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CryptoTab Browser Pro App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

CryptoTab Browser Pro app received 60 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using CryptoTab Browser Pro? Can you share your negative thoughts about cryptotab browser pro?

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CryptoTab Browser Pro for Negative User Reviews

Bad!!!!Just a waste money for this app. Cant use in ios phone..Version: 5.4.4

Hash rates are so low on iphonesWhy can’t u increase the h/s on iphones Its always below 100 h/s and android phone had 1000+ h/s.Version: 5.4.4

Waste Of MoneyDo not Buy this App! it is same as free version also it has normal mining speed.completely waste of money and time.No profit..Version: 5.4.4

Es un timoNo sirve es un timo tardas casi un año en retirar $1 no lo bajen.Version: 5.4.4

...On achète l’application et il n’y a aucune raison qu’elle sois payante..Version: 5.4.4

Waste of moneyLet’s you pay 5.49 for the pro version, then you download and the app says mining not available on iOS devices..Version: 5.4.4

Doesn’t work on iPad Air 2 on iOS 14.4.1Just tossed $3.99 out the window. This app works on my iPhone 7 Plus but not on my older iPad Air 2. I was a version down in iOS and so updated that to the latest iOS 14.4.1. The app just exits to the Home Screen. The “app support” link goes to a badly translated google page that is basically useless. And lastly, I find out that this app will not mine in iOS. Great. #fail..Version: 5.4.4

DaleyI downloaded the iOS pro thinking I would get the miner boost, £4 for nothing as it doesn’t mine any faster and I can’t even up grade the speed so disappointed 😒.Version: 5.4.4

RefundHow about a refund since you can’t mine on IOS. Should of read the reviews first..Version: 5.4.4

CryptoTabWhy is this not working for iOS when it says it does? Refund?.Version: 5.4.4

Does not loadI’ve bought the crypto browser pro an it doesn’t seem to load an no reply for ages.Version: 5.4.4

What did I pay forI’m sorry but I’m confuse you took money for words there’s not providing any service you’re not giving anything selling anything what is the what is this why did you take the money look what am I getting for the money you took can you just take money not provide anything for it can you my money.Version: 5.4.4

Don’t use thisI just used and it is the same. Plz do not buy it is slow . I waste my money 😡.Version: 5.4.4

Don’t get it.It explicitly says in the app once you buy it. That IOS system does not support mining. So if your here for mining, like I was and don’t wanna loss $4. Go somewhere else..Version: 5.4.4

CryptoTab iPadI pursue pro app , but speed it’s 30h/s I think should be free for iPhones if impossible to mining, I love the browser and opurinity the give , but I loose money buying pro app for iPhones.Version: 5.4.4

Pro not support on iPhones but good minerWasted money by buying the pro version as it doesn’t support cloud boost but the miner as a whole is good but think they should remove pro from App Store as not support Would love a refund on the pro purchase.Version: 5.4.4

Impossible to recover the app fee!The app costed me 4300 satoshis (£4) and for 30 days 0.025201 satoshi ! They even added 5 extra zeros so when it shows 0.000000010000 it’s actually 1 satoshi, not 10000satoshis! COMPLETE SCAMMERS!.Version: 5.4.4

لقد اشتريت التطبيق لكن لم احصل علي نسخة المحترفينقد اشتريت التطبيق لكن لم احصل علي نسخة محترفين.Version: 5.4.4

Scamming misleading appThey r scammers. No mining option in iOS coz apple doesn’t allow mining in iPhones. Useless App. Paid for cloud boost for mining on Pc. They never activated my cloudBoost and I lost my money. Overall not worth.,.Version: 5.4.4

How can you get a refund? Bought on multiple accountsContact sends you to Google support page 🤔.Version: 5.4.4

Why not in iOS devicesWhy can't we farm in iOS device? The sdp rate is so slow in iOS devices. plz fix this.Version: 5.4.4

Cheating hackingCheating hacking.Version: 5.4.4

BlockedI will change the rating to 5 star when my account(S) are unblocked. I did not do anything wrong that broke the rules I have 4 devices with different email accounts since you can’t stack phones on 1 account and I do not link referrals to each other. I do click mine button every 3 hours with a alarm set. PS use android phones to mine over 1500 H/s. IOS isn’t worth mining on.Version: 5.4.4

Who do I contact for a refund?This CryptoTab app refuses to work on my iphone. I would like a refund. I tried to contact customer support over and over again to avail. I just want my money back. Edit: You know there is no ticket ID because your support system is just giving people the run around. Please just give me my money back..Version: 5.4.4

Ripped offLiterally no difference in mining in the free and pro version I have both. I want a refund! Total waste of money. If I knew I would be mining the same speed as my free version I would of just bought cloud boost on my android. Need refund!.Version: 5.4.4

Don’t workWon’t let me do anything with the app.Version: 5.4.4

Dear developerPlease update the app to let us set it as default browser.Version: 5.4.4

Not workingThe crypto miner not working on IOS software I pay 4 pounds to get but just wait my money….Version: 5.4.4

Scam?The mining hash rate is wayy lower on the pro version theres no reason to buy this just get the free version and make more from there also cloudboost isnt a thing for some reason on iOS also Im pretty sure on andriod it gives 1,500 hash rate for free so theres no point on buying it on ios.Version: 5.4.4

Worst Crypto app everThis app is just a waste of time on iOS, it’s more functional on android than iPhone. The mining is very slow on iPhone. You scammed me $3.99 and also no cloud boost on my app..Version: 5.4.4

MiningWhere in the app can I start mining and watch progress?.Version: 5.4.4

Cloud boostHow can iOS people get cloud boost.Version: 5.4.4

Don’t waste the moneyGlitch is that just keeps opening the email confirmation tab. Waste of 3.99.Version: 5.4.4

Misleading for iOSIOS cannot use cloud boost only android..Version: 5.4.4

Pull itSubmitted a request for everyone to get a refund on the iOS platform as this is not allowed to run. False advertising.Version: 5.4.4

Lots of conusionSo i paid 3.99 and start mining but not sure it is mining… other reviews online says that i need to keep pushing the button every 2-3hours but not sure where the button is.. i thought the “thunder” symbol top right corner is the one but when i click it - it just created another tab… and dont see any difference. And not sure how i can add my macbook to this pro account. What the hell….Version: 5.4.4

Very BadI lost $3.99 i want to refund $ 3.99.Version: 5.4.4

TIs bad app I’m no recommended.Version: 5.4.4

Doesn’t workIt doesn't work. I have an iPad Air 2 with iOS 15.1 and the app won't open. Money thrown away.Version: 5.4.4

Feel robbed no iOSThanks for misleading 50% of the world that are on iPhones.Version: 5.4.4

Don’t waste your money!Charged me $15, for a $3.99 app that doesn’t work on IOS! Do not buy this in the AppStore, complete waste of time and money.Version: 5.4.4

Don’t waste moneyDon’t download this use free one.Version: 5.4.4

Cloud.BoostDo not waste your money, I purchase the 10x and they are making the money with these fake assssss boost stuff does nothing do I want my money back No let them keep it with there lies, and don’t watch YouTube they are the biggest lies about the boost. RTrash.Version: 5.4.4

Don't Buy itYou cant use hardware mining so you have to stick to 30 h/s which is going to give you 1$ maybe in a few years do not buy this app at all use free version on android or desktop for mining.Version: 5.4.4

WowCharges you 3.99 to tell you that mining isn’t allowed on IOS.Version: 5.4.4

About miningWhere can I download laptop version .I pay for crypto tab browser pro but I can’t mine because I am a iOS user.Version: 5.4.4

Wow.This app costs almost 5 dollars just to tell me I have to use s computer and.Version: 5.4.4

Rip offI don’t know what they tell you on YouTube about this app making you money it not it’s a rip of I can’t even refund it and it’s my first day completely a rip off.Version: 5.4.4

Scam browser. Bitcoin mining liarWhere is the mining option on this Apple version? This browser does nothing. Scammer..Version: 5.4.4

Paid but not working on iOSPaid $5 for the app but does not work on iOS. Is this a joke?.Version: 5.4.4

Weird issueI was using android and i bought the pro version which was working really well with a 1500 h/s but when i switched to iOS the h/s is not even up to 20.i must say the app is of way more benefit to the android users than it is to the iOS users. why is that? we all deserve to mine and enjoy cryptocurrency!.Version: 5.4.4

Noboost没有安卓那样加速.Version: 5.4.4

Do not buyThis does not offer any mining for iOS users. Avoid buying this app and just use the free one. I want a refund..Version: 5.4.4

Read privacy statement,,,!!!If you buy this app curious about btc Ming on ios device. Sorry sucker you just wasted your 3$+ on a demonstration of what a browser can do and lots of links to their website explaining how this could be done using your iOS phone device to guide other devices. But no mining on your phone directly… it’s very convoluted and misleading….Version: 5.4.4

No customer supportI have been reaching out to them for days. Does this mine bitcoin, yes. Now that said, in order to really make bitcoin you need to create a down line with their affiliate program, an I started to do that and it does not work most the time. I would be giving this a 5 star but with them not helping me fix and link 6 affiliates I can not give them a good rating. If this gets fixed I would love to change my review. But if you are looking to mine bitcoin with your network think again!.Version: 5.4.4

Can’t mine on iOSHad to waist money to find out. Only buy if you have android..Version: 5.4.4

Slowly mining rateAndroid mining rate is better than ios mining rate ..Version: 5.4.4

Bad reviewI paid the 3.99 and it does not give me my boost that I wanted for my iPhones. Garbage.Version: 5.4.4

Weird issueSo idk if this has happened to anyone else but I started about a month ago and I’m on iOS my SDP never gets above 62 but all my friends that I know are farming at a rate of 1500. I’m just curious if it’s because they have androids or what because in over a month I’ve only farmed like .50 cents and my friends who started like a week ago are at almost a dollar already.Version: 5.4.4

TerribleThis app is not worth $4. I can’t even do anything with my iphone..Version: 5.4.4

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