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Last Fortress: Underground app received 57 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about last fortress: underground?

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Last Fortress: Underground for Positive User Reviews

Good game butThis is a good game but researching takes so long and you can only research one thing and you have to wait for it to finish before you can research another thing you should be able to at least research two things at once making it way less time-consuming I have to wait an entire hour for things most of the time and I normally don’t sit there waiting an entire hour for something to finish we need more ability to research.Version: 1.263.001

GlitchyGreat game but the latest update is awful game keeps freezing and crashing. But sad 😢 really. I’m hoping this will be fixed soon.Version: 1.257.001

Good gameThis game is definitely fun but a little bit buggy as well. You may also want to hire somebody to fix all the grammatical errors within the game and responses from the developers. Other than that it’s a fun game that is similar to Fallout Shelter..Version: 1.266.002

Very good gameI love to play this game the graphics are very good and it opens.Version: 1.250.048

Hero zeroSince most recent update at least one of my hero’s above lv 31 was back at level one, not happy as I had spent time and money leveling him up…. Please fix or reimburse..Version: 1.258.001

It’s amazingThis is a pretty good game but I would prefer to move around by myself and kill zombies, go out side and yeah but it’s a decent game for just releasing.Version: 1.250.043

Has a lot of potentialI want to start off by saying that I have been a semi-active player for almost a year now and the devs have done nothing but improve and refine the gaming experience. Kudos to the team at IM30 and keep up the good work. I would highly recommend playing this game, but be aware that it will take some time until you actually start seeing significant progress without paying. Unlike what other reviewers have noted, the payment system is not as broken as they make it seem. You are limited to a certain number of purchases as to keep progress balanced, and powerful players can easily be taken care of through cooperation with alliance and other server members. Overall with a few bug fixes and other minor improvements this game has the potential to be outstanding..Version: 1.271.001

Moving to different serversThe game is great, but can you change or make special occasion/events where you can change servers with out being fortress level 6..Version: 1.271.001

Download and play recommended!   ‌‌  The vaults are built underground and each room can be moved at will, the gameplay is new!     .Version: 1.253.001

Love this gameIts a game thats very easy to lose hours from, I like that for the most part there is always something to do. There is also a lot of incentive for a lot of the missions and its very easy to get rewards that help your general gameplay.Version: 1.255.001

Better then Fallout ShelterThis game is very fun and I like how you have to manage your resources makes you think about your actions I love that can’t find that anywhere else keep it up and hopefully I get to play of your amazing games.Version: 1.264.002

BugThe game looked great and fun to play but in the very begging I was playing and then now I’m stuck like I can’t do anything I clicked on the whole screen and everything and nothing happened and I tried deleting the app and resetting the progress but nothing seems to work ..Version: 1.268.001

DecentIt’s actually quite fun to be honest. The UI can be a bit improved but seeing as it’s still a fairly new game it will have time to improve. This games had a lot more effort put into it than other, all it needs it just some improving..Version: 1.250.043

AnnoyedThis game is a really great game! Only problem I’m having is not being able to successfully stay in the game without it crashing. Any fixes for this as I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling it twice..Version: 1.268.001

Good game but...It’s a really good game but I keep getting kicked out like it keeps closing randomly so can you fix that.Version: 1.256.002

Gotta spend some moneyI got workstation and Nate and that’s everything ever and I’m still in best alliance.Version: 1.265.001

GreatI actually really like this one. There are a lot of games out like it & so far this has been the best one I've played 😊.Version: 1.250.047

Last fortressI play this game everyday, it’s the better of other zombie games I’ve played. I find that it’s a bit of a slow process to play through the game in certain aspects as in upgrade times for room and how much upgrading has to be done before other rooms or options are opened and accessible. but nature of the game. Overall I enjoy playing Last Fortress..Version: 1.262.001

NICE GAME       It is both strategic and entertaining. Thanks to the creators of the game, for giving you 5 stars.   ‌​ ​  .Version: 1.253.001

Good game not like the picturesThe pictures have nothing to do with the game! But besides that it’s rather good, building you underground bunker, levelling up and fighting zombies.Version: 1.251.001

Last FortressGood game but my game keeps freezing and crashes a lot.Version: 1.266.001

StevenI have fun with Tahoe game but I moved my fortress and it kicked me out and now it says new season will start server mantininc will take ten minutes but it has been two day what do I do.Version: 1.267.001

Last update 21/03/2022Since the last update my game is stuffed. My fortress does not work food does not grow and stone mines isn’t working . My gathering didn’t work properly even with boosters etc . We are in a duel top 2 alliances and my game isn’t working properly server 76.Version: 1.269.001

NiceIt’s a good game.Version: 1.255.001

Please add more flagsPlease add the Switzerland flag to the settings. Thank you :).Version: 1.263.001

Good game​  ​ The content of the game is very rich, but the only disadvantage is that I hope to have more guidance and instructions    ​ .Version: 1.263.001

True reviewUnsure why people are saying some of the reviews are fake. Regardless I thought of leaving one. If you do not have the fastest iPad or phone out there, do not bother. I think many of the negative reviews are lack of hardware capable enough to handle this game. Having said that iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPad Pro M1 handles the game beautifully: this game is a lot of fun and although I’m sure it will come to a point where you have to pay to move on, so far it’s been great. Wish they made a full game buy feature..Version: 1.263.001

Love this game but glitchyLove this game, but on the alliance duel im showing as 0 points even though I have done the task! Team is also showing as 0 but also shows we are winning! Very confusing! Other than this it’s a brilliant game, loads of fun!.Version: 1.264.001

TheZFixerLike the game but now can’t do research says that the Queue is full. Been trying to contact support but no luck in that, getting back need help..Version: 1.263.001

This is an interesting strategy gameThe content of the game is very rich, but the only disadvantage is that I hope to have more guidance and instructions.Version: 1.269.001

Great gameThis game is wonderful. I saw an ad on tik tok and the game was even better than the ad showed. I have had lots of fun on this game only suggestion is alliances are a little confusing maybe some guidance on what to do in an alliance would be nice but I figured it out eventually overall great game and great developers.Version: 1.268.001

HiHi please can you make a game like your advert.Version: 1.253.001

Good game but buggyAs title says. Good game but very buggy. I have a 1 year old iPad Air and game crashes approx every 2 mins. Apart from that no annoying ads and solid gameplay so far….. Update. Try to click on app support and it takes you to a lovely page in Chinese, unfortunately i dont speak Chinese…. Not much help here… Update 2. Game seems to crash when collecting food, if this is so then it renders the game unplayable, as this is the main resource to keep your team alive! Update 3. Seems that the crashing bugs have stopped for now. Looks like if you collect food when you storage is full then it bugs out…. Apart from that, I’ve been playing on and off for a couple of weeks and seems like you can actually play the game without spending stupid amounts of real money. I’ve nearly upgraded to the point at which I can actually be competitive in online adventures…. Clear out some of the bugs and could well be a five star game … So .. here goes..Version: 1.250.048

GameIt’s an amazing game and now it opens.Version: 1.250.046

Reminds me of the fall out shelterVery good easy going game. But everything down to the “bottle caps” are the same. Not sure if it’s made by the same people, but this is definitely the same, just more of a realistic one, and has zombies. Everything else is the same. I would say download it if that won’t bother you but it has definitely bothered me!.Version: 1.255.001

Great gameIt is like fallout shelter meets zombie apocalypse. Nice fighting style and enjoy the city battles. Have played a few strategic online games and this one stands out..Version: 1.263.001

Like this feeling‌        ​Alliance! Conquer the world! Like this feeling of siege with the Alliance, it's fun.    ‌.Version: 1.253.001

PROBLEMS but good gameThere some problems and here’s the list this is just some things that a problem no hate or anything 1: you burn through food so fast that you have to stay on longer to get ingredients 2: why offer N.A.T.E if it cost money just to have him stay there for no reason (you could offer us a slower one for free) That’s all I got I got this game yesterday and it’s good best cutscenes ever but I want more storyline info to make the game better thank you for your time.Version: 1.264.001

Alliance selection is important‍      Excellent game! With the right alliances on your side you can go far.    ​  .Version: 1.262.001

Great game, but buggyI have played a lot of war games like this, and so far this is my favorite. The base management is good, though it does require a lot of scrolling around and clicking. As usual, if you want to be SUPER powerful, you have to open your wallet very very wide, but keeping fairly strong is a lot more affordable than other games I’ve played (and quit because of the huge paywalls). You can be viable f2p, but only if you are online all the time and ready to micromanage like crazy. The general player base has, thus far, been good and less toxic than most games of this type, which is a plus. My one big complaint are the frequent bugs. The game bogs down and crashed, there are display issues, some mechanics glitch. Also the game text translations are sometimes really weird (don’t mean chat, I means the game itself). The developers work to fix the serious bugs though, so there’s that. Bugs aside, I definitely recommend giving this one a try if you are into this type of game..Version: 1.266.001

I've never seen a game like this.‌‍   ‌  It doesn't matter if you don't understand something. Ask questions in the league or in the world, and many people are ready to help you answer them.   ‍​  .Version: 1.250.060

Carefree game     I am a regular player and I want to make friends on the World Channel, and from time to time I do something to earn diamonds - this is also a way to play this game.‍    .Version: 1.252.002

Zombie!!!    ‌Zombie games are great! I really like this game!     ‌.Version: 1.253.001

Amazing game!. But just a few things…Hi I reallyyy love this game. But could you add 1 thing. Please make the residents different people and not the same one. Also could you make them do actions like come up to eat,talk,sleep,etc. Or maybe they can reproduce so the population could increase in the shelter. Just a suggestion..Version: 1.269.001

Have to be patient      ‌I have always liked strategy games, and I have to be patient to play.     ​   .Version: 1.250.062

Very good game just like the ads btw this isn’t a bot reviewNot a bot review lol but it’s just like the ads nice game graphics are MOBILE quality but it’s like fallout shelter with zombies.Version: 1.266.002

Brilliant gameFanatic game, made lots of new friends to play with online we as a alliance working together is so much fun. Love building my own fortress and being able to build my own team. Defiantly download this game you will not look back, highly recommend if you love online games such as this one..Version: 1.265.002

SoundJust hear to ask how to fix the sound. I can hear the music and all the effects sounds but I can’t hear when the people start talking. I can’t hear their voice.Version: 1.268.002

PLEASE HELP!I love this game! However…I am stuck! My iron is full in the warehouse. So to level up the warehouse, I need to level up the control center. So to level up the control center, I am missing iron. It doesn’t make sense! Someone please help!.Version: 1.264.002

Amazing!I absolutely love this game, there’s only a few things that could be fixed/adjusted, first off is fps drops, it makes the game almost unplayable when it happens, it will go away after a bit, or I’ll have to restart the app, but it’s still annoying, second is the global chat, there’s a lot of wierdos in there so you might want to sensor some words, and last of is the game crashing, it happens most of the time when my fps drops, but sometimes it will be completely random, thank you and keep up the good work, I’m excited to see what you can do with this game 👍.Version: 1.250.045

UpdateI like the new update, but the bar you’ve added in doesn’t work and is very glitchy..Version: 1.256.001

Very good game, I bet!   ​ ‍    Doomsday is very fun to make friends from all over the world and the gameplay is very good too.‍    .Version: 1.252.002

Was funThe game was fun but now nothing seems to work. Can’t collect my resources, can’t produce medicine in the infirmary, can’t see any fortresses on the world map. Frustrating to say the least..Version: 1.266.002

Super fun game         ​For a free game, there is so much content. I keep finding new things to do, and I've joined an active alliance ! ​    ‍.Version: 1.261.001

It is different   ‍ I used to like to play strategy games. This theme is very new and the gameplay is different from what I played before.  ‌  ​.Version: 1.253.001

Super interesting game ​  ‌  Everyone builds their own hideout on a super large map to survive the doomsday.  ‌   ‍.Version: 1.250.060

Lost fortressI love the game but the login back in the app it takes a very long time to get back in and the connection is not working the person who made this they need to fix it please I love playing zombie game app.Version: 1.254.001

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