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Forager App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Forager app received 36 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Forager? Can you share your negative thoughts about forager?

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Progress ErasedI have now had my progress erased 3 times. Each time I told myself “it’s just a small bug, I don’t mind starting over since I wasn’t that far in”. The most recent time I had made sure to save every 5 minutes. I quit out of the app because I had work to do. Next break comes around and would you look at that. I’m reset all the way back to the beginning. Every. Single. Thing was gone. If I can’t keep my progress, what’s the point in playing this game? This isn’t some minor bug, this is literally game breaking. Fix your app..Version: 1.04

Recommend if into crafting gamesLooks well polished, just not my thing..Version: 1.04

I’m 😞This is the type of game I truly love, and was super excited to play it. I was completely addicted right up until the point that I couldn’t build anything because placing the walls is impossible. They either won’t place at all, or they place several squares away from where the mark indicates they will place, or, and this is my favorite, stack indefinitely on top of each other in the same space. So I wanted to contact the developer via in game mechanics but the link only took me to a website that I couldn’t access. It’s been 11 months since last update, so I’m guessing it’s not going to improve.Version: 1.04

Controls are abysmal.The game is adorable. Great cozy game for passing the time and dissociating. However the controls are so bad. The worst I’ve ever seen on iPad. I even synced my Xbox controller. It helped but didn’t fix everything. Trying to place walls and gates will having you wanting to tear your hair out. I wish I hadn’t paid for this game. I’d return it if I could..Version: 1.04

Saving issueI love the game but have come across a saving issue. It says that it has saved and then I go back to play the game and it has not saved any of the game play. Can this be fixed?.Version: 1.04

Bad controlsThe controls are quite frustrating and its hard to move around. I always slowly break my machines and buildings because of the controls, other then that a good grindy game.Version: 1.03

Great game, bad controlsI like this game a lot, but the controls are shocking, I find my self damaging my own structures and it is impossible to lay a proper wall down straight..Version: 1.04

Sooooo close...This is an awesome game. But. Its ios touch controls are broken. Apparently on the keyboard of a computer you can switch from regular motion to a roll by pressing the spacebar. On my phone this invisible and unpressable spacebar is constantly on. Meaning it is impossible to take a single step without rolling five spaces past whatever you were aiming for. >.< Needless to say this is making things fairly impossible. Placing floor tiles is a nightmare. Managing to reach a door is exciting. And the only reason you can craft is because your avatar hits some objects solidly instead of whizzing past. Pleeeeeeeeease fix it. I wanna playyyyy!.Version: 1.01

Would leave 0 if possible - AVOIDLiterally just brought the app, 7.99 is quite an expense app at best and I can’t even run the game. I just get stuck on a screen where the game is trying to ‘sync cloud saves’ even though I’ve never played the game before. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no success. Very Frustrating!!! Waste of money..Version: 1.03

Rage inducing problemI got the game and played it knowing that it was originally made for pc. The changes made to it so that it is going playable on a touch screen are for the most part well done. A major issue is the placement of tiles such as floors, roads, or fences. Fences in particular are so finicky that even if the square is highlighted the fence most times will not place or may place somewhere else other than the square that is highlighted for it to go. And there is no pattern it is just pure luck. Which it should not be. This makes progressing hard and aggravating. Until this is fixed I will not change my rating..Version: 1.04

Game controls brokenI have an iPhone X and downloaded this game, hoping what others said of issues with controls were over exaggerated but they are not. It is fun at first until you start to build your base, floors, walls, gates etc etc....completely impossible to build in certain directions and areas. No way to control or target place these items. Which doesn’t make any sense since you can target place all your tables and fishings items. Do not buy this game until they put some sort of effort into fixing their broken controls for building your base, just removes the fun trying to fight it..Version: 1.02

Horrible controlsThis game seems to have a lot of potential, but I have to give it a one star review for now until the controls are fixed. Almost unplayable... what a shame..Version: 1.02

It’s an awesome game, but with game breaking bugsObjectively I rated this game a 9/10. It’s fun to play, pretty well balanced, and the controls are very good for mobile devices. The only problem is there are some bugs with the save data. I was pretty disappointed to see one of my save files get corrupted and role me back 40 levels. Not really sure what happened, the island is still the same, but I wasn’t very happy about that. Hopefully this gets fixed but besides that it’s a good game.Version: 1.04

Needed to be fixed the controlsHard to control especially the casting weapons You need to cast to solve the puzzles in the game but not be able to cast on certain spots no matter what you do I’m so frustrated as the one had been waiting for this game on ios for a while I just stopped playing after I couldn’t be able to solve the puzzles.Version: 1.02

Keeps crashingThe game keeps crashing. Unplayable on iPhone 7.Version: 1.02

Fun but controls hinder playI enjoy this genre of game, Terraria being my favorite, so I picked this up when I learned of it. I was able to progress decently for a while, but I’ve now reached the point where many building items are available (roads, landfill, etc), but I can’t reliably place them to build anything due to the controls. The controls for placing many decorative items require positioning the character to where the auto-snapping cursor highlights the target square. The problem is that if there is any other item at all nearby, whether it’s a forageable or a building, the cursor snaps there instead and prevents placement. Some items allow entering a placement mode that permits selecting the exact square(s) you want one at, and this works well. Until all placeable items can do that, it remains an incomplete game. The existing mechanic for those items is inadequate..Version: 1.04

Game wont start. Says syncing cloud saveaPlease fix. I paid 10 bucks and it doesnt work :(.Version: 1.04

Maybe fun but hard to controlThe controls are too hard to work. He’s always jumping around. Maybe it’s fun but 🤷‍♂️.Version: 1.0

Poor iOS controls, virtually unplayableCool game but poorly ported to iOS. The entire game is an exercise in frustration, as your character fails to dodge an attack when movement inputs are ignored and you’ll often break your own base while fighting off slimes. Placing floors and walls is insanely unintuitive. Author clearly saw dollar signs when porting this game to consoles and iOS, and was okay with poor gameplay experience..Version: 1.04

Fun game but needs fixing!I love this game, but the issues this game is having is making me wish I never bought it to begin with. I’ve had a “saving” issue. I’ll do all this stuff and buy all this land, just for it to disappear. The land that I’ve bought that has disappeared, for some reason, cannot be bought again. When I click on “buy land” it’s just a big empty slot with no “buy” button. I loss all my land and everything on it. However, I don’t lose any levels or skills. PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE AND LET ME AT LEAST BUY THE LAND AGAIN.Version: 1.04

Controls are BROKEN.Really needs a better tutorial mode for new players. It’s very confusing to understand the game mechanics and I got discouraged quickly. After a few hours of play it’s apparent the controls are very broken for iOS. Aiming and moving are jerky and unreliable. I spend more time trying to get the focus on a block of land than doing anything else in this game. The controls NEED to be fixed. I’m playing on an iPad Mini 5..Version: 1.03

An excellent game letdown by controlsThis game is very fun, great sound track and has good progression. But the controls are absolutely dreadful and frustrating, you NEED a controller otherwise it’s so unresponsive, laggy and has major issues with positional, you can be stood next to a slime smashing attack and nothing will happen, it hugely lets the game down and makes you want to stop playing. It needs a revamp….Version: 1.04

Good game but…I’ve been trying to build my base but everytime I place a fence post or gate it won’t place in most areas and I’ve tried restarting the app and everything and it’s not working, it’s a good game but if you can’t edit your base how you want to or properly use the builds then there’s no reason to implement that into the game, I even played this months ago and I still have the same problem then to now.Version: 1.04

Looked promisingThis game looked like it could be a lot of fun but after a quick play I find myself frustrated by the controls. I don’t see myself playing much more of it in its current state.Version: 1.04

Bro please fix this gameThis is not a bad game, however the controls are horrid and it looks like no further updates will go into it, unfortunate as this has huge potential if the the game elements and controls were properly ported from the pc version. Please don’t purchase this game it is a waste of money..Version: 1.04

Locomotive not workingI made a railroad track that goes in a circle around 6 islands, but when I get inside the locomotive nothing happens. It doesn’t move and I’m then stuck inside the locomotive with no option to get out, so I have to close the game and reopen it to free myself. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?.Version: 1.02

Controls make this almost unplayableThe touch controls on this are pretty terrible, and I would say make the game almost unplayable. Often times I’ll select the option to move and it doesn’t move my character at all, even with the visual display of the controller acknowledging my movement. It also makes targeting specific things to break down or hit very difficult, and I’ve died a few times since I can’t move when being targeted by slimes. The pc version is the best, and 5/5, the console versions with controller support, 4/5. If they can get these controls fixed, I’d set it to a 4 or 5, but until then, I’d say buy with caution..Version: 1.0

Nearly Unplayable on iPadThe aspect ratio doesn't adjust to the iPad screen size so you look like you have a constant 4:3 ratio. The general movement and dodge are the same “button” and trying to figure out how to do either consistently is infuriating. You have a separate action button instead of just being able to click on an object to interact with it, which is fine most of the time but when you have a very floaty and in-precise controls it is extremely difficult to do most things. This game is super fun and if you like management games i HIGHLY recommend you play this, i love it. Just don't get it on iPad as is.Version: 1.04

Rainbow puzzle bugSo I have a problem in the puzzle one of the mushrooms is missing so I can’t get the chest pls fix it or tell me how to fix pls, but I still loved the game.Version: 1.02

The Game Needs Some WorkThe game is cute, beautiful to look at, I love the concept. But being unable to build and the touch controls make this game unbearable. I’m gonna table the game for now hoping that patches come in the nearest future and fix the issues. I hope they help to make the game worth the money I spent on. (I see the potential, even with the problems I persisted in trying to play because it was fun and engaging) Such as, if I go into use item to place a fence, then I am forced to close the game because there is no red x to get out of that build mode. My dude never places fences or walls or doors where the cursor is..Version: 1.01

Great game, shoddy portAs with other Humble Bundle games, the game itself is great, but the port to iOS is awful. The controls are clunky and often unresponsive leading to frustrating combat, precision placement is absolutely impossible, menu close buttons are constantly in different places and the UI has been given no touch-screen considerations. Could be a fantastic game on an iPad if they had only given it a bit of extra thought..Version: 1.04

Don’t waste money. Game doesn’t save progressI had 60 out of 64 perks unlocked and was close to finishing the skill tree when all the land that I purchased wasn’t appearing. At least 7 islands that I still had task to do on to receive different chest and I just couldn’t find them to complete. When you look at the buy land section it just appears as a blank space and doesn’t give me the option to even try to buy it again. Super annoying because the game really is fun if the developers would listen to its customers reviews.Version: 1.04

Excellent game with broken cloud savesIf you like slow burner games with loot, npc’s, enemies and puzzles then this is the game for you. It is a great game, albeit a subpar port but you can work around the kinks. The big issue I have is having a game save corrupt due to cloud saves. I had unlocked lands on one device, and then went to carry on with another device to find that everything else was fine, the coins had been spent, but the lands were not there and were not able to be repurchased. The save had glitched which meant I couldn’t really carry on with that save which was disappointing..Version: 1.04

A good game let down by some unfinished mechanicsFirstly, this is a great game. It’s not got any annoying IAP (important). It’s well design and quirky graphics are great. Progression is well balanced and intuitive. You can waste a lot of time playing this game. The bad bits: some of the controls can be quite buggy and don’t feel well thought out. An example is the mechanics of building floors and walls. It’s takes an age to position the avatar just to be thrown off by a little flick on the screen. Surely this would just be better done using the core build mechanism; click on the screen where the building is to take place. It’s becomes extremely annoying and you just avoid this part of the game. If the controls were improved this would be a 5 star game worthy of the asking price..Version: 1.02

Just Crashes instantly...Tbh probs a good game but wouldn’t know since it’s crashes straightaway on load up.Version: 1.02

Amazing pc game, bad port.I love this game, but I don’t think it’s a good port. First, I want to say Mariano Cavallero is amazing and so is this game and the port rendition doesn’t do he original game justice. The touch controls, the most basic part of the game, are an absolute nightmare on the iPad/mobile port and hinders access to parts of the game. Forget using fishing nets because you’ll rarely be able to move just right to actually activate them. Hope you love dying because it's incredibly difficult to move just right in order to attack enemies. I don’t feel like I wasted money on this bc Hopfrog deserves every cent for this brilliant game, but I can’t recommend the port due to the controls..Version: 1.04

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