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CBS App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

CBS app received 131 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using CBS? Can you share your negative thoughts about cbs?

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Does not work on CanadaThis review isn’t so much for the app but for the fact that CBS didn’t communicate properly that we (at least Canadians) need to switch to their “Paramount +” app in order to log in and use CBS All Access. One day without warning I couldn’t log into the app, through their support channel I was able to determine I needed to use the Paramount + app instead.Version: 8.0.10

Doesn’t work in CanadaJust like the title says....Version: 8.0.18

It doesn’t workWhat a waste . Doesn’t work in Canada 😡.Version: 8.0.14

Don’t even waste your time trying to screen share from your phone to your tvThinking about watching a show you missed the day before so you try streaming it to your tv? Well most likely it’s not gonna work and the cbs will bug out on you. Every week my family and I love staying caught up with the show Survivor but have busy schedules so we usually have to wait a day or two after to watch it so we make food get all ready and we will get about 15 minutes in and the ads will freeze and it’s basically impossible to make it change or go back so then we have to restart the episode and when we try to skip forward it will just do the same thing and freeze, if we get lucky the ads will just play through if we watch through it, another thing we have the risk of is the episode throwing us back 10 minutes from where we were in the episode and then making us rewatch the ads we just watched if we try to skip toward to the place we were at in the episode ended and risking them freezing on us again. The app is buggy and just feel like it’s some scam to gain money from the ads it makes you rewatch when you try to watch one simple episode..Version: 8.1.10

Waste of TimeDon’t waste your time downloading the app. You can’t play any of the shows available as it will not work in other countries other than America. Also it is not streaming free shows like it advertised as it requires you to log into a payed tv subscription or provider, which again are all only American providers..Version: 8.1.14

UI Is TerribleSo, let’s say I want to watch a series with sequential episodes. The kinds of series that run on… let’s say, CBS. And now let’s say I fall behind a week on this series. You know, because I’m a human in 2021. Well, if I log back into the CBS app a week later to pick up my show, the show link under “Keep Watching” takes me to the most recent episode, not the one I was last watching. I now have to search for the show, navigate to the episode menu, and then select the episode I had in progress. How can it be that every other streaming platform has figured out “pick up where you left off” EXCEPT for CBS and Paramount+? How can it be that ViacomCBS’ app developers just looked at this basic function of streaming (and the watchlist — come on, people, how do you leave off a watchlist??) and just said, “nah”? Is this like a “Producers” scheme? Is someone trying to make this fail so they can walk off with the money?.Version: 8.0.18

Useless appDo not download this app! Just a waste of space! Useless..Version: 8.0.0

Terrible app.Maybe have some movies & TV shows available in my area! Terrible app..Version: 8.0.38

DOESN’T WORK FOR CANADIANSDownloaded app only to be disappointed that it doesn’t work in Canada. What a shame....Version: 8.0.0

Doesn’t workNot sure why this doesn’t work in Canada . What a shame . Save yourself the download Canadians.Version: 14.0.74

RubbishSays it doesn’t work in my country !! Brilliant not.Version: 8.0.0

This does not work in canadaTrash never use this app doesn’t work in canada.Version: 14.0.74

Your uglyWhy do you hate canada.Version: 8.0.24

Painful to useThis app was horrible. Attempted to watch Oprah interview with Harry and Megan. Took five attempts to get the show to start. Made the mistake of pausing it 15 seconds in. This required a reboot of the phone and a few more tries to get the show started again. Tried to rewind 30 seconds when I was 20 minutes into the show. This required another restart of the app and sitting through a bunch of commercials to get back to where I started. About 40 minutes in, it stopped for no apparent reason, and I had to get out of the app again, restart a few more times, watch a new set of commercials, fast forward. Oops, overshot and need to rewind a few minutes. That’s gonna cost me. Forced watching of more commercials and then it hangs and won’t restart. At that point, I’m out and the app is removed from my phone..Version: 8.0.0

Common problemIt seems every person who wants to use this app is Canadian and can’t access your content (me included) seems like you should change that..Version: 14.0.30

Don’t botherDoesn’t allow stream in another country even though I use VPN..Version: 14.0.48

Ads always crashIf CBS insists on an abundance of ads for every show, the very least they could do is insure that they will play without crashing or locking up. Every group of ads locks up, regardless of the internet speed servicing the stream. It requires disconnecting and reconnecting the stream. At least there is one thing that has been added that eases the frustration a little and that is it finally remembers where the show last crashed. Instead of starting from the very beginning. You still get to watch and re-watch ads. It takes about 2 hours, if lucky, to watch a 1 hour (really about 40 minute, minus ads) show..Version: 8.0.0

You had one job...The Apple TV version of this app lets you watch live TV and on-demand shows... once you sign in with your cable provider login. This is a nice feature, but has a glaring flaw — you have to sign in with a multi-step process every single time you use the app. Every single tome. (The NBC and ABC apps have the same feature, but they keep you logged in for months on end before requiring a new login.) I think this is a bug. It’s not supposed to work this way. But when I alerted the developers they had no idea how to fix it. Definitely ruins the user experience of an otherwise decent app..Version: 8.0.12

Useless, can’t watch any of the programs!CBS works on my TV but this App appears to only really work in the USA! Why allow us to download it, if it doesn’t work?.Version: 14.0.40

I don’t know what this isIn all honesty, I definetely do not have money to sign up etc so I clicked free episodes. great young shelf on episodes are up I’m happy I click on it and it says- Fatal error I don’t know what this and I am generally confused with the layout after you click on the show you only have the newest episodes. Please give me advice or tell me if I did something wrong ..Version: 14.0.40

It doesn’t work in CanadaPathetic. CNN and MSNBC work and and are free to access. CBS is a garbage app..Version: 8.0.0

No sound or no pictureWatched first 2 episodes of Ghost with no problem clicking the next episode button at the end of the show on the bottom of the screen. The third episode started but had no picture just sound. So I went back to the main menu and chose the third episode from the main menu and it started, but this time had the picture but no sound. I had to closed the APP, restarted the APP, selected the episode I wanted to watch to get both sound and picture. Now if I want to watch an episode I have to close the APP and restart every time I want to watch a new episode..Version: 8.0.47

CBS all accessDoesn’t work in Canada why?can someone please tell me why it’s not working out side country..Version: 8.0.0

It would be great if it workedNothing streams, or broadcasts to my phone this app is useless.Version: 8.1.10

“Content Unavailable”"Sorry, but due to licensing restrictions, content isn't available for streaming outside your country” ??? “Outside your country”? They could at least try to write a coherent message..Version: 8.0.0

Not in AusACAs can’t watch them, not even on this app!.Version: 8.0.12

Not for ukDoes not work in the uk even when using a vpn.tried with my paid for cyberghost and no joy.oh well back to the torrent site’s,they never let you down.Version: 8.0.0

Too many glitchesWhen casting the video to my tv from my phone, it constantly glitches and closes the app. When you reopen the app, it starts you from the beginning of the episode instead of where you left off. Normally these glitches happen during commercials. You end up having to watch all the commercials again in order to fast forward to where you left off and sometimes, lots of times, it glitches again and starts you over. It’s extremely frustrating to the point where I give up trying to cast it to the tv..Version: 14.0.30

Waste of timeIf you’re advertising your app in the UK then why don’t you list any of the TV providers within the UK. Everything I tried to watch failed due to either a license issue or a steaming issue..Version: 8.0.42

SucksThis is completely disgusting when an app is not country inclusive. Not available in Canada ..Version: 8.0.36

A lot of potential but nowhere near what it could beNot sure about which studios own what content but it’s missing CSI Miami & JAG. Both of which are showing on CBS drama channel, but don’t show entire series and seasons that’s why I was hoping this app could have provided the answer but no such luck. Also licensing/viewing location problems. If it’s restricted to only show in other countries why keep popping up in others. iTunes should be a universal store with content from all nations available to all nations. Even if the prices remain specific it’d give loads more options to customers. It’s not like some of the missing content is available on national tv providers either. Also hope this app expands its content but until it allows other nations to view its content without signup (what it advertises as) it’ll be a missed opportunity.Version: 8.0.47

Outside of USANot acceptable in outside of USA If you not live in USA not worth it to download!!.Version: 8.0.0

CBS app in CanadaSuggestion: Allow app to be used in Canada (like CNN and MSNBC) and insert advertising relevant to the Canadian market. CBS increases exposure, moderate revenue return… and everyone’s happy..Version: 8.0.47

Canada?Why can’t I get this in Canada???.Version: 8.0.50

You need to update your appIt keeps telling me not available in your country so why is it on my Apple device.Version: 8.1.10

JenNot able to access from Australia.Version: 8.0.30

NBC app is much betterThere’s several issues I have with the CBS app. First of all why can’t we go back more than 5 days without subscribing to the CBS All Access pkg like we can on the NBC app we can go back for weeks & it’s all free. Also on the CBS app I wish we had the option to view it by holding the phone either direction. And one last issue.... it would be nice to be able to still view what I’m watching if I swipe out of the app so if I want to do other things on my phone while watching the program it would be nice to be able to do so. With the NBC app we can do all these things..Version: 8.0.12

Ads constantly freeze during AirPlayAds constantly freeze during AirPlay and there’s no easy way to fix it. This thing is so buggy. And when you restart, you’re forced to watch all the ads over again, as the app doesnt remember either where you left off or that you’ve already watched ads within the last 30s. It’s obnoxious. The developer/customer service team clearly didn’t read this review before pasting in their canned response. I’m talking about Apple AirPlay not Google Chromecast, and the devices are obviously on the same network or it wouldn’t play at all. It’s a problem with the ads freezing, which many others have complained about in reviews. Your response is embarrassing. Dropping from 2 stars to 1..Version: 8.1.16

Fatal Error - Downloading This AppIt's always jarring to have some notification pop up on your screen in the middle of something you're doing – interrupting you, startling you, forcing you out of what you were doing to deal with whatever message has frozen your whole system to make itself known. For users of Apple devices, this jolting horror is an everyday occurrence, usually happening multiple times a day. "Space is low", "new iOS ready for you", whatever. It never is something urgent enough to have to deal with right away, but it has to be dealt with right away because it just interrupted you out of the flow and enjoyment of whatever you were doing. That's the price for using any Apple device. But just imagine — instead of saying "Space is low", the message says "FATAL ERROR. You have exceeded the maximum number of video streams." Fatal? In the middle of an app purely designed for entertainment ? Because if you're using the CBS app, that's what you're watching it for. In the middle of am excellent episode of "Bull", right at the most dramatic and touching moments, I was interrupted FOUR TIMES with the "FATAL UPDATE" message, freezing the show and forcing me to back out and simply hit play again. Fatal?? Not so much. Infuriating?? You bet!! And BTW, I was interrupted while writing this review with "Software Update - New iOS ready", freezing me yet again for maybe the 10th time today. CBS and Apple. What a winning combination!!!!.Version: 8.0.24

DisapointiniI would LIVE to see some CBS contents, but sadly it is blocked outside of US :-/ I wanted to play one interview online, but it redirects me only to APP store from CBS website, and I can’t watch it an ways.... very disappointing.Version: 8.0.0

#SaveMacGyverJust watched macgyver them seem they can the rest of the show.Version: 14.0.24

Ça ne fonctionne pas au CanadaJe voulais regarder mon émission que j’ai manqué aujourd’hui mais cette application ne fonctionne pas au Canada. Faut croire qu’on est pas important..Version: 14.0.66

Not available I’m Spain?Unable to watch once the app is downloaded. Please specify which countries this is available in..Version: 8.0.0

TerribleHorrible app, seems like it doesn’t work around the world, what country can even use it? All these reviews indicate none, invest more time in your app..Version: 8.0.36

Completely useless in the UKUnfortunately, although being available to download in the UK, you are unable to watch anything on the app.Version: 14.0.56

Streaming issuesThey decide to tell you AFTER downloading that it doesn’t work in Canada. Waste of time and absolutely stupid that I can’t use this..Version: 8.0.0

Crock of sh#tSo you want to watch this? Download this app it’s free. Um it won’t work?!?!? What’s the point in an app that refuses to be used?!?.Version: 8.0.0

What happened to CBS mornings?After the 2012 reincarnation of the show we switched to CBS after having been long time fans of NBC’s Today show that had slowly evolved into almost pure entertainment. The then new format led by the formidable Nora O’Donnell, was a well balanced broadcast with real journalists speaking in normal voices, and the set was tastefully crafted to look welcoming, and not like the set of a kids’ show. The welcome and long missing regular inclusion of international news, intelligently delivered political analysis, and carefully picked lighter news graduated the program to be among the world leaders of morning news broadcasts. Regrettably, many of the best journalists have slowly been moved to other shows or left, and the show’s creators have chipped away at the format, culminating with the revamp of the show on September 6, 2021, when even the set design is screaming at you. For now, we will take a rest from the show and look elsewhere for meaningful content and a less contrived delivery..Version: 8.0.33

PointlessJust seen this app advertised during the adverts on uk tv and it doesn’t even work for the uk!?!?!? What a joke 😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬.Version: 8.0.22

HorribleDoesn’t even work around the world, why even have this app internationally.Version: 8.0.47

It’s good butIt’s good for some shows but when you go to search up it says “search movies and shows” but then when I search up a movie it doesn’t work and only some show for me come up I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong if you know what to do write me back here.Version: 8.0.24

Megan MarkleListen babes if y’all came to watch the interview.It’s not there for Canadians , don’t bother trying 😔 I tried VPN paid and still not working.I’m sorry but you will have to keep looking for “Megan Markle Interview full for free” on google for a while 😔.Version: 8.0.0

Can’t watchWhat a rubbish app. Why release something to the world when the world can’t stream it. Australia based. Not happy.Version: 8.0.0

CBS MorningsI did enjoy this program in the past when Norah O’Donnell, Anthony Mason and Charlie Rose. Now we have Gayle King - can someone tell the woman to be quiet, to stop telling everyone that Oprah is her best friend (probable reason for her employment) and constantly expressing personal opinions on newsworthy stories (i.e., she just loves Harry and Meghan). What happened to unbiased reporting and professionalism. All three of the hosts are not journalists. They constantly talk together and no one can understand anything being said. How the mighty CBS News has fallen ..Version: 14.0.56

Doesn’t WorkI downloaded this app from U.K. AppStore but it doesn’t work in the U.K..Version: 8.0.0

Can’t watch the Meghan&Harry interview in the UKI tried watching the Meghan and Harry interview in England but wasn’t able to. For anyone in the UK who wants to watch this, it’s on the ITV Hub..Version: 8.0.0

Does not work In CanadaApp sucks waste of time for Canadians.Version: 8.0.47

Do not download! Fatal errors every time you use it.Worst streaming app I’ve ever had. You spend 40 min watching a show and get a fatal error before the end of the show. Missing out on the end of every show every time I use the app. I send an email describing the problem only to get told to…get this…force close the app and reboot. As of I didn’t try that 263 times myself. Then I get told to call an 800 number, which is to Paramount Plus. Not CBS. Therefore, they can’t help fix any fatal errors. So basically, you have to live with watching a show only to get fatal errors before the end with no resolution or ways to fix it. (And no it’s not my brand new iPhone 13 Pro Max not my perfectly running and setup cable service. App is up to date). Doesn’t happen with any other streaming service or app. App has obvious bugs they know about but won’t fix. Update: Dear developer, fix the bugs in your app instead of sending the same form email to users having trouble. If all these people are having the same issue, logic should tell you that it’s YOU! Your app! Not the users. Sending the same email asking people to force close, turn on location services and reboot isn’t going to fix your buggy app..Version: 8.1.10

HorribleNothing and I mean nothing works it said it’s bc of my location I used vpn too but you can’t watch any movies (if your Canadian).Version: 14.0.40

Developer don’t waste people timeIt says restrictions in your country! So why did you let me download it in the first place!!!.Version: 8.0.50

App too restrictedVery restricted contents not available to view worldwide..Version: 8.0.26

Useless Outside the USAWhy was I, living in the UK, even offered this app, which doesn’t work outside the USA? Why don’t CBS flag this at the top of the page? I’ll tell you why: because CBS don’t give a damn about how much of my time they waste. So they don’t say that this is USA only. I download it. It doesn’t work. I mess around trying to get it to work. I re-start my iPad. Only when I get to the bottom of a large amount of small print, is it clear that it’s not meant to work outside the USA. Well CBS, I get the message: you think my time is worthless, so it’s okay to waste it. Thanks..Version: 8.0.33

DisappointedDon’t waste your time if you’re UK based. It’s blocked.Version: 8.0.12

Dare not rewind or forwardOr you’ll be forced to sit thru 6 ads AGAIN. I understand content has to be supported by either subscribing or watching ads. There has to be a finite number of ads required to support an episode. Either the developers are lazy or management dumb - if the app looses focus (call comes, some one at door you pause, you want to take a leak, just rewind and watch the last 50’sec) it will replay ALL the adds, doesn’t matter if it just did this a minute before or 10 times in last 30 mins. Its horrible - might as well take away the free option - at-least folks who can’t afford would be spared the pain!.Version: 8.0.38

Doesn’t work in Canada?? What the hell?.Version: 8.0.0

TerribleDon’t waste your time.Version: 8.0.47

Can’t watch stuffI tried to watch young Sheldon it’s the only thing I am interested in and it won’t load it quite bad.Version: 14.0.58

Canadian? Don’t bother.I downloaded the app just for it to tell me that content is restricted for Canadians. Save yourself the effort and don’t bother downloading this app..Version: 8.0.0

In from the ukYou shouldn’t have to use a VPN to see shows and if you do you get 1 minutes ads and more overall I don’t like it please improve you’re app.Version: 8.0.0

All other entertainment apps save my place in a showIt is so frustrating to have to get rebooted back to the beginning on a show, have to watch more ads to restart the show, and then have to watch even more ads when I scroll to 28 minutes, which is where I left off. This is the worst app of any of the entertainment apps I use. I don’t have to sign in on the free NBC app. If I’m on the same device, it keep track on my place in the show. With this CBS app, I start watching something in the morning, and when I go back to it after work, I have to start all over and rewatch all the ads I watched earlier that day..Version: 8.0.30

Waste of time!Doesn’t even open for me! What more can I say?!.Version: 8.0.0

Canadians don’t waste your timeDownloaded the app as they decided to switch up the time of a show and I recorded the original time but not the new timing because I didn’t know and anyways it’s restricted in Canada. Why even make it available for me to download then..Version: 8.0.50

Too many commercials!I tried watching a show. It got halfway through and the app had a “Fatal Error”. I had to start the show over. After watching the intro commercial again I tried to fast forward to where I had left off and it made me watch 6 commercials then resumed the show for 30 seconds and then another commercial followed by another Fatal Error. Restarted the phone, restarted the app, restarted the show, fast forward to a little past halfway, watched the 6 commercials, saw that I had gone too far forward so I backed up a few minutes and got 5 more commercials! I quit!.Version: 8.0.38


Do not work in FranceDo not work in France.Version: 8.0.0

Big painFirst you have to get this app to recognize your TV provider. Not easy. Not automatic. Could these gigantic companies not figure it out? Then the next day, assuming you got in the previous day, you will have to go through it ALL again AND sign in AGAIN. Yes same house, phone, provider…? But that is not as easy as you might think. Or does not just sign in. No it has to do some backend hand shakes that take forever and frequently fail. Oh and when in, the episode of whatever you were watching won’t pick up where you left off. You have to start over and fast forward 10 seconds at a time. I swear when an app is this bad I think it is some sort of practical joke. And how does this app have any 5 star reviews? Hmmm. I am sure those are all real people. Hey CBS…don’t let an app ruin your brand and make people give up on the content..Version: 8.0.42

UkAs I live in the uk fox tv was bought by Disney+ so I can no longer watch ncis and it’s sisters shows so can you please make it so the uk fans of ncis can watch the new season s19 which started last September in the us.Version: 8.0.47

CBS App, does not workUnfortunately I tried to download this app and it is not accessible in Canada, this information should be included in the description below. I was looking forward to watching some shows on CBS, so that’s a bummer. More transparency please..Version: 14.0.48

I DID NOT ALLOW YOU TO SEE MY LOCATIONI did not give permission to this app to see my location yet it popped up saying this is not available in **** ********** which was my location this is such a scam false advertising and gave no consent to seeing my location please do not download.Version: 14.0.40

Absolute crap.It doesn’t matter if it’s the CBS, CBS News, CBS All Access or Paramount Plus apps, I have spent almost three years with Apple and CBS trying to work out the endless myriad of bugs in CBS apps especially with respect to Apple TV. Apple and CBS were both very fast to blame each other but seemingly refuse to clean up the problems despite countless video recordings, screen shots, screen sharing, diagnostic tests, log submission and on and on and on. And then I get a developer response asking me to take the same steps I have over and over and over again. What part of “…I have spent almost three years with Apple and CBS…” do they not understand? This is corporate arrogance at an unforgivable level..Version: 8.0.46

CIt doesn’t work in Canada so a lot of people can’t even use it . So much for “fixing the bugs”.Version: 8.1.16

Worst program ever!!!In a progression extending over many months the program has deteriorated to the point where a tv provider sign in is required for EVERY episode of every program I try to view. Most times even that process needs to be successfully completed two or three times to work. This situation always happens when going from one program to another (SWAT to 60 Minutes for example.). Now the process must be done, sometimes repeatedly, for episodes of the same program (60 Minutes to 60 Minutes.) Signing in for a single episode can now take up to 5+ minutes or sometimes is not successful at all. Best of all in requesting support from the application page I was informed “Please be aware that due to a high volume of email, we're unable to provide a response, but do appreciate you taking the time to contact us.” How odd that I don’t appreciate the time they didn’t take to contact/help me. This application should be removed..Version: 14.0.56

Monopoly journalismApp does not work in Canada!.Version: 8.0.0

Doesn’t workWhen opening app there’s an error saying the content cannot be accessed outside your country..Version: 8.0.0

Piece of crapYou go to cbs.com to watch something on your phone thinking it’ll stream from the browser BUT CBS makes you download their app only to tell you that Canadians can’t use it. But wait I watch CBS on cable which is basic cable. Save your time. Uninstall it..Version: 8.0.0

Does not workThis app does not work in Canada! Why wouldn’t it be available in this country?.Version: 8.0.0

NOT ALLOWED IN CANADAThis is stupid why can’t canadiens enjoy there shows too?.Version: 8.0.47

WorstWent to CBS website only to watch the Oprah interview with Meghan and Harry and it makes you download this app only to tell you it doesn’t work out of country (I’m from Canada). If I could give it a 0 star I would!.Version: 8.0.0

CBS appI was able to watch my daytime dramas until a few weeks ago, but now I can’t. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Canadian.Version: 14.0.62

This app is jokeI just wanted to watch the full interview with Maghan and Harry at is not available because I live in UK....Version: 8.0.0

Not inclusiveUnable to watch in Australia. What a terrible streaming platform..Version: 8.0.0

ContradictingYour website literally states “hi Canada” allowing us to pay for a prescription to access your material. When you want to watch something is automatically redirects you to download the app, however the app won’t even load because it’s restricted in Canada ? So we can’t even watch anything anyways, don’t waste your time Canadians downloading this app, it will not work..Version: 8.0.0

GrammysI’m kinda annoyed that the Grammys isn’t televise globally. I just want to watch Harry styles. :(.Version: 8.0.0

Not fit for purposeI do a lot of travelling and stay in the UK most of the time meaning most of the uk channels are far behind our channels. I downloaded this app in the hope I could watch the same as my wife unfortunately even though it is displayed on the UK store fails to work after download. Do not waist.Version: 14.0.62

Doesn’t deserve a 1 starThis is the absolute worst app I’ve ever used to stream a show. It can’t even steam a show for more than 5 seconds without freezing up. It takes 5 minutes to even start up a show and by that time I’m already over trying it and i just give up. I haven’t even been able to stream my show because it refuses to load. I have even tried to stream from my phone instead of Apple TV and it works better but then just freezes and quits working whenever it wants. I’m honestly baffled that this app exists and that it has a 4 star rating. It’s completely useless..Version: 14.0.46

Can’t sign in without a TV provider?Doesn’t work for Canada and I don’t have a TV provider to sign in with just an apple tv..Version: 8.0.56

Doesn’t work!!!This app doesn’t even work in Canada why have it on our App Store?.Version: 8.0.0

Not available in U.K.I’ve seen apps which are restricted to USA before, they don’t show on U.K. App Store. This app appears in our store and permits download only to tell you due to licensing it is unavailable in your region. Irritated.Version: 8.0.0

Can stop the show or else it’ll restartI tried watching the Oprah special. I had to pause several times to finish chores and when I went back to the show it had restarted. I had to find my place and sit through several minutes of commercials each time the show restarted rather than remembering where I left off. Very annoying. Then I had to watch the additional commercials every few minutes right after watching commercials. Just used the app to watch the one special and now deleting the app. Way too many commercials and inconveniences..Version: 8.0.0

GarbageWhat a waste of time if I wanted to stare at a black screen I’d kill myself.Version: 14.0.74

CrapYou want all acces don’t get this app. You can’t find some tv providers and it doesn’t work in Canada or out of the states it’s restricted. Don’t get unless you live in the states. I would rate this zero stars but 1 is the lowest.Version: 8.0.36

Not worth it.All I wanted to do is watch season 5 of Young Sheldon, This is really annoying because it has it but won’t let me use it. I was willing to get a VPN BUT it was money. 🙁.Version: 8.0.56

Skip forward, more ads. Rewind, more adsWhy do I have to watch more ads if I skip forward after already watching ads. And most importantly, if I overshot (which I only find out after watching 3 mins of ads), why would you make me watch another 3 mins of ads to skip back/rewind. I've just spent 12 mins watching ads and still haven't seen the part I was searching for. Rubbish app..Version: 14.0.74

Doesn’t work in ukDoesn’t work for English/England viewers I assume cos it’s an American channel very disappointed 😞.Version: 8.0.12

This is Illegal!!!!These developers can get sued and go to jail for this!!!! This is absolutely against the law. Apple will find out and so will the police!!!!!!.Version: 8.1.16

Doesn’t workJust deleted it does work in Australia don’t download it it’s not worth it.Version: 8.0.28

The Bold And The BeautifulI am very annoyed with the scenes regarding Brook and Deacon which is used for a child to disclose her disloyalty in her marriage. Yes the child saw an act taking place; but to find out whatever they had to push and get more information they used an innocent child. In today’s lifestyle we should leave children with there innocent mindset. Instead the adults are using our deception to prove and destroy a home and The marriage which can affect and destroy Douglas who Love this grandmother (Brook). It’s very hard to undo what the child saw and now it’s undo all because grown ups have a mischievous goal to get there parents back Together. Why can’t the world try to have love and care for each other; the person who gave Brook alcohol may never be found out and Adults who Think they are doing good. We should be trying to show your viewers how important marriage is Especially for children not destructive? Sorry but this whole scenes made me very upset and to help me mentally I will have to withdraw myself fro Watching your show and if I feel this way Maybe you have other viewers who feel the same! Emotional upset. Maybe if you had a survey has to what viewers feel or enjoy the daily live show..Version: 8.0.52

Doesn’t workI’m in Canada and it doesn’t work..Version: 8.0.0

CanadianUnfortunately the reviews still ring true. It still doesn’t work in Canada, and I even tried to sign in with a zip code also. This is terrible on CBS’s part. Also I see that they have not commented on any review. Thanks for trying to fix the problem....... 🤯🤯🤯.Version: 14.0.64

It doesn’t “remember” your place… starts over and rewatch SO MANY ads 👎🏼App would have five stars if it remembered how far you were through the program - so you didn’t have to rewatch ALL the ads too! As it is, if you have to pause the app (answer the phone, check a text, etc), you might find the app restarts and you get to restart your show (and ads) from the beginning. If the app remembered your place (as it used to?) you could just jump back - but no. Rewatch the opening ads (short, granted), then scan to where you were and REwatch maaany more ads. I GET they need to use ads, but the fact I’ve REwatched an *additional* 15 mins of ads and am still only halfway though the show makes me want to uninstall (again)..Version: 8.1.14

CBSWhen opening the app says content unavailable Outside your country why is that.Version: 8.0.18

Not All Access!Falsely claiming all access is very disappointing. Please be clear that your content is not available to Canadian audiences. Save us the bother. 60 minutes, not available..Version: 14.0.40

Doesn’t work in ausDoesn’t work.Version: 8.0.0

DO NOT Download THIS APP!Horrible dose not even work so bad if you Download this app you are soooo wasting ur time really bad app Ps(HORRIBLE).Version: 8.0.52

Why why whyParamount plus offers way too much I don’t like and I refuse to watch, this cbs app is cbs only and available with a cable tv subscription lol through your cable company. CBS is so backwards. Why not make this app CBS+ allowing individual subscriptions and keep paramount with the rest or at least offer a separate subscription for cbs only viewers without the nonsense of the paramount app the interface is horrible and it’s just overwhelming so I cancel. I’ll wait until they wake up and see hey we have this app for cbs lovers who only want to subscribe to this app and then allow us. Advertisers beware cbs is not using all revenue streams for your advantage..Version: 14.0.74

WON’T EVEN INSTALL/OPEN ON ROKU, COMPLETE S-SHOW LOL[UPDATE 10/22: you can install but literally can’t open the app, it just closes so you can’t even get to the menu. On both my TCL and Roku+. The ONLY app that has consistently done so on Roku. LOL!] Used to watch CBS This Morning every morning. Stopped a half yr ago b/c on Roku you literally had to uninstall, reinstall and sign in to your tv provider on the app EVERY DAY or you couldn’t watch live tv. Didn’t do that obviously, stopped watching entirely. Just gave it a try again and it literally won’t install - when you get to the app and press install it just closes lol. This has never happened on any app I can remember just CBS. This is on BOTH my TCL R615 and my Roku + on my Samsung so it’s not the TV or device. Oh, and on iPhone - the only place where it usually works half the time - the live feed becomes inaccessible b/c I get a “Concurrent Streams Fatal Error” message, apparently if just one person else on the account even on the cable box is watching you can’t watch either, something that NEVER happens on NBC/ABC haha. SUCH A COMPLETE S-SHOW OF AN APP. You guys lost a viewer for life. Well, I might try again in a year or 2. Worst functional streaming app, and that’s saying A LOT.Version: 14.0.48

Still doesn’t workThis app works for everything until it’s time to watch football. “Fatal error” message every year for the last 4 years AT LEAST. What does “fatal error” even mean?? Who died?? Then they try to respond to the negative reviews with a basic template response with a number to call. The number is bogus just like this app. It’s not my internet, it’s not my router or anything else. Every other app on my Apple TV and phone works, everything else within the CBS app works. Just not live TV when it’s time to watch a football game. I don’t know how or why this app has such high reviews I guess those people aren’t watching football. Whatever CBS. Hire some new people or something. It’s 2022 how hard can it be to maintain an app..Version: 8.0.50

CBSI downloaded the App as it says Canadians. Don’t bother us Canadians are not allowed. Waste of time.Version: 8.0.10

TrashTrash.Version: 8.0.42

Let the world watchCan view if your not in the USA. Really??? In this day and age! Get up with the program..Version: 8.0.10

Canada goes AmericanDoesn’t work for Canada eff off.Version: 8.0.30

HELPI wrote my movie in search but how do I change the season of the movie??.Version: 14.0.74

Doesn’t work in CanadaIm just trying to watch survivor. Cmon.Version: 8.1.16

Megan and Harry Oprah InterviewTried to watch the oprah interview for free, if you’re canadian don’t waste your time the app doesn’t work for canadians..Version: 8.0.0

Not working in CanadaNot working in Canada -_- should have read the review before loosing my time downloading this app.Version: 14.0.32

Some shows are there but don’t work?I Downloaded to watch young Sheldon and it was there but when I clicked on it only extras came up like “Georgie’s grown up” and whatever..Version: 14.0.82

Not available in the UKWhy is this available on the UK App Store when the app can’t be used in this region? Remove it from this storefront..Version: 8.0.0

It works around the world if you use a vpnTo those saying it doesnt work, use a vpn like I do for all streaming platforms, I use surfshark.Version: 14.0.46

Great app, too many adsTitles says it all. I watch love island and I can’t skip ahead without watching 5-6 ads. It’s kinda annoying but I am grateful for the free streaming for sure!! That’s why I give it the three stars..Version: 8.0.24

Error error error on every showI get so annoyed with this app. My favorite shows are streamed here and I am now getting fatal errors every time I try to play a show. One commercial, fatal error. I am pretty sure I have watched the t-mobile commercial enough times to get a free paramount plus account. I have gone to your terribly unhelpful web site to determine if its me or you. Since I had no issue streaming yesterday and I have the latest version of the app, Im going to call it a you thing. I get frustrated that even with a log in I have to re watch 5 commercials that I have already seen because the app doesn't remember where I left off of a show. Get it together. These issues with this app is one of the main reasons I havent lept to paramount plus. Im not paying to deal with these same issues..Version: 8.0.56

Doesn’t workSaid there was an error. Surely you’re aware of what countries will have access to this content, what a waste of our time. Disgraceful!!!.Version: 8.0.42

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