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Kikoff – Build Credit Quickly app received 39 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about kikoff – build credit quickly?

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Simply Amazing!After years of destructing my credit while being in active addiction, I didn’t know how I was going to ever get ahead. My credit was something that weighed very heavy on my mind since getting clean. I became a single mother and Aleta be honest I don’t have the extra funds to pay off the reckless amounts I racked up during those years. My credit was sitting stagnant and I knew credit card companies would never take the chance on me. Even though I was much more responsible now, they don’t go off of your word with bad credit. I had nothing to lose at this point so I signed up with Kikoff. They stuck to their word, my credit score jumped +97 points in 2 months. Although my Transunion score isn’t as high as my Equifax it’s still rising as we speak. I went from having a 526 with both bureaus to now having a 576- Transunion and 641- Equifax. I’m pretty sure my lower score is like that because all information isn’t reported to them yet. Anyway, I definitely recommend using Kikoff and I’m beyond happy I took a leap of faith..Version: 1.15.52

Poor creditI honestly think that if you already have a decent credit score you really shouldn’t need this app. This app was designed for people with poor credit and is in the process of rebuilding. You won’t get any money unless you’re using the builder loan. I honestly think it’s working perfect for me even though I was skeptical at first especially with me paying for a line of credit that I don’t even actually receive. There are all these credit repair companies that charge you hundreds of dollars which may or may not produce results. If you’re rebuilding your credit and have a spare $5-$15 dollars a month this app will definitely help. But again if you’re credit is already in good shape there is no need for this app because it could do more harm than good..Version: 1.26.233

Thank you for making a way!!!!!!Since the pandemic began our credit went upside down when my husband and I both lost work due to C-19. We relied on credit cards to support our family to survive. And despite our best efforts since then we couldn’t find a way to repair our credit back to what it was. It was only moving 1 point a month for each of us, not nearly fast enough to get approved for home loans, renting, auto loans, emergencies, all the important stuff. We’ve both been using KickOff for a few months and our credit has significantly improved since joining. We are even considering doubling up soon on their second credit builder they offer. We just found out we can get a car loan for the first time! So we are so excited to finally be getting a vehicle!!! This will actually change our life. Cannot thank KickOff enough and will continue to use it, I would recommend to anyone who needs to build new credit or build back bad credit! This is a life saver!! 10/10.Version: 1.29.273

Overall a great programMy experience with Kikoff was pretty great! My credit score went up 89 points in the year I had it. I only just closed out the end of January and there’s where my only problem came into play! So while making payments monthly in the app, you have to link a banking account and/or card for paying it. But in the end it won’t let you get your savings voucher sent to the card you have on file it has to be a card with an active checking and savings account, and so that is the reason for my 4 stars. They don’t mind taking money off your card for payment but won’t issue it back to you the same way..Version: 1.33.335

I didn’t understand creditThis Kikoff app is dope. I pay $2 a month off my cash app and get a on-time payment reported to the credit bureaus. It also helped me because it is an additional open account and I had none. 4 months along with my a secured capitol one credit card my lowest increase over all credit bureaus is +88 points. I even lost points because I left a increased balance, out of that 10% range, on my credit card. Kikoff is over dope, easy to use and easy to manage..Version: 1.16.53

I don’t even know what say…I downloaded this app because I messed up my credit pretty bad a couple years back and after having this app for a couple months I just got a notification that my Equifax scores jumped up 56 points. Even after reading reviews for this app I was incredibly skeptical, but after seeing my score jump 56 points I can tell that it obviously does work. Would highly recommend this app to anyone!! 5/5 stars!!.Version: 1.24.178

Will update after a few monthsI recently started this and the first payment went through. Then I got notice that my credit score dropped 15 points. Now, this is to be expected whenever you get a new credit card or account like this. Because it lowers your average credit age (and other factors, I believe). But, I’m going to trust the process. It makes sense…with low credit utilization and history of on time payments, my score should be going back up over time. Yea, it was disheartening to see the drop because I was so near getting out of the “fair” range and into the “good” credit range. But I believe this, along with other measures I’m taking, will pay off in the long run..Version: 1.15.52

Cool ideaI just started with this app and got my direct deposit on it. I needed to transfer money to my cashapp (which you can’t) so I downloaded chime. When I tried to transfer a majority of my check to chime, it took the money off my Kikoff balance and THEN notified me it would be 6 days until it hits my chime account. Then of course no customer service. So just a bunch of hoops to jump through. I see they respond to these so please respond and tell me if it really has to be 6 days to get MY money into my chime account from kikoff.Version: 1.29.273

Very happyI am 21 years old and I’m not a fake review lol I been tryna get my credit up for awhile I was able to get to 524 but as soon as I started with Kikoff and it’s only 5$ a month hella cheap my score has been going up 27 points every month I have been with them for 2 months and both times they reported to the credit companies I got a plus 27 points that’s insane idk how they can make your score go up 27 points a month over 5 bucks but I very much appreciate it soon I’ll be able to pretty much rent my own place and get accepted for financing with certain things that’ll help my score go up even more I HIGHLY RECOMMEND KIKOFF I PUT MY GIRLFRIEND ON KIKOFF AS WELL it’s got a cool credit card system they let anybody get with credit and good luck getting accepted for a credit card anywhere else I tried also the amount your score goes up from Kikoff id amazing so try it out if you can’t afford 5$ a month you better start working on finding a job lol great app very helpful in starting my life and getting my foot in the door..Version: 1.26.233

Skeptical at first but it worksI was slightly skeptical when I initially started it but at the time my credit was so low I figured it couldn’t hurt anything. 8 months later and my credit has improved a lot. My score has gone up 168 points since starting it did take a little time to see improvement but eventually I did and I had AWFUL credit, now I don’t! It’s such a great feeling and I’d encourage anyone to try this app..Version: 1.33.335

Repair and build creditThis has been so huge in helping me repair my very low score credit. Within the first month it already jumped 7 points. It’s super cheap you can set up autopay and just basically forget about it. I can’t even get a credit card right now but by the end of this 12 month plan to build payment history I’ll be able to get a credit card or a car loan or buy a house. I highly recommend.Version: 1.15.52

KikOffI love Kikoff it’s a great credit builder.. but over the time I learned you shouldn’t carry a balance over to the next month which I have been doing which is 20$ and under which is fine but the creditors looking at it as a revolving balance so therefore make sure you don’t have any other debt as you are using KikOff as a credit builder or it won’t have much effect but showing positive payment history. But definitely a 5 star app and go to credit builder..Version: 1.16.53

3 Months InI’ve had the app since October 2nd and it’s December 26th and I’ve gained 106 points just by paying literally $2 a freaking month. My credit was low I’m talking 400s type of low and I actually forgot about the app sitting in my phone and randomly checked it a few minutes ago. I was shocked at how it went up so quickly I wasn’t expecting it to grow so much in such a short time. I was afraid that I’d never be able to fix my credit so I just basically ignored the issue til a friend of mine pushed me to download the app and I’m glad I did. I really appreciate the app developers for thinking of us little guys. Especially the ones like me who weren’t properly educated on credit cards or got one too early to realize the negative impacts they can have down the line in life..Version: 1.15.52

AmazingThis is a truly amazing app and whoever created it.I just want to say Thank You! There are no secret fees or hidden contract deals that will end up costing you in the end. It is what it say it is and does what it says it does. A truly amazing concept to honestly help you build your credit with just Pennie’s on the dollar. I pay $2.00 a month on Kickoff to start credit and keep it going and it improved my credit utilization! I also opened the credit builder loan for only $10 a month w/ 0% interest 😀The best part is there is no catch!.Version: 1.16.53

Credit Crusaders 🤓The creator/s of this app should be given ‘credit’ and dubbed the Credit Crusaders and/or conquerors or ooo Conquests of Credit, nah Concreditors ( e.g. conquistadors) 🤪 haha; these most mindfully and thoughtfully driven people are the ones who not only care about a problem then just talk about it, they turn those intangible thoughts and make them tangibles and obtainable. And what makes me so proud of them is that they knew and know how important credit is, how it’s literally the thing that holds people back in life especially Americans’ lives, which is my only experience to speak on. These Warriors of Wealth Health should be given much praise and recognition for their hand in helping any and all who use this app and like myself already have a better credit score which has opened up many opportunities. You are the best of us and I can’t thank you enough for what you’re ambition has done for me and many others..Version: 1.9.44

Best thing since sliced breadI never really leave reviews because I don’t care to much about things. Kikoff is something I want to tell others about ! I had no credit when first starting Kikoff. Within 12 months I had a perfect credit score! I didn’t take out any loans or credit cards. I solely built my credit off this app alone. It is a significant amount of help, without hurting your pockets. I made $1 payments every month for a year and my credit skyrocketed - no exaggeration! If your thinking about downloading it..stop thinking and just do it..Version: 1.22.152

ARE YOU CRAZY !!!Obviously you need work on your credit and the time you’ve wasted ignoring the bad credit you could of been making a change with 2 bucks ....heck that’s 5 times the price of your junk coffee and only thing your left with then is a empty cup ...join this program and start going forward and positive it all starts with you oppsed up your credit and you have to fix and use this tool to your benefit and get back on the good road to better credit i gained 45 credit points in my first month 100%FACTS GO AHEAD AND JOIN YOU WILL THANK ME LATER ...take this credit game serious cus the only one who will lose is you ...we all wanna win right ?.Version: 1.7.40

It works!It’s been two months, & I’ve gone up 41 points ☺️I started with 525, one month later I’m at 540 & now I’m at 565. Understand this is not some kind of unsecured credit or loan, so you’re not really getting a $55 credit. You’re basically paying for a credit reporting service that will cost you $5 a month for 11 months. You’ll also have an option to use their secured credit card to build your credit faster, & a monthly “loan builder” where they report it as a loan you’re paying back at $10 a month for 12 months, after that you can cash out your $120. I’m pretty sure the company gets a good amount in interest by investing our “self paid loans” & we get to build our credit for free, so it’s a win/win 🙌 try this it works! Just make sure you don’t miss any payments, because that obviously affects your score negatively. Good luck !.Version: 1.31.313

This app deserves all the great credit it getsFirst time credit user here, I don’t currently utilize any credit cards nor have ever borrowed. I downloaded Kikoff after excellent reviews by NerdWallet and opted to utilize their service choosing the “Kikoff Credit Service” and their “Credit Builder Loan” which sits at 4% utilization. After 2 months of using it, I received my credit score, going from N/A to 616 on TransUnion and 623 on Equifax! That is a considerable increase compared to where I was! Anyways, main idea, this is a excellent app to utilize, keep your utilization generally low and let it grow! Have an excellent day!.Version: 1.17.76

Up 89 points in 6 months.I’m up 89 points within six months. My score was terrible due to racking up debt and defaulting on loans and credit card payments a few years ago while fighting for custody for my oldest child. I’ve been living with really poor credit ever since then. Once I found Kikoff through an add, I almost thought It was too good to be true, but two bucks a month is less than a cup of coffee, so I said WTH and signed up. Six months later and things are really turning around and I’m getting tons of offers again. I’ve been approved for an unsecured credit card and a car loan since. My scores not perfect yet, but Kikoff has given me a second chance at building credit. This is a valuable tool and I highly recommend this for building or rebuilding credit! It works!.Version: 1.18.96

Best Decision I MadeIf you have a less than desirable credit background I would strongly suggest becoming a member and enroll in this amazing service. Hands down the best I’ve found after literally months of research. In one month, yes one month my score shot up over 100 points!!!!!!!! That is unreal that is almost unheard of. All I can do is say don’t take my word for it give it a try yourself and see first hand the positive impact you’ve been missing. I’m most grateful for the opportunity to belong to a great service and Adobe blessed opportunity to straighten my credit score and get it on track. Thank you!!.Version: 1.14.51

Lies no Loan they never give you anything.I have an account that says it’s a loan for 120 they also say they give you a 500 our credit account but they don’t tell you if you can only buy books from their store and they never deposit any money your payments go to the savings account and they don’t tell you that in the disclosures. So you’re never loaned any money it’s misrepresentation and fraud. That the $10 payments for and that the $10 payments for the $120 loan are only redeemable and cash upon completion of all $10 payments for the whole year. Then you can get your $120. Mind you there not gonna give you any interest in so realistically they’re offering a loan but it’s really just a savings account.$320 they need to be able to do whatever they want with it if you control the money that is not alone and you are lying and I am reporting you under the truth in lending act.Version: 1.19.113

True credit changerI was struggling on getting my credit back in good shape, after some stupid decisions I made. I stumbled on to Kikoff and thought why not it can’t get any worse, and I’m so glad I did my credit score went from poor to good not great yet but working on it. I’m getting offers left and right on credit cards, was able to get into my own place and now I’m looking at financing a vehicle. Try Kikoff you won’t regret it..Version: 1.33.335

LOL to the one StarsI just think it’s so funny that someone would rate this one star because they didn’t get money or couldn’t buy cool stuff in their store. THAT IS NOT THE POINT OF THIS APP. This is a great program that reports a $500 dollar line of credit and doesn’t give you many options on things to spend it on, because the point is NOT TO SPEND IT!!!! (WHICH HELPS YOUR DEBT TO CREDIT RATIO) This app is great for anyone trying to give their credit a little boost because it helps your debt- credit ratio. And for $2 a month you get payment history. Plus the things you can buy in their store are all about helping credit and saving money..Version: 1.2.35

So happy I found this and took a chance!My scores across all bureaus have gone up at least 60-75 points within one or two payments/months because I really didn’t have any active revolving accounts. I downloaded one of the products for $20 which makes me only have 4% utilization of the amount available. I’m paying it back at a monthly payment of $2. I did use a couple other savings credit builder type apps as well so that also helped but the combination of these will have my scores way up in no time.Version: 1.7.40

Thank you Kikoff ! And yes I’m a real person everyone!!You guys have brang my hope back completely! I can’t thank you enough as I go through the roughest of times working , sleeping in my friends car, helping him with gas , and saving for my own car and home to provide for my children. I appreciate the fact that just in one month with me paying you guys the TINY fee you ask for my credit score has MASSIVELY improved. I feel like I’m getting a second chance at life working with you and I will forever be grateful for that. Everyone please try this app!.Version: 1.10.45

Credit Score 📈This app is great for building your credit score. It increases your credit debt percentage & payment history. When coupled or combined with any personal loans, credit lines, or secured/unsecured credit cards, it maximizes potential. Don't underestimate the app simply because you may not have a clear understanding of how your credit works. Kikoff reports to the two main bureaus (Experian & Equifax). They don't report to Transunion because when you apply for credit, those are the 2 that lenders pull from- not Transunion. The app is pretty genius. Glad I installed. ✅.Version: 1.12.49

Kikoff for the win!Listen up fellow credit builders, So I bought something from Kikoff for $14, (I’m small time) and I make $2 payments per month, (no interest fees) and I’ve built up my credit 108 points on Equifax, but 170 points on experian, FICO 9 score. IN THREE MONTHS! I now have been approved for a $4,000 credit line through my bank. My credit utilization is only 2%, and these people are true saviors of credit. I recommend this to ANYONE with a score below 850. Get it now, don’t thank me, thank them..Version: 1.7.40

Really worksI was shocked. I honestly did not expect this to work but to my surprise, my credit score bumped up 120 points in the last 2 months. This isn’t one of those bogus reviews. I have crappy credit because I was stupid, young and irresponsible. I’ve been planning on faking my death for 4 years now so my bad credit score can be erased. I did it all. Payed the vacuum guy 100k so he could relocate me and change my life, waiting for his maroon minivan, but while I was waiting I discovered this app… I’m getting myself clean from here on out. I swear this app works..Version: 1.7.40

Genius!This is literally thee MOST affordable and logical building and repairing credit option! KikOff has several credit building options, starting at $2 a month, but I have opted into all. They have built a system based off the three main components of a strong credit score and made it available to literally anyone. No seriously. If I can do it, meaning- afford it- anyone can. I am currently considered BELOW the poverty line. I decided to take action to change that and fixing my credit IS necessary to achieve this. Since starting KikOff my credit score has increased twice with a current increase of 65 points. And this is in only two months. I have referred many people to this platform and will continue to!.Version: 1.20.118

The best credit builder ever!!!The very first month that I used kick off my credit went up 71 points!!! No joke y’all! It has steadily gone up since. I have been approved for a couple credit cards since I have started using kick off and I have been able to get some services with no deposits after moving, which was very, very helpful. I highly recommend this to anyone who is trying to rebuild their credit, or even just start off and build their credit..Version: 1.15.52

IT WORKS!Y’all, when I saw an ad for this on my Facebook, I did not think it was going to be as drastic as they promised. I’m trying to rebuild my credit, and this seemed legit enough to try after scouring the internet. It freaking works. My score has gone up 53 points since joining them 6 months ago. I will continue to use them once my last payment is paid off. I like that payments are low, since the max value item they have is $20. Kikoff works and I recommend it to anyone looking to rebuild credit..Version: 1.4.37

Excited!Wow! Excited to see where this journey is going. I am in the process of building credit. I started about a year ago. I came across this company doing online search for credit cards. But I have to say it was a miracle in disguise. I was approved for a $500 credit line. Everything is explained in simple terms. I would highly recommend joining this company. They work with everybody. Don’t worry about your credit score. Just sign up and see the perks they offer! Knowing your doing this for your future will help you feel more confident and secure. Now go sign up:).Version: 1.11.47

Built my credit within a monthHey everyone, I found out about Kikoff from my mother about a month or so ago, I downloaded the app and didn’t really think it would affect my credit so affectively in a expeditious amount of time, but it did. I went from zero to a six hundred fifty-five credit score in just a month! It’s really easy and anyone can do it, just download the app and it will take $2 off your debit card every month. I would highly recommend Kikoff to build anyones credit score, especially if your trying to establish it, just like me..Version: 1.18.96

Amazing AppI recently turned 18 and I never thought I would be able to get a credit score this fast. In addition, I now have a decent credit score. I pay $2 a month and my score gets updated every month. I opened my Kikoff account and had a score within 2 months (1 month after my first payment). You can keep your account active as long as you want, and as long as you keep paying monthly, your score will continue to increase. This app is the best thing that has ever happened to me. You must download now..Version: 1.17.70

Helped me more than I imagined.I started with 0 credit history. Never had any loans or starter cards or anything. I thought Kikoff might be too good to be true, but over the last year (just one year!), my credit score went up by over 100 points and I now have a very good credit score. My first credit card ever is Apple Card, and I love that I never had to deal with bad interest rates or lack of benefits on a starter card. My improvements since then have been a combination of Kikoff and my cards as well as other financing in order to build more credit history, but I wouldn’t have been able to do any of it if I hadn’t started with Kikoff. DO IT, it honestly helped a ton..Version: 1.9.44

Builds positive credit quicklyTitle says it all!! Builds credit quickly. I was like you reading the reviews. I usually don’t take the time to write a review but felt I should for this. Let me say I was pretty skeptical at first. But with a low 600 score and trying to raise it I thought I’d give it a try. For one I probably waste $10 a day so figured WTH and definitely not gonna miss $2 a month. So with that said I’ve had Kikoff for little over 4 months and Kikoff alone has raised it 25pts. I hope this review helps in your decision and gets your credit where you’re needing it to be. If so tap that helpful thumbs up for me. Thanks and good luck on your journey!!!.Version: 1.7.40

Affordable Credit BuildingAfter years of laying off my credit to allow all the negative accounts to fall off, I was left with zero credit history. It’s hard to re-establish yourself if you have no credit or if you have years of bad and irresponsible spending habits like I did. I am now in a very good situation financially so I want to start building good credit history for the sole purpose of being able to help my children go to college if loans are necessary. I signed up for Kikoff for my husband a year ago and his credit went from a 503 to the high 700s because Kikoff gave him the start he needed to qualify for other banks products. I signed up 2 months ago and in just 2 months, my credit has jumped 79 points and I just got my first unsecured credit card with a major bank. If you’re skeptical, don’t be. $2/ month is the payment for your Kikoff account and they even offer a secondary account in addition to the original account to help even more and that is a credit builder savings program that is $10/mo that will help your score even more. I recommend this to anyone looking to establish your credit for the first time or to re-establish your credit after making bad decisions or having a financial crisis that was beyond your control. It’s been life changing for our family!.Version: 1.17.76

ABSOLUTELY AMAZINGI wasn’t taught anything about credit or financial things growing up, I’m now 20 and 2 months ago my credit score was 380 something because I didn’t know signing up for a credit card and not finishing the process would HORRIBLY damage your credit score. I’m just 2 months.. my credit score has gone up over 130 points. I use the autopay (WHICH IS ONLY $2) so if I forget, it doesn’t hurt me at all. I most definitely recommend this app it has been the best purchase I have ever made!.Version: 1.13.50

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