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Line: Instant Cash Advance App App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Line: Instant Cash Advance App app received 9 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Line: Instant Cash Advance App? Can you share your negative thoughts about line: instant cash advance app?

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Horrible customer service and an app that doesn’t workI’ve had a lot of problems with this app. Yesterday, I talked to someone and all they said was “wait 24 hrs”. I did and now I have a different problem. My current one is that it will only let me add bank accounts. Once I log in, it takes me to Plaid to connect a bank account; since I’ve already connected all my bank accounts, I try to exit that but it just takes me back to the main Plaid page no matter how many times I try to exit out. My app is up to date as is my phone. I’ve tried deleting the app and redownloading it and restarting my phone and nothing has helped. The only thing I can do right now is add a new bank account with Plaid. I tried adding an account I don’t really use to see if adding an account would solve the issue but then the app said it was taking too long and the only option it gave me was to sign out. So I signed out but it was just doing the same thing when I logged back in: taking me to the Plaid homepage no matter how many times I tried to exit out. I can’t even get to in-app support. If the people from the app read this, help please!.Version: 2.6.3

Couldn’t even past the signupI just downloaded this today, was excited because I have been using Afterpay, Klarna, and Sezzle for a while, no issues but wanted variety since Line offered stores I needed to shop from for Christmas for my daughters. I have my account information and login information for my bank and the Plaid login said it wasn’t the right credentials, over and over again. I called my bank to verify and they said i was right. I don’t understand why they made this so difficult. With the other apps all you have to do is sign up your debit card and your done. They have had no problem taking out my installment payments from my bank linked debit card. Y’all need to rethink your signup process, not user friendly, and just stick to debit or credit cards not trying to link a bank account too. What an unnecessary headache!! I quickly went to their website to deactivate my application and will be deleting the app itself momentarily. Good ideas on the app process with the goals, rewards and stores offered. That’s what attracted me to this app. But nah I’m good too much headache for me! But definitely need to work out the logistics and sign up process. It will turn many away including myself..Version: 2.4.1

Wait, wait and more wait.After I signed up in February submitting all my required information and proof of income. I’m told I have to wait until my second direct deposit hits to meet the required income amount. So it hits and I’m at the required amount, then I’m told my account still needs to be reviewed. Just yesterday, after now 4 payrolls I get that I’m qualified for a whopping $40. When I try to collect it I have to add my debit card to the “primary card”. I reach out to try and change the account (I have two linked) because that is the correct account and my card is linked. I knew the issue long before. I reached out all day about this and lady told me I needed to delete one of accounts to make the other one my primary. Oh but when I do that it will change my qualifications and I might need to start over. I literally took the time to do all these useless steps for them to put me back at square one, and no response from anyone since then. You guys are really useless with all the waiting around. The point is to be fast because it’s money that is needed. I was told by a staff member that they are smaller company and are not funded like other apps. This is why it takes so long, so if one qualifies and you choose not to assist after then seems like you’re picking and choosing who you will assist. Pretty sure that’s not legal. Oh yeah the app kept freezing and k was told I’m using an older version but when I came so update it was the most recent version..Version: 2.4.12

Scamming Me!!!DO NOT trust this app. They have taken money from my bank account without permission and that was not owed. I had an account which I created using a previous company phone and email address. I stopped working with that employer and I lost access to both the email and phone number, therefore I could no longer access the account. It was not used for over 8 months and chat support WILL NOT manually delete the account and keep telling me I need to login to deactivate it and that is the only way. In the mean time they are using my bank information and taking money from my account in different increments. I have made 8 attempts over the past 3 months to request a deletion and have had no success. I requested a call and no one will call me. The past three days I have had a support chat running. Throughout this 3 days several different chat support members come in and out of the chat and as me over and over “what’s the problem.” It’s like starting over every time. I have bank records and notifications from the bank informing me the app keeps trying to process transactions from my account and my bank had to block them. This is fraudulent.Version: 2.5.2

Scammy and a lot of red flagsApp wouldn’t process my bank transactions so Ankush was like “oh send me 6 months of bank statements and we will take care of it right away”. Now it’s two weeks later Ankush doesn’t have answers, someone named Aijaz doesn’t have any idea what’s going on and Sakshi just joined the conversation today and nothing. Really fish and lots of red flags. Beware. I see how they try to gaslight all the negative reviews on here fortunately I’ll step over to Twitter too. They just responded to this message with false information… They clearly have a messed up with somebody else and don’t realize what my situation is. I’m doing everything correctly their app is weird and scammy and causes you to have to submit more personal information. Have you noticed that all the positive reviews are names similar to the people who work for the company… Where exactly is this company based out of? I just told them to delete my account and they told me they don’t have the authorization to delete my account… It’s their app how can they not delete me off of their app? Just red flags all over the place with this app I recommend nobody download it nobody use it.Version: 2.4.1

Low initial amountThe app is good if you’re in a pinch and used responsibly. Starting line is $40 and takes forever to get it increased. It would be more helpful to cut down on the needed time because $40 really doesn’t get you much nowadays. This is especially true when you consider we have to actually pay 10% for the line to arrive instant $4. If line is raised it would make it better knowing that fact. I’ve personally encountered an issue I hope will get resolved, and that’s regarding the fact that when the subscription comes due while you have a line borrowed it gets added to your total borrowed amount, and you don’t have the option to pay the subscription separate and the line immediately becomes due along with the subscription. I was at a negative balance but wanted to pay the subscription and couldn’t, resulting in a $5 late fee added, and I suddenly had to pay like $12 extra with my line (sub-late fee-instant deposit fee), that’s a lot considering the line is only $40. Besides that, a $5 fee for being late to pay like $2.49 is kinda crazy. That’s over 200% of a penalty. Being late cost me my line increase opportunity so I got restarted. There’s a couple bugs regarding the whole line not being taken, and recieving deposits that the app somehow doesn’t recognize which is annoying..Version: 2.6.19

Worst advance app out thereI usually am not one to come on here to write a review since everyone knows that downloading a new app to your phone could be a hit or a miss. This app has missed repeatedly. The amount of time I had to wait just to be able to take out $50 is insane when ive used all the other cash advance apps without a problem. Now the real funny thing is this app only gives you 4 DAYS to pay back your advance or your late unlike the other apps that wait until you get paid which doesn’t make sense because if I needed money and didn’t get paid for awhile what would this app even help with? Getting deeper into a hole. Plus this app has the worst customer service and help team I’ve ever had in any app. They take 10 years just go reply and that’s an IF they even reply to you at all. All I can say is use this app to your discretion but just be warned that there are many other apps out there that will give you more and help more than this one Dave, Earnin, Empower, Brigit are all great apps that maybe this one should take some notes from.Version: 2.6.0

I would skip this app.I’ve been using this app for two months now. I start by saying I make over $4200 a month after taxes and medical is pulled out of my check. I’m only approved for $25 a month that being said it only gives me a week to pay it back when I only get paid once a month on the 1st. I’ve added my debit card multiple times and when I log back in it will not show up. I verified my debit card and it will disappear on the app and I’ll have to add it back and then wait for my bank statement to verify the $0.65 and $0.55 I’ve had to do this 11 times now. This app needs a lot of work. Customer service could be more of a help. I’ve caught attitude by one of the customer service ladies on the app more than once. I’ve tried upgrading the monthly subscription so I can get more cash and it won’t let me. I think they need to do a better job at linking your checking account and your income. Please don’t think you’ll get the $100-$1000 the most I’ve seen anyone get is $40 after google reviews. After I pay the $25 back I’m canceling my account. If you want a app that actually gives you money more than $100 I would go with Bright, Earnin, Albert, Vola, Grid, MoneyLion..Version: 2.4.6

App reviewAt first I had my doubts on the legitimacy of an app that made all the promises that an app like Line made. It seemed as if it was an app that claimed to do all types of different things. I think the Line app comes in handy when you need an extra boost. I sometimes forget I have it as an option for extra funds. The amount of money Line provides helps with little knicks and knacks like gas. I think it is worth a shot to give Line a try. If you need an app that is going to act as that back up for the occasional extra forty dollars when you forget your wallet or want extra money for entertainment then I recommend you try Line. I have had it for about two to three months now and the subscription fee is cheap as well as the fee to get cash instantly. When I request cash I usually get it within 5 minutes and am able to use it immediately. Give Line a shot if you have not already..Version: 2.6.17

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