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Color Widgets App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Color Widgets app received 67 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Color Widgets? Can you share your negative thoughts about color widgets?

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Color Widgets for Negative User Reviews

Love this app but…I really like this app but I just wish that instead of paying monthly you could just get a lifetime subscription….Version: 3.1.1

Amazing app but just one thing.I love love LOVE this app, it gives me a variety of widgets and app icons to choose from and it’s easy to apply. I would give this app 5 stars but as you can see I have taken off two and I’m going to tell you why… First of all there is NO search option, honestly this app would be wayyyy better with a search option because it makes it easier to search for what you want. Second of all, adds keep popping up in my face for widget pro and I just don’t like it but I only took off half a star for that. I took another star off because there are very limited options. You see, my aesthetic is baby blue type colours and the ONLY widgets I could find were Widget Pro. I’m disappointed to say the least. Thanks for appreciating my review, hoped it helped and for the makers of this app, I hope u take this into consideration 🤪❤️.Version: 2.0.3

BatteryI wish the widgets could update with your battery.Version: 1.0

Not sure what I thinkI’m not sure what I think, I like the concept and I’m not bothered about only having limited widgets as the free ones are good enough for. The 2 issues I have is that for the icons I couldn’t see one for the contacts ‘app’ which was frustrating and the other is that on the calendar with the schedule next to it why does it show my months ‘events’ and it’s showing things that aren’t even on my calendar. It would be much better if it just showed the days schedule and if you could pick which calendars it has access to.Version: 1.6.8

ImproveI think this app is good but could be better if u added more things to it like the weather or the battery widgets to make it more useable because it boring just having the time and date.Version: 1.3

My widgets won’t showHi there. My widgets isn’t coming up I make them then when I go to Home Screen I put my widget there’s only 1 widget I made more than 1 but it doesn’t show..Version: 3.0.5

FeatureThe ability to interact with widget.Version: 3.1.1

Updates?I don’t like how it doesn’t update everytime your battery percentage or the time changes you have to do it manually.Version: 1.0

Good appI love that you can customise the widget with photos from your camera roll! I find it doesn’t update the time a lot unless you go into the app and re-set the widget. Would love if we could choose font colour and the colour of the battery display though! Maybe even some more set up/format options would be nice along with being able to save the ones you’ve already customised/used.:).Version: 1.3

It’s all rightAll the icons are nice, but to get the pro thing is not fair. You shouldn’t have to pay every month, when you might just want one. I feel like you should pay when u do use a vip icon or something. It’s good and all, but, unfair.Version: 2.0.1

AlrightWell heaps of choices which is good. But battery percentage is not accurate and recently time also stopped updating properly as well. So only two stars..Version: 1.7.0

Great Features - Needs UpdatesOverall nice widget app with good customizations. A few key oversights.. 1) Hard to save modifications to widgets. When you want to quickly edit a widget there isn’t a save button to press. You have to basically “save as” each time and select your widget… not fun or fast if you have lots. Why not have a simple “save” or “update original” button? At least have it default to the widget you are editing?? 2) Backgrounds. Add a feature to include our backgrounds for “transparency effects”.Version: 3.1.1

The coloursI think you should be able to match the colours for everything or do your own custom colours so they are all matching because I was going to do 4 widgets all the same but they didn’t have the same colours. But other than that it is perfect..Version: 1.7.61

Love it but it wont work correctlyI love the idea behind this and would love to use it but I've been having an issue on my phone (iPhone X) where using a photo from my camera roll causes the widget to deteriorate over time and flash white and black and between the correct widget and the same widget from the last time it worked correct and then cause all my other widgets on the widget page to flash and do the same thing. Ive tried with the pre-made widgets and they don't seem to cause this and after removing the widget entirely it also seemed to fix. Its such a minor issue but because of it my phone battery has been dragged through the wringer and performance on my phone has dropped dramatically until the widget can catch up, to the point where i often cant look anything up, cant type correctly since its so far behind, and cant load any app not already in use. This bug has made my phone unusable until the widget can resolve itself which usually only takes about 10 seconds but has increased to anywhere from there to 5 minutes now over time. As much as i love this app it has become unusable and if theres any solution that could be done either on my end or bug fix-wise then I would love to know what can be done..Version: 1.4.9

AhhhI’ve had it for a day and it keeps flickering !! Anyone else have this problem?!? Please fix it love this app!.Version: 1.1

MonkiGood app onga boonga. hee hee ha ha 🦧🦧.Version: 3.0.6

I LOVE color widgetsI really like Color widgets and it makes my Home Screen look absolutely AMAZING but it’s annoying because a lot of the app background pictures and the stuff that goes with it costs money and some people are kids and that makes it harder because They can’t get in app purchases and it’s about $14 dollars and even though it stays forever it still costs more money than people want to spend even if they can. The rest is awesome and all the effects and widgets are the best but please either make pro cost less or make it all free I would love it and I would give a full rating if you can change that but besides all that Color widgets is so cool with all the widgets and backgrounds and that stuff. Thanks and please change the pro to less or free..Version: 3.0.4

Great app but…This is overall a great app but it isn’t worth buying gold/premium because the amount of time it takes to get used to the different apps i ended up changing it back the only thing i would change about it is the fact that (i haven’t found out how to) if you don’t have gold/premium you can’t make your own app designs. again overall this is a pretty good app and i would recommend it if your allowed to buy stuff on games/apps thanks for making this app 😄.Version: 3.0.8

I love it but there are a few problemsDon’t get me wrong here, I love this app but I wouldn’t advise getting it if you want more than 1 custom widget on your iPhone. The only issue with this app is that you can only have 1 widget of your choice I’m not saying you can’t have other things because you can. I think that this app may disappoint people in the way that you can’t customise your apps to the colour that you want unless your smarter than me (which most of you probably would be) I hope I didn’t put you off this app because it is still useful 🙂 Good Luck!.Version: 1.6.8

Can’t get more than one widgetSo far I have liked the game, but then when I tried to add more than one widget to my Home Screen it would just direct me back to the one I already had on my Home Screen. I tried doing it the way the app recommended but it did not work..Version: 3.1.1

BugTime and battery don’t update, overall good except for that. The time and battery on the widget don’t update at all..Version: 1.3

WidgetSometimes the time and the battery doesn’t change to the actual time and percentage.Version: 1.4.8

Wish it was betterI love this app it’s really good for organising apps with the new update IOS 14 but I have a few problems that let me down and stop this review from a 5 star review. 1. When I go to add another widget the Color stays the same so I have colour coded my apps so let’s say for example I have the blue section and the yellow section well when I add a widget to the yellow and make the widget colour yellow the blue widget turns yellow when it’s meant to be blue. 2. The battery percentage isn’t accurate for example my battery is 70% but it says on my widget it’s 60% that’s why my review is a 3 star :(.Version: 1.3

Pretty okGood other than the fact you can only add one at a time.Version: 1.1

Mostly goodColour widget is a good app except for the fact that you have to have a pro exclusive membership that you get more widgets with or apps but overall it a good app and really easy to set up your Home Screen Also the time and battery widgets are off by the time ans percentage.Version: 3.1.1

Looks great, rarely accurateI usually like to try to go through tech support first before writing a review, but since I’ve looked through the app and can’t find a place to submit a support request — only suggestions or reviews — I guess I’ll just leave a review. I really like how this app looks with the new iOS 14 update. Unfortunately, the time and battery percentage are rarely ever accurate, which completely defeats the purpose of why I would use this app to begin with. If I had to guess, when I look at the time displayed on this app, it’s probably correct 30% of the time. Most times it’s only off by a few minutes, but that’s a pretty basic function. I had considered paying to unlock some of the other widgets available because they look great and would be useful, but if something as simple as time and battery aren’t reliable I wouldn’t pay for the privilege of experiencing more uncertainty..Version: 1.5.4

Pretty GoodI quite like this app, because I like the fact that you can download app icons in a pack and not have to take every single app icon and put it on your home screen yourself. I think this is a pretty good app but the only thing that I do not like about it is the fact that there were so many icons that you have to pay for. There are very pretty home screens for boys, Girls, men and women, but so many of them you’d have to pay for pro just to get them. I know they have to get money somehow, But it’s just the fact that there are so many of them you can’t use. I just feel that there are so many good things about this app and you have let yourself down with this. I’m very sorry. Overall, I think this is a very good app please just make a few more free for those who do not want to pay £1. 62 per month!!! Thank you very much and I really really like this app because it is free where is some apps are actually very expensive to just buy, so l I’m pleased with that. Thank you very much and you really made my life a lot easier with your app; i used to have to get individual pictures and use shortcuts to put every single one on every single app so this is really really helpful, thank you so much..Version: 2.0.4

You have to pay for everything! DISAPPOINTED!At first when I looked at this, I thought it looked so cool and pretty! But really, the app design is terrible, and so are the icons, but I really do like the widgets. But one thing. You have to PAY, for all the widgets, even the one that say you don’t! When I press on one, it come up with an add trying to get me to pay 4 bucks a month! Just to use their stupid app! Please, don’t waste your time on this like I did, unless your willing to pay the money. It’s just another group of people trying to make money, and don’t actually care about what they’re doing. Can the developers please, PLEASE change this so I can use this app!.Version: 1.7.61

How?I love this app and all but I can’t find out how to put music on the music widget.🤨.Version: 2.0.3

Brilliant but..This is the first time I’ve tried to really personalise my home screens, and I love this app for that! It’s very simple to use, has brilliant step-by-step guides that actually make sense and I’ve successfully transformed my phone! My only (so far) and biggest issues, is the name of the widget. I tried to do a black out style and it looks incredible except for the glaring white ‘colour widgets’ name underneath every one of them. This ruined my entire aesthetic and I had to start again. What I’ve chosen now is just as good, but it would certainly be better without the name!.Version: 1.7.31

WidgetDoes not display the battery percentage correctly.Version: 1.0

Can’t Customise for iPadYou can only customise a widget for iPhone. On an iPad (what I’m using), you can only choose from a limited amount of widgets. Also the app is designed for a phone, therefore, it looks very weird on an iPad. We’d love if you could make an iPad version. 🤗 Other than that, this app is very aesthetic and helpful for quickly checking the time, day, date & battery. It’s accurate most of the time, however, the battery sometimes isn’t in sync. Thanks 😊.Version: 1.3

Cool appThe app is simple to use however my battery does not show up correct in the widget on my Home Screen.Version: 1.0

TimingVery laggy. The time is often a few minutes late and the battery is the same.Version: 1.3

Not worth the downloadThis app only has widgets for the date.Version: 1.0

Used to be 5*When I first downloaded the app, it was completely free. They have since added a few widgets and are asking to “upgrade” for £3.99. The upgrade really isn’t worth it as you can’t choose the layout of your widget. The free version just has one standard layout (there seems to be 4 in total at the moment - that’s 3 layouts for the “premium” users). Admittedly, the standard layout works just fine for my Home Screen, but I do like to change things around now and then. It work work for me forever. I appreciate there will be updates as this app is still in its early days, but if you give us more options to edit our widgets and make the “upgrade” worth it, I might consider leaving 5*’s and paying £3.99. Unfortunately for now, it just isn't worth it. *edit* by saying that it needs more options, i mean for the user to edit the layout of the widget..Version: 1.4.4

Pros + consPro’s It’s a very good app and it has some very cute icons,wallpapers and designs I love most of the designs and things and the part that you can edit the widgets which I think is very good Con’s I love it and all but the thing is most of the things you have to pay for are the things that I like the most but the thing is when you have a design and you try to get another design it gets rid of the designs you already have and I would prefer if they made everything free.Version: 3.1.1

Battery percentage!!I’ve had iOS 14 since the day it came out. I thought the battery percentage icon on the widget was a good idea as I wouldn’t have to swipe down on my iPhone 11. However I’m still having to swipe down as the percentage is never correct. Right now I have 32% battery. But the Widgetsmith says below 20%. They’ve updated this app several times the last few weeks and not once have they fixed it so the battery matches my phone percentage. There’s literally no point of them having that option for is when it’s never lined up!! I know it’s not just for me as I’ve asked other people around me and they all have the exact same problem.....Version: 1.5.2

The better percentage isn’t show properly correctThe better percentage isn’t correct with the phone battery percentage Please update the app.Version: 1.6.3

Was great for a whileAt first it worked amazingly. Unfortunately for the last 2-3 months it has been displaying the wrong battery percentage. Despite other apps and widgets have set it correctly. I changed the photo and it didn’t change at all yet the app displayed the new photo I added. I reset it and my phone multiple times and even changed the shape and everything I could change and to no anvil. It has turned to a black box with no photo, no data, and there’s no way I’ve been able to change it except delete the widget. Not happy, want it fixed!.Version: 1.7.51

Bug (but great app otherwise!)I've had this app since I got the iOS (13 i think?? I'm not sure the exact number but the one with the widgets and stuff) and I absolutely LOVE it! I think it's a great app with so many options and there's always new updates and things to try... that being said, I was scrolling through and saw a music one (which may or may not be new... I haven't changed my widgets in a while) where you can insert your favorite songs... I was THRILLED to see that option, and was super excited to use it... I set up the widget with my favorite color and songs (I used a medium widget with 10 songs, but that's irrelevant) and then proceeded to add it to my screen. However, when I added it to my screen it glitched, and I just see some random boxes overlapping in a blue-ish color. I worked on it for about 15 minutes, deleting it, resetting it, and just letting my phone sit there, hoping that maybe it would just take a little while to load, but it still has not loaded... I think it's just a minor bug that can be fixed, but I did want to make everyone aware of it! Otherwise, great app, I've never had a problem before! Thank you, and have a GREAT day!!.Version: 1.6.6

Good so far, but it needs some workI love the concept of this app. It’s simple to use and it adds a nice flair to a widget that lets you match up your background and theme to with the new iPhone update. However, it’s quite restricted. I can’t seem to change the font color if I add a background picture to it; not sure if that’s a glitch as I can select colors for the text but nothing changes, but it looks like from the preset ones that it might be the case of only being able to have white for the text. I also can’t seem to adjust the position of the text, or change what information is included in the display (I.e. only having the time show and not the date). I know this is also more in line with the script of the app, but I’d love to be able to rename it so that it doesn’t say “Color Widget” beneath it (maybe no app name at all, if only!). While I’m not sure if the last idea is possible, I think I’d really love this app a lot more if it has more flexibility in its customization of the widgets—especially if you’re really picky like I am, haha! Until then, it is a nice, simple tool to add a little more customization to your Home Screen for the time being..Version: 1.4.2

Not workingI try to download my app icons but it says try again later . I’ve done everything to fix it. I’ve deleted it and re installed it but nothings working.Version: 3.0.4

SubscriptionI loved app but it had a bug where I couldn’t close my different ones I made on my Home Screen. I have the pro version. It expires next year, so I uninstalled the app and reinstalled hoping it’ll work. And it lost my subscription. Yet when I go to buy another subscription it says it’ll renew next year in July 2022. Very upset because I cannot use the pro features anymore. I’ll just find another app.Version: 3.0.5

The greed spoilt itThis started off as one of the best widget apps, a few bugs here and there. Support team never replied after contacting them twice with an issue. I intended to buy the pro version when payday rolled around. I thought I was going mad, I could swear it was £1.99, but it says £5.99 now, hmm. Now when I've gone to purchase they've taken the cancerous approach of a monthly subscription! That's where I'm out, I refuse monthly subscriptions for stupid stuff like this. It's gone from £1.99 one time payment, to £1.99 a month. Sorry, but nowhere near worth that. Monthly subscriptions need to be stopped, gone are the days where you can actually buy a product. It's a cancer on the industry and needs to end..Version: 1.5.7

“It’s just ok”I downloaded this app thinking that it would be great but if I’m being honest it is kinda disappointing, yeah you can change your apps and the widgets but to unlock it completely you have to pay and I really am not happy having to pay to just get something for my phone which is just backgrounds and widgets. Could be better and looking forward for you guys to make it the best it can be..Version: 3.0.2

EwwwwEwwww didn’t let me get in my app.Version: 3.1.1

GlitchyThe idea is there for sure but the app froze on me every 30 seconds when I wanted to edit widgets. Also not worth it unless you pay.Version: 3.1.1

Time is often incorrectThe time in the widget gets stuck and is often displaying the wrong time..Version: 1.3

SUPERBThis superb app makes your Apple device livelier and more interactive. This wonderful app will interest your young ones if they are interested in technology. There are many different widgets and designs to choose from and of all different things this is one of the best apps to choose if you want to liven up your device.😃😄👍👍 There is one down side though, there are to many premium items and that just ruins it as your thinking oh I love that one I’m gonna use that and then you click on it and it says you need to buy premium which is so annoying.😭😭😭😔.Version: 1.5.1

👎Well, it doesn’t actually change the widgets when you edit or add a new one. That’s kind of frustrating but sometimes the widgets just disappear, please try and fix this..Version: 1.4.4

LaggingThe time has been super laggy. It doesn’t change at all lately unless I turn my phone off and then back on where it would start changing as the original time changed before a few minutes it begins to lag. Can be up to a few minutes up to few hours behind. And battery percentage is wrong like other reviews I’ve seen of the battery problem. Please fix the bugs. Apart from that, I love how you can customise it with your own photo.Version: 1.3

It’s a decent app but just needs tweakingThe apps great love the way you can have a photo as a background to show the date, time and battery. However it’s very buggy at the moment. When using my own photo ( I do use high quality photos from a camera) the widget doesn’t update at all. It’s froze on my screen and then when I try to change the photo it then leaves it grey meaning I have to redownload the app. Overall love the app with it being easy to use interface and it does look great on the Home Screen. However it would be nice if it worked properly without all of the bugs that keep happening. Understand it’s only been out 5 days and the updates are coming fast so thanks for the great support..Version: 1.3

More app iconsI think there should be more app icons like roblox, bitmoji, Disney+ and more.Version: 1.6.8

Ok this is not a great app 👎(please read)Alright, so I got this app because my friend has it and let me tell you, it is complicated. The designs are really cute but I can’t use Any of them🙄! Every time I try to apply one of the designs to my apps, it tells me I need to go to my settings, and click “general- VPN & device management” to install the app icons. But when I do it tells me I’m not logged in and it’s super confusing 😩. My friend gets annoyed too with this process and I don’t think you should have to log into whatever VPN is to apply designs to your Home Screen. It also says you can download the pictures so you can use shortcuts instead, witch is nice, but every time I try to download them it says “permission denied”. Now that may just be a problem with my phone since I have certain restrictions, but even if I could download the pictures it would probably take up wayyyyy to much time and I got this app so changing my app icons wouldn’t have to take that long😑. But again, the designs are cute, I’d just rather use shortcuts 😕. Thank you.Version: 3.0.6

?It’s a great app but the calendar keeps coming up with the wrong month like right now it’s October and it keeps saying it’s September.Version: 1.4.6

Good but could have some improvements,I love this app it makes it so easy to decorate my Home Screen but there isn’t many options for if you don’t want to pay. For example you only get given the example it shows you of the widgets so for some you can’t customise the colours therefore you can’t often do the Home Screen you would like. Another thing it that there could be a search bar for icons you like, say you wanted something pink and you search it up and it gives you options some free and some not. If this was to happen it would make this app much better but I am still quite impressed with it. :) xx.Version: 3.0.6

PLEASE UPDATE APPGreat app but needs to be updated. every time i try to make a widget it doesn’t let me pick the fonts or colours and for the countdown it doesn’t let me edit the date and text.Version: 3.0.4

3 starsI just want to have more widgets and don’t have to pay to get more like I want at least five.Version: 3.1.1

I’m super annoyedOk let me first off say I do love this app! it is super cool and I love the widgets because it’s fun and makes your phone more organized and aesthetic. however I’m giving this review ONE STAR as of right now because there are so many bugs. I just updated my app thinking it would get rid of the various annoying little bugs that I’ve come across (at least to some extent). But instead, I come across ANOTHER BUG. this one is seriously annoying because updating the app was the cause of it. I spent quite a while looking for pics for my widgets and making cute Christmas themed widgets for the holidays (I was so proud of myself bc it looked super cute). HOWEVER, when I updated, EVERYTHING RESET! literally why! all my previous widgets that I made got deleted and now I am left with the basic empty widgets that came with the app like when I first downloaded it. I love this app sm and it’s sm better than Widgetsmith bc there are more options, BUT PLEASE FIX THIS BUG! I am very sad. thank you for listening to my rant! <3.Version: 1.6.3

Love this so much but..This is an amazing app is I love using it to customize my phone. I’ve been on it all day! But... A couple things I would change. I really want to customize my phone with the new icons add, bc I think it INSANE AND AMAZING, but I want to just make them all neutrals and beiges and want to add my own photos in it but it costs money:(. Obviously you do have to make income but another suggestion would to be able to add more photos to the icons add in when you edit the icon. Live the app and definitely recommend it . Thanks for reading!.Version: 1.7.51

Great app!!! But…Over all, this app is ✨amazing✨! The wallpapers and widgets are beautiful!!! I have used a few of the widgets and wallpapers, I love them so much! The only two complaints J have about this app are the apps, and an aesthetic I was looking for but could not find. The app covers are all very pretty and easy to get, but there are not covers for everything in the App Store. Also, it is a big struggle to get new apps, because everything needs to match. So if you get a new app, you need to re put in the apps and delete all of them until you find that one app you need, and then hide that app along with all of your other ones. And, if you want to change it, you have to delete all of those apps and then show your apps on your home screen again. But beside from all of that, it’s a pretty good app. But I do request Korean core kawaii widgets, app covers, and wallpapers. ❤️.Version: 3.1.1

What a scam 😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬I used to love color widgets it was and still is incredible so many ways to be creative in making your widgets and it is so fun my phone has never looked better but really only 1 widget at a time honestly!!!!! then I tried to customize my app design that’s when I was brought to the dark side of the app all apps have flaws but this is ridiculous I mean really!!!! First you save a set and it saves the icons into photos when I see how to apply it I realize that all you do is make a shortcut to the app and choose a picture for it ... I can do that on my own!!!!! It doesn’t even customize the app I mean come on!! Plus the shortcuts don’t even work it just says “app not found” I mean really come on color Widgets you can do better than that! Over All the widgets are great but NOT AT ALL the app customizing I found another app that works so much better ( look for widget and icons app and look for the app with a rainbow swirl that says “ app icons widgets and wallpaper” ) I thought this app was going to meet my expectations but it was disappointing.Version: 1.7.0

I am starting to hate this appI’m starting to hate this app because you put a crown next to the icon I needed but I already used it but it it didn’t have a star then and now I’m not happy.Version: 3.1.1

Reasonably good app with true potentialPlenty of different options to choose from, but limited with what you can expect to use it for with other apps, ie “things”. Hopefully it will become a much better app to use for access to productivity apps, if the developers can get access. A potentially good app that would have to deserve 5*, if able to make full use of iOS..Version: 1.5.4

Adding thingCan you please help me with adding the colours to the apps.Version: 3.1.1

It’s good...when it’s workingIn terms of being able to customize this as much as you want, it’s great but every time the widget has to update, it completely screws up all my widgets on my phone and I’m constantly having to delete and re add the widget again..Version: 1.4.2

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