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Spirit Talker ® App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Spirit Talker ® app received 73 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Spirit Talker ®? Can you share your negative thoughts about spirit talker ®?

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Spirit Talker ® for Negative User Reviews

MehNot convinced 😑.Version: 2.8

Entertainment onlyIt’s an entertainment item. Doesn’t work just random words names phrases. I’ve watched professional investigators use this app and some of the same things pop up when they use it which makes them look fake. Definitely fun though my kids enjoy it for this spooky Halloween fun..Version: 4.27

Bug with the updateSince the update it has been glitching out saying random letters over and over. It’s done this a few times and it always says the same thing. But I love this app if they could fix the bug.Version: 4.20

DisappointedI love the YouTube Channel ‘Haunted Finders’, never miss a vid and jumped to download the app. I’m gutted that only random replies came through- and I’m pretty sure they were 30 secs apart every time. I’ve tried it in a few places now. I really wanted to like the app, but only feel disappointed and ripped of. I’d have expected an app like this to often be a rip off, but the guys on the channel always seem so genuine..Version: 3.0

RubbishI never trust these groups that just use these evp’s as they can be manipulated easy enough like some other ghost hunters do on channels… Personally i used a flash phone camera and picked up real photos of ghosts and orbs and they are genuine….Version: 3.0

FakeGot it by mistake. Fake anyway, doesn’t work..Version: 3.0

Buttons Don’t WorkI’ve had this app well over a year. The HF:Crew button, S:G button and “Folder” have NEVER worked. Bummer and VERY inconvenient. I can never look at passed words. Also, I can’t ever see the time where as other apps I can see the time while using them. Poor design and no one ever has tried to fix these issues after all this time and even after all the comments saying the buttons don’t work..Version: 3.0

No voice No SupportI bought this app a little bit ago and I’ve never been able to get the voice to work. I turned on whatever setting was in the FAQs but I’m still not getting any voice. I’ve emailed Support twice and have never heard back. I’m sorry I wasted my money if there’s not gonna be any support. I hope you see this and respond..Version: 4.27

CrockThis app generates random sentence’s like, where is my body, and I am nearby. But dose not make much sense to direct questions, other than spouting out random manes..Version: 4.26

Absolute shocking random word generatorSave your money this is just a word generator preying on your conscience and hoping you make a connection with a passed loved one..Version: 3.0

Fake appJust a Random word selector… scam artist at best..Version: 4.0

Lack of the chillsDisappointed I paid for this app Lights don’t ever “light” up to show presence and words are random like clockwork overall I’m not impressed.Version: 2.8

This app is a fake do not purchase itI had purchased app since that I used for when I was trying figure out what happend to Elissa Liam so I used while I was at hotel I taught was working so to information that it had give us so I downloaded cause I’m at new spot in feeling like unwanna spirit was here so I download app again just see that it give me same answer over again don’t not purchased this a waste of money ‼️.Version: 4.19

Garbage I thinkI’ve used this app for probably a good 24 hours now in total time. I had one session that seemed relevant and the rest were crap. So I’m wondering if it always just spits out random words and only if a spirit is connecting with you and speaking does it actually make sense ? Or is it just random luck. I also turn my phone to airplane mode a decent amount of time before I get to where I’m going so my location can not be seen to affect the words that come up..Version: 4.27

EntertainingThis app for entertainment doesn’t really work.Version: 4.0

Total random wordsNothing comes up that is relevant to whats going on when I have used this app, seems to go off random words then a time it says nothing and then words again like it’s timed to go off my other things I’m using all seem to work but this has nothing to do with anything.Version: 3.0

I don’t know if it is realI used this in epping forest and it picked up loads of things but I’m not to sure if it’s real. Late responses and mostly wasn't relevant to what we was asking..Version: 4.27

Random Word GeneratorPurchased this app and used it a few times and it has never made any sense. Having an idea of the history of the locations where I’ve used this app, it never comes up with anything relevant. It’s a waste of time. It’s a shame because I don’t mind watching the channel who created this but it’s not possible to take the ‘evidence’ from this app seriously. I won’t be using it again and will be deleting it. Save your money..Version: 4.27

This is a rip offJust bought this and doesn’t even work Not right to charge pple for somthing that f doesn’t work!!!!.Version: 4.11

Good app.. BUTI always get good solid answer that relate to my specific questions. Sometimes it won’t say a word for half hour. Other times it says allot. I’ve been very pleased UNTIL RECENTLY it says one word and stops scanning! I have to power off and on after every word I get. Whereas it use to keep saying words continuously. Upset as this was my go to..Version: 4.11

Nothing but random wordsWhat a waste of money. Random words not relevant to questions asked. Just a word database generating random words from built in library..Version: 4.22

Issues with new update.This new update keeps making the app freeze every time to almost every time a word comes up..Version: 4.25

No audioVery disappointed there is no audio like the YouTube channels show. I’ve restarted my iPhone 2 times and max volume.Version: 4.19

FakeThis app is fake, it doesn't request for microphone permissions, also on top the iOS 14 update shows when the microphone is in use which that app doesn't. Scam!.Version: 3.0

DisappointingI’ve seen this app used many times so I decided to download it and give it a try. I say I am disappointed is an understatement. For one hour, I asked one simple question, “ what colour shirt am I wearing?” For that hour, I got Gladys, hers, badly, agitated, guilty, love, 1900s, Smith, Sue,etc. I finally closed the app and came to write my review. I will keep trying the app to give it a fair shake. If responses improve, I will rewrite my review. However, at this point, there’s no other reason to give it anything, but a one star review..Version: 4.11

Waste of moneyLike watching their utube channel haunted finders but this is totally fake! Please don’t waste your money like I did! This app should be taken down, I hate being ripped off and I certainly have been! If there was a try before you buy option I promise you that you wouldn’t, you should be ashamed HF.Version: 3.0

Very disappointedThe way they hyped this app up I was expecting a great experience, but right off the bat the magnetometer doesn’t do anything and I have an Apple XR so I know I have a working magnetometer. If this major instrument doesn’t work how can one expect the app to work properly. I’d save the time and look for another app..Version: 4.20

Feel like it’s fake.Feel like it’s fake the emf doesn’t even do a thing. Random crap, my wife bought it too, so did my father in law. Like it says some stuff like my ashes are here( my wife’s grandmother is in the closet) but it could have pick that up from messages or something? Idk would be nice if the developer would wright back..Version: 4.27

The emf function has stopped workingThe emf function has stopped working, not used the app for a while, when I switched it on yesterday the emf function no longer works, the button to activate the emf has disappeared, it always worked in the past , as I’ve been using the app for quite a few months, is this something to do with an update, please sort this out.Version: 4.23

No soundAbsolutely no sound is played when words come up. Not sure if a bug, but very disappointing.Version: 4.27

I do a lot of spiritual stuff in my daily life and help people with paranormal issues onlineI used this app obviously and I’m having a very hard time believing this is legit. Firstly, a lot of random words. Specifically full sentences which is uncommon with apps like this. And it seems to say a lot of different human names (a common question people ask is “what’s my name”. The full sentences make me believe this app is randomly pulling random phrases out of of a database of random words, names, and phrases. I don’t believe this is legit. The UI of the app looks very ugly as well..Version: 4.11

Just a gimmickThis app is a gimmick. I have run it for hours and it just spits out random names, words, or phrases. I mean what should I have expected for $3.99 US. I had high hopes though since it was highly rated and used by several YouTubers I watch. This makes me question the veracity of their channels now. The things they experience are one thing, but nothing said through this app can really be trusted..Version: 4.27

Clearly random wordsI sat two phones together with the app running. Obviously they displayed different words at different times. This wouldn’t be the way, surely they’d show the same. The words also repeat given time..Version: 3.0

JunkJunk, doesn’t work. I dumped the files to computer and decompiled them. The app just activated microphone, and gives a random answer, roughly in reply to what the microphone picked up..Version: 4.0

Waiting for the dead.As it takes ages for it to respond then the most lame and cryptic responses especially when I’ve tested in various positive places and positions that we know strange phenomena’s happen ! Due to me being a funeral director and access to mortuaries funeral homes churches and cemeteries, so I can tell it’s not that great sorry, and I guarantee that this review will probably be deleted ⚰️.Version: 4.22

Waste of moneyOnly one light ever comes on and just random words that have no meaning..Version: 2.9

FakeScam app. Words appear every 50 Seconds.Version: 4.0

What a waste of moneyIs there not a way that the App Store can test these apps before they put them up as this one is clearly just a novelty which doesn’t work and a complete waste of money. People are actually spending money due to false advertising. The emf detector doesn’t detect emf’s even when exposed to quite a large one and the random words that are spat out are totally random and I think people just try to relate to the words by grasping at straws. So so dissatisfied and disappointed that I wasted my money on this application.Version: 3.0

Spirit talker aka random garbageShocking app. What a waste of money. Talk about just random garbage. Message was I’m upstairs … except I live in a bungalow without a loft space. Repeats same words If people believe this a true representation you’ve been ripped off.Version: 4.22

Not impressed so farI have used on several occasions and knowing my Paranormal Equipment thought give this a go ! Don’t let your mind be tricked because you want results ok Noticing that new names I’ve entered within my phone are now displaying within this application tells me all I need to know 👎 Make your own minds up folks if this app is for you great. But not for people that take investigations to a serious level..Version: 4.20

Don’t waste your moneyI have spirits in my home, that I know are very kind, very sweet, and active. But the app is saying they're telling me “Run” “Evil” “Let us rest” “Am I dead? “Nasty” “Scary” “We Live On”. Now, maybe my spirits have randomly decided they don’t like me. But I highly doubt it. My theory, it’s just a creepy word generator meant to freak you out. Plus a spirit confirmed it doesn’t work with dowsing rods haha. I have a real EMF reader that does in fact work. The app EMF reader “goes off” when it “gets a word”, and when my real EMF reader is going off, the app is not. Conclusion: Scam Artists made this app Try Necrophonic, it’s more expensive but actually works..Version: 4.11

Meh, probably not realAs much as I’d like this app to be real, it’s most likely not. 1. Genuine ghost hunting equipment such as an ovilus, emf reader, rem-pods, etc don’t cost $4. And for good reason. Therefore, how reliable can a $4 app on a phone realllyyy be? 2. I’ve come to find out that if you hold up your phone to another device such as a laptop, another phone, or anything that causes the EMF reader to spike, you will automatically get a “response.” And it works every time. Even if you ask/say nothing, you will get a word/sentence. This wouldn’t happen on real ghost hunting equipment. But hey, if you want to use it for fun and pretend it’s real, then to each their own :).Version: 4.27

This is a rip offDefinitely just random nonsense answers. Don’t waste your money.Version: 4.27

Waste Of MoneyWish I could get my money back. Me and my fiancé decided to get it as we watch Omar gosh etc… there’s definitely a ghost or 2 in ours that play with our baby and our camera picks up footsteps etc… it’s the same words as the YouTube videos and doesn’t relate to anything such a shame as it could be an amazing app.Version: 4.22

CrapTotal waste of money. They can’t even be bothered to get the grammar correct. Delighted your here? Try you’re, as in, you are. I’ve seen in used on YouTube vids and the same words a phrases came out as when I used it. Clever money spinner though, rip off vulnerable people who have lost loved ones..Version: 4.11

SpiritTalkerI’ve tried it a few times and it didn’t relate, But the time was never right, my house isn’t to my knowledge haunted, I bought it because I was curious. It’s 2.40 am n I had the patio door open and thought I’d just have a listen, within 2 seconds it said my name, told me it was hiding in the shadows outside, it mentioned a water feature which is outside, it said many related words. Just be patient with it n don’t expect instant or any communication just because you paid a few quid for an app…it’s an app lol..Version: 3.0

Bought as a joke, wasn’t even satisfiedLike the title says, bought this as a joke. Tried it out it, it just randomly spout nonsense that doesn’t even make sense. Each words goes out in a time fashion of between 30 seconds to 2-3 mins. No matter where you go, it’s the same thing of randomness. I’ve tried it because of Twins Paranormal but yeah let’s say the result wasn’t what I expected. Edit: Forgot to add the light of the EMF meter never lights up no matter where I point it out, even at electronics..Version: 4.0

Here is my reviewSo I’ve tested the app out so here is my review. The words are set on the timer which is minute and couple of seconds something like that if you want really know set your timer, now the app has sensor which means if you move your hand around also walking around it’s going to tigger the words to come out. EMF doesn’t work iPhone 12 unsure if it’s for iPhone 14. Way to much false positives smh.Version: 4.1

I don’t think this is a really appI what my money back.Version: 4.11

BrokenPaid amd downloaded app as love my boyfriends one on his phone and mine says 1 word then freezes?? Tried everything but still broken and cant purchase again as its in my cloud now. Very disappointing.Version: 3.0

Unsure what it meansWhen the Spirit Talker spews out words and phrases that some times may be delayed or not that are relevant or not, however, these are at non-haunted locations. Such as my job or my house. My house I haven’t heard weird things, haven’t seen things. It doesn’t seem haunted to me. And my job I’m not sure. Haven’t seen things while working during the day. But also too loud to hear things if they are happening. So what does they mean? I wanna believe. I’ve seen several good paranormal investigators use this and I’m just not sure..Version: 4.25

Game of Random WordsAfter watching Twin Paranormal I wanted to see how accurate this Spirit Talker is. I purchased it mid day and turned it on in my home where there is absolutely no paranormal activity and my house’s only history is that it used to be a corn field where many bunnies died in the jaws of coyotes. Keeping the house quiet while I just moved around doing chores, the app periodically spit out random words that made no sense and had no connection (abandoned, Frank, It’s dangerous, etc.). I asked it nothing yet it still spit out random, vague words that could be construed into anything if you were seeking the paranormal. The app developers are making bank on nothing more than hype and an interesting game..Version: 4.11

Oh wellIt wasn’t expensive but was still a dumb purchase. If you hit the on button and say nothing random words appear. In the car I got “I’m standing right next to you”. It is loaded with names and phrases that you might get during a conversation with spirits but nothing relevant pops up. Don’t waste your money. It’s most definitely a gimmick for entertainment..Version: 4.19

Nice random word generatorThis app just generates words randomly. Let it run for 15 minutes in my house that isn’t haunted and it just rattles off random words at regular intervals. But we shouldn’t be surprised. How would a phone app allow you to talk to ghosts.Version: 3.0

Problems with the appNo Audio, no sound at all, EMF doesn't work, HF CREW and S:G icons do nothing when clicked. Folder works, On and Start work, Spirit conversation is excellent but considering I just today downloaded the app to my new IPad tablet, It would be nice ifthe entire app worked…somebody help !.Version: 3.0

Don’t waste your money.Tried this a couple of times as I’ve seen this used on a paranormal channel on YouTube. It came out with the exact same words as it did with them. Save your money, it’s fake..Version: 4.11

App doesn’t work at all it’s frozenDon’t waste your money this app doesn’t work at all it’s just a black screen I’m on a Brandnew iPad.Version: 4.0

Can you hear me?!This would make a better spelling bee announcer than a ghost hunting app. Takes about 3 mins for anything to be said and all it comes up with is murder, murdered, adventure, wonderful, Jason, can you hear me?, run, etc. Paid $4.00 just to wait for a word or small random four word sentence or less, every three minutes. Would be more believable if it simply said nothing..Version: 4.11

Update made it not workI just turned on ST and it just goes nuts, it just sounds like it is reading program codes. I’ve cycled it on and off several times. Safe to say the update has a bug, please fix.Version: 4.16

Interesting while it workedEver since the update I cannot get past the loading screen it will not do anything. There was another update I updated it again and it still will not work. I did not get a response when I submitted a complaint, if there is something I’m supposed to do other than update itd be nice to get a response. I would rather not uninstall and reinstall and lose my word lists so far. There has been a lot of consistency in the responses in my house. So I’d like to continue using this..Version: 4.19

ReviewI waste me money scripted.Version: 3.0

Don’t BotherSorry to say but this is a waste of money. It just spouts out random words. It’s a good gimmick but not worth paying for. I’d be interested in a video from the producer to back up how this is made and works because in my opinion, it’s a scam..Version: 4.22

Error messageIt keeps saying compass calibration error Everytime I load it I’ve tried looking for help menu but nothing could you Please tell me what it means please.Version: 4.27

Does not workDon’t expect this to be a real tool! It just randomly generated words without any meaning! It’s obviously just a fun game.Version: 4.11

Used to be goodUsed to be a good app and would reply to what I asked now doesn’t hear me when I talk.Version: 4.27

Don’t waste your money.What a load of random garbage..Version: 4.11

If I could give it 0 stars, I would.DOES NOT WORK. I started up the app and got 0 detection whatsoever. Start up the FREE app I’ve been using and I can communicate clearly. I cannot believe I just paid $4 for an app that does not work EVEN WITH SILENT MODE OFF YOU WILL HEAR ABSOLUTELY NO COMMUNICATION. Honestly at this point I’ve already uninstalled the app and would like a refund as I’m severely frustrated that I paid to get a more liable communication app as I’m a paranormal investigator and it doesn’t work at all..Version: 4.11

Waste of moneyScam.Version: 3.0

Stops sweepingApp seems to stop sweeping/searching after every single word, very disappointed.Version: 4.11

HelpIt keeps telling me to turn off the scanner what does this mean.Version: 4.27

Doesn’t workFake.Version: 3.0

Professional Paranormal Researcher RobbedThis app cannot theoretically or physically do what they are advertising it does. A mobile phone can identify EMF when it comes to items relating to wifi. That is not what EMF is. I held it below an electrical meeting box, alongside an actual EMF meter and the meter on the phone didn’t change while the real EMF meter danced up and down as would be expected. The Ovilus part of the advertised product cannot physically work. Whether you’re a human or a spirit you cannot make a word form in this app. The reason being that the Ovilus was designed to identify environmental factors (EMF, temperature, humidity etc) and translate those into words. Without an additional add on to the phone (which I believe was being sold years ago - and there’s a reason they stopped selling them) - it cannot identify these environmental factors. As a professional paranormal investigator - I tested this app out at a home I know to be haunted near me, and tested it in my very unhaunted house. The words appear within the same timing, the same lines come up time and again - one sentence came up at both locations “she killed me.” As I haven’t killed anyone (that I know about) and I don’t have any attachments this is a massive flaw in the programming. Popular YouTube channels that are using this product need to consider how their false advertising and editing encourages people interested in getting into the field, to waste their money. While Ovilus’ can be hard to come by, get the real deal. These apps are a waste of money and would actually put the validity of an investigation in question. A good investigator should still hold some skepticism, and they need to understand how their equipment works. Don’t buy this, go buy a can of Coke or something, you’ll get more out of it than this app..Version: 3.0

Doesn’t work even a littleI’m currently watching this amazing series on YouTube where everyone is using this app. Sadly, it does not work. It spit out random saying that meant absolutely nothing to me. It didn’t answer one question even as simple as up or down. It was a waste of 5$. And now as I continue these episodes I can’t believe anything that comes through on there app. Sad but true.Version: 4.26

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