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Happy Printer App Complaints & User Negative Comments

Happy Printer app received 118 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about happy printer?

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😝😊😊😊😬😬😊😊😊😊.Version: 2.05

Good game but...This game is great; helps you type faster, and is fun with the weird old sentences. But when you get more into battle/level 5,6,7 it'll not count some of the letters you typed. I got this keyboard app where you make your own keyboard, and I don't think it is the keyboard messing it up, I'm positive it is the game because the first few levels it was fine with the keyboard. I do recommend this game, just get prepared to be annoyed lol.Version: 2.551.27

Pros & CONS!!!Was in a middle of a level (completed) and this review thing came up so I said 3 stars because I didn’t know the app that much and it wasn’t submitting!!! Also, when you win and start all over again you get the same thing you have to type so, I think something different should come up every time. But the game is good if you need typing practice..Version: 2.551.28

Ads won’t let me playLiked it, but after every round I’d get an ad and it wouldn’t let me play because the keyboard would never show up. I get “ads help you develop your game.” Or whatever but don’t you think it’s a problem that when you’re using it to monetize, you’re preventing your demographic from playing the game?.Version: 2.551.4

AdsThis would be a good game if I didn’t have to watch a 30second after each round lol.Version: 3.0.4

Ads versus play ratio is wrongYou spend 20 seconds completing a challenge and then watch a 30 second ad. Every screen you go through requires a full 30 second ad. I understand making money from ads but you literally spend the majority of your time watching ads that can’t skip after 10 seconds than playing any part of the game..Version: 2.0433

Game TrashThe typing doesn’t work and I’m a fast Tyler and when I was typing it wouldn’t render in and it was no working pls fix this.Version: 2.0431

Could use some workAlright, so first of all, the ads. There’s so many ads and sometimes you can’t skip them. Ads are usually played after each round and it got boring after 10 minutes of playing. The ‘players’ are bots. I'm a fast typer and I didn’t suspect anything at first, but then I read some of the reviews and I realized they were bots since there’s 900+ players and I can’t be the fastest typer out of all 900. Also, the emoji one was annoying since it wouldn’t let me type for around 10 seconds. It was fun at first but boring when I played it for around 25 minutes. Overall, it’s not a game that deserves a 1 star but definitely not 5 stars..Version: 2.0431

Too many adsAfter every single button, u get an ad and it gets very distracting if u just wanna have fun. ik u have ads to make money and develop the app but i think there’re way too many ads. i saw the “remove ads” button so i thought i would buy it cos i have spare change in my account but it turns out that it’s $5. maybe if it was $2 it would be reasonable. if u don’t mind getting ads every time u press a button, then sure go ahead and play to ur heart’s content..Version: 2.551.27

NoI pass a round. Then there is a add. There is a cross in the corner so I press it because I don’t want to watch it and get along with the game and then the next round starts straight away and my keyboard isn’t there. And there is NO WAY to get it to come back so all I can do is stand there. And I lose. :(.Version: 2.551.14

Wasn’t hard enough + otherThere’s a few issues i got in the 30 or so minutes of playing 1. won every round by a lot and it’s way to easy it’s basically a kids game, i orginally downloaded the app to work on getting faster typing but it’s way too easy to complete . suggestion in the past make it so u can change how hard the matches are 2. i can’t listen to music or shows while playing even tho there is no sound on the app, i generlaly found this the most annoying one because there’s nothing for turning off the “sound” 3. the flags are incorrect, im australia and i got the american flag, in the future please add one to be able to change ur flag 4. there is no settings, as explained in 1-3 you can do so much more with settings so please add some including, change of language, change of flag, change of difficulty and change of volume/turn off volume. 5. ads. every game needs to get a way to get ads so i cant complain as much but there is a lot of ads, i will tell u thank you for not putting ads in the middle of games because oftenly that annoys me so thank you <3 6. there is one challenge where you have to pick out the letters, this one i find hard because lots of the letters are to the side so u have to tap each one to see what it is, isn’t much of a problem but can become frustrating as i’m dyslexic and find it hard to see which letters are which. 7. for the other people playing don’t take these things as a bad thing, the game is still playable and hopefully will improve in the past, take ur leap of faith and give it a go.Version: 2.0431

Deceptive AdwareYou arent racing against people, as you can take as long as you need to place in 1st, as long as you answer correctly for many of the games, with the one exception being the actual typing conponent, where the developer has set preset acceptable windows of time to place in either of 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. This is deceptive advertising as the advertising content lets on you are racing against other people. When in fact you are racing against randomly generated AI. You will be forced to watch ads until you unlock the very limited set of content made available to you. After every relay race, and after every completion screen. The deception involved with turning your iPhone into a heater, generating a ton of ad traffic on your network, plus lying about this being real time racing gives this application bottom marks. The game is short, and turns your phone quickly into a heater. After a mere 2 hours of gameplay, everything is unlocked and the game is no longer engaging. You can pass this one up for a better typing competition application..Version: 2.551.25

BAD AFSo so so so so BBAADDDDddDD dD Fa.Version: 2.051

I can’t change the languageSo i saw this app on an advert on tiktok and because i’m learning Korean i thought this would be helpful to learn how to type better in Korean, i downloaded it and changed the language in settings to Korean, yet when i went back on the app it’s still in English, I tried restarting my phone and it’s still in English.(i have the Korean keyboard on my phone).Version: 3.0.4

Fun but....It’s a fun game, I would just like to know, If you read the terms of service (which most don’t) it says it collects your real name and location and I don’t understand why this game would need that. I deleted it when I found out and I don’t recommend downloading it just in case..Version: 2.511.2

It’s okayLook I don’t mind it but it’s WAY too easy to win rounds, I would intentionally type super slow and take over 10 seconds to type a single word and it would still let me win, I feel like there’s no competition and it’s too simple, also there needs to be more flags, there’s barely any I had to go with the uk flag and I’m Australian..Version: 2.0432

This game has so many problemsU can not type, the online Is fake and there are so many ads, there are actually ads to unlock your country and it’s default to the us of America, the whole game is about typing and it doesn’t even work, this game seems rushed for money and is defo unplayable, and the positive reviews seem fake too. This whole game is a train wreck.Version: 2.042

BadIt kept glitching, many bug fixes needed..Version: 2.0431

TrashDoes work do waste your time.Version: 2.042

Few ProblemsI downloaded this game after seeing quite a few ads about it and i need to improve on my typing skills. I have been having a few issues like there are way to many ads, sometimes after 3 levels it won’t let me type and also i went on this game today for me and when i came back on it on the same day all of my new accessories had gone and all my money. Also i have noticed that i aren’t playing online against real people it is just against bots..Version: 2.043

Dont download this trash :)This garbage doesnt even let you type and then it says "oH yOu lOsT" like of course i did cuz ur game sucks like cmon now.Version: 2.042

This game is a money grabberThis game blasts adds in your face every round it sometimes does it in a middle of a match it’s so annoying I would not recommend this game to anybody and also this game is filled with bots no real players at all in sight. It even makes you watch adds to even get coins in this game and they say it helps you type faster or whatever it doesn’t just get you personal computer and look up typing tests it’s way better that this game..Version: 3.0.9

NoI can’t type the last letter. every time it’s the sixth round I can’t type the last letter, I always have to redo the word. Secondly, What happened to Australia. There’s not enough flags..Version: 2.0433

Not my favI would say it’s a decent game only problem is every five minutes it sends a notification to start playing the game and way to many ads.Version: 2.0435

SOOOOOO MUCH ADDSIt’ll say next round watch an add but put an ad on anyways next life or some like that add.Version: 2.0433

I hate it, the ads are annoying!!!Ok only get this game if your alright with getting ads every 10 seconds!! Dude theres that many ads its annoying! And tbh I think you spend more time watching adds than actually playing the game!!!! I think the game is good and if there weren’t any adds or weren’t as many I’d probably still have the game. If you want this game your gonna need A LOT of patients! 😡😡 and thats why your getting a 1 star from me! ⭐️❌❌❌❌ Also I’m not going to pay money to remove ads when I probably won’t have the game for long!! Everyone gets a game plays for a while then they get over the game!!! I’ve spent money on games and regretted it because I stopped playing them! And I’m not doing that on a free game either!! If I had spent money on the game entirely I would probably spend money on ads but this is a free game! Sorry if this is in anyway offensive!! I’m just putting my opinion out there. Yeah sorry!! 😕😕.Version: 2.551.14

Pretty good!It’s an amazing game.! But it’s sorta glitchy besides that and adds it’s a good game!!!!.Version: 2.551.23

Happy printerThis overall game idea is great. It is fun to type everything out and practice your typing. Although every time you upgrade something or right after you finish a game there is a ad. Which is EXTREMELY annoying. The people that you are competing against is bots. I think people would really appreciate if you were competing against real people. It’s just all of these ads the bots, it gets so so annoying! The ads are longer then you play the game! The game was thrown together with a lot of ads and bots but with so work this game could be super fun..Version: 2.0435

A reviewThis game is to make u a fast typer but it literally won’t let me fast type, I can’t even type there it won’t let me this game is trash I don’t recommend..Version: 2.0431

Ads make it impossibleI have no problem with watching some ads between the rounds while playing. It helps promote lots of things and I understand that, but finishing an ad and realizing I’ve lost the round because the computer was going while I was watching the ad is annoying. The game is fun but you can’t ever make it to the last round because you are guaranteed to lose because of an ad before you get there. It’s made me delete the app until it can be fixed. How is the developers response just do a in-app purchase to stop adds as the alternative. Fix the game so I can play it and watch adds at the same time. Serious problem with you telling me you won’t fix it because I should just spend money. What a joke.Version: 3.0.9

Ridiculous amount of advertsSuch a good concept but the amount of adverts are beyond ridiculous. You have a choice to watch an advert to win extra points or an option to lose them but if you choose lose it you still have to watch a bloody advert. Literally an advert after every 30 seconds of play. Unfortunately despite liking the concept and enjoying the small amount of game time I will now be deleting this app..Version: 3.0.4

Needs a lot more workOverall this game would be good if there wasn’t as many adds as there is in it, because no one will want to play if you have too many because you will get more add time than game time 😕. Also the game is very laggy, I am typing my words in and the game won’t register me doing it and keep on asking me to type it.. I am not very impressed with this game. If you were to fix this I’m sure the game would get better 😁..Version: 2.511.2

Massive typing bugTry to use to test my text speed and I won’t type at all may wanna fix this.Version: 2.042

Decent game, too many ads.Yes I know there are a lot of ads but getting them after every round is too much. Aswell as how does the “multiplayer” work, if I get ads and other players don’t we wouldn’t be on the same timeframe. Just curious.Version: 2.0435

It’a a pretty good game!If you’re bored this is a good game to play and may help you with being good at writing and is still fun to play daily, it’s a pretty good game..Version: 2.551.25

It’s okay, not too badIf you are reading this, I highly recommend to read this before downloading. This game is okay but there are a few flaws in this game. Review So, I like this game because I love to type and play typing games. That is what I like but one flaw is that anytime I’m playing the keyboard just disappears!! It’s weird. I never got it back so I deleted the game. Another problem is you are not actually playing against other people. I think you should be challenged and actually play against somebody. Lastly, you have to watch sooo many adds. Even to change your avatar or continue you have to watch adds. I know you can make a purchase to make them go away but it’s like 5 bucks. I really think the creator should change this problems. Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great rest of your day!.Version: 2.551.4

Good But BoringI like the idea but after a while, the levels just randomly repeat themselves. Plus, I’ve noticed that your ‘opponents’ are most likely not other players but are NPC’s, or at least they seem like type are as it doesn’t seem like they are typing, or if they are, then it’s very slow. Then the sentences that you would type only seem to have about five or so words max, so the level’s really short. And after every single level is like a 20 sec long ad, and so you spend less time playing the game and more time just watching ads..Version: 2.0431

Its just not the best 😬If you like to type a lot idk but the games in the game last like 2.3 seconds, and a short period of time i know its cool but not for me 😬.Version: 2.551.27

Happy printer reviewSo I saw this game on an ad and wanted to get it , so downloaded it on my phone. The first battle was great and highly enjoyed playing it but as the levels progressed the keyboard didn’t come up, therefore making me unable to play that round. Also there are many ads to get costumes and it’s not worth the time. I would recommend this to small children who have the patients to play, and to learn how to type faster, but not for people who can type fast or only want this game for the competition..Version: 2.551.4

Too many adsThis is a good game for practicing my typing. I have fun, but there are waaayyy too many ads. In between every level there is an ad. This game will give me an option to either watch an add to receive an item or to skip the add and loose the item, but no matter what I do I always get an ad. This would be an easy 5-star if I had an ad after the whole game is done and not between challenges. I am contemplating weather to keep it or download a different competitor with less apps. And it also still has the glitch with the keyboard not showing up or the game randomly closing during a match. Without the ads would be 4.5-5 star, but less ads and no glitches would be so much more addicting. Please take these tips and listen. I really like this game but it is just annoying with the ads and glitches..Version: 3.0.9

Horrible gameCovered with ads lame game garbage creators.Version: 2.0431

Glitches everytimeIt glitches everytime for me and it freezes my screen only in that tab and it wont let me type, its so annoying especially when apps are made with "Unity". 🙄🙄😒. Like at least try your best to make most of your games very good and stop scamming and wasting people's time. This game is stupid don't download it. I should've trusted the ratings.. 🤡🤑🤑👹.Version: 2.0431

What a scamAll these new games you see on ads are just cheaper games that this company spends no time on just so they can show Like 10 ads in the space of 5 minutes for money..Version: 2.05

AD FARM!!!DO NOT GET THIS GAME!! It’s literally just another ad farm that forces you to watch 30 second long unskippable ads every few seconds..Version: 2.0431

Doesn’t workThis app doesn’t even work tried to play and every time it did nothing.Version: 2.042

Happy adsThis game is good! Don’t get me wrong the levels are fun, There’s a balanced upgrading system, It really is a good game… When there is a game. This has 3 major flaws that give it a 2 star review. Flaw 1 The fake multiplayer, If you have a game and make the entire thing look like multiplayer. MAKE IT MULTIPLAYER!! What led me to this conclusion is because A, Lobbys fill up in seconds. B Every round has AT LEAST 1000 players. C The final level. Point C is interesting because at the end of the round everybody has to type in a word AS FAST as possible. You are always 1st place. No matter HOW bad you screw it up. I did 10 seconds on a word. It still won me the game. Count your blessings this game is rigged as well! That leads into Flaw 2 The difficulty, this game is EASYYYYY I have never lost except when I left the app to do better things with my life. This game is easier then eating baby food. Finally the reason this title is here. Flaw 3 Happy ads, I sigh in relief when I don’t get an ad EVERY ROUND an ad plays In 6 rounds where I did not want an ad to play 5 of them played ads anyways. I know what you’re going to say I saw it with another review. Summarizing it you said, We need money so if you don’t want ads buy our extra. I want you to do better than you are doing. That’s why I want to give you tips. Please just remove HALF of the ads. That’s all..Version: 3.0.9

Needs more flagsI started playing this game and I am now addicted but there needs to be more flags I am Australian and there isn’t my flag and my Asian friends had the exact same problem.Version: 2.042

It’s not bad butIt’s a good game it helps me type faster but it doesn’t let me type faster with the keyboard I am given I have a customized keyboard and it lets me type fast but the game keyboard doesn’t let me type as fast I’m not putting any hate but please fix that.Version: 2.551.4

I’m strugglingHelp me this game is sssooooo HARD!.Version: 2.0435

Eh- ( should read.. )Ok, so its good really. just the ads to much- they come A LOT.. but, luckily they don't come EVERY single round. also, you should add more levels. the main game is so easy, and it has the same words every time. btw, the main game is the one with the keyboard and you have to type fastish. but, overall the game is pretty good, just add like different things . tysm for taking your time to read this<3 enjoy your day!.Version: 2.551.25

It should really be a zero star.I have known how to write fast since I was in kinder. I am in third grade now. Almost in fourth. This game does not help with my skills. I do get really frustrated when I come to losing. This game gets me mad! Sometimes I’m playing and I have no keyboard so I lose. I know that I am not playing against other people. Please read my review before getting this app. I would rate this a zero star but you can’t do that. Whoever made this game should fix all the bugs. This is coming from a 9 yr old. But if you want to get the games do it! But please try not to have the same mistakes I have. Ok good bye! Have a nice day.Version: 2.551.14

Very offendedRight off the bat there’s no Australia? Excuse me mate but I’m pretty sure we deserve to be on the flag list. Minus 2 stars. Otherwise, average game, exactly what I expected so nothing I can complain about..Version: 2.0431

It’s a good game but...Okay here me out. I type fast apparently, each round only last 10-40 seconds for me. Maybe even less time is needed for some. After. Every. Single. Round, there was ad, and at fist I thought it was every couple of round which, I am okay with, But NOoO, it’s after every round. They take about the same amount of time as the rounds and even longer sometimes. I basically am on my bed watching ads the majority of them time. If you like ads, or take like a minute to type ‘ Penguins used to be six feet’ than go ahead..Version: 2.0431

Good but....I would like to say that I really like this game cause it helps me type faster but the bad thing about it is I though u didn’t need to do any other things I thought u just type and type and get to the end and the worse thing is that every time I play the game it pauses and glitches so I am going to have to give it a 3 stars cause it can do much more work..Version: 2.551.23

It’s fine.The game overall is good but what really bothered me is the reviews. In Review: 1. Some person wrote in replies to the game that it was making them spell things wrong even though they knew the words, but what? The game isn’t about spelling, it’s about typing. This child obviously doesn’t understand what a printer is and means. 2. Geez. Another dumb bunch of people said, “there’s too many ads,” but the game is using sponsorship with ads to make money with the game. So just don’t download it if you know that! I personally think they’re just stupid and don’t know that! In conclusion, just don’t download it if you don’t like the ads or can’t actually use motivation to type. Don’t write reviews unless you have relative opinion and facts..Version: 2.551.25

Same oldLike most of these games, these aren't actually multiplayer. However you can lose. I didn't even finish the first level because I got 6 ads in the span of 3 minutes. Could have been an actual fun game but they only care about ad revenue.Version: 2.0433

WhatCan’t even type.Version: 2.042

This game is alrightI first game of the best and I found it really good. It definitely did help with typing within the game is that crashing on me. It was really annoying I got up to battle 27 and then it start crashing on me. I’m so annoyed I thought the game is going to be the best, unfortunately it’s let me down. I’m trying to look for a new game but it’s not really working. I hope this will be fixed.Version: 3.0.4

Hello!!I like this game a lot I’ve always loved typing but there’s a problem with the adds, sometimes they pop up after I’m in the middle of a level and I lose because the game will continue during while I’m stuck on an add that interrupted me. If I close out the app I lose all of my progress from the levels that I had already completed and the same problem occurs..Version: 3.0.9

Some issuesI can see where you’re going for this game but it’s just not selling it for me. The characters move too fast and I don’t think it’s a good game. Me personally: I am eight so bear mind this is coming from an eight year old. But I’ve had a phone since I was 3 and I learned how to type really fast from a very young age and this game is still very hard for me. I get it you can take some practice but I do this at night and I get so upset about it I throw my phone across the room I turn to the other side and I start crying. For me personally this game is really hard. And still this is coming from an eight-year-old brain so I get it if it’s not completely right or wrong. And yes I know I am only eight in this game is meant to be for 12 and over but for people with a young age you have phones and want to play this fun game I don’t think it’s worth it. Please take my advice and to hand. It could help but I just don’t think it’s the right game. Thank you for reading this if you did..Version: 2.05

Too many adsNormally I am fine with ads. But in this game there was an ad after every 20 seconds and they were 15 second ads which is super annoying..Version: 2.551.25

Would I ratherI would rather be in hell than playing this.Version: 2.042

WhyIt takes for ever to load and ads pop up way too often and I’m not spending money on this game either because it’s not worth it i will consider playing if the ads don’t show up too often.Version: 2.551.28

No real player.. just botsGood game but they just capping about online player cuz they don’t want your data to be off cuz of ads .. lmao.Version: 2.551.14

WasteSome mini games that you have to do is a waste of time their are only 2. The first one is asking you a question like which star sign is a crab and the second one is you have to pick up a letter and fit them inside this box so this is why I rated it a 2 star if they removed what I mentioned they would get a 5 star.Version: 2.0433

Could be fun...IF THEY FIXED THE BUGSEverytime I go to play a round the game starts and the minute it starts I get an advertisement and by the time I’m able to exit out of the advertisement people are already ahead of me. I don’t mind the advertisements but in between loading would be better then having me start and then BAM ADVERTISEMENT. Another problem I have is on certain games like the one where it make you answer a question for some reason my typing just randomly stops working. It will put the first three or four letters but not let me finish typing the word at all even if I back space and try to re type it. Which causes you to lose if your doing good. The game could be a really fun time killer but honestly the horribly placed advertisements and bugs that make it unplayable kill it for me. This really needs some work and updates. As it is right now I don’t recommend this game until the bugs and advertisements placement is fixed..Version: 3.0.4

Good but why 👇I love this game but some times it has a problem just one why after playing in some time game stop 🛑after for example after playing typing goes to blue screen on top written gift and a new emoji like dinosaur with green face on the screen. Under it always written lose it but some time it doesn’t write lose it you go a up level but you forced exit and go to up level again 😩😩😩😩.Version: 2.551.14

Well......When I first downloaded it, it was because I knew the game would just be ridiculous because anyone can type fast. I’ll admit it was quite fun at the start then it gets boring. I have ads after every mini game I play :/ when I was playing the round with the painting emojis I was writing the answer down (it was obvious to what it was) so by instinct I knew it was right, but when I’m typing it the letter aren’t appearing on the board and I’m pressing and pressing then I lose lul ✋🥲 quite frustrating if you ask me..Version: 2.511.2

MediocreThe app does improve your typing speed but it would be better if it had an online mode. Also in the mini games there are right answers and wrong answers so all you have to do is look at what has the same amount of letters as it doesn’t let you type more than the amount of the right answer!.Version: 2.551.14

LaggingThe game is super slow and lagging.Version: 2.0431

HmWhy won’t it let me listen to music.Version: 2.0431

This game is bad becauseIt keeps putting ads in mid match and it’s annoying and I cant play you have to fix this.Version: 2.551.28

🅒🅡🅐🅟🅓🅞🅝🅣 🅓🅞🅦🅝🅛🅞🅐🅓.Version: 2.551.28

Good game, two problemsI don’t like how you have to add space bars and you cant listen to music while playing.Version: 2.042

I’m having a big issueWhen typing in battle 1 nothing happens, is there any fix for this?.Version: 2.042

BadThis game is okay but there is way to many ads going to delete because there is to many ads.Version: 2.0435

EhIt’s a pretty good game I guess I’m pretty sure it’s racist though you had to watch an ad just to have all the flags.. what if I don’t wanna be American.Version: 2.551.25

It’s okThe app was fine until 1) soooo many ads came up and 2) when I got to the part where it was put these two emojis together to get a word my game just froze. I was still able to type but the screen just showed the example. Also @cartiforlife bleu is the French way of spelling blue.Version: 2.042

Takes Private information about you?!I really wish I can give this 0 stars 😡 When you first download the app, you have to go accept privacy policy, if you tap on the word “privacy policy” it takes you there, and it says it will take your private information, IP Address, Email Address, Full name and etc. I’ve heard people haven’t been able to play, why you may ask, it’s because it only wants your private information, God knows what they will do with all your private information!!! WHY DOES IT NEED PRIVATE INFORMATION?! ALL YOU DO IS TYPE AND WATCH ADS!!! Sorry for “shouting” but this is absolutely RIDICULOUS! Definitely not recommended..Version: 2.0432

The keyboard isn’t showing upI’m on level 9 and I can’t type anything because the keyboard has disappeared and I can’t play. Annoyed.Version: 2.551.4

😡😡😡THEY NEED MORE CONTENT!!!every round is the EXACT SAME THING!don’t get this game..Version: 2.0433

...what??Okay so right now you’re thinking this review is a joke because of the lack of grammar but happy printer did even worse- its supposed to be a game about spelling, grammar and all that stuff but whoever scripted everything that was supposed to be written in the game failed their job. you can spell a (probably ) 6 letter word but fail to spell “lose” correctly-? i don't know about you but come on, you had literally one job. not only that but in the levels where it asks you a question and you have to answer through typing is just a no. the people who got this game are probably some drooling 5 year old kids and you’re asking them about the capital of Spain? this isn't geography class and by the way, in the levels where you right “facts” like; “ the giraffe is the tallest animal in the world” makes it so you don't have to add in the punctuation, its like skipping an important question on a test and still getting a full grade. whoever scripted that needs to make it so you can use the punctuations your keyboard so that it doesn't come to waste. sayonara ;) . edit: way too many ads and you may wanna check what data the game links to you :) ..Version: 3.0.15

I like this gameThis game is great for kids ages 10 to 20 I find over those ages the words aren’t hard enough. It great for a computer with a mouse type of game, will a keyboard you can have good fast typing skills, on an iPad there’s no point. I know is not the most educational game in the world but it works. Other apps such as abc mouse work better for learning but on the weekends this would be a good fun game while sill being educational 😃.Version: 3.0.15

PoopBad.Version: 2.551.28

Too many adds and bugsEvery time you finish, it’s just add after add after add. I know this is how they make money, but it seriously annoys me. Though, I think the idea is great, but I wouldn’t reliey on it to help you type faster. I think you should go and try something else more ligit and secure, because this app is kind of sketchy. Overall it’s not bad though. But it’s obvious there’s no other real people, which I wish there was. I think there could be less bugs. I don’t recommend.Version: 2.551.25

There is one problem..So when I was on level 3 when it comes to one of the rounds the keyboard doesn’t show up so I can’t play then I just loose and it does this every time idk what’s going on. Pls make it stop. But it is still a good game to get better at typing fast.☹️.Version: 2.551.4

AdsWay too many ads.Version: 2.0435

Rubbish app mateI hate this game I got up to whatever level and it stop and even though I’m the best ( not to brag ) but I deserve better. If you don’t respect my review I will have your app taken of the whole of the internet.Version: 2.551.4

HelpThe typing doesn’t work and pls change that. I was literally spamming the keyboard only to notice it NOT working. I hope you take this to consideration..Version: 2.042

.I deleted this game about last week because i dont really use it, and twice today, it’s suddenly re-appeared on my home screen, can you tell me what’s going on?.Version: 2.511.2

BadVery glitchy.Version: 2.551.4

Very many adsWhy people capping? there are so many ads. after EVERY one mini round they think it’s a good idea to give us an ad. really..??!! it’s so annoying. i’m so sorry i’m sending this ad but this is too much. the most ads i’ve ever had in a game. i cant anymo.Version: 2.511.2

Could use some work.I’ve been using this game for a day now, and I’ve noticed in the round where you have to type the word that the two emojis make, it won’t let me type the letters at the end so I run out of time. This is annoying and stopping me from getting near to winning. Fix now or I’m uninstalling..Version: 2.0431

What I thinkI love the game but their is a very weird thing that I hate at the end of each round there is an option to watch a vid to win something or not I always say no but they make you watch a video anyways so what u can really do is watch the video because you have to watch one after also I don’t like how you are in with bots and cannot change for where u are form I am stuvk in America when I live in Australia.Version: 2.0433

Too many adsThe ads keep popping up every five minutes and my phone is heating up too.Version: 2.0435

Laggy, not fairIt alright but SERIOUSLY?!?! You make the game so freaking unfair. It’s so laggy after you play for 10 mins and it doesn’t let you type AND MARKS YOU DIDN’T FINISH ALL BECAUSE IT WON’T LET YOU FINISH. Horrible, these 5 stars are fake..Version: 2.0432

Lots of bugsThis game is pretty fun but there are many bugs. One of them is that sometimes when I play the key board disappears mid game. Another one is that sometimes after a round there is a ad ad when the ad is done all the bot already finished. Also there are SO MANY ADS. After ever mini game whitch only takes like 10 seconds there is a 30 unskipable ad. I know you pay to remove them and need money from the ads but if you make it so ads only happen every 2 or three round that would be great. There is also a bug that on the last mini game of a battle the game crashes. Also sometimes when there is a ad I can’t click the x to get out. And it is not because I missed it is because the game freezes for like 1-3 minutes. Anyway this game is fun but there is more time watching ad then playing so if want to get better at typing you should go a typing website or a different app.Version: 3.0.9

It’s coolHi mate yes I am going to write a review on this game. This game is COOL.Version: 2.551.28

Unrealistic + too many adsOther people mentioned how it doesn't let them type but even after playing 3 rounds of 8, i haven't had that issue yet. All though, i do believe that it claims to be online when it really isn't and is just simply bots. i've come first place in 24 rounds i've played which just doesn't seem right to me. I'd also like to add the AMOUNT of ads on this game is crazy! Pretty much after each round, there's an ad that lasts around 30 secs and sometimes it doesn't let you skip! It's definitely off-putting so while the 20 mins i played were okay, i think i'll just delete the app. I can already see myself getting bored of it. It's also way too repetitive..Version: 2.042

I really like it but-I really like this game and it seems better than many similar that I have played, but all of the adds 😞 I know you have all probably seen about adds a million times but I think the amount is ridiculous! Before and after every round I seem to get a 15-30 minute add. I know that the “logical” solution would be to pay to get rid of adds but I have two reasons not to do that. 1. I try to be generally smart with money (and I do not have a lot of money to spend, because I am a minor) And 2. Since I am a minor, I do it have access so money online, to spend, so sadly the only option I have is that once I get so frustrated at the adds, I will have to delete the app..Version: 2.551.27

It lagsSo what I mean by it lags is sometimes like when I’m about to go onto on the next challenge the typing thing doesn’t even come up so they’re all winning I’m stuck there waiting for the keys to pop up and so they sometimes don’t even pop up ever and then also third times when am I like stop for a minute and I’ll look down because I get lost in the moment and I literally look down for a second and then everyone wins like it’s like halfway not fair and it kind of is like lags like crazy.Version: 2.551.4

Fun game but..This game clearly isn’t against real people right? I won every single battle an I know for a fact I’m not that good at spelling an typing, haha plus so many ads even if you don’t choose to watch an ad for extra coins.. you still get an ad...Version: 2.0431

Fake!!The game has a fake multiplayer, you always win and there’s ads after every single round which drives you crazy. But on the other hand if you diss able WiFi and data and open the app again no ads will load and you can play as much as you want.. in case you wanted to practice your typing speed , but the competitive element is fake!!.Version: 2.042

Decent but needs to improve on these things:This game is amazing and I really enjoy playing it as it helps me type fast and is quite entertaining. Although I do find that it gets very boring easily after a few minutes because the game repeats levels. I understand the game is in progress but it loses my interest in the app when I play the same levels. There are also a lot of adds bearing in mind your not actually online with other players. I think with more levels and harder players this game would have improved big time. Thanks for reading!.Version: 2.042

READ THIS PLEASEThe game is fun but its so annoying when there are adds every like 30 seconds. I know you want to make money from the game, but its so annoying having that many adds. also its kinda laggy sometimes. and even when I do press the right thing it doesn’t work. please fix these problems..Version: 2.0433

Game REALLY wants you to watch the ads.I respect the hustle, but the app really isn't that good quality for the amount of money they gotta be making off the ads. Unlock a new skin? Watch an ad to get it. Want my own countries flag? Watch an ad to get it. After every round you're presented with a button urging you to watch an ad to get more ingame coins. I appreciate having that option as a free way to get bonus stuff but seriously man the country's flag?? That's before I mention the pop up ads between every round. May also be the worst of these games that try to give the illusion that you're against real other players, it's pretty obvious it's ai generated. Also, app crashed at round 7 and I couldn't continue. Love the concept though, a bit more quality control and care and this could be a great game🙏.Version: 2.551.23

Very glitchyThis game looked really fun but it glitches SOOOO much! It lags and takes forever to load so it’s really hard for me to enjoy it..Version: 2.042

EwwwIt’s good at first but then I kicks me out and when it does the block thing I type it and it doesn’t work it’s really bad don’t download it.Version: 2.511.2

This games ad is so annoyingThis games ad stopped me from winning my first Brisbane cup on a good game that you name things in specific and win if you give good answers and I was about to win the Brisbane championship of it and this stupid games ad stopped because it tells you to type a bit for your self and then you can’t click the X button to get off of it.Version: 2.551.27

Maybe it’s just meMaybe it’s just me but the game has major glitches. Like the first one I noticed was the ads right in the game like I lost a couple of games cuz the ads would just pop up and then boom when it was over and I got to the game the game was already started. It’s done that with every game so far. Second, the key board glitches. I really wanted to keep this game but I can’t..Version: 3.0.15

Game needs helpIt’s a really well based game and is very fun but, my game keeps crashing and I have to keep starting over please fix.Version: 2.551.23

DONT GET ITI tried to play and I could type so I don’t thing you guys should get it If you wanna go get it but when I got this app I was like yeah I and going to become a better typ I couldn’t of type one word and I was spelling it right cos it was something like this CARS ARE FUN and THIS GAME IS THE BEST I couldn’t type so if you what more view then fix the game please I want to play but how if the game is saying that I am spelling words that I know wrong So that is my experience so I am giving you guys a one.Version: 2.042

Sooooo many adsHuge waste of time and boring for all the ads.Version: 2.0431

I like this game but...I really like this game and I see where you want to take this but there are so many glitches and bugs where the game just freezes and won’t let you type certain letters and also is very tricky to type. Like this game is suggesting to type fast it litterally won’t let me type fast and so glitches and saying that I’m getting the letters wrong because I’m typing too fast. I’m already getting glitches and bugs from just downloading this game 10 MINUTES AGO! And when I leave the app it will carry some of the freezes to your phone. I thought it just lost connection but really it was from leaving the game and then it just started freezing my phone for five minutes until it started working again. You should really fix this problem and YOU should go to the link that you are giving everyone that is writing reviews about all the glitches and bugs. All I’m asking is fix the bugs and glitches that is YOUR responsibility. Thank you!.Version: 3.0.9

🤦🏻‍♀️The game is fun and kills time but the ads are just to much. If you play for say 20 minutes, it’s probably about 8 minutes of game time and 12 minutes of ads.. I noticed on other people’s reviews that the developers say that ads give them a chance to make the game better and you can get rid of them for a one time purchase but there’s just to many ads. I watch ads all the time on other games to earn things and things like that but this game is just to much. You get annoyed with the ads and just close the game and delete it.. I’m usually not one to complain about ads either.. I deleted it right after downloading it...Version: 2.551.27

Worst GameThis game is the worst game on the appstore by far. Do not waste your time on this joke of a game..Version: 2.0431

It’s a genuinely good gameHappy printer is a lot better than it looks it really fun and engaging. This game has a will really improve your typing and texting skills and the only bad thing about it is the INSANE AMOUNT OF ADS!!!!! LIKE WHY??!! THERE IS NO NEED FOR THAT MANY ADS!!!! 🙄🥱😡.Version: 2.551.14

Fun Game, 1 Fault with ruins the entire pointI was beginning a round of this fun game however, I had a major disadvantage which meant that the keyboard wouldn’t come in, for feedback to the game developers, I would add a button for the keyboard to come up, and not ruin the game. Overall, I love this game 😄 and it is perfect for everyone.Version: 2.551.10

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