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Thank you from far awayWe live in S. Korea, military, and often times we feel disconnected from what is happening at home. With your app and a VPN, we are able to watch tv from our home. Thank you for your service! No pun intended 😂 please don’t change a thing, maybe an optional paid option to remove ads but keep both options..Version: 8.0.10

Need old version backI’m giving 4 stars instead of 5 because since the app was changed yesterday, it’s asking me to update to the new version, which I’m unable to do because I don’t have the required IOS, and I’m not able to update my phone. So I deleted and reinstalled the old version, but it’s still not allowing me to use it, and asking me to update it again. I’m really disappointed that I won’t be able to use this app anymore..Version: 8.0.22

Now you are talking!Hey thanks CBS I had so much frustration watching all my favorite half hour comedies with your old set-up. They would cut off during the show 3 or 4 times in a half hour and the week long wait to even watch episodes. Now you make me feel like a first class citizen with this new app. Those issues have disappeared and I am lovin it-especially thankful you have kept it free for a not so rich first class citizen like me! THANK YOU.Version: 8.0.0

Price is rightOne of the most best entertaining shows on TV. The host, Drew Carey, is such a gentleman! And Jewish we call him a Mench. I feel so sorry when someone doesn’t get it. Much different than Bob Barker who was such a womanizer. I have been watching this show since I’m a little girl and I love it. Everyone knows not to call me between 11 to 12 when my show is on. I wish I could be a contestant on the show. Best wishes for continued success.Version: 8.1.14

CBS AppI should get paid for doing this. The CBS App is pretty good. Usually, the most recent shows are free to watch. Great stuff, but I can’t watch anything older without a subscription to CBS All Access. Maybe make older shows from let’s say Young Sheldon available more often. Let’s say at least occasionally. I would like to see more free episodes from shows like Danny Phantom and other great shows made for kids. I guess you can say I like a little bit of everything!.Version: 8.0.14

Love CBSIt so nice to have everything I watch on the app. I’m sorry that you have gone to the CBS + and a person has to pay . Th other thing I would like to mention is the background music on the tv shows sometimes you can make out what the actors are saying at all. Plz fix that on all shows. 99% of what we watch is CBS Thank you.Version: 8.0.36

If you’re here trying to watch the Oprah interview with Harry and Megan...If you’re here trying to watch the Oprah interview with Harry and Megan just watch it on the ITV Hub.Version: 8.0.0

Great AppI have been using the CBS app for years. I love the app and will continue to use it. I typically have no complaints with your app but recently I have disappointments with the updates. Is it possible to put the name of the show back on your homepage of the app? I go by the days and only watch certain things so if the name is not showing then I have to open it to see what the name of the show is. Is it possible to separate the daytime and prime time shows so it isn’t as many to go through? Again I love your app and will continue to watch!.Version: 8.0.46

Recent issuesI have not had many problems with watching CBS on my iPad except for the last 4 episodes of the Y&R not being closed-captioned (CC) .What the heck is up with that?! I checked the CC feature, clicked off/on the English text version and deleted and re-added the CBS app all to no avail - also shut down the iPad and restarted it, and still NADA! Now I am relying on reading the Soap Recaps to get caught up with recent events. This is very frustrating and I hope techie will look into it and get the issue resolved. Thank you..Version: 8.0.47

Kids say the darndest thingsI remember growing up with Arthur Godfrey show and watching it every time it was on never missed an episode and I’ll tell you what these are updated and they are still great because kids do say the darndest things we raised eight of them that’s kids and we love everyone of them and now they’re all old enough to have their own families and raise their own children so shows great keep it on.Version: 8.0.18

CBS yes💙Blue bloods❤️I’m on disability and trying to survive. I’ve had to cut out most things I enjoy. I love the Blue Bloods family show. I missed is show I was sick! I found this and was able to see the first new episode! Thank you, I just wish my tv would bring up this app. CBS is my favorite channel! I couldn’t even pull up on tv like I usually can from phone. Thank you.Version: 8.0.36

No more missing my favorite CBS Morning Shows.Wow what an answer to my prayers, when I miss the early CBS show my day was a little less I interesting because I missed the latest news, banter of hosts, interesting segments and learning for the day. Without cable I couldn’t record so imagine my surprise when I found this app and can catch it whenever I choose! Thanks so much. Cyd DeNardi Maravolo - South Bend IN.Version: 8.1.10

True to size - fits as expectedGreat app, love the ability to see the series and the short descriptions are helpful. The most recent shows tops the list, yet the app also keeps your place, so that you can come back and watch later. No glitches. Highly recommend. I have not upgraded for Paramount Plus - there are lots of good shows on this version..Version: 8.1.16

New updates are excellentHad deleted it months ago because of issues. I love that I can fwd through some parts. Occasionally I watch shows live but have to leave it, and hate using cable providers that will not let me skip through parts. Or the bloody, trauma inducing parts. Thankfully they realize many people may have triggers. Do not mind if commercial as long as I can skip through some parts of show..Version: 8.0.38

Love Jane P. CBS Sunday Morning!I have enjoyed watching this show throughout the years growing up. The one thing I look forward too each Sunday morning is a cup of coffee and turning this show on. Its not only the information presented but the tone in which its presented. It’s obvious the producers have attempted to capture many view points but opportunities as well to experience another view point including the end with an appreciation of nature. Thank you for simply taking the time!.Version: 8.0.36

Paramount + vs CBS AppI had CBS All Access for 5 years and loved it. I liked The Good Fight and other originals. However since the switch to Paramount +, I’ve had a hard time getting shows to load or play. It’s happened more times then not. Why pay for something that doesn’t work. I’m seriously contemplating if) when I’ll drop Paramount +. I love watching NCIS original and New Orleans, Mom, and really like The equalizer. The CBS app allows me to do just that! Thank You CBS App!.Version: 8.0.14

ReviewI was watching some young sheldon and an episode had 27 adverts adding up to over 5 minutes. Everything else is pretty good..Version: 8.0.47

It’s goodI’m from the uk and when I first downloaded it today it didn’t work but when I downloaded a VPN on my phone it’s started to work. So just use vpn and select what country. I selected America and it works brilliantly. 😊.Version: 8.0.0

Very disappointing episodeI’ve watched this soap opera for as long as I can remember. I’m so disappointed in the show that aired of Tara being arrested for fraud. Everyone makes mistakes. I know it’s just a soap opera but it sends the message that a person no matter what their financial status, not letting a mother have contact with their child sends a horrible message to the public audience that this is all ok & people with money can buy their way into taking a child away from its mother. If it was drugs or abuse I can totally relate. Same on you producers..Version: 8.0.28

CBS app is great!I really appreciate being able to catch up on episodes I have missed. As a child, my father used to say not to worry, I could see it later in re-runs. That’s not the same when you are following a series you really enjoy. It is like missing a family member’s birthday. Thanks, CBS for the opportunity to keep current with the tv families we enjoy being with each weekly episode..Version: 8.1.14

The ReviewCBS is a great and refreshing platform that has very interesting and entertaining shows. The optional live recaps of ‘The Late Show’ and the ‘Late Late Show ‘ make essential viewing. Combined with the live news service it is a must see and fully engaging platform. Great stuff… I am looking forward to the next episode. Thanks..Version: 8.0.36

2 suggestions1) can you add back the name of the show in the latest episodes views. It only shows the episode number and title. I have to look at the picture in an attempt to determine the show 2) Please please please add the ability to resume an episode. If you have to pause and return at a later time it takes you to the beginning of the episode and then you have to scroll forward and attempt to find where u left off.Version: 8.0.38

AMAZING 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪😚😚😚😚💅🏼💅🏼💅🏼This is an amazing app I definitely recommend it 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪💅🏼💅🏼💅🏼😚😚😚😚😚.Version: 8.0.50

Super easy transitionI was previously signed up to CBS All Access, now Paramount+, with my TV Provider. When they removed the option to sign in with my TV Provider, they sent instructions for signing in on the CBS app. It was super easy to automatically sign in when I was connected to my wifi and I could steam some episodes, along with live TV. Nice streaming experience and nice looking app..Version: 8.0.0

Not Enough NewsOn weekday mirnings, I’ve always favored CBS mornings with Nora O’Donnell and crew, and now Gayle King (love her!) and crew, because the focus was always the news with a few minutes of more lighthearted novelties. There’s always been too much nonsense with NBC and for some reason ABC’s GMA never appealed to me. But for several months now, on CBS, there is WAAAY too much sports! Too many pieces about sports and too much chit chat about sports. There are many sports networks if that’s what people want. And at times, too many biographical pieces. It feels as if the news is only the first 20 minutes of a 2 hour show. I’m very disappointed in the direction this show has taken. It used to be the far superior show of the 3 major networks in the NY area. Not crazy about that intro music either. The Saturday AM show is a winner. I don’t mind the shorter news slot on the weekend along with the wide variety of interesting segments and musical presentations at the end. But please go back to more/more in-depth news Monday through Friday..Version: 8.1.10

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