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Jackpot Crush - Casino Slots App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Jackpot Crush - Casino Slots app received 133 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Jackpot Crush - Casino Slots? Can you share your negative thoughts about jackpot crush - casino slots?

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Jackpot Crush - Casino Slots for Negative User Reviews

Jackpot every 10mins…ha.I downloaded this game from an advertisement from another slot game I play and it said win a jackpot every 10mins. Now I know that is not true but it sure would be nice to get at least 1 maybe 2 periodically. When special challenges come up they require a max bet or to do something to get the extra coins like hit a bonus game to win, where are the bonus games or free spins? I truly believe these advertisements are for the ones willing to pay to play and those are the ones who win what is advertised. I will not pay for an app ever but where is the fun in it to even spin to win fake coins?.Version: 4.5

Annoying ads play overtop of gameI do like the game, it is entertaining however there is annoying feature that at random an ad will play over top of the game as it is playing. Can actually hear both going at the same time but cannot see game just the ad. Assume it is a bug that needs fixing. Be nice to have a pay for no ads feature also i dont mind paying to stop them from popping up. And i like the choice of watching an ad for bonuses..Version: 5.0

PoorPoor game let’s you win a little then just stops and gets boring.Version: 7.1

Absolutely disgracefulI have just lost 7billion coins because the game froze I’m absolutely disgusted, absolute rip off.Version: 5.1

Way way too many adsGame “used” to be fun, win ratio is dismal, ads in the middle of gameplay. When asked about this, support solution is to make a purchase…NOT…uninstalling.Version: 5.1

Rubbish! Greedy developersUsed to be fun. Until they upped everything and made my minimum bet 16billion for the bonus. I start with 100ish billion and it’s gone in seconds. They start level sprint which makes it even harder and unless you keep paying it’s impossible to pay. Even the scratch cards you get like 40,000 how can I even play with that? Not to worry it’s getting deleted. I’ve seen the excuse “real slots” well at least with “real” slots there’s a chance you will win you actual money back on here there’s NO benefit to spending a single penny. If it was fun it would be different but I can’t even say that anymore. Big let down because of GREED!.Version: 5.2

UnplayableCan’t even play this game. Crashes upon opening. Don’t waste your time.Version: 2.6

ScamIf I don’t win a jackpot I don’t spend any money at all………..I delete it and as the same with all other supposedly guaranteed jackpots whic I never get. They are all run by Chinese and if you pay money and you lose you can only blame yourself!!!.Version: 6.0

Great game but new update makes things slowLove the game but the new update for Dec/Jan has made the game really slow, needs fixing or will need to delete as it’s nearly playable.Version: 8.0

Don’t waste your timeOnly time they ever give you a bonus is at the very beginning to make it look like it’s fun. They reel you in and suddenly it’s buy coins or get absolutely nothing for your time. Avoid at all costs.Version: 7.1

Jackpot not awarded, no help from supportThis has been a fun game to play. I won a mega jackpot and was only given my bet back. I reached out to tech support within ten minutes about the issue. They did not respond for 24 hours, wanted to know the exact time of the win the previous day. I told them it was minutes before I texted support. They did not respond for over another 24 hours and stated they could not find it. They gave me free credits that were less than 1/10 my original bet. Of all the apps I have played, only had problems on one other and they at least fixed the problem..Version: 2.7

Not A Gamble, more of a scriptWhy are the bonuses not random? Playing the Little Devil game and 81 times out of 81 times it was Devils Choice. It’s a simple 9 tile, match 3 to win. Devil’s Choice each and every time. It’s not just that game. This entirely scripted and a bit of a hoodwinking. Which is kind of sad since gambling always goes to the house anyway. You know, odds. Whatever you guys are doing here is pretty shady. I’ve recorded hours of gameplay and running through some programs with some friends to get a full analysis on results. Not sure what recourse there will be, but this is an absolutely awful practice and taking advantage of people is not a good business model. A shame, it’s a nice looking site overall. But since it’s a very scripted atmosphere and not really all straight, will be following up shortly with more details. Will loop you all in together with app stores and let them figure it all out..Version: 6.7

LagThis is worse then cash frenzy no point wasting real money on this slots not worth it . Take game off . I will post it on Facebook of this game the worst game ever.Version: 1.0

CrashingThis game should be called jackpot crash it has more crashes and crushes.Version: 5.7

A load of pooYou can’t get much above a 10x on this game waste of your time.Version: 5.2

Jackpot fever.Hope it works this time. Froze when I downloaded previously. Last chance.Version: 2.2

Jackpot CrushYour game will not load. Please fix it.Version: 4.9

A sham just like all the othersI was enjoying myself for awhile, maybe a week.. just playing random slots. I decided to play the quest at some point. I made it to the last mission in the quest. I couldn’t get past the last mission and win the prize for completing the quest. I had over a billion coins and blew ALL of it trying to fulfill the last goal in the mission. First, you had to activate the free spin bonus. Then, you had to get lucky enough to hit the wheel bonus which is only found within the free spin bonus. If you fail to get it, you have to get the free spin bonus and hope to hit it again. But that wasn’t enough... you had to win a certain amount in the wheel bonus to pass the quest which means, if you hit the wheel bonus and don’t hit enough, you have to do it all over again.. Hope to hit the free bonus and pray to whatever deity that you hit the wheel bonus again. Could’ve been a fun game with a five star review, but I smelled your greed through your making the final mission near impossible to pass..Version: 1.1

Money grabberThis game is a joke how do I use 180 billion coins doing 1.8 billion spins and not win anything back, let’s just say this game has a lot more losses than wins to make you use real money to buy more coins with real money.Version: 7.0

CrashesOnce loaded it crashes while using my iPhone 5s ? The games look a lot of fun and ill never know if they really are?! Anyways I downloaded the app and tried reloading it 10 times and nothing. Therefore I withdrew the app! All and all moving on haha.Version: 3.3

Do not buy coinsIt was fun at first but when I started buying coins,I noticed I was losing the majority of time. Not worth playing when you lose 90% of time so I deleted the app..Version: 3.0

WorstAbsolutely the worst slot game ever.Version: 6.0

Bad payoutsI’ve spend hundreds of dollars on this game over the time and it does not pay out at all. Customer support will say it’s a slot game based off strategy but their ads say “high pay out” “hit jack pot in less than 10 spins”. I’ve gone over 100 spins without even hitting a single hit. This game needs fixed. They just worry about what makes them more money. I’ve spent high amounts of money to be in a high tier slots and I’ve only won about 1/5 in return. So out of 50 billion that I use I will only see 10 billion. And then when I lower my bets amounts the ratio will be the same. Keeping me at a constant 1-10k coins. It’s ridiculous..Version: 8.2

Jackpot Crush 👎🏼This game is very very slow at loading in and into the rooms, yes I checked my connection and it’s not my connections (wifi/data).Version: 3.4

You can’t winToo little wins. All the game does is take, take, take. Boring.Version: 4.4

This game is a rip offThe reviews saying this game is fun are a lie. The game is focused on trying to get people to buy. You lose easy and consistently. The free bonus games are not a bonus they are a waste. Yours wins in the daily bonus are not proportional to your level which means the gold is a waste of time. All mission rewards are completely lame. If the minimum bet for a level 1800 is 5 billion but the missions require you to bet 36 billion several times and you only get 1.2 billion from the lane mission or 140 million from team mates…well you get the picture…you cannot enjoy this game. It is a shame these people are thieves. Developers respond to these comments but read their response this game is foreign run and they say nothing worth while or offer any proof that they are not ripping people off. We are supposed to take them at their word?!? Read the amount of 1 star reviews, the five star reviews look really suspect. The low reviews are from real people and the 5 stars are more than likely from employees or paid. This company is garbage, this game is a dump and you will regret playing it. Just play the real free games, I would never recommend this game or join their Facebook groups..Version: 5.4

Great app fun games but…Wow. The game is great until I no longer can play it till I pay $4.99. This is going to make me want to delete this wonderful game. I’m at level 46 and now I cannot play any machines. I press spin and I get a screen saying open now for $4.99. If I’m forced to pay to continue then I sadly have to delete this fun game. Don’t say free with in app purchases if it’s required to pay before can continue to play. Otherwise I think this is one of the better casino games out there. Fix this problem and I’ll gladly play again till then I cannot use it..Version: 5.5

Don’t bother playing!,One of the worst games I’ve tried, after every win you have to watch a video, and after that video ad is done you get hit with another video ad, you’ll end up watching more ads then actually playing the game..Version: 5.5

HenryLike all other games if you place small bets you get plenty of free games and other benefits as soon as you raise your bet to enable higher features the free games disappear and the features become very scarce thus dramatically lowering your stored up bank in the hope the you will then purchase “coins” Not me I will remove it from my machine never to see you again.Version: 4.5

CrashesCan’t say whether it is good or not, can’t get the game loaded. Crashes every time. It’s too bad, deleted.Version: 3.5

Don’t do itWhatever you do, do not spend your hard earned money on this game. If you want to play for free, it’s a fun game. If you spend money it will disappear quickly. They will let you win about 40% more than you bought, then they will take it all back immediately. Not over time with some wins and some losses, once you hit the win limit, it’s straight loses until it’s gone. Please don’t spend your money here, you’re better off giving me half of it and letting me punch you in the face. It will feel better and you will still have half your cash. This games a joke..Version: 8.1

Dumb game tbhIt was crazy my first day on the game I worked up to 2.5 billion coins. And on the second day I didn’t get a single freakin win and worked 2.5 bil all the way down to not being able to spin. Like this game is for fun and bugs like that ruin the experience, irl slots have a return to player % which was not reflected here. THE BIG KICKER IS: that a purchase I made thinking it was a single time purchase, just magically appeared in my card today. Mind you this is a few weeks after deleting this crap. Like not gonna lie this apps ads looked like a scam, and the way I just got tricked into buying a recurring membership is absolute solidifying that fact. (It’s only 5 bucks, but what the f is this??).Version: 6.7

Dont waste your time or money…Dont know why these people create these games apart from greed. please dont buy anything because it is not fun it just becomes tiresome and irritating. you will only ever get coins from bonuses, rewards or purchases. playing the slots is completely pointless. you'll probably get a couple big wins then it takes the coins straight back. when is someone going to create a fair slots game?.Version: 3.9

It’s fun in the beginningI started playing this game in January of 2022. And for the first 6-7 months it was so much fun. The games were fun and most payed. But for the last 2 months it’s been nothing but losses and there seems to be no end in sight. When I have contacted the support due to issues in the past they have done little to nothing about issues with the games malfunctioning (not paying when they should) or some games taking well over 1,000 spins to get any kind of bonus I was told basically it’s not their problem and that was the end of the conversation. I have also spent money on packs and such so it’s not like I’m asking for a handout from them. I’ve spoken to many other players that have had similar issues with support and with the game in general. It’s sad too, I love this game but will be deleting it when all my coins are gone. Believe me, the developers do not care if you stay or not..Version: 5.6

Just a repetitive and boring game.Started playing a couple months ago. At first was kinda nice cause it was a new game and you could win a bit. Then becomes very boring. At some point you never get enough points to get into the winners lounge to open the chests you win ( and you keep winning plenty of them). I am removing the game today. Just no time to waste on it anymore..Version: 6.7

Free gamesVery hard to get free games. Very expensive for coins considering you can’t cash out. Coins should be cheaper and more value for the money you pay..Version: 2.6

AwfulNever play this it is aload of rubbish if you do decide to play it never ever ever buy coins because the games will simply just eat them and it’s such a waste of money.Version: 5.2

This is a conYou achieve targets as set by the game only to have the wins completely stop ie losing $50b in coins to with no free games and very few wins above your bet. You have NO chance with this game and would border on being investigated as a dodgy business by most consumer organisations..Version: 4.5

Support does not respond thus does not careI’ve sent multiple messages over the course of the last 10 days to customer support. In short period of time Of minutes the game sucked over 12 trillion coins. This is shameful when the coins cost what they do in real dollars. And another issue where I completed I contest and the game doesn’t mark it complete so I don’t get the prize. I’ve been a loyal player so all I can think is that you really just don’t care. Best wishes with keeping people interested. I won’t spend another penny with the non existent support. Shameful..Version: 5.8

Only time you win is when you payI have played this app for about 6 months. I have noticed the only time I win is after I buy. I will spend about $20 a month, and for about an hour after I buy coins I will win a pretty good amount and than it goes cold. You will lose everything rapidly and even if you do get a bonus it will payout minimally. At this point (lvl 850+), I will spend $10 and that will give me 2 (yes two ) spins with the grand unlocked. I have never hit for over 20x my bet, never hit a major. The worst part is even after you spend money there are times that you spin twice and your done. Daily bonuses aren’t alway coin, and at my lvl won’t even unlock grand prize. I would need get the daily bonus every day for 7 days (in a row) and I still wouldn’t l get a single spin with the grand unlocked..Version: 5.2

DisappointingWhy do you make it so hard to get a bonus or special feature. Also, when you do get them it is like extracting teeth when you pay. Say you bet 300M your return is 2.4B., literally 8 spins and then you lose again and again and again Please wake up. It is frustrating and disappointing.Version: 8.2

Very PoorThe developer has done everything possible to manipulate the game to their own advantage. For example: Large bets gets zero features, but small bets gets features frequently. They also overcharge to open the vault with coins you’ve stored up. Game says it’s only $4.99, but when you purchase it, it’s actually $7.99. Apple will be made aware of this, and I will be asking for a refund..Version: 1.0

Greedy overpriced gamblingRidiculous pricing for coin packs and the price increases if you do buy, the same thing costs more because they are so greedy..Version: 8.0

Customer ServiceBeen playing & purchasing beaucoups of packages. I’m literally ashamed to say how much I spent in November just to play a game that I can’t WIN. I’ll admit graphics are spectacular & collecting stamps & chests to achieve missions can make one feel that he/she is/has achieved something, but in the end coins are always (well 98%) of why I’m gonna seek a cheaper fix elsewhere. They also lie & say “all is great” when I get billed for a bogus charge. Typical game I suppose but the lies have added up to an insurmountable amount of grief. One would think that one KNOWS what he/she purchased !! Please don’t respond with - “I’m sorry about your bad feelings” bc if you were truly SORRY you would correct ERRORS! Used to be fun but the lies ADD UP X infinity !!! Rollo.Version: 6.0

No winningsNever win always loose money.Version: 6.4

There is no value in spending money.You can decide you want to really get somewhere in this game by climbing the latter to higher levels. You can spend a $100 and 90 seconds later its gone. You can think we'll, that was unlucky, let's try it again, and another 90 seconds later you are $200 in the hole and you're no further along than the person who spent nothing. The more coins you have the more they force you to play. Lastly, you can write to customer service regarding a problem like the scatter game isn't paying the rewards and they respond with “Im sorry your experience with the game isn't living up to your expectations. You just need to understand sometimes you are lucky and other times unlucky. It's almost as if they don't read or comprehend, but it feels like they just want your money and please shut up..Version: 8.0

New update has ruined the gameIf I was to of left a review 10 days ago it would of been a glowing 5 star review…. BUT Since the recent update the games have just been not paying out anywhere used to what they were and now this game is no longer fun. Very disappointed as I have spent many of my days playing this game and have even spent quite a lot of my own money on this game. I wouldn’t recommend this game in its current state..Version: 5.1

Payout has dropped off to very lowI loaded because they said you will not have to top up your coins, and I have not. But I am quickly going through my coins now with almost no wins. Still have to suffer though ads and hundreds of annoying pop ups. I had 4 billion coins which was looking promising, but I am well below that with 800 million. And when they are gone so is this game. Too bad, it was fun when I was able to win. Not any fun to lose all the coins, not big payoffs, scatters wins are so rare, and if you hit one it pays out the smallest possible win. There are so many slots in the store, I recommend avoiding this one, or play till the coins are gone and move on..Version: 5.5

Just like all the othersThis is just like all the other slot apps. If you don’t by coins you end up losing all of your coins. If you buy coins there will be a short winning streak then all is lost again. The little side games like Blazing Spin and Pachinko only give the lowest prizes. Mini and Minor Jackpots happen but Major, Maxi and Grand hardly ever happen. Finishing any of the special events is impossible. They end before you can really gain anything from them and even before they end the 3rd stage is virtually impossible..Version: 5.2

Same old story.Starts of good but the more you buy credits the quicker it disappears,they obviously never heard of a winning streak or customer loyalty..Version: 2.6

Rating.These canes are nice but you never win. I repeatedly loose $12,000,000,000. No free spins or bonuses. Daily end up with ZERO. Do not be caught out by buying..Version: 7.3

Don’t Bet HighI enjoy the slots except the odds increase significantly against you the higher your bet. I finally got so frustrated after it happened several times that it took the fun completely away. If you are satisfied with smaller bets and therefore getting bored, this is the app for you..Version: 6.6

Do I stay and play??Time will tell ??Will this game be the one?.Version: 3.1

Not free - need to pay £4.99 to keep playingAfter only a week I got to the point where I couldnt go any further unless I paid £4.99.Version: 2.7

What a jokeIt’s starts off great , I was up to over 3 billion coins , then like a switch I stopped winning it kept taking it away was down to 5000, in no time All it did was l keep the pop ups coming to buy more ! I have a better idea , DELETE! move on to a good app..Version: 5.7

MehGame great ,customer service pathetic. Basically ignore your complaint and wish you a wonderful day! I am on level 1300 so expected better for being a loyal customer but bitterly disappointed.Version: 3.1

Looks good, just don’t playThey just want your real cash, builds coins then takes them all away,.Version: 3.2

Wolf goldThe amount of coins you play you don’t get much back I bet a million and win a hundred thousand back Just not right And you have to play a lot and still don’t get anywhere.Version: 2.6

Trash!!It’s just a game no way to actually win cash..Version: 6.1

Bet SmartThis game is fun and a great way to kill time. Tons of ads that give you free coins so you don’t need to buy any if you choose to watch them. Lots of different games with different playing patterns which is a feature I really like. You get bored on one game you can find another one to play. The only issue I have with this game is to win any decent money you have to keep your bets low. I have never bet big and won big. When betting big I normal don’t even cover the cost of the spin. Keep your bets lower and you can win 30 times the original bet..Version: 8.4

ThievesNothing but thieves, do not pay 1 cent for this game, go on the cash frenzy super group on Facebook if you really want to see bad reviews, disgusting company and disgusting people who own and work for that company, should all be ashamed of yourselves..Version: 4.0

Careful putting your money or time into this placeI spent slot of time and money leveling up the bonuses in the Wolf Eclipse game at 650k bet, all of a sudden when the bonus level were super high and ready to give the bet amount I was on was unavailable and I was forced to bet 800k which of course reset the bonus levels. This was super upsetting and tricky of them and when I contacted customer service they said oh sorry when you level up your player account you will be forced to make higher bets. What a joke. Not happy . Uninstall this crap app now!.Version: 6.7

Try something elseGreat when it first started, don’t bet high as you lose fast, pachinko bonus is only ever 8 times unless you spend $$ so don’t expect anything there, If you win a few change your be to minimum or you will lose it all very fast to get you to spend. Never seen a grand jackpot win after playing for a year or so, Don’t expect to ever see one. Basically bet low and spend nothing. Maybe time to delete app.Version: 4.7

Overcharging Guys!Twice I have opened the vault and the cost was supposed to be $4.99 but it charged $7.99 before I realised. Won’t be fooled again! Please fix this guys! The game is enjoyable, wins come and go as in all these games, graphics are good, but overcharging is not on. PLEASE FIX THIS AND REFUND MONEY as soon as possible OR PROVIDE EXTRA COINS..Version: 3.1

Just 5 minutes to lost all and ask me to pay for have more hahaJust a scam.Version: 7.6

I’mThe first time you were there I had to go back in and get the second one.Version: 7.5

ReviewFalse advertising. don’t download.Version: 8.1

Nothing like the adsNothing like the Facebook ads, lose more coins than you gain and the game is littered with ads constantly popping up its so annoying.Version: 3.9

SlowFun game but it takes a very (very) long time to load..Version: 5.2

Jackpot crushThere r never any big wins and also no free games.Version: 3.9

AlanNot worth the time it takes to download. Kept closing down when loading. Only rated it 1 star because there wasn’t anything lower.Version: 2.1

Rip OffYou start of for free then they run your coins dry within a couple of weeks leaving you no choice to pay £4.50-£5 to continue playing so i did thinking they would last they didn't although you win straight away then you lose done this 3 times over disappointed as the games are fun but it's clear the money is required to play avoid at all costs you could end up broke and in the gutter im deleting game before i spend a fortune.Version: 5.2

PatheticThis game is more frustrating than fun. When you first download it, you get big wins and bonuses. After about 2-3 weeks of playing, it all stops. You never get the bonuses or if you happen to by some miracle, it doesn’t pay much or takes it right back. The Stinkin rich bonus with the keys to the riches, is literally impossible to get. The game constantly shows you two rows of keys but never gives you the third row to get the bonus. This game was put in our local casino, but was taken out after only about three to four weeks. Everyone who played it got angry and frustrated for the same reasons as I stated concerning the app. I have wasted so money buying coins to play the game, only to be disappointed and frustrated with losing constantly and that absurd keys bonus which you can never get. Do better IGT!.Version: 7.1

Crashes frequentlyThe game crashes on high bank roll and support team not interested...... worst app I have ever played AVOID AVOID AVOID.Version: 2.8

Crashed my iPadCrashed iPad to the point I couldn’t even turn off and to wait for the battery to run out. Uninstalled and going near this again.Version: 5.5

PooDon’t bother just like the others went above 50 million a spin 7 billion gone in 12 min poo.Version: 5.3

App crashesThe app literally crashes so much it is impossible to play. Please fix this as looks like a good game..Version: 2.6

It’s ok butBut too many ads sometimes in the middle of the game without pressing anything , super annoying. Plz fix next update Thx.Version: 5.2

Trash like the restDont recommend any of these money grabs.Version: 7.1

Just like all the restSure you actually do win several size able jackpots in the beginning and hit the bonuses in the first ten minutes. But just like every other slot they keep letting you increase max bet to the point that you're bankrupt in seconds after the last mega win. Why do slots do that if they want positive reviews? DELETED AFTER 15 minutes. Bye app that is just like every other slot..Version: 5.1

HorribleThis game is exactly like heroine. It feels good at first, it’s fun, the payouts are reasonable. Then if you start buying coins, which you have to at some point to keep playing, the payouts are less and less. You have to spend more and more money just to keep playing. It becomes less and less fun because you can’t win. Like any drug you have to spend more and more money to keep the high going. The developers understand addiction. Stay away from this game!! If there were negative stars, that would be my rating..Version: 8.0

Stinking richI really like this game but it has some issues z several times I’ve left this game and come back a few minutes or an hour later and I start to play where I left off and all of a sudden I have no coins. When I left it I had about 30 billion and the game switched my bet up and used all my coins before I realized that this had happened. And thi game still doesn’t give the free games bonus very often at all . It sure takes the fun out of it quick!!.ihzve bought some coins but I can’t keep doing that especially since I get so little play for my money..Version: 6.7

Waste of timeJust spent 200 million coins without wining a single jackpot.Version: 5.4

Not the best2 trillion coins used on a 1b spin game, didn’t get feature once, of course then lots of pop ups to spend money.Version: 7.1

I haven’t hit a jackpot yetI spent all my money and now I am down to 0 and I haven’t won anything m..Version: 5.4

PoorNot a bad app but too easy to loose very large amounts of chips which means you could become a serious gambler with problems thinking it is ment to make you chase jackpot’s you see other people getting jackpots and you may get one in a blue moon.Version: 4.5

Same Crap different Game!This is the same as Cash Frenzy, just different characters and a little different game set up. This game is here to dangle a carrot in front of you to try to get you to chase the carrot, carrot equals money. I understand you’re in the business to make money, but there’s a thing called greed. I have spent my fair share of real money chasing the carrot on your games, i’ve been playing for quite some time never have I hit a grand jackpot, for gods sake it’s play money, your play machines are set up to be more tighter than machines in Vegas. It would be nice if you let the customer win once in a while, and not your little baby jackpots will delete this game and anything done by you I will let friends know on social media to stay away from your apps..Version: 3.7

BoringYou have only a few games open and to get the others open you have to bet high but your games don’t pay not exciting so you are being deleted.Version: 3.0

Terrible gameAvoid if you can.Version: 3.8

ConfusedI love this game. Very addicting!! I would give 5 stars except there are too many flaws with some of the rooms. But what I don’t understand is the slot room “Cabin in the Woods” NEVER EVER lands on the ultra link. Very annoying!!!!! I have been trying to land the ultra link now for 6 months and all I get are the free spin bonuses. Is there something that needs to be fixed on this particular slot? Please look into it. I have the same issues in other rooms as well but the worst is the one I’ve listed above. Otherwise great slot..Version: 4.5

Rip offPlease beware this game can be a money pit Always promoting you with offers It’s very clever how it works and could end costing a small fortune 450 billions coins lost in 25 minutes and the only time I got a feature was when I dropped from 1.5 billion coins a spin to 1 million definitely fixed to not pay feature after a certain bet Also find the missions almost impossible to complete After 2 rounds 1.5 billion a spin and must get feature 3 times lol can’t even get it once with 450 billion Please don’t fall for this Only interested in your cash.Version: 3.0

Good👌👌.Version: 2.9

?As it is a good game it seems to rip you off with lack of big wins once you start spending money.Version: 3.7

New and not pleasedI play a couple of slot games and I do well on them. So I thought I’d give this one a try. My mistake.. I’ve been playing for a few weeks and I already see the trend. Build you up just and then take it all away and show you all of the ways you can buy coins. Lol… all games do that but they don’t make it so obvious. You advertised jackpots, ok, one or two in the beginning. But that’s it.!! I don’t like the idea that I have to spend my money on a new game. No time invested means no dollars for you.!! I’ll stick to my other slot games, they seem to treat their customers better..Version: 7.1

Jackpot crush should not get even one starJackpot crush had a new machine. He hit big bonuses. After 2 weeks of players hitting big wins and large coin balances jpc found a flaw and took away several players coins they acquired during that time and accused players of cheating, lying and using third party services to acquire coins. They are crooked and dont take responsibility of their mistakes. They had a glitch in their new machine and data didn’t catch it till couple week later and accused all of cheating. Even their Facebook representative called players names of Cheaters, liars and made jokes in the room and laughed on posts. This accusation abuse to players is absurd an uncalled for. If you play game do not buy their packages. Yes you lose cause it’s gambling but they are so tight they squeak. And their costs of packages are outrageous and vary from one person to another. BEWARE!.Version: 8.1

Random v/s riggedWhen “random” games become 100% predictable to the point of being mathematically impossible, it may be time to review your game. I’ve been a loyal player for almost a year, on average I spend $5-$10 a week on this game, and the one thing again, predictable, the more you spend, the more you lose. Makes zero sense to me. I usually spend REAL money for imaginary money, when I’m winning. There’s nothing more disappointing and infuriating when you spend money and the game gobbles it up in just a few spins then stupidly asks for MORE real money….the most ridiculous thing is the absurd amount of money they want for the slot of the day or the other one…$27-29 when I’ve never hit anything but the lowest numbers 100%…that doesn’t feel random, and I’ve played this game for a WHILE. After a year one would think I could maybe play in the high rollers lounge…hahahaha….nope. Save your money and spend it else where, there’s literally 1000’s of these “free" casino games on line. This one is a cheat. And it’s as predictable as heat in august. I’ve been holding out hope for it since Ive invested so much time and money leveling up, but looks like I’m at the end..Version: 5.1

Won’t loadWas looking forward to playing this but won’t last ad on my iPad.Version: 1.0

FRAUDULENT GAME THAT STEALS YOUR MONEY.Why do I say this. Every time you purchase coins, gems etc. It tells you you could win this or that. You can win this many coins. It wil never happen. If you spend this amount you can win a certain amount. So I bought it. But it then tells you you need to spend double the amount. Then it gives you the lowest amount of coins possible. The games don’t pay if you bet high amounts. I have 700 spins on one game at 1Bil coins and have got the bonus yet. The stamps are a farce. They never give the jackpot or the slot of the day. Lol. It’s bad. I don’t mind spending the money. But let me play. I will have to try a new app soon..Version: 3.8

Rip offI get that the slots are random and wins aren’t guaranteed. However, on the witch game the wheel is insanely rigged. You land on 25 Billion with a 5X multiplier and the witch waves her wand and you end up with 8 spins getting 200 million only! Which may be random but why when you land on 8 spins she NEVER waves her wand to move to a higher amount space. It happens every time! That’s a super scam! DO NOT PAY FOR COINS YOU WILL ONLY LOSE. The developers don’t care at all and just argue when you contact them regarding a glitch in their own game. Edit: it is statistically impossible to only win the lowest prize every time! I stupidly paid for another turn on the plinko type game and not surprisingly only got the the lowest amount. Every single time! My husband literally designs these games for a living and said they’re are huge problems with this app and it’s a set up to lose. Shame on you for scamming people who just want to have some fun..Version: 3.0

Support do not reply!!Bought three small purchases on same day therefore qualifying for 216 hours of speedy bonus on the scratch cards, meaning can scratch them every hour instead of every three hours! Supposed to be 72 hours speedy on each and every purchase made no matter size according to the “purchase benefits” but only 72 hours have been put in my account, contacted support got a reply of “only 72 hours can be seen on the speedy screen” this is a load of rubbish as on the mission pass the rewards add up to over 72 hours if you get to them and the FULL amount shows on the speedy screen. Purchases made on 18/11 and my speedy hours is now less than 30 when it should be 180. So called support now ignoring my messages..Version: 4.4

Enjoyable but could be better.Great selection of games. I’ve installed it yesterday and have been playing stinky rich ever since but, so far I haven’t even hit a free games. Giving it a three stars for now, might change it depending on how it goes..Version: 7.1

RubbishDon’t waste your time. You’ll get about an hours fun before they want money. Just like the rest - absolute rubbish..Version: 2.4

BugKeeps kicking me off the game crashes..Version: 2.6

Decent gameIll give this game 3 stars…graphics and overall game play is deff fun and enjoyable. Only complaint I have is that pretty much once you buy something its a wrap. You’ll win on low end stuff and get your hopes up you can get up there in coins, however, you will then go on a losing streak long enough to get frustrated and just have to deal with minimum gains til you apease the gods and buy something else. Would at least like to buy the season unlocks but tbh I would rather play baseline rolls and lose it all than make the mistake of buying anything in this game again. You will have fun, great game as long as you dont purchase anything..Version: 5.5

Jackpot crushCrush is the word One day had good win on gold miner 7wins at $300 million over trillion in credit And up to level 25 Next day without using games $10 million in credit back to level one.Version: 5.1

Nonstop losingThis game offers lots of free coins along with nonstop losing streaks and that’s about it. It doesn’t matter if they give you 10 trillion free coins… you will undoubtedly lose them all pretty fast. It’s their business model. The people who operate these kinds of apps pretend to be wholesome and concerned with your experience while using the app, but they couldn’t care less about actually addressing what almost every single review complains about… which is the fact that there is nothing random about their games. Nothing at all. It’s scripted for you to always lose..Version: 7.6

Nothing random about the resultsThis game is a cash grab and not based on random results or odds. One example - there’s one place where you pick from 12 squares looking for three matches and you win that prize. There are four sets of three supposedly hidden so based on odds you should get each prize level a roughly equal number of times. Yet after more than 10 tries the lowest prize is awarded every single time. Nothing random there and mathematically Impossible.Version: 3.8

LiesI kinda feel like some lies are told to get a person to download & play. Like the game in the beginning is EXTREMELY generous with giving out wins, etc. but, as time goes on that fades away & you don’t get any bonuses within 15 spins as promised.. like, I just spent 2 billion at 50,000,000 a bet & didn’t even receive a realistic win.. like (bet 50 million & win 6,000)…. Like, cmon. I spent all that money & didn’t even get a single free spin or bonus & it’s happen several times. Just like all the other casino games on here.. the devs lie, I deleted the app. But, if you want a decently fun game to play until you hit around level 50 this is it. After that say goodbye to all your money..Version: 7.3

ComplainingOmg what a con for the first time ever I got 100 million in gold bars explosion to get 5 free spins and didnt get one bar am looking in to this game with a gaming expert as you are not a very fare in jackpots and should be banned.Version: 3.7

Hard game to winBought coins a few times for a quick loss. Just a hard game to win. Doesn’t make me want to buy coins anymore or in a hurry.it’s a shame as the games are good.but hard to win.Version: 8.0

Buying problemYes i'd bought your chips but i'd never receives the chips😡.Version: 3.8

Gotten too GreedyStarted playing about a year ago and have had a lot of fun. Lately, however, the game has become nothing but a money grab for the owners. The payouts are few and far between and the monthly fee to play just went from 30 to 70 and they took away all the cash payouts they used to have in favour of days in the VIP lounge, which is not needed since I don’t ever play in the vip section. They hold back stamps so no-one can finish the collection without spending money and the mini game went from getting 20% for a bet to getting 8%. I could go on. When contacting customer service they always tell you the problem is with your internet service never with them. I’m done. Kelly.Version: 5.1

KylebuschandObviously you must work or have a interest in this company. Everything you said about the game was positive. The rest of us find what you positively said about this company to be the opposite. You apparently detailed everything everyone is complaining about and putting a spin on it and saying that is why you like this company opposed to other game sites. For example, if you write and say you have been double billed, their response would be for you to send them a receipt, whereas, they are doing the billing. When you say that you bought a certain package and only received part of it, you are told that they will check into it and they will get back to you, and a couple days later will send you a notice for you to “screen snapshot it, hoping for you to just say “F. It “ and move on. So for you to say your company in comparison to other game company is the best is not being truthful. Next time have a real reviewer (s) do the review, not someone associated with the company..Version: 4.4

Poor since adverts introducedNow been playing fine for 3 months, then over night everything you do involves an advert! Will uninstall after this review, such a shame was enjoying it.Version: 5.8

BuggedWon jackpot spins of 850,000,000 and didn’t put it to my total then started my mission again and put me down to almost zero coins not worth playing at all I’d give it 0 stars but 1 is lowest I can go.Version: 5.2

Where is the funIt’s doesn’t make sense the game is dull and boaring I’m deleting it after playing it for two days what a waste of time..Version: 2.1

GamePasses time but I get fed up with it quickly..Version: 3.2

Rip offPaid for the mission pass only to find I need to reach level 50 before that becomes any benefit. So used all my coins trying to reach level 50 but didn’t even get half way there before coins ran out. So now have to pay for more coins or collect daily bonus coins to play and with only 3 days of the mission pass left to go I doubt I will get there. What a waste of money. TOTAL RIP OFF.Version: 5.1

Another money pitDO NOT put money on this game. Started well as always, but quickly coins run dry. Bombarded with offers constantly but as soon as you put any money on the game the odds reduce dramatically. Free coins you start with you will get bonuses often but as soon as you put money on the game you will not make more than the coins you bought and game bonuses are few and far between. I win more often in real life casinos than I do on this game. Avoid at all costs..Version: 3.8

Overcharge!!Watch out for the bait and switch!! twice I was Offered a coin package for 1.99 and was charged 10.99!! No response to my email and no refund. Beware ! ! !.Version: 3.6

Going downhillUsed to enjoy playing this game! But sadly it’s almost demanding you to purchase coins to win and even then you don’t! I’ve just used 1.5 trillion on a 20 billion bet and not one big win! Absolute garbage game specially for high levelled players so don’t waste your time Edit I’m currently level 1847 and win nothing these days! Bye bye jackpot crush!.Version: 7.1

Jackpot CrushThis was a fun game and can be again but now there are commercials right in the middle of slot spins. I’m in the middle of a spin and commercials pop right up. There has to be a better place to put commercials..Version: 5.0

No fun, no wins.....deleteThe many negative comments are so very true...I’d bought coin but stopped when I noticed the changes so I quit purchasing and for the past 6 days have played 1 machine only (with only free coins) - “hot” Gorilla machine..... in 6 days absolutely NO bonuses (there’s 2) and I’ve watched my vault funds drop by 6 billion yet the purchase price went up! Scammers - they just want the $!!!.Version: 2.7

Pathetic payback & no supportThey change the minimum bets required to win bonus and jackpots as you go up. Absolutely no reward for long term players, just an expectation we will spend more money. Terrible support (next to none), good luck throwing money away into this app..Version: 5.4

DisappointingIf your only ever going to give the mini bonus then why have the other three bonus there? Like a real machine you would think the more you bet, the more you win, HOWEVER, not the case here in this game. Luckily I didn’t have to spend to much of my REAL cash to realize this game is a bust! Had high hopes, but it’s a dud. Weak free spins, weak bonus, and the high amounts that pop up on the safe doors that NEVER actually come up during the free spins is just irritating. Keep it real, most people will see right thru this and do like I’ll do and delete this game. Even though I didn’t spend much on the extra coins, I most certainly wish I hadn’t. Would never recommend this game to anyone..Version: 2.6

Jackpot crushAbsolutely not worth downloading Apart from all ties offers to buy coins it won’t load. Five j minutes just to turn the game on and then twelve attempts to load every different game to no avail. Thanks but no thanks.Version: 5.1

Don’t play fake casinos go play real ones!Billion credits at 50million bids lasted 2 mins and I didn’t hit a free game in the last 2 days after u leave a bad review they make it so u will never win! I think apple should remove all these games u have more odds in a real casino then this fake trash! Lol.Version: 5.4

Be AwareGreat graphics and enjoyable to start with….be VERY aware when purchasing coins, I took a promotional offer which should have given 31+billion coins along with some feature..got the features but no coins!!! Customer service sent some rubbish info thru then when I queried it they promptly shut down the conversation!! Will be deleting app…you’ve been warned!.Version: 3.9

Try it for yourselfTry it for yourself, you WILL end up disappointed, I’ve just played through 651 billion coins in less than 1 hour, not one bonus game, talk to customer services (Carol) how condescending, did not want to know anything I was asking about, very rude! Will NEVER recommend this game to anyone, but you are all free to experience this site for yourself, and when you are treated the same, don’t say you weren’t warned..Version: 2.8

This is what I think of your adsThe most annoying, false and pretentious lies on the internet. Here is your 1 star. Too bad. Can’t give it 0..Version: 5.1

AddsStarted playing a few days ago now got to lvl 49 but won’t let me play any game now as adds always pop up , deleted game reinstalled same prob done the update and still getting pop up and still can’t play any slots seems all they want is for you to spend cast just to move on ..Version: 4.2

JackpotsI want to change my previous review as it seems that today I have not been receiving the full amount of the jackpots I have been winning! I want answers. I don’t mind spending money on this game on occasion as it is cheaper than going to the casino..Version: 3.1

Prepare to payUnless you buy coins you’re not playing. As you progress up levels your minimum bet also increases at a much faster rate than you’ll ever earn free coins. In fact, you can collect coins all day and still not have enough to play for more than a couple spins. In addition, if you do make a purchase, make sure you screenshot the deal you purchased as these aren’t always correctly applied. Especially the one that ensures you’re reimbursed for all losses during a specific time period. You aren’t. Instead of adding back losses in real time, they subtract your wins from your total spend during that time period and reimburse you that amount. So you can’t get ahead during that period. Additionally, as you move up levels the odds of you getting a super, spectacular, or fantastic win is nonexistent. I’ve played for several weeks now and once I got over spending trillions with a minimum bet of billions the most I’ve hit on any game is a huge win. May be coincidence, but judging by the difficulty of every task, it’s more likely this is a setup in the game. The only pro is there are some fun games to play. Just realize you will not be playing for free..Version: 8.0

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