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What is Line: Instant Cash Advance App? Description of Line: Instant Cash Advance App

Need Cash Instantly? Line has you covered between $20-$1,000 in instant cash advances! There's no credit check, no interest, no income restrictions, no tips and no due date!

Borrow money when it matters so that you can live life uninterrupted. Plans start at $2.47/month.

Line app is available only in the US and is developed by Line Financial - A Public Benefit Corporation based in the US.

Line is not a loan, it does not impact your FICO score, and no interest is charged for it. It is an emergency line of funds available as a benefit to members who qualify and maintain an active paid subscription on the Line app while adhering to Line's community guidelines that include refilling your line per your plan to ensure you always have funds available for an emergency.

# Benefits of using Line

* $20-$1000 cash Instantly - Users qualify for anything between $20, $30, $40 up to $1,000 and can access these funds instantly, withdraw them into their Bank Account, Debit Card, or a Gift Card of their choice.

* Federal & StateTax Filing for Free - Users can file individual income tax returns with Line, for both Federal & State for free. You can file your taxes easily and hassle-free and for any filing status (single or joint), across all 50 states in the US and across all types of tax forms (W-2 or any kind of 1099 and more). You need not subscribe to any plan for availing tax filing service. You can file returns for FREE.

* Unlock higher amounts - Unlimited unlocking of higher amounts if you maintain an active subscription, refill your line on time, & achieve recommended personal finance milestones.

* Gift Cards, Visa, & MasterCard Prepaid Cards - Users can instantly receive their line on a Gift Card of their choice or Visa and MasterCard Prepaid Cards and use it at thousands of retailers.

* Up to 20% Cash Back - Individuals can link their credit or debit cards to line and win up to 20% Cash Back on transactions that they already do at local groceries, retailers, restaurants, and more

* $1M Insurance - All plans include Credit Monitoring, Credit Alerts, Dark Web Monitoring, Identity Theft Protection, & restoration services, $1M Identity Theft Insurance, & more

* Credit Monitoring - Taking an Auto Loan, applying for a new credit card? Use Line's What...if? feature to see how it could impact you before you take those steps.

#How to sign up for a Line account

# 3 steps that take less than 3 minutes to sign up for a Line Account

* Apply with email - Get started on the Line App or Website with just your email address or phone number. Start the application process that requires entering your date of birth, name, SSN, address and reviewing your income and bills,etc.

* Review - Review your application result to see if you qualify and choose the plans available to you

* Subscribe - If you qualify and like the plans available, choose the plan, link your debit card to pay for it upfront (must have sufficient balance to pay the subscription), & start accessing your line on the app.

# Refilling your Line

Pay your subscription on time and refill your Line account per your plan. Once you refill your Line, you become eligible to access more Line again.You may become eligible to unlock higher amounts as you refill on time consistently.

# Privacy, Security, and 24/7 support services

Line comes with bank-level security, data privacy, & 24/7 dedicated support:

* Line comes with dedicated 24/7 customer support on the app, via phone at +1 (323) 641-4224, via email at [email protected], and on our website.

* Bank-level security protects your sensitive personal information and prevents unauthorized use.

* Your personally identifiable data is never stored with us.

If you’ve been rejected by apps like MoneyLion, Dave, Brigit, Chime, Klover, Albert, Floatme, Empower, or Earnin, or cannot qualify for a cash advance because you're between jobs, Line is here to support you.

Line: Instant Cash Advance App App User Reviews

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Line: Instant Cash Advance App Pros

Thank you LineLine has been exceptional when it comes to customer support. I was recently a victim of identity theft my direct deposit was hacked into and I was unable to get paid to my linked account this month with direct deposit. They were very understanding and sent me a link to pay my monthly subscription which is only $1.97. Line only takes back the money you have borrowed when your account is positive and they can do so. They might take a borrowed amount out of your account fast within a three day period but you can get another line if you need it. The whole point is to get as many advances so the advance amount becomes larger over time. It's a really cool program and if your having any trouble I recommend using their support chat to talk with an support agent or call their phone support if you feel the matter needs a personal touch. Thank you Line Financial for helping me.Judd7659021Version: 2.6.17

ThankfulThis app has been so helpful, when I have used it, as a single mother I feel like this app has supported me in ways and times I have truly needed the help! I have used the withdrawal feature to help pay for gas, groceries and even a couple bills. Especially during this holiday season! I love that it also watches my credit score to let me know if it’s changed any at all! This app is just a blessing!! One time I was going to buy gifts for my daughter and I was $20 dollars short, so I withdrew some money from Line and I was able to cover it and my daughter is going to love her Christmas gift I was able to get all thanks to Line!!! And there are so many other times that it has covered me in times of need! And the best part is that it’s fairly cheap pay back, so I am up to $60 and my pay back is just $62. That is the best part, because I have been with some other apps that take way more than just $2. I am so thankful for Line!!.BNW0528Version: 2.6.16

✓   Line: Instant Cash Advance App Positive Reviews

Line: Instant Cash Advance App Cons

Worst advance app out thereI usually am not one to come on here to write a review since everyone knows that downloading a new app to your phone could be a hit or a miss. This app has missed repeatedly. The amount of time I had to wait just to be able to take out $50 is insane when ive used all the other cash advance apps without a problem. Now the real funny thing is this app only gives you 4 DAYS to pay back your advance or your late unlike the other apps that wait until you get paid which doesn’t make sense because if I needed money and didn’t get paid for awhile what would this app even help with? Getting deeper into a hole. Plus this app has the worst customer service and help team I’ve ever had in any app. They take 10 years just go reply and that’s an IF they even reply to you at all. All I can say is use this app to your discretion but just be warned that there are many other apps out there that will give you more and help more than this one Dave, Earnin, Empower, Brigit are all great apps that maybe this one should take some notes from.Richie415Version: 2.6.0

Horrible customer service and an app that doesn’t workI’ve had a lot of problems with this app. Yesterday, I talked to someone and all they said was “wait 24 hrs”. I did and now I have a different problem. My current one is that it will only let me add bank accounts. Once I log in, it takes me to Plaid to connect a bank account; since I’ve already connected all my bank accounts, I try to exit that but it just takes me back to the main Plaid page no matter how many times I try to exit out. My app is up to date as is my phone. I’ve tried deleting the app and redownloading it and restarting my phone and nothing has helped. The only thing I can do right now is add a new bank account with Plaid. I tried adding an account I don’t really use to see if adding an account would solve the issue but then the app said it was taking too long and the only option it gave me was to sign out. So I signed out but it was just doing the same thing when I logged back in: taking me to the Plaid homepage no matter how many times I tried to exit out. I can’t even get to in-app support. If the people from the app read this, help please!.HayleyvjVersion: 2.6.3

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Is Line: Instant Cash Advance App legit?

Yes. Line: Instant Cash Advance App is 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 15,887 Line: Instant Cash Advance App user reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, AppSupports Legitimacy Score for Line: Instant Cash Advance App is 91.0/100.

Is Line: Instant Cash Advance App safe?

Yes. Line: Instant Cash Advance App is quiet safe to use. This is based on our NLP analysis of over 15,887 user reviews sourced from the IOS appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5. AppSupports Safety Score for Line: Instant Cash Advance App is 91.5/100.

Should I download Line: Instant Cash Advance App?

There have been no security reports that makes Line: Instant Cash Advance App a dangerous app to use on your smartphone right now.

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Product details of Line: Instant Cash Advance App

App Name:
Line: Instant Cash Advance App
Line Financial, Pbc
Legitimacy Score:
Safety Score:
Content Rating:
4+ Contains no objectionable material!
App Size:
177.00 MB
Bundle Id:
Relase Date:
24 August 2020, Monday
Last Update:
04 March 2023, Saturday - 02:00
IOS 12.1 or later

Line: Instant Cash Advance App 2.6.21 Update Note
✱ Version History

1. Line & Tax Flow changes 2. Instrumentation.

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