paced when going around the board. I love the extreme mode as well, as it is more challenging which is perfect! If these issues get addressed in the future, I would be happy to review it again..Version: 0.1.38 - New Avatars and Tokens

Need a few minor fixesFinally a quality Sudoku game that’s clean and competitive! It has its problems though such as when I level up it says you get dice, BUT it doesn’t actually give them to you! Once they fix issues like that 5 stars for sure!.Version: 0.1.1 - Release Candidate

Big NopeThe devs made some very interesting choices with this game. Marmalade usually does such great stuff... but this- not so much. Let’s start with the fact that everything feels like it should have been free-to-play, but isn’t, including the leveling up system. The interface is... bizarre. Like, why is there so much blank space at the bottom of the screen... where it would (obviously) be easier to reach with your thumbs? Why is the main menu buttons at the top of the screen? Why do you have to search for 5 minutes to figure out how to connect to Facebook? Why does the frame rate seem slow on an XS (seriously, this feels like it was originally coded for a different operating system). There’s a lot about this app that is strange. Then gameplay. Monopoly theme was going to be so cool- but it’s barely integrated and feels forced. Then there’s that whole thing about autonotes. I’m glad you can take them off! But seriously... what’s the point of sudoku with them on? It takes like 30 seconds to solve a puzzle. Maybe I’m missing something... but that brings up the point: nothing is explained lol..Version: 0.1.5 - Dice Roll Fix

FrustratingLove the sudoku. However this is a very frustrating game. The user interface rarely scrolls unless I pick the right spot. More often than not I end up on the monopoly board when trying to scroll to games at the bottom of the screen. Also I don’t understand the purpose of the monopoly board. The only user action is to roll the dice. No decisions are made. It seems superfluous to the purpose of the game - to play sudoku.Version: 0.1.41 - ATT update

Good game, but...I really enjoy the game but I find the each time I finish a set, I have to go through so many hoops to just get to the game. If I want to see the leader board, I should be able to seek it out, not be forced to go to it after each round.Version: 0.1.25 - Bug Fixing

Empty screenI like the game. But anytime I do anything, roll dice, play the daily ones, or even play a game, when I come back to the menu, there’s nothing there. I have to reload the game completely before I can do anything else. And when I finish that, I have to reload the game completely again..Version: 0.1.12 - Nudge + Bugfixing

Fun, but has some bugsI like the theme, but the Monopoly tie in has little relevance to the actual gameplay. Finding the “practice” mode the most fun to try and set fastest times for each difficulty in our house. Unfortunately a bug is preventing any new records to actually being saved. :-(.Version: 0.1.7 - Bugfixing

Please redesign the layoutI love soduku games and always trying to find a good App that allows me to play it nice and clean. To me, this App looks too mess... Please redesign it to look clean and easy to follow. Either get rid of a lot of 'fancy' functions or redesign it.. Less is more. I love the idea that friends can play or compete at the same time but I just haven't figured out how to do that.. Just can't successfully search my friend. Also is there anyway we can change our username?.Version: 0.1.25 - Bug Fixing

I don’t know what to make of thisWas really excited by the idea of combining Monopoly and Sudoku however the UI is too confusing, I’m unsure of how the board system even works and I have no incentive to keep coming back to play the puzzles. It’s not worth it..Version: 0.1.5 - Dice Roll Fix

Could do with improvementsWhen you level up it doesnt give you the dice And the help button, it would be alot easier if there was a tutorial explaining it, or a video.Version: 0.1.1 - Release Candidate

PrivacyIf you’re happy for facebook, google, gamesparks, amazon and unity to get your data then it is probably okay. If not then you get very little. They should be paying me! Requesting a refund..Version: 0.1.1 - Release Candidate

Was great, now it terribleAt first I was skeptical of the paid app, but I’d rather pay a few bucks upfront rather than being hit with reoccurring in app purchases. The interface was decent and the app really does help you learn sudoku. I considered myself fairly advanced at them but this app taught me strategies I didn’t even know about. Everything was great until this last update a week ago. Different levels keep disappearing and/or the buttons are non responsive. The pending rounds don’t seem to update. The only way around all of that is to quit out and reopen the app (which would also not be a big deal if the app didn’t take 30 sec of intro screens). Every restart seems to be less effective also. After a few times the only way around it is to delete the app and reinstall (which over the last couple days is less effective like the restarts). The other glitch seems to be every time you reinstall the app and sign back in, you get an extra 50-60 dice. I get the dice and monopoly board are needed to make this a monopoly themed game, but the graphics of each roll are too much and take waaaay too long. I’ll admit if gotten addicted to this version of sudoku because it really challenges you to use strategy and not just guess like other apps do. I’m not ready to give up on it so please fix it!.Version: 0.1.12 - Nudge + Bugfixing

Waste of moneyThis is a total waste of money. The game doesn’t work. Spend your money on something that actually works..Version: 0.1.36 - Bugfixes and performance opt

Decent game but needs fixedMy challenges only appear when I exit the app and restart. Anytime I play a level or tap into anything I have to restart the games to load the levels again. It’s fun but that part makes me not want to play much :(.Version: 0.1.12 - Nudge + Bugfixing

Need updateGood game but really need some updates.Version: 0.1.41 - ATT update

Fun but laggyThe UI is so janky. It doesn’t respond well most of the time. Also there should be a way to auto collect a round instead of having to go into each individual one over and over. Which just makes the UI freak out all over again..Version: 0.1.41 - ATT update

A bug festAs someone who enjoys playing sudoku games with extra mechanics, I was excited to see how Monopoly would be applied to the game. Sadly, it is but after bug after bug from linking an account with FB or Apple (side note, the Apple side never worked) to the game not showing any stats. The whole gain dice to go to roll on the Monopoly board is neat, but due to bugs, I have never seen the 8 dice I’ve gained during playing. I do not recommend this title to anyone in its current iteration. Avoid until bugs are worked out..Version: 0.1.3 - Locs Update

It’s okGreat concept but not worth the money. If you are looking for an actual sudoku game I would highly recommend Microsoft Sudoku..Version: 0.1.36 - Bugfixes and performance opt

BuggyVery buggy crashing all time and lack of options for games such as not been able to turn on/off auto notes..Version: 0.1.1 - Release Candidate

Bug IssueMajor bug flaw: Earned dice but unable to use. Says I have three but when I go to the board it says I have zero. Also I’m level ten with only three dice earned and I’ve only rolled two or three times. What’s the point of playing monopoly sudoku when you can’t even play monopoly..Version: 0.1.3 - Locs Update

It’s a neat conceptBut you can’t turn off the auto notes no matter how many times you click it -very frustrating when you don’t want hints - can you adjust it so it is off and you can solve the puzzle without being distracted by all the autonoted possibilities-this game is $5 bucks let me remove the option.Version: 0.1.7 - Bugfixing

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