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Monopoly Sudoku App User Positive Comments 2022

Monopoly Sudoku app received 9 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about monopoly sudoku?

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Monopoly Sudoku for Positive User Reviews

All fixed upWorks great now. Thanks devs.Version: 0.1.6 - Championships Difficulty Fix

Great ConceptThere is an issue with the dice when you level up, you only get to role them during your daily spin, but I’m sure you are aware of this by now. I’m giving it five stars because I love the concept, the only thing you got to do is fix the dice, and I think there is a problem with the leaderboard for the Avenues. Also, I would include completion rate for all the Avenue puzzles, and the random ones as well if that’s possible. I think it makes it more exciting. Furthermore, get rid of the auto notes, kind of defeats the purpose of doing a Sudoku. I would only leave it as optional for custom games and maybe for only the first avenue. Instead of auto notes maybe due something like one free hint, or something along those lines. Another idea, maybe add more customizations for your profile like favorite place on board, or ranks under your profile name, like idk, monopoly master, and you could unlock them by beating certain lvls with time restrictions or placing high on leaderboard. ¡¡Also you can’t change your profile name!! Great idea for a game, highly recommend it for all sudoku enthusiasts..Version: 0.1.3 - Locs Update

Great!!!🤘😎🤘.Version: O.1.34 - SDK updates + Bug Fixes

Better than I thoughtThis is surprisingly good fun. I am enjoying all the notes and bonuses. Definitely more engaging and fast paced than other sudoku games out there!.Version: 0.1.19 - Avatar Fix

Games missingThe app is fun to play but having issues with games disappearing. I have to restart the app to see the different games..Version: 0.1.12 - Nudge + Bugfixing

FunLoving it so far but everytime I level up I am supposed to get another dice yet I’m level 10 have haven’t gotten a single one.Version: 0.1.3 - Locs Update

DifficultI enjoy the concept of the game but some puzzles get difficult and when I hit the question mark in the top right corner it brings up suduko school yet is blank and then doesn’t let me close it so I have to restart the game over again please fix and somehow some hints would be nice.Version: 0.1.6 - Championships Difficulty Fix

Fun & helpful bug reporting!Been playing since launch, and enjoy the game a lot. Had some issues after an update, so I reached out to customer support. First got a fairly generic reply, but that was followed up by a couple of questions. They let me know when the bug was fixed & asked me to give feedback after I updated. It all worked! The app isn’t perfect, but they have great customer service and that will keep me playing, ‘cause I know the game will only get better over time!.Version: 0.1.15 - Championships Missing Fix

Hard but fun!I sometimes think it’s hard, but it’s fun. When you collect rewards like houses you level up! And when you use the Monopoly Dice it’s really cool. Playing the sudoku game is challenging but it’s cool and fun! Thank you for making this game. SUDOKU FOREVER!!!!!!!’.Version: 0.1.22 - Bug fixes

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