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Etsy Seller: Manage Your Shop Positive Reviews

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Etsy Seller: Manage Your Shop App User Positive Comments 2024

Etsy Seller: Manage Your Shop app received 14 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about etsy seller: manage your shop?

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Etsy Seller: Manage Your Shop for Positive User Reviews

Will learn after Xmas rushIt’s probably not a good time to introduce a new app. I’m sticking with what I know best when it’s so busy before Xmas. Lol I can’t afford to stuff up orders. I’ll learn to use it in January or February.Version: 1.31

MoneyYeah it is so unfair the amount of money that you take for my product I paid postage to get the material then I pay postage to send my product back after making that processing fee I agree but the fee for the advertising and the other fee are basically the same thing four point something percent of 15% you’re basically getting 20% by the time I buy gas to take it to the post office Buy product to mail my project and postage I’m making nothing I’m a senior citizen everybody else give senior citizens a break I get nothing you say I’m making you’re the one getting rich rather richer I don’t know how else to sell my product and I’ve been on your thing for a yearAnd that’s basically $.80 a blanket for 180 blankets the cost of putting them on your side I am making nothing it is costing me.Version: 1.27.7

Won’t allow switching between accountsThough the switch accounts button is there and it list the other stores it won’t switch accounts. This is very inconvenient when managing several shops..Version: 1.39.1

Great improvement but Needs tweakingVast improvement in the previous Etsy sellers app, huge benefit of being able to switch quickly between shops if you have more than one. Far greater detailed information like all time likes etc. would benefit from landscape and a little tweaking in the layout but otherwise it’s fab! Off to a great start and hoping it will improve again with tweaking over the coming months.Version: 1.19.2

Love the improvements on the New AppAlthough it’s natural to miss the older App’s interface and features, it’s been a great update. Like all things in life, it is not perfect but hoping it gets better with every update..Version: 1.62

Doesn’t do what I need (Updated)Every time I needed to do something for my shop on my phone, I couldn’t get it done in this app. I switched back to the old app and am now able to do what I need to do from my phone again. Use “Sell on Etsy” instead. This app will do some things, but mostly isn’t worth having. Update 4-7-23: I have had to move to this app after the other was phased out (or my phone just stopped running it). I am pleased with some of the new features, but the app still doesn’t do everything I could do with the other. Creating listings is simpler in this app, and I hope to be able to add photos to private listings when creating them soon. This app was definitely released too early. It should have been fully developed before its initial release. Changing from 2 stars to 4..Version: 1.39.2

Timezone issueThe new etsy seller app is far better than the last one. Good improvement. I’m just struggling with the day and timezone issue for this app. As I am in Aus, it shows my orders according to US time. If an order is supposed to dispatch today in Aus, it shows the order dispatches tomorrow (US time) which makes me dispatch an order one day late! So, not reliable if I want to know exactly when to send an order. Not sure if it could be fixed. Thanks.Version: 1.27.7

Awesome 🤔💭😁Great.Version: 1.61

Good App. Issues with IPad Pro compatibilityApp works well, so much better than the old sellers app, way more functional. Unfortunately stays in portrait mode if using on the IPad Pro, does not change to landscape like the old app. Difficult to make a listing using a keypad in landscape mode..Version: 1.27.7

Great Improvement. Needs a few minor details addingSo easy to use and understand. There are a few bits that the original app has that this one doesn’t which would make it even better is that I use my iPad and keyboard a lot when using this app and it doesn’t rotate landscape, stays portrait, so i think that is something that i personally would find really helpful. Another is that I am unable to put my shop in holiday mode. Apart from that I love this new app!.Version: 1.27.4

Sellers appCannot download to my Apple Watch. It would be great if you could to at least get notifications of messages and sales..Version: 1.52

Getting better!It is definitely getting better. Today I realised finally I can see the listings’s views on the stats, which it wasn’t there before and I was going to email Etsy about it. It is a must seeing your listing views I check them daily to see how my products views goes that day, so I can understand my SEO updates on the listing is working or not.. so thanks for that! Overall I am happy with the new app..Version: 1.39.2

Love it!It is easier to navigate, check the orders and view the stats!.Version: 1.30

Parcel Scanning?Good app. Clean display. Would like to be able to scan parcels QR codes or barcodes for adding tracking rather than typing in.. Can you add this Etsy?.Version: 1.27.6

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