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KFC US - Ordering App app received 42 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using KFC US - Ordering App? Can you share your negative thoughts about kfc us - ordering app?

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Charged card but no foodUsed app. Charged the card. After long wait when I got to the speaker they only had part of the order. Didn’t have time to call people that I was picking up for to see what else. Tried to call customer service to refund card only to not get anyone on the line ( big surprise). Will never use app again. Cash only from now on in case they fail to deliver..Version: 2021.4.0

Crashes and adds 20 minutesThis is for the consumers and the developer. I don’t usually write reviews but this app deserves zero stars. It sometimes crashes when adding items to bag and other times when checking out. This app will take your money and reschedule your pickup after you pay. If you add a third item the app changes your pickup time 20 minutes after the time you scheduled your order pickup. This 20 minutes occurs when adding a third item to bag. It can even be an order of fries. The 20 minutes is added no matter how far in advance you schedule your pickup. I placed an order at 2 p.m. to be scheduled for pickup at 5 p.m. The app changed my pickup time to 5:20 AFTER I paid for my order. If a three hour heads up isn’t enough of a heads up for a fast food order please tell me how much in advance I need to place it. I couldn’t cancel the order in the app either..Version: 2022.2.5

Useless if app doesn’t tell us accurately when order is readyI give this app and the disorganized location on McCully Street in Honolulu very low marks. I submitted my order via the app at 6:07 pm and it told me my order would be ready at 6:13 pm. I arrive at 6:20 only to see the location changed my pick up time to 6:25, then 6:31, 6:41, 6:45 and 6:50 pm while I waited and waited and waited….I had even checked in to let the staff know I was here and was told I was 4 more orders away. I told the staff I’d be waiting outside and to come get me when my order was ready. Of course no one did and the app NEVER told me when my order was actually ready. I checked again when the ready time again changed to 6:50 only to find out my order was waiting for me. Extremely disappointing experience- will think twice before using this app again!.Version: 2022.2.2

Needs to display store order processing statusI placed two orders from locations only 3.5 miles away from home. Shortly after placing each order I received a notification saying "Oops, we could not process your order so we canceled it". After the first cancelation I called the national customer service line and they could not see why the store could not process the order. They said the charge will fall off my account in a few days. I went ahead and ordered from a different store location and the same thing happened! It's my daughter's birthday and she wanted KFC but we'll have to wait until tomorrow to go to a restaurant. At a minimum their corporate call center needs to know what's going on with each store. Then the app should display something saying "This location is not processing mobile ordered right now".Version: 2022.2.4

App loading problems, bag not being filledI don’t know why, but whenever I try to order nowadays, the food doesn’t appear in the bag (it keeps saying “please wait” but I’ve waited several minutes); I’ve reloaded the app multiple times and even logged out and back in and it didn’t fix the situation. I’ve told the workers there about it and they said it was probably because of wifi and other orders; I had full bars and 5g and there was barely anyone ordering..Version: 2022.2.2

Not ready to have an appDid an order thru the app and the store messed up the whole order. The store couldn’t do anything so I had to spend 20 minutes on hold and then 20 minutes on the phone with customer support to get my money back. They didn’t even have any of my info from my order. The customer support ppl don’t hang into from the app. Terrible customer experience. Don’t build an app if I can’t give feedback for my order and get my money back thru the app when needed..Version: 2022.1.2

🤬🤬🤬 Outrageous 🤬🤬🤬I’m only giving this app 2 ⭐️ because of the staff being friendly and quick to offer assistance. I made an order to the location closest to my house and it sent me somewhere else. Not only that, this location I was sent to didn’t have my order!!! It’s going on 2hrs since I created the order and I’m still waiting!! I love KFC, but something needs to be done to correct this location issue. I created a dummy order to see where it would send me... I had to select my location TWICE to get it to stick that I wanted this particular location. All I can say is it’s going to be a while before I use this app again..Version: 2021.2.1

Horrible customer service and even worse food!If I could give this zero stars I would! I had items missing from my order so I tried many times to do the chat and while I’m actively typing to the agent, after several times being told no agent was available, they continued to disconnect saying they weren’t hearing from me! I have screen shots of me sending messages and they refuse to help.! Not to mention the food was disgusting. Never again!.Version: 2022.2.3

I would delete it twice if I couldAwful app does not change wait time what so ever I go into kfc EVERY-TIME I end up WAITING AND WAITING AND WAITING either as a customer or a doordasher I get frustrated because as a customer I am going to a fast food place hungry expecting to get my food FAST and I end up waiting 30-45 minutes for a few pieces chicken why would I do that when I can go to any nicer restaurant and dine in and order food and probably wait a shorter amount of time for a whole dine in entree. As a doordasher it’s beyond frustrating because I am on a roll with good earnings for the day and I am motivated to continue BUT THEN I go to Kfc and everything changes I end up losing my whole momentum just because I decided to accept a doordash order from kfc I end up waiting over 30 minutes!!! Keep in mind in that time I’ve just been waiting I don’t get paid I get a bad review instead for taking too long because kfc doesn’t have any chicken ready but somehow it’s my fault and I can never explain it because it’s no contact delivery.Version: 2021.4.0

UnusableThe app does not allow me to select any nearby restaurant locations for pick up, and in fact only shows two restaurants in all of Michigan; neither of which are close enough. If I attempt to place an order for delivery, it says delivery is not available for my location, even though I live in a subdivision of one of the largest cities in my state. The app is completely useless, unfortunately..Version: 2022.2.4

No service no satisfaction terrible appHaving previously downloaded the app and setting up an account, I decided to order… An hour and a half later I still had no food!!! Every time I clicked on the “order status” link the page failed to load. I then cancelled the order and notified customer service through the app. Knowing this is a fairly new app I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. However it’s been almost a month since and all I have received from them by way of explanation is the auto generated response. Just terrible customer service not how things should go for a new highly promoted app..Version: 2021.5.0

TerribleWe ordered hours ahead with the app but when we got the food home we realized we were given only half the order. A simple solution would be to call the restaurant, report the error and then go back and pick up the food we paid for. Nope, was told I’d need to get a refund through the app and reorder- even though they could see a mistake was made. It took almost an hour to handle the refund process through the app- which I won’t get for 3-7 business days. We didn’t bother reordering..Version: 2022.3.1

Questionable business ethicsThe app will allow you to order from a store that is closed. Then charge you and force you to speak with multiple agents in order to refund the order for a product they did not provide. There is listed to be an option to cancel an order that isn’t made yet but this is false. Over an hour of my time on the phone waiting to have you return my funds without even an apology..Version: 2022.1.2

Missing Menu Items, Terrible CustomizationI've tried to use this app to order food on three separate occasions, but I've given up and gone in myself every single time. Several options from the menu are missing, including drinks: no root beer, no Dr. Pepper (it's actually available for selection all the way up until I choose my location), etc. even though you can order them all if you go there in-person. This issue seems to extend to the website as well. The meal options that they do offer give you no room for customization. If a meal comes with a medium drink and you want to upgrade to a large, too bad. The only way around it is to order every piece individually, which will cost significantly more than if you bought it as a meal. If there actually is a way to make changes, then it is incredibly well hidden and unintuitive compared to every other fast food app that I've used before..Version: 2021.5.0

BEWAREThis app will allow you to order items that are not sold at the location. I ordered wings on the app and drove 15 minutes to pick them up. The drive thru informed me they do not carry wings at their location and I will have to refund with whatever service I ordered them on. This app does not have a button for cancellation or order issues, the only way to contact them is through “feedback” on there website which is typically used to review your experience. Please fix these problems. Big waste of time..Version: 2021.4.1

It works kindaThe app desperately needs work. It’s missing a lot of menu items. I had assumed they were removed from the menu so ordered different then a then what I actually wanted. So when I got there I seen the actual menu and was disappointed with what I got because everything I wanted was still available. Just not in the app. Also ordered sauces with the app get charged for it. Get up to drive through window they ask did I want any sauces I said no just the ones I ordered with the app. The employees informed me they can’t actually see what sauces I requested. So if they didn’t as or I just assumed it was good. I would have paid for sauces and not received them. Disappointing because I act find using apps to order more convenient. Rather then siting at the menu board try to order food and after each item being asked is that all. For real is it so common for people to just say an item and sit silently waiting to be asked if that all. That now it’s gotten so bad that people can’t take more then half a second to say the next item before being interrupted with is that all. No I will say and that’s all at the end of my order thank you very much..Version: 2021.3.2

KFC Gwinnett STOREThe manager abruptly started shouting at us to leave they were closed really very rude talked down to us my partner was offended I assume he had a terrible night I hope each and every night is just awful for him the poor guy sounded very offensive language spewed from his filthy mouth. My partner was going to curse back to him but I waved her down and responded we need to take the high road. Worst experience here ever. This happened on Friday night about 10:09 pm close at 10:30 pm apparently they ran out of food a truck was unloading in the parking lot as we were trying to order an 8 piece meat only order the attendant was talking to us and the managed just came up and started acting unprofessional that were closed and to get lost in so many choice words. Terrible customer service I hood he gets fired..Version: 2022.3.1

Tried ordering 5 times two different days with two cards at two different locations never workedAll I wanted was Mac and cheese bowl that had to order through this app. I tried everything I could to order it but kept messing up so wasted my time and my wife time trying to order. Made us both mad and ended up getting something else two days in a row so thanks for making me excited to just be disappointed.Version: 2022.2.4

0 starsHorrible app!!! It took my money but did not place my order. 😡 it gave me an error message BUT STILL TOOK MY MONEY!! I go up to the kfc and they didn’t have the order request either. I went ahead and paid for food because I was starving and it wasn’t the managers fault the app is trash. She couldn’t refund me because there was nothing for her to refund… I tried to look up my order history but all I get is the loading circle. I sent an email and tried to call corporate but have gotten no where. Sure it’s less than $7 but that’s not the point. I recommend you just go to the store and order there. I had my food in less than 5 minutes when I ordered in store..Version: 2021.5.0

Do not use this app!This app is awful. I ordered food last Thursday, went to the store to pick up my order, only to be told that what I had ordered was no longer available and they told me they couldn’t refund me my money at the store and that I’d have to go through the app. There’s no option on the app to cancel your order. I’ve since opened a ticket online and have not heard back from anybody or gotten a refund. There’s a 1-800 number the store employees told me to call but I’ve held for 20-30 minutes and never get to talk to a person. What a terrible experience..Version: 2022.1.0

Useless app, false promisesDownloaded this because of an advertisement for “free delivery” when ordering via the app. When I try to use this garbage it just sends me to DoorDash (complete with their usual delivery fee). What is the point of an app that does nothing except send you to another app? Why not just say “use DoorDash” instead? This is a COMPLETELY useless app designed to steal your data while offering literally nothing. Save yourself the annoyance and skip this one..Version: 2022.1.1

App is fine, local KFC not cooperativeThe app works pretty well. I placed order, pulled into one of several designated curbside spots, followed all instructions. I could’ve sat there till midnight, and they would never have brought out my food. Apparently they don’t check their alerts! Employees weren’t busy at all. Why have designated curbside parking spots if you have to go inside????.Version: 2021.2.1

Hard to make selections.App is very hard to use to order. Some of the selections don’t work. Tried ordering a chicken sandwich. Said there were 2 to choose from. Couldn’t choose. Just had to add to the bag and hope we got what we wanted. This happened on all choices. Was unable to see the the size of cole slaw. It was easier to wait in a long line and order at the drive thru..Version: 2021.5.0

Doesn’t take couponsKFC is certainly tasty but it also is expensive so I usually use a coupon for a bit if savings. I liked the idea of being able to order ahead, however I discovered this app does have a provision to enter a coupon so everything purchased through the app is full price. They should add coupons to the app so same price is available for online as for walk-in..Version: 2022.1.2

Mobile orders are not really looked atThe employee said that the mobile orders are last priority (next to in-person and drive thru), so they didn’t get to our online order until 40 minutes after the estimated pick up time (after I went up to ask about the order). Maybe the employee was new and their mobile orders are typically stellar, I’m not sure. Don’t waste time on the app, they’ll get your order done quicker in person or in the drive thru..Version: 2022.2.3

Picture Vs Whats orderedEverytime i go to order my food the picture shows a mtn. dew sweet lighting but once im done nd go ahead and pay for my order i find out that its on pepsi nd now i cant change the order so i can get said drink i have to select the drink myself when it should automatically be set to whats in the image i clicked that image cause thats what i want if i wanted a pepsi i wouldve built the order and on top of that when i go to schedule my order there is no :50 or :55 option as if those times don't exist.Version: 2022.2.4

HorribleThe app does not notify you when a menu item is out of stock and yet it still charges you. I placed an order and the restaurant told me that they did not have any pot pies, but there was no way for me to cancel the order to avoid being charged for out-of-stock items! So I was still charged for the order even though the restaurant didn’t have all of the items I wanted. And I couldn’t cancel! Fix your app KFC!.Version: 2022.1.1

KFC doesn’t understand mobileFirst, the app is fine. It’s a little clunky, but manageable. KFC managed to remove all of the convenience from a mobile app. The problem is that unlike every other fast food place, when you order via the app, you can’t pick it up in the drive through. You either have to park and call a phone number for it to be brought out to you, or you have to park and go inside to get it..Version: 2021.4.0

Just call in your orderI ordered and fully paid for my food through the KFC app , only to be told when I arrived at the location that: 1) they didn’t have most of what I ordered on hand, and 2) I would have to call KFC’s 800 number to cancel the order and get a refund, as the local store has no way of doing that. So this app basically takes your payment upfront and then messages your order to the local store with no way of the store confirming that they can actually provide what you want at the time you requested. And then you find out after you’ve driven to the restaurant whether or not you will actually get your food, AND whether or not you will have to (like me) sit on hold for 15 minutes to request a refund from their customer service department. Picking up the phone and calling in your order to the local KFC would give you instant feedback on whether you can get what you want, without paying for food you can’t get upfront. Do not waste time on this app..Version: 2021.2.2

Not the full menu??How do you finally build an app after being a decade late and manage to not even add your entire menu to it? Like just the main thing to point out, you don’t have popcorn tenders/chicken in your app menu. I have not been able to even order through the app yet because there are missing menu items or things are only bundled in a specific way on the app and you can choose what you’d like. Seriously your parent company is PepsiCo, you have the money to do better….Version: 2022.1.0

Bunch of Brainless WorkersThey made me order through app cos I get to Pick up ny food quickly uaing Mobile Order Pickup. When I went there, these losers locked themselves inside not reaponding to me for 20 mins. I waited in Chicago cold for 20 mins and my hands are frozen to a point where I couldnt feel a think. I had to go back into drive through queue for 35 mins again and get my order delivered cold. They not only made me waste my time ordering agead, they also delivered cold food and made me freeze. Now I will make them cold enough with my lawsuit and make them taste what happens when they freeze a lawyer almost to death..Version: 2021.5.0

Do Not RecommendI’ve had this app for what feels like forever and no matter how long I want, how many times I try, no matter how many times I install and uninstall the app, or turn my phone off and on it NEVER works! Every time I go to order it says no results. It doesn’t matter what location I pick it ALWAYS says no results and won’t let me pick a location. Even when I go to different cities and one time I even went to a different state and still nothing. At this point it’s just taking up space on my phone. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone..Version: 2022.1.2

Waste of time, outdatedThere’s a kfc right down my road but instead it tells me I can only go to the one 11 miles away?? If you can only use this at certain locations it shouldn’t be an app. This is not a problem at any other fast food chain that offers a mobile app. Not to mention why can’t I scan for points? I download all the food apps just to scan for points when I occasionally get food there. Clearly the kfc app is just as outdated as their stores..Version: 2021.4.0

This app is so screwed upThis app is a mess. It took forever to get the payment part to come up so I could populate it; then the “place order” bar never became active. Get it right, or take it down, guys! This is a simple app and the difficulties with it are frustrating in the extreme. Now I have to watch my payment card to ensure I wasn’t charged despite never being able to click that place order bar..Version: 2021.3.4

Order cancelled, charged anywayI tried ordering with the app the other day and it said there was a problem with my card. Figuring it was a glitch, I retried the transaction, no dice. I tried reentering the card information and ordered one more time. Received a message saying that my card information was bad. In the app I received notifications that my orders had been cancelled. I then go to look at my card and find I’ve been charged 3 times for the orders placed. To make matters worse, I tried emailing the email address provided in the app and it bounced back as an invalid email address. Hoping I’ll get my money back on those orders I never received. Been days at this point, fingers crossed..Version: 2021.3.1

AWFUL and full of bugsI can’t even manage to place an order through this app. It’s very slow and when I manage to put what I want in my cart, suddenly all of my items disappear. This has happened three times in the span of 20 minutes. Their website is super buggy as well so I was hoping their app would be better, but I’m running into the exact same problems with the app. Not worth using. Don’t waste your time. Just order at the store..Version: 2022.2.2

LameNot only did it not save my future pick up time for a later time, told me after submitting would be ready in 3-5 minutes, we live 20 away. Called KFC and they wouldn’t remake or hold, just tossed it on the warmer table. Also - if I use the app, I cannot pick up in the drive thru, you have to go in which I find ridiculous. Everything is paid for, one of the quickest orders and your gonna make me park and walk in for you to just hand me a bag?!? Deleted app, just stupid..Version: 2021.3.4

App order submissionWhen you order thru the app, there is no communication on your order when the store has issues. I ordered thru the app in advance specifically to avoid a line. However when I arrived the store lobby was closed due to staffing issues. I had to wait thru the drive thru line, then only to find out they were out of extra crispy chicken and could not satisfy my order. My option was to take original recipe, or go thru the app to try and get a refund… after already waiting thru the line. I understand running out of product. I understand being short staffed. Turn off the online order option thru the store to alleviate issues like this. I would not be as upset had I just arrived at the store and experienced these issues. I am upset because the app offers a service it cannot in good faith fulfill..Version: 2022.1.1

Why bother with the app if you have to go inside once you get there?Seriously, I ordered using the app, arrived and went through the drive through to pick it up at the time it was supposed to be ready, but was told I needed to come inside to pick it up. There was no one behind me in the drive through. I could have driven up, ordered, (got the drink I really wanted which wasn’t on the app menu) and sat in my car after being up and working a 12+ hour day. I’ll know better next time….Version: 2021.3.4

Out of food, durham nc roxboro roadStill no refund since 3/8/21; sent in my order number and nothing. Beware!!!! I ordered via this app, got to the store and discovered they were out of both items. No one watched out to me until I got there. Tried to cancel so I could get a refund. No cancellation choice. Had to call the customer service #, was told credit may take 2-3 days depending upon my bank; a week has gone by and still no refund. Please do not use this app. You will never get your money back..Version: 2021.1.3

Worst of all the major fast food chain apps by farFirst of all, KFC needs to learn a lesson it still hasn’t learned in decades of evolving fast food competition. Mainly being make things easier, cheaper and more accurate for your customer along with tasty food. KFC has mostly had tasty food. The prices for what you get are high for the most part due to lack of easily obtained deals in this app. Heck, I JUST saw an ad for a 3.99 chicken sandwich on TV and the deal isn’t even in the app???!!! There are literally NO app deals in the app whereas Wendy’s, McDonalds, Subway, Taco Bell etc ALL have app deal exclusives and some type of loyalty reward digital coupons. Apps should ALWAYS have the best deals. It’s the point of downloading them and gobbling up data and the time in using them. Loyalty rewards etc tied to the app as well. Come on KFC stop giving us reasons to go to Popeyes or Church’s instead..Version: 2021.4.2

Inconvenient appCons: I don’t understand the convince factor of this app since I CAN’T go to the drive through to pickup my order. Instead , I have to get off my vehicle (even when there is no line, and while it’s raining). it’s much easier to just go to the drive-through put your order in and pick it up in the drive-through. As if they don’t want us to use the app. Pros: Good tasting chicken and smooth operating app.Version: 2022.3.0

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