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Spirit Talker ® app received 46 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about spirit talker ®?

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Best ghost appFirst off I want to say you guys hit the nail on the head. if you know how to use this app it is very useful. I took it to a grave yards and it said the names of the people that were on the grave Charlotte was one of the names that came through if you don’t know how to use this app, I would recommend watching twin paranormal they use this a lot on the investigations that’s how I download it and from there I love it.Version: 4.19

LitEveryone hating on this app probably doesn’t know how to use an ovulus. And doesn’t understand that communication is mostly gibberish most of the time. Great app!.Version: 3.0

It works! Thanks Twin Paranormal!Thanks to those three, I downloaded this app. Had immediate concerning responses. As much as I would love to have their help with the investigation of my home and surrounding area as we believe we may have a flesh pedestrian, I think I will be by myself to find out what the spirits around here have to say. We also have a confirmed Watcher and shadow people. And I have no one to investigate with. 😂.Version: 4.0

Spirit talkerMy app doesn’t talk it like barber shop sings the words and it drives me crazy, dislike it. Tried to fix it to go back to the normal voice it started at and can’t. I paid 3.99 to not be able to do anything..Version: 4.11

ExcellentVery good app, highly recommend, very accurate ✌️.Version: 4.11

Overall great experienceOverall had great experience and on point responses the few times that I used it at the different cemeteries. One thing I would like to request is to add more languages like Ukrainian and Russian. I have relatives who never spoke english and even though I was able to get responses it seemed to be a struggle. So please add Ukrainian and Russian to the languages asap! Greatly Appreciated!.Version: 4.26

Very good toolHad some fab results with this tool perfect timing and on point. Not sure how the EMF is supposed to work on a phone though maybe that’s just there for decoration on the app face. Without a purpose built sensor I don’t think anything like a emf can work..Version: 4.11

GoodI haven’t had the opportunity to use it a whole lot,but the few times I have,I have gotten relevant responses..Version: 1.10

Great!I use this on my YouTube channel Louis Dee Vlogs, and the responses I get while Ghost Hunting are amazing! Great app definitely worth the purchase.Version: 3.0

Amazing resultsI LOVE THIS APP 🥰 quick question though… I watch a few YouTubers that are from America who use this app and the words are spoken by a woman but mine speaks with a man’s voice, why is that?.Version: 4.22

Please helpIf I use this app in different country will work in their language??.Version: 4.11

Shoutout to Twin Paranormal!!I’ve had the app for a few months now and I know a 1000% it works! It wld take me awhile to explain everything buti had my mother in law come through and speak to me by name the very first time I turned it on and say things to corroborate her actually being there! And so much more happen since then but that was the one and only time my name came through! And along w everything else it said i was immediately sold! But either way I’ve had many conversations w the other side and am totally convinced! 👻👍🏻 oh and the EMF has worked for me before but will go off for electricity also. And like my headphones case sets it all the way to red it’s crazy!.Version: 4.0

The Real Deal !!!I was a little skeptical about this app only costing $3.99 and just words popping up on the screen blurting out phrases, etc. But after seeing two famous YouTube’ers use them, I decided to give it a try. After using this app for the first time and about 10 minutes In , I was informed by this app that there was a GhOst in the house. That made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck and arms because I know this is to be TRUE!!! I’ve tried several times to get rid of whatever entities are in my house without avail, but the activity has quieted down, but you can just feel that you’re not alone. I Live my house and choose not to sell it, but if the occasion arises… I just might. Very unsettling feeling about this house. The app confirmed EXACTLY what I have going on in this house, which has made me a true BELIEVER in this app!!! It is well worth the price and you will NOT be disappointed!!! I love it..Version: 4.27

CreepyI downloaded and started using this app today. I got my first message saying we are close. All of a sudden my TV starts acting up not to say the least. It scared the living crap out of me so I had to shut it off if you're looking to get into the paranormal field I would recommend this, just be careful.Version: 4.27

Question and maybe expansion of words?I Hope the developers find this but I have a question about the app. Does this app have curse words in the word database or is it possible for them to show up and if it’s not possible then maybe they can be allowed because I’m sure some spirits won’t have some very nice things to say but they don’t have a outlet to say them and it can be very valuable and interesting during investigations..Version: 4.11

So creepy!!!I was in school and I tried out this app and😬. It knew a lot of details around me and that kind of freaked me out. But over all it’s a cool app which I think is very accurate..Version: 4.11

Spirit talkerThis is the real deal here !!! I use it a lot says words or even sentences that mean something. Great job !!!! Thank you for making this …….Version: 4.0

One of the best.Have worked on psychic circuit for 30+ years. When I first dl this, I thought it would be a waste of time - a kids thing - in short, rubbish. Surprisingly it does seem to get it right an awful lot more than could be put down to chance or coincidence. IMHO after trying out most of what is available on the market, this is actually one of the best... and no-one is more surprised than me!.Version: 3.0

Is there a feature to change voice from male to female?I really am shocked with this app. I installed it after seeing twin paranormal use it. I thought I’d give it a try. So I turned it on while sitting quietly in the front room with my partner. The first thing it said was my partners name. I hadn’t even said his name for it to have been picked up by the phone or anything.Version: 4.11

This actually works. (read review)So my last house I was living in I did multiple readings because I got recommended the app from a friend. I had a few encounters I could not explain like scratches on my back, hand prints on my bed and freak accidents happening in my house or to people visiting. I run the app and it gives me names now and then. When I moved out I did research on past renters and a few of the names matched up with people who lived their previously. Margaret was her name an alderney woman and I did my research. After I moved out I looked back on past files and put 2 and 2 together. I got chills.Version: 4.26

Legit!I downloaded this app a few days ago and I’m still blown away with how accurate this app is! It has said my last name! And 1 persons name that I know a couple of times! To me it’s definitely worth the money!.Version: 4.23

American Ghost Project Approved!!This is the ONLY app for ANY device we endorse! It simply works! Spirit is able to communicate to us through the elaborate word database and we get relative responses , EVERY TIME. Twin Paranormal uses it. Use it in Airplane mode only. Thank you all for making a REAL app for Investigating the Paranormal! PS, we HAVE an Ovilus 5 and works EXACTLY the same!! We tested it against the best out there!.Version: 4.11

Can’t change settingsReally excited to try this app but for some reason there are no settings. Is this correct? I don’t understand why it has a ‘settings’ button if it has no function?.Version: 4.11

It’s funSo many simply don’t seem to understand how it works based off the reviews. It spits words out at random which does not mean paranormal at all. If the words are totally random then there is nothin. You need to spend some time getting familiar with what normally comes out and watch for patterns and consistency in responses. Also I put the magnetic field meter to the test and while it does take a significant field to read it does work consistently. My only issue is that a few of the tools that should work like the compass and orientation won’t calibrate or work correctly. Not sure if it’s a setting I have locked down somehow but my wife with the same phone and they do work for her. Either way it’s a fun tool and we have had a good time checking out some places.Version: 4.22

Love it!I love this app. I watch all the paranormal footage off a lot of people. Yes, it may speak sporadically but they are trying to communicate through a device and it takes time and energy. Understandable. Love it and use it daily.Version: 4.27

Interesting AppI’ve only used this a few times so far, but it does what it is meant to do. Only issue I’m having is that I cannot get the voice to work. I’ve tried messing with the spoken content settings, but haven’t been able to get it working. Would appreciate to hear back from the developer to fix this issue. Thanks!.Version: 4.27

Completely LegitAt first I thought maybe I was getting random answers, but after I did some research and looked into the history of my local area the responses make so much sense. Also after learning history of Eureka Springs AR this is on point. I was walking though the Cemetery and received the name Oliver and sure enough I turned around and found a headstone with the name on it as well as getting a response of children are near and walking up about 4ft and finding a group of children’s head stones (all family died very young) between 1-10 years old. I took photos of my findings so I could prove the correlation time stamped and dated. Originally downloaded because of Twin Paranormal, The Paranormal Profiles, and Exploring with Josh.. it has yet to disappoint 👻👍🏻.Version: 4.11

ResponsesI’ve had relevant responses using this app Paranormal files on you tube uses this as a professional investigator We find this app to be genuine after using it for sometime.Version: 3.0

Got this app from watching Twin ParanormalI have to say, so far I have had really good out come from this app. I knew I had a spirit in my house and this confirmed it , I also use my K2 meter with it just to make sure. And it goes off with the questions I asked. So in my opinion it works for me. Love it ☺️.Version: 4.19

😅👻My dead coworker talked to me when I used it at work today. I really don’t want to believe it works but it gave me his name, how he died, a catchphrase he always used and more. Btw, I did this session in airplane mode because I suspected it probably scrapes the internet for details associated with your phone number or something but… it still worked. RIP Harry.Version: 4.27

RealIt said they were with their family and it also said red hair and my grandma has red hair also one of my relatives passed away. So it is real I recommend use it.Version: 4.22

It was truthSo I downloaded thought it was nothing then it said Anna was impaled then it said marry Ann was locked fast Then it said Willam was stabbed then it said we all are around you.Version: 4.27

Idk what’s happenedI had this app for ages and it always works well but i’ve just got to use it after an update and the bar stops but nothing gets said and it keeps happening i’ve even restarted the app.Version: 4.16

GREAT TOOL!Great app to help lead your investigation with the unknown. I use the app on airplane mode so I get no interference. Only issue I have is it stopped logging sessions. Hope that gets fixed soon. Also I use it on the iPhone 13 Pro..Version: 4.22

Anyway to change the voice?I have a good time with this app. On my iPhone it has a male voice. On my iPad it has a female voice. Is there anyway to set it as one or the other?.Version: 4.10

100 percent realThere was someone who said they were with their family. It said the names Mildred, Elmer and Kenneth. I looked up the name Mildred and obituaries in my area. It said she was married to Elmer and that Kenneth is one of her sons!! Not only that, but she is buried in the cemetery down the road from me!!! I’ve heard her name 3 different times on this app. Also someone has warned to be careful because the phone is a door to the other side..Version: 4.0

AmazingI got this app because I have been looking for a good spirit box app for a while and I came across this one. I love this app as it says very relevant things to either what I ask or what is happening at the time I really recommend this if you are looking for a good spirit box app. 😁.Version: 4.22

Excellent appWould be better if It had a watch app as well so you could keep your phone in your pocket while you do investigations, and just use your watch app to talk and listen..Version: 4.11

Hey can I get a refundSo I downloaded this app it a great app But it crashes a lot on my iPhone 6 and I click to turn on the Emf but it says emf doesn’t work so can I have a refund PLs.Version: 4.11

Pretty goodI got this as I’m well into the paranormal and investigations, but my spirit box has disappeared. I put the phone on aeroplane mode so nothing could influence it and opened it up and turned it on in my bedroom. I got a wow and then hello, quite funny My house does have a spirit it but only my daughter and my partner have seen it (my partner saw it when he was stood outside while we were sat in garden and no one was in my bedroom but the light was on and he saw a hand opening up my curtain.) Cannot wait until i can try this on a proper investigation.Version: 3.0

REALI used this at my grandmas house for proof to see if it was real it said the thing I was standing on which was a carpet and it said carpet then I asked for more and it did so by turning off the lamp in the room is was in this app is real.Version: 4.26

Don’t expect too much If you’re not in a haunted place anywayI found this app really intriguing. As far as I’m aware my new house (I’ve moved)my house is like 30-40yr old I don’t think it’s haunted. But I’ve always been curious about the unexplainable/paranormal. Anyway a few thing has happened. My mum was sitting at kitchen table and the chair next to her pushed in to the table as there was still abit of room there . My mum was like she thought that someone was under table it was that obvious. Anyway things have been moving around house and put in different places. So I got this app and tried it out and the first thing it said when I turned it in was I MOVE THINGS 🫣 but not my 1st attempt of using this app maby my 3rd Time but like I say stick with it …..Version: 4.11

Settings coming in 2023?This is amazing app! yes, if there is something around you, they can figure out how to use this very quickly and it will definitely correlate with what's going on around you, on the other hand, if there's nothing around you might get gibberish that doesn't make sense. some of the biggest names in the paranormal field use this app heavily, twin paranormal uses it, Jaskinho and CJ,Omar, the paranormal files just to name a few..this app keeps getting bigger! The other day I had some light up cat balls out, theyre toys spirits use to let us know they're in the area, as soon as I sat them down & turned them on to demonstrate them to the spirits around me came out "I like the toys" lol.. and then, "there are kids around" I've also had this app go back-and-forth with me until I guessed the spirits age of death..I was using it side-by-side with a K-2 meter.. I don't know how this app could get any better, just not sure about those settings, I'm OK without them...Version: 4.11

FantasticThis is a fantastic app from a fantastic group .this works every time.Version: 1.10

I love and hate at the sameWhat I love about it is that it’s so accurate and what I hate is it creeped me out and we ended up communicating with my friends auntie!!!.Version: 4.27

Wow!This app really freaked me out, I started to ask questions and was getting answers back. I know this app doesn’t have a microphone however I was getting words based on what we were talking about in the room, everything was very relevant. This was only my first time turning the app on so wasn’t expecting too much. I really can’t wait to use it more. Spirits will need to adjust to this new way of communicating aswell I feel, so going to set it up in the same place as often as I can. Loving this new technology to try and delve into the spirit world! I’m not very tech savvy but this is very easy to use, if you turn the app off using the “on off” button your results get saved into a file with the date so you can always look back and collate what you’ve found for ongoing investigations. Highly recommend!!.Version: 4.11

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