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Survivor!.io app received 72 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Survivor!.io? Can you share your negative thoughts about survivor!.io?

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A very nice gameOk so the game is very good and addictive but there are a few things missing like the drop rate percentages for S class equipment. The monthly pass is totally trash, it should at least include faster energy restoration rate, as fast forward button for gameplay (2x speed for silver card and 3x speed for gold card), and the drop rate of equipment should be at least 100% more during chapters. The gold challenge only gives 20k gold which is like nothing, there should be different difficulty levels for gold challenge (easy: 20k gold, med:40k, hard: 60k, extreme: 100k). PS: the rarity naming(good, better, etc) of the weapons/armour is pretty bland, a better alternative would be Low class item(grey items)<middle class item(green item)<high class item(blue items)<Top class item(purple items)<Legacy class item(yellow items)<Relic class item(red items)<Legendary class item(???)<Divine class item(???).Version: 1.3.12

Fun game but poor game supportEnjoy playing. I’ve spent a few hundred dollars in this game for gems ( since it’s a pay to win) game play is quite repetitive. I’m currently only enjoying Enders echo which is basically a DPS check. The events they come up with are fun. however I find them very glitchy. I spent real money to achieve currency in one event and purchased the ‘ random S grade box’ which never went into my inventory. Contacted support and their reply was nothing to do with my complaint. Contacted them again but never heard back. I feel scammed. Wouldn’t be surprised if it happens to others. Doesn’t make me want to purchase anything in the game even when it’s pay to win..Version: 1.13.1

Wiped progressFun little game to kill time but was disappointed when all my progress got wiped. I had sunk a lot of hours by this point and collected rare items..Version: 1.14.1

Another pay to win game with slow progression and bad rngBasically u have to keep spending real world money since the game deceives the player by being pseudo-generous - the free and easy to get rewards will never be enough. So u have to keep grinding the same levels over and over. The difficulty spike is also insane and the game becomes way too hard really fast. The in game rng is also bad - sometimes you cant get EVO because the skill rewards are random (false illusion of choice), other times the enemies dont drop loots that are good enough for you to upgrade, thus your weapons became useless. The challenge mode is also ridiculously hard as it was designed to force you to waste ur revive points, then the game hits you with instant-kill enemies, making all your spending and efforts pointless. In short, nice looking game but poorly designed to be anti-player (false illusion of choice) and anti-fun. Go play dr. Jekyll and mr hyde on NES instead.Version: 1.7.0

NerfingMost of the zombies and bosses need to be nerfed and how much damaged is taken needs to be nerfed as well..Version: 1.7.0

Too many rewards!Good day, To anyone interested in this game and to the developers especially, here are my thoughts. I appreciate the rewards I get from completing stages but with the gold pig constantly asking me to spend money, the excess of chests and all the different game modes and such, the game at times feel more like a sketchy website with more pop up adds than actual game play. It’s almost to much to play the game. And the game also just fells like it’s trying to be every other game. They have unwanted equipment for the players that seem to make no difference and frankly just make my ask “why?” I like the game. I like running around and getting upgraded to my weapons and getting rewarded for advancing but the other stuff, the equipment, the evolving, the monthly card, the super monthly card, the daily achievements, the weekly achievements, the general achievements and the list goes on. It’s too much. I think the game should have some way of showing that the player is getting stronger like having just the evolution. And the idea of merging Weapon Skills and Supplies is really cool but having every idea imaginable in the game and in one face is not appropriated. Best regards, Anonymous.Version: 1.9.0

Go play vampire survivorsIt's free and doesn't have pay to win trash shoved into it..Version: 1.8.0

To much personal data collectedTHE DATA WE COLLECT Data you provide us. Contact information (such as name and email address) Player name and password Profile information (such as profile photo) Your messages to the Service (such as chat logs and player support tickets) Other data you choose to give us (such as data to identify a lost account) Data we collect automatically., Data about your account and game progress Your IP address and mobile device identifiers (such as your device ID, advertising ID, MAC address, IMEI) Data about your device, such as device name and operating system, browser type and language Data we collect with cookies and similar technologies (see more below) General location data Precise geo-location data (GPS, with your consent) Data about your use of the Service, such as gameplay data and your interactions with other players inside the Service In most cases, we also create a Habby-specific ID for you when you use the Service. Data we collect from our partners. Data we receive if you link a third party tool with the Service (such as Facebook, WeChat or Google) Demographic data (such as to determine the coarse location of your IP address) Data to fight fraud (such as refund abuse in games or click fraud in advertising) Data from platforms that the games run on (such as to verify payment) Data for advertising and analytics purposes, so we can provide you a better Service.Version: 1.3.12

Good OverallGood game. It’s a decent challenge to complete levels once you get to the first 6-7 levels. You will be challenged. Skill and luck is needed to complete them. I’d give it 5 stars if the “refresh” option on leveling gave you 3 brand new skill options. It’s annoying how often the refresh only gives 1 new option. If I refresh it’s because I don’t want any of the 3 available. They should remove those 3 from the algorithm and give 3 new ones. I’ve spent roughly $20 over the last 2 weeks because this is a good game that I enjoy. It’s frustrating to be stuck on a level because the RNG won’t give me what I need to beat it. There’s challenging… but then there’s also pay to win. Unfortunately by the time you hit stage 10… you’ll either need to pay larger amounts or just wait daily for enough exp/items to clear harder levels. And there are currently 40 levels. In some ways that’s ok for the longevity of the game. But for people like me that are ok spending some $ on a game… it gets annoying when you drop several dollars and still can’t beat a level. I’ve been on lvl 10 for 2 days now… the daily refresh of rewards doesn’t seem like I’ll beat it today either. Daily progression per level would be ideal. Since there are 40 levels at this point. More value for $ spent and a better RNG system on re-rolls would make this a 4 star, if not 5 star game..Version: 1.4.2

Don’t download money grabbingYou play this game easy at the start but as you go up by level or mode it will be so impossible to beat. You have to keep watching their ads for months to get gems to use to buy equipments and even with those new equipment you won’t go up at all. So for some people here who has money issue this isn’t for you. They will and want you to buy their gems with real money. Save yourself time, money and happiness it’s worst than flappy bird.Version: 1.7.0

Literally just a rip off vampire survivorsUsed to play it until I found out what vampire survivors was and this game is literally just that but worse. It is worse from the monetisation to the art to just having less stuff (that isn’t made to earn money). The items literally have the same abilities as ones from vampire survivors as well not even changed a little bit, boomerang? That’s just the cross, Drones? Peachone, brick? That’s just the axe. I find it disgusting to see great, passionate, games go unnoticed because overmonetised crap like this gets played instead. Would rate 0 if I could.Version: 2.0.1

Needs balanceHonestly having a really fun time with the game its just that i finished the first stage with pretty much ease then i got to the second stage mostly easy until the end when the giant centipede that has more aggression than any elden ring boss i got killed in 5 hits with 50 percent damage resistance and he charges quickly so it’s basically impossible to avoid getting hit even with the max lvl shoes for 50% speed I'm just completely lost this boss is way to hard for stage 2 Pt2 i still completely agree with what was said above but now that I've played more i truly resize how unbalanced and unfair this game is the rng factor is fun but if you get unlucky the game is physically unbeatable the range of enemies and the environment of the game just stays the same basically. its pretty sad considering how diverse other games by this developer are i just dont understand why there are basically 8 weapons upgrades to chose from its legit use the same stuff every single game or you lose i think more items weapon’s and or more events would make this game much more enjoyable. I only rate 1 star until game is fixed i think it has so much potential tho it’s really fun to be honest just frustrating to do the same thing over and over to gain no progress Part 3 this game is awful and a complete waste of time Im going to shoot myself.Version: 1.4.4

Games great but…I’ve been playing this game all today and got to like stage 4 and then I go to close the game, I come back and I’ve been signed in to my little brothers account automatically without asking me, I didn’t even think to link my account with an email, so now I’ve lost my account with just over 2600 gems and a few purples, I’m just upset that it signed me into an account without my permission, is there any way to undo this or is my $20 bucks gone for good?.Version: 1.4.4

BadStops working after a while. Just stops loading..Version: 1.7.0

Fun but needs to pay to keep winningFun but its another pay-to-win… Its fun to play but at certain stage become harder to get through. The player evolution doesn’t follow the opponent evo unlesss…. You pay for the add-ons.Version: 1.7.0

Ads have grown too long, Qatar event is unabideableAs the title says, I recently have seen multiple 75 total second long ads. Simply ridiculous. And while I certainly understand that football/soccer is a popular worldwide phenomenon, I cannot support any application that sponsors Qatar in their slave labour/human rights violations..Version: 1.7.0

Lost my accountLost my account and restart everything i spent money and they did this. It happen when the game updated.Version: 1.14.2

TrashGame is horrible once you get to a certain point it is almost impossible to beat unless you spend countless days on that single level or countless amounts of money.Version: 1.6.1

Dum mega challengesThese mega challenges are pretty much impossible, I wasted almost all my hearts on the to find out that any type of damage is an automatic kill and then the drop two bosses on me..Version: 1.7.0

Good, needs changesThere are some annoying things about this game. When playing, a lot of upgrades do not happen when they should, so you could get stuck with all low level weapons at a very hard stage of a round as well as annoying parts of the game giving an option between the weakest weapons when playing, giving someone no choice but to accept doom. Another thing is not being able to sell equipment. There is a lot of spare stuff from crates or chests that are never used and it would be nice to be able to sell them for something..Version: 1.5.3

No different options??The only issue I have with the game is that once you collect enough gems to buy a new skill to help you the game literally doesn’t let you choose which skill to pick. Let’s say for example you want a force field but they gave you three options that isn’t the force field then you’d be stuck to choose out of those three and you don’t get the force field and the worst part is that you only get a certain amount of skills- meaning if they keep giving you options without the skill you’re looking for over time you’re going to have no choice at all and won’t even get the skill you want. This game would be a 5 star game is they gave you 100% control over what you want to buy with the gems during the chapters they do have a “Refresh” button that you can press that’ll give you new options but- 1 it can still give you the exact same options you just had before(so you just wasted a refresh button turn because there’s a limit on how many times you can press it apparently) 2 they barley give you the option to refresh it-out of me playing the game for about like a week now I think I’ve only seen that button twice. So yea I think maybe they should fix that because over time waiting and waiting for them to give you the skills you’re looking for only for them not to give it to you and then have a giant horde of zombies come and kill you (but you would’ve survived with the skills you wanted) gets very irritating and almost makes you want to delete the game.Version: 2.1.0

Can’t EvoEver since they did all the recent updates I haven’t been able to Evo my main weapon 90% of the time because the game just won’t give you the main weapon upgrade you need to Evo it as an option even using refreshes doesn’t work. If it keeps this way I won’t be playing anymore because you can’t progress without your main weapon levelled up on the harder levels and you can’t get a decent score in the challenge unless your main weapon evos at the start. Not sure why they changed it but it’s making gameplay frustrating and not worth my time..Version: 1.12.0

--It’s a good game I have to say but the one thing that slightly bothered me is that it’s annoying that I get majority of my skills and passives fully upgraded only by the last 2 minutes while playing. I think it’d be more enjoyable if there were an endless game mode but other than that the game is still enjoyable..Version: 1.8.1

ScummySuper scummy with their ads, ads are 45 seconds long and sometimes you just don’t get your reward, so why not watch another couple ads? Either it’s a bug or a feature, either way it sucks.Version: 1.7.0

Unrewarding unless you spend a fortune.This game for the first ten or so levels is really fun however the more you progress the harder and more unrewarding it becomes unless you are willing to spend a fortune, there are adverts on the game to unlock things but to be honest the reward for watching the lengthy adverts are not really worth it. If you persevere to levels 25 and above you will find that it is almost impossible to enjoy without spending real money, if you do spend real money you will find that you need to spend rather a lot to make an actual difference. This is another example of greed, the devs are not content on the ad revenue from the unbelievably long ads but instead make it so you have to watch ads AND spend ludicrous amounts of money. It’s a shame because it’s a fun game otherwise, just ruined by greed as usual..Version: 2.1.2

Seems fun at firstWhen I first downloaded this game, it seemed very fun and I was excited to keep playing. The gameplay seemed great and there wasn’t loads of ads. Later in, after playing for quite a long time, you start to realise how much time you spend playing. This game is specifically made to encourage you to spend hours every day playing this game, in order to get better loot and weapons, and as strange as it sounds, this game has done extremely well at making an overly addictive game. You start to die over and over again whilst getting nowhere, but you are so determined to finish a quest or whatever it is, that you spend even more hours playing with no difference. Before you get this game, understand that is is not a quick game you can play every now and again, but a game that requires hours and hours to progress and makes you waste away every single day for daily quests which can take ages themselves..Version: 2.4.2

HIGHLY Overpriced, and stingy with resourcesThis game is vivid and entertaining to pass the time. If you actually want to get the better items and get stronger you realize this game is just a Casino-ish game made to drain your pockets. Like most game, it’s VERY pay2win. It might appear they’re always offering things, but it’s just feeding you crumbs so you give them bread. Items are cool, but the grind is very unrewarding if you aren’t paying money. They have many areas that have upgraded features to them, so you have to decided how to spend your limited resources or give them money. They paste “600% value” on almost everything, they don’t have real currency exchanges (swap a resource you have a lot of with one you don’t), certain modes give certain resources that others don’t for whatever reason. Upgrading you gear is so costly you’ll feel like it’s an arm or leg situation, then you have grind for months to stock enough material to get 1 item to their highest quality, and that excluding getting the same item to the max. If they’d drastically increase the amount of resources you can earn freely, or downgrade how costly it is to upgrade things, this game will feel more worth while. If you just looking for a shiny game you can go brain dead on and throw money at…this is it.Version: 2.4.2

Fun but needs better balancingOne level I’m destroying everything and falling asleep because there’s no challenge and I’m board. I’ve literally put the phone down and stopped playing for a bit. The very next level I can’t kill anything. Only a few times did it feel like I was contributing by dodging enemies. There is a clear distinction between good and bad weapons and supplies. The two robots that shoot rockets are amazing and when they combine, you get another weapon slot back. So it feels like you HAVE to go for them when you see them. Weapons like the soccer ball are just bad, even when evolved. Plus the support/supply item you need to e solve the soccer ball makes you move faster. which is terrible because then you accidentally touch enemies and they do damage to you. The biggest issue is the game knows which weapon and supplies are good and sometimes it just won’t give you anything with synergy. You could blame RNG but if that is the case, the devs either need to make it lean towards giving you the good items or make the weaker items better. There are times when you know within 2 mins if you’ll be able to win because of how scaling works. If you have a bad start, there is almost no way to recover. Plus with how weapon damage and enemy health/damage scales. It can be unfun..Version: 1.5.3

AnnoyedOften after clicking something in the menu like merging it will take ages to connect to server. Recently during a event that I can only try once a day I got some good loot and watched a ad to continue and the dam game sits on black screen. So I load the game up again to find I lost all that loot 😡 all these sever based games are always like this. Can barely claim a reward without waiting 2-3 seconds each for a dam loading circle. I’m at the point where I like the game but loosing that loot almost made me uninstall especially if it’s gonna be like this in the future. I would like to point out that I was a huge archero fan but that game got glitchy and laggy in the same way and as a result I thought the game became unplayable. Don’t let the same happen here.Version: 2.0.1

Addicting but is play to winYou can beat certain levels without having to use gems which you have to spend money on. Unless you can wait a couple of hours or days to get them for free. Clever tactic to get people to pay..Version: 1.11.0

Developer is ruining the game with too much new stuffThere is too much going on the game. It used to be fun. I spend money on games where you feel like you make progress. But now there are too many weapons, these awful pets that fill up the screen so you can’t see you character. The developer needs to stop making new things for the game. It used to be fun when I wasn’t constantly clicking on things I earned. When I play now it looks like my screen is throwing up colors, so it’s not fun. The pets are awful. The new mines are awful and ruin the balance of the game. You simply need to stop making new weapons, stop making new things to earn. Because I don’t want to feel like I have to devote my entire life to a game to make a small amount of progress. You’re just making it unbalanced and it’s not fun. I’m really disappointed that it takes me hours to make a tiny amount of progress. Developer, please go make another game or something. We don’t need more. We need less so that it’s fun again. Right now it’s overload. I’m not sure why you keep adding things and having constant drives. I mean who wants to pay for a game where mastery of anything would cost thousands of dollars? Less is more. Less is more. Less is more. Am I being heard?.Version: 2.3.1

If I could rate 0 stars I wouldInstalled this game after seeing an ad for it on tik tok so I decided to give it. A go played for around 20-30 minutes surviving for 6-9 at a time the shop icon states it will unlock after 6 mins which did not happen i then tried to use the evolve function to be displayed with a “abnormal internet connection”error i then tried restarting the game and using the fix errors function inside the game which fixed nothing I then uninstalled the game and reinstalled it to be shown the same problems and errors again if yous value your time on this earth don’t install and waste your time on this absolute joke of a game.Version: 1.9.0

Wish a real developer would see this and reply not a BotSo the game is good in generality but the problem with it is if you get disconnected or something happens with your internet it will just not save anything that you’ve just done and this happened like 4 times In one day where I would clear the trials and everything but I got disconnected from the internet for some reason and it didn’t save or give me any rewards at all and don’t even get me started on how the shop is completely trash with you being able to spend the same amount of gems on two different chests but one is somehow better than the other even though they rarely ever give better loot than the lowest level chest in the game like come on. On top of that the fact that I can spend 300 gems which equates to about $2 on the highest level chest in the game and get the same loot as the lowest level chest in the game and it’s not even uncommon that you do so. Then there’s the fact that if your game freezes or crashes or just stops working and you have no more stars to start a game but you were already in one it won’t let you resume from where you were effectively ruining all the progress you had even if you were literally a millisecond away from winning. So overall a fun game for a good minute until you actually start to pay attention to detail and realize that it’s kind of a sloppy mess of a game that feels like it was thrown together in a week by someone in their bedroom..Version: 1.5.3

Vampire survivor rip off, but not a bad option for a phone portThis game i a rip off of vampire survivor on steam, except for the art and there are more levels and some progression differences. the gameplay is an almost direct rip, the bosses are new. All the weapons have seen have a direct counterpart. The katana is the whip, the brick is the axe, Molotov is the potion. It wouldn’t be fair to say the game is inspired by vampire survivor because of how similar the actual gameplay is. But it’s not a bad choice if you want to play vampire survivors on your phone since the game isn’t on phones..Version: 1.4.4

Rounds are too long15min of round is too long just to get very very little rewards. 15min is too long a wait to only be 1 shot by op final boss or find out that at 14min all enemies suddenly get harder. Plus all that long grind gets boring fast. Item acquisition is ridiculous. It takes forever to combine and get to purple. I have pages of grade 1 grey items and I cant even get a few greens lol. And i need what 3 greens to make 1 blue and i need 3 blues to make a purple?? Maybe Reduce combination req. from 3 to 2. Levels get really difficult really fast. By level 6 i couldn't survive without having purple equips. I dont even know where people get final gold equips from. Random skills assignment during the round is fun but sometimes its ridiculous because sometimes game never gives you a pool of skills you need. It just keeps giving you junk forcing you to restart. Energy is not a problem for me. But you just get bored. The game has been slowed as all phone games to get you to buy with cash but its tooo slow you get bored. I get that the game is set up to buy stuff with real money and thats cool whatever its a phone game play it to pass time then move on..Version: 1.3.12

Fix the ADS plus lagWhenever I watch an add for a reward or for when I am about to finish a chapter, it never even has a way to get back into the game. This is really Annoying and a waste of my time. Unless you fix this, it will be a 1 out of 5. It also lags so much. Whenever I am trying to do so,etching, it either freezes or lags so much and you know how I know it’s the game? Because nothing else I do on my device lags. So fix it..Version: 2.4.2

Great Game, Difficulty: UnbelievableIt’s a great game with some great animations, but these levels are absolutely ridiculous. I’m currently on level 27 and have been for 4 weeks now. If you don’t collect certain weapons in the time remaining, it just becomes impossible to even attempt beating the bosses. I get that it’s a game, you’re meant to lose or win, but to be stuck on a level for that amount of time and not even come close to winning is something that should be looked at on the developers end. Great game nonetheless. I just hope getting past this level won’t take another 4 weeks!.Version: 1.8.1

No Travis Town Level is in the game currentlyI am writing to ask you to kindly consider adding the Travis Town level to this game I feel it is needed to give the game more depth and feel more real to players around the globe. Firstly, Travis Town/Travisian Valley would be a great end chapter for the player that are above the rest, The main boss in the chapter would be the Trabis the Chabis Boss which would shoot Hubba bubba gum out of its mouth causing a one hit death to the player and causing Travisian to come to there house in real life and shoot them with his hubba bubba gum. Secondly, Trabis The Chabis would have the second name of Travis the cockroach or Tricky Travis the second these names would strike fear into the players heart as they would crumble from hearing these truly terrible names. In conclusion, I strongly believe the Trabis The Chabis/Travis The Cockroach/Tricky Travis boss should be added to the game thank you for your time and I hope you take this opportunity to heart and make the right decision. Kind regards, Trabis The Chabis’ Boss/Caretaker.Version: 1.4.4

What happened with the WC eventSo once Argentina won, and I bet 850 scarfs on them, they never updated the game so then I would receive my tokens. And when they do, they only gave us less and a day to use them. LIKE WHAT???? Yk how much work and time I put into earning those to use. Not only that but saving thousands of tokens??? Just to lose it all and be given a small amount of 2000 coins ( which is less than when they give you for daily free coins in the shop which is like 6 times more.) stupid game. Weeks wasted. They should’ve given Atleast a week for everyone to actually get to use their tokens. Trash game event ruined my experience. Edit: I did pay attention to the event. I literally came in every day. 11pm on the day Argentina won WC, I checked in again because last time I checked in at 5pm after they won, I was expecting for the tokens to be distributed but they hadn’t yet. At 11pm that day it still wasn’t. The next day I checked in at 2pm and it still wasn’t. The day after that (2 days since WC finals) I checked in at 10am and boom, the event had dissapeared and the exchange was gone. Not even 20 hours in between and the apparently the game distributed the rewards and let the players exchange. That’s stupid. Exchanges on any game for events always are Atleast 24 hours. This one wasn’t even close to being 24 hours and it closed the exchange..Version: 1.8.1

Why?!Why do you have to put levels so dang hard it’s almost impossible to get to the next level please fix.Version: 2.0.5

Its mid and here’s whyGameplay is exactly what I expect as its based off of vampire survivor. Fun, basic, cool equipment and load out from the few variety. Connectivity is absolute buns sometimes and it could very rarely make you lose a battle. Usually, it’d let you back to the unfinished battle. Could add some new types of gear. Art is simple and cute P2W? Yes and no b/c to get the right equipment to clear chapters, you’ll either need to pay with time and attention (ads) or pay with money. Others have said its too difficult to upgrade. I lean with them, but knowing how to manage gems and events, its not too bad as f2p. (I’m a f2p at around lvl 50. Been playing for ~3 months with 1 S epic, 2 S excellent, 4 eternal and void chests each, and king anniversary skin) To be fair, I played it smart in the lottery anniversary event unlike the other 199. An important note to add is that their customer service is absolutely buns, more so than the connections difficulty I have with the game. (Other online mobile games are no where near as janky as this). I have gave them several feedback and not 1 response from them have been close to fixing the issue or satisfactory in the least. Would I spend my time on the game? Yes, but not serious enough to spend real money, especially when they are constantly shoving bundles down my throat on every other menu screen with bad service most of all..Version: 2.0.2

You only control the character’s movementAll you do in the game is walk around and avoid zombies. You have no control over where you’re shooting.Version: 2.4.2

Good game overallThere is this one ad where if you watch it you can’t click the x. This is so annoying because I was about to clear the level but I died which I thought to myself that’s all good I’ll just watch the ad to come back to life and so I clicked the ad but when it was over my screen just went black and I couldn’t do anything. Please fix this because this game is actually good it’s the fact that the one ad I just talked about basically crashes your game..Version: 1.4.4

Complete copy of another gameNow for anyone wondering, this game is by no means an original, drawn-out and definitely not the game that most people think it is. This game is a direct copy of another game, which you can find, called Vampire Survivors. I won’t give you too much details on the game itself, but the game was made before this. That game also has weapon evolutions, same weapon abilities, healing items in the map, power-ups to collect orbs, orbs that level you up, and even the evolution of the weapon is the same. Almost everything in that game is copied onto this game and this game made it a game full of microtransactions and also made it look like a generic mobile game you’d see nowadays. I will give it some credit, at least they didn’t copy EVERYTHING from the game. The art style is different and there is also microtransactions and other minor things. But that doesn’t separate it from being a game with no originality. There are bosses every 5 minutes, similar to the original game. Now I am not going to say to not play this game, but just here to let everyone know that this game is a copy and does not deserve all the credit. But it’s not like it matters, most mobile games nowadays are complete garbage and is still at the top of the chart..Version: 1.10.2

Fraudulent siteThis site has stolen money from my account every month. I have tried multiple times to have the subscription ccancelled and they still take my money. I never signed up for anything and now I can’t stop you from stealing my money!.Version: 1.15.1

Terrible and poor designThe gameplay loop is fun, it’s engaging and you don’t get bored. But to complete levels you NEED, and I repeat NEED certain items otherwise you’ll lose. So when the game forces you to chose between 3 rubbish items that have absolutely no use to you, you just have to restart the game and do the level again because in the long run, you’ll die. This needs to be fixed as it’s such an issue. I just played 5 games in a row and within 30 seconds of each game I’ve had to close the app, open it and redo the level because I’m being given terrible choices for my items. It gives you the football, the drill and the boomerang and your screwed because they’re all so lacklustre that 3 minutes down the line you’ll die. So you just say oh well and restart the game. It needs to be fixed and it needs to be sorted. Cannot begin to explain how much of a design failure this is. Start a match to be forced to restart the entire game 30 seconds later, 5 times in a row. Not fun. Sort it out..Version: 1.6.1

Ok game, terrible launch eventI’m at chapter 7 for now and paid for every chapter pack (with real money), and can barely catch up with the event missions. I don't think you can finish the event and get all rewards without paying real money. It feels so weird for a launch event (which usually gives benefits to players, not asking them for money). If you don't mind those events and rewards then you may have a good time playing it..Version: 1.3.12

This is a Terrible game don’t let it fool you!!!Nothing about this mediocre experience is balanced. A capitalized pay-to-play with no progression unless you spend hundreds of dollars, no linear progression. Walls of difficulty that can only be unlocked with pay-to-play features…This could have been a decent game but this company ruined the formula completely. They will never have my business or relations to my business any longer. Should be taken off the Apple Store if feasible!.Version: 1.7.0

To hardIm just at the second map and after 10 try I never past this level, it’s to hard for only the second map…sad.Version: 1.6.1

A great game, if it wasn’t for the problemsThe game is fun to play, there are many items and item combinations which gives great replay-ability and overall gives you a chance to be creative. However, there are multiple problems that I felt really made the game annoying. The energy system takes the fun out of the game. Because I only have so many tries before I have to wait hours, every game begins to matter more, and all of a sudden one or two wrong items kill the entire match. Another thing I noticed is how enemies spawn in really weird waves. You would have a wave of strong enemies followed by a wave made up of very weak enemies in very small numbers. It makes it hard to play the game on later levels, because there’s barely anything to kill until you’re hit with a legion of high-level beasts. Kinda feels like it was done on purpose, to further “encourage” people into spending money..Version: 1.3.12

Unable to play the game to its full potentialI actually love the game I really do but however, there is this one message that pops up and stops me from progressing any further in the game I like to call it the ‘death message’. What the message says is “abnormal network connection” and “login failed” and stops me from playing anything. Like I said, I actually like the game but wish that it work for myself and let me play and I’ve tried the “fix error” button and it does nothing so if you can help me or something that would be appreciated.Version: 1.12.2

Dont get into itTo be honest, the game feels less than unoriginal and the gameplay gets really dry, it is cool to see the weapons and that is it, the pacing of the difficulty is so incredibly stupid. It gets so boring when I can literally afk for a couple minutes and be completely undamaged until like the difficulty jumps up high to the point where you literally cant survive as you cant dodge a bunch of monsters surrounding you. It literally comes down to how much damage you do rather than actual skill. theres literally no skill and you may as well just login daily to get better as login rewards give so much more than actual gameplay, you could spend10 mins on a game and get absolutely nothing at all, 10mins if dry monotonous gameplay.Version: 1.11.0

Not getting what I paid for😡😡I keep on paying for stuff but i don’t get it please fix this.Version: 1.15.4

Needs improvementsWhile this game is fun for a bit, once you get to the harder levels and the bad stuff shines through the cracks. It’s a mobile game I get that but the precise movements needed for this game will get you killed so many times it’s frustrating. I have a larger phone screen. With everything going on from projectiles enemies and your own characters weapons. It’s easy to lose exactly where you’re at while you’re finger is in the bottom of the screen. That being said the zoom out and in of the camera when there’s a zombie horde throws off your sense of movement and speed, I’d rather it either stay zoomed in or out. Secondly the upgrades screen in game. The buttons need to be moved to the top of the screen. Too many times am I readjusting my finger to see one side of the screen to see incoming enemies that I level up and click either the skip option of in bad cases one of the upgrades. Maybe that’s a me problem but I can’t play with my thumb in the very bottom corner. It hits the edges of the phone and doesn’t work well for movement. Final thought. I wish you could play this in landscape to really help with the problems listed above..Version: 1.4.2

False advertising the adLike I’ve played before they started to lie in there ad like u can’t find weapons on the ground u get them through picking up coins.Version: 1.14.1

Habby… we need to talk.Habby, We are aware that it is not the choice of your developers for nerfing these last few events. They are working away tirelessly to improve the game to match your vision. The problem is your vision. You may have become cash strapped over the last year, but so have we. Everyone has to tighten their belts at least a little bit more now. But this is the final straw. 4 nerfed events in a row? Turning the game into an event simulator 24/7? This is not what we want. We only want a fun place. Many around me use this game to hide from the horrors of our life by feeling that there is something that we have control over. With the nerfed events, I can’t even do this anymore. This game was my final refuge from the many problems my life, and now you have taken it away? Shame on you, you cash-hungry leeches..Version: 2.1.2

It’s ok…Started playing this about a week ago and initially had a lot of fun, but needs improvement. They start you off with the incentive of completing a bunch of achievements within seven days for a great weapon. But before the seven days are done it grays out and cancels from you progressing. I still have 22 hours to go but no longer can complete the seven day challenge so…that was a waste. It probably would be impossible for me to even complete that in seven days due to the difficulty of the game. As others have started, the scaling of difficulty needs to be addressed along with the randomness of the weapons. You pretty much have to go with the same build almost every time to progress and even then it’s luck of the draw and you could end up just wasting energy. The developers have acknowledged this and I look forward to future updates where the difficulty is scaled and we get additional combos so that we can truly change up our builds from level to level and try different things. Until then, this remains a OK game that is fun to play but if you want to progress forward in any reasonable window of time, expect to pay money..Version: 1.5.3

Little time to redeem after eventThere should be 24 hours after the event to redeem, i lost all my hard earnings and spend gems on extra lures. Lost everything. Be careful because they keep changing times.Version: 1.15.4

Game fun, but ads are malicious.The game has fun gameplay mechanics. But minus 1 for how many different microtransaction sale pop ups there are in the game. Then minus 2 for the ads. Which are awful. For one. The new ads by Magic The Gathering do not have a way to end them, every time the magic ad comes up I have to restart the game because the ad seems like it freezes at the end. Nothing is clickable, no X to close out. Restarting to get rid of it and you don't even get the worthless prize for watching in the first place. Then all other ads. Equally trash ad suppliers. All of them cause the actual app store to open regardless of anything you do, then when the X to close out the ad does come up, they either make the click box so small that it takes multiple clicks to try to get the X to actually be clicked ( and each failed click re brings up the app store), or they do something to hide the X entirely. One ad had the location of the white X be all white as well. Another had a bunch of overlapping spiderwebs in the area to make it harder to see where the X to close the ad is. So pretty much this games ad supplier is making them be another creepy game you probably shouldn't let your kids play. Especially since some of the ads are for NC17 material..Version: 1.5.3

So Boring sometimesIt honestly is painful to do something so dumb and annoying for almost 20 minutes and get no reward at all. Upgrade system is cool, wish there was more options tho. This game has lots of potential. At the moment nothing special..Version: 1.7.0

👎🏼Increasingly loses my interest everyday, has done nothing to break the monotonous gameplay loop, and the constant lying of co-op really doesn’t help.Version: 1.15.4

Great game but…The game overall is very fun but it takes a huge amount of time to complete every chapter. 15 minutes is very long especially if you get all the way to the end boss fight and die. My suggestion would be make it slightly quicker games because it gets very boring and repetitive. The daily challenge is somewhat irrelevant after you’ve got everything you need too and takes a large chunk of time to complete. The little missions are cool because they aren’t too time consuming..Version: 1.12.1

To much rewardsI’m gonna put it out there it’s a great game but daily login rewards through the roof. It’s actually so much that by the time you finish collecting all those rewards. you don’t actually feel like playing the game because it takes like 30 minutes so maybe get rid of all the rewards still have them but like make them around five minutes to collect instead cause I don’t like it taking pretty much the whole entire year, just collect some goofy rewards Please take note of this thank you..Version: 2.1.2

Very presatory microtransaction filled plagueThis isnt much of a game but more of a store selling microtransactions. Its extremely predatory and expensive for what is literally useless point at the amount you need to use them. Avoid like the microtransaction plague that it is...Version: 1.15.3

Micro transaction gameYou can beat the first boss but you can’t beat the second unless you watch Ads or pay money. Don’t waste your time and money on this game.Version: 1.15.1

Shameless ripoff of vampire survivorJust look it up exact same thing.Version: 1.6.1

Fix the city part with the zombie countOn the city part what the flip is that bullcrap it spwans a crap ton of zombies and I die instantly.Version: 1.14.1

Impossible to beatChapter 12 is IMPOSSIBLE!! The 11 minute mark you become too overwhelmed and I spent weeks grinding levels to do more damage and have more health and I still didn’t do a dent!! This is the worst suffering any human being has ever been put through.Version: 1.14.1

Get Lucky, Grind or P2WI know a lot of people are giving positive feedback but this game has been way too hard to progress. I have played this developers other games and they usually get to this stage but usually much further into the game. This difficulty didn’t even make me want to give this game a chance..Version: 1.6.1

PAY TO WIN - which is sad as it’s a fun gameFully pay to win or even have fun in some parts, they give u so much stuff for free but it means nothing in the long run, the events they have no one really gets anything out of as it takes multiple hours a day to actually achieve anything and then therefore ur really wanting to just buy the pack at £20-£9999 no joke it will rinse ur parents credits card if they have it unlocked and available, terrible way to make money - to make kids just tap tap and spend hundreds of pounds/dollars to get pixels. all this being said it’s a fun game but holy shizzle give the community more meaningful items for long term players who realistically play the game once every few days which is a lot on these mobile games - i have a decent load out but it feels like nothing as u can upgrade ur great items by a lot and so u needs no joke hundreds of thousands of gems to get a fully upgraded item and u have 8 different items which u would need to fully upgrade, nothing will happen either way but this is a real review and it’s sad.Version: 2.4.1

Not rewarding to playTakes way too much effort to progress without paying after reaching a certain point..Version: 1.15.3

Not worth itLife is too short to waste on those over one minute commercials.Version: 1.14.3

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