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Jackpot Crush - Casino Slots App User Positive Comments 2024

Jackpot Crush - Casino Slots app received 69 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about jackpot crush - casino slots?

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Jackpot Crush - Casino Slots for Positive User Reviews

Fun gamesDecent wins and rewards.Version: 3.1

Fun game, interesting bonusesPros: This game is better than most with interesting bonuses. Cons: Not really cons, but these are the less “fun” parts... this game’s algorithm is typical. You win at first, you spend a tiny bit and win more. Then, you don’t. The death spiral can be excruciatingly boring. The gorilla keeps his hand crossed; there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It’s definitely pay to play. But at least the play is fun...for a while. Just don’t get too caught up.....Version: 2.6

Jackpot FeverLove this fast paced game with quite large payouts. Hope it continues this way,.Version: 1.0

It’s a poker machine gameAs the title says, it’s a poker machine game You win a bit you lose a bit you press buttons & it tries to get you to buy credits If you play it & like it then play it again.Version: 3.1

GameOnly just started to play but seems good.Version: 2.8

Amazing game and an idea for an updateThis game is amazing, i currently have 1.3 billion coins at level 40, but one thing i have in mind for this game is a trading system where you can give your facebook friends coins when they get below 1 million coins, that way it keeps everyone playing it..Version: 5.6

ReviewGreat choice of games lots of fun👍😁.Version: 2.1

Have plenty$ to play these games!I like the games but as said previously, only bet low if you do not want to have to buy coins! I am a pensioner and have been caught up so many times with just one heart/ arrow/ whatever to play the “super” game only to purchase what I can afford and blow it trying to play higher to win! Be nice to get better payment - tough betting 40,000 and only winning 30,000 for some five of a kind! But overall a good choice of games with some interesting bonuses and free games..Version: 4.5

5 star all wayOut 10 10/10 great game.Version: 3.0

No friendsI love the game, but it would be so much better if I could invite friends to play and send and collect coins and stamps with them..Version: 3.1

MurrrMurrrrrrr!.Version: 2.6

TomAmazing game $$$$$$$.Version: 5.2

One of the best games ever. 420.Hi..Version: 8.2

Great gameWanted to let y’all know I love the game. It’s the only slot game i play but a few little things I think would make it a lot better is if the slot of the day actually went more off your average bets for the day because when your playing in the trillions the slot of the day is like a waste of time as well as the pachino bonus. And the bonus picks for jackpots are not near random enough it’s obvious they are predetermined no matter what you pick. And last but not least on mias beer hall you can not see you spin number for the win box. But other than that it’s an awesome game. I’ve spent ALOT of money on it..Version: 5.1

Etpoppy53Fun games to play good wins.Version: 2.6

AwesomeI am loving this game great fun great features.Version: 1.0

Jackpot feverI love this game best one I’ve played for a long time..Version: 2.2

Heat slots!! Great jackpots!!I’ve been playing Double U Casino for 4-5 years and didn’t think any other casino games would compare until I found this one!! I spent ALOT of money in DUC to get nothing back, it seemed like lately I could never win! I won like 731,000,000 points when I was down to almost nothing... I play to help keep my mind calm and this one does it for me...so far anyway!!.Version: 2.8

Jack pot rushGreat game.Version: 3.2

Great SlotsLove these slots and plays well:)) Thanks.Version: 2.6

I like certain gamesI only like certain ganmes.Version: 3.0

EntertainmentThis slot game is very good entertainment. If you play wisely, you can play this for months on end, particularly if you participate in all the bonus features. It is a SLOT machine game, and if you think you can build up trillions of points by betting big - stay away from casinos - they’ll eat you alive. Some idiot actually sued this developer because they didn’t win big when betting big (how stupid can you get - it’s called gambling for a reason and all those casinos in Vegas weren’t built on the earnings of winners). A major plus in this game is the ads - you can build up some credits (except for one ad that is buggy) - but the ads don’t intrude on the game. Great free entertainment!.Version: 3.9

Kick outNice games but your free bonus, keeps booting me out..Version: 7.0

One Major ProblemUpdate: I have not bought from this game again because of my original problem with them over charging. I still play the games but am getting bored. Also, I learned Quickly which games don’t pay so limit myself to only a few that tend to pay best, and am getting bored. Original review: Like the games and variety. Pays can be really good. The problem is that sometimes when I order one item I get charged for two items and don’t get the second item..Version: 3.2

Love it!!!!!Best game I’ve played in a long time!!!! Thanks guys!!.Version: 2.1

ReviewSo for the most part it’s a fun casino game and better then most of the others I’ve played. But it’s like all others you must pay if you wanna keep winning and get on up there with your game money. Don’t get to caught up and keep spinning or you’ll lose it all lol. My only con with the game is I had an issue with Jungle Fortune and explained everything even had screen shots of the issue with it and was laughed at by the rep. who assisted me. When I spend money on a game- which I’ve done a lot on this game. I expect to be taken serious when something is wrong and not made out as a joke. Other then that issue that was never addressed and still to this day hasn’t been. I would recommend this casino app. Thank You.Version: 2.9

Best game yetAlways lots of winners.Version: 3.1

Great games…but one glitchI do enjoy the games and have probably spent way too much, but in the end well worth it. Just now had a glitch with the repeat the win feature, after activating the feature, I won a huge jackpot “Sensational” was how it was labeled and for whatever reason, in did not reward me with the repeat feature??? I hope you guys will contact me to figure out why it did not give me the bonus earned..Version: 4.0

GrrrrrreatReally enjoying these slots..Version: 2.7

FantabulousGreat games, great wins and love the features and graphics are pretty cool too. Great jobs guys..Version: 1.0

Jackpot FeverI love this app! Cool and entertaining!.Version: 2.4

Needs an update or somethingLove the game. The last few days it won’t load. Just shuts off. Must need an update.Version: 3.2

It was fun for a bit.I was hitting regular bonus/free games and hitting big wins till about level 100 then everything stopped. No big wins, no free games and no jackpots just spin spin spin till all the coins were gone and they started begging for real money to continue playing a game that got really boring really fast. Deleted..Version: 7.0

Jackpot CrushFrom being 0 to hero thank you for changing my life now I am one with all the girls….Version: 6.7

Was a great game until…Loved the game until the new update has ads popping up in the middle of spins. If you have it in auto spin it interrupts it. I’m all for ads helping to pay for you to run the game properly, but in the middle of spins is annoying, especially when you don’t get free coins for having to watch. Pop them up on the Home Screen all you want, leave the spins alone..Version: 5.1

FunLots of games , challenges and quests. Very entertaining..Version: 8.4

Love it!I’m having a good time playing. Mainly the quests to get to know the games. The one thing I just don’t understand is that Cosmic Voyage. What is that? I have the number 16 on it and have no idea what that means. I couldn’t find any info within the app about this either. Can someone explain this to me? And the path levels, not all have 3 stars because it moves to the next one on its own. So how can I finish the unfinished ones? AHHHH, so confused. Oh, and do you have any social games and they are just not labeled social?.Version: 6.7

Jackpot CrushI never rate apps, NOT EVER!!! But I gotta say, this game is one of a kind casino app. They feature so many different events, of which you'll never find anywhere else. The graphics and display are cartoonish, yet the slots are very similar to the realistic slots you'd play at your local hotspot. It's so easy to gain your coins through every slot. If you don't hit the bonus on your own, then the game hits it for you, so you can experience all the joys of the casino world. Have fun everyone!!.Version: 8.0

Grand WinI have been playing this slot just over a week or two. Starting late I won the bingo game and was two level above the second place winner. My biggest disappointment was the prize was not higher. On Christmas Eve I won the Grand Jackpot 2T worth of coins. I enjoy usually every day you get flame 🔥 and star ⭐️ points. The variety of the games give you a complete idea of the numerous games. Being DAV I have a lot of time. These games keep my mind awake and active. Respectfully John H. G.Version: 6.1

AhKfbfisnJcmsb.Version: 6.1

Jackpot crushGreat game for passing the time.Version: 3.2

GreatLove the game.Version: 1.1

CaptivantJe surveille constamment la moufette pour analyser ses mouvements..Version: 8.2

What a GREAT GAME !!!It’s fast moving, fun packed with fabulous colour and images..Version: 2.9

Best slots game everI waste waaaaay too many hours on this game.Version: 3.2

Jackpot crushGood game.Version: 3.8

Must playTop game.Version: 6.5

Better than mostI’ve played a lot of slot games. This one is much better than most, especially Big Fish Casino and Jackpot Magic. Here you get more chips for a better price (if you chose to pay). I’ve spent a total of $5 here and I do well and have so for months. The graphics are well done and you actually can play for a while before losing if you play a reasonable bet. There are also free chips on their Facebook page and those are actually more than other slot apps as well! Thank you for a pleasurable fun way to play!.Version: 3.6

Covid eraser for sureLove it.Version: 2.8

Jackpot crushOne of the best games I’ve ever played.Version: 3.2

Great slots gameAll good fun.Version: 2.7

Best Slot Graphics Yet!My husband and I have been playing tons of slot apps.. we’ll trial run 3 or 4 at a time and keep favorites. So far this app has become the number 1! It seems to be much more rewarding in big spins/free games. The graphics are so fun in most of the slots. One thing I like, yet also dislike. Some slots are vertical, some remain horizontal. The vertical slots are GREAT however since I do not have a home button I generally can’t see my spin counter on the bottom and it can be tricky to access without activating the home swipe..Version: 2.7

Fun games and consistentSo far so good I am impressed by this one site.Version: 5.3

Love this App!Very addicting action packed great graphics and generous coins! If you are looking for an app to play that gives you daily generous coins this is the app for you! I have bought coins but it also provides many specials and ways to earn more coins if you are in a bind It’s my daily go to to relieve stress and escape for a minute to have fun. Enjoy!~Mimi.Version: 3.4

Fun and lots of winsLots of fun to be had. There a couple of minor issues with ads not loading properly (they overfill the screen) and I have to reload the game, otherwise very enjoyable and great prize winnings..Version: 2.9

Better than most!Ive been playing Jackpot Magic Slots for over 5 years, Double Down & Hit it Rich for over 10 #Junkie…Ive deleted DD & HIR, still have JMS only for the social aspect but Im totally OVER that app!! I download this app about 2 weeks ago, Ive found it to be quite generous with wins, the scratchers/abilty to level them up, Ive hit some decent wins..I still dont totally understand the cards or the chests, the daily missions sometimes are impossible to hit, but I think this is the best casino app Ive downloaded and like a lot of you have downloaded my fair share + your fair share :0) …Some games I can win 1 daily/get lucky on then the next its COLD, I’ll either drop my bet or just stop playing. I like this app..Will stay as my new go to and just plunk on JMS a few minutes <==Well like you have a choice with them! I enjoy the graphics, the music/sounds, this morning I was playing and accidentally hit the bunny egg and laughed with it changed to a carrot..very clever. I don’t think this app is greedy at all, its up to you what you bet, dont go looking for the big one all the time, just enjoy spinning and the wins you get. Thanks guys.Version: 3.6

FeedbackYou have great games, but seem to shut down the free plays when you say having a good time, I had 126 billion coins and they drop quickly! Keep asking to buy coins, not going to happen! Says free play. Here to have fun during these unfortunate crazy times! Thanks.Version: 3.2

Love this gameGreat game very entertaining and big prizes..Version: 2.6

Great gameFun.Version: 3.1

Payout plusGreat games. The coins you can buy are worth it in this app.Version: 2.9

Jackpot CrushFun games and great wins so far ! Just loaded this but like this style . Slock.Version: 2.7

Best Fun everI have been on many game apps and this one is absolutely the best ever.. if you play every day, 10 or 15 min a day, you get rewarded big time for playing.. each day gives you rewards.. I have played for a whole month every day and have gained really cool rewards, this game has helped take off a load of stress and break time from my job.. who ever created these games are the best creators ever!! Thank you for all that you do!!! I love it!!.Version: 3.1

Great gameLots of fun.Version: 2.8

Fun gamesGreat game lots of fun.Version: 2.6

EntertainingIt’s a great game to fill in time. Sometimes you win enough to play for a while, other times it’s a couple of spins and that’s it!.Version: 3.4

Jackpot crushLove it.Version: 8.2

Jackpot crushI think it’s a lot of fun!.Version: 3.2

I love itI loves da pokies omg omg.Version: 2.7

WhoopGrand jackpots are for show, but other than that it is pretty fair..Version: 3.2

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