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Pocket City 2 App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Pocket City 2 app received 31 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Pocket City 2? Can you share your negative thoughts about pocket city 2?

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Pocket City 2 for Negative User Reviews

Good but…Loving it but the app continually closes without warning. When this is fixed I will happily give 5 stars..Version: 1.008

Best gameI love this game but please sort the new glitches, it’s just started freezing and missing some graphics etc. otherwise I love it.Version: 1.016

Great game but..After level 80 game exits, constantly.Version: 1.0

(●´ϖ`●)At first I loved it but then it started getting really boring 😑. It's so repetitive but graphics are incredible. I don't think it's worth £5 tho maybe £1.99.Version: 1.002

Annoying problemGame keeps crashing to a continuous black screen when entering certain buildings during free roam, needs updating to fix.Version: 1.002

Updated reviewAs I play more the game keeps crashing and Im using iphone 13 so idk mad glitches in mini game i paid 8 bucks yall needa fix it man.Version: 1.0

Can’t make money in hard modeHi I just can’t see what to do to make money in hard mode. I’ve changed the tax many times but I’m getting no where. I love the original game..Version: 1.016

Good but rough mini gamesNot sure if it’s cause I’m bad, but some of the mini-games are ridiculously hard! Demolition and laser tag are near impossible. I wish there was a way to skip quests that need those..Version: 1.009

Bug issues!!!This is a great game when it works, although that is not very much! Especially when you city gets bigger. All the mega construction items freeze and kick you out of the game. When you click on quests, the city goes blue and you can only see icon titles, requiring reboot or it kicks you out. Really. Disappointed in how much it costs. For how it works, if these things were fixed I would give it 5 stars.Version: 1.002

Great but freezesI’m enjoying the game, great new features but it keeps freezing which is very annoying. I hope devs fix this because it really is a great game otherwise..Version: 1.015

Crashes constantlyMy son and I absolutely love this game until about a week ago and it consistency crashes and boots us out of the game every few minutes. I play on iPhone and he plays on iPad. Prior to this it was crashing about 3 times a day..now it crashes all the time especially during the mini games. Please fix it. We loved this app and now we hate it because it crashes so often..Version: 1.042

Wonderful game but too easyEven on expert mode there is little to no challenge and once you start earning, the money snowballs and it’s essentially a sandbox game. I had A LOT of fun for about one day and now I’ve sadly lost interest. Hoping this will be addressed but if not still worth the price of a beer for the fun while it lasted..Version: 1.002

BugIm not having a population at all at my second city.Version: 1.023

Game crashes a lotLove the game except it crashes so so often, the bigger the city, the more it lags and crashes. Super frustrating for having paid for it.Version: 1.015

Would love to give it 5 starsI really enjoyed the 1st version, great game top tier. This one is exciting and when it works it is a huge amount of fun. But man this app crashes constantly. It was annoying but today it started freezing after about 10 minutes of play and is really making me mad about spending money for this. This is not fun any longer. Please fix this, I really want to give it the 5 stars it could be..Version: 1.015

Lots of bugs and glitchesGreat but Lots of bugs and glitches, and not so pleasant features - traffic is too much - too much cars on the road especially the snow plowers. Ability to turn off the traffic, would be ideal, especially on different type of roads- dirt road’s especially. - the avatar can fly but sinks in the water - too many graffiti’s, this should be tied in to the crime level, the more crime level goes up more graffitis, but it’s just too much. Trying to build a city that’s pleasant -Blind spots! ability to rotate the map is needed. Ability to rotate buildings is there but not on the map(land). Blind spots! -NPC’s on destroyed roads, they emote awkwardly. It looks like they are performing push-ups on the road. -There are many NPCs, ability to turn them off. -We keep having to turn off and restart the game because of random glitches, npcs merging, road features disappear. - Request to remove the ramp that shows up on roads, it would be great if it only shows when you’re inside a vehicle. It looks bad out there. Trying to built and admire the city, and the road with the ramp(Minigame) looks bad..Version: 1.016

Awesome…then it crashesI’m loving the game, and the upgrade from the first version is amazing. However, it crashes alllllll the time, so much so that I’ve gotten into the habit of manual saving almost every second thing I do. The most annoying is that it crashes when doing the City Challenge events, so I can’t complete those quests. I know it’s just launched so hoping for patching but it’s proving super frustrating at the moment. Otherwise would be 5 stars!.Version: 1.016

Crashes too muchCould be a great game but is impossible to progress on an older phone, crashes constantly. The game is NOT more advanced than other games that work fine, it’s a problem with THIS game. Developer acknowledges this is an issue but doesn’t seem interested in fixing it, only adding new features..Version: 1.027

JdjsnxjxFun but after a will it is boring.Version: 1.042

Randomly crashes. Graphics are slowFor no reason it will just crash, every half hour or so..Version: 1.002

IOS mute switch not working for gameHi, please update to respect the mute switch on iPhone. I will change or remove my review once that’s been fixed..Version: 1.012

Cute loading screen, kinda buggyI think the trash panda on the loading screen is totes adorbs…and that’s because I see it every time I have to relaunch the game. SO BUGGY! It crashes constantly. When it’s NOT crashing, I love the game. Super fun, especially since it’s not filled with micro transactions, but it REALLY needs a tweak. I reduced all the quality levels to see if that helps, but no. Anytime I go into any new scene or environment, it crashes. Really hoping that this is fixed with an update!.Version: 1.008

Many bugsVery good game with much potential but lots of bugs. For example I build a rail on top a road and when I demolished it some graphic elements remain there in the sky, some crashes, export city does not work all the time… and many more.Version: 1.016

Slow progressSetting a level requirement for everything is ridiculous. I can’t make use of my income because of low level..Version: 1.002

Overcomplicated SequelLoved the first game, it was pretty straight forward and relaxing. This one, like too many games these days, adds on so many layers of gameplay that it feels overwhelming. Not only are there all new city management mechanics to balance, like sewage & trash disposal, but now there’s a third person mode where you have to run around as the mayor doing quests that range from ride share driving to finding loot chests. Even on easy, cash takes forever to accumulate, which is part of the design to drive you into the third person mode to get cash from quests & events. Will be going back to playing the original Pocket City..Version: 1.023

Soooooooo BADAll the game is about is building houses and losing money Don’t waste your money on this game spend it on something else.Version: 1.031

Soon to be a 5 star gameI was super excited for this release but right now it’s too buggy to recommend. I’ve started 3 cities and all 3 have encountered game breaking issues with either population freezing, cash gain freezing or other issues. Once these get ironed out I’ll be thrilled to revise this review, but as it stands this borders on unplayable. Which is a shame because this feels like a major all around upgrade to PC1, already one of the best games on iOS!.Version: 1.0

Wow Much Excite? Poor translation…How does one award stars to a game that overlooks the sky completely… as the sun quite literally descends… the moon “rises” on the same side! It’s almost touching the sun! The ratings must has been purchased, because this game is riddled with glitches. There is nothing brilliant about this game..Version: 1.031

Great game, needs better save feature.I’ve spent several hours on the game so far and really enjoy it. However, tonight tried to work on my city via iPad instead of my iPhone. The transition is clunky and if you’re not careful and save your progress you’ll lose everything. My app crashed and I lost about 30 minutes of game play. Not to mention, uploading the city and trying to get it to upload the latest city on my other device is so far a night mare… also, this game DRAINS your battery..Version: 1.002

OkayThe tax system is weird. In the beginning you need double digit taxes in order to get positive cash flow. As you build wealth you can eventually lower taxes. Unlike the first game, lowering taxes did not do a lot to increase job growth and housing demand which it should. When you build your first college or university your demand for industrial jobs drops substantially. Factories require computer people, manufacturing managers, engineers, safety directors, etc. Why would building a college lower industrial demand? If anything it would enhance it. Graphics were better and the variety of buildings is better. No volcano like the original game which is good. I think I tapped out on the original game. Not inspired to play more after one completed city..Version: 1.042

Fun but buggyA few bugs/problems 1. The traffic simulation seems a bit broken. I have a tram line connecting my downtown to a suburb but it doesn’t appear to run. I disconnected it from car roads and only connected it to pedestrian roads to try and get the cars off of it to no avail. Even after doing so there are cars on my light rail line even when there are only pedestrian streets connecting it to streets. People don’t seem to walk anywhere but try to drive everywhere. Does the engine actually simulate movement of people or is traffic just reduced based on proximity to a transit system? 2. Demand for zones is a bit out of proportion. It feels like there is equal demand for all zone types when in fact I would have expected residential to take up more space than commercial or industrial. Those are my main two issues. I do love that there is such a deep and complex city builder on iPad and I hope that these two issues can be addressed in future updates. Keep up the fantastic work! Would buy again..Version: 1.023

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