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Cool fun GameI been a fan since 2017 and I always wanted to play the game and I finally did in 2020 and I also waited for it to release on mobile so it’s a amazing feeling. Thx Jonochrome.Version: 1.0

Here’s more only for mobile Feedback•Add full screen for IPHONES X - 11 •Improve the quality and frame rate •Add allowing the game to show where to tap exactly when starting the night. •If so add sound next to the doors when there close to when any of the characters move to know when to open the door. •On the first night improve the characters to where they don’t rush in the room at the start of the game. I know the app just came out I was excited to play this game but yeah thank you click team for adding one night at flumpty’s..Version: 1.0

LolBro this game is so good even tho im traumatized from the beaver thing.Version: 1.0

This game game is awesome!!!This is a really fun game and can you please put the second on there to and if you do thank you.Version: 1.0

I love thisI love this game this is the best one on mobile this is so good I can play for hours.Version: 1.0

PLEASE PUT THE 2ND ONE ON HERE TOOI love this game so much it’s the best fnaf clone ever please publish the 2nd one AND the 3rd when it comes out pls and thank you!.Version: 1.0

Best FNAF fan game everWhen I saw the youtubers play it I wish I could play it and then when I found it released it was 100x better then I expected to 5 starts for this game. P.S please release the second version for mobile..Version: 1.0

AmazingOne of the best fan games of the FNAF universe. The visuals are amazing and it is actually scary. I was so glad that this came to the App Store. There is a problem at the end when you beat the game. It does not let you go back to the main menu. It’s not a big deal at all. All you have to do is close the game and open it back up. Overall, this game is good..Version: 1.0

Amazing! So glad to finally see it on mobile.I have been a fan of the Flumpty’s franchise for 4 years now. I am so glad they made the first game into a mobile game. The controls are great! Love it! Keep up the good work johnochrome and clickteam.Version: 1.0

It’s a good game, but…Every time I begin to play, Flumpty disappears. One time, I kept playing it and Flumpty scared me 4 times in a row. Idk if this is an issue or not, but if so, then it has to be fixed. I feel like Flumpty’s kinda cheating..Version: 1.0

The bestI love this game so much it’s been one of my dream games I have wanted to play for so long and now that it’s on mobile I can play great graphics just like the won on steam 10/10 I’m also exited for one night at Flumpty’s two.Version: 1.0

This is pretty awesomeIt’s so incredibly surreal to be playing this on a mobile device. I love it. Finally, the plot-transcending egg has arrived to absorb more of the universe..Version: 1.0

Hi I’m flumpty blumpty I’m a eggI’m immune to the plot and I control time and space also I’m coming after you, you can figure out the rest. Have fun :).Version: 1.0

Best fan FNaF game everI got this game today and I tested and and the vibe was spooky and hard people who need a good FNaF fan game you should get this one..Version: 1.0

Seriously wow night 1 is to easyThis is like fnaf but way easy.Version: 1.0

Fun and Hard GameI loved the game and even more happier to see a fan game on Mobile!.Version: 1.0

Nice game but...This is an excellent port and is really fun! But can you please make an option to change the aspect ratio and to add the phone call please (The phone call doesn’t work for me). Other than that, this game is awesome!.Version: 1.0

Amazing game you must try it!I’ve only had this game for a day and it’s amazing plus, unlike 5 nights at Freddy’s, this game uses a cartoonish style. I really would recommend this game to a lot of people! (Except little kids).Version: 1.0

Flumpty’s 2 and 3 need to be on mobileBest game same with sequel idk about the third game but it might come when security breach is released on mobile.Version: 1.0

I will call this the adult swim version of fnafThis game is so funny and so stupid in a good way I personally think this is my favorite game so yeah you should download it..Version: 1.0

Really fun gameThis is a pretty good short experience well worth the 2$ I recommend checking it out there’s a bug where the ending loops but that’s no really a big deal since you can just exit the game and you’ll still get your rewards for beating the night.Version: 1.0

THE OGFan verse treating you good?.Version: 1.0

Amazing gameI didn’t even know this game had been released to iOS but it was definitely worth purchasing.Version: 1.0

🅱️onk, 🅱️ork, I’m a 🅱️actus*🅱️ intensifies*.Version: 1.0

Great Game!When I was young I saw this game and said hey! It would be great on a small screen and it was!.Version: 1.0

Wow okayI normally don’t get scared or flinch but this got to me the only game I got scared by has been fnaf 4 so that is saying something 20/5 would recommend.Version: 1.0

I love itI also want to see one night at Flumpty’s 2 and one week at Flumpty’s!.Version: 1.0

Fnaf spin-offI have all the fnaf games on my IPad like 1,2,3,4,5,6,ucn,hw and I wanted a fan game in the fan verse for a while and I enjoyed this one alot.Version: 1.0

Honk bark im a cactusHonk bark im a cactus.Version: 1.0

I’m sorry, this is just too goodI really like the main function of Flumpty, that cube-head guy, Grunkfuss, the Red Man, etc. I like how you gave Otter the function of Foxy. He was truly the right character for the job. Plus, the text in his newspaper is just hilarious. “Man drinks lava and survives (kinda), “Flumpty kidnapped someone ‘cause he feels like it”, “you should really be checking the cameras”. I am kinda sad Red Man wasn’t seen on cameras and just glitched them with red static. But hey, leaves good room for lord and theories! I would like if you added more nights, but that’d kinda defeat the purpose of “ONE Night at Flumpty’s”.Version: 1.0

The game is funnyIt reminds me of Humpty Dumpty should’ve been called Humpty Dumpty from the beginning One night at Humpty’s I have boiled the first game but not the second one or the third one try boiling this hope in an update you rename the game to one night at Humpty‘s one and two and three.Version: 1.0

This is good game :)This is a pretty solid mobile game :D.Version: 1.0

Best Fan Game EVER!The mechanics are just to good, and everything else! Grunkfuss.. Birthday Boy Blam.. all of them in the series is just gold!.Version: 1.0

Amazing fan game on mobileMy favorite FNAF fan game finally ported to Mobile devices great port occasionally the doors won’t work when you press them but everything else is fine..Version: 1.0

Love it great portThis is just a amazing port of one of the most iconic fnaf fangames can’t wait for games like popgoes tjoc and fnac to come on mobile.Version: 1.0

Best fang fan game everThis game is really fun I’ve been playing one night at Flumpty’s before there was a hard boiled mode on pc I’ve beaten regular mode on pc so regular mode on mobile wasn’t a problem for me but hard boiled mode took a while for me to beat on Mobile I cant wait for one night at Flumpty’s 2 to come out on iOS.Version: 1.0

BeautifulI love this game so much it’s hilariously scary. You might hate me for this but I think it’s better than FNAF.Version: 1.0

Great gameI really like the Flumpty series and on mobile it’s as good as you would eggspect and im happy I can play this on the go now.Version: 1.0

ONAF Is AWSOME Especially On Mobile!I love ONAF (One Night at Flumptys) It’s really fun and scary in a animated way but to see it on mobile was crazy I really didn’t expect it lucky me my mom let me get it like two hours after it came out it’s AWSOME! I really like it and I recommend others should get it if they like a little horror! Also thanks to Fazbear Fanverse! -Bryson.Version: 1.0

Truly incredible game, truly incredible port, and one nitpick so minor it doesn’t affect my rating.Alright, look, this game is incredible and it’s a blast, playing the main night and HBM was very fun (I really had to learn to conserve power on HBM, and I STILL ran out of power on the winning run, so hard boiled indeed!) However, the Empty Bempty screen is… low quality. It looks as if you took a screenshot of the screen and just pasted it on. I would appreciate if I could see my little congrats for beating HBM in full quality, thanks!.Version: 1.0

Great gameGreat port of onaf characters good definitely worth the 2$ I like it better then fnaf 1,3,6 love the style of it can’t wait for the next fan fnaf game to come to mobile..Version: 1.0

Add moreAdd more games of fang fan games put jolly five nights at candys mac tonight worios blitz’s sonic maniac mayina you name it pls and add one night at Flumpty’s 2.Version: 1.0

Can’t turn it off hard boiled modeIdk how to turn it of hard boiled mode.Version: 1.0

Put FnasMM To Mobile Kay?PLEASE🥺.Version: 1.0

Best animated fnaf fan game!The animations in this game are way better than any fnaf spin off. The best animation is when the beaver runs down the hall! It’s just like Foxy! Great game jonochrome! Have a great day! P.S Flumpty please don’t come to my house and kidnap me. Have a great day! Sincerely, Nolan..Version: 1.0

Please put fnaf world on mobileFnaf world is amazing I like the fighting and the story I want it to be on mobile is is so fun.Version: 1.0

Welcome to Flumpty’s!!!I thought the game would be bad but I played it and it was awesome! And “welcome to Flumpty’s I’m Flumpty bumpty and I’m an egg -Flumpty.Version: 1.0

Bruh this fan game of fnaf is the best!!!!This fan game is so amazing art style amazing jump scares actually make me jump and over all the game is amazing 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 just omg if you have just seen the reviews and haven’t gotten the game yet just do now also my favorite character is golden flumty but oh my goodness this game is the best almost even better then fnaf MAKE A SEQUEL.Version: 1.0

Ggggreat!This is a halarious fan game! And kinda makes me hope that the second one will be on mobile. Plz do that that would be awesome!.Version: 1.0

Great FNaF game!Even though the game is hard to complete for me, the quality is so good! And keep up the great work! Are you making one night a flumptys 3?.Version: 1.0

I love FNAFI love FNAF but this is so good the best FNAF game or spin off I hope you continue this.Version: 1.0

AMAZING GAME!!!I got this game immediately when it came out in iOS, and boy is it good. It works perfectly and it’s so fun, it’s also one of my fav FNAF Fangames. Absolutely amazing port & I love it so much, thanks Clickteam & Jonochrome, oh & Scott Cawthon of course!.Version: 1.0

This is littarly the best game I’ve ever playedI totally recommend it you should probably play five nights at freddys before you play this it makes more since also if your not a big fan of horror or hate horror games don’t recommend.Version: 1.0

Not a fan gameSo this isn’t important but if you didn’t know this is not a fan game it’s made by the same people.Version: 1.0

Amazing gameThis game is an amazing experience and I think it’s totally worth it, this game needs more attention.Version: 1.0

BEST GAME EVER.So I played this today and it scared me xD It’s a good Port! I love it! clickteam thanks so much for making ONAF. I would recommend this for everyone. (Edit: could you fix this endless loop glitch? At the end.).Version: 1.0

A great fan game 😁This game is great I remember seeing this game like 5 or 6 years ago and finaly 2021 I get to play it and it’s so great 10/10 I love how you deal with the enemy’s threw the night.Version: 1.0

LoopThere is already another feedback about this but I don’t care. There’s a bug when you finish where it’s in a loop but it still saves your progress ;D.Version: 1.0

Best game ever !!!!!I love this game so much. The characters are really cool when the newspaper said man drinks lava and lives i was like laughing so hard. Onaf rules.Version: 1.0

FunEgg daddy is so sexy.Version: 1.0

First. AMAZING GAMEPlease put number 2 in the app storee and 3 when it comes out 🥰😍.Version: 1.0

Grate but where is five nights at candy’sWhere’s five nights at Candy’s I will pay for it don’t add 2 or 3 because they aren’t my favorite Fnac 1 is the best remastered or not remastered but remastered would be better..Version: 1.0

Just as good as I rememberThe game runs smoothly and is the same as when I first played it, but on mobile! Price is pretty cheap which makes it even better. 10/10..Version: 1.0

I’m a cactusI’m a cactus.Version: 1.0

Fun but not that badAlso at hard mode was still an endless loop of the song but double times faster so I know I like it but not amazing and not bad is good to my perfection.Version: 1.0

Love this gameI love it so much but it does need to have bug fixes and also for the AI in the hard-boiled mode to be turned down a little.Version: 1.0

Pretty good!This is a surprisingly good port of One Night at Flumpty’s. I’ve played One Nigbt at Flumpty’s, the original and they upgrade, on my computer, and I can say that the gameplay remains (mostly) the same! My two biggest problems were poor button input on the doors, and the placement of the camera button. I kept accidentally pressing the home slider, which made Golden Flumpty a heck of a lot more than a threat. I do think these problems will be fixed in the future. 9/10, definitely worth the price..Version: 1.0

Five nights at candy’sCan you pls put five nights at candy’s into mobile I really want to play the on mobile version pls click team I will definitely buy it if you put five nights at candy’s into the mobile game pls..Version: 1.0

MacaroniWith the chicken strips..ah.Version: 1.0

Great port, but needs options menu.Same goes for ONAF 2.Version: 1.0

One of the best games everI gave this a 4 star… because some times it won’t let me get in, and the power drains SUPER FAST. so if you ask me about getting this game, I’d ask for your phone, and download all of them, then wouldn't give your phone back till I completed the third one (Both it’s normal night and hard boiled.Version: 1.0

Honk.Honk..Version: 1.0

Flumpty Bumpty here!Hello! Thanks for the game about me, really appreciate it! If you’re wondering how I’m sending this review, even eggs can use the internet too! Didn’t mean to rhyme, haha. Anyway, if you’re wondering who that pumpkin is, ((that pumpkin that never moves)) He’s the brains of this operation! Couldn’t have done this without him. But seriously guys, you did great. - Flumpty Bumpty and his friends..Version: 1.0

Pretty epic JonochromeGood job Jono this mobile version works good! Can’t wait for the next one.Version: 1.0

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