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ScreenKit- App Icons & Widgets App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

ScreenKit- App Icons & Widgets app received 167 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using ScreenKit- App Icons & Widgets? Can you share your negative thoughts about screenkit- app icons & widgets?

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ScreenKit- App Icons & Widgets for Negative User Reviews

BadNeed to pay $ for everything.Version: 2.7.3

$$You have to pay for everything $.Version: 2.4.1

Wouldn’t recommendI don’t know if it’s me or the app, but I’m getting rather frustrated and fed up. I bought the one time payment by accident and thought I might as well give it a go- I don’t think it acc does anything! The help manual for installing the app icons makes no sense because the buttons and links they’re referring to don’t exist. Every time I choose a theme for my icons, I click “Easy Install” and what comes up does nothing! There are only a select few icons you can manually install and some of them have the option of “change icon” which again, does nothing! When I clicked the change icon button it just takes me to this page that claims to know what it’s talking about but really doesn’t because what it says to do I don’t seem to be able to do. I’ve read the manual over and over and tried to figure it out but it makes no sense! This app is crap, waste of money, waste of time..Version: 1.8.1

DONT PAYIt literally advertises that there’s no short cut. And yet.. here we are. 15$ later and all this is is short cuts..Version: 2.1

Not goodIt cost money for everything just for a your wallpaper so it is not worth it.Version: 2.7.2

Pretty, but it crashes my phone?The themes are pretty but it most of the apps require you to set the icons yourself. I often had to take a screenshot and go through short cuts to makes the icons. Most concerning and the reason I’m writing a review is that after downloading this app and making all the changes I find that my phone crashes almost daily. I’ve asked around and no other iPhone users I know have this issue. I’ll suddenly get kicked out of my apps and have to unlock my phone. Sometimes the crashing happens so continuously that I’ll have to shut my phone down completely and restart it. I think I’ll have to undo all my hard work of setting up the customization and delete the app..Version: 2.0

You have too payYou have to pay for Everything and one pack is lot for just one like jeez.Version: 2.7.2

I like NeVeR write reviews :/Ok so here goes nothing… First of all, I don’t got the premium and gosh dang all the apps that are in the free version I don’t have I love games but there r ABSOLUTELY no games included in the free packs so I’m thinking I’m gonna give my home screen a makeover , but NOPE not without games I’m not. So like if the developers see this here are some apps to add 1. Roblox You’d think you’d have one of the most popular games but no.. 2. Idk any game thats popular Second, Maybe add like types of people themes like tomboy themes girly girls themes and emo , teens like think of all the possibilities and do u have these things no… Last, I know that u aren't charging a whole lot for the one payment premium but would it really hurt to have one app like this thats COMPLETELY free? Cuz all the other apps require some kind of payment for something that’s not worth it but this app is worth it except in order to get something good u gotta pay so yea like this is a trick you’re giving bad content to the free stuff but good content to the premium things like would it hurt to give more content to those who r just kids? U might get better ratings if u do this not kidding So yea plz make this part of a future update if u see this.Version: 2.1

𝘍𝘪𝘯𝘦?𝘛𝘩𝘪𝘴 𝘢𝘱𝘱 𝘪𝘴 𝘨𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘵 𝘪𝘧 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘢𝘳𝘦 𝘸𝘪𝘭𝘭𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘵𝘰 𝘱𝘢𝘺 $16 𝘥𝘰𝘭𝘭𝘦𝘳𝘴 𝘧𝘰𝘳 𝘪𝘵. 𝘣𝘶𝘵 𝘪𝘧 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘥𝘰 𝘯𝘰𝘵 𝘸𝘢𝘯𝘵 𝘵𝘰 𝘱𝘢𝘺 𝘋𝘰 𝘕𝘖𝘛 𝘨𝘦𝘵 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘴 𝘢𝘱𝘱.Version: 1.8

DO NOT BUY- HUGE WASTE OF MONEYI don’t usually write reviews, but i was so displeased with the lack of communication or regard for my time. if i could give 0 stars i would. the app DOES NOT work. customer service has been extremely difficult to work with and unresponsive. i have sent emails and messages on instagram, as it is the support platform for the app. they do not respond, but when they did i was just given the instructions on how to use the app again. i told them that was not working & that i just wanted a refund if possible. they have not responded to my emails or messages with anything of substance in weeks. it is super disappointing to have received such a lack of respect. don’t buy unless you want to waste $10, have an app that doesn’t work, and be disrespected by their customer service team..Version: 2.2

Not a fanI just spent $15 to essentially double the apps on my screen, it is misleading. Also majority of the apps have to be added manually which also half of them don’t work for example, the settings app you have to bookmark an action in the settings, it doesn’t take you to the opening of the settings app. I’m not sure if that makes sense but i basically wasted $15 of my money cause I deleted everything when I realised I couldn’t actually have every app in use an it looked stupid with only half them uniform. Don’t waste your time..Version: 2.7.1

Rip OffThis app is horrible. You pay 15 dollars for something you can do yourself for free. I bought it thinking it will be excellent for me to change things up in my phone but later figured out that this is something that I’ve done before, for free and it looked heaps better. However it does have some good icons and widgets icons, it still is a complete waste of money that you could do yourself..Version: 1.9.2

Not as good as i thought it would beI didn’t think that 99% of the sets were going to need to be paid for, the ones that are free are nowhere near the standards of the paid ones. Although the free ones are still quite good, I believe I have been misled..Version: 1.5

Fun and Cute butI think this app is great and the idea it great! I found so many themes I would try out if I didn’t have to pay $10 for it. I think that’s way too much, phone cases aren’t even $10. I think charging for changing the pictures on your apps (which anyone could do for free) isn’t a good idea. This app is maybe great for inspiration but I wouldn’t pay $10 to change my phone background. I think $3-$5 should be paid if that person changes their background MORE THAN 3 times. The first few options you have should be absolutely free and I think you should be able to change and move whatever widget icons you want without charge. There are ways to earn money off free apps, but not giving your customers even a chance to try your product without paying first.... I just think it’s too much. Thank you!.Version: 1.9.1

HelloThe app is not actually free, it’s mostly you have to pay stuff but the Halloween icon thing was nice.Version: 1.3

Instructions not updated for iOS 15As title says. Leads to a frustrating experience implementing the icons. Also the easier way to implement icons using a safari bookmark does not work if Chrome is your default browser. This is not specified anywhere so I had to figure it out myself. Otherwise it gets the job done.Version: 2.6.1

HORRIBLE!Honestly,This app is AWFUL. I just wanted some cute/aesthetic widgets and apps So, I downloaded the app today,Thought it would be AMAZING but…..It. Was. HORRIBLE. It took me about 30 minutes to unpick some of the icons. Turns out,YOU HAVE TO PAY! Even with widgets,After I was disappointed so I tried with widgets. I found a pack with ONLY TWO WIDGETS! I thought it would work….but NO it doesn’t work either. I don’t even know how this “glitch” isn’t fixed (Its probably not even a glitch) I DONT recommend this app but feel free to download it if you want to waste your money on an app that you will probably delete soon after.I wish I could rate this 0 stars..Version: 2.0

I paid and it did not workIt was the worst I paid 13 99$ and it did not give me anything.Version: 2.7.2

This sucksYou have to buy everything and you don’t even get to use the wallpapers they have. This app isn’t worth it nor is is good! THIS SUCKS!.Version: 2.7.2

Good but bad (disappointed)I think that this is a good app because there is a lot of aesthetic and nice ideas that you can pick from although I definitely do not like the fact you have to pay for the ideas to get on your phone, however there is still a lot of ideas to choose and I could definitely do my own yes it would take longer but I’m not paying £8.99 for something I could do myself for free, plus you could just click on the idea you like and screen shot the widgets and Icons and background it gives you but overall I’m not wasting my money on that, and there’s a lot of videos about this app on TikTok saying that it’s all good and that and you can just click on it and it does it for you put all the videos never mention the bad things it’s always the good things and that’s really annoying because then people except it to be really good get the app fine ideas they really like click on it excepting it to work and done but then realising that you have to pay £8.99 to get the things. I really wasn’t expecting that into I read all the bad reviews, yes there are some good reviews but most of them are really bad saying it wastes your money and everything like that! But that’s everything I’m saying and that, but people do say they don’t recommend t The app but I personally disagree I think it’s a nice app with a range of different ideas for you phone to make it look all nice but you can still use them ideas and just make it yourself! But anyway that’s all I’m saying! Thank you.Version: 2.3.1

I thought more of itI normally don't write reviews but this i had to, i have seen so many Tik Toks on this and thought it was good it was at first then i realised it wasn't changing the app but making a book mark that opens up two tabs and the old app faces were still there in my home screen and didn't change, i want my money back but don't want to seem like a karen but if you don't mind this it looks great.Version: 2.0

Bought the Xmas pack - won’t let me downloadLike the app but many things can be fixed. I want to be able to download all icons as pictures as I don’t like the weblink function. Also I paid the extra for the Xmas pack so I could download the black glitter theme. It will not let me download. I’ve emailed the developers in the help function around a month ago. Still no response. Seems like a bit of a con….Version: 2.7

:(You have to pay for them all.Version: 2.1

I am annoyedSo when I got this app I was really excited because a while ago I spent ages changing my Home Screen around and it looked really nice afterwards so I got this app thinking it would do it for me. When I opened it I sorted out all my apps to get ready k install when it said I have to pay for it to install :( I was really annoyed and I think it would be so much better if you didn’t have to pay :(.Version: 2.7.2

DisappointedI was really disappointed at the fact you have to pay for everything. Sure you only have to pay once and it has really good ideas to choose from but there’s no point (for me) as I have to pay for everything. I would definitely not pay £10 just for an app that I don’t know when I will use next. If I used it a lot I would be changing them everyday which is not what I’m looking for. When I saw this app on TikTok I was excited at the fact that I’m getting a new phone and then I can use this app to decorate my phone. Then I found out that I just had to pay for it. Others may find this app worth the money but others (such as me) wouldn’t. I can definitely do it all my self for free. However, I really wanted to get this app so it can do it for me instead of wasting hours on it. I really hope skreenkit will give options to free and the ones that cost or at least make the cost lower. Again this is my opinion on the app..Version: 2.1

Lots of moneyThis costs to much like what?.Version: 2.1

BS and liesThe app clearly say you don’t need the shortcuts app and markets this - so I purchased the app based on this sole feature but then turns out you do need the shortcuts app.. that’s a lie. I don’t want to spend a few hrs creating a shortcut for every app I have. Then after paying - this app forces you share this app to social to unlock the icon for camera. You also have to go follow them on all social media account to unlock the icons for Instagram, Facebook and all other social media platforms. If I’m paying for an app, I shouldn’t be forced to follow or share your app..Version: 2.2

NBad.Version: 2.7.2

NoYou had to pay for everything.Version: 2.7.2

Not freeYou have to pay for practically everything.Version: 1.4.1

Not worth any moneyI’m not sure about other people but you may as well do this with shortcuts and download pictures for google. Cause technically that’s what ScreenKit is doing but their just charging you $15 for it. I spent $15 on it and there is a “restore purchase” button but my money hasn’t been restored after 48 hours. It’s a huge disappointment knowing that TikTok was saying it was “easy” and kinda hinting that if you download the one you want it does it all for you but they are false advertising. Honestly I should’ve ready the reviews cause this isn’t even worth a star.Version: 2.2

Not worth itDownloaded and paid the $10 after seeing all other apps demand a subscription. I began to install some widgets and they looked cute, but the icons were an issue. I was able to install most of them as bookmarks to apps but some core ones required me to manually install, which was really frustrating considering the price. Then as I was installing icons, the app just stopped working - I couldn’t go to the easy install page to add bookmarks and the ones I had installed started acting funky. Overall this was not worth $10 and I will just stick to using Widgetsmith and free software to add my widgets rather than trying to deal with the headaches of installing different app icons… disappointing..Version: 2.4.1

Zero.Mkay, so I can’t get anything with out paying and thats ridiculous! Zero..Version: 2.7.4

HelpIf people are thinking of getting this. DONT. Just get shortcuts and Widgetsmith, they work a lot better.Version: 2.7.2

You have to payYou need to make it free so you can get more people getting this app but sense you are dumb you just want the money it’s a waste of your time guys can I get this app it’s horrible ⚠️ warning you⚠️ waste of your time.Version: 2.7.2

I don’t really think you should do it 😫It’s quite a lot of money and I was reading the comments before I download it and I regret buying it so if I was you I would just stop it’s just too much money🤑and I love the app now I can use it all the time to put my baby brother on my iPad but!My mom stopped buying it and it made me sad and then I noticed what’s the point of doing that Any money for one just for a background what does that and if you guys read the comments and it’s really bad things about it one star for everything and I’m giving it a two star because I like it what is this too much my name save this money save this money stuff is it stuff is expensive these days🤑just don’t do it I’m trying to help you🥰.Version: 2.7.3

DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!!!!I downloaded this app to edit my iOS and ended up paying 9.99 to use it after about 2 months of having the app my iPhone began to power off for 52 seconds for absolutely no reason and I couldn’t use it at all. In the end I tried using a new phone scrapping my old one and every other option hard power resets and even contacted apple to find out what was going on. I’m the end I just selected the app and my iOS’s and ended up wasting 10 pounds on this app. DO NOT BUY!.Version: 2.4

DELETED ALL MY APPS!!!!!!!This app is trash!!!! It deleted all of my apps. I downloaded this app off of an add on TikTok, it looked interesting so I thought I’d download it and give it a try.I created a customized widget and added it to my Home Screen, The colours didn’t really match so I deleted it. After it was gone I realize that most of my apps were too. Over half of the apps on my Home Screen were deleted (I had bookmarks and shortcuts so the actual apps were not deleted the bookmarks were deleted) I wish I could give this app 0 stars!.Version: 2.7.2

WHAT A JOKE!I downloaded this not too long ago in hopes to make my phone pretty and more pleasing (I have a lot of apps I wish looked nicer) so I searched and saw this as the most recommended app. I downloaded it and saw all the different options and I adored it. However the minute I attempted to customise my phone I needed to pay over £5 for something I’m probably gonna change soon. I showed the people I live with the app before hand and it’s safe to say we were embarrassed to have even downloaded this useless app. WHAT A JOKE!.Version: 2.7.2

Great designs, but…I discovered this app through tiktok. And I was getting bored of color widgets so I decided to download this app. Most of the views were good, so I was overall excited. The designs are AMAZING. And the spongebob design has to be the cutest and my favorite. However when I went to download the app icons, I had to pay. I even tired downloading just one app icon, and still had to pay. Same with the widgets and wallpaper. I suggest they put ads for those who don’t like to pay that way we can still get the app icons, widgets, wallpapers, etc. Now I know I can create my own widgets, however I would hope that one day they add a option so we can create our own app icons..Version: 2.7.2

Maybe a bug?So when i was in the steps to choose my widget it showed no style i dont now if im missing a step but i would like to know what is going on whith it.Version: 2.7

Buying a setThis is horrible I want to get it for free.Version: 2.7.2

I don’t want to payI don’t want to pay.Version: 2.2

HiYour app is good but you have to pay for almost everything but there is a lot of options.Version: 2.7.2

Please Read This Review So You Don’t Waste Your Money!!So I’ve been seeing a lot of people do the whole “aesthetic home screen” thing and I thought I would try it. This app seemed reasonable enough, and I even paid the $10 because I thought it had a lot of themes so it sounded ok to me. But you have to individually change each icon which I spent about two hours doing, only to find out that a lot of the icons I connected to specific apps (like the Snapchat icon to the Snapchat app) would be connected to other apps (like the Snapchat icon opening the Notes app). I would go back and fix it, just to find another one that was previously correct now opening the wrong app. I went in circles for about ten minutes redoing them and no matter how many times I tried it they kept getting switched up. Very very disappointing! I’ll be asking Apple for a refund! Definitely not worth the time it takes just for it to not function properly. Also worth mentioning, about halfway through my phone started glitching where it would restart, I’d put my password in, and it would show up my home screen and then immediately restart again. I finally got it to stop after turning my phone off then on again, and it hasn’t done it since. But I know it was the app making it do that. Like I said, not worth it!.Version: 2.4

READ THIS TO SAVE YOUR TIME!!!When I downloaded this app, I was SUPER excited! It always takes so much time doing it without an app, so I downloaded this. At first it was really working well. I paid the $10 and I was doing the Christmas and fall ones. Then my phone started acting REALLY weird. It would have a black loading screen randomly and that bothered me a lot. And then it would go to my lock screen but not require a password just use face id. It started to get really really annoying so I told my mom about it. She said it would be fine just try powering it off and back on. That didn’t work. Then one night I woke up to it doing it OVER AND OVER. The charging noise was on and off on and off. So I powered it off and on and it stopped. I woke up the next day and my phone was completely out of control. It was adjusting the screen brightness and it was frozen. Then it wouldn’t turn on. After it did it was super super slow and hard to operate. It would turn off randomly and not turn back on for a few minutes. I was super stressed out bc i thought my phone was broken. Then eventually it turned on (it was still freezing randomly and being really slow) but i was able to delete the bookmarks(app icons) and delete the app. It was super stressful but my phone is now working again and I just wanted to warn anyone who was thinking of downloading this. I was surprised none of the other reviews said anything like this! Please listen and learn from my mistakes!!!.Version: 2.4

My reviewI absolutely hate this app! You have to pay for everything, and I personally think it would be a TOTAL waste of money. I regret downloading the app..Version: 2.7.2

Horrible, do not make the mistake I did and downloadSo I downloaded cause I thought it would look cute, looked at all the designs and thought it would be cool to buy all designs. The designs themselves are actually pretty cute. However even when you do add them to your Home Screen, took me about 10 minutes to do about 4 apps. It doesn’t actually replace the app. It creates 2 separate covers. So example you’d have 2 facebooks, one that is normal and the other with your choose design, but if you delete the normal one, you end up deleting the actually app. Also it’s more of a bookmark rather than actual designs. Just don’t buy it. It’s stupid.Version: 2.7.2

Bad app, Messes up your phoneI got this app in hopes to design my home screen which I have done it multiple times before (using purely “shortcuts). However, looking for a quicker alternative, I downloaded this app. I was able to download the widgets and customize the apps without paying the 9.99 but spent over two hours because the app kept turning my phone off. I am not a quitter and persevered until I had a beautiful, free design but quickly realized I couldn’t even use my phone before it shutting down. I couldn’t keep any apps open without my phone turning off and had to delete all my work. It could be because I have an older IPhone 8 but I have never had this problem before... It was super frustrating to delete two hours work I was excited about..Version: 1.8.5

$10 to install every app one by one!This app is pretty neat at all but I think once I pay $10 to buy all the skins for every app they should all be installed as a one shot. You have to go app by app and install to your screen and once you do then you have to manually slide them wherever you have them located on your screen and on top of that when you actually press the skin, an extra window pops up and then the actual app that you have selected. In other words if you open 4 apps open then you’ll have 8 windows open because every will have an extra window open for this stupid app. I don’t recommend to buy as you’re giving them money for something that they should do for you and do it the correct way. Save your money!.Version: 2.3.1

Misleading ProductAfter downloading the app for free, as it's advertised as free, you're surprised with a one time fee for access to the app. Fine, whatever. After you do so, you get another surprise! You don't actually get to change your icons. You can download their extra 'pretty' ones, but that just redirects to your original app. Meaning you still need the original app on your home screen to be redirected to. This isn't shown in any advertisements or in the description, instead your deliberately made to believe you can change the entire aesthetic of your phone. Oh, they also won't refund you or even respond to any complaints. Say goodbye to your money!! DO NO BUY.Version: 2.3

So flipping overpricedFor 1 back round and widget is 13.76 DOLLARS do not recommend.Version: 2.7.2

TitleI honestly think it’s not worth the $15 it doesn’t even do the whole job for you, you have to change some manually which isn’t what is advertised it’s meant to be faster and you’d think that it would open the apps straight away but it takes you into other apps before opening the one you want. You could just spend that extra hour doing it yourself instead of wasting your money on this..Version: 2.2

Don’t recommendI’m sorry but why would u need to pay 10 bloody pounds for a scam app I don’t recommend seeming by all the reviews I don’t recommend this app it’s very expensive and not worth it it’s your opinion if you like it or not I just don’t want people to buy the app then not get there money back then their device starts acting up so like I’ve said I don’t think anyone should buy this app I was about to buy it but first I read the reviews and I declined the offer people phones were restarting and I just can’t believe it this is a total scam don’t buy it unless you wanna be scammed and get 10 pounds taken out of your bank account..Version: 1.9.4

BadWe have to pay for everything everyone is very mad at you just give up I hate this game so much u wish ppl liked this app loser I wish I can give you 0 stars.Version: 2.7.2

Doesn’t workI keep seeing other peoples reviews about how great this app is but it doesn’t even work for me when I tried to apply a wallpaper and app icons the install button wouldn’t even do anything I tried everything but even the guide looked different than the app itself it wouldn’t let me do anything what an absolute waste of $10. okay I figured out what was wrong, the one that I was trying to download was just broken or something and it wouldn’t work but I found one that did work and looked cool but you have to MANUALLY add every single icon to your phone and when you opened the bookmark it was super sketchy the format was all messed up and it was incredibly slow I’m not going to do that again thanks for nothing my $10 still stays wasted.Version: 2.4.1

MONEY!!!I downloaded it to be aesthetic but i for me there is no free ones and theres only “BUY NOW” “ONLY 19.99 FOR THIS SET” there is way better apps out there.Version: 2.1

Does not work (as you expect it to)This app does not customise your app icons. Instead, it creates a shortcut on your Home Screen that launches each app indirectly. You will have to manually also remove your original app from the Home Screen afterwards. This means that there won’t be notifications or widget functionality on those icons/shortcuts you add through this app. You also have to manually add each shortcut for each app. Overall, very disappointed with this purchase..Version: 1.8

My phone had a seizure while chargingI wouldn’t recommend this app because when i tried to get my home screen changed with widgets and icons, my phone would shut off and turn on again so i deleted all my widgets but it still turned off and on and when i put it on charge, it sounded like it was having a seizure. I am also disappointed because i spent £10 for this and in the end i had to delete the whole app itself so i lost the money. This is why i wouldn’t recommend this app because what happened to me might happen to you and like i was, you might be upset and panic if your phone’s ok..Version: 2.1

BruhWhy do you have to pay... could please be more clear in the description and pictures.Version: 2.1

Please don’t download! this is a scam :’)Okay so I was scrolling in the App Store and I found this. It looked pretty cool so I tried it. I payed the 10 dollars and then I didn’t get anything out of it. So I deleted the app and made a refund. The next day my iPad was acting weird. My screen randomly went black and locking out of nowhere. It was annoying but I thought it was just my iPad being old. The next day it was getting worst. My lock and Home Screen went back to the default. I thought that was pretty strange because no one uses this device except me. Then I went to safari to search “why is my iPad screen turning black and freezing” but when I got into safari there were tabs with scam links there. I was starting to get very scared. At that time I noticed that I still had this app installed so I tried to delete it but it wouldn’t. I got off my device for 2 days and tried it again. It worked that time. Please don’t get this app, I don’t want anyone else running into this problem. Btw if you are wondering how this app has a lot of good reviews, I’m pretty sure the people behind this made fake reviews :/.Version: 2.7.1

For $10 I’m not very impressedI purchased this app in hopes of customizing my phone and went ahead and spent the $9.99. Well, almost every theme I’ve tried has had an issue with changing/downloading the icons. “Can’t connect to server” in safari in order to add to home screen, and it’s really frustrating. Also, not all packs have the same amount of icons, so when I find one with a lot to customize, I push the plus button, and can’t change like half of my home screen icons for some reason because they don’t show up as an option. Really cute themes (if they worked), but for $10 it’s not worth it. I looked at other apps before I bought it and decided on this one and now I’m wishing I would have invested in a different one..Version: 1.9.1

Shoulda listened to the other reviewsLiterally everything is paid and there’s no easy way to see what isn’t pretty stuff tho.Version: 2.6.1

Don’t waste your moneyI downloaded the app to see what they had to find out I needed to to pay £8.99 to use any of their widgets and icons, the wallpaper, photos and icons are from Pinterest do not waste your money and time on this app! Even once you pay only a handful of icons are downloadable but still do the glitch where it changes from apps to apps, the others you must download yourself. I will be requesting a refund from the company as I could do a better job than what they are promoting at this current period. The TikTok comment section on their videos have been deactivated!!!.Version: 2.4.1

TerribleWhat’s the point of a free app if the majority of it’s content you have to pay for. The free designs are so bad too.Version: 2.7.2

ScamApp is dreadful. Free to download but £8.99 to use the features. Once paid, nothing is actually done for you. You have to add each individual icon to your home screen then delete current apps individually from Home Screen. Once you’ve done that (takes hours), you’ll realise that your notifications don’t come through on these app covers. Some apps don’t work with them, such as face time. Does not make anything easier, biggest waste of money ever!.Version: 2.3.1

Not Impressed(Please read all if you want to get this app) Hi. So I just got my phone a month or so ago. A lot of my friends have these cool widgets and themes on their IOS phones so I thought, “Oh! Maybe I’ll try that!” I started searching for apps to customize my phone and found this one. It looked okay and had promising pictures. I downloaded it and opened it. It asked what I liked, to pick some themes, etc. After, the “Lets get started!” Ad came up. I was angry at the ad because there was no way of closing it! I closed the app and reopened it. Then finally I had the option ti scroll and look at different themes and widgets so I did! I was very pleased with the app and decided to give it another chance. Then, spoiler alert! The ad popped up and I i kept trying to close and reopen it and nothing worked. I eventually uninstalled the app. I hope others read this review so they can understand what this horrible app really is and how it tricks you. I’m extremely angry and hope you change this. -Frog.Version: 2.0

Doesn’t WorkOn every theme I want, I click change icon and it pops my web browser open to lead me to a website that doesn’t work. It says “ This site can’t be reached The webpage at http://localhost/51CA95CA-7619-4266-97C0-2C0EF3C70E4F might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.” Please give me my money back or fix it. Awful experience so far..Version: 2.1

Poor serviceI can’t find a single free one and yet the app advertises free and premium.Version: 2.7.4

Their app keeps opening when you click on iconI probably wouldn’t have minded if the app opened and then redirected to the intended app. However, when you have split screen on your iPad and you’re trying to go back to the app later while it’s still on split screen, you will not be able to go back to it again. The reason being is because the Screenkit app will first direct to their app once you try to open your split screen app and will redirect you to open another safari window. So you won’t be able to complete the work you were previously doing on your split screen. This is an issue for anyone working and did not save their work. You would end up losing your progress. I had to delete the app to prevent it from redirecting. I found it not user friendly as I use split screen all the time. I requested a refund. Honestly, the app is only good for those who are not savvy with creating their own icons on a free app like Canva. The designs were okay. I felt like I can create better designs on the Canva app. I still had to download some of the icons on my own and even then, they didn’t have all the apps I usually have on my home page. So I would still need to use Canva to create my own app icons anyways. This was a no for me. Glad I was able to still get a refund when I ended up purchasing their full version thinking I’d get more out of it. It was worth a try..Version: 2.7.2

Not worth it 👏🏽Waste of money.Version: 2.1

Why are we paying for this stuffWhy are we paying for this stupid stuff we don’t even need.Version: 2.7.2

The worst app everThis Is so bad I they made me pay for it which was $17 and I couldn’t get my money back and when I installed it there is like no widgets very sad.Version: 2.0

It’s ok I guess——————————————————————————————————— I don’t really get it, why 15 dollars? That’s SO expensive just for widgets. It’s doesn’t even work I can’t get a SINGLE THING If I don’t pay. I haven’t payed yet and I’ll wait until some of the things are free. The themes however are pretty impressive. I really like those. The app changes are amazing too but again, it costs money. This app looked amazing when I downloaded it, but it wasn’t as good as it seems. My dad made me do extra homework for thisssss 😩But I still like the themes lol I can’t get over them XD. Overall the only thing I really need is for some free stuff. 🤷‍♀️ Thanks, From Me lol..Version: 2.2

TerribleYou have to pay..Version: 2.2

Are you kidding me?I think everything is VERY over priced I understand you have to earn money but honestly… Is anything actually free? It has taken me over a hour to find a cute free one and there is NOTHING This app is a waste of storage and I will NOT be recommending it to my friends…. Please fix this your app will be more successful if it’s all free because more people will download it!.Version: 2.2

Not worth itThis app may seem nice, but it is literally a rip off. Personally, I wouldn’t pay for this, as it is just someone creating this app to get money. This is the reality of marketing. Money is the only thing people care about these days, and so many widget apps are apps are like this - you have to pay for it. Just letting everyone out there that if u are wiling to do this, I don’t want to interfere with your opinions on this, but I don’t recommend paying for these apps. Thank you..Version: 2.4

Very badHuave to pay for it😡.Version: 2.7.2

Waste of money reallyI saw the review on tik tok and it said easy install, but It wasn't there were maybe 10 apps that had the easy installations then you had to use manual it took for ever to do and cost me £10 when it took the same amount of effort and used the same thing that you can use by searching up images and shortcut ting them, it also included a wallpaper and widgets as well as app icons but the widgets wouldn't load on my phone so I messaged the support team who said they would get back to me but I haven't heard anything for at least 24 hours... If I could go back I would just search up a tutorial for short cut and do it yourself as it would be the same thing but cost you less..Version: 2.1

Custom Widgets Stop WorkingHigh key gutted as I was loving the app initially and my home screen looked amazing, I was obsessed. A super great and completely customisable experience, exactly what I wanted! But then for some reason my custom widgets stopped working. 3 stars due to the fact that every other aspect still works and I did have a great time, but honestly this has ruined it for me. I deleted and reinstalled the app to no avail, even tried setting up the custom widgets again, but it just shows them constantly loading on the app and shows some weird gray and white image on the widgets on my home page. I really do hope it gets fixed soon as I did pay $15 for the app. Sad.Version: 2.3

I don’t think it’s worth $10The app is just good for one or two themes . When I first purchased the app I thought I wouldn’t have to do anything , because how it was advertised . Well that was a lie . You are still required to go threw the whole process of downloading a picture then going threw the whole shortcut app for Facebook,insta, and many other apps. Since I downloaded the app their hasn’t been any new themes. Especially for the holidays I feel like the creators designed so that people would make and upload the themes so that everyone can use it . If that was case it should have been explained. Again for $10 this isn’t worth the headache. I ended up just using widget smith and the shortcut app . Which is the reason I downloaded this app in the first place because I didn’t want to do all that..Version: 2.3.1

DONT USE IF YOU HAVE IOS 14.5 OR ABOVEHonestly it’s great for users who don’t have the 14.5 update, but for those who do … please don’t be impulsive (like me) and buy premium when you can’t even use most of the features 😂😂.Version: 1.9.3

Just badYou have to pay for everything, don’t even bother downloading if you are poor like me 😭.Version: 2.1

Not Worth $10I was considering paying for this app, but as of now I will not. I haven’t tried them yet, but I’ve heard there are free app cover things to customize your Home Screen. And there are free widgets and wallpapers as well. A phone case is not even $10. I think a better price would be $0.99-$5.50. I personally don’t think I would buy this app for more than $5.00. Please at least be upright with the fact you have to pay. Because I am not the only one who is upset about this. I think this could be one of the most popular apps if it is upright about the payment and is just a little bit cheaper. Because I was genuinely kind of sad. And since this app is targeting people 11-16 years old a big price is unreasonable. Cause I am a preteen with no allowance, it doesn’t make sense for me to buy this app. I don’t even know if this app actually works yet, so I would not pay $10, especially sense I have gotten scammed before. PLEASE make this app cheaper because then I would definitely make a new review with my opinion after actually using the app..Version: 2.1

Terrible.If I could give a zero, I would. Everything costs $13.99 each..Version: 2.7.2

I BOUGHT THISI bought this and it’s not letting me get it back.Version: 2.7.2

NoI downloaded an app that I can’t use a single widget on?? Haha it’s just a bunch of photos that cost $16.99 each. Waste of a download.Version: 1.9.4

HorribleFirstly, you have to pay and this is a simple scam. The system doesn’t even let you “Subscribe For The Offer” like- nice try, Screenkit. My cousin had widgets and I thought “I’ll get them! They look pretty!” But she never told me which version. If you want a so called “widget” try something else, it’s not worth it and I suggest not getting it. But if you’d like a scam app on your device, it’s your decision. Not mine..This is just a suggestion! Have a wonderful day/or night. Unknown Writer.Version: 2.7.2

HorribleJust charged me without my consent.Version: 2.7.2

It’s not really freeU have to pay for most of it like????.Version: 1.1

Not worth it!I rarely write review, but this app is so frustrating. It said easy installation, but the installation is not easy at all. I thought it would be a one click installation that would change and replace everything, but it turns out that I will have to install each icon individually. So if you have a large library of apps like I do, you will have to spent hours just to download the icon, not to mention you will have to reorganize and categorize everything individually. This means if you have 50 apps installed, you would have to go through the whole icon installation process 50 times to get all the icon change. I should have read the comments before making the purchase. Not worth the money at all given how much work and time it takes..Version: 2.7.2

Lots of work to setupTakes a ton of work to setup, doesn’t replace all of the app icons it makes new shortcuts which you have to re-arrange then move/hide the original ones. When you use the search bar to find apps you find the real app and the new shortcut. I regret purchasing this!.Version: 1.8.2

Tik Tok Made Me Do It :/I downloaded this app. Literally like 20 minutes ago. I saw it on an ad on TikTok and I really thought it was cool. Yeah I downloaded it and I really want to try to clear a bunch of cool things, and I thought it was free! These TickTock ads and you know how you advertise them. Anyways you guys need to tell people if it cost money because kids like me who want a good background don’t just have a ton of money laying around. The first price I saw was $50 a year for this. These are backgrounds and wallpapers and widgets! You don’t need to charge people $50 A year! But otherwise I really like the designs! The literal on the suggestion I have is it that like you don’t charge people money for this..Version: 2.7

Zero customer supportAfter 3 of us trying to get the app to work, reaching out to customer support, getting no response, we’ve all decided we don’t want it on our phones. However… we can’t delete any of the icons off our phone now. I have emailed and tried to contact customer support and after over a month and still no response we are stuck. I’m now finding that the icons are confusing my original ones and I’m now unable to save contact names and numbers. This isn’t ok and one of the most frustrating, unprofessional apps I’ve come across and I see a lot because I’m a social media educator. I was hoping to recommend this in one of my classes. I still need assistance and would like you to contact me. Please don’t leave a a reply here saying ‘we’re sorry to hear this and please email us at….’ Because it’s the same email and won’t get a response. Please let me know how you’ll rectify this..Version: 2.7

THIS APP IS A VIRUSI bought this app expecting high quality due to it’s price. Things were going good until every device that I downloaded this app onto started to go haywire. Obviously this was a few weeks after using it as things were okay when around it’s first use. This app caused my phone to crash several times. Flash on and off, black screen even though the phone was still going, it would make my phone glitch. I realized after a little while that this app was the culprit to my problems. It’s sad because I really wanted to like the app, but it is a problem. I eventually had to reset one phone but was able to successfully remove the app and it’s icons on my other devices and it stopped glitching. Please beware that this could happen to you!.Version: 2.7

SucksIt’s not easy u have to pay 21.00$ a week just for one widget one screen pack it’s so stupid I don’t recommend 😠.Version: 1.9.3

Experience without payingI am really into making my phone aesthetic, so I found this app and thought it looked really good. I downloaded it, and lo and behold, it looks awesome. Looks. Without paying $10, you really can’t do anything. You can browse for inspiration, but that’s about it. I can’t even manually install everything via Siri Shortcuts, because I don’t have the paid version to even give me that option. If you’re willing to pay $10 though, it seems really cool and the automatic install feature looks really awesome. At some point, I may end up purchasing the full version, but certainly not right now. I do have a suggestion though, can you add a search bar? I was looking for a summer theme and had to scroll and scroll and I ended up settling on a summer-y-ish one, but it would be great if you could search for those sort of things. Overall, it seems like an awesome app if you’re willing to pay $10. If not, you can’t do anything but look for inspiration..Version: 2.1

This app is trashThis app is honestly a big waste of money, It doesn’t just change the photos, you have to manually do it, and some you have to set up in short cuts. It’s such a long process, I just sat here for 3 hours trying to do it all. And when you open the app, it opens up 2 screens not just 1….. and then you have to close 2 not 1 screen. It also doesn’t give the notifications for the app. So you have to actually open the app to see what text or calls you have had. Or if you have any snapchats biggest waste of my $15…. It looks cute… and I’m sad it isn’t what I thought it was….Version: 2.4

SucksLITERALLY not a single thing is free.Version: 2.7.2

Could be betterSure, this app is good but I would be much better if you didn’t need to pay for so many of the packs. Also instead of adding the app icon to the Home Screen it would improve the app if it changed the app straight away e.g ‘ if you wanted to change Instagram to a white icon it would change it right away instead of adding another icon to your home screen’ Apart from the bad sides of this app it has many good qualities including the colour and detail on the icons and the different themes for different times of the year, seasons etc Thank you for you time and understanding in why I have this app 3 stars Thanks.Version: 1.8.1

RUBBISHI would like a refund please I Purchased this app so I can have a really nice iOS 14 however that didn’t give me that so I went on and I really like this iOSAnd it’s sad that I have to pay £9.99 so I was like okay I’m going to pay however that didn’t give me what I want so I would really like a refund please because I want my money back and if you don’t give me my money back I will report you yes so I wouldn’t get this app because it’s rubbish and you accidentally here and you want to refund was that you won’t get one.Version: 1.8.2

Absolutely awful THIS APP IS A SCAMI saw an add on TikTok about this screen kit app and it had this really cute and aesthetic vibes and wallowed to it so I decided to download it I began to watch the rest of the video and she said “ and guess what it’s totally FREE” and now the app had fully downloaded it I opened it and a pop up came up saying would you like to by premium of course I said no I was not about to pay £10 bloody for something I hadn’t tested yet and I found a couple nice wallpapers and I clicked on easy install and it said you need premium so of course I moved my head because it was about to do Face ID with out my permission which is illegal THIS APP IS A SCAM NEVER EVER EVER DOWNLOAD IT IT IS A SCAM.Version: 1.9.4

ScamThis is yet another app that says it’s free but in reality everything on the app costs. Moreover, to pay 15 dollars for ONE set of app icons is ridiculous and a scam. Please do not download this app or pay for anything on it, it’s not worth it. If you want to change app icons for free, it’s entirely possible and you don’t have to download an app for it! Just search up “how to change app icons with shortcuts”. This way you can change your app icons to any photo or picture you like! (I recommend finding some good app icons on Pinterest and downloading them). Hope this helped!.Version: 2.7.3

Don’t waste moneyI just paid 13$ for a theme, and it won’t even work. When I click to download the icons, it tells me the website doesn’t exist and tells me to download the app… which I have. I really wish I could get my money back, this app is just way too buggy. I feel like I got scammed..Version: 2.7.2

Stay awayAbsolute tubing, compared to others the icon counts are far less than others. Save your money and buy a latte..Version: 2.7.2

NOTHIS IS A SCAM 16.99 a month??? HAHA no thanks.Version: 2.5

Not satisfiedI downloaded this app a while ago, hoping to get a new aesthetic Home Screen. Before I even got to see the styles it says, “Pay for premium to get a Home Screen.’ I was very disappointed by this because I shouldn’t have to pay for my iPhone Home Screen to look pretty. Overall, the style is pretty, could add more styles though..Version: 2.2

Not worth the moneyI purchased this app for $14 and I was disappointed that there aren’t thumbnails for every type of app face. You also have to do everything manually which means that you have to download each thumbnail and also download the shortcuts app and add them to each app individually. Even in doing this they don’t link to the apps correctly meaning that sometimes they open up a specific part of the app (not the homepage of the app) and some of them don’t link properly meaning you get pop ups saying “could not open app”. I thought that by purchasing this app it would automatically add cute thumbnails to all of my apps but it doesn’t. I was also disappointed that the widgets are so huge (too big for iPhone) and you can’t change them from being ScreenKit widgets meaning that they all say ScreenKit underneath and link to ScreenKit. The thumbnails are cute but I don’t think this is worth the money or time that it takes to do everything manually yourself. You might as well download cute photos from the internet and add them as your app thumbnails yourself using the shortcuts app. Sad face :(.Version: 1.9.4

Not goodEverything costs money even though they said it was free.Version: 2.4.1

Not easyWants me to download other stuff - pay more money! Feels like a con.Version: 2.4

Eh.I just downloaded it and it’s ok. It’s annoying how to open the app it has to go through Safari or ScreenKit first. It’s also frustrating how you have to add the apps individually as I was under the impression before I bought it that you would be able to select the ones you want and then click one button and it would work. It does not… it’s ok but not worth $15.Version: 2.2

NOT WORTH ITEverything on this app costs money. PLUS just for a phone screen and wallpaper?! No. Just a complete no. This app is also a scam. After you LITERALLY pay for it, it doesn’t even install the app icons that you’ve asked for.Version: 2.1

50/50I give this 3 stars for a reason: themes are amazing! The designs are so cool and you can find a design for almost anything, and lots of the themes have multiple versions, which is really cool! So the idea of the app and it’s designs are the good parts. But there needs to be so MAJOR updates! Whenever you go to download the icons, if you don’t close out all of the tabs that it opens on Safari, or whatever Internet app your device has (I have an iPhone, so I have safari) The app will immediately crash and will continue to do so every time you open it. So I have to clear out all of the download tabs and close out the app, so it’s a lot of going back and forth between opening and closing the app. The other updates needs to be to get rid of the way you download the icons, as I talked about before. For $10 and for all it promises, we should be able to just download the icons immediately, without all of these additional steps. And it’s annoying that whatever icons you download always opens this app up before opening the app you’re trying to get to. It’s easier to just get the design saved as a photo and making a shortcut app, that way the app gets opened immediately. So, this app is a 50/50 for me..Version: 2.2

MoneyYou have to pay for everything. Nothing told me that I would have to pay..Version: 2.1

DisappointedI was searching for a app that did this type of thing. I was very excited when I got the app because I thought I could actually make my device look cooler. There was a lot of different things to choose from and they all looked cool. I had downloaded other apps that were supposed to do the same thing but deleted after I found out they could only be used by paying. When I pressed one I really liked, it told me to pay. I immediately exited and searched for another one. I hoped this wouldn’t happen. I kept looking for one that didn’t cost money but they all did. It’s ridiculous! I should’ve read the reviews before I downloaded this app, because after I exited the app to read the reviews, others had the same problem. I read several reviews saying that it was expensive, didn’t deserve to cost money, etc. The fact that this game isn’t even useable without paying is rude, greedy, and annoying. It’s disrespectful to the people who downloaded your game just to find out it costs money. It’s just a app where you make your device look cooler. It isn’t worth it! No offence, I am not trying to be rude, but it’s disrespectful to do this to people. If there is anything on this app that is free let me know because I haven’t found anything free yet, even though I have been searching for a long time. If the developer sees this, please take my review seriously. I had hope in your app and you dissatisfied me. Please fix this!.Version: 2.4

Rubbish (pay for everything) don’t recommendI opened the app and you have to pay but I clicked off to search so you have to browse for ages because there is no search button! Once I found a good screen I clicked it and it asked me to pay but then I found another one and clicked on it and again it asked me to pay ! And I’m not being funny but I don’t have £9 to spend on a app I just installed and I’m extremely disappointed this app shouldn’t be rated 4 stars because it’s not great. Also I found the app off of tik tok and it was not as good as the person said it was not to mention they said it was “free” IT ISNT! who ever made this app need to change lots of things and I am NOT HAPPY!.Version: 2.2

Do not download! Extremely glitchy.I’d give 5 stars if it weren’t for the horrible glitches. I’m so upset I paid $10 for this. Many times when I tap an app icon to open it, it’ll glitch and open 10 different apps all at once - none of them the one I want. Then I’ll go back to the Home Screen and tap the icon again; it does the same thing usually 1 to 3 more times. This is unbearable at times, especially when I need to make a call, send a message or use GPS. It takes a couple minutes sometimes to open an app. The chances of this happening is 1 in 5, which is A LOT. Other times it’ll open the app I chose, but my screen will go black for a few seconds and when it comes back on it shows my Lock Screen. This, as well, will happen multiple times in a row when I continue trying to open that specific app. Sometimes my screen will go black for a long time and I’m afraid one day it won’t turn back on. Another annoying thing is that each time you open an app, it opens a “shortcut” tab first and then opens the app. So it opens 2 windows every single time. Which I’m sure makes the phone run slow. I’m constantly force-closing dozens of windows on my Home Screen. I’ve used this app for a few months now. It has nice themes and is fairly simple to setup once you get the hang of it. It’s a shame the creators haven’t fixed these glitches; there are so many other widget apps available that don’t have these issues..Version: 2.3.1

Don’t download (scam)I saw this app on Tik tok saying it was completely free so I downloaded it and as soon as I opened it it showered me with things to buy with the smallest close button in the world. After I closed all of them I look at the designs and they were pretty good but when I chose one and decided what widgets ect that I wanted it made me pay ALMOST TEN POUNDS and it turned out not a single pack was free to upload. Overall I do not recommend this app unless you are gonna use it a hell of a lot of you just have 10 pounds to spare..Version: 2.7.2

Horrible appThis app is horrible. U have to pay for everything and it’s not free like they said. I know there’s people who don’t want to pay so then don’t get this app 👎.Version: 1.9.3

This app isnt very great(READ THIS IF YOU ARE GOING TO PURCHASE THIS APP) Hello. So i have been decorating my phone with shortcuts and pics off of safari and then i found this app! It would be easier just to choose a theme and it automatically change your phone instead of doing every app icon which takes like a lot of time by the way. So i downloaded the app and it had me choose themes i liked and different things i was interested in so i could find backgrounds i enjoyed. so i found one i liked and took out the apps and added the apps i wanted. same with widgets. But when i tried to save it to my phone it said i had to purchase premium. so i thought it was probably bc i added things and i had to have premium to do that so i just chose a different background without editing it so i wouldnt have to purchase premium. but it still said i had to buy it. i tried this with various themes and backgrounds but you cant do it unless you pay for it. so yea i mean this app is nice but its just stupid that you have to pay for every single thing..Version: 2.0

ReviewSo stupid that it makes you pay $16 dollars to change your Home Screen 🤦‍♂️.Version: 2.1

Premium? 😬I purchased premium a few hours ago because I thought the icons and widgets were cute. I added some of the icons on my Home Screen and I realized that the images and icons were somewhat blurry… for $9.99 I’d hope that your icons look at the very least a bit more crisp than some of them do now :( tbh it looks like I stole icons/photos from Pinterest because it’s got a pixelated texture to it. (It’s not uncommon to find low quality versions of icons that people are promoting on Pinterest for purchase… so that those people can then get the high quality versions of said icons). When I would put an icon from this app beside another app that has its original icon, you can see the difference in quality. Usually I wouldn’t do this, but I’ve submitted a request to apple for a refund that I’ll hopefully receive. (If not, well it didn’t hurt to make an attempt 💀). Could’ve used my $9.99 on my Apple Music subscription instead 🤷🏻‍♀️🤠 UPDATE aug 9th 2021 — I ended up getting refunded after explaining the situation to Apple. Highly recommend others do the same!.Version: 2.2

$$$This app sucks like very bad u have to pay for everything and it’s very hard to set up like nothing is free I do not recommend this app. 👎🏻.Version: 2.7.2

Developers please readAs a person who tried so hard to like this app, it’s such a miss. Great idea! Lovely icons but the way you go about making them the app is just a no. If you made it to where you can just manually download the images & let us do the shortcuts that would be amazing! But no. I love the icons for “Trippy retro” but it just doesn’t make sense how you make use add it to home (which btw is annoying & I’m not using it because it opened up safari before the app) & then the other apps you let us manually download. Why don’t you just let us chose sheathed we want to manually download them ourselves instead of pushing your “add to home” feature. Not only that but I tried to manually download another them set but it keeps directing me to pay $2 on top of the $10 I spent. Even tho I PAID THE $2!! Even the themes you let us manually download it’s asking for payment you already received.Version: 2.6

Read this and don’t buy it!Guys I really like this app and the cute wallpapers and apps but you have to pay abt 10-20 dollars to buy 1 Home Screen and its monthly that you have to pay for this it’s not just a 1 time thing. I downloaded it and my iPad got so glitchy the only thing you can do with it was look at it. There was no purpose in it anymore so if you want it then don’t keep it for long or else you will have to buy and new iPad or phone. My parents kept telling me to keep restarting it or maybe it’s not charged but I tried everything but nothing worked. I don’t recommend this app. It’s overpriced glitching and you have to pay monthly. It’s ok if after reading this you still want it but I’m giving you a warning now that if you have a laptop then it might get a virus or you might have to buy a new electronic. My parents were so mad at me because I just had gotten the I just don’t really recommend this app if you are looking for a wallpaper app I would just recommend that you go on chrome or safari or what ever you use to search things up because trust me this app isn’t the greatest app I’ve seen. Have a nice day and thank you for taking your time out of your day to read this! 😊😊😊.Version: 2.7.2

UselessThe app barely has any free packs. Every thing costs ACTUAL money, there’s no point in having this unless your willing to pay money for the exclusive items and all that..Version: 1.4.1

Haven’t really used it...Okay so, I got this app after seeing the ad on Tik Tok. It’s not the best because there are constant ads for subscriptions and you have to pay for almost everything! Which isn’t really fair I’m my own opinion. I’ve tried it a few times and am trying again now but maybe try make some free packs..Version: 2.0

Ummm….So! I got this app yesterday because I thought it would really help my iPad gave more of an aesthetic look. However, you have to pay like 15 dollars just to have a picture on your widget! FIFTEEN DOLLARS! I’m sorry, but, WHO thought it was a good idea to do that? At least maybe make people pay money when they first buy it. I was REALLY excited to try this app, and when I found out you had to pay for EVERYTHING, I deleted it. If your made of money, I recommend this app. I think it had so much potential, but then it makes you pay. That’s all I have to say for now, thank you for taking the time to read this..Version: 2.7.2

Wtf? OverpricedI tried downloading this app and i was exited but when it downloaded it immediately said I should but something and NOTHINGS free? How rude is that?.Version: 2.7.3

How do I get a refundApps can’t open instantly. Have to go through a web browser. I’d like a refund please.Version: 1.9.2

WHY DO WE HAVE TO PAY?!?!Excuse me but we have to pay not to sound like a karen or anything but we have to pay just for this app to have our screen aesthetic and good looking and we have to pay for it honestly that’s dumb and VERY useless it’s not even worth it to even pay for it cause what if it’s like a scam y’all seem thirsty for money cause that doesn’t really make any sense for the way we have to pay for an app it’s not even worth it at all paying, not to sound rude or anything tho it’s just that we have to pay for that I am not spending my money for this app because we want to have aesthetic home screens I mean like just for that theirs no point of event doing just to have your screen good looking honestly pls upgrade the app and not have it being pay for that cause that’s just a waste of money JUST FOR A APP like this that’s worthless.Version: 2.2

Waste of money - but pretty icons if you’re a patient personI wish I had known that it only installs shortcut links with the cute designs, rather than actually changing the app icon. I don’t like that I’d have to have two icons for one app and it isn’t clear anywhere that that’s how this works. I paid £8.99 for something I won’t even use as I don’t have the patience to go through one at a time updating icons..Version: 2.2

Could’ve been much betterI uninstalled this app shortly after installing as I went on to find all the good packs u had to pay for which is ridiculous. They should change it where MOST of them are free but for some specialised ones or special features you have to pay. Definitely wouldn’t recommend. If you want an app that does this but for cheap it’s called icon changer it’s really good I found it a great alternative..Version: 2.1

Don’t recommend (scam)Okay, I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong but, I saw an ad on tiktok and this girl was reviewing the app and saying “This app is amazing, it’s so easy to use and so cool! And the best part is that it’s FREE” so I dowloaded it and it came up with the premium and I said no because I’m not paying bloody 10 quid for something I just downloaded of course so, I found a wallpaper I liked and I pressed easy install and it came up with the premium(keep in mind it was supposed to be FREE), so I was a bit sad it wasn’t available so I tried another, and STILL!.. OH MY LORD it came with the premium, LOOK I am NOT payinggggg for something I came MAKE myself. Then I tried like 5 more..still no. BUT on that last one it almost forced me to buy it and it was about to do the Face ID to conferm so I threw my phone so it wouldn’t go through BUT BOY LET ME TELL YOU IF IT WENT THROUGH I WOULDVE 👊 so it’s not the best but if your willing to pay then go for it..Version: 2.0

HorribleIt’s horrible you have to pay for everything and costs more then enough don’t waist your time.Version: 2.7.2

It’s horribleWhy do you have to pay for everthing.this app is garbage.Version: 2.7.2

SketchyThe advert on TikTok made the app look very nice but when I downloaded it I could only have the home screen if I pay £9 and it has not mentioned that so when I didn’t know it told me to enter my password but then charged my account for money because the £9 thing popped up so quickly that I didn’t see and I accepted so don’t download it unless you want to pay £9 when you could have got it for free off widgetsmith and shotcuts..Version: 1.9.4

DONT PAY - Do it yourselfI thought this app would make it easy to set up a pretty, aesthetically pleasing display but the user is still doing most of the work. I downloaded the app and looked around first but you have to pay $10 in order to use any of the images (not too much) so I paid. Once I paid I thought it would be just a simple click to auto-upload all the apps but it’s not. The few app displays that can be changed automatically have to be done one at a time and most of the apps must be manually changed. Also, even if you pay the $10 the ads won’t stop popping up which is kind of a given in apps but especially something like this where you are trying to focus and don’t need extra pop ups taking up the screen. All in all, you’re paying $10 to have pretty pictures gathered in one spot but you could just Google them for free since you have to do everything else anyway..Version: 2.7

Basically robs your moneyI purchased the £9.99 fee for this app which i kind of had no choice to do as there were no options on the app that were free unless you went to the website and asked them to email you a free option, to which they don’t reply to their emails or web chat as i have tried to speak to them on both ways. This app is falsely advertised in every advert i’ve seen of this, it’s told you don’t need to go through shortcuts. Which is a lie because it’ll take you through a shortcut on safari which implies you’d need constant wifi or mobile data for any app to open even if they’re not wifi based. You then have to install every individual shortcut onto your home screen as you’re replacing the actual app with a safari shortcut, a lot of the apps on your phone won’t have an icon that they provide so you cant replace all apps on your phone. Absolute waste of money and they won’t even reply to you. Wouldn’t recommend anybody getting this.Version: 2.1

Pretty disappointed. Don’t downloadI got this app because my sister recommended it and I wanted to change up my boring home screen. When I downloaded the app it gave me a prompt to pay 3 dollars as part of a Christmas sale to unlock most of the features of the app. I thought it was a good deal since my sister had to pay 10 to get the same thing. I was wrong to assume this. After I paid the 3 dollars and then nothing changed and it gave me another prompt telling me I had to pay 10 to unlock the full features. It may just be 3 dollars but it still upsets me that I was tricked into giving money for nothing. Don’t be fooled when the app tells you that is is free to use because it is unusable unless you pay money and it may not even work if you do pay money. Do not download this app because the 10 dollars it will make you spend would be better used on coffee or something..Version: 2.6.1

A Little Frustrated…Initially I was excited to use this app being an IPhone 11 user. I signed up and paid the $9.99 one-time fee to have access to all. I love sunflowers and immediately was drawn to the Boho Abstract. I was able to download the widgets but the App Icons are not able to be downloaded at all! I have followed all steps on easy install and manual install and each time it links to a webpage that cannot be displayed. This was highly disappointing. I won’t sit here and be petty hollering for my money back but I do feel as though I have been taken for a ride on this one and really, it’s of no use to me now. Really quite sad and I’ve considered deleting it all and just taking it as a lesson learned. 😫.Version: 2.2

Purchased But Got No Access To Any Features!I am extremely upset right now after purchasing the “one time” $9.99 fee. After purchasing that so that I can continue customizing my Home Screen with the app icons I was interested in, it then asked me to “upgrade for all exclusive themes” to a sale of $2.99. I then purchased this confused to why do I even have to purchase this now after I just paid for the “one time” $9.99 anyways, I was still continued and just paid it. Immediately it’s taken out of my bank account, both purchases and when I tried to proceed in the app after purchasing both packages, it still prompted me to pay $2.99 for the package as if I never paid for it in the first place yet my bank account says otherwise! Please fix this! Why was money taken out of my bank account yet I have no access to the features I just paid for!! Extremely disappointed!.Version: 2.6.1

I’m sorry but it should be freeLike it’s cool if you want to pay for a cool backgrounds but for me it’s not really worthwhile it.Version: 2.1

NoYou really gotta pay for everything 😐.Version: 2.7.2

READ BEFORE DOWNLOADWhen I got it I was super excited but then it cost 10 dollars per month and I’m like sure that’s a steal for a cool app like this I install one of the fall ones and the next second my phone starts to glitch I asked my mom and she said turn it off and back on again but that didn’t work I woke up in the middle of the night my phone was freezing from so many stuff happening on it I tried to check Twitter h it would just log me out and would not log me in as if I’ve been banned so I’m holding in my tears praying to god that my phone has not broke and it’s starts to freeze again like it had did nothing but then I turned it off and it stopped 6am it’s back again but not going crazy just freezing for a couple of seconds each second I spent to delete the app and when I deleted it my phone had reset and when it got done it was perfectly fine so do not read the other reviews and don’t fall for it… It’s sadly a scam, this app would have been a cool app..Version: 2.4.1

Don’t recommend!!!Hello, I just downloaded this! literally all day so excited! I came home and I downloaded it and it said ‘can’t install because of iPhone storage’ so I deleted roblox and among us! And I got ScreenKit. When I went to explore it I was screaming in excitement it said pay for £9.99 I pressed the X button and I looked at app icons and widgets I found my favourite and downloaded it, I crossed off all the apps I don’t have, and then downloaded. But it said pay £9.99 for This!!!!!!!! I am MAD don’t get this!.Version: 2.0

Super clunky and doesn’t really workI purchased the premium subscription because it wouldn’t allow me to try any of the themes without purchasing. I would let me use the widgets for free, but that’s not why I got the app to begin with. I wanted the custom app icons. So first off, the instructions were pretty confusing. But even after I figured out how to use it it took FOREVER because youHave to install each individual app icon. There is no way that I could find to just have it automatically replace all of the old up icons with the “bookmark icon” things. Then, after I finally got them all installed and somewhat organized for some reason the “bookmark“ wouldn’t open the app that I associated with it. So I would click on the TikTok app and instead of opening TikTok it would open my maps. And so would like 4 other of the custom app icons. But some of them would work. So I REDID IT AGAIN. It did the same thing. Redid it a 3rd time, and it worked! I tested each one and they all opened the correct app. But then 2 days later, today, it’s not working again - opening the wrong app. Overall, I love the concept, but it just doesn’t work how it needs to work. One last thing, they don’t have very many app icons for things like your bank app and various others so you have to upload your own and that’s a whole process in and of itself. I’m going to try getting a refund. If the technology improves I’ll try again in a year or so..Version: 1.9

Disappointed...I thought this app would be super cool, and for the most part, free to use. But I was very disappointed when I realized that legit everything costs money! There are like four sets that I can use, and that’s it! WOULD NOT recommend this app unless you want to spend money on images that you could just look up. The app does not even put the icons on your Home Screen, it just gives you images. Only the most basic and boring sets are free, and you can only use the rest if you purchase a 50 DOLLAR subscription. I could honestly do better myself just googleing images. This was a complete waste of time and effort. It would be better if the just made the app itself cost money, and not everything in it. Don’t say it’s a free app when you need to pay for everything..Version: 1.3

MisleadingIt’s misleading and not worth the money. You have to pay for it (16.99NZD) and once you’ve paid for it, you have to do everything manually..Version: 1.8.3

Had to pay for the app iconsI downloaded it hoping to find some really cool app icons and stuff but then I found out you had to pay for pretty much all of them (except the first one). That’s like downloading a game but only being able to play the demo of that game. Instead of have to pay for literally EVERY single aesthetic, why not get people to share the app or watch ads for the aesthetic?? I’m not sure why you have to make people pay for every one. 😐.Version: 1.1

Terrible and full of bugs!I spent so much time fiddling and making my phone how I wanted it to look and it’s it is beautiful however it’s full of bugs. My phone keeps turning off, screen goes blank, now my phone is getting really hot when on charge, my wallpaper keeps changing. Not to mention I never read anywhere that you can’t see notifications on the icons. Would be great if it worked ! Also I have emailed them 3 times with NO RESPONSE!!! Waste of my $15.Version: 2.3.1

DO NOT DOWNLOADAfter downloading this app i had to pay £8.99 (because not a single thing was free) then the app stopped working and my phone was constantly crashing after I deleted the app it stopped and my phone was working again but then a friend of mine downloaded it on her phone and 2 minutes after her phone stopped working completely and she has now had to restart her phone after losing 2 years worth of storage.Version: 2.7.2

Definitely not “free”Sure the app itself is free, but every single thing I’m it costs money. There are no free options in the app so don’t get your hopes up with it being free to download.Version: 2.7.2

Needs a filter by “free” optionLook, I know that I’m Being stingy here by not paying for the full features, but if you won’t let me use anything I want to, then why say it’s a free app. I don’t mind if some things are or aren’t free, but as far as I could tell, there is no way to easily find what is free, and what I wanted to I couldn’t get because of the pay Wall. Now, would I one star this if I could filter by free and easily see what is and isn’t free? No, because then I could check if whether it had what I wanted. But there wasn’t a way to filter by free themes from anywhere I checked, as a result I am really doubting that there is free content in the first place. I don’t think that there is anything wrong with the app if you pay for it, but purely in terms of what you can get if you don’t wanna pay anything? There isn’t much to be found easily if there can be anything found at all. If you want things to be paid for, and especially cos it’s a one time payment for everything, just put it under paid, I really feel lied to :///.Version: 2.2

Don’t download it..This app may seem cool but once you actually download it and open it all the wallpaper and icons cost money. AFTER downloading it and BUYING😓 the premium for the app, I check the reviews and learned it used to be a subscription, when I bought it, it said that it was a one time purchase. So I paid the $10, right? Hoping that all I had to do was simply press a button or two and that everything would be “set” or downloaded onto my iPhone automatically.. But NOPE I still have to manually install all of them. And for apps like Facebook or instagram, it says we have to follow them (I believe they want us to follow the creators of ScreenKit (This app). I’m just sitting there, confused as to why I have to follow them just for an icon. In the end I don’t do it, you might think that was lazy of me, but you shouldn’t have to go through that just to get ONE simply icon. So, I deleted it. But a while later, reinstalled it, hoping everything was fixed. and guess what… NOPE still the same. Something even popped up saying I had to make another purchase, it was something for 2.99. I thought premium was all I had to buy right? I guess not, anyway, I ended up not buying it. This app isn’t good at all, but I have to give credit where it is deserved?? I guess?? I command this app for its display, and how easily it fools someone. 1 star 😀.Version: 2.7.2

My review (This App is Crap)I kind of have a picky type of taste. I just downloaded this app 30minutes ago and I’m already deleting it and giving it a 1 star review. So I have opened the app up and it asks me if I want a subscription. I say no. Then every second, a pop up comes up to ask if I want to upgrade to premium. And of course, I click no. I was looking for a theme for about 10minutes and I found one that I really liked. I pressed on it and I saw all of the icons, widgets and wallpapers of that theme pack. I wanted to install it but it cost money. I looked again and I found about 5 more that I liked. Guess what? They all cost money. It’s really annoying and it doesn’t explain how to use the app properly and when you click help, it still doesn’t explain it properly. Overall, I would recommend the app and I don’t think you should download it. ~ An Unhappy Person.Version: 1.9.3

TOTAL RIP OFFTricks you into downloading their “free” app except you have to pay $13.99 to actually use it. What a joke! '.Version: 2.7.2

DO NOT BUY OR DOWNLOAD! You will get a virus!I am extremely dissatisfied with this app and what is has done to me. I was so excited to get my phone looking pretty and aesthetic. I purchased the $10 because it wouldn’t let me do ANYTHING without purchasing. The entire app is basically just just an ad and you can’t do anything but look unless you pay up. So that’s what I did… until my phone is now messed up. I started downloading the icons, not to mention has to be done individually, and after about 10 apps were downloaded I couldn’t stay on my Home Screen for 10 seconds before my phone would just off and back on. I would delete an icon from this app, phone shuts off, delete another, phone shuts off, and continue to do this until I got rid of everything. My phone is functioning a little better now that it’s all been removed, but it’s still not the same. I’m pretty sure this app has given my phone a virus and if this is the case, I am demanding a refund and requesting that the creators send me a new phone for this unsatisfactory app. I am very disappointed. Do not waste your time or money!!!!!!! I’m surprised my phone hasn’t shut off before finishing this review..Version: 2.1

Disappointed.I am extremely disappointed and dissatisfied with this app. I saw it as an add on Tik Tok so decided to trying it out and download it without looking at the reviews first. I was so excited to make my phone screen aesthetic and pretty but you have to pay for EVERYTHING on the app. The app is a whole add because you have to pay for everything on it. Nothing is free and now I can’t even customize my Home Screen. It’s also û fare tk the people that might not have the money all time or their parents don’t allow it. The should have at least a section of free stuff so then you can still have a cute Home Screen for free. I don’t recommend getting this app unless you wanna spend money on home screens all the time. Disappointed just disappointing..Version: 2.4

This is badI lowkey don’t understand the point of this- i wanted a app to customise my home screen,but i can’t because this stupid app doesn’t work. i downloaded it,and found a app changer i really liked,so it tried to upload it to my phone. it was going well until it told me i had to play $91.00 a year for some stupid app that doesn’t even work! i tried all of the app changers,and none of them worked either! waste of time. do not recommend at all..Version: 2.1

It sucksYou have to pay for everything not worth it.Version: 1.0

Wouldn’t really recommendI like all of the ideas that are there for you to choose from, they are beautiful however the thing that I don’t like is how you have to pay to get the idea but on other apps it’s free. If you made the ideas free but had major ones for cheaper amounts them my rating would be higher..Version: 2.4.1

It’s fine I guessOK so first of all I read the reviews and the first reveal I had a really good ad for stars so I was tempted to get it in a second and most of them have really bad reviews. And when I downloaded it it showed me where all the widgets are all of the wallpapers are and the icon changers when I just wanted to select one of the icons because that’s what I was most excited about only one it made me pay $10 I’m not paying $10 just for one thing I mean I get it you want to change your themes make a cottage core Indy aesthetic cute but usually apps make you pay five dollars to dollars or like anything else but this app makes you pay 10 and usually I don’t pay 10 and less if it’s a really good app and I only download apps that’s really good so I don’t look this up and I didn’t wanna pay for it so I’m not so excited about it don’t waste your time. But other than this hi wouldn’t be so mad.Version: 2.7

Didn’t even want to put one starAbsolutely awful. I a the time of girl that loves glam and I wanted to have the app icons but I would rather do it on shortcuts which takes 2 hours. I was on the app and I picked my set but then it didn’t let me and I had seen advertisements all over tick tock which is how I found the app saying oh yes the only app that has free app icons. Well that’s far from the truth and then it said I had to pay £9 just for one set and then it said I can have it for free if I followed there insta and tick tock so I clicked the link to find there page and I did follow them both insta and tick tock and then I came back on to the app and it was saying the same thing as before . I am very disappointed and this issue should be sorted!!!.Version: 2.6.1

Great In Theory, Ultimately UselessI'm not paying $15 for the privilege of my phone app icons being more consistently themed... the fact that the developers think that it's worth that much money is laughable. The widget functionality isn't super customisable; I can't believe there is no way to point certain widgets to certain apps that are third-party. For instance, I can't force the weather widget to get it's information from Weatherzone, the app I use because it's more thorough than Apple's own solution. I can't make any custom widgets for third party apps like BeemIt that track my loyalty cards either, so this app is a great idea but is over-shadowed by it's limitations. A big "No way, José" from me!.Version: 2.4.1

My phone keeps restartingIt’s a good app, BUT, I had to DELETE the app, because when I downloaded it, payed for it, then started decorating my phone, my phone experienced these 5 second restarts ever so often, sometimes one after the other. When I deleted the app, my phone worked PERFECTLY! I then tried downloading it today again to see if it would stop, but as soon as I hit the re-download button for the app, it did the 5 second restart thing. (The restart is a black screen with the circle in the middle as if it has died, but then the lock screen appears 3-5 seconds after) It’s a GREAT app, but VERY difunctional..Version: 1.9.1

😡😡It’s really bad. You get all set up to use it and everything then it says that u have to pay to use it. It’s a waste of time and I wouldn’t get it if I were you..Version: 2.2

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