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Themify - Widget & Icon Themes App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Themify - Widget & Icon Themes app received 160 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Themify - Widget & Icon Themes? Can you share your negative thoughts about themify - widget & icon themes?

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Themify - Widget & Icon Themes for Negative User Reviews

......Just downloaded this app & would be nice to have a theme & icon stuff for my 12 pro max but it either asks you for a 3day free trial then $10 a week or $48 for a years worth which is a shame because I thought it would of had a select few themes & icons & widgets to download then decide to pay or not but still get to the keep the selected themes now that would be good but it’s a pay to play app looks like a decent app but.Version: 1.22

Just App Information!It’s an ok app, wasn’t expecting anything better but the reason I gave a 3 star review is because I liked this theme of widgets but when I looked at the list it gave me there wasn’t everything to match the widget with, like example when I hit the setting widget the settings app wasn’t on the list they gave me. Another things is that when I wanted to add a big widget for just some photos on my Home Screen I didn’t know how to apply it to my Home Screen, when I hit the help button it didn’t really tell me how to add it to my Home Screen it just simply said to hit “Set” and it’ll be there but it wasn’t. Just wanted to come on here to give you guys some suggestions to change around the app so myself and others can be happy with there Home Screen and how it looks! Thank you for hearing me out, if anywhere in the review you can help me please do, Thanks You! A more detailed review I would say is there aren’t enough apps on the list or as the widgets, I want my whole phone to have a widget, if that makes since! And for the picture widgets to add space on my phone is to add more detail to the help button in the corner, so I can apply the larger widgets, Just reply again if you need MORE detail!.Version: 1.7

Nice conceptIt’s cute, but the time widget will not update and I pay for the app. 😔.Version: 1.57

A few issuesI love this app BUT a few issues one is that when you download all the other little icons for your Home Screen whenever you tap on the it take about 5 seconds just to get onto the app you want it flicks to themify then it opens themify then it goes onto a plain white screen THEN it opens the app you want.Version: 1.55

You have to payAt first I was really excited to try out this app but when I found out there were premium features I was a bit hesitant. When scrolling through the app icons, differs themes have little crowns in the top corner to symbolise that they are a part of the premium package. This was okay because i just made sure to look for the ones without the crown. I did this and found some I really liked but then when I tried to download the app icons I found out I had to pay. I haven’t looked at any of the other features of the app because this one was the one I was most excited about however if you want any app icons you have to pay for the premium package..Version: 1.36

Cool but some issuesHi! I really like the idea of this app and the themes offered, they all are really cool! However, there are multiple issues with this. 1. When trying to download multiple selected icons, it asks you to install the mobile configuration to download a profile from the settings. I download it from chrome and nothing happens. I have not tried to use safari yet, but I figured that bug was worth mentioning 2. As someone else mentioned, not all of the apps on my iPhone are showing. Such as there is a replacement for the eBay icon yet it doesn’t see my eBay app on my phone. So the icon replacement doesn’t have a directory. Even when I search for the app on the search bar, it does not show up. Same thing goes for my McDonald’s app. These are the only issues I’ve seen thus far, I hope these issues get fixed soon. And in case using safari instead of chrome still doesn’t activate the setting to download a profile, I would suggest checking that too. Other than this? It’s a great app! It has a great layout and the offered themes are great, I thoroughly enjoy that it doesn’t force you to buy some vip or premium thing to use most of the themes. Please don’t change that!.Version: 1.35

Don’t install itIt’s a one time payment but it’s 35$ I wouldn’t recommend it.Version: 1.19

Good and badOk so this is a good app but I don’t like how you have to pay for it and it really disturbs my mum when I bug her to pay for it And also when I put on a bookmark for my apps and when I tap on the app it just opens safari So if you don’t need to bug your mum to pay for it then I would recommend it but if you do then I wouldn’t really recommend this app so if you could can you make the free trial to one year instead of three days please and make it so when you tap on the customised app it opens the actual app instead of just opening safari If you could do some of these things then I would recommend this app thank you And bye 😕😕😕.Version: 1.60

DONT DOWNLOADIt’s the worst app ever!!!! It wants you to install a tone of things that at first made me first think it’s a virus! Then when the apps changed to the theme it didn’t do it like you would think. Instead of changing it, it made a duplicate of the app! When you press on the duplicate it first sends u to a website before sending you to the real app! I DONT RECOMMEND THIS APP TO ANYONE.Version: 1.56

ThemifyIt’s not really that great and doesn’t really work..Version: 1.27

Ok. But photo bug.This is ok (I think there are better widget apps like this out there). The spacing and layout of fonts etc is a bit odd, however. But the main problem is that if you select a photo as the background, it puts a white line across the top of the mini-widget, for some reason, no matter which photo you choose or how much you zoom it in. Hopefully this bug can be fixed and the widgets can be more customisable in the future. EDIT: Also noticed that the time is usually wrong too! Sometimes slow by a minute, sometimes by many minutes! At the moment, the time is 17:52 but the widget is saying 17:45! This has been happening most of the time... This widget app seems generally quite buggy so far..Version: 1.2

If I could rate 0 stars I would…This app is horrible. They advertise everywhere that it’s is free but they make you pay. You get a FREE TRIAL! Not even free access to basic content. Worst app ever. Don’t waste your time. The developer response in this review section is ridiculous too. They’re trying to say it is free but a yearly fee IS NOT FREE!.Version: 1.49

Sneaky and uselessI clicked the yearly subscription and toggled the ‘free trial’ thing to ‘on’ but got charged immediately?! As I clicked to pay, it toggled the free trial off which is just rude tbh. So I’ve paid £8 something for a really annoying app that leaves most of my apps in their original, state and the rest as useless themed apps most of which don’t work because they require the short-cuts app (which I reinstalled, but they still don’t work). I feel conned..Version: 1.54

???Someone wanna explain how to actually use anything in this app???.Version: 1.56

No try before you buyIt wants your card info for the “free trial” which is 3 days. You can’t even try the “free” themes (not premium content) out without doing this. Nopeee.Version: 1.56

U have to pay for literally EVERYTHINGU have to pay for basically everything. Don’t recommend if ur trying to not spend money..Version: 1.56

Hate this appI don’t like it Avery minute there will be an add and you can not change the icon without buying it.Version: 1.36

IconsAs a previous Samsung user I miss the easiness of changing themes, their themes change your background, icons and even the keyboard which I loved as it gave me the feel of having a new phone 😊haven’t found anything like it so far for apple and thought this might be it but alas the icons won’t work at all, says the site can’t be reached so maybe I’m doing it wrong (more instructions/tutorials might be helpful). Love the backgrounds and widgets, I’ve got those working fine. Please help, would love this to work and to be able to change all icons at once would be glorious. Kind regards.Version: 1.30

ThemifyI downloaded this app after reading a review in Mac Format. Initially the app appears to be really intuitive and easy to use and the themes on offer are gorgeous. However the app uses Safari URLs to link to the icons representing the installed apps which simply do not work. I’ve contacted the developer who to be fair have excellent communications and respond very quickly. However having followed their guidance of clearing the Safari cache the problem continued. Further emails exchanged and all they could do is offer me a refund and inform that they continue to work on fixing these issues. Strikes me that an app that relies on Safari links for icons to work should not be sold until absolutely confident it works. Unfortunately I can’t give this app any stars but again was impressed with their communication..Version: 1.60

Few things I couldn’t standApps overall great, I chose the 3 day trial which had the app icon that I wanted but there are just some issues that are actually really starting to annoy me. One I tried to make my own app icons and they just don’t work, also you can’t actually make your own you have to choose and not all the designs are there… I would of loved to change some of the pink icons to blue to match my aesthetic but I just couldn’t do that. They also just don’t have all the apps there so you will always just have an odd app out. Another thing is that they are bookmarks, which I didn’t see someone else’s review until after I downloaded and tried this app but yeah they are just bookmarks on the main screen which one makes the apps wayyy to slow to load… it has to go through safari first before opening the app you choose, this honestly was just a deal breaker for me because I just want the app to load without jumping through a different app. It also means my safari is always open, it just drains the battery. I do really love this app but there are just so many cons to the pros. Hopefully they can fix the slowness or the fact it goes through safari once it’s downloaded..Version: 1.51

My Themify reviewI saw this app from an ad and the (recent and past) reviews were all saying “it’s excellent” “this tidied my phone so easily”. So I obviously downloaded it and I pick some themes. When I chose the icons, wallpaper and widgets, I chose a very aesthetic one. I turned on all of the icons so all of my apps looked the same/similar but guess what???!! ITS PREMIUM TO ACTUALLY USE THE ICONS!!!!!!! So everyone is saying it works and that. Well if it works, my (brand new) iPhone 12 mini isn’t working so which one do you think it is? Cos it sure ain’t my phone that’s acting up. Thank you for your time and download this app if you want but I wouldn’t. Thank you for your time to read this. x Izzy x.Version: 1.57

Maybe user error?I bought this app because it had great reviews for a variety of options to customize your phone and seemed very user friendly. Figuring out how to use it wasn’t that hard because the app gives you a lot of step by step and pictures to show you what to do. However, after I got my phone set up, the icons stopped working. Because they are “bookmarks” when I go to click them to open an app it says “Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid”. They will start to work again after a couple hours then one or two will stop working again followed by the rest of them. Sometimes turning my phone off and back on helps but not always and I’m not sure it was worth the money anyway if that’s what I’d have to do all the time..Version: 1.56

Doesn’t workEverything is blank no pics come up at all.Version: 1.54

Will be deleting.This app is paid, it’s not cool. I will be deleting this and I don’t want to pay TWENTY FOUR DOLLARS for an app that can customise Home Screen. Might as well use a background. I genuinely sound like a Karen but I’m being serious..Version: 1.35

OkayIt seems to have a good variety of themes but you can’t actually download the app icons without paying for a subscription.Version: 1.50

PaymentI have always used the short cut app to customise my iPhone and have been looking for an app like this. I thought it was going to be good until I had to pay a plan! The creators even say they have free content but that’s just the free trial which I am not going to do because I don’t want it to srart charging me!!!!😓DON’T BUY.Version: 1.29

Good Appearance But...This app seems really good and was recommended to me by a friend, but I cannot install single app icons as the install button will not work. Even if I install multiple ones on a FREE icon pack, I have to pay. Prices aren’t that bad but is a pain and it really annoys me. Other than that, pretty good app..Version: 1.38

Got chargedI installed and went to try the 3 day trial but i got charged 11.29 CAD right away ????.Version: 1.56

Read thisTbh it’s a waste of your time. I saw an influencer promote this and thought well this influencer has promoted some things and those weren’t bad so i said why not. well don’t think why not on this app, because not only will you have to pay a whopping amount of money just to use everything. But not to mention it you want to install multiple icons at a time when it’s free you can only install 5 at a time. But if you want to go through all that hassle go right ahead i’m not stopping you. Tbh the styles are nice.Version: 1.45

All they want is your money from the get go.I kept seeing this app and their crazy 3D looking themes on social media. After weeks of annoyance, I decided to try it. Turns out the first thing you have to do is agree to pay at least a weekly subscription to even view the options. But there is a free week so sure why not. The app is absolutely terrible to use and then to top it off, absolutely none of the themes or assets advertised are even on this app. I decided to try 2 other apps and they are the same story. All of these apps are ridiculous with their up front fees and subscriptions, very little offering, false advertising as to what you can do and find, and not to mention, all 3 apps have pretty much the same inventory of themes, icons, and backgrounds! It is nothing but just a circle of most likely stolen content. Do yourself a favor and don’t bother with this shady and terrible app..Version: 1.22

So frustratingPaid for a subscription but within a few days asked for a refund (emailed support 2x with yet to receive a reply). The app is not user friendly and is a hassle to download. App icons are downloaded as a short cut and does not replace the previous app icons, so you end up with multiple sets of icons, and have to one by one delete the previous icons. When you click on the app, it opens safari then opens the app, so unless less you leave Safari constantly running in the background, you have to close out safari each time you go into the apps. If you download the themed wallpaper or widgets, it does not set it automatically, it will save it under your photos and you have set it manually each time you download a new theme. Also the notifications only alert through the previous icons and not the current ones that were downloaded. The only positive thing I would say is there is a lot of selections to choose from, which is why I have a 2 star, otherwise I’d give a 1 star..Version: 1.37

Love the concept, needs more featuresI love the app. I wish there were more themes to choose by. I also wish there was a way to save the icons to our photos so we can use them for other apps that it doesn’t have on the list to download. I had to make my own that don’t match right. I also with there were more widgets to choose from with the theme of choice. And when I download a theme and apply to my phone I click an app it opens safari and then the app. Which I’m thinking it’s a phone error maybe not the app? But I don’t know? One more thing they should add is to where we can “favorite” the themes we like so we don’t have to keep going back to find it. So add more themes, widgets and features such as adding a “favorites” option. Add a way to save the icons for apps so we can use for others that may not be listed to install. (Or put more on your list to install).Version: 1.39

Widgets don’t work.I paid for a yearly subscription. At first it worked fine and was cool, but now it won’t let me edit/change the widgets and they just turn blank. I keep deleting and re-installing the app to fix this issue, but it only works for a little while. Literally please fix this issue..Version: 1.56

??What’s the point of having free packs if you can’t even use them?.Version: 1.56

Need so much improvementI have the latest iphone but the app doesn’t work properly.. It would be a great app, however the clock doesn’t show the right time, always late and I have to delete the widget and make a new one to catch the right time..annoying. But the worst is, it makes my phone overheated I had to delete the whole app to not risk damage in my battery.. Since I deleted my phone is fine went back to normal temperature. I downloaded a different clock widget app, which works brilliant what a shame, hope you guys fix the issue so I can give it a try again. Thank you.Version: 1.56

1 starI tried my best to go on that soo at first I thought wow a new app but no when I went on the app I refreshed my page yet to see that it’s was all white I was very disappointed and thought that this was a good app but yet one agin disappointed I hope you fix the app sooner or later bc if some people buy the premium yet to see that they have paid and not got thwart they wanted so yes I’m very disappointed.Version: 1.54

BadIts got no button too let me download the widgets disappointing.Version: 1.51

I’m sorry but it’s bad but not too badI wish it could just allow iPad users on because some people don’t just have an iPhone whenever they need this app and I’m an iPad user so please give us a chance to use this app..Version: 1.56

Cant keep accurate timeCute designs and nice looking widget...but doesn’t accurately keep time. Often many minutes behind as though frozen, until you go back into the widget and set it again. But frustrating really.Version: 1.5

Bad appCan’t even use it.Version: 1.37

Great app I just have a ideaThis is a great app I just have an idea maybe u can add a search For example if I want a Harry Potter icon or wallpaper or widgets or theme I can just search it up and find all the Harry Potter things Again great app this would just make it better in my opinion 😊.Version: 1.56


There should be free optionsThis is way too expensive and there should be free options.Version: 1.56

MalfunctioningIt’s a good app for a little while but now I’m trying to do a different widget and the one I’m trying to do is free, yet the stupid ad that pops up saying I have to pay! The one I’m trying to do is freakin free! Fix it or I’ll just delete it.Version: 1.26

RemoveNo good have to subscribe.Version: 1.56

Waste of time and doesn’t run the shortcuts properlyThis app is terrible and also expensive, i deleted all of my old shortcuts that i spent hours on searching the web for the right icons, making custom fonts for them and matching the shortcuts all for my icons and texts to be replaced with ugly normal texts and a horrible 2 second delay to the app that the new icons are designated to, i’m extremely frustrated i just wish i didn’t touch this stupid app and i had my old home screen back because my home screen is now a mess and i’ve wasted so much time just to get upset by this..Version: 1.20

I do not recommend this app!Iam fuming because my background will not change and is glitching my phone, my phone glitches every 5 seconds because of this app, my phone was fine before I got this app let me tell you how it began, of every season I like to decorate my phone and this Halloween I came across themify and I got Halloween app icon and now Halloween’s Done I can’t change it back. If you have apple please use shortcut. Please give feed back to help my situation themify..Version: 1.42

Why payWhy pay when you can just go to a different app and get free ones.Version: 1.30

Blank?? 😔I downloaded this app because if looked really good and for the people it worked for it was amazing! However, when I went on it it was completely blank even after it spent about 10 minutes loading. I left it for a while but nothing showed up. Please can you tell me how to either fix this or why it may happen. Thank you..Version: 1.57

I can’t believe thisAudacity they had to Catfish is unbelievable. The pictures and the reviews sound and look amazing but when I download the app I was disappointed to see that I had little to no options for app icons, themes, and widgets. Some thing that bothered me the most was when I first open the app. It was already asking me to pay for more widgets, apps, etc. all the nice looking home screen options were very expensive and I am disappointed that I can’t make my phone look as fabulous as I please. This app is a complete disappointment. I am astonished about how poor this app I cannot believe the use on this thing. People talk it up like it’s the best Home Screen designer when in reality it’s not it does nothing unless you’re willing to pay your phones gonna look bad..Version: 1.8

Not easy to use or change anything. Plus you need to pay.This app has absolutely no search function so you have to scroll through probably about 100 different themes and wallpapers. First of all there’s not a lot of variety. When you actually go to install it every time you click on one of their icons that is now on your home screen it will reroute you through the Internet into your actual folder. To me that is highly suspicious. Every time you change your theme you have to delete all of your old icons that are on your phone screen of which if you install all of them there are 40. Imagine changing this three times and you have to delete 120 different icons from your home screen. It does not keep anything in the folders it is supposed to be in. After all of that you have to pay $20 for the lifetime membership. $20 is not a big deal if the app is working well. But for some thing where you can’t even search for a theme that you want it that’s ridiculous. Also the categories are a joke, you end up seeing the same item in multiple different categories making it wonder if they just didn’t want to create that many variations. I will definitely be reporting this to Apple Inc. requesting a refund. It’s not a bad idea but it lacks all functionality and unless you’re a teenage girl it’s just not worth it..Version: 1.57

I thought this would be a good widget app; turns out it is like the others.*IF YOU ARE ABOUT TO INSTALL THIS APP, READ THIS FIRST!!!* So I only installed the app today and I thought this was a free one, according to the reviews. However, the reviewers spend their own money again! I am not a money waster, okay? I am sorry to say this since it’s embarrassing for the producer of this app, but if Apple did let you rate an app 0, I would rate it THAT. Now you can see how these little things can impact others hard. Developers, take this moment into mind. I really thought you could help me out. Turns out it’s all a lie. Unless this is fixed, I will be uninstalling this app. There isn’t any difference in this app..Version: 1.56

I can do this for free on my own!!!Although this is going in the right direction, it’s not there yet. The way this works is you’re setting up the new icon as a shortcut from safari, so each time you open the app with the new Themify icon it’s redirects you to safari first which then redirects you to the app. This causes many issues one being that if you want to sign in using Facebook and you e set Facebook using a Themify icon, it won’t recognize Facebook and gives an error. Also you won’t see notifications from the apps you set using Themify anymore unless your go to your notifications panel and manually look for them. This is not ok, this is not a real theme app it’s an app teaching you how to use links which you can do this all for free on your own from safari by searching an image of good quality and following the same steps then you just have to figure out the redirect address of each app… you definitely need to do better than this!!.Version: 1.39

Nice, but could be better. Needs bugs fixed.If I’m being honest I saw this app advertised on SnapChat and I went for it thinking it would be great. Then I was let down tremendously. The payed subscription is not a favorite for me, and there are a lot of widget icons to pick from but there is no app available to open them. Such as the camera app, great widgets but no way to program the widget to open the camera app. PLUS ever since I downloaded and started using this app my iPhone has been shutting down and restarting like crazy anytime I try to do a task that requires a little power. I don’t know if this bug came from the app or not but it’s very annoying..Version: 1.10

Not worth it, didn’t workI’m giving this app a 2 star review only because it had really cute themes. Other than that it didn’t work. I payed $9.99 for a year just to get the stuff added to my home screen and then once i finally got the stuff added how i wanted, I clicked the apps and it took me to safari and said the file wasn’t attached or something like that. Plus even if it did work every time you open an app it takes you to safari first before going to the app but I mean whatever if it actually worked. Plus not to mention the fact that you get an ad every 35 seconds. This is just really disappointing considering the fact we have to pay to do anything and there are no free options. At least make it useable😕.Version: 1.56

Wont openWhenever i open themify it wont open its just blank and its really annoying cuz i cant delet apps either :(.Version: 1.56

Not connectingI thought the content was great. The price was half the cost of some other apps so I went ahead and paid for a year. Now I’m regretting that. I spent a lot of time looking through the options and choosing what I wanted. I changed icons about 3 or 4 times, and every time there were a bunch that didn’t automatically transfer over. They had to be clicked and searched for and then added manually before downloading the profile—and I’m talking about things like Facebook and eBay. That took up a lot of time. Then there were several apps of mine that could not be found. I was going to create my own icon, but I’m not sure it’s even possible to make one that matches a style in the designed themes since there is no gradient or glitter, and as I said, once I tried to create a design, it would not “find” my apps like Hushmail or iPlum. After I spent all that time getting everything rearranged, I went to click on one of my apps and it gave an error message saying the address could not be found 🤦🏻‍♀️. So frustrating after spending all this time. I’ll have to delete it all and go back and download all of the apps again since I erased them. Not worth the time..Version: 1.48

Great app… but confusedThis app is a great app. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. But right when I opened it, I was confused. It’s always advertising the premium experience, but not everyone wants to spend all their money on an app. Well, you get to save a cute background to your photos, then you can put it as your background. Then you can like redo the looks of an app. I thought this would be really cool, but then when I tried it, it didn’t have all the apps to remodel! I think this is a really great app, no adds that I know of, but this app is kind of confusing. So, unless you want to take hours trying to figure it out, I don’t know if you’d want to try..Version: 1.56

DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!!!!I wouldn’t recommend this app at all because as soon as I downloaded this app my phone screen kept going black and a loading sign would come up every minute so ive had to take it the shop and payed £25 for nothing because they thought originally it was bc of my battery but it wasn’t it was this stupid app and bc that didn’t work it was still turning of the person at the shop had to factory reset my iPhone so frustrated 😡.Version: 1.28

ReviewReally good home screens you can get for FREE. It’s a shame you have to pay for most of them. I did find some really creative free home screens though!But the wallpapers and widgets for me just take ages to load. It’s still loading while i’m typing this. I hope whatever bug this is, it gets fixed. ASAP. 3/5.Version: 1.40

I don’t really knowI would start off with yes it’s a great app however just like all the others it lets you download the icons then says you need premium so what I don’t understand is why you have to pay just make us watch five add and then we get the the option to use it cause imma be honest the ads is where the money is at nowadays one ad if watched is about equal to an subscription so all you have to do is set it up where every time you want to use the icons it says however many add you’ve watched out of whatever amount now I would go with five but that’s not the point all I would like the creators to do is make it so you don’t have to pay for every little thing ever so if you read this I’m sorry for complaining I just feel that this should be heard to everyone have a blessed life..Version: 1.55

Pretty pictures, but always leads back to money.I honestly downloaded this because I was hoping to change my aesthetic I already made without all the hassle. Yes, the themes are very pretty but it seems like it’s almost required to pay for the themes. Even if you choose one of the “not premium” choices, you can only use 5 widgets otherwise you have to buy the premium. While they aren’t asking for a lot of money, this is something you could do by yourself for free with some extra finger grease and not have to worry about paying the 10 dollars a year or else your widgets disappear. I think this app could go a long way if it had some more simple designs to just give for free. And not in the way of “oh the crown one you have to pay for but the non-crown one you still have to pay for if you want to really use it.”, you know? Overall, not really terrible, some of the themes could be better, but the marketing seems really sketchy. I almost thought that the premium pop up ad was just the app demanding I buy premium or else I can’t use anything at all. I’m not saying to get rid of the premium, I understand that people put a lot of work into these widgets and possible drawings, I’m just saying that if you advertise something as the free option, actually be truthful about it..Version: 1.47

THIS APP IS A SCAM $400 takin out of my cashappThis app duplicates your apps, it doesn’t change the icons it just adds another app with the icon so you’ll have 2 cash apps, 2 Snapchat’s etc. But the one that they add is a shortcut through google so when you open it up first it opens google then it opens your app. When it does this they now have access to your apps. It might seem harmless but what they’re doing is stealing your information with these shortcuts. Not even a week after installing this app I keep getting security alerts about someone in Indonesia trying to log into my Snapchat, my Facebook, my email. They even drained $400 out of my cashapp only a few days after getting this app. Beware the apps you download do some research into them a lot of the times apps like these will have a bunch of bots download and review them so they look legit but they’re not..Version: 1.36

I was looking to change the icons(look) on my phone then this happened…..So as I was looking for a app to change the icon look for my iPhone to make it more tidy and pretty. Then I found this app so I downloaded it at first it looked like a good app with all the ratings and reviews. But absolutely NOTHING WOULD LOAD I tried a different device it DID NOT LOAD I tried connecting and disconnecting the WiFi it DID NOT LOAD and that is why I am rating it a 2.Version: 1.57

Why is everything a subscriptionI don’t want to pay a subscription for a service like this, I’m willing to pay for the exact thing I want but a subscription is overkill and ruins the whole experience. At most I’d change my phone screen twice a year. This kind of thing does NOT need to be a subscription service..Version: 1.56

Seriously😑😬🙄🤔First of all you have to pay for it like why why do we have to pay for it like it’s just to decorate your apps or whatever I don’t get it but I mean it’s the person that made the app decision and I totally respect it but I rate this app a two but if you want to like decorate your apps probably try widgetSmith it’s a really good App decorating app so I recommend that not being rude to this app but I really do recommend widget Smith so yeah that’s basically why I write this a 2 i’m sorry that I don’t like your app but a little advice if you’re going to like get an app then make sure to look at the reviews because if there’s a bunch of bad reviews but no good ones then don’t get that OK so that’s my opinion I’d totally respect it if you have a different opinion so yeah I just I don’t not like your app I don’t like it but it would be nicer if we didn’t have to pay for it because kids want to decorate their phones and iPads and they don’t wanna pay for it and they might not have the money to pay for it so yeah but that’s just my opinion I totally respect it if you have a different one as I said and I’m really sorry that I don’t like your app but yeah that’s my opinion and have a great day and I don’t recommend this app like seriously like the title says it all by that was my opinion hope you look at reviews on all the apps that you want to get by thanks for looking at my review I appreciate it bye.Version: 1.58

Needs more workWell I was loving this app at first I had wonderful back rounds and everything until I wanted to get some quotes and it would only let me use one at a time and it’s so annoying I want to be able to have more quotes at the same time.Version: 1.47

FgekucehycreauOnly thing is that you need to be a member which you need to pay for but there is still some decent ones for people who don’t want to pay.Version: 1.39

Bugged, so unusableSo, i never really write reviews, but i think i should for this one. I was excited when i got this app but as soon as i’d finished the introduction, everything was blank, no matter how many times i refreshed it. Im not sure if anyone else got this bug, but it was really quite frustrating. This hasn’t happened with any of my other apps so I don’t think its a problem with my phone. If this is a common glitch please fix it. Thanks.Version: 1.53

ITS COST MONEYPEOPLE I’m in 7th grade, I can’t make my parents to get it for me and I don’t have my own money to use online, I just wanna make my pad aesthetic 😭.Version: 1.58

BRO WHAT THE HELLOk so I got it and I did not get to have the free trial soo it would be 5 if you fixed it.Version: 1.56

It’s okaySee it’s not bad there are a lot of good icons but I hate how all the apps are like we have to pay for it because if this app was free then you already know everyone would love it. So I just wished we didn’t have to pay..Version: 1.57

EhhIt’s a cool idea, definitely reminds me of the themes you can apply to a Samsung galaxy device just not as good. I don’t like that when you have a theme downloaded and try opening any app; for instance, the camera app or Instagram, it first opens safari then transfers you to the correct app you’re trying to use. It’s very annoying and some of the apps you have downloaded might not get changed when the theme is applied so it doesn’t look uniform. All in all the effort was there but the execution just wasn’t. For some these issues could be overlooked, but for me it is a just an extra step that makes opening any app take that much longer and causes me a big headache. I wish apple would give us the option directly to have themes like these though, very cute idea! ( I have the iPhone 12 Pro Max and have apple beta 15.4 so not a device issue).Version: 1.56

Not user friendlyThis app is not user friendly.Version: 1.56

Good, but….I liked the app, used the free version and downloaded all the icons free and it looks beautiful. Apart from the issue that if you get a message on whatsapp, text message, calls, emails etc you dont find out unless you open the app or if your screen is locked and it shows on it. Otherwise it wont have a badge on the icon showing you have a new message to read and new email or new anything. That’s terrible because e not practical . So thinking of going back to the original icons . Also, when you click on the icon, it flicks weirdly to a page in a second before actually opening the app . Like a third party app. Weird.Version: 1.38

Worst appYou have to pay to download any. Do not recommend.Version: 1.35

Not freeThis is a good app but overall it isn’t free. It is free to purchase from the App Store however it has a subscription and you can’t do much on this before it will come up with the subscription. When the subscription has come up you can’t do anything so you end up with a plane Home Screen..Version: 1.52

Just use the right thingsIt’s a good app over all but my recommendation is that you pick the one that don’t have a crown in corner. It is a bit annoys that you can only do like 5 apps at a time without using premium..Version: 1.56

App Wouldn’t loadAfter selecting the particular aesthetic layouts that most appeal to me, it then took me to the ‘just a moment’ page where it was loading the app. A little loading wheel came up for a very long time, and never opened to the actual app. I exited the app and tried again, but the same thing happened. I couldn’t get it to work so sadly deleted it..Version: 1.47

AssIts cost money per year. If you want to make money just make the app cost not make the customer pay a subscription.Version: 1.33

This is not a good app>:(Everything is you need to pay to EVEN TRY it on!.Version: 1.58

ThemifySo I’ve been reading the reviews and the same thing has happened to me and everyone else. When I first downloaded it it let me see all of the themes, icons and widgets but now I went back onto it after I had closed it and now it’s all white and I can’t see anything! This is really annoying, please could you help in any way?.Version: 1.56

Cute but disappointingAt this point I would just like a refund. I have had this installed and paid for the year. I have only had the app for 24 hours. I’ve noticed that I don’t get notification bubbles on my apps anymore and realize that it’s because I can’t save the photos at short cut apps. It’s really disappointing because some of the themes that are attached to my apps don’t see what the app is so if I’m not just opening everything and keeping track of it I miss notifications that are very important such as my text messages. I would like a refund and I will uninstall the app. Also some of the themes and wallpapers that were shown to me before I bought the year were not actually available in the app to download. Kind of felt like it was false advertising..Version: 1.56

What in the f*ckDownloaded a free theme. Using it. Won’t work. Says the page is no longer available. I don’t know if it’s a bug or if y’all have everything locked behind a paywall..Version: 1.56

DisappointedTried to unsubscribe to free trial before getting billed and ended up being sent to an “error, please try again page” Ended up being billed for a product I did not wish to keep.Version: 1.49

Too expensiveIm slightly disappointed in that you have to pay so much for an app that I downloaded just to make my Home Screen look better. I don’t have the money to waste on that… I have to delete it..Version: 1.57

EhYou basically can’t use it without paying lol, like if you actually wanna put anything on your home screen you gotta pay for it which defeats the whole point of the app being free in the first place.Version: 1.57

HorribleNo matter what you do you will always have to pay. And most of them make you sign up to pay to get it you can barely do anything without having to pay I’m deleting the app right after this.Version: 1.56

WidgetsWhy can’t I make multiple widgets?.Version: 1.15

Worth zero starsFirst off I only downloaded the app Because there was an ad that popped up on my Facebook showing Harry Potter widgets and icons.I signed up for the trial (3.99 a week. Come on!) but none of the icons or widgets that were advertised were even in the app! So I decided to choose a different theme to decorate my phone with. Well, I went to download the shortcut and they weren’t even the same icons as advertised! I mean I would choose a theme I liked, click on it to download it and it has completely different icons. No only that but you can only choose from a limited number of apps to connect the shortcut to instead of choosing any app you have downloaded on you phone. This is seriously the worst app. I’m surprised it has any good reviews at all because theres more problems than just the ones I’ve written about. Seriously awful..Version: 1.15

I give one star for creativityI downloaded this app because it looks fun. I used the 3 day trial and decided it wasn’t for me. I read the terms and agreements on how to cancel. I used the email option within the app for cancellation the same day I downloaded this app (so before my 3 day trial was over) and they still charged my account. Why, when I did this days before the trial ended. Who knows. As for the the actual features itself. The backgrounds you can just come up with yourself. It’s just saving a picture to your phone then save to wallpaper. The widgets and apps are a nightmare. You need to first download then save to phone, then it brings up a bunch apps that are links first, then takes you to the app. And don’t get me started on trying to Organize them all ( seeing what downloaded, what didn’t, rearrangement with your current apps) I’ve never left an apple App Store review until now…. That should tell you a lot..Version: 1.50

I don’t recommendLiterally charges you for this app. It makes it seem “free” when it really isn’t. I don’t recommend..Version: 1.48

DONT WASTE YOUR MONEYI really had high hopes for this. i PAID to be able to use the wall paper and icons (because you can only place 5 icons for free. so unless you only have 5 apps on your entire phone you will be spending money), spent an hour setting it up (because it doesn’t place the apps for you. it will just add them all after your regular apps) just for 2 days to pass and ALL of the icons don’t work. it is supposed to redirect you to that app but i’m not joking every single one says there is an error and doesn’t open. so now i’m out 10$ and have to go through everything again and replace all my apps and delete the shortcuts manually. DONT BUY IT!!!!!.Version: 1.51

I like the themes but it’s annoyingI like all the themes in this app but what’s really annoying is that even when I don’t choose the themes with the little crown I still have to pay which is stupid because you should only have to pay for the crown ones like there’s no crown for a reason, like the crown should mean you have to pay but the non-crown should mean you don’t have to pay this is really annoying because I’ve been searching for so much apps like this like the themes are so good and I’m just trying to get a Halloween theme but I still have to pay which is really annoying. it didn’t even have the little crown on it because I’m only 12 I can’t pay I’m not rich 🙄 honestly I don’t really like this app because you have to pay even for the non crown ones I would definitely download a different app that you don’t have to pay for and probably never use this one again..Version: 1.40

:(You have to pay money :(.Version: 1.36

Worst AppWe have to pay for everything! I suggest DONT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!.Version: 1.35

Save your money it’s blank. $20 down the drainNothing comes up …. Complete garbage..Version: 1.56

Not sureI’ve seen many comments saying that there is free stuff on the app but I haven’t come across any of it. Other then the subscription I don’t see another way of using this app..Version: 1.24

UPDATED: Honest ReviewI like the app! It’s easy to use, has a lot of cool themes, etc. It isn't necessary to have this app to change the theme, but I think it saves time. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 Stars is because the time widgets are several minutes behind then jump to the current time. Other than that it’s a useful app! So, I changed my rating from a 4 to a 2 because after having the app for a while it started to act up. My apps aren’t opening when I click them, the time on my widget won’t change and it’s becoming an extreme nuisance. I would have bought the premium version, but with the bugs this app has I no longer see the value in it aside from it looking cool..Version: 1.56

False advertising sums it upYou might as well sell this item from the get go because what a shocker as soon as you download it you get 3 day free trial or have to pay to use it. Really now?.Version: 1.58

Just okayI have done my own themes using shortcuts and thought this might be an easier and faster way to change icons. While it is faster it is frustrating that there is no easy way to pick icons for apps that do not have an icon already selected for you. Even if there was an option to save the icon pictures and use the shortcut option for those unavailable apps, would be better than nothing. Second, not a huge deal but in the App Store it says family sharing is enabled. It is not, there is no option to share the subscription. It took a minute to get used to safari opening when an icon is selected but is not any worse than the shortcut notification when you use themes that way. I paid for the year so I will continue to use it but I am not sure I should have deleted all my shortcuts in the process. 😳.Version: 1.39

QuestionOk so I go in and I pressed widget and it wouldn’t let me use it, and it was a free widget not a premium widget, idk why but this app never works for me, kinda a rip-off to be honest..Version: 1.57

Seems okay but can’t see anythingThis looks like it would be a great app if I could actually see the icons! All there is is a blank screen and everything else is there except the most important thing! I have tried on two separate phones and the same thing happened. PLEASE FIX..Version: 1.54

Bad app - widgets don’t work and bad iconsI wasted so much time with this app. After switching over about half my apps I found out that there weren’t any available for the other half. I could have made my own but it wouldn’t have matched the theme, which is the whole point of this app. After switching EVERYTHING back I decided I didn’t want to waste my purchase and I could at least use the widgets feature. Wrong. The clock doesn’t work. It’s not synced up and will freeze for 5-10 minutes at time or until I click on it and clock back out. Even though it was only $10 this is a huge waste of money if you’re planning on using widgets and have any apps outside of the predownloads on your phone and a couple obviously popular ones..Version: 1.52

Nothing inside app?Is there a glitch happening? I purchased premium for one year then premium for iPhone (total over $50) only to progress further into the app after being totally misled finding it completely empty. Are you doing updates or have you scammed me?….Version: 1.56

Outragous prise for little app iconsI love the colors, aesthetics everything about the design choices. however the subscribtion for getting unlimited app icons, wallpaper, you name it is a lot of money just to customize app icons. I mean it costs more than really good apps that could cost $2.00, every month JUST to change the of the app icons before you even get into the game itself. Yeah, yeah I know it looks pretty and everything and aestheticly pleasing to the eye, and the subscription has a free trial that’s free for some days, but it’s just little things that don’t really matter. Yes I like the looks of it too but, the price eh not so much. If you have a good amount of cash and you want to get this app and start the subscribtion then be my guest, it’s just something that I wouldn’t consider, we all have different opinions..Version: 1.57

UselessThis app is useless, you have the pay for everything, and about that ‘free trial’ some people can’t do it. Please, just make stuff free..Version: 1.34

No free content!They keep replying to people that there is a free and premium version for this app, which is a lie. I wasn’t able to use anything unless I signed up for a 3 day trial which turns into a weekly payment. Doesn’t sound very free to me..Version: 1.47

Awful incomplete and exhausting regretted this left me in a messShoddy sham a lot of effort just to get half of the effect and it slows down yours apps total disaster and Iv no clue how I’m going to put everything back to normal now as I ended up with twice the apps it doesn’t just update your existing ones it adds all the new ones to the ones you’ve got so you end up with a million apps half in their theme and half your normal style.Version: 1.59

BADI dont know why I even purchased it. It doesnt work. I downloaded the icons and it kept putting me thru safari and that its invalid. Cant even use it 😒.Version: 1.57

Not so niceEvery time you click on your downloaded icons it first opens the web browser and home screen app for shortcuts and I cant get my widgets work! I download it and its not there.Version: 1.38

Doesn’t work properlyTerrible.Version: 1.57

HorribleYou have to pay for everything and it’s so expensive.Version: 1.29

Pay for EVERYTHINGThis app is useless. Despite the fact the developers say there is free content, there is NOT. Don’t download it, there’s nothing free and it’s expensive to get the premium content. Waste of time..Version: 1.39

ScamThey must’ve faked the reviews cos nothings free and it doesn’t work.Version: 1.41

Keeps breakingFor a while I was tolerating the fact that the icon shortcuts open safari, then the app. It was particularly annoying on some because it would open safari, shortcuts, and THEN the app. Again, I tolerated it. However, this is now the third time that the icons are completely broken. I click the icon, safari opens, and then I get an error message that “safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid” on every single icon except the ones I had to set up myself. Before it fixed itself in a few hours or a day. This time it’s been broken for 3 days. As far as I know there’s no way to fix this unless I go through and redo each icon myself instead of letting the app do it. But that completely negates the whole purpose of me getting the app, which was so I didn’t have to do each icon myself. This is really frustrating..Version: 1.49

Time-Consuming and Not WorthwhileI wasn’t happy with this app because when changing your design of the app, first of all it doesn’t work for all apps, and second you have to manually change each and every app. When you click on the icon you want to change you are taken to a safari page where you have to download it then add to home screen. You have to do this for every single app. It is certainly not worth it for what you end up getting. It is time consuming and not worthwhile for the result. If you wanted to change your theme you’d have to delete everything which would take a while and then download a whole set of other app icons and I just don’t have that kind of time..Version: 1.18

So stupidThis app is so expensive and all you can do is change the wallpaper and all of that stuff You know there are a lot of people that don’t just have 8 dollars on them at all times it should be free.Version: 1.58

Garbage appWaste of time, it won’t actually download!!!!!.Version: 1.57

In app purchases 🗑Theres only so much you can do with the app when you haven’t bought the premium subscription. Its an okay app but its trash for the people that cant change the app icons which i found wasn’t cool..Version: 1.34

Widgets stop workingHi I recently got the premium for this app cuz I thought it was absolutely amazing. I love making themes for my phone screen but for some reason the widgets aren’t working. Like I can still add them to my Home Screen but the pictures will not load. It’s just blank. Please fix it..Version: 1.57

Doesn’t let you unsubscribeIt has been charging me weekly when I’ve sent multiple emails about how I don’t want the service anymore.Version: 1.47

What?!Why the hell is this the “#1” editing apps on the charts?!?! When i try to install an icon its asking for money, wallpaper? MONEY! Widget? MONEY!.Version: 1.56

Not worth the $20 for a year.I downloaded this in hopes of being aesthetic with my phone back ground etc. when I downloaded the icons the app only had 40% of my icons the rest didn’t exist. They only had one widget which was cool but every time you click on an app it goes through safari then to the app. So instead of changing the icon it adds a whole new shortcut which is a pain when you just want to click onto Facebook but you have to wait for it to load. I wouldn’t recommend..Version: 1.51

Rip OffYou can either pay $20/year, straight up, or if you want to try first (like any normal or smart person) they GENEROUSLY offer you a three day trial and then charge you $10/week…how does that compute??? $20/year to use SIGHT UNSEEN or $520/year if you want test it first…talk about a money grubbing bunch of rip-off merchants. Good luck to you if your that vain and vacuous to pay for something so frivolously useless. Update to developer response: You have conveniently not addressed the major discrepancy in cost I mentioned….Version: 1.38

Subscription is unreasonableFor something that you download once, and in most cases set a theme that you then keep, a £4.99 a month subscription is unreasonable. It is baffling that people are willing to pay such ridiculous prices to app developers for an app that, realistically, does very little. Gorgeous themes available, which I cannot fault. But this should be a one-time payment app - not a subscription..Version: 1.59

Just alrightI can’t find any way to download the icons, it keeps asking my to press an icon in the bottom of the screen which simply isn’t there. Very frustrating, as I have been able to find a free theme which I like, and other people seem to have no problems..Version: 1.32

Not GreatI don’t like the fact you have to use their profile to install the icons. I want to just be able to make my own shortcuts with the icon pack downloaded… If you use this app to put icons on, it opens safari by going to a local link then redirecting to the app EACH time and it’s very annoying to watch each time you boot open an app. Make it so you can download the icons separately….Version: 1.51

Not good!Warning: if you downloaded this app and are willing to pay for the premium version this review won’t apply to you Ok I know how it is. People with no time on their hands write these angry reviews but this is just to warn you all. When you first download the app it seems amazing. But if you don’t download the premium version and you try to download more then 5 apps there is no other option then to download the premium version. And even when you only download 5 apps there’s a whole complicated process to download them. This app is shamelessly getting you to spend money and although I’m sure the premium version is quite good, the app should offer something for people who don’t pay. If you’re not willing to spend money don’t get this app..Version: 1.56

WhyWhen I put my icon it just comes up with pay but I want the free one I don’t get it.Version: 1.37

Doesn’t have very many app choicesYou can’t do all of your apps because Themify doesn’t have all the different ones so you’ll only be able to like half of your apps.Version: 1.49

Good, although..So overall, I think that this app is pretty amazing, but it has some issues. I feel as if there should be an easier way of putting on the icons, also maybe when I select multiple and tap “install selected” it should have a notification, or a pop up letting me know it worked. I thought it wasn’t working and then I kept tapping it, when I went to my Home Screen I was bombarded with a bunch of icons. That’s not all though, I can’t figure out how to delete icons. I’m using this app for free so I’m not sure if it differs if your using a subscription, although it’s very annoying. I put new icons there but now it’s mixed with my old icons!.Version: 1.56

The appI’m trying to a free icon on App Store so this popped up and turns out you have to pay so that I can change my icons and so far nothing 😩.Version: 1.56

Is there something up with the update?I looked at this app because I wanted to make my phone a bit nicer and look less messy and this app looked like the best for what I wanted. I got the app and it all worked fine… until I actually wanted to look at the themes, icons, backgrounds and widgets. I looked at it and it tried to load and then — Nothing. It was entirely white (except for captions saying things like ‘popular’ ‘colours’ etc.). I am not sure if this is my phone (as glitches have occurred on multiple of my apps before, although not like this) or there is something wrong with the app. Based on previous reviews, it seems the app works and that there are no glitches or errors like this. If I am thinking it’s the app, then is the update the problem? Either way, it doesn’t seem I can use it, which is quite unfortunate seeing as it appeared to be exactly what I was looking for. I will possibly delete it and try again some other time but I will probably have to look elsewhere. Disappointing….Version: 1.54

Downloading each theme not idealIt uses too much storage on my smaller phone..Version: 1.55

PayYou have to pay for everything.Version: 1.40

I’ll spend my money so you don’t have toThe wallpapers, icons and widgets are aesthetically pleasing, easy to download and fun to play with… However, a phone is still a phone and after replacing the old icons with the new (moving the Themify icons to my front page and old icons to the back) (< didn’t delete anything), I do NOT receive any notifications on the new icons for any of the apps. (The little red dot in the corner of the Themify icon/app does not appear when messaged) - (I do have friends by the way, and was messaged… the notification just didn’t appear, honest😬) I have emailed for advice and checked websites and helpsites, but have yet to receive any feedback or help. So if I want to know if I’ve been messaged or have any updates on apps, I either need to revert back to using my old apps, or click on the app and hope I haven’t missed anything time critical. I’ve tried using a shortcuts apps and it’s still not possible to use the Themify icons for any sort of productivity. Clicking on the Themify apps is also like putting a new door in front of an old door, without removing the old door, to get into the room you need to. - you essentially click the Themify app, it sends you to blank page for a couple seconds, then sends you to your old app. I’d say this app is more fashion over function. Like buying the fittest person at the bar a drink, and finding out they’re a Tory. They take your money and give you false hope in return..Version: 1.58

What the heck?I installed it and it seemed to work amazing. Then my phone went black with a loading screen every few seconds. I googled what happened and it said there is ‘corrupted software’ on you phone when this happens. I deleted the app, the wallpaper and bookmarks and then it hasn’t done it since. Don’t download this app it’s horrible..Version: 1.54

DO NOT GET THIS APP!!!At first this app looked harmless and fun so I downloaded it and I choose a home screen that looked nice so I started to download it after completing the download a black screen would pop up and restart my phone I didn’t think much of it but it started happening lots so I deleted the app now days after that it has started to happen again I believe that I have a virus and urge you not to get this app and to the developer please explain why this has happened.Version: 1.30

Nothing is free!!Everything is horrendously overpriced... don’t bother installing.Version: 1.19

You need to pay.The app gives you a free version but you can’t really do much with it, seems as though there’s a limit for custom app icons unless you pay. Process for actually customizing your iPhone is hopeless and the instructions are very difficult to follow..Version: 1.56

Trash don’t getIt was going ok until it got to the apps. After putting a few on my phone my screen went black and took me to my Lock Screen so i deleted all the apps and the Themify app itself however it kept crashing my phone over and over. keep in mind i have a relatively new phone. I had to restart my phone. Not happy..Version: 1.40

Widget sucks!!!I can’t add multiple Widgets.. it used to work but now it’s not working anymore!!!!.Version: 1.56

It's not free !!!!The guy on the top comment is a friend of the development team I guess. It's not free. You have two option to choose from 1. One time subscription and 2. Weekly option ( both ways gotta pay to use . Proceed on your own risk ..Version: 1.19

$8.00 A WEEK to have a theme installed?!?This developer takes the cake for most ridiculously blatant greedy company I’ve ever run across. $8.00 a WEEK for icons and a wallpaper. Unbelievable. 8.00$ for purchasing the theme maybe, but weekly wow. Subscriptions have absolutely ruined the entire Apple App Store and everything it once was. Update to their reply: yeah “some free”, like count on one hand amount. Wallpapers and icons you can also download for free off websites. The fact you still have these absolutely insane subscription rates for wallpapers and icons is crazy. Especially for animated wallpapers that don’t act like your ads portray them too — they only animate if you hold the screen, plus your ads show this wild perspective effect which can’t be used either. The icons are just IOS shortcuts which entail multiple screens opening for each app..Version: 1.24

Worst app everThought this would be a good app because I really wanted to make my Home Screen aesthetic but you can’t have pretty Home Screens unless you pay for premium which is pointless so you are stuck with designs you don’t want and then when you finally find one you want to use and select all the apps you want the theme on if it’s over a certain amount of apps it makes you pay! Overall rubbish app very unhappy :(.Version: 1.54

Cute but non functionalBought the app before trying the free as the reviews were very good. Aesthetically pleasing but it’s so glitchy to the point I can’t use it any more. There’s no notification bubbles so I have to physically open an app to see if I’ve had a message/email etc which isn’t ideal. Also if I don’t have signal the shortcuts don’t work, it opens safari and then can’t open the app. The other issue I had at the start was there’s no way of finding a theme you’ve used - I downloaded one and wanted to go back and see if I could add more widgets but I cannot find the theme at all! Not worth the money imho - looks cute but not very user friendly :(.Version: 1.60

Great idea but needs bug improvement!So I downloaded this hoping to make my phone aesthetically pleasing to look at but when I downloaded it it was all blank! I could not see any of the pictures or widgets or anything! I could only see some writing. I think this is a bug in the app as I saw another review saying the same thing. The concept is amazing but I think you need to work on this bug!.Version: 1.55

‘Free themes’ aren’t freeApp says there are free themes and when initially looking you can see a little crown which indicates the ones that are premium. When I selected a free one it’s only the background image and widget that is free. You have to pay for the icons. Deliberately misleading. If the app is like this for supposedly free themes I’d hate to see the hidden costs when in premium..Version: 1.40

Not badPretty themes. Can’t seem to work out how to get theme for all apps I use so has a little way to go and have to manually do through shortcuts. Also doesn’t replace apps when you switch themes so have to go through and tidy up which can be a pain. Not sure if will renew subscription to be honest..Version: 1.58

It’s a good idea but...It really is a good idea and it was really fun for the first hour that I took on this project. I was really excited to be able to do different themes for different times of the year but after about an hour of kind of playing with the app, it started crashing. Basically what happens is I go to the app, go to where the app “covers” are, look at the choices, and then my phone goes black and there’s that little circle in the middle of the screen like it’s dead. Then it goes to my Lock Screen. And that’s it. But it has done that at least 30 times. It’s getting really annoying so I don’t suggest this app. Save yourself the annoyance of it..Version: 1.13

Not sure…It WAS a good app until it just stopped working, I went into the app and it was blank. If anyone knows how to fix it, please tell me..Version: 1.40

Useless! Doesn’t Work as expectedReally difficult to set up, and impose to customize the icons to the actual apps that you have installed—you can only customize icons for the limited list of apps that they have. Also the custom icons operate as shortcuts, they do not replace the actual app icons on your screen. Setting up the app generates the custom shortcut icons and does not replace the actual app icons that you already display on your screen. You would have to manually go through and delete the original icons from your screen and then utilize the custom icon shortcut, but be careful not to delete the original icons for whichever apps they don’t have icons for with Themify. Ultimately, since it doesn’t work for all apps, you’ll be left with a mix between original app icons and themified shortcut apps, which sortof defeats the whole purpose of the theme to make everything matchy. Not worth the hassle and you could potentially make a mistake and delete apps thst you need but for which they don’t have an icon..Version: 1.47

Waste of money.The “apps” you download are actually “book marks” so you can’t get notifications from them. Highly frustrating. The big reason I downloaded this was to make my phone look nicer but I’m not willing to sacrifice having notifications from the apps I change designs on. I like the look of the themes but as far as functionality… garbage..Version: 1.57

A need to fix bugThis is a wonderful app I use it a lot and a love the great one with the building. However, there is one bug and this is why I do not rate it 5 stars ok well sometimes when I click on an app I get logged of and have to put in my password again (I have an iPhone 7 and I have updated it to the newest iOS.)And another thing is that if you clock on the new icon it sometimes takes me to random apps I have been to I have a lot of storage and I have good wifi, please fix this then I will rate 5 stars!.Version: 1.8

HorribleYou have to pay for everything very disappointed.Version: 1.24

I like it but it’s missing some thingsI love the app it makes changing icons easy. But their is one huge flaw. You cannot customize a lot of icon even some big ones that I feel should be popular enough to be able to. Shortcuts allowed you to personalize every single app. The apps that are missing from choice are Kindle and auditable. Which I use all the time so the fact I can’t personalize it makes it useless. If it would allow us to download the pictures of icons so we could do it that be great. Or maybe also include a random section and allow a few random pic that fit with the other icons. And obviously allow us to personalize all are apps just not the popular ones. It has awesome potential..Version: 1.55

It could be better but it’s not badHonestly I like this app. The themes are really pretty, it doesn’t bother you w ads and there are many options to pick from when it comes to themes and icons, but it could still use some work. For example there is a wide variety of apps but there are more for the people w premium which ig isn’t necessarily bad it’s jus a little inconvenient, but my main issue is that when I was using the icons, a lot of apps I had and that could be useable for the icon weren’t showing up on the thing. Like I was trying to get the voice memos icon but my voice memos app wasn’t showing up. And a lot of apps don’t work on Themify bc they don’t show ip on the app list. I’m sure there’s a way to fix it but I honestly don’t know but yeah these are my thoughts on the app.Version: 1.56

Average AppWhilst it is a good idea to change themes and fonts. What it doesn’t actually do is replace the one already on the phone. It just becomes a bookmark , and you have to move all your application icons. So, if you like Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram on your front page. The install puts them all at the back and you then have to swap them over. So you end up with two icons. Not one. Neil. WA..Version: 1.41

Con menThese people are Liars the app is not free, even if you don’t subscribe to their premium they charge you for icons wallpapers and widgets and even their free trial costs 33 dollars.Version: 1.56

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