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Spirit Talker App User Positive Comments 2023

Spirit Talker app received 12 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about spirit talker?

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Spirit Talker for Positive User Reviews

Spirit talkerThis is the real deal here !!! I use it a lot says words or even sentences that mean something. Great job !!!! Thank you for making this …….Version: 4.0

If you have an iPhone on silent mode there will be no soundI thought there was an issue with the app, because there was no sound. I keep my phone on silent 24/7 unless I need to hear my phone go off, and it didn’t occur to me it would affect the app. Just happened to have silent mode off once when I was using the app and BOOM it worked. The “folder” button only works when the talker is off, to anyone thinking none of the buttons work. However the two top icons do nothing whether it is running or not. I like the app overall, and I’ve recommended it to other people who have also purchased. Wish there were more features! Also the EMF has absolutely never went off for me, I’ve tried it with the talker off too..Version: 3.0

Is it real?I don’t know if it works or not but i got the names elmer, florence and joan don’t know if it’s real anybody know?.Version: 4.0

FantasticThis is a fantastic app from a fantastic group .this works every time.Version: 1.10

EMFDoes anyone know if the EMF works on the iPhone 12 for this app everything else is working except for that I don’t know if the iPhone 12 is equipped to handle the EMF reader???.Version: 3.0

LitEveryone hating on this app probably doesn’t know how to use an ovulus. And doesn’t understand that communication is mostly gibberish most of the time. Great app!.Version: 3.0

AwesomeI gave the app a try in my home. It was very precise with information that validated to me that this app works. Keep up the great work guys..Version: 3.0

Twin Paranormal is why I tried this app.So I will say it does work. You can’t expect to get direct answers all the time sometimes the spirits have other stuff they rather communicate about & it’s up to you to piece it together. That’s why you research the history so you can piece that information they are giving you together. Twin paranormal from YouTube is the reason I tried this app they always seem to get pretty good evidence from using this. I did have some trouble with the EMF but maybe that will change. I also wish they had a settings option to adjust or calibrate the device, also maybe make it where if it was a male speaking a male voice would come through & same for women or children. But it’s worth the $2.99 just learn as much as you can about using devices before trying and saying it doesn’t work because it could be the user instead of the app. Also the HF crew and the S:G did not work at the top maybe that’s where the settings are im not sure but it’s still a good app I do have an iPhone 13 so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work properly.Version: 3.0

ResponsesI’ve had relevant responses using this app Paranormal files on you tube uses this as a professional investigator We find this app to be genuine after using it for sometime.Version: 3.0

GoodI haven’t had the opportunity to use it a whole lot,but the few times I have,I have gotten relevant responses..Version: 1.10

Like itThis is pretty good and easy to use.Version: 1.10

100 percent realThere was someone who said they were with their family. It said the names Mildred, Elmer and Kenneth. I looked up the name Mildred and obituaries in my area. It said she was married to Elmer and that Kenneth is one of her sons!! Not only that, but she is buried in the cemetery down the road from me!!! I’ve heard her name 3 different times on this app. Also someone has warned to be careful because the phone is a door to the other side..Version: 4.0

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