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GO2bank: Mobile banking app received 33 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using GO2bank: Mobile banking? Can you share your negative thoughts about go2bank: mobile banking?

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DO NOT USE!!!! Save your moneyDO NOT USE THIS BANKZ TRANSACCTIONS WILL DISAPPEAR FROM YOUR APP ANDNYIU WILL BE DOUBLE CHARGED FOR THINGS AND THEY WILL TELL YOU THAT ITS GONNA BE REFUNDED ON THIS DATE AND WHEN THAT DATE COMES THEY WILL TELL YOU ANOTHER DATE. I WAS OWED 300 dollars over three transactions and they still haven’t paid me back. This bank is complete garbage. When the operator gets done dealing with you they just hang up on you…… i transactions pop up in my app and then disappear so when you try to deal with them they don’t know what your talking in about I would go with any other bank besides this one…. If you wanna have money taken from you and deal with the worst customer support in the history of banking choose this one.Version: 1.25.0

Disappointed ☹️They took $400 from my account at an ATM in Brooklyn, something that I have never been to Brooklyn and at the time that happened that they took the money, I was working in Corona Queens, so I wonder? If I was working at that time and had my card with me, how could something like this happen because the only ones who know my pin to withdraw money from an ATM are the bank and I and I was not the one who did it, so I just want my money back every penny that is in that account I work very hard 😡 they don't know what to say now I have to wait more than 10 days for a refund according to them 🙄 I better get my money back 🤬.Version: 1.27.0

Debit Card Transfer UnavailableI had to update my last review. This is what I’m being told on the app”Debit card transfer unavailable”. I tried all day yesterday and it’s 7:32am CST. Your call center is closed because I tried it already. I was able to transfer $14 on the 7th of February. Now the app is saying I’m being sent a new card. Why? I never requested it and why do I need it? The closest thing I have to a checking account is right now linked to my GO2 account. Why can’t I make a transfer? I used this card one time at McDonalds because I just wanted to make sure I had access to the transferred money. It was fine but this was 4 or 5 days ago. What happened??????.Version: 1.3.8

Reliable? No way.If you’re looking for a reliable card, one where your account info & balance are accurate & you can get ahold of customer service…DON’T get this card. I had GreenDot, they switched over to this & it’s been a major headache. Today, my account balance & transactions are not updating in the app or online. I spent 35 minutes on hold only for her to disconnect the call. Went online to chat & John Lester gave me info for resetting my password & ended the chat. I will definitely be using a different card going forward. It’s unacceptable to have to deal with not being able to access your money when you have to..Version: 1.24.1

Trash nowI started with this bank maybe a year ago… I love it. Over the last few months its been nothing but hassle. The app doesn’t load properly, transactions register late, services are “temporarily down” always. Most recently I sent an instant bank transfer to my Go2 account as I had done several times and my money disappeared. I tried calling to speak to a live human and they are busy with too many callers. call them the phone hangs up. So I get on the chat, and all they say is I’m sorry for your inconvenience and everything that I suggest they do to make me a satisfied customer they cannot do. I am sorry we do not have the capabilities. I cannot do that. What kind of company leaves their customers unsatisfied unhappy and with no answers I do not, do not, do not, recommend that anyone use this bank right now, if this was last year, I would say it was great today I would say try somewhere else..Version: 1.48.1

Still no moneyI have had money on this go to bank card for since July I have been unable to get any assistance on getting my money off or updating my information and have been very displeased I would like my money back I would like my money off my card I have $225 on my card I would like back I did not pay with a check so I do not expect to get paid back with the check I just want my money transferred from my GO2bank account into my other account to my to my bank account I have tried to call many times I have covered every avenue that there is possibly for me to be able to I work with customer service I keep getting the runaround they don’t want to give me my money back they don’t want to help me update my services I have complained and complained and yet nothing has been done I would like my money back who do I need to get in touch with I’ve already contacted the FICA and also I wrote a letter to the Green Dot corporation and I have not heard anything back.Version: 1.21.0

Refer a friend is a scamI referred a friend we met all the requirements to each receive the $50 and it's been weeks since this friends first qualifying direct deposit he has had more since and still no refer a friend bonus. I have also contacted customer service 3 times now and all I get is they'll look into it and let me know within 48 hrs which has not happend. The first time I contact them through email and the customer service agent was very short and border line ride with there response of " we have 45 days to decide if you qualify" no where in everything I read did it say 45 days. It says 48 hours after first qualifying direct deposit which was 2 weeks ago. So unless this changes real soon 1 star review and do not bother referring anyone. Even if you do everything they say they will just give you the runaround..Version: 1.46.0

DissatisfiedI am very dissatisfied with this app and your customer service. I try to get a hold of an individual through the contact us as I was typing he kept saying if you need more time I kept entering and sending what I was trying to talk about and it’s like he didn’t even see anything. And then I go on call and finally get one ordered and listen through the whole menu afterwards and they said if you’d like to go back and return to the main menu press to I press two and then I get this lady that comes on they’re calling me a liar, saying that I ordered it through the app when I picked up my card and I called the number on my card. I don’t appreciate your customers calling me a liar that is poor customer service. Quite frankly, that is the type of woman associate that I would not want to speak with ever again if I have the option of either talking to her or not putting my money through your guys funds, I’d rather not put my money through your funds. Also, my app does not show any option to get a replacement card, if you’d like I can send screenshots that way that lady can see. I am a liar. Oh no, I do not suggest this app to anybody seen the problem is I’ve already had with it..Version: 1.48.1

HorribleI will never in my life choose this bank ever again..., I linked my personal card to my GO2bank card, I decided to deposit money that took forever to be deposited on my card. I contacted customer service asking is there a way to unlink my card, he first tells me that there isn’t anything showing on his end that my card was linked 😤so I’m telling him I’m looking at the screen showing my card is linked to this. I say don’t worry about just unlink my card I’ll just use it without linking my personal card to the account. He’s says at this moment we don’t have a option to remove your linked card at this time but we will update you when the feature is available wth.......Version: 1.3.4

ConfusedSo wat doesn’t make sense to me about this app is I have a gobank acct because I am a Uber driver and Uber uses them for Uber cash card. And when I set up my acct and clicked the link to download the mobile app it took me to the gobank app not the go2bank so when I try to link my acct to other apps that use plaid gobank isn’t on the list only go2bank and when I try to log into go2bank wit my gobank acct is doesn’t allow me, tried to call support and got hung up on after being on hold for like 30 mins very frustrating as Uber is my full time job at the moment and only way to not have to pay as fee on my cash outs is to use the Uber card but I can’t link it to nuttin because the gobank app doesn’t show up on plaid.Version: 1.37.0

Horrible experienceI was a member of this bank for four years. On Friday the 20th I found them to send the documents that they requested. They expedited my case to a senior manager. And he reassured me that by the end of business day on Friday my account with blocked. Seeing how my Social Security check was going to be deposited and if it can’t with block, you’ll be sent back which then would cause me severe hardship wouldn’t be able to get my Social Security check for another three weeks. Needless to say it’s now Tuesday and I keep getting is the runaround. I’m happily, closing my account horrible experience nothing but lies As of 27 December my Social Security check was sent back leaving me with no birthday money was born on Christmas. No way to buy presents on Christmas. My rent is due on the first and I won’t be getting my check until the 14th. So probably going to be getting evicted. Also have no gas to get to work. Thanks a lot to go bank. You can go blank yourself..Version: 1.48.1

BummedIt started out really good banking with GO2Bank. So much so that I endeavored into a GO2Bank secured Credit Card. Then I noticed twelve unauthorized transactions and opened a dispute claim. I put in the leg work and submitted a dispute packet as directed that included all supporting documents like a police report, correspondence with other parties and banking institutions that were involved, and a detailed dispute letter. The packet was submitted via USPS mail as it was the only option; so one can imagine the lengthy timeline from opening the dispute claim to finally getting GO2Bank’s response and outcomes. Well, in the end it did not go in my favor and lost hundreds of dollars. The unfavorable dispute ordeal made me divide to change my direct deposit from GO2Bank to my other checking account. I later realized that the GO2Bank secured credit card payments could only be made from the checking account. So I aimed to utilize the Debit Card Transfer feature with GO2Bank but that isn’t going so well with transfers being rejected my funds have been held for 7 or more business days before being available. This makes making the monthly credit card payments challenging. I am still in limbo about closing my accounts with GO2Bank but hesitant for it may influence my already low credit score. I thought using GO2Bank banking services was going to help me to improve my credit score but so far it does not seem as such..Version: 1.17.0

HorribleSteve Harvey ought to be ashamed of himself for promoting green dot/GO2bank. They have horrible customer service, they aren’t open 24/7 as stated on their website. They are rude and don’t speak good English. I will never recommend a bank that has foreign banking customer service for anyone. Their accents can difficult to comprehend at times and no one person shares the same answer to your problems. If you’re account is hacked good luck with getting it solved swiftly or in 10 business days as they say… one month later and I still haven’t heard anything about my $550. Despicable! I will be closing my account once this is resolved and doing my homework to make sure my next debit card will be with a company with customer service within the United States and 24 hr service to help catch bad guys immediately when things go wrong..Version: 1.36.0

Horrible customer serviceIf you call their customer service reps they are very rude and can toy with you they out me on hold for 30mins then the lady picked up the phone acted like she couldn’t hear me and hung up i would go with chime or money lion is better and more established pre paid banks and if they dnt know something they just keep you on hold til you hang up...then i get lied too about my dispute after my card was stolen ! They told me I would be contacted about my dispute then i never got contacted and never got my provisional credit after the 10th day and after I called to complain they told me I was denied even after my card was stolen and used after getting the run around on the phone after waiting for hrs on old then transferred to two departments and then hung up on this isn’t a good bank at all I should of stood with chime.Version: 1.6.0

Read this!Never got my free phone. Customer service is outsourced to a different country and is ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE. Direct deposit picture taking is not smooth and not free. If theroa problem be prepared to be on phone for 2 hours. There is no physical branches you can walk into. I needed a card to have direct deposits from a job in a pinch so I figured I’d try go2. Wow what a terrible mistake. And lastly the most unbelievable thing. Someone used my card fraudulently to purchase concert tickets on the other side of the United States on the night the charges were made. Go to bank notified me within minutes of the charge being made and asked if it was me obviously I told them no, locked my card and called go to bank immediately. This was four weeks ago! They’re “dispute department” is doing an “investigation” are you kidding me! like investigation?come on man this is such a joke do not use this bank! RUN! I’ll be lucky if I ever see my money back. I am nowhere near the only one in there is no possible way that go to bank has a 4.7 rating that is inflated just read the reviews if you’re reading this you’ve been warned!.Version: 1.35.0

The worse app/company EVERAs the previous person wrote the app is horrible! Tried to login and was redirected my information could not be verified it is the same information that I logged in when I set up the account. We’re trying to call support I entered in my card number and was told my information could not be processed. Nothing has changed it’s the same information however now I can’t get anyone on the phone nor can I get into my account and my money sits there. I regret that I ever got into business with this company! Save yourself the trouble in the heart ache and the time and do not apply!.Version: 1.3.8

If i could leave no stars i wouldThe most awful banking experience in my life, their site barely functions long enough to make an account and by the time I was able to make one it wouldn’t let me log in to it because the site breaks again. It has been hours since I bought a prepaid card with money on it as a gift and we have not been able to activate the card. Now i wasted a large sum of money and my time for absolutely nothing, except my holidays to be ruined. Then customer support doesn’t exist because they’re experiencing an “outage”. Go2bank is a fraudulent company..Version: 1.48.1

Customer Service more like USELESS serviceDon’t bother trying to get a live person on the phone, or one that speaks good English. GO2 pushes their app on everything and anything you need. We all know that is virtually impossible for an app to know every situation that can come up. You need a live person to speak with 24/7. Bottom line…they (CS) sees what you see on the app. They sound like robots and will repeat over and over the same line. I think the one person a got on the phone had just woken up. I could tell by the way she answered the phone. You all know what that sounds like, cuz you’ve done it right? So unprofessional. And end the USELESS..Version: 1.37.0

Ok at firstAt first seemed like a good prepaid bank account that Gave you a decent overdraft amount credit if you met certain criteria. I met all criteria and was given the 200 overdraft protection which helps someone just starting a small business out for the first 2 months all was good then out of the blue I get a message saying my overdraft protection has been suspended to call the number on the back of the card which I did and after being on hold for 30 minutes the rep comes back on the line and tells me it’s because I went over the limit of over drafts fir the statement period first of there is no mention of a limit when you sign up for it second of all for the first 2 months there was no limit I called again to try and get info and to make a case after speaking and being on the phone for a almost an hour I got hung up on. Will update if gets resolved.Version: 1.6.0

WORST BANK EVER, EXTREMELY DISHONESTThey are offering a $50 sign up bonus if referred by someone. Per there referral bonus promotion terms of service it states that one must sign up using the person unique link share directly or shared through email or social post and receive a qualifying direct direct of $200 or more within 45 days day of account opening and that deposit must be made by employer, payroll, provider, government benefits or unemployment benefits or payor by ACH deposit. I met every requirements and did not receive my bonus and they refuse to give it to. Don’t bother using someone link you discover or shared with you through social media because it’s an excuse for them to not pay up despite what’s in their TOS. This company is a trickster and lair. I wouldn’t want to business with them the fact that they don’t honor their promotion. You have been warmed, proceed at your own risk!!.Version: 1.18.0

Money not available to me when it was in my accountSo I go to the atm to take money out of my account to pay a bill but my limit was 500 per atm transaction per day but my bill was 600 so I call customer service and he tells me that I can go into the bank with a teller and withdraw more so the teller is like oh it got declined 3times so u will have to try back tomorrow so here I am back on the phone with customer service and I was like the other customer service representative that I was on the phone with told me to go in the bank to a teller to get more money out my account and it declined so I tell him after he over talks me for 3mins I said I just called and they told me to go in the bank he says oh I’m sorry but I can connect u with the fraud dept because the computer put it as a fraud check I’m like sure can u connect me to her because I’ve been at this for a hour now so I’m on the phone yet again and she tells me I’ll fix it it will be just a moment I said I only have 30mins b4 they close and I’m done I’ll have to pay a late fee oh it will only b a minute so 20mins later she comes back on the phone and says I fixed it but u have to wait 10-15 minutes so I wait 25 mins but by this time the bill payment Ctr is closed and guess what I still wasn’t able to get any more money that day so I got charged a bunch of fees for trying to take my money out and I got a late fee from the bill company and I was late for work to boot….Version: 1.46.0

Don’t use if you want your money transfersWorst bank I have ever banked with. Not only do they have limited customer service if you transfer money into your account which you will inevitably have to do to fund your account don’t count in it showing up when where you transferred your money from says it is transferred and posted. Been waiting now 2 days and since it’s Friday will have to wait another 2 days if I’m lucky the money will be in there Monday they don’t work on the weekends apparently. My transferring bank shows the deposit as transferred and posted yet my account does not and customer services advice just randomly check your account to see if it’s posted yet!.Version: 1.28.0

DO NOT GET THIS BANK APP.Most irritating banking app I’ve dealt with. I tried to go buy a new phone and my account got locked. I contacted them. They took over a month because I stopped contacting them after sending in my documents for “identity verification”. I contacted them today and got told my account is permanent blocked due to unusual activity, when all the “unusual activity” was all me as I very clearly stated from the beginning. I can’t make a credit card payment, it is now past due, I don’t know if that’s going to affect my credit more than it is. I’m very disappointed because I really liked this app until I tried to make a big purchase. Now they’re telling me I need to contact the originator for funds.🤨.Version: 1.37.0

Don’t do it, especially if you need something the same day.First off, the reason I opened an account with Go2 was to use it as a spending allowance separate from my normal bank, to keep my accountable for my budget. Absolutely the worst decision I’ve made, regarding banking. If you need anything in a timely manner, this is not the bank for you. You can only move $100 to the card on your first transfer, that one takes 7 days. After that, they claim 3 business days to complete a transfer and measly $1000 daily limit for transfers, capping at $3000 in a 30 day period. Customer service; non existent. You’d think they offer the chat feature so you do not have to wait on hold on the phone, nope, just as painful. Furthermore, if you have the chat open and minimize the window, you’re logged out of your account, which makes it no different than waiting on hold on your phone. When calling customer service (now this is just my assumption) they purposefully play irritating music with the intent of driving you to the point to give up and resort to using their shabby chat feature. I am not sure who the ideal demographic for this bank but it seems like it’s geared toward people who have a hard time getting credit and use very small amounts of money. Would give zero stars if it was an option..Version: 1.46.0

Think the app is broken. 🛠I download the app, hit login (signed up account through website ) put in email, put in password, hit sign in, it loads for a second, then brings me right back to the log in screen. Doesn’t say wrong password or email anywhere it’s the same exact screen before I signed in even still has my email and password like I never even hit sign it. I do a lot of beta testing for even brand new apps and usually can at least get passed log in screen lol. If I can get this thing working I’ll update rating (if deserves a up or down) and I’ll update review..Version: 1.3.6

Listen to the reviews- DONT WASTE YOUR TIME -Possible fraudI just went down a wild goose chase. I received my card, went to the website provided and activated it. Downloaded the app and saw “my card is on the way”. That didn’t make sense so I called the number on the back of the card and entered the info and they said to call another number to activate it. I called that number and they said my card was activated and to call back the other number. So I did. They said my card wasn’t activated. Now I give up and just extremely thankful I didn’t set up any deposits. I’m actually now concerned this is a fraudulent company so going to be monitoring my credit report extremely carefully..Version: 1.3.8

Started off good but now it’s badFor some reason they locked my card for unusual activity but I was the only person using my card and what I also realize is that every time I try to add money to the account that I created with a GO2bank they block everything. I have close to $1000 from my work paychecks. My card has been declined at the ATM and they blocked my account from making purchases in store and online. Do not trust them please. I use Go2bank as my direct deposit account but now that I can’t transfer anything into my account because it’s blocked I’m very disappointed and now I have to go find a new bank for work. They also have terrible customer service and the customer service representatives are very rude, they don’t answer your questions properly, they cut you off, and they take forever to respond..Version: 1.10.0

Don’t dare try to dispute a charge!Well over the past 4 years I have switched banks numerous times. Mainly because online banks have become so competitive and want your business so bad that the perks that come with online accounts are almost un-bank-ly well let’s just say that this is by far the worst banking experience I have had thus far! I have been trying to dispute my charges on my account for the past 2-3 weeks through the chat feature and they keep disconnecting me and when I go back into the window they don’t show you what they said last before the chat session was closed. I have been super busy and every time I call in the automated system doesn’t allow me to talk to anyone because I don’t have the correct number so I need to find the old number to get connected to a live person. I have also been trying to change my number on the app and it keeps coming up with an error message and will not let me do it. So all in all this bank is definitely awarded a one star. It’s not the worst online bank and maybe once I’m able to get ahold of a live person it might eve n be a great bank but until I get my money back in my account which is now over drawn because of charges that were out on my account because my phone got stolen and my card was on some of the apps I am gonna definitely keep this rating as a one star. Which is ashame because it has a lot of potential!.Version: 1.47.0

Wish I could give -5 stars DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICESPurchased a card from Walgreens, put over $300 on my account. Tried to register my card after activation, my account end up restricted with “limited access”. Customer Service reps were rude and give you the runaround or just say nothing at all. Still can’t get my money back. I got this card specifically to pay bills but can only use for purchases in store or online. All they kept saying is “I’m sorry” and repeating themselves. This whole operation is a joke. I was better off just throwing my money out of a moving window And to respond to the “Developers Response”, calling or chatting with your Customer Service will just cause more problems! They are not helpful in resolving anything! I wasted 6 hours trying to get my issues resolved and just kept getting silence instead of answers or sent in circles when they did actually respond. Catch up with Chime and take notes on how to run a legit business FOR THE CUSTOMERS WITH EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICES!!.Version: 1.31.0

Worst bank everI’m writing a honest review here….. so I’ve been dealing with greendot and go2bank for a long time now and hands down the worst bank I’ve ever encountered I’ve lost hundreds of dollars with them and today was my last straw I was going through a dispute with them for two months and I spoke to someone from their corporate office Friday which they told me I’d be getting my money back TODAY so I called today and they told me “your dispute was denied because we see error” is what they said so the day I’m supposed to get my money back they find a way to screw me over I’ve already filed with a lawyer and im suing them they’ve messed with me and my money too many times! They are scam artists and I don’t recommend this bank to anyone.Version: 1.31.0

WORST BANK EVER!So basically I’m 19 and I stopped working due to COVID-19, so I applied for unemployment. I figured to use Go2bank because it seemed like the right choice at the time, I was wrong!!!!! Everything was going smooth the first two months I revived my deposits from unemployment, then when the state sent my backend pay for 5,000 my account was locked . I’m not able to get my id due to enrollment centers being closed, so I try to call and reach out, the connection is terrible I finnallly got my account unlock without having to show an id that I don’t have....then two hours later I’m locked out PERMANENTLY...I have over 4,000 in that bank and I’m now homeless and hungry because I can’t access my money.Version: 1.8.0

Doesn’t do it for meIt seemed like a good bank to go with for something I needed at the moment but when I came down to it I don’t really like it. I opened an account waited for my debit card it said delivered but never got it, I put in another request and even changed the address they didn’t take my address until a few days later so I had to wait for the second time for a debit card. The address I have on file I no longer live at anymore I’m homeless. I don’t have an ID and I just received a deposit but the GO2Bank doesn’t offer transfers from bank to bank or to another debit card. now my money is stuck in this account until I can find another place to live to receive a debit card or a check just to access my money..Version: 1.16.0

AlrightJust started using my card. It’s okay so far. I am having my taxes deposited onto it so hopefully no issues will occur. I have seen a lot of negative reviews so far. So far tho, I haven’t had any troubles with connecting it to Apple Pay and doing instant apple transfers to it. I am unable to use the debit card feature to add money it always says unavailable even tho it’s from a us bank but that’s not a deal breaker at all for me. I do wish that they had save your charge. Other then that the card is alright..Version: 1.3.8

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