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Northgard App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Northgard app received 57 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Northgard? Can you share your negative thoughts about northgard?

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Northgard for Negative User Reviews

Good game, bad iPad portGood game but the iPad experience feels like a let down. Crashes about every time I play. Autosaves not often enough and I find myself losing 10m of gameplay every time. The other aspect is the iPad controls being clunky and not ergonomic. Select units from the right side of the screen, but cancel selection on the left side. Tapping in the void doesn't close the build menu when nothing is selected. Etc..Version: 1.2

Too many crashes!I like the game, but it crashes constantly. I also wish there was a way to quickly find a building instead of scrolling around on the map and getting lost..Version: 1.2

Game crashesI really love this game but it just keeps crashing. Seems to have got worse recently. The game is really fun, its so frustrating.Version: 1.6.2

Good game but no multiplayer.Don’t buy if you want to play with friends, there is no multiplayer option..Version: 1.2

Keeps crashing ughKeeps crashing when the game starts getting good ugh then i have to redo 15 minutes of playing.Version: 1.2

Laggy12 Pro Max.Version: 1.2

Not compatible with Iphone 8The game is fun, but you need a larger device than what I have to play it. Scaling the UI up just makes essential buttons either stacked on top of each other or off the screen all together. Using the scale where all buttons are actually on the screen makes them so tiny that it's almost impossible to press the intended button. This game should not be listed as compatible with my device because it is not playable as is. If I can get a refund, then I'll probably buy it on PC..Version: 1.3.1

Good game but unstableGood graphics and gameplay. Definitely worth the £7.99 price tag if working properly BUT the game keeps crashing and returning you to much earlier save points. I have now played the same section five times. Waste of money in current state, wait for a stable version..Version: 1.2

Crash centralGot half way through the last mission, saved and quit, came back and now the game crashes instantly after opening.Version: 1.6.2

Game good, but buggyGame play is fun - but crashes ALOT Wouldn’t recommend until then developer can address and make game more stable.Version: 1.2

Great game, a little awkward on mobileFirst off, I love this game and the different varieties between clans. However, I constantly find myself clicking on things that I didn’t intend to when I’m trying to scroll across the map or select something else. Secondly, there is no multiplayer in the mobile version, which is a bummer. Hopefully they will fix these issues to do this great game justice, and then I will give it more stars..Version: 1.2

Good game thoWould be 5 star but crashes to often even if I am only losing 10minutes of progress.Version: 1.2

Fun game but...Fun game to play, however the game frequently closes down by itself and I lose played time... hopefully they find a fix soon.Version: 1.2

Great game, terrible interfaceSince I first played this game on Mac, I’d been eagerly anticipating the iPad version. The interface is so bad though on mobile. I miss the interface from the computer version. A lot. I’m not a fan of the weird radio menus and not being able to drag to select troops. I’m deeply disappointed that I still can’t play this on my iPad because the interface is so inferior to the desktop..Version: 1.3.2

Great potential but significant issuesThe game looks great and captures the Settlers magic really well. Unfortunately it suffers from two major issues: 1) Controls are poorly ported from PC resulting in some frustration. This would be manageable except issue #2. 2) There is no pause button (active pause where you can review and give orders). This makes the game unplayable for casual gamers. Stressful actually. There is a lot going on, across large maps, with imperfect controls..Version: 1.6.2

Worth more like 99p.Looked good on reviews, lame af after paying.Version: 1.3.2

Good game but iOS port has bugsI love the game itself. Own it on PC. My main issue in the iOS port is lag. The music glitches and cuts in and out after a bit. I have an iPad Pro 11 2018. Saving the game required a force close and restart. Also had the music double playing slightly out of sync for a chunk of it. Got a Yggdrasil victory and it hung for a good 20 secs and the statistics screen graphs were broken, only showing the last little bit of the game on it. They did a good job with the controls except for army management. The micro of damaged units is difficult cause it’s hard to select individual units during a battle. I hope all this gets fixed and more DLCs come out on iOS..Version: 1.3.2

Great game but issuesReally good game but I agree on the bugs. It’s like I am playing single player mode and after a while my scouts give up exploring meaning that I cannot fully attack the enemy. I think it’s a good game and really keeps you on your toes. My favourite is the wolf clan..Version: 1.3.2

Crashes on startupAlright game from the little I played, but I couldn’t really get into it because it started crashing on startup. Disappointing..Version: 1.6.2

Bad AI, terrible RNG, crashes too oftenNot recommended.Version: 1.6.2

CrashCant continue playing. Keep crashing to home screen..Version: 1.6.2

Great until it crashesVery impressed with the depth of gameplay, but they need to fix the crashes. Also, needs a large screen - avoid if it you only have an iPhone..Version: 1.2

Huge potential.. once they add some intelligent design.Northgard is a terrific port for a mobile game. Looks good, plays adequate on mobile, in depth actual strategy. The reason for the 2 star review is that unfortunately the developers consistently ignore the feedback around balance in the game. Unlike every other RTS game in existence, northgard opts to go for an “everything is random” style. And that makes replay value good, but it also means every game you play has a chance of being completely unviable and impossible, massively off balance. Everything randomised means you can get 15 minutes into a game only to find there is no other food tile within 9 tiles of your starting point. To colonise you need food; you cannot acquire food without colonising. A pretty simple dilemma figured out at the very beginning of RTS is that if a chicken comes before an egg, you need to actually let players acquire the chicken. Northgard has eschewed this in favour of a random experience. The result? Start game. Spend 5 minutes scouting. Realise you have two forests and one food tile. Restart. Scout again. 2 empty tiles, one food tile (guarded). Now you need a military before food to feed your soldiers. Restart. Do this 2-3 more times before finding a viable beginning. All it would take is a simply logic check for the map builder, but it’s been years now.. and still no hope in sight. This is exemplified in multiplayer where players will quit constantly because they got a roll that literally makes the match unplayable. In a team game? That’s it. All players have now wasted their time. It’s still fun and unique enough to have huge potential, but a few glaring flaws just need to be fixed first..Version: 1.6.2

Game mechanicsThe overall loop isn’t satisfying, your food constantly goes down and the only way to get additional food is from either healers or being lucky to have a food resource in or adjacent to your tile. There is no explanation on how to play the game, there aren’t many menu options, and there is a clear push for micro transactions. The story and narration are cool, like the illustrations, but that’s about it. This game was 7$ I believe? Waste of money in my opinion.Version: 1.2

Unplayable with lag on iPhone XI read so many great things about this game and really wanted to enjoy it, but I couldn’t even get through the first tutorial level as the game would lag especially while scrolling. I have an iPhone X and the description mentions it is compatible which is why I went for it despite the higher than average price for iOS games. I tried changing video settings but the “high performance” box was already checked. I even tried unchecking it in case high performance somehow meant better graphics, but it had no effect. I guess I’m stuck with an unplayable game until they fix it or I get a better iPhone 🤷🏼‍♂️.Version: 1.3.2

Good gameIt’s a really good game, 80% it keeps crashing please fix.Version: 1.2

Crash! Crash! Crash!I like the game a lot, but it will drop off the face of the planet on you for no reason! The auto save feature only kicks in once an hour or so, so you’ll be jumping back Ages when you sign back on... you can save your game yourself from time to time, but if it crashes during a save - the save itself is Erased!!! What is worst, the game is so real-time that jumping in at a random moment is nearly impossible to get straight! I find it easier to just start the whole level over from scratch... This crashing stuff is Garbage! There Is No Good Reason!!!.Version: 1.3.1

IssuesI’ve completed the story missions and now it keeps crashing when I get to the main menu any chance this could be fixed.Version: 1.6.2

Old fashioned, not optimized for mobileThis is a game for people who like to learn by failure. There is minimal tutorial guidance, and everything feels like a game from 20 years ago. It crashes often, and does not autosave, so you can lose progress easily. The developers should play modern mobile strategy games and adopt some of the best practices out there. This game could be truly extraordinary with more information and more modern sensibilities. If you like old school grognard strategy, you will probably love this..Version: 1.3.2

BatteryThis game drains my battery to the extent that I cannot play it properly..Version: 1.2

UnplayableGreat game but you’ll soon get sick of it crashing.Version: 1.3.2

Could be great without the crashesReally wish that I could give this game 5 stars, as it is beautifully put together and a great challenge. But sadly the constant crashes that others have mentioned make it unplayable. The autosaves aren’t frequent enough to get around this, and often you find you’ve lost half an hour or more of effort. One to put aside for now and hopefully it’ll be fixed at some point as would be a gem if it was sorted..Version: 1.3.2

Developers inactionThis game would be good but it keeps crashing . Reading the reviews the bad comments were for the same thing. I assumed (incorrectly) that the developers would have fixed it. This wouldn’t have been a problem except for the $14au price on the game. Obviously no chance of getting my money back. So to anyone else thinking of purchasing the game PLEASE DON’T BUY this game..Version: 1.6.2

Really fun RTS, but…I like the season mechanics and Viking theme. But… some of the onscreen controls show mouse buttons. Not fixed in the mobile port apparently. And the Jormunr achievement seems broken or bugged and no matter how many times I build the relic, even with different clans, it does not unlock. Update: submitted multiple bug/support request regarding Jormunr bug. No response. Also you can not evacuate civilians from locations with a lore producing ring or stone. Have not heard back or gotten reply on that. Others here report issues and devs don’t seem to reply here. Dropping review to three stars. Bad support being the reason. If they can add new DLC to pay for they should address bugs. Will add stars later if it seems devs care to respond to iOS folks..Version: 1.6

It was good, but…I’ve played probably 8-10 hours on the game so far, but now every time I go to open it, it crashes. Doesn’t get past the second screen..Version: 1.6.2

Not worth $8.99 / This is my first game review**Buyer Beware** This game would be fun if there were better tutorials. It plays like age of empires but there are problems with the gameplay. It seemed every time I had +food,+wood, etc. my civilians would be unhappy. Therefor they would stop working. Then if I had -food, -wood, the civilians would be happy. It’s extremely hard to balance out the civilians happiness and resources. (Ex. I had a “hunters lodge” and “food silo” with 2 civilians and a “field” and silo with 2 civilians but I still had negative food income because everyone was miserable.) Also if you get a message saying your civilians are unhappy or sick, it doesn’t say what to do to make them feel better. Sometimes it would say something like, “civilians want better housing” but nothing would happen after building a couple houses, or “build more healer hut’s” and nothing would happen when u do. Maybe it’s supposed to be hard but at times I was completely clueless as to how to keep my happiness and resources up. I’m bummed I payed for this game because it looked so fun but in the end it was just frustrating to play. Maybe don’t make loyal players pay for something before they even have a chance to try it..Version: 1.3.2

Nice Game[21 April 2021] The most recent handicap: my player is Goat clan. My food supply is hunting , fishing, and sheep. When my food supply reaches 500, the game does not let me build a silo. No zones suitable, etc. The most recent crash. I did a write over to a save game. The program deleted my file and then quit without saving. When I play this game my mini becomes very warm to the touch. So the longer I play, the mor likely my machine parts will break down. Briefly, this game is hazardous to the health of my machine. [end 21 April] But a few handicaps. Can’t build more than for or five units per zone. So buildings get scattered and hard to find. Time looking for buildings is time wasted. Can’t build more than three or four units without losing revenue. Taxes are an unknown concept. Nothing to show what steps would remedy a fall in happiness. Usually need to build more, but that costs revenue. Food and wood are not depleted, but stone and iron get depleted. We need both to upgrade buildings and improve happiness. So there is a game penalty for expanding, which is the object of the game. Need a lot more than 5 or 6 military units. But military brings with it a game penalty. Bulidings cost revenue. Periodically, the game quits to desktop. Not likely to be a memory problem, since we have a mini 8 with 256 gig of ram. And so it goes..Version: 1.2

Good game but way to small for a phoneIts a good game, just not for a phone sized screen. It is super hard to see what's going on..Version: 1.6

Not badPretty fun game, the sound glitches and repeats a glitchy loop and the game crashes regularly however, this is sickening.Version: 1.6.2

Don’t buy!!!A lot of money for an app with nothing to show. Suggestions please. Cannot get past the foothold when Halvard asks for help as game crashes. Tried three times. Emailed developers. No reply after day. Deleted app and reinstalled still crashed. Unplayable. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!.Version: 1.3.2

Great game BUTI love games like this and it has been bought to the iPad well, happily give it 5 stars BUT it’s disconcerting how often it crashes losing everything since the last auto save. I want to play this game but sadly I will have to return if it’s not stable enough to invest the sort of time you need to invest in games like these.Version: 1.2

Game will not load!This game looks really good but I have an iPhone 12 mini bought 2 months ago and this game will not open up for me been trying for hours keeps just closing instantly no good!.Version: 1.6.2

Good game but some lag and sound is glitchingNice game but the game is lagging on my iPad Air 4 (latest gen) and the music and sounds is glitching..Version: 1.3.2

Too many crashesDifficult to enjoy the game for what it is. I am still on my second mission because I simply cannot finish it before the game crashes. It’s just not fun to lose 2 hours of progress sometimes because the game shuts down so often. I try to save manual but most of the times it gets stuck on a “saving game” window. In it’s current state this game is unplayable..Version: 1.6

Great game, devs forgot the basicsThis is a good rts, but there’s definitely missing features you would expect to be standard in a game But there’s issues like the lack of an ability to skip cutscenes. Or the fact you can’t seem to restart a mission without literally deleting the app 5 star gameplay, but the lack of some basic features makes it an annoying experience.Version: 1.2

Great Game on PC, Lousy iPad InterfaceThis is one of my favorite games on PC. I thought I would download it and play it when I am away from the PC. Instead of fun, I got handed massive frustration. The game interface is practically unusable. Every time you select a unit and tell it to do something, you then have to deselect the unit before your click on something else, otherwise you will direct the unit to that item. On the PC, you don’t have to deselect. Once you issue the command, the unit is automatically deselected. This isn’t a bug; it’s a very poor design choice. Also, the music cuts in and out throughout the game which is very annoying..Version: 1.6

StutterThoroughly enjoy. But app keeps crashing during gameplay and even when I try to save my progress from impending crash. It’s un-user friendly as it is on an iPad without the interruptions. Room for improvement..Version: 1.3.2

Keeps crashing - unplayableDo not buy - app keeps crashing. Unplayable! Starts and just crashes - absolute joke after paying for this. Don’t be scammed!.Version: 1.6.2

TerribleIf you start a campaign and don’t do well… too bad. No way to restart. Not enough instruction. Clumsy controls.Version: 1.6.2

UnderwhelmingIt’s a solid idea of a game, but I didn’t enjoy it. Story is short and easy with little depth, game play is very basic and I don’t enjoy it on the iPad, animation is mediocre. Overpriced for what you’re getting at the moment..Version: 1.3.2

Crashing at startupUnable to play since latest update as crashing about 2 seconds after trying to open. Please, please fix as I absolutely love this game and have spent a load of money on additional content..Version: 1.6

Fun till it crashesI really enjoy this strategy game which has an emphasis on survival. 1. Sadly the battle mechanics are very basic and though there are different units they basically just all end up in a melee. 2. Worst though is the amount it crashes, mostly just when you go to make a new save though sometimes opening the menu will do it. 3.The campaign level “trade wars” is either fundamentally bugged on my copy or doesn’t explain how to win. I’ve done what people online say and no matter how much trade I do my score stays at 0. This means I can’t progress any further than level 4 on campaign and it has no way to skip it. Combined with the crashing I can’t be bothered to keep trying to work out what’s wrong with the “trade wars” level. It keeps crashing and I keep having to replay progress and It’s just not fun anymore. I haven’t tried the skirmish mode yet, due to having lost the will from the crashes. I’ll give it another go if there is an update which fixes the amount it crashes and if there is a way to continue the campaign past “trade wars”..Version: 1.3.2

Crashes after 10 secondsCan’t write a proper review of the game because I haven’t been able to play it for more than 10 seconds before it turns off. Have tried deleting and reinstalling but still doesn’t work. Very disappointed.Version: 1.6.2

Yhis game so hardI don't think it's fair because when I play against an artificial intelligence, an army has grown quickly and its resources are many. 3 lands were decomposed and I could not buy it because of my lack of food and I saw him buy it, and the price of it was 1000, and the more I bought land, the higher the price of the other. Please put the game options to be (easy) (medium) (Hard) In order for me to have a chance to win, please add this update and reply from the developer.Version: 1.6.2

Fun but bored rapidly.Repetitive, fun , no lag expect the screen dim everytimes and you cant do anything about it . I finished the campaign it was fun. No multiplayer and it got boring after 1 week. Ive never seen a game like that on a phone and ive never seen a game boring me like it too. If you start a game you need at least 3hours to finish it . Do you remember we are on a phone? Well dont get it for 10$ wait till it comes to 5$.Version: 1.3

Nowhere to grow…Initial five bldg limit and then four blogs in acquired territory is just not enough to hold off a rather aggressive enemy. No indication on how to upgrade blogs, how to acquire additional territory to grow your clan and a variety of unrelated events leave a gamer feeling helpless. Instructions need to be readily available and this title could go with a major upgrade as quickly as possible. One of the more expensive games in the AppStore, and one that was replete with possibility, yet lacking in functionality. Gotta go… earthquake just destroyed two clan blogs..Version: 1.6.2

Great game, bad iOS portFor those that didn’t know, Northgard is available on PC through Steam and I highly recommend playing it on there as there are some issues with this game being poorly optimized for mobile. The gameplay IS fun and offers some level of replayability with the different clans otherwise. The issue is that there are things that I can’t recommend the iOS version for. First, the game is VERY laggy after more than 15 mins of play or so. Frame rates will drop and never return especially if you get a phone call or text during the game. Furthermore there is a weird bug where the game will cause the phone to darken after a minute like it’s going to sleep even though it never does. This makes seeing the already small sprites harder. Finally, the game tends to cause the phone to heat up, and definitely drains the battery quite a bit during play. Overall I can’t recommend iOS, just buy it on Steam it really is worth it as the mobile version is more frustration in poor execution of an otherwise fun game..Version: 1.3

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