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Mivo - Music Video Maker Negative Reviews

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Mivo - Music Video Maker App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Mivo - Music Video Maker app received 37 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Mivo - Music Video Maker? Can you share your negative thoughts about mivo - music video maker?

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Mivo - Music Video Maker for Negative User Reviews

HateI don’t like this app because I cannot even get to editing ads just keep popping up non-stop.Version: 1.6.0

Okay..It’s good for editing, but you can’t save your video! You need to update this..Version: 2.2.0

This app is stupidToo many ads and every time u tap on something you either have to put for it or a ad comes up some of these edits u can make yourself on a app called capcut some of these edits they don’t even put any effort into them i can make a better edit like this on capcut and also this app is just like tempo but worst tempo it better because there’s no ads and also those edits are very bad and sloppy i thought u could just make your own edits when i downloaded it but first thing i saw was a ad i hate this app very much after this report this app will be deleted from my phone and this is just the worst app ever i don’t like it it’s so frustrating.Version: 2.0

HiIt had to much ads🥲.Version: 2.4

I don’t like itIt’s too many ads why can I make something of my own every single thing that I press there’s an ad I feel like there’s an ad every single second and plus why can I make my own thing I saw the ad on TickTock and I thought it would be a good idea and I was wrong it’s just bad honestly.Version: 1.8.0



Too many addsToo many adds to the point you can’t actually do it’s purpose, I was trying to edit a video for the past 30 minutes adds kept appearing and as soon as I was going to start another one kept appearing and it’s basically pushing you to download the apps it’s advertising since it takes you to the Apple store with the link! Yeah I will be deleting this..Version: 2.0

Not what I thought it wasI saw a ad of this on tiktok and it looked pretty cool, so i downloaded it but it’s really frustrating to me, i looked at the reviews first and people said there were too many ads and i just thought it was like that for them. i have too many ads. when i click on something to check if it’s VIP or free i get a ad when i press on the x i get a ad. it’s quite ridiculous. when i don’t want a free thing and I deny i get a ad. it’s to many ads and have more good options on this app because some people don’t wanna spend money. i got the wrong impression on this app and wanted to write this for others to see. if you wanna spend money go ahead and buy but you will be getting ads every second. 1: have more options that are free 2: try to have not to many ads..Version: 1.8.0

They just want you to download this appSo I saw this ad on tiktok and it was this app and I was like wow this is some nice edit and I was like maybe I should download it come to see that it was all a lie and some people on the TikTok’s comments are saying that this app is stealing video star edits this is a 1/5 I’m sorry I would liked this app but on tiktok they are stealing people edits and in the app you can’t do all that stuff anyways thanks for reading this and don’t download this app and if you don’t believe me go on tiktok and sometime their ad pop up or if it don’t for you search on tiktok MIVO and their byee.Version: 2.4

Not what it seemsIt’s cool and all but you have to watch videos for EVERYTHING. I was editing a video after watching three ads, and it kicks me. Like the whole app just closes all by itself. AND, and, it deleted my progress on it. I wouldn’t recommend getting it unless you like you’re progress being set back and watching millions of ads. It would indeed be awesome if you could remove at least some of the ads and fix that bug :).Version: 2.4

Great…?Ok so, I have had this game for about 2 years, and this app has been really amazing! No adds, no glitches, no nothing bad! But now…? Well, every time I press a template to make my videos for instagram and tiktok, it brings me to a ad. What happened to you…? I miss the old version of the app..Version: 2.4

Stolen edits.So, on TikTok I’ve seen a LOT of stolen edits, they didn’t give credits AND covered peoples watermark. They’ve actually stole one of my edits and the app isn’t even what they’re sponsoring it. Why?, because this app is bad, and steals edits proverbially video star editors. Honestly the creators of this app shouldn’t even be able to make their own ads if they’re going to steal from other people. At this point it’s concerning, you people should REALLY start to make your own edits, it’s not funny. The app is terrible and it’s a scam. I don’t think anyone is going to see this review but all I beg is that you start creating your own edits. That’s all. No I’m not livid, but stealing someone’s work is arrogant and ignorant. That’s all for my rant, review. Please stop stealing peoples edits. It’s contumelious..Version: 2.4

Trash asYou will keep on getting ads.Version: 1.7.0

TerribleAdds every 5 seconds.Version: 1.5.0

Too much adds and stuff you have to pay forSo you can create a nice edit within 5 seconds, but too much adds and stuff you have to pay for, the adds are already enough! So please tone it down or I might delete this by the next year..Version: 2.4

To many adsThere’s way to many ads ever time you click something you get a ad if you click the one you want a ad and if you want to go back another ad there’s why to many ads and I pretty sure nobody wants to pay for free ads that’s doing to much.Version: 1.7.0

Why do you give false rating?Ever single one is one start but yet your saying most people have rated it 5 stars when it’s actually like 3 five stars. Not to mention you have to pay for it. Just a tip of advise next time you make an editing app DONT make it so you have to play for almost everything and DONT copy someone else’s app..Version: 2.2.2

To many addsI will say it’s a very nice app where you can make cute videos but there are way to many adds in such a short time and it’s very annoying, I would give it more stars if there where less ads but I really can’t. Please fix all of the many ads that there are..Version: 1.4.2

A whole lotta adsThe app has a lot of really cool edit templates that are easy to use, but every time you finish looking at a template they throw an ad at you and it gets annoying :/.Version: 1.7.0

ArmaniBc most of the videos u have to pay for don’t forget kids use this app to so when a kids trying to not even knowing how use it the right way and paying for stuff but that beside the point how I thought this app was going to free and not most the video u don’t have to get pro for then I go on the app and most of the thing is pro u got to pay for this u got to pay for that kids use these type of apps to .👎🏽.Version: 2.4

Ads!To many ads.Version: 2.0

MivoIt good app to edit photos and videos to add music to but it doesn’t let u save the video u edited so it’s rlly a disappointment if I was u I wouldn’t waste my time on this app.Version: 1.6.0

Too many adsThis gotta stop.Version: 2.0

Frauds and scams.I’ve been seeing Mivo ads a bunch on TikTok that’s cool and all but let me just point out the fact that this business company is stealing many peoples videos without credits or anything you guys are also trying to hide their watermarks with the emoji’s. I know this because mivo is everywhere on tiktok almost on all the ads mivo you will not get any thing out of stealing other peoples edits acting like their yours. You will have to do your own stuff to gain people to like your app. and guess what people like because they really think the edits you steal or your’s it’s disrespectful to others to fake like something is your it’s basically a fraud and i can report this app for being a fraud and it will all get shut down so I advise you to fix those TikTok ads and any other type of issue with your app and me and you will have no problem..Version: 2.4

Reviews sound fakeI am going to give this app a try but some reason it caught my eye and got me interested but the reviews they not in trade me they sound like they were paid to say was just saying reviews the reviews sound very fake one thing I have to say you need to get real people on there stop it putting paid people on to say great things.Version: 2.4

Don’t waste your timeMakes nice edits but doesn’t let you save the video..Version: 1.7.0

ProblemsThis app needs to fix the ads😭.Version: 1.5.0

The app is better then TikTokI’d prefer this app other then TikTok for editing videos and what not.Version: 2.4

It’s ok :/I saw an add about this on tiktok so i tried it and it dose the edits for you happy about that but when i saw another add it said i could edit by myself so when i tried to find it i couldn’t also WAYYY to many adds it got frustrating.Version: 2.4

THIS APP SUCKSThis app has to much ads like bru u scroll theres an waiting for u u click sumthin theres an ad like broo calm down do not download this app theres bettet apps that dont have ads every 2 seconds like if i could i would give this 0stars so be grateful im goving u one star.Version: 1.7.0

To many addsAfter each edit you see there’s an add I mean the edits are good/ok but they put an add after each video so than they can make money out of you by you paying for the free adds thing and it just not worth it..Version: 1.7.0

TRASHThis app it trash it uses premade edits as I open the app more than 4 adds come up this is like tempo. This is just bad..Version: 1.5.0

BadThere is no sound and you have to pay for half of it.I Would definitely not recommend it go get tempo.Version: 2.2.2

Literally no 😟😭💀These ppl literally steal TIKTOK edits and act like it’s theirs. I would rate it a 0 but sadly I can’t. Don’t trust these ppl. They scam and steal edits from hardworking ppl 😑.Version: 2.1.0

MivoI’m giving this app a 1 star because if the fact that a lot of the “premium” edits that they have to show, they have an example most likely downloaded from tiktok without the watermark and for one if the edits in specific, called “shake” you don’t get the velocity or shake effects that are shown in the example..Version: 2.4

HorribleTienes que ver por lo menos 3 anuncios para poder hacer tu “edit” y aparte tiene la calidad horribles.Version: 1.5.0

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