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Reeder 5 App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Reeder 5 app received 20 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Reeder 5? Can you share your negative thoughts about reeder 5?

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Reeder 5 for Negative User Reviews

Too easy to trigger the “view/share image” which is disturbingCome on, this is a problem for reeder 4, and now it is there, could you consider to add a timer after how long time when pressing an image, should trigger the pop up box? Or just simply prolong the timer for a reasonable value like 1.5 seconds ? Or use force touch (even it is fading away).Version: 5.0.4

Eh so farFor being number one in App Store there’s a bunch of bugs. Can’t change app icon for instance. Doesn’t register. Hard to navigate. UI is clunky. Reputation of past apps gets you only so far. Hold off for an update. I’ll update my review when it gets smoother.Version: 5.0.1

Widget/Background Refresh Rarely Work, If At AllSince iOS 14 I’ve been looking to find more apps with useful widgets and was happy to see reeder add them. Unfortunately the widget has been anywhere from mostly to entirely useless. Initially, the only way that the widget populated content for me was if I opened the app and manually pulled the feeds then, upon exiting the app, the widget would show whatever I had left unread. Since the last update, it seems like that does not work any more. The background refresh never seems to work, so the majority of the time the widget just sits there empty. reeder has always been a great RSS app but I really only paid for the update to get the widgets, if they’re fixed my opinion of the app would go up considerably..Version: 5.0.3

Built-in cloud sync is bustedBeen a Reeder user since the beginning. Upgraded to this version thinking I could do away with my RSS service. Unfortunately, the built in sync has me rereading the same headlines half the time, sometimes 4-5 times. There is also no sync between devices so I need to mark items read on my phone and tablet to get things clean. Bummed. Shouldn’t have upgraded..Version: 5.0.4

Unable to load data from previous versionI was perfectly happy using Reeder 3.2.4 but, with the upgrade to iOS 14.2, it stopped working altogether. It doesn’t even launch anymore. I then paid the £4.99 for Reeder 5 only to find out that it doesn’t automatically load the feeds stored with the previous version (a perfectly reasonable expectation). So now I have a brand new version which I didn’t need nor want, with no way to load all the feeds I used to have and cannot recover from a suddenly broken previous version. Way to support your users..Version: 5.0.3

Anyway to turn off the brownI’ve tried to love the default color scheme but I’ve found it gloomy and depressing. Any way to turn off the brown paper look. I want white paper..Version: 5.0.5

Nice app but widget doesn’t automatically updateThe app is very nice and well built. But its widget doesn’t automatically refresh and update the news. After reading the news, I have an empty box and I have to manually open the app and refresh it to be able to see the most recent news in the widget. The widget loses its purpose if I have to open the app anyway..Version: 5.0.1

Great potential but Buggy release(Update 20 October 2020) The developer Silvio must be commended for being responsive to the feedbacks. I was able to have my issues addressed and voice heard. Would recommend giving this app time to improve. Beautiful interface as was Reeder 4! Support the developer for the work put in for making the widgets and iOS 14 support Unfortunately Reeder 5 is too buggy for me to use it for now (18 October 2020) 1. Opening articles from the widget will open them in the default view. The app does not open in Reader view even with the settings 2. The “All” tab shows unread articles only. So once you read the article, it disappears. It needs to be fixed before reeder 5 is useable for me. Back to Reeder 4 for now..Version: 5.0.1

Still brokenThe issues that were in version 4 (that I reported to the developer) are still in version 5. Find a better app, I know I will. This time I was fooled it’s “shame on me”. And it’s slower. Yay! :( P.S. I went back to Reeder 3 - it’s a delight!.Version: 5.0.1

Blank archiveIcon changing is a little buggy, but seems to be an OS problem. Restarting phone fixes this problem. Trying to look at Archive/Read items often loads a blank screen on the first try. Have to back up and go into it again to see the articles. Very frustrating. Buttons at the bottom are a little too small. The star/unread/all is hard to hit accurately. Would love integration with GoodLinks like lire has. Makes it hard to move away from that app..Version: 5.0.1

Great but terribleGreat but terrible… I have used this app for years and love it. I use it every day. However… My default browser is Brave on my iPad, but Brave is not an option in this app. Safari and Firefox however are options. Second, my default email program is Proton Mail, but this app does not use the iPads default mail client. Overall, a great app, but some really silly behaviours that need fixing..Version: 5.0.6

Almost greatnessBeautifully designed and works flawlessly except for the fact that switching out of the app while reading an article causes Reeder to lose track of that article. I am often need to switch out of the app while viewing an item. I return to find that Reeder has marked the item as “read” and cleared it from the feed. It’s generally too much effort to track the item down again. Fix that and I’m back as a user..Version: 5.0.4

ICloud (native) sync is painfully slow… to the extent that I don’t even bother using this app. The desktop version is fine but the 5* reviews for this are a mystery On Feedly it was fine Regretting moving.Version: 5.0.5

Serious App FlawIt’s to easy to accidentally mark items as read in this app. It should offer an option to ask “are you sure? “ before this happens. Especially for bulk mark above or below all read. Accidents happen, but this app doesn’t prevent them or offer an undo. Looking for a replacement....Version: 5.0.5

Simple readerIt’s a simple rss reader, but so far fails on notifications and background app refresh. Support page claims it could take a few days for background app refresh, but this is the first time I’ve heard of that. Hoping it works out so notifications and the widget works reliably.Version: 5.0

Great, another app that hides navigation controlsWho actually wants navigation controls to vanish every time you scroll to the bottom of a page? Yes, I get that this is a thing Apple is doing these days, but it’s just as stupid in Safari as it is here..Version: 5.0.4

MehBetween Newsify snd Reeder, Newsify is the clear winner. It’s stood the test of time and in years I’ve not been forced to upgrade or ensure failed syncs. Reeder, however syncs much more data, when it works, but that sync is slow. IDK what determines the number of articles that are fetched but iCloud sync is insufficient. I use TheOldReader and syncing online (although very slow) pulls about 150K articles. I have a lot of feeds so that’s about right for me, but I wish it was adjustable. Today, TheOldReeder syncing stopped. It’s the same issue I had with Reeder 4 and why I upgraded to 5. Pull down for sync and the spinner stops within 2 seconds. Yes, I can delete and download again, however bc of the slow speed that means keeping the display alive long enough for it to complete..Version: 5.0.5

Fine but buggyA bit disappointing to see bugs with the list view considering this is fundamental functionality for the app. The list view does not reliably show images for certain feeds (most images are missing in the list view for impacted feeds) The list view for such feeds also does not start at the first time meaning I need to scroll to the top..Version: 5.0.4

Sync takes FOREVER making this paid app useless. Want my money back!!Don’t believe the hype. This app is so slow it is not useable. Feedly and others load their content in seconds. I can leave this app open for hours and it still says “syncing”. And don’t get me started on a lack of notifications!.Version: 5.0.4

Keeps marking unread as readI really like the layout and the UI, but it drives me crazy when unread items at the bottom of my list get marked as read when I try refreshing Unread on iPad. Sometimes I have older news items that I haven't gotten to yet, and then they just disappear. It's like it's registering a scroll action. I've read through the other reviews for this app, but none of them share my concerns. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? It's just that I've never had this problem with other feed readers. Unread: An RSS Reader is much better in this regard, but it's much much more expensive..Version: 5.0.6

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