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Great game, maybe Co-op?I’ve been playing this game for a good while now, I’d instantly became addicted. The rouge-like nature of the game keeps it from being boring and repetitive, the gear and new events are a good addition to give you more to do. Although I think it would be a great addition to have a Co-op mode where you could join friends and fight together, I’ve recommended it to other people and nobody whose played it have been disappointed..Version: 1.3.8

Movement mechanic is bad :( but the game is still goodI rlly love this game!! The only thing that rlly bothers me is that the circle you use to move the character moves to a different spot every time you lift your finger. Idk if it’s just me but I tend to move my phone around a lot in my hand and that makes the game almost unplayable bc of the way the movement works. Something I think would help would be the character auto-running instead of it stopping every time my finger is off screen. so that I don’t have to struggle with making sure I’m correctly aiming my character, while simultaneously re-adjusting my finger to fit inside the completely new joystick-circle thingy- that has also *simultaneously* moved to a different place than before (where my finger is) Its just is rlly annoying and too overstimulating to have to keep all those things in mind when all I’ve done is taken my finger off the screen. It also tends to frustrate me quick enough to make me want to stop playing after two short rounds. Idk if I’m just bad at the game or have a small phone or what. Again- THE GAME IS GOOD, I just wish/hope the game devs would make a slight change to the movement mechanic.👍🏻.Version: 2.5.4

This game is absolutely greatI love that it feels compact and cluster phobic, I like that there’s not only skill but luck too, the only suggestion I might have is to find a way to make it so I don’t end up losing where my character is going because my thumb is over it, so like there the option to have your character locked to the centre of the screen (even when on a corner) or maybe make it controller supported.Version: 1.5.3

Is this just a vampire survivors clone?I honestly thought I was going crazy when I played my first round. I know what you’re gonna say and no—it’s not because they’re both bullet hells. The upgrades/synergy system is the same, and the weapons are literally the EXACT same. The kunai is the knife, the lightning emitter is the lightning ring, the guardian is the kings bible, etc. The upgrade progression is the exact same for them. Also the weapons/supplies relationship of evolution is how weapons/passive items work. I’ve played dozens of hours of vampire survivors and deep dived the upgrade trees/strategies, I know my stuff. This game is just a reskinned version of that. I’m not gonna give a bad rating because it is a good game and it’s rare to find a mobile game not riddled with ads these days, but if you have $1.99, I’d highly suggest just buying vampire survivors, it’s wayyy more in depth and easier to play than with your finger blocking half the screen. I might keep this to play on my phone, but vampire survivors is definitely better and has much more content..Version: 2.6.0

Honest gameI used to play asphalt9 and random dice, and hated how sloppy story mode and p2w it was. Love this game and the story mode. it has never forced me to write a review with annoying pop up messages. Items are reasonably priced, so i started making small purchases. I really appreciate the developers. I support you guys and ill be purchasing more products just to show support..Version: 1.15.1

TimeDoes timer run online?.Version: 2.4.2

Very good and addictiveNo ads great game fun abilities and I like the power up feature.Version: 1.5.3

Great game!Despite the some-what bad ads for this game it’s actually really fun and well made! I was very happy when there was no ads thrown in my face after I finished a level like other games where you get ads all the time. This game has very good gameplay and good story. It never gets boring and the items you can obtain are almost endless! Maybe some more updates would help though. Great game! 5/5.Version: 1.12.1

Well designed butGood and well designed game but for some reason sometimes I can refresh the equipment options that I want to evolve to fit the particular levels map and enemies, but sometimes I cannot which is quite annoying because then I have to pick equipment that might not fit with the map and then I end up dying. Nevertheless it as a good addicting game I have already spent a fair bit on it.Version: 1.4.4

Great gameI assumed this to be one of those mobile games where it shows you some half decent gameplay and then the actual game is terrible, but this game is actually so fun and enjoyable. Sure it can be a bit hard the first time you play it, but once you learn what everything does it is pretty simple..Version: 1.5.3

Awesome sauceThis is a great little game, you can pick up and play for 10-15 mins and then forget about for the rest of the day. Easy game play and just fun..Version: 1.13.1

HELLLOoOoOOoOoOoOoOoOoooOoListen to me this game is the best but my legs are so small, like what! How is someone going to be able to run from a zombie apocalypse with little green ant legs, cute little itty bitty legs are the way for a zombie apocalypse I know what you’re thinking “hey you just made a complaint about legs who dose that obviously me” yeah I not making a complaint about the game it’s because I have nothing else to do with my life. Get the game it’s amazing 🤩♥️.Version: 2.3.3

The McDonalds near my house is absolutely terrible!The McDonald’s near my house is completely terrible! Every time I order a meal, no matter how simple it is, they mess it up! I order chicken nuggets and get a burger! How is that even possible?! I gave it a one star review as it was completely terrible! Also, every drink I order has no flavouring at all! It is just a sparkling water, which I quite dislike. I much rather visit KFC. Oh and this game is pretty good..Version: 1.12.1

If you hate this game, you literally live under a rock.Now if you’ve just seen a ad on this game and reading the reviews, read this one. Have you ever seen one of those ads with the girl or the guy playing this game? Have they talked about all these cool new guns and swords? Well, everything you see in that ad is completely true. Now my point is, this game is a one of a kind. And anyone with a one star review has some explaining to do. Now if your looking at this game for the first time and don’t know if you want to get it or not, trust me, your going to want to get it. This game is ad free, it’s very easy to progress and fit in to the community, and in general is just great. Now back to my point. This game is the literal definition of perfection. And if someone hates it, or has a problem. You better explain right second now. And don’t be wining about it being so bad if you haven’t even played it and just heard a rumor like, "Oh my gosh there’s a tiny bug in the game that’s probably going to be fixed in a day or two!" Then you must have real issues. Look I get it it’s just a video game but if your looking for something action packed with cute and simple graphics, this game is definitely gonna get you playing on it for a long time. Just remember, don’t get addicted or stay on it for hours because remember, everyone has a life to worry about..Version: 1.8.1

Fun game but too many micro transactionsLike the game itself is fun with good progression systems, but it overloads you with ways to spend your real money. Every single tab you open has a different deal for a few dollars it kind of makes you want to see how far you can go without spending any money at all. If I was the developers I’d make everything in the game cost gems instead of being asked for my credit card details every time I unlock something new..Version: 1.6.1

I never write reviewsThis game was advertised on ticktok I used to love mobile gaming but most company’s try to compete with Console and PC where as this game understands the market and they have produced a very high quality game. It never lags and it’s fun as hell and no force ads which is the best but it also keeps me engaged with the game for longer :. Playing longer 5 star.Version: 1.4.4

Takes too long to play againI did the math it takes 1 hour and 20 minutes to get 5 stars. Other then that it is an amazing game.Version: 1.4.4

Awesome gameLegendary game. If the developer can find a way to make it an online that would be great.Version: 1.6.1

Fun!To be honest I thought this game was gonna be naffBut it’s actually quite fun and for a free game this stuff all ads which is even better although I think the less ads is probably why I enjoy it so much.Version: 1.9.0

JojoOra ora ora ora ora !.Version: 1.5.3

HiHi, this is a great game super fun, but I’ve run into a little issue with the update, ever time I try and update it doesn’t complete and I can’t play the game till I update it, so please help.Version: 1.15.1

Addictive and fun recommendI’ve only been playing for a few minutes and now I can’t stop, it’s fun and there’s lots equipment to choose from, it’s not to hard and fast paced it’s just perfect and I love that the weapon strikes on its own so we don’t have to aim and shoot for the zombies and there is no ads and it’s not a pay to win i am very happy with the game.Version: 1.3.9

Love this gameThis one is surprisingly addictive, and unlike most of those small, easy to play, sink-5-or-30-minutes-into-them games, this one doesn’t hit you with adds every time you make a move or finish a level. I think the ads or prices are balanced for what the in-game purchases offer, and I find the replay value for older levels to be pretty rewarding. I’m progressing slowly, myself, preferring to try the trials or the daily challenges, but I see there is options for those who prefer to throw themselves at the main levels..Version: 1.5.3

FeedbackThis game is pretty good!! It’s just as the ads advertise it and its pretty fun, although I do have some feedback. Keep in mind when reading this, that I am not that good at giving feedback. After a while, this game becomes pretty boring and time consuming and it stops being fun the second it becomes repetitive. Even doing the trials are no fun because they are just the same thing over, and over, just harder and harder. What I’m saying is, this game takes too much time, I know you can just leave and rejoin when you want, but you would be better off turning that into a feature by creative save files or autosaving, especially if you gave players the choice to have multiple save files. Another thing I mentioned was that it’s incredibly repetitive. There are not enough skills in the game, point blank. This game would be a whole lot more enjoyable if you added heaps, especially if you added more strong ones. Even just adding a few per chapter would be a great improvement!.Version: 1.5.3

Very addictive, but there are annoyancesThis game has soo much content and it is very addictive at the start. Also fun and challenging compared to all the other crappy games. However, there are some serious problems with this mobile game. 1. Balance for weapons Some weapons are REALLY good and some are REALLY bad. For e.g, Those fidget spinner things: 9/10 The force field: 9/10 Brick: 1/10 Soccer ball: 3/10 Drill: 6/10 (when it follows enemy’s it’s good for bosses) Duran? : 3/10 If you play the game u know what I mean. 2. Straight up, bad names (Looks at 1. For bad names) 3. The balancing for bosses Alright, this single chapter has annoyed me enough to even make this review. I’m talking about chapter 5. The 3rd boss in chapter 5 is the single most annoying boss in the entire game. First of all, it’s stats is maxed the freak OUT. Second of all it does WAY too Much DAMAGE. Third of all it’s bullets are PRETTY hard to DODGE. Spending ALL my Revives just to die. Pretty hard right? Well, there’s more. Fourth of all, I have to play 15 Whole minutes just to get to the boss Fifth of all😧 It’s Very big And finally SIXTH. OF. All. You get Almost nothing in the end. So yeah… Annoying but addictive and repetitive game. That’s my conclusion bye..Version: 1.8.0

Fantastic Game but….I believe this is my first review of a game I could be wrong but I rarely and I mean RARELY do I give reviews. I want to start off by saying that this is a fantastic game, one of the very few non pay to win games. It fun, I play it every single day. My only issue with this game and believe me it’s not that big of an issue I will still give it 5 stars but I just wish that it was much easier to upgrade your weapons to be able to unlock the difference small upgrades it gives when you to begin to unlock the “Excellent” or “Legend” tiers on each weapon or armor. I feel like I essentially have to pick on path to upgrade. My own personal opinion on how to fix it? Take out the level 1 and 2 upgrades you have to go through when you see upgraded from “Purple” and “Yellow” tiers. I want to be able to use as much different weapon and different clothing such as gloves, Shoes, etc, I feel like it takes way to long and I play a lot but I still haven’t gotten to legend yet and I know it’s going to take me a SUPER long time. i’m not saying I want to achieve that within a couple of hours. but it shouldn’t take me months like I know it will. just a thought, great game!!.Version: 1.9.0

Idea for developersHello devs, i love the game, it has lot of stuff such equipment, skills and weapons etc but one thing that annoys me is why is it that once i max out all my skills yet i have like 5-8 minutes before last boss, only option i get is 30% hp recovery, why not give us 1-5 second power ups, chests gives 1-4 hp recovery but why not mini power ups such as -temp shield, -character turns into a mech or -gets crazy speed slashes and flys through in a direction Even character gains size Invisibility where enemies cannot fire projectiles Why not call in Calvary where character gets airstrike? Or pet joins in for brief second? Theres a lot you do to make end game more fun. Its a very good game and i love that i can get so much without paying and more with paying. It’s a great way to let people enjoy..Version: 1.5.3

BrilliantIt’s a brilliant game that I end up playing for hours at a time. Great progression system and lenient rewards to keep going, and no annoying ads disturbing gameplay Only problem being is that not all of the skills are balanced, I always find myself choosing the same 5 or 6 and going for the same passive’s just to evolve them even if the passive is totally useless, making a lot of the games either very repetitive or I just outright loose if I get bad RNG. Most of them are pretty bad and are not much better when evolved, these skills in particular are in dire need of a buff: Boomerang, Laser, Brick, Drones, Guardian, Molotov, Force Field.Version: 1.6.1

Very good very niceSo far it’s been very addicting it’s really good of you just want to chill lay down do something that will put your mind at ease but yeah pretty good.Version: 1.3.9

Fantastic Game, Terrible AdvertisingThis game is amazing. While the art style is simplistic, (I don’t know if you were going with that approach) the mechanics and levels are all unique and different. With the zombies you face varying from regular zombies to infected larvae and butterflies?! I’ve never seen a better zombie game where a normal guy fends off hordes of zombified mammals, insects, and gigantic monsters, with government secret weapons. I honestly don’t think anyone could hate on this game and have a substantial reason to hate. And then there’s the Ads… When I first saw an advertisement for this game, I immediately deleted the game, and then reinstalled it, because I was in disbelief on what my eyes witnessed. This game could be suffering from the Simplistic “Cringy AI Voice” Ad, where an aggravating voice says lines from a script with emotion’s equivalent to that of a orange. “Why?!” I asked myself, I get that your trying to support this masterpiece of a mobile game, but at least make the ads bearable! Your not Mafia City where the ads constantly get clowned on by Youtubers!.Version: 1.12.2

.ioThis game is actually very cool. When I saw it first in yt i thought it was going to be boring and I will never play it again but I deisided that I will download this game and I really love it and I play it every day now maybe not every day but most of the day..Version: 1.4.4

I like it👍It’s fun but I hate that you need energy to start.Version: 2.4.2

Fun and ad freeAwesome to play! No pop ups unless you want to get extra perks otherwise very enjoyable.Version: 2.0.2

Absolutely needs a sandbox modeOne of the best things u could do to make the game heaps better is to add a sandbox mode u get when u finish the first map u get to pick any 50 upgrades from everything that’s available and u get to pick any map even if u haven’t unlocked it yet and u get to start at any time point for eg. Like after the first boss or just before the last it would make the game almost perfect.Version: 1.4.4

Five stars but I thought of a great new mechanicFive. Stars would definitely recommend, but I have a new mechanic that I thought of what if we could make our own challenges to restrict some upgrades and make a different upgrades not allowed like you don’t to get to level three on something and you can restrict are the powers but you can also make it easier for you like adding or gold or diamond or 100% XP something like that I really hope you can make this in the new update. Another thing is that you can upgrade your a evo weapons that you’ve upgraded to evo so it can be even stronger and also the boosts should be able to get over to, and finally, I think that you should add multiple paths to upgrade it thanks for reading this. Sorry if it was too big..Version: 1.12.1

MehRelatively shameless clone of a good game vampire survivors with different graphics and added archero features, so it’s decent I guess but it’s missing something. To ignore the core mechanics for a moment, the art is simple yet good and it’s interesting how the base power up’s now have a single thread skill tree to decide how you progress them instead of a table that just increases the costs and because you don’t get as much strength from that skill tree, the armour system works as a good way to balance that with another way to make yourself stronger. I would’ve enjoyed it better if the weapons and evolutions were slightly different in functionality, but it’s probably too late now. Like for instance, the brick shot in a larger angle, the peachone robot shot in a different shape, spread and varying distance, and the lightning targeted based on distance to the player, but at the very least I hope you understand why I want this and consider what you want to do to improve the success of your new game (aside from ads)..Version: 1.4.4

Good GameI think this is a great game now I don’t normally make reviews but for this game I just had too. Some of the benefits that keep this game going are the grunge, your strategy when going into the rounds, the type of power up’s you pick , and so much more, now I don’t really have any down sides but I do have some things you should add too the game. I think some things you can add too the game are skins for your character. Now these skins should have at least a passive that always is in use and a special move like a bomb for example. I have one more thing you should add and that is a battle pass. Now what I was saying about the characters the characters can have skins a so a your accessories. Now of course there can be more things in the battle pass like coins and things. Oh and also you should at boost and pets for the boost u should add things like 2x damage or 2x luck because when opening cases or fight hard bosses these are helpful. For the pets they can act like the type a and b drone. Like for example one pet can have freeze powers where it slows the enemies. And thats about it on my suggestions. Oh and if u made it this far thx for listening. :).Version: 1.4.2

Good but has some kinksAlthough the game is fun once you get in a rhythm, it has certain aspects that bring it down. One instance of this is how rather than resetting in the morning so that you can continue to play at any time throughout the day, daily features reset at about 12:00 pm. This is likely due to time zones and I am unaware if this can be set based on the user’s own time zone individually but it would be an improvement since it is inconvenient having to wait until noon to play and collect rewards. Another thing is that sometimes after watching an ad the ad will complete but an error will appear and no reward will be given, on one occasion this happened to me three times in a row before I moved on. Lastly. I think it would be nice to be able to check your equipment in the pause menu, although you probably wouldn’t be able to upgrade it until you finish the match. I’m not saying the game is bad, no game is perfect, I would just like to give my experience with the game and my opinions on how to make it closer to perfection..Version: 1.5.3

It’s very good but it’s missing something.Good game but I really don’t like the way that you have to restart again and fight the bosses that you already fought again so I’m asking if you can make this game so when you die you spawn on the level of that boss, etc if you die on the boss with the flower head you spawn back where you started to fight the boss another example is if you basically die when your fighting the worker zombies then you spawn back there with all your items and stuff. ALSO PLEASE LOWER THE PRICES BY JUST LIKE 10 CENTS IM MISSING TEN CENTS..Version: 1.3.12

Great game but..It’s a amazing game love it the developers give really good deals and when ever there is a bug they fix it and give us free stuff my only complaint is that there are lots of like buy this for 10 dollars and then it shows x10 value it’s great that there are deals like this but there are so many buy this or that. It gets anoyying I also think end game is really boring like all you can do in endgame is grind or get the new items. But it’s a great game for free I highly recommend you download and give it a try.Version: 1.5.3

Great Game, Mid ExecutionIt’s a fun little Grindy game however the biggest let down is the length of the levels, I often find myself bored having to wait for the 15 minute timer. There is no way to complete a level without getting to a point where you just have to wait for boss at the end of the timer. This game would be better if they added a way for the level to end faster the similar way they’ve done in Archero. As there are times I get the right set up then have to put my phone down and do something else to wait for the timer to do it’s thing..Version: 1.11.0

Fantastic game full stop.Great game super satisfying and so much replay value just wish there were more items to choose from and that every item had an evolved version not just some of them. Overall though one of the best mobile games I’ve played in a while..Version: 1.3.9

Great game but more events pleaseHi it’s a really great game and very satisfying to kill hordes of creatures. What I am missing is when you create account you have those server start events and when you miss them they never come back which is little bit sad as having the opportunity to get a S tier set items and gems would be super good even after the server start events..Version: 1.5.3

CopyFun game but it’s a complete reskin of vampire survivors which is on steam for 3$.Version: 1.3.12

Great game hear me out whyI don’t often leave game reviews but I really enjoy this game there’s a lot of different stuff and I like a lot how it’s actually challenging and you just need to keep trying again until you get it. I scrolled passed this game a lot on the App Store then a mate recommended it and I’ve been loving it for about 4 days gotten somewhat far there’s heaps of levels and that and more other stuff to do it’s a great game all around.Version: 1.5.3

Boss attack tipsSorry devs I’m helping beginners on how to survive bosses I’ll teach in a moment I don’t know all so I’m telling what I know and I don’t know all the names that good my former account is not active it’s been awhile #1 the flower boss it’s the first boss you see in the game it is a ranged boss but it stands still you’re going to need to not get hit by the projectiles it spits out and don’t get too close to damage it so maintain a small distance #2 that worm boss the second boss you see in the game a range and melee boss you can tell when it attacks when the eyes turn red it sometimes fires projectiles from … somewhere but be careful and it sometimes runs/slithers towards you so when that happens move to the side from the perspective of where it is looking at #3 the last boss until i update the review the robot boss green colored… I’ve seen red. it’s the third boss you see in the game it’s kind of a melee boss it’s just that it goes and throws it’s head to bite you with and while it’s doing that the body runs around delivering damage if touched I have said the dark word and it sometimes slides towards you with its fists up so turn to its sides when it is doing so and one more it can do a jump once in place and if you are in the red circle you take damage so never get too close to it.Version: 1.14.1

Fun Game 20% Skill and 80% LuckIt’s a fun game to play to pass some time. You fight monsters they drop gems when you get enough gems you get 3 upgrades to pick from to fill 5 blasting slots and 5 protection slots. Each time you get gems you need even more gems to get the chance to pick the 1 of 3 and each slot can be upgraded to level 5. If you match the same blast slot maxed out with the same protection slot you get a really powerful attack boost. But you never know what 3 options are going to come so you get stuck with weak weapons and or useless protections. But BUT it’s random as to what you 3 you get and you have to be really lucky to stack all the upgrades you need to beat the boss’s and you have to do all that before the time runs out or you just die because you almost never get the the health refill. There are some ADs and you are NOT forced to watched them but if you do it does benefit you. Also there is so much going on on the screen between your weapons, your protection, the enemies, the gems, the gold, fire balls, bullets, forcefields it gets crazy to see what is going on. It gets really repetitive when you’re stuck trying to upgrade. Overall it’s a fun game and I recommend you give it a try..Version: 1.12.2

Overall very good gameI’ve played this game for a little over a month now, overall I’d say it’s very fun to play, and I like that you don’t necessarily have to pay to get to decent level equipment. You do have to grind to get there, but it’s reasonably attainable. I also like that there are new options/ areas unlocked for several stages, keeping play intriguing and interesting. I will say that your ability to feel that you’re making good progress really plateaus after level 10 or so. But has been a great gAme for over a month and that’s playing almost daily. I only wish that there was a speed match mode (nearly all modes are 15 min rounds, don’t always have 15 min to dedicate [yes it pauses, and can play later, just would be a nice feature]). Also I wish there were more power combinations variations, like pairing different powers and getting them all max level could open different unique superpowers. Or having an area where you spend gold to upgrade powers and can unlock said different power-ups or super powers. Very good game, just suggestions 👍😌.Version: 1.15.2

I totally recommend!!This may be difficult for littler kids but I mean I doubt they would play anyway but I absolutely love this game I am ADDICTED I think this is different from any tho their game because the advertisements are accurate to the actual game no necessary in game purchases and the game is Free! Which I think is king blowing honestly this game is so good they should have it a dollar or two, but anyway I definitely recommend for ages 6 and up (because of the difficulty level) but if the child has a lot of experience or none really doesn’t matter they would find this game interesting and really fun to play! People are saying that when and if it does disconnect them (which is normal I mean the internet is not perfect) I think it’s a personal Wi-Fi issue because I personally haven’t had this happen if I get disconnected I get back on and all my things are there and ready to resume the game it took me off of, so don’t be worried if you have a strong Wi-Fi provider this shouldn’t be a problem! 🤗.Version: 1.8.1

YeahIts good and addicting, but getting stuck on a world can get a bit old especially since its luck based-ish to get good items and upgrade it so you can actually survive. and if you don't then it’d be the round just wasted because you'd just get swarmed and killed pretty fast, still fun though and the feeling of actually taking down huge waves of mobs is great..Version: 1.4.2

Impressive for what it isWas not expecting much at all, I was wrong. This game is honestly quite fun, no ads every 2 seconds and no major paywalls (I will update if this changes). The gameplay is engaging and can be quite repetitive at times as all you have to do is upgrade and move, needs variety honestly. Has a nice gear upgrade system, skill tree and so on, plenty to do in game. Devs have outdone themselves 👍.Version: 1.4.4

Casual Mobile players delight.Great game with a simple and easy to follow system to progress. Though paying money would increase your progress quicker, there’s plenty of f2p options that will allow you to still obtain some of the best gear in the game. The combos with equipment you can use leaves a unique experience every time you play a round. Definitely a game worth trying out for casual mobile players..Version: 1.4.4

This is a great game and all, but one problem.So, yeah, I enjoy this game a lot. However I don’t have much time at home to play it, so I usually play on the car ride to school (I’m not driving). While it is fun, there is one thing I have noticed that prevented me from rating this 5 stars. The thing I’ve noticed is that your player data, such as your equipment, chests you open, event progress, etc. is kept COMPLETELY online. And this drives me insane, because when I play in the car, if I’m at a bad data area, it becomes almost impossible to anything while I wait for the player data to upload. I don’t fully understand how it works, but I’m pretty sure that this can change. So my proposal to the devs is this: what if the player data was kept on the device, but when you were at a good connection zone it would also upload to wherever the player data is kept right now. This could potentially improve a lot of loading time in main menu and generally overall. Thank you, humble reader, for reading, and thank you devs for this great game. I hope you read my suggestion..Version: 1.14.1

Pretty greatIt’s a fun game, quite addictive, as you play more you become stronger and advance in the game. I was happy to realize that there is a stage two after the first one very generous with coins, and if you want even more, you can watch videos instead of spending real money.Version: 2.0.5

Awesome game👏I first saw the ads for this game and was interested but not fully sure. One day I decided to download this game because I was bored. Best decision I have made. This game is very fun because you are able to unlock cool equipment and there are plenty of event happening all of the time. And these aren’t just boring, old, common blah blah events either. You can get S tier excellent equipment to fully level up you game and playing experience significantly. Also the graphics are extremely smooth and give for great gameplay. One issue is that the game rounds last 15mins which is a bit if a long time for a singular match; excluding the time for you to do events, claim log-on rewards, etc. Maybe the addition of a quick match of some sort or to have a 1v1 pvp for an infinite round to see who can survive the longest. Infinite may seem like a while but matching the hp of the enemies to your level of exp or map and progressively making it more and more difficult. Overall, this is my only complaint(or idea to improve the game.) Short version- This game is very fun and I would highly recommend. Props to the developers for creating a great game. 5/5🌟.Version: 2.3.3

Holy heck! This game is so good and fun!Me and my friends all meet up and play this game for hours! Haven’t been outside in 10 years as I have to protect myself with my forcefield and drill shots, my teacher tried to talk to me and I got out my Kunai and shot her in the face ahah! Just trying to get that points and move onwards, overall this game is so fun and not boring and can play for long periods of time without stopping the playing of the game, i poo myself whenever I need the toilet and my mum always tells me to get off it but I just say ‘no mom what the hell not yet.’ I’ve killed 3000 people with my kunai for trying to stop me it’s so fun and enjoying the game much to so good much fun too much. #surviving in ior world..Version: 2.0.1

(Not a Bot) Honestly great!It’s so hard finding games like the old times where they where so addictive you can’t put your phone down. Or a game that’s full of ads, this game has little to no ads I’ve only seen 3 ads and that’s because I wanted free coins. This game is so addictive with great sound effects and actual detail to the game. Honestly after years I’ve found an amazing game. Well Done!.Version: 1.8.1

Great gameGreat game adds are exactly how the gameplay is one of the best mobile games I’ve seen in a while.Version: 1.4.4

Genuinely an amazingly fun gameI’m not one for writing reviews but this game deserves one, although there are in app purchase they are not at all required, there is no in game currency that can’t be easily gotten through playing the game. Really fun, please keep up the great work devs.Version: 1.6.1

Amazing and super fun!!!I really liked the game even if it was one of those scams that’s it it will give you “free Robux” I would still like the game. It’s so fun and I like picking my weapons especially whenever you get to the highest level of your weapon. Also, can you make it less hard to beat the little butterfly things and make them spit out less purple stuff that’s all I really have to say for the game but super fun and for people let’s say one star I have no idea what you’re talking about. It’s super fun and I really enjoyed it and I really like when you put mini bosses like that slug thing, when I finally got to chapter 2, this is whenever wrote this review, super fun and it’s ok if people don’t like it we all have our own opinion, and I love this game so much I will play it all day long. Specially, on my way to school on the bus and back. That’s all I really have to say though. I hope the person that made the game response to this, and the stuff on chapter 2 anyways, but this is amazing. You should really get this game if you’re just looking at the reviews and see if it’s good..Version: 1.5.3

LOVE ITThis is honestly the first game i have ever reviewed and have given a 5 star too. i didnt think id enjoy it or quickly become addicted as i am now, but honestly hands down best “time waster” game to play if you’re looking at passing time, and my favourite thing ever about this game is that its pretty much ad free, besides from watching ads for getting rewards n such, but thats your OWN choice unlike some apps which pretty much force ads down your throat 😂 its so refreshing to finally play a game with close to little no ads and its been a long time too. great job on the game! 10/10 recommend!!.Version: 1.10.2

It’s pretty goodI’ve been playing this game for a couple of hours now because of how different it is to all the other games that are kinda similar. But the question I’m asking is, does the standard tier katana have a evolution for example the shotgun to Gatling gun is unlocked by getting the skill +10% damage. I did notice it has one like that but the option for an upgraded one hasn’t popped up yet. Thank you if you have time to respond..Version: 1.3.7

Amazing gameThis game is awesome. I’ve play for 1h for 3 days and I’m already addicted. Keep up the good work!.Version: 2.4.2

Time disappearsAs you play this game. Great roguelite cycle keeps runs feeling fresh. K my thing that would be a nice addition is an “Endless” mode..Version: 1.4.2

Hey, so is anyone else getting this glitch?Whenever I try to do the battles like the main map or the challenges, I can get chests with even like a gold mine ones basically anything with like fighting or like for the event, I can’t do without having that thing from the last event, which would be like if you ran into some thing you would get dizzy, and every single time every few minutes or like seconds, it will give it to me when I’m trying to do those things and I don’t know what to do cause I thought originally it was like something I was supposed to be in the game. But when I was doing today’s challenge for the battles, basically it did it but because of the player Stats and size it was off and in the middle if it was meant to be in the game, it would’ve been The same height as the player so I don’t think it’s meant to be there but I don’t know what to do or how to fix it, so please fix the game/glitch . I don’t know if it was not meant to be in it or if it was either way I don’t really like it, so yeah kind of confusing my gameplay but still 5stars as aways!.Version: 2.0.5

Great game to pass the timeThis game is actually really addictive lol I didn’t expect to enjoy playing this game.Version: 1.8.1

Good but…I can’t get any pets. There’s no pet section anywhere and I have pet keys but I don’t know how to use them because I can’t find the pet section..Version: 1.13.1

Early impressions are goodI have a lot of hours in vampire survivors and I thought this would be a cheap little overly ad driven adaption of it. Turns out I was wrong. It is very similar to vampire survivors. Possibly a little more difficult in terms of scaling and the touch screen isn’t ideal for a game this chaotic (but also not the games fault). Mostly came to say the ad placements are actually really limited and feel very fair. No random interruptions, no forced to buy things, it runs an ad at the very end of a run and if you die sometimes you can play an ad for one respawn? It feels very fair unlike most mobile games who cover their game with an ad every 2 minutes. If you’re not sure about it, just give it a go. It’s not bad at all.Version: 1.8.1

Great game to throw some spare time atSimple to understand game, with a good replay value. Best part of this free game is that ads aren’t shoved down your throat, but watching them does give you small bonuses. I feel some weapons and skills could be slightly more well balanced, but as you get to choose between 3 skills every level up, you can usually get at least 5 of your 6 favourite skills each game..Version: 1.7.0

Great gameI love this game the only slight problem for me is the lack of items to collect. Some previous games I have had weren’t great compared to this but had loads more items to give you more experiences and combos and also maybe add actual combos. For example when you collect three specific special items you get say a buff of they all merge to create a super powerful item. Overall though an amazing game well done HABBY.Version: 1.4.2

Amazing Game😎😎I first heard of this game when my friends started playing it, I had seen it in ads and never bothered downloading it cause most ads just straight up lie. But one day I was watching my friend play it so I decided to to give it a go and what do you know it’s great. It can get frustrating at times but I guess that’s what grips you. The skills could be a bit more diverse and balanced but apart from that I love it!!! At the moment I’m in chapter 13 and progressing quickly. Definitely worth a try in my opinion. Thanks.Version: 1.7.0

Too longSometimes each rounds are too long and make me hesitate to start a round. It gets a bit boring. It definitely needs an update on it.Version: 1.9.0

Eventually gets boringI used to love this game play it all the time why friends also played it but eventually it just got boring like the second level is just to hard please make it a bit easier.Version: 1.8.1

FeedbackThis game got me hooked in 4 minutes I love all the weapons and the defence to keep you safe. I would recommend everyone to try out this game. If they don’t like it at least they gave it a try. One thing is when it says uncommon then common the rare then excellent. Maybe add legendary? That would get more people playing. Thanks for the time that you took to make this game, I love it and I’m sure that many other people in the world do as well. Keep up the good work :).Version: 1.5.3

Very fun, just needs quality of life improvementsLove playing this game, it’s a lot of fun. Just a couple things that would make it so much better. - Better game statistics. What I mean by this is how the game needs more numbers within buffs and debuffs in the game. For example, there is a debuff called ‘reduce healing’. By how much is my healing reduced? It should be called ‘reduce healing my 50%’. I would said, half of the buff and debuff descriptions are like that. This also goes for some equipment descriptions and chest win rates. We should be able to see our odds in chests. - Another thing is within the clan system. When there is a clan expedition or boss to attack, there should be an exclamation mark on the clan icon to alert clan members to do their attacks. Lots of clans have members that don’t attack or have forgotten..Version: 2.4.1

This game is awesomeWhen I saw this game I thought it was a crappy mobile game but when I played it it was really fun.Version: 1.4.4

Only two things wrong but other than that, a solid gameQuite good, Very addictive. The only thing I would like to change is that you can claim Unlimited Clan clan gifts per day, and the adds sometimes don’t give you rewards.Version: 2.0.2

Amazing game but…I keep on getting these abnormal network errors, I tried deleting and re downloading the game but that doesn’t work, I tried fixing errors in the settings but that just fully deleted all of my gameplay and made me restart with no change to the errors. I do find this game fun too play but looking all of my progress was extremely annoying. Any help would be appreciated.Version: 1.7.0

Please read!!!!So this game is great. The game play is very fun and addicting even as a free to play player, but there has to be a second option for aiming the weapons. I think having a second joystick for aiming would make the game so much easier to play especially for weapons like the revolver, shotgun, katana, and baseball bat. Having one joystick makes the game feel so clunky it makes the weapon balance horrible because the best weapons for the most part are the lightchaser and kunai and there is no in between. I get that having two joysticks could over complicate the game for some but thats why i think it should be an optional change. You should also add options for static joysticks as well. Like i said the game is very great as it is, i like it a lot but adding this one change would make the game a lot more fun to play, it would make those four weapons i listed earlier useful depending on the chapter. I really hope you guys consider adding this change because it could make the game so much more fun to play..Version: 1.4.4

GreatThe first time you were able and you had to do something with it and then it went to the other person that was going through the process of doing the work that I was supposed and I didn’t have time for it and then you were going through.Version: 1.12.1

Vampire Survivors but free and on mobileThe game is actually way better than I assumed it was going to be when I found myself laughing hysterically at one of their ads, but after playing it a fair amount I can say it’s pretty good. It’s not easy, but it’s fairly rewarding, and the ads aren’t intrusive at all. Pretty good, nice job guys, and nice job having ads that actually use your gameplay that was a really good touch..Version: 1.12.0

Great game - but one questionThis game is just as it is shown in the ads and a great way of killing time. The levels can be a bit repetitive and weapons predictable, but apart from that it’s good fun. One question I have: do you work with Blooket, or was it made by you also? They have a game very, very similar to this which was recently released although I prefer this as it has better weapons and graphics..Version: 1.7.0

Possibly the most addictive game everAs I approach 100 days of playing, I thought it would only be fair to leave a review. With simple gameplay, a ton of different rewards to help improve your game in different ways, events that are mostly good and a ton of other features I won’t go on to list, this game is definitely one of the most addictive games I’ve ever played, and everyday is enjoyable!!.Version: 1.12.2

It’s better than you thinkThis game is actually not bad, as you can shoot zombies and gain abilities to kill them. There are also at least 106 levels to beat, and I’m only on the second one 😢. Anyway overall this game has made it on my top 5 games list and I’ve been playing for quite a while now. My brother got interested and so can you! Download it, it needs no wifi (though you can’t play on your account) and it’s free to play. No money or anything. Download today! 😄.Version: 2.2.1

Really good game but it destroys my batterySo I played around 4 months ago on my iPad. I got really addicted and the game style was definitely something to love. So I played the game for 3 days and that’s when I realised that this game is destroying my battery. I went into settings and over 50% off my battery was gone within 30 mins. Now I thought that it was my iPad that was the problem until I got the game on my phone and I’m still suffering the same issue but just not as worse Still fun game tho and I play it from time to time.Version: 2.0.1

NO ADSIf you like games that get harder as you play them and unlock cool abilities this is definitely the game for you and did I mention no ads.Version: 1.3.12

Great but improvements can be made.Really fun and addicting game but here are ways that it could be improved: 1. The energy system isn’t great and it’s stopping people from putting more hours into the game. I understand that you don’t want to lose revenue from removing the energy system, but, at the very least you should add an option of a one time purchase in exchange for unlimited energy. 2. Introducing a group system such as clans or guilds would be a great way to meet new people and improve the game’s community. It would also be a good way to find new friends as you can send and receive energy to friends. 3. Weapons and abilities are unbalanced. Some are overpowered such as the guardian and force field and others are really underwhelming such as the soccer ball and brick. 4. I’ve seen a lot of other reviews saying the same thing but the chapters lack diversity and the game starts to become stale over time. Each level should be more unique to eliminate the feeling of repetitiveness. 5. I know that local co-op was just released but some sort of online multiplayer mode would also be great. Overall, the game’s fun but could be improved by adding more social features, improving the current energy system and better balancing weapons and abilities..Version: 1.12.1

Good game but still issuesCore gameplay loop is really good. The ability to create builds is fun(although somewhat limited as u need specific other items to get evolutions which are kinda needed for high levels) and killing mobs/bosses is incredibly satisfying. However this game REALLY need a speed up mode or shorter chapters(it takes 15 minutes to beat one and it is incredibly unlikely you will beat it even in your first few tries). It also should be easier to gain new items without paying money. Alright game carried by really fun gameplay loop. Would definitely recommend.Version: 1.5.3

GET THIS GAME!!!This game is so satisfying I recommend the Molotov because it turns into a beast I do think level 3 is the easiest but the camera is quite weird in that level, but regarding that YOU NEED THIS GAME mostly if you have adhd or if it hard to focus because how satisfying it is you will get really good in seconds if I could I would give this game 10 golden stars! I love this game and I’ll think you will too!<3.Version: 1.12.0

Good gameI just did it a few days ago and I saw it a few weeks ago and I saw it a few weeks ago and I saw it a few weeks ago and I saw it a little bit too soon I was thinking it was funny I just don’t want to talk about that but I’m not sure what about that I don’t know what about that I just don’t want to see it a lot and I don’t want to talk to you anymore and I’ll stop by and say stop to get you done I’m just going home I love it and I’ll stop stop by and then I will call you in the day I love you and I’m sorry I love it so much but I’m just getting on my nerves and I’m not sure if I need to go get back to go back to home and go back to go back and go get back home and get back home soon and I’m not home I don’t know why I’m so sorry for the way you did that to you so I love it you just I’m sorry I’m so euthyroid sorry for you and I’m not going back home in the middle of the world I’m sorry I just got back from the doctor I’m so sorry I can’t stop stop too I’m just going to get home in the rest of my day love ya bye mama mama love ya ya.Version: 1.5.3

It’s my first time playing this game and already getting pro but you gotta read thisSo as soon enough the internet has been working for me and I haven’t got to a ad I’m surprised but that’s pretty weird I’m not getting ads so it’s like killing people in doomsday mobile game and puzzle of survival so as you start to play this game again your back at level 1 but who cares we can get to like 21 level so picking like 20 or 21 skills so we might die in like 40 seconds but still you can get next attempt way better on your side cause my way I’ve been to 17 level while battling cause it feels like a stressful game but sometimes you get dumb by surviving in like 2 hours but I don’t know how there’s no leaderboard that makes no sense like Subway Surfers has a leaderboard and race clicker on Roblox not just some little secret leaderboard if I see that I’m rating this game 4 stars just kidding keeping five stars I know this is as long as like dab pilkey’s books like super diaper baby Gluk and I don’t know so let me skip like dog man everybody who knows that piece of 50 year old with a cool drawing dav pilkey this feels like as fun listening to xxxtentacion music I mean the game well bye you can be done reading.Version: 1.4.4

Hard to get equipment?Don’t know if it’s just my luck but all three of my S tiers were guaranteed and everyone who play this game knows how hard it is to grind gems. Overall still a great game to kill time..Version: 1.5.3

This game is greatWhen I saw it on the App Store with a rating for 4 year olds I didn’t expect much. It’s really fun and addicting though really recommend it.Version: 1.5.3

THE BEST GAME!!!!! BUT IMPOSSIBLE TO BEAT CHAPTER 1I don’t have time to write a proper review but this game is brilliant at first it seems boring but when a play it a few times you will love it I play this game 24/7 no ads it’s a exiting and time taking game I DEFINITELY recommend it and this for sure deserves 5 stars but on the other hand it’s feels as if it’s impossible to beat chapter one I’ve been trying for so long I just can’t pass could you please fix this. Thanks.Version: 1.3.12

Good gameI was expecting one of those games where they don’t show what they do but I was blown away by how fresh the game was P.s how can I reset the data I like restarting games I enjoy playing.Version: 1.4.4

Best mobile game to existOkay so normally I don’t right reviews like ever Becuase it takes time and effort that I just frankly don’t want to put forth. However this game is completely different. I played Archero before it was even cool or popular like it has become it was super fun and me and my best friend and brother always loved playing it together. Until this game came out, I was just scrolling through the AppStore looking for something to play and I find this game, I had recently saw an ad for it on Tiktok or something. So I downloaded it and have been playing it for like a week or so straight. It’s very addicting and well put together. It allows me to play something on my phone for once instead of scrolling through tiktok and that’s it. I haven’t played many phone games in my time, however when I was a kid the phone games were great things were still new and innovative. Genres were still being created almost everyday. This game brings back all the good memories I had as a child of playing phone games. Me sitting in church wanting my grandmas phone to play with, being at Walmart shopping and wanting to play, so many other places I always wanted to play games. So thank you developers for making such a good game and allowing me to have that childhood fun back. I can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for us, keep up the good work. Love Zayaslaya.Version: 1.4.4

Wow!There are many reason why I gave this game 5 stars and I really rarely do this. One of the reasons being is it is EXACTLY like the ad. Most mobile games, you play the demo ad and download it, it’s usually a completely different game. Not this one. And I was completely impressed. Another reason is extremely addicting. Honestly, I have to keep myself away from the game sometimes cause I catch myself playing it for too long. It’s not too hard but at the same time making it challenging to get levels and it is so satisfying knowing you are going to beat a chapter. And last thing is, it has no ads! A lot of games have the first 2 qualities, being like the demo and being addictive but always have slot if ads, which result me rating most games a 4 or 3 star rating. This game however, does not force you to watch ads. You watch ads if you need something such as another life or more gems which is super efficient and which makes me love the game even more. Overall, 10/10 game and recommended..Version: 2.6.3

Just great.Wow. This game is a great time waster and very good for grinding out, I haven’t been playing for too long(just over 2 days) but I can say that it’s without a doubt worth trying out. I play this on the bus, at home, pretty much anytime I can, it’s fun, it saves progress even mid match, has amazing content like characters, weapons, upgrade system, the list goes on. I definitely recommend getting this game..Version: 1.4.4

Just a great great gameDidn’t even get prompted for this review, came here to just drop some praise. Seriously fun game. Brilliantly designed, regularly updated with new mini games/events. One of the big things about this game is you do not have to spend money to have fun, it doesn’t force adverts and you can get everything at your own pace and still get there. I have found myself spending money for the soul reason that I want to support it and by that point it have given me hours of fun already and when you do spend a couple pounds it gives you a fair reward. Solid 5 stars. Big fan.Version: 2.4.1

Good gameI love this game they put a good amount of work into it so thanks for making a game I like.Version: 1.11.0

Great gameThis is a great game with no adds unless you want more materials and the weapons are balanced.Version: 2.0.5

Update suggestionThe game is really fun i’m on stage 6 it’s but it gets boring after time so i suggest that you Could make a infinite version where there is a infinite time to survive and infinite waves and bosses each 10 minute or so.Version: 1.3.12

Best gameThis is an actual really good game lol one of my favourite games.Version: 2.0.5

Needs online modeI’ll give this game 5 stars if thay add a online mode so you can play with other players and different difficulty’s as well for good players.Version: 1.14.1

Genuinely enjoyableI’m really enjoying this game and I disagree with other reviews that complain about the grind I think the balance is great just enough to make you feel accomplished when you finally beat a level you’ve been stuck on. Overall just really fun and addictive thanks for making it and I look forward to future updates maybe with some weekly/monthly challenges.Version: 1.3.12

Great game! Not littered with adsI don’t leave reviews but the fact these guys don’t ram Ads down your throat between every round is phenomenal and deserves a round of applause. This game is super enjoyable fair pricing for items in store. AGAIN NO ads being rammed down your throat! I’d say give it a try! Cheers.Version: 1.3.12

This game is like doing crackI saw an ad for this game and was at a point where I was like I’ll download it because it looks fun - fullllly expecting it to be a pay to win pile of turds…. Nah bro this game does exactly what it says on the tin, it’s frustrating but so fun to actually build up your character to beat as many zombies at one time as you can. I’m on chapter 3 and have made it to 8 minutes but no further but that’s fine! They have trials with added difficulty which allow you to play unlimited so you can grind whilst trying to improve your character - it’s honestly a decent game and well deserving of a download!.Version: 1.3.12

I really like this game!!Survivor is super fun and challenging, anyone who says it is too hard hasn’t played for long enough to get better. I love you you can improve and change strategies each time to keep it fun, and there isn’t many adverts which I love. No annoying ‘pro’ option that you have to get to make the game fun, just a really interesting game that is so unique and addictive. HOWEVER: I don’t really understand how to get another level?! I have been playing wild streets for ages and lasting really long but nothing changes. AND: I can’t seem to evolve and merge very easily, ie, it is quite hard to use the fun tools that the game provides which is a shame. For such a cool game, it can be a bit complicated if you want to change things up a bit. OVERALL: I love this game so much but to get a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️, I kinda need more instructions to help me understand the evolve, and merge tools.Version: 1.10.2

What a gem :)This is a great casual game for anyone that is a fan of character builds, just make sure you set some time aside as these are not quick 3 minute stages - however, you can pause the game and come back to it later without restarting the entire game, even if you open other apps in the meantime :) This is something that other games lack. Keep it up devs! 👏🏻.Version: 1.4.4

Fun and you don’t have to p2wJust a all around fun time.Version: 1.5.3

Playing like afk arena new modeSuper great but my eyes pain. Playing like afk arena’s new mode and that one looks simple than this one.Version: 1.3.12

Five starsAnd I just thought of a better mechanic how old a mechanic will go is, you can get infinite spots for weapons, so you wouldn’t have to worry about only getting six weapons and that your stuff from the last game will be transferred into the next one I mean like modes and do you know the patrol thing you should make it an actual mode where I can go on forever, and it saves at different points when you leave.Version: 2.0.2

My suggestionHello developers, I love your game. It’s very fun, kind of addictive, and your rapid fire update make this game ever changing and amazing, but there are some downsides. With the constant updates, it becomes kind of confusing what’s what, so if you could maybe dial it down a little bit, that would be great, also, it’s disappointing that a game ends after the fifteen minute mark or however long a level is, and the challenges only last so long. I think it would be cool if there were like a sandbox mode or a survival mode, where you can select your level/difficulty and keep fighting bosses and monsters until you can’t. Also, sometimes the descriptions on equipment can be a little confusing, for example, the new void walker chest piece. One of the rarities says that you go berserk and another says something resets upon revival. I have no idea what this mean, so please clear it up a bit. I do not think this game is sloppily made, nor do I think it’s bad. It’s the exact opposite, as I’ve said before, I love this game and it’s really well made, but maybe with a few flaws. I hope you will read this and fix a few things, because that would be awesome..Version: 1.11.0

So addictive!!!Surprisingly got hooked on this game quickly. Each area is challenging until you level up your little dude. When you receive better gear, previous leveled gear can be leveled down to get a refund on coins you’ve spent and merging gear doesn’t reset the level it’s at, but keeps the same level but upgrades - BONUS!.Version: 1.7.0

LOVE THIS GAMEI’m speechless this game is just overall amazing and I recommend that you try it it’s so addictive!!!.Version: 1.11.0

So Awesome That I Can’t Stop Playing!!!I’m quite a fussy critic & to be honest it’s been a very long time since I’ve found me a good game I actually enjoy playing, Great Artwork, Great Progression & it’s well worth the download! 2 Thumbs up… 👍🏽😁👍🏽.Version: 1.5.3

Seriously awesome gameOnly thing I can suggest is do away with the energy, I know game play time is important and all but like just make it harder or something as a reault..Version: 1.5.3

Great, but repetitive…This game is great, not many games out there that have the evolving and upgrading mechanics 🧰. But there’s 1 thing that makes this game really boring. The fact that there’s only 3 types of maps reskinned e every level makes it real boring. You could spice it up a little by adding some obstacles like trees and more walls that lead you in different directions. You could also be stuck in a maze and you have to escape. Another cool thing to add are more objectives. Surviving 15 minutes get a little boring after some time. You could add new objectives like protecting you survival base or rescuing survivors who will give you items. Speaking of bases you should have a survivor base that can be customized by you! You could bring pets into battle giving you buffs and add some special difficulty’s for some maps. Like for the snow, you could take damage over time because it’s so cold, and after a while you could take more damage because it got more cold. Another thing is to add more effects like blizzards or rain for specific maps. Other than that, the game is great! Keep up the good work!.Version: 1.7.0

Not a Pay-to-Win!!!I love this game because you can actually advance and get good at it without having to buy stuff. I did make a purchase though because I’m happy to spend money on a game that isn’t forcing ads/isn’t a pay-to-win type game. I’ve been playing for almost a year and don’t intend to stop anytime soon!! Highly recommend this game, but it is addictive so just a warning!.Version: 2.0.5

Destructively FantasticFirst off, a few words of thanks and praise to the devs. Your work shines through the masses in this game, from the lowly beginning stages of throwing knives and so much as a pillow for protection, to the fiery inferno of fully maxed Molotovs and the outrageous wheel of death, this game is perfect. Thank you for putting time into what matters, and not expecting me to watch an ad every time I want to select something new on the Home Screen. What a wonderful relief to grind all the way to the top and not even spend a dime getting their. That’s the way a quality game should be, and that’s the way you made it. So thank you a thousand times and again. To potential players—- Absolutely worth it. Like seriously just play this game and find out how right I Am. For the player that wants to scratch that I-want-to-be-destructive itch, this is for you. You begin with nothing, and in no time at all your desire to annihilate massive onslaughts of zombies of all different kinds is fulfilled. Your hunger for customization and thoughtful strategic plays is satiated, and your thirst for levels upon levels upon levels is quenched. There’s seemingly no end in sight, although I know I will get there myself with how addicted I am. The rewards are plentiful, the ads are almost non existent and NO, you do not have to pay to play to your hearts content. Just play it ok, trust me..Version: 1.7.0

An idea I have for clansI think that you should be able to go to war against other clans you could by weapons like drones or the defender at the clan shop and use this e in clan wars The war could go like this every level that is completed is a point the harder the level the more points it gives and at the end the to clans go head to head in an arena where the last clan standing wins You could get a variety of awards from winning if you could go up in the ranks of a table or something anyway this is a great game and I think you should play it.Version: 2.0.2

5/5 GameI love this game, everything you guys are doing with it is amazing. I would like to see an expansion of the guns (M16, M1911 and M1 Garand maybe?) Can you make the assault rifle from the military enemies accessible to the players? Some heroes I would like to see are: A Marine A Sports Fan A Politician (that would be funny) A Astronaut or Scientist (you have the design) Other then that great game and definitely can’t wait to see where you go next..Version: 1.12.1

WowI saw this game on tic tok and downloaded it thinking It was one of those very bad mobile games but no this game is very fun to play and a big plus is there is no ads.Version: 1.4.2

Love the game! Few changesThis is the first time I have reviewed a game, but I believe that this game has a lot of potential. Firstly, I think that there should be a survival game mode to just see how long you can survive. This is because after I beat a map, my abilities and everything reset. Secondly I would like there to be an automatic aim feature for the guns like the kunai. If not, please make a joystick. That is all I ask except from a small change. Make the shop bigger..Version: 1.3.9

WowI didn’t think i would like this game so much, and I’ve only been playing for a couple days. When I tried the first chapter, I was angry on how it was to complete it. But all I had to do was enter some codes, got a bunch of gems and unlocked the shotgun, which does so much damage when fully upgrades I just breezed through chapter 1..Version: 1.4.2

Challenging but funThis is a great little game to kill a bit of time, the game is challenging but not impossibly like some other reviews imply, the only real improvement I would make would be that after killing the last boss on each stage allow the player to continue playing to see how long they can survive. Little bit annoying that after killing the last boss in each stage it sends you back to the menu. But other than that extremely fun!.Version: 1.3.12

Free to play…. Seriously!!!This game is 100% free to play, and ad free. You can watch ads to get extra stuff like keys, gems, gold, items, and even experience points, but you don’t have too. If the game is too easy there is a challenge mode which is much harder! This game is very addictive and it is my go to for free time. The new stuff added was pets that can assist you in your journey through a zombie apocalypse! Love love love this game. Can’t wait to see what they do next!!! PS. I think it would be nice to have an option to pay gems to add more refreshes per lvl. Another thing I would like to see is co-op online that way I could play with my brother. He has this same game and plays about as much as I do, but he lives 1500 miles away. Not sure if this is in the works but would be really fun to play together with him. I know that there is the co-op that is local, and that’s great but to play with my brother would be the icing on the cake. Lastly if this were possible it would be cool to have a chat feature so I could hear him too!.Version: 1.13.1

So Much ContentThis game is amazing, fun, satisfying, well made, and has content to last years. It is also great for passing time. There are no forced ads as far as I can remember, only ads are if you want extra rewards. When I decided to check the amount of stages the game has, the number shocked me: 105, with more on the way. To put that into perspective, I have had the game for probably more than a month, and I’ve just made it to stage 4 right before writing this review. And the stages aren’t the only things this game has, I feel like every time I clear a stage, I unlock 5 new side modes or missions. Each round lasts around 15 minutes depending on the stage plus however long it takes you to defeat the bosses. This makes it great if you need to kill time. And even if you don’t have a lot of time, the rounds can be paused and continued any time. Closing the app will pause it automatically. Overall I have no issues with this game, if you are still deciding whether or not to try it out, I 100% say to give it a try..Version: 2.1.0

Chapter 30This game is great. It’s a good time killer, fun, and it always gives you something to work towards. However, there is a flaw in the game’s mechanics. All the way up to chapter 30, the game does a good job of pacing and managing RNG when it comes to what skills are available when you level up as well as upgrades for said skills when you level up, because that is part of the fun-going into a level with a build to overcome the level’s obstacle. This system fails BIG TIME on Chapter 30. In Chapter 30, there is the I introduction of a new hog enemy variant that charges at you and has increased health compared to the normal hogs. If you are not decently equipped and at LEAST have your primary weapon fully upgraded, you are in for a bad time. This is where the RNG and pacing of skill availability on level ups gets incredibly awful and almost purposefully punishing. I never get what I need when I need it, if at all, and even when I try to change my build using the crappy skills I get, this level STILL beats me down. The game definitely has its challenging points leading up to Chapter 30, but I’m convinced that someone flipped a switch on this level to make sure it’s as awful as possible..Version: 2.0.2

Actually hard sometimesReally fun game, like if they reworked it so it wasn’t pay to win then this could easily be on a console like the nintendo switch and i’d buy it, great little arcade game which is actually hard sometimes and by that i mean, when you don’t have good equipment and you go into a game, all the upgrades is Rng and there’s 4 good weapons and if you don’t get them and can’t upgrade them it’s really hard, more upgrades and ability variation needs to be added but i also think it shouldn’t be rng like you should have to spec ur points it whatever you want instead of 3 randomly selected upgrades.Version: 1.12.1

Sign in feature requestThough the game is amazing and the most unique game I’ve ever played, I would like to request a sign-in feature so I can download the game and load my progress and continue playing it. Currently this isn’t possible and Iam unable to continue my progress on my tablet as the data is stored on my phone. Please look into this request and add this feature as it is a must in almost every game.Version: 1.7.0

SuggestionsFive stars, the gameplay is simple and fun to play with. I would like for HQ to add an inventory space so you could get a choice of what to use instead of accidentally walking over meat and eating it when you have full health. Also maybe add some more of the non S-grade armour to give some more variety to some EDF chest opens..Version: 2.0.1

What a great gameThese days it’s just ads over and over again but no this one is a well designed game with little to no actual forced ads the reward system is great and there are so many good skills to unlock I just love it and it’s not that repetitive I would actually recommend it (it’s demo is the real deal) and no I’m not paid this is an actual review :)!.Version: 1.4.4

No 1-2 star reviews allowedLet me say one thing. Why? I mean cmon I’ve seen a lot of 1 star reviews complaining that it’s a “hard” game, it’s supposed to be hard and fun another review complained of all the adds. What adds? And if it’s annoying turn off the WiFi it’s a great time waster and if it’s crashing well then it’s just a little bug happens all the time for some devices this looping back to people who says it’s to hard or easy if it’s to easy then it’s because you got the right gear if it’s to hard well then tell me a survival game that is easy and fun with absolutely no challenges in it at all. Anyways that’s all I wanted to say about that it’s a really fun game and I recommend it to anyone in need of a really fun time wasting game (haha jk download the game it’s the best game ever and anyone who says otherwise is on my naughty list) And this right here is an update of my speech of awesomeness to the person who said it was a copy. No it’s not and second who cares? It’s way better. To the person who said it’s unbalanced it’s no where near unbalanced you chose the wrong gear it’s supposed to be hard for the last time. Finally to the person who said it was to rewarding it’s not that rewarding cmon your getting so much stuff cause your probably a nerd at collecting stuff and always fight bosses or whatever welp that’s it...for now have a great time to all the people who had the time to read this.Version: 1.12.2

AwesomeI think this game does a poor job of advertising, it looks like another one of those really awful Instagram ad games that are nothing like the ads and they could do better. But the game itself is genuinely awesome and constant fun, I have a tendency to get very bored of any game I play too much but haven’t had that for this game, it’s simple and fun and the whole upgrades and perks selection means you are constantly trying new combinations to try beat a certain level. Genuinely very good fun and would highly recommend..Version: 1.8.1

Perfect but…The game is amazing in literally every way. However, the constant requirement of internet connection to literally do anything is so frustrating. Why does upgrading gear require an active internet connection if I already have all the items? That’s the only thing bad thing I can find about the game, and would probably give 5 stars if it didn’t always require an active internet connection..Version: 2.0.0

HehehAwesome.Version: 2.4.2

No RNGGreat game, good way to past time. My only complaints would be it is a bit of a crash grab as you’d expect with todays climate and the way games are, especially phone games and as far as i'm concerned their is NO RNG. They say spin this for a chance or do this for some items, but all you ever get is exactly what you don’t need or just something horrible, which entail/incentivises people to spend more money on what they actually want. Apart from that its okay play. but rng with no rng, annoys me a lot..Version: 1.11.0

Great Small and Simple GameI’m a college student for being a games developer myself and this kind of thing has given me inspiration for my own projects. Not only that, but I also do really enjoy how simplistic the game is. I saw advertisements for this many many times, and it started to get annoying. So I thought I’d give it a go, and it seemed to have worked out very well..Version: 1.11.0

Incredible potential, great game 🧟‍♂️I think you should eventually add more weapons and skills to add variety, but mostly I think the map shouldn’t just be an infinite floor. I think adding some rooms and pathways and openings, buildings to walk past would add a lot more so the game doesn’t feel like the same each time. It should still be open, but pathways and walls here and there could elevate the experience. More colour to the map as well. You could still have empty areas, but it would be more fun running and fighting hordes of zombies with different ways to go, maybe a road you have to cross but it’s narrow, or a graveyard you can enter but have to navigate across tombstones. When it’s a boss, just teleport to somewhere open on the map, you could have like 5 areas which you go to depending on the closest one. Thanks for reading 😊.Version: 1.3.12

A confession and proposalI have a confession to make. I have been playing this game for over 320 days, have over 10 s-grade equipment, am level 80, have over 3 epic pets, have catnips as my survivor, but I'm only on chapter 31. I have only one reason. The levels just take too long. Sure, some people reading this review might say “dude it’s only fifteen minutes. Its not that long”. And you would be right, but in the time it would take me to complete four chapters (one hour), I could complete way more levels in other games. Plus, if I die, then I have to redo those 15 minutes. Im not saying the game is bad, but i do have a proposal. What if we had a row of buttons under the XP bar that could speed up the gameplay. There isn’t anything under the bar and it wouldn’t really take up any space on the screen. I know that the developers of the game might be working on the next amazing update or event for this amazing game, but please at least consider it. -DmanPillager.Version: 2.2.1

Good gameLove this game. So addicting. Nothing wrong and I’m glad it doesn’t have ads that disturb the game play!.Version: 1.10.2

Amazing game but a thing you could addSo this a amazing game and I’m still a beginner but something you could add to keep us entertained for longer is that after two chapters the items change so player won’t as bored as easily,I’m st obsessed with this game though it’s rlly fun to play after grinding in other games. anyways I rate this 5 stars ⭐️.Version: 1.4.4

Update suggestionTo Habby, Gorilla Studio, Hi! You have made an absolutely amazing game. I’ve spent over a weeks worth of play in about a month. Highly addictive. I was wondering though about something that would make this game five stars. I don’t how how possible it is but could you make a friend and trading system to trade gear, coins, designs, gems, keys, revive coins, outfit, and equipment. Just a suggestion but please think hard I would love that I know quite a few people who play who would also enjoy this added Braeden Flores, 14.Version: 1.8.0

SheeeeeeeeeshI downloaded this game cause my friends all played it and said that it was fun and they weren’t lying.Version: 1.5.3

More to it than I initially thought…So I thought it was just a very very basic drag your thumb survive as long as you can, die, go again, yawn… HOWEVER!!! It’s totally not, there’s far far more layers to it that I thought, very impressed and well executed. Lots to unlock and upgrade, rare items and more. I’m hoping there’s also some kind of online element later down the line but I’ve not been playing that long, but fingers crossed. If not I’d love to see something like that get added; fight as a team, fight agains players, etc etc. lots of potential here.Version: 1.9.0

It’s an amazing game butDon’t get me wrong it’s a great game no force ads, just no ads really but it’s quite hard getting onto the next chapter. And if your new you would think 🤔 the 1st boss is how you unlock the next chapter so Im not begging but could you maybe change this. This is the proper review 🤫 So overall the game is great, fun, addictive and just…good 👍 no goals, really it’s just shot there shot there get over there. The game is overwhelming with waves of zombies 🧟‍♂️ but in a good fun way overall it’s an addictive game. I definitely recommend this game. One thing ☝️you need to add that other players want aswell to add hopefully a free play mode. So that’s my review and bye. ✌️.Version: 1.3.12

Super Addictive and Fun!I don’t lay mobile games a lot mostly for the reason that they get boring or it’s mostly just the same as most games, this game is something I’ve always wanted, waves of enemies and upgrading gear and weapons, loads of levels and other opportunities. I downloaded this game today and I’ve not touched my Xbox all day because of this game. I’ve been on my phone all day, if only my battery could last a little longer! I love this game!.Version: 1.3.12

Download right nowwwTbh I didnt except much from it but the game is exactly like the ads and is so addictive!!.Version: 1.6.1

This is a great gameThis game is amazing and its so easy to play and it has no ads (unless you click on something that needs an ad to unlock a reward) but it also needs no internet. One problem is that if you accidentally like press the free gems button twice and it puts you in the ad you cant exit the ad and not get any reward but I would definitely recommend this game if you are going on a long car ride/ if you are very bored.Version: 1.4.4

To funI can’t stop it’s 2:00 in the morning I need sleep but I can’t stop pl help meee.Version: 1.3.9

Great game but progression falls off ..I am enjoying this game a lot, take a bit of time to really appreciate the mechanics and become proficient and know how to adapt your approach. Progression up to level 20 odd character was cool and felt solid, since then (now 31) has gone a bit stale after hitting a wall where i have to grind to move forward except rewards are too limited/RNG based to guarantee any steady progress. Im kind of stuck now as main mission is too difficult (not enough dps/health to progress) but side missions do not provide enough economy to upgrade and push through. Consider myself a decent player so not dieing instantly where its a challenge so this feels like a balance issue. Im not calling P2W as i do not see that as a solid option for progress (which is positive!) so call on devs to review progression throughout so its not a grindfest..Version: 1.11.0

Good garlic like. Plus no forced adsIt’s pretty decent but it’s just off being 5 star worthy. It’s pretty close and still better than a lot of games. And again no pop up ads.Version: 1.3.12

Great game, some thought for you.Amazing game which i have found myself putting some money into , very enjoyable and fun to play passively and I love that you can pause mid game and come back at a later time given that the games are so long, however will the growth fund me increased to the new level cap? I have nearly completed the growth fund and would love some new goals to work towards. I would also recommend you to provide more opportunities to get tech parts as the daily challenge and purchases don’t make it easy! I only have one epic tech part but I think they are a great addition to the game :).Version: 1.7.0

WowBelieve it or not this game is genuinely good tho the ad for it makes it look bad trust me on this one and give it a shot. It kinda gives me thrills and there’s a bout two ad interruptions per day so all around good game.Version: 1.8.0

I’m Addicted!Best thing is you don’t have to pay to advance..Version: 1.12.2

Tech partIm chapter 11 and i dont got the tech part.Version: 1.13.1

Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!!!I love this game so much because if you’re a beginner you can still can get the best weapons, you don’t need to buy skills to have it available in your skill shuffling it when the zombies surround me Guardian then saves the day! When I was a beginner I completed chapter 2 in two whole days! One small, tiny, really tiny issue, some skills are too overpowered, please no hate (fans of the op skills) but you devs should nerf some the most overpowered skills like Guardian Type A and B drone or something, I love the game on the other side, it’s addicting, awesome and cool! I hop on the couch, and start playing survivor io, it’s so fun, I have a suggestion, you can make something called endless mode because I get kinda sad when the game is over and another suggestion is to add more skills and this game is really fun my friend has the app too! This game is so fun that I won’t stop even when I’m tired. I once played it first thing in the morning! I think I wrote too much, that wraps up for my rating, hope a developer reads this!.Version: 1.14.2

Great game, but I have a problem.I love this game. I used to play it a lot, but then I took a break for a while. I came back to it yesterday after seeing that it had been updated a lot since I last played, but that’s when I ran into a problem. I kept my weapons and armour stuff, but all of my level progress was gone. That didn’t really bother me, I wanted to start over anyways, but after playing my first round, I came back to the menu and attempted to do an evolution. It did not work, and gave me an error prompt saying “Abnormal Network Connection (11001-9999), please try again later.” I am unable to get anything other than that to happen, I’ve tried using the Fix Errors option, but that didn’t fix anything. It also would occasionally say that there was a sign in error, but with no error code associated with it. I’ve been connected to a stable wifi network, so I don’t know why this would be happening..Version: 1.6.1

I Like the game but there are a few things about it.Im really liking the game so far, its fun and can be sometimes challenging especially when moving onto a new level. There are just a 2 things that i want to bring up. 1. Lack of diversity in levels: While actually playing a level i’ve noticed theres a lack of the diversity of skills/weapons that can be acquired while playing and because of this it leads to a similar build every time I play a level. I’ve noticed that you’re able to acquire weapons to equip as well, so a solution I’ve thought of to improve this is when you unlock a weapon you can equip it unlocks in the “skill choice” and perhaps its tier 1 or does less damage than a tier 1. This brings me to my second point. 2. Weapons you can equip: i find that its really hard to acquire new weapons to equip and considering that there are 5 other equipment slots and however many sets there are, Gloves, Belts, Boots, ect. It makes it really hard to get new weapons and to be able to upgrade them as well and in my eyes one of the main focuses on the game IS the weapons and being able to upgrade them and get ultimate forms in the levels. So perhaps there could another way to get more equip-able weapons or make them more common. I hope you consider the points i have made and thank you for making a good game..Version: 1.3.12

Fun, wish upgrade were a bit more stable.Great game, have plenty of fun with it and it passes time, my only small nit i will pick is the upgrades during a game, it will give you options to upgrade several gadgets to their max level, however i notice that you can apply almost every upgrade to your main weapon, but then it stops offering the upgrade. i have noticed this very frequently with the Kunai, would be good if once you set out on upgrading certain gadgets/weapons in a match it would keep on the same track rather than trying to push things you don’t want/need..Version: 1.4.4

A star in the dark light of mobile gamesI miss the great era of mobile games and now it’s just stupid and repetitive but this game has shown me that great games still exist. It’s high quality with an amazing story and is constantly being updated which makes it in my mind one of the best mobile games on the market..Version: 2.0.5

I swear if you rate this game, a 1,2,3 you are a crazy personThis game is the best game ever. The bosses are pretty cool pretty cool there’s like 500 levels there’s actually not 500 levels I don’t know but I haven’t saw the update yet but if you read this game under for your living in a rock I asked my parents to buy me this game and they were like if you do not like this game. I will ground you At first he might not like it because like you don’t know all the strategies and stuff but once you get, when’s your play for like a week bye-bye zombies bye-bye flowers bye-bye XP bugs I called those like things that swarm at you in like big groups XP bugs because he give you so much XP I think they’re better for like XP the zombies in total you some tips if you get Forcefield pick that that’s the best or if you’re using tonight upgrade that we’re forced to go to the besties in the game because Horsfield ones I was trying to run up on you they can’t and then once the wave is done or the boss comes, you can collect all that good XP.Version: 1.15.1

Well…I never thought that.I saw an advertisement for this game on TikTok where they offered someone 1k if they lasted 3 minutes… to be fair it’s an easy 1k.. til you hit the second boss then you stand there saying to yourself “I ain’t going to be defeated by zombies.. 4 days of having this game, I am addicted to it. Simple game. No pay to win, just grind and hope for the best. There’s different formulas of skills you need to complete each chapter.. I finally got too the city park bit and trying to upgrade my skills to defeat the butterfly.. it’s a challenge, but it’s a good challenging mind numbing game where you don’t get ads every 5 minutes. Brilliant work! Anyone who says it’s too hard needs to get good. Definitely a game where you need to try and try again with different techniques and if you master a technique for one chapter, don’t seem to work on the other chapter so you have to figure it out. I LOVE this game. Highly recommend if you want a fun, addictive challenge..Version: 1.8.1

Thoroughly EnjoyedThis game incorporates many elements of its strategic predecessors whilst maintaining an integrity as a standalone. The utility of the in game graphics, absence of incessant advertisements, and incredibly easy to use interface; work together to promote enthusiasm and enjoyment of the subject content..Version: 1.15.1

Recommendation/game ideasThis game is actually pretty fun. But it feels a little repetitive and I wanted to add some suggestions to improve gameplay. 1. Add more weapons/supplies. There is only a couple to select from so I get very similar loadouts each game 2. To make the game feel less bland, give the zombies more skins. Right now there is just a normal zombie and a construction worker zombie. 3. I also think changing up the terrain a bit when walking around is a good idea so you don’t just get squares and roads. 4. Give weapons/supplies different upgrade paths, with different paths changing the weapon look and usability. I really hope you do some of these ideas I listed, as I think it could be really helpful towards the game!.Version: 1.4.4

Run!I really didn’t expect to enjoy this game as much as I do! The .io is a familiar mechanic, so huge props to the developers for creating such a catchy variation on the theme. The graphics are cute, even the evil bosses! The game is hard enough that I haven’t even beaten chapter two yet - but easy enough that I think I can get it on the next attempt. Okay, the next one. Okay, this time for sure… Absolutely recommend this game, I’ll be checking out what else you guys have made, too..Version: 1.4.4

Incredible game, couple problems.So, this is admittedly one of the best mobile games I’ve ever played. When I saw the ad, I thought it would just be another mobile game with ads every five seconds, and I only downloaded it when I got the ad for the thirteenth time, I finally downloaded and was found I had greatly underestimated it. It’s addictive, it’s satisfying, it only has optional advertisements. In fact, there are only two things holding it back from a five-star for me. One, the waves of zombies are a bit… off. Everything is easy for a while. In fact, if you have forcefield, you are practically untouchable until defeating the ten minutes boss. Then, suddenly there’s these orange things that just destroy you. More gradually spreading out the difficulty increases would help. And two, the progressing is very slow. Wow, you survived ten whole minutes! Here’s enough stuff to upgrade by 12 hp points! Even if you survive all fifteen, which takes a very good build and good RNG, you still don’t get many upgrades. What I’m saying is, maybe give a few more blueprint thing rewards. Overall though, incredible game, and if those things get fixed I will change to a five star review..Version: 1.4.2

10 star game if ten star rating was a thingLove playing the game always up for destroying some zombies or rogue robots One item I wish there was a item called super magnet a 6th upgrade to the magnet item allows the player to attract the zombie drops from further away than like half way across the map or a sentry that pulls material closer to your location..Version: 2.4.1

Best game I ever playedYou guys have to download this game it’s really fun and there’s cool stuff to do so when you start playing you fight, zombies and other creatures and every five minutes you have to fight a boss I love this game just because of the bosses and the zombies and I love upgrading my stuff it’s a really really fun game. You guys have to download this awesome amazing game. If you don’t you’re missing out of the fun it’s so fun and there’s some interesting stuff to do you could fight zombies you could upgrade your stuff like my favorite force field and guardian those are my two favorite things force field is my favorite but a guardian is the second favorite guardian is like something that dart dodge is bullets it’s like a circle of death and force field. It’s just a force field. If you go on the force field you take damage when you make the force field bigger also does more damage. You guys have to download this game right now. It’s so fun if you don’t download what you’re missing the fun. Bye 😇🥰🫠😘.Version: 1.15.4

Enjoyable… sortaI actually really enjoy this game, the levels are ridiculously hard but still challenging. When upgrading or scrapping armour you keep all the materials and coins you have spent on it, whereas other games you would lose them. However, the one thing, the only thing I HATE about this game is… the random gear selection. It is the absolute most annoying feature and is this games most annoying feature. I understand you are meant to make do with what u have but this frustrates me especially when you press refresh and get two of the same items you had previously! It seems like I keep getting the same useless items over and over and it’s stopping me from progressing or enjoying the game. I ain’t one to get mad if I die or don’t complete a level, but when I constantly get the same useless gear every time! That annoys me. I still gave this game a 4/5 as I think it is really cool and the graphics are unique and simple. I would like to see a refresh to the way you select the gear you get so you can choose the stuff you actually want!.Version: 1.4.4

(Devs Read Please) First game without Pop up ads!This game is the same as when it was advertised, I thought it would be a completely different game as other weird advertisements end up being, but this is what was shown in the ad. The best part and the only reason I continue to play the game and got my friends into it is the lack of ads. You NEVER get a popup ad unless you click something that says you will get a ad. The only ads come from extra rewards but that can all be fixed with the monthly pass that makes you get no ads even when you click on the ads. Truly a fantastic game. The only thing that gets annoying is the challenges for evolution points. Most of the time it takes ~15-20 min per one and you have to do that 4 times per level. That’s a lot of extra time. I wish there was another way to get evolution points. I have done all the challenge levels up to chapter 18 and it’s just so boring now. I wish there was some option to pay to speed up the game or put it in 2x speed on the levels where you replay the same level. Thank you..Version: 1.14.3

This game needs outfits-Devs Please!Amazing game that I’ve been playing for a few months now, one of the most fun mobile games I have ever played. But I couldn’t help but wonder how much better the game would be if we could customise our characters outfits, now we have a few hats but you need to go through a bit of a pay wall to get them. Would be amazing to wear some armour or to have a cool jacket. Just some thought other than that great game.Version: 1.5.3

Good game just some suggestionsI really enjoy playing this game and honestly wold give 4.8 stars because I only have three things, and they aren’t anything wrong with the game itself it’s just things I wish we had in game to make things a little easier. I not to be condescending or tell you guys what to do with your game I just think it would be cool to be able to sell and trade armor you don’t use so you can get what you do use or get some extra coins/gems. It’s also a little hard to understand that stats for certain items, like a few of the army and traveler items, otherwise I love how creative and fun all the little weapons, belts, necklaces etc are. Lastly I just have a weird problem with the in battle weapons mechanic, only being able to refresh once doesn’t always help, even if you refresh there’s a good chance you’ll get what you just had with only one maybe two exceptions. These are the main things and my own personal gripe is how you can’t always red star your weapons and there’s a cut off. Otherwise love the game and it’s an awesome addicting mobile game..Version: 1.7.0

Good game- very addictiveTo be honest I didn’t really expect much out of this game but this was actually pretty good. Started playing and didn’t realise I had been playing for 2 hours straight, showing just how addictive this game is lol. Concept is simple but fun and overall it’s a great game, the only flaw is that someone like me could miss a train/bus while playing this game, because of how addictive it is🤣💀.Version: 1.3.12

I love this gameOkay so I got this game around 2 days ago because I saw some ads and I wanted to give it a shot because I don’t have many offline games. At first it was hard but then I got the hang of it in 10 minutes and I fell in love with it. There are no adds, some in app purchases but as far as I have seen they are so small. Absolutely love this game..Version: 1.4.2

A genuinely good single player game on the app store?!I was shocked when I got this game and it was actually fun. Unique and interesting gameplay, not grindy, does microtransactions right and no forced ads. Best single player game I’ve seen here in a long time, you just need to keep adding new stuff, the potential is all there. The enemy waves do feel a bit odd though, like you have one loads of easy waves followed by one wave which is ridiculously tough..Version: 1.6.1

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